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X-Men: The Animated Series is a spinoff of the X-men comic book series.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)[edit]

[Gambit throws a handful of charged playing card at a Sentinel]
Jubilee: How did you do that?
Gambit: With style, petite. With style.

[Jubilee tries to "save" Gambit from Wolverine when she sees them training and zaps him]
[Storm, Beast and Morph enter the room]
Storm: Is the child all right?
Wolverine: Not for long!

  • Wolverine: I go where I wanna go!

  • [Beast is mixing chemicals while hanging upside down]
Beast: It would be quite disconcerting if this were to detonate. . . disconcerting, yet provocative.

  • [Morph, Beast, and Wolverine are sneaking up to a fence]
Morph: Can you guys boost me over the fence, Beast?
[Wolverine flashes Beast a thumbs-up, while Beast gives an OK sign. Suddenly Morph screams as he's flung over the fence]
Wolverine: Looks like we can.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)[edit]

Rogue: You look as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Rogue: Come on boys, let's go for a little moonlight swim. Don't get a moonburn!

Gambit: Huh huh, you wanna play wit Gambit? Here, take a card. House wins.

Gambit: Life don't get much beddah dan dis!

  • [Wolverine destroys Cyclops's car, and Jean walks in]
Wolverine: Tell Cyclops, I made him a convertible.

Cold Vengeance[edit]

Wolverine: Let'em go, Sabretooth! I don't wanna fight you anymore! I don't care who started it. It's time to bury it.

1.4 - Deadly Reunions[edit]

Wolverine: You always did like pushing around people smaller than you. Well I'm smaller; try pushing me!!

Wolverine: You always were second best. And in this business bub (brandishing claws)...second best just don't cut it.

Magneto: When I was a child, my people talked while others prepared for war! They used reason when others used tanks, and they were destroyed for their troubles. I won't stand by and watch it happen again, I WON'T!

Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas[edit]

Jean Grey: You did what?!
Gambit: I just gave da ham a little juicin' up.
Jean Grey: I want this... this- this swamp-rat out of my kitchen! Now!

  • [Cyclops zaps the broccoli while Jean Grey is throwing the broccoli at Gambit, and Rogue catches it]
Cyclops: Stop it! You're both acting like children! This is Christmas Eve, remember?

Gambit: What do you mean not eatin'?! Gambit has spent days on dis meal! My oyster loaf! My daube glace!
Jean Grey: We can warm it up tomorrow.
Gambit: Warm it up?! You do not warm up such a meal! Gambit does not make TV dinners.

2.6 - X-Ternally Yours[edit]

Wolverine': I don't care which Spirit Ladies did what to which Cajuns; I'm here to stop a wedding.

Gambit: I'm not a thief, I'm not an assassin. I'm an X-Man; I am never coming back.

2.10 - Beauty and the Beast[edit]

Beast: Now that you see what my life is like, you’ll understand what I have to tell you.
Carly': Hank, please don’t.
Beast: We have to face it. I am a mutant in a world that fears and despises my kind. I thought for a moment we could live in that world together, but I know now that we cannot. Someday with work and hope the world will change. Until then if you care for me as much as I care for you, you will understand why we must part.
Jubilee: Weird. Wolverine using his head, and Beast going berserk! What's the world coming to?

(More quotes coming soon)

3.7 - Phoenix Saga Part 5 Child of Light[edit]

D'Ken: No! You cannot contain the power of the crystal! You cannot! Noooooooo!

4.14 - Love in Vain[edit]

Wolverine: Play time's over.
Cody: Morning, sleepy head.
Rogue: Mmmm... Morning. Did I sleep all night in the park?
Rogue: I know this is sudden, Professor, but I need some of- uh... personal time off.
Professor X: This isn't the back time, Rogue, Wolverine is in some sort of trouble!
Beast: Rogue, is this gentleman your guest?
Gambit: So that's Cody... Guest is what so personal?
Rogue: It's none of your blame business, Mr. Ladies' Man! Or any of ya!
Professor X: Rogue!
Rogue: Stop being so mysterious.
Cody: Oh you promise to let it be the surprise.
Brood Queen: Remember, do not vanish them.
Wolverine: Let him go, roach, or your head is shish-kabob.
Storm: Be gone, hissing vermin!
Rogue: You brought us here for them!
Cody: They didn't tell me about the others. It's for the best, darling, you'll see!
  • [Rogue suffers an agony]
Cody: They need us, Rogue, just like I need you.
Cody: We will be together!
  • [Cody whips Wolverine with his tail after he turns into the brood roach alien]
Wolverine: You wanna bet, pal?
Rogue: Wolverine, don't hurt him!
Wolverine: The ship's moving! They're leaving. Rogue, we gotta hustle! Out of my way, roaches!
Brood Queen: Secure them!
  • [Wolverine puts down Storm]
Wolverine: Secure this!

About X-Men (TV series)[edit]

  • "X-Men" is different from most animated action adventure shows you may have seen or written. It is more about the lives of our characters -- heroes and villains alike -- than ingenious plots or non-stop, death-defying physical jeopardy. It's not important whether or not a bad guy succeeds in blowing up the Pentagon. What matters most is how Wolverine deals with the pain of losing a friend while trying to stop it. Use plot to showcase character, not the other way around.
    Which is not to say that "X-Men" will lack action, pace, or intensity. We want these shows to move fast and be dense with dramatic crises. Action scenes will play like "Terminator 2" on speed. But more often than not the crisis is personal, not physical. Think of the famous Star Trek scene where Kirk has to let the woman he loves get killed for the sake of future lives. There was matchless dramatic tension created by a man watching a woman slowly walking across a street. The drama was inside the character.
    "X-Men" is a show of grey areas. We understand most of our villains, even sympathize with some. X-Men victories tend to be mixed blessings and are never achieved without a loss of some kind. "Good guys" fight each other, have bad days, and are capable of being petty and intolerant. One might even leave the X-Men in disgust and join the enemy.
    Through it all, however, our X-Men distinguish themselves by maintaining their values of friendship, loyalty, and personal sacrifice. Whatever the cost, they must do what must be done.
  • Executive story producer Erik Lewald, memo to writers, as quoted on Marvel Animated Wikia".
  • We always get crap out here when we're doing shows, 'This is for boys. Don't have any girl characters.' Margaret was probably the main reason. It was her show. Storm and Rogue's toys didn't sell as well. [Usually] they would tell you no matter how good Storm is in the episode, the toys will sell half as many as the male characters. But it was a time when there were no toys selling well for Marvel. We didn't have the pressure from the toy companies.

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