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World of Winx is an Italian animation television series and a spin-off to Winx Club. The series was created by Iginio Straffi.

Season 1


The Talent Thief

  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals and the on-and-off seventh fairy of the Winx Club, debuts in this spinoff show.

Layla: And now we go to Bloom who is interviewing the owner of the Bar.
Bloom: We're so excited for you to host this, Roxy.
Roxy: It'll be great. And for the occasion, we've created a brand-new smoothie called "Rainbow WOW!"

New Powers

Gomez: So, you know about that singer from WOW!?
Roxy: Annabelle? Yeah, I know her.
Evans: Where is she?
Roxy: I don't know. After her dressing room, nobody saw her.

Roxy: Two strangers were asking me about the dressing room.
Bloom: Thanks, Roxy. We're take it from here.

Tecna: What happened to us?
Musa: It's like our inner strength has grown and taken shape.

The Fashion Week

Bloom: stage one is complete.

Tecna: Here's our target. A creature that has Sophie's features but is not Sophie.
Layla: She could be dangerous. We better be ready to defend ourselves.
Bloom: Winx, action!

The Chef Contest

Bloom: There is a bright side.
Stella: There's a bright side?
Bloom: Finding out more about this thing. This watch was found in Annabelle's apartment. It probably belongs to her kidnapper.
Tecna: Wish we could help you.
Bloom: If I need help, I'll ring... (doorbell rings)
Stella: The doorbell?

The Shaman

(At the Frutti Music Bar)
Bloom: I know you're busy, Roxy, but I need your help.
Roxy: What's the problem?
Bloom: Evans and Gomez: Two detectives we need to keep an eye on. They are in danger. They have a watch that belongs to a supernatural creature.
Roxy: Who wants it back, I imagine.
Bloom: We need it to save the imprisoned talents.
Roxy: Doesn't seem like a piece of cake.
Bloom: It's not. That's why I thought of you. Roxy? What is it?
(Roxy magically detects sudden danger through the eyes of her beloved dog)
Roxy: Your detectives just got here. Arthur saw them parked outside.

Roxy: Don't turn around. They just sat down.
Bloom: They followed me.
Roxy: We can buy some time.
(Telepathically contacts her dog Arthur with her exceptionally strong animal magic)

(After having a new Dreamix vision about the next Talent Scout)
Bloom: I have to go, Roxy. I'm counting on you.
Roxy: Don't worry, Bloom. Good luck.

Layla: We're the legendary Winx.
Silica: I've been watching you since the first episode of WOW! It would be an honor to be on the show.

Shattered Dreams


Bloom: You three follow Madelyn, we'll go after the Shaman.

Dangerous Waters

Bloom: Arthur found them.
Roxy: I can see them through his eyes. Evans and Gomez are on their way to the airport. They have the watch!
Bloom: We need to reach them before they get there. Arthur will lead the way.

(Roxy continues to magically see what Arthur sees)
Roxy: They stopped a traffic light, two blocks from here.

Bloom: Let's go!
Roxy: Wait, Bloom! Arthur sees Jim who's just landed on the street.

Roxy: If only we had our wings.
Bloom: They'd recognize us. Remember, we're incognito.

Bloom: Ugh! He got away again!
(Roxy picks up the watch)
Bloom: It doesn't work. It's broken!
Roxy: What do we do now?
Jim: Need some help? I can help you.
Bloom and Roxy: Huh?

Shadows on the Snow

  • This is Roxy's fifth and last appearance in Season One.

Jim: Gimme the watch. I know how to make it work.
(Bloom and Roxy are skeptical)
Bloom: And now you wanna help us!? It's your fault that Annabelle's locked up forever!
Jim: You're wrong. I wasn't tryin' to kidnap her! I was tryin' to protect her.
Roxy: That's ridiculous!
Bloom: Why should we believe you!?
Jim: My name's Jim and the watch is mine.
Bloom: Prove it!
Jim: I lost when it was I tryin' to protect Annabelle. That's why I came back to look for it.
Bloom: Hey! You forced me to chase you and fight you!
Jim: I had no choice. I had to hide or the Queen's servants would've found me and captured me.
Bloom:'re running away from this queen, right?
Roxy: You don't believe him, do you!?
Jim: The Queen of the world of dreams is a harsh ruler. I tried to revolt against her, but... I could not even protect Annabelle and the talents.
Bloom: Why did she kidnap them!?
Jim: I'd like to why, too. But with your help, we can release them and defeat the Queen.
Bloom: There. Too bad it's impossible to open the portal without the watch.

Roxy: Bloom?
Bloom: Thanks for your help, Roxy. I'm going to Switzerland...with Jim.
Roxy (uncertain): Are you sure?
Bloom: I don't want you to risk it.

The Watchmaker

Jim: Why do you take orders from him!?
Smee: Since you betrayed us!
Jim: You're wrong. I've always been faithful to our cause.
Smee: Get 'em!

Jim: If you know any tricks, Bloom, now's the time to use them!
Bloom: (thinking) Dreamix time is here!

Shadow Monster: She's a fairy! Capture her! The Queen will be even happier.
Bloom: You're never catch me!

The Fall of the Queen


Bloom: You sing and dance, but only because you took their talents.
The Queen: Those talents-
Bloom: Those talents belong them as do their dreams.
The Queen: Their talents are payment for the dream that was taken from me.
Bloom: What was...your dream? Listen!
The Queen: Stop talking!! It's time to make my new dream come true!! Your fairy power is just what I need!!

The Queen: Your fairy powers are strong but mine are stronger!
Stella: What's going on!?
Tecna: She's got Bloom's fire power.

Season 2


Tinker Bell Is Back

Tinker Bell: Oh, Matt! I have my magic back. I'm a fairy again.
Mermaid: Oh, now we recognize you.



Main Characters

  • Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame
  • Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun
  • Musa, Fairy of Music
  • Tecna, Fairy of Technology
  • Flora, Fairy of Nature
  • Aisha, Fairy of Waves

Recurring Characters

  • The Queen/Tinkerbell
  • Jim/Captain Hook
  • Smee
  • The Shaman
  • Ace (Season 1)
  • Annabelle

Supporting Characters

  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals (5 Episodes)
  • Arthur ("The Shaman")
  • Evans and Gomez (9 Episodes)
  • The Spirit of the Worlds of Dreams (Season 2)
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