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Yunjin Kim

Yunjin Kim (born Kim Yun-jin, November 7, 1973) is a South Korean-American actress best known for her role as Sun-Hwa Kwon in TV series Lost (2004–2010).


  • I think flashbacks are important. I mean, each episode - that's what I love about watching Lost is every episode, you have your new favorite character. We take turns and that's where we get to look a little different, show different sides to that character. It's like peeling an onion. So I find flashbacks really useful, really crucial to the show. I hope that doesn't ever go away.
  • At the same time, I think something like Lost is bringing something very different to the table, and I'm really proud to be a part of the first time in American television when they took the chance of writing Korean characters in to begin with -- but to have them speak Korean for thirty minutes in a one-hour show and have it subtitled? I think that was pretty gutsy of them. And it was received well; it wasn't like we dropped out of the ratings. People loved it, and this was the first time in American television, and hopefully this will bring a lot more different ethnic backgrounds to mass media like television or film -- because that's what America is all about, isn't it? It's like a mixed pot.

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