Zecchino d'Oro

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Zecchino d'Oro, Children's Song Festival.

Quotes from songs:

  • 44 cats, | in a row for six with the remainder of two, | they united compactly, | in a row for six with the remainder of two, | with aligned mustaches, | in a row for six with the remainder of two, | the twisted tails, | in a row for six with the rest of two. (from 44 cats[1], C.E.1968)
  • But the agreements were clear, | a crocodile to you | and you had to give a black cat to me. | I wanted a black, black, black, cat | you gave me a white cat | and I'm not there anymore. | I wanted a black black black cat, | since you are a liar | I don't play with you anymore. (from I wanted a black cat[2], C.E.1969)
  • They say you eat too much, | never wear a coat, | that bites with its teeth, | who cries very often, | but when it's quiet | how does this crocodile do it? | How does the crocodile do it? there is no one who knows. | He gets angry but doesn't scream, | sip chamomile | and half asleep he goes away. (from The crocodile how does he do it?[3], C.E.1993)
  • These are Nonna Pina's tagliatelle, | a full of energy vitamin effect | eaten hot with ragù (with ragù!) they will fill you up for six days and even more! | Why grandma Pina's tagliatelle | they are much more effective than any medicine, | sensational for lunch, dinner and believe me | they are also good in the morning instead of coffee! (from Le tagliatelle di Nonna Pina[4], C.E.2003)


  1. Text by Giuseppe Casarini; interpretation by Barbara Ferigo.
  2. Text by Franco Maresca; interpretation by Vincenza Pastorelli.
  3. Text by Oscar Avogadro; interpretation by Carlo Andrea Masciadri and Gabriele Patriarca.
  4. Text by Gian Marco Gualandi; interpretation by Ottavia Dorrucci.

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