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The X-Men are a group of comic book superheroes featured in Marvel Comics. These quotes are specifically from the comic book series titled "X-men". For quotes from other series, see "See Also" at the bottom of the page.

Issue 25[edit]

Charles Xavier: No more Magnus... No more!! Logan shall be the last! No one else will ever suffer! You caused the deaths of hundreds today, Magnus - deaths I could have prevented had I stopped you years ago! You have killed too many, Magnus - and I have had enough!! I will make sure - here and now - once and for all - that you never kill again!!

Issue 55[edit]

Onslaught: Homo Sapiens - hear the words of Onslaught! From this day forward, the humans shall no longer inherit the earth! No more shall mutantkind be so savagely oppressed - for today marks the ultimate ascendance of the homo superior race!

Issue 109[edit]

Narration: Neal's a mutant, and a member of the team of outlaw heroes known as the X-Men. By rights, he and his compatriots should be out pursuing villains or saving the world or whatever. Alternatively, given the season, they should be helping fuel the global economy by cruising the malls for gifts.

Nightcrawler: I love you, Cerise. I love this life. I love the X-Men. But the "I" in all that comes from God. I cannot be true to the rest without being true to Him. Being true to Him, the rest can be set aside.

[After a pro-mutant group runs away when seeing actual mutants.]
Gambit: Ideals, mes braves, they're easy to embrace. An' I t'ank you for dat, at least. It's dealin' wit' reality that'll take some work. For all of us.

Storm: Behold your legacy: generation upon generation of X-Men. The students and children of Charles Xavier, the living embodiment of a dream that remains thriving and strong.

Issue 116[edit]

Charles Xavier: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. And I am a mutant.

Issue 146[edit]

Magneto: Xavier and his X-men wanted us to build bridges between man and mutant! But we can fly and swim and leap! We will have no need for bridges!

Issue 149[edit]

Magneto: Nazis? Do I look like a failed artist with a neurotic grudge against his father and the world? I am a force of nature, boy. I am Magneto.

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