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Zambezia (also known as Adventures in Zambezia) is a 2012 English-language South African 3D computer-animated adventure film. The film tells the story of a young peregrine falcon who leaves the desolate desert where he lives with his father to discover action and adventure in the big city of Zambezia.

Directed by Wayne Thornley. Produced by Mike Buckland, Stuart Forrest, James Middleton and Anthony Silverston. Written by Andrew Cook, Raffaella Delle Donne, Anthony Silverston and Wayne Thornley.
They'll have to wing it... in this bird city!(taglines)


Morton: Gathering, gathering! Nigel, that includes you.
[Nigel looks up, disturbed]
Morton: Beaks closed, ears open!
Cecil: Friends, wanderers, marabous! When those Zambezians flocked together, they created an inside!
Morton: [supporting every word] Inside!
Cecil: And an outside!
Morton: Outside!
Cecil: And if you hadn't noticed, we are on the outside.
Morton: Here we are!
Cecil: The Cold, lonely, Desolate, outside.
Morton: Hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo! [pretends to be chilly] Frigid Africa.
Cecil: And why?
Morton: Don't know, it's a mystery! [gets slapped by Cecil]
Cecil: Because, they didn't like the look of us.
Marabous: And what is wrong with what we look like?
Cecil: They just want their little tree-house all to themselves! How sporty is that!
Morton: Very sporty! [gets slapped again]
Cecil: Not very!
Morton: No! terrible!

Cecil: Not very in my book. Which is precisely, why we should accept Budzo's proposal.
Marabous: Since when a Marabou servants to a lizard?
Morton: He's got a point!
Cecil: We will be working with Budzo, thickhead, not FOR Budzo! We are partners in this great endeavour!
Morton: Teamwork!
Cecil: We help Budzo get on the island, we share all the goodies!
[Cecil Laughs, so does Morton]
Morton: I am getting hungry just thinking about it. [gets slapped by Cecil]
Marabous: Ummm, question! Could those hurricanes be a problem?
Cecil: Hurricanes, huh! [making a trifling gesture]
Morton: Don't make him laugh!
Cecil: Budzo possesses unrivaled brut strength. With his help a new wind will blow across this valley.
[Morton pretends that there is a heavy wind]
Cecil: A wind of change-uh!
[Cecil slaps Morton]
Marabous: I say, good shot! Give us another! [gets slapped by the Marabou next to him]


  • Airborne to be wild.
  • Up, up and a long way from home.
  • They'll have to wing it... in this bird city!

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