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Wonder Woman 1984 is a 2020 American superhero film about Diana Prince / Wonder Woman and her past love Steve Trevor who face off against Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. It is a sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman and is the ninth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

Directed by Patty Jenkins. Written by Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns and David Callaham, based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman[edit]

  • [first lines] Some days, my childhood feels so very far away. And others... I can almost see it. The magical land of my youth... like a beautiful dream of when the whole world felt like a promise and the lessons that lay ahead yet unseen. Looking back, I wish I'd listened. Wish I'd watched more closely and understood. But sometimes you can't see what you're learning until you come out the other side.
  • [to Barbara] My life hasn't been what you probably think it has. We all had our struggles.
  • Nothing good is born from lies, and greatness is not what you think.

Steve Trevor[edit]

  • You bet you saw a ghost, huh?
  • The world needs you. You know what you need to do.
  • Diana, look at you. It’s like not one day has passed.
  • [about his piloting skill] It’s so easy, really. It’s wind and air, and knowing how to ride it, how to catch it... how to join with it. It’s like anything, really.

Barbara Minerva / Cheetah[edit]

  • I don’t want to be like anyone. I want to be an apex predator.
  • You’ve always had everything. While people like me have had nothing. Well, now it’s my turn. Get used to it.

Maxwell Lord[edit]

  • Welcome to the future! Life is good, but it can be better. And why shouldn't it be? All you need is to want it. Everything we've ever dreamed about is right at our fingertips. But are you reaping the rewards? Do you have it all? Welcome to Black Gold Cooperative, the first oil company run for the people, by the people. Think about finally having everything you've always wished for. For a low monthly fee, you can own a piece of the most lucrative industry in the world. And every time we strike gold, you strike gold. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you deserve to have it all. Do you have everything you've ever wanted? Are you tired of always wishing you had more? Join me today. Our operators are standing by. You don't need a pile of money or some business degree to get started. You don't even have to work hard for it. At Black Gold Cooperative, all you need is to want it!
  • Citizens of the world, I'm here to change your life. Anything you want. Anything you dream of, you can have it.
  • Now, I take what I want in return. Everything will see.
  • I've never been one for rules. The answer is always more.


  • Your time will come, Diana.
  • This world is not yet ready for all that you will do. You will become a legend.


Barbara: Have you ever been in love?
Diana: A long long time ago. You?
Barbara: So many times, yeah. All the time.

Diana: It's all art. [Steve sees a trash can] That... that's just a trash can.
Steve: Oh, it's just a trash can. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Steve: The way I fly, they'll never find us.
Diana: I forgot to tell you.
Steve: What?
Diana: Radar. They can see us, even in the dark.
Steve: Will they shoot at us?

Steve: Yeah, I’m not so keen on this one. I figure you are. But, you know what? I'm ready to go.
Diana: I think we can do better.
Steve: Parachute pants?
Diana: Yeah, uhh..
Steve: Does everybody parachute now?

Steve: Diana, listen to me...I had a great life.
Diana: [shaking her head] Steve...
Steve: And you only made it better. But you know what you need to do. The world needs you. Alright? Yeah.
Diana: I'll never love again.
Steve: I pray that isn't true. There's a wonderful, big world out there. This crazy new world, and I am so happy I got to see it. But it deserves you.
Diana: [crying] ...I can't say goodbye. I can't say goodbye!
Steve: [wiping away her tears] You don't have to. I'm already gone...
[They share one last kiss and embrace before Diana pulls away and starts walking down the street]
Steve: I'll always love you Diana. No matter where I am.
Diana: I love you... I renounce my wish.

Diana: I've never wanted anything more. But he's gone, and that's the truth. And everything has a price. One I'm not willing to pay. Not any more. This world was a beautiful place just as it was, and you cannot have it all. You can only have the truth. And the truth is enough. The truth is beautiful. So look at this world, and look at what your wish is costing it. You must be the hero. Only you can save the day. Renounce your wish if you want to save this world.
Lord: Why would I? When it's finally my turn? The world belongs to me! You can't stop me, no one can!
Diana: I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to everyone else. Because you're not the only one who has suffered. Who wants more. Who wants them back. Who doesn't want to be afraid anymore. Or alone. Or frightened. Or powerless. 'Cause you're not the only one who imagined a world where everything was different. Better. Finally. A world where they were loved and seen and appreciated. Finally. But what is it costing you? Do you see the truth?

Diana: Save him, Max!
Lord: I need to save my son! Allistar! My Allistar! I RENOUNCE MY WISH!!!!


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