Yasin Aktay

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Yasin Aktay

Yasin Aktay (1966 in Siirt, Turkey) is a deputy chairman of the AK Party and head of the Turkish Group of Inter-Parliamentarian Union. He is also known as one of the chief aides to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


  • The people of Tunisia, in reference to being the country that initiated the Arab Spring, specifically addressed to the United Arab Emirates, the financier and mastermind of counter-revolutions: "We have exported revolution to our neighbors, we have no intention of importing coups," and declared that they will not stray from the path of the revolution.
  • Though the U.S. considers Russia as an enemy, it has no problem establishing relations when it serves its interests. However, it acts arbitrarily in terms of imposing sanctions against the countries of its choice, on the grounds that they established relations and engaged in trade with Russia. It is able to bring into question imposing sanctions under the same category against Germany as well for buying gas from Russia. On the other hand, Greece, another NATO country, previously purchased S-300 missiles from Russia. It made this purchase before Turkey did. Yet, no sanctions are in question against Greece.
  • Ever since Turkey joined the National Government of Accord in Libya, the state of civil war on the ground is rapidly being replaced by an atmosphere of peace and stability. The constant atmosphere of destruction is now being transformed into an atmosphere of re-establishment and re-structuring.
  • There is a twisted understanding that only certain communities of the world are democratic, secure and prosperous, while the others have no significance other than to serve them. It is because of this understanding that democracy and prosperity are not allowed to progress in countries other than their own today. They even choose the countries of oppressed nations as the stage for the wars among themselves.

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