Zero Degree Turn

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Zero Degree Turn (Persian: Madâr-e sefr darajeh) is an Iranian 2007 tv series written and directed by Hassan Fathi.

Habib Parsa

  • For the name of the life, Never say never.
  • I love you instead of all the things I wasn't in love of them.
  • I'll forgive you but I won't forget it.
  • If a man can't live well, then at the aleast he can die well.

Zinatolmoluk Jahanbani

  • Beautiful woman? Say miserable woman.
  • [to Fattahi] You can deny the sunlight. You can deny the movement of the moon. But don't deny my love.
  • The legends are beautiful because they are not real. But the reality is not beautiful.

Colonel Arsia

  • In life, all the impossible things can change to possible ones. Just by two things: MONEY and POWER.


Habib's mother: Tonight, No one wants to be instead of Fattahi.
Habib Parsa: And tonight, no one can be a relaxing factor for him.

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