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Zambezia (also known as Adventures in Zambezia) is a 2012 English-language South African 3D computer-animated adventure film. The film tells the story of a young peregrine falcon who leaves the desolate desert where he lives with his father to discover action and adventure in the big city of Zambezia.

Samuel L. Jackson's first G rated movie.(taglines)


Morton: Gathering, gathering! Nigel, that includes you. [Nigel looks up, disturbed] Beaks closed, ears open!
Cecil: Friends, wanderers, marabous! When those Zambezians flocked together, they created an inside!
Morton: [supporting every word] Inside!
Cecil: And an outside!
Morton: Outside!
Cecil: And if you hadn't noticed, we are on the outside.
Morton: Here we are!
Cecil: The Cold, lonely, Desolate, outside.
Morton: Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo, [pretends to be chilly] Frigid Africa.
Cecil: And why?
Morton: Don't know, it's a mystery! [gets slapped by Cecil]
Cecil: Because, they didn't like the look of us.
Marabous: And what is wrong with what we look like?
Cecil: They just want their little tree-house all to themselves! How sporty is that!
Morton: Very sporty!
[Morton Gets slapped again]
Cecil: Not very!
Morton: No! terrible!


  • Samuel L. Jackson's first G rated movie.
  • The name "Zambezia" was a Victorian-era term for the area of south-eastern Africa that later became known as "Rhodesia" and is today called "Zimbabwe".
  • Kai is a Shikra.
  • Tendai is a Barbary Falcon.
  • Ajax is a Lammergeier.
  • Sekhuru is an African fish eagle.
  • Zoe is a Black-shouldered kite.
  • Gogo is a Saddle-billed Stork.
  • Mushana is a Green pigeon.
  • Ezee is a Nightjar.
  • Neville and his wife are Lilian's lovebirds.
  • Tini is a Weaver bird.

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