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Zita Johann and Clark Gable in Machinal (1928)

Zita Johann (14 July 1904–17 September 1993) was an Austrian-American actress.


  • I have always been interested in the occult, but during the filming of The Mummy I had to keep such things private, especially in those days. I used the occult auto-suggestively…I mean, before I would play a scene I would get into the spirit, so to speak, with certain prayers. As a child my father gave me an Ouija board and soon I started to get messages, then I moved towards the Tarot. By the time I was in Basil Sidney’s company I was asked to read cards all the time for the other players, and Basil himself depended on what I saw in those cards.
  • To me, the theatre was related to the spirit. Before every performance I sat alone in my dressing-room, said my prayers, died unto myself and became my character.
  • The moguls created stars and sold them to the public, the way a grocer sold a 39-cent can of tomatoes to his shoppers.

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  • It turns out that the famous 1920's/30's/40's actress, Zita Johann, is a Cousin of mine! Zita's Mother and my Great Grandmother's Mother were first cousins, so she is my 2nd cousin twice removed to be exact and you can see how it all links together here. There is a likeness, as you can see.

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