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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or simply Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is an American television series created for ABC by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, based on the Marvel Comics organization S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division)

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Maria Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?
Grant Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
Hill: And what does that mean to you?
Ward: It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "shield." [Hill gives him a look] … It means we're the line between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from news they aren't ready to hear. And when we can't do that, we keep them safe.

Hill: Everything's changing. A little while ago, most people went to bed thinking that the craziest thing in the world was a billionaire in a flying metal suit. Then aliens invade New York then were beaten back by, among others, a giant green monster, a costumed hero from the 40's, and a god.
Ward: I don't think Thor's technically a god.
Hill: Well, you haven't been near his arms.

Ward: Why was I pulled out of Paris?
Hill: That, you'll have to ask Agent Coulson.
Ward: Uh, yeah. I'm clearance Level Six. I know that … Agent Coulson was killed in action, before the battle of New York. I got the full report.
Phil Coulson: Welcome to Level Seven. [walks in from a darkened corner] Sorry, that corner was really dark and I couldn't help myself. I think there's a bulb out.

Skye: With great power comes … a ton of weird crap that you are not prepared to deal with!

[Coulson and Ward are interrogating Skye]
Coulson: This is QNB-T16. It's the top-shelf martini of sodium-pentathol derivatives. It's a brand-new and extremely potent truth drug. Don't worry. The effects only last for about an hour.
Ward: And then you'll have a nice little nap. And we'll have all the answers to our--[Coulson injects Ward with the serum] Gah! What the hell?!
Coulson: I'm sorry, did that hurt?
Ward: [scoffs] No. But you've lost your mind. You should never do that to a member of your team. And yes, it did hurt a little bit. But I always try and mask my pain in front of beautiful women because I think it makes me seem more masculine—my God this stuff works fast.
Coulson: [To Skye] Don't trust us? Ask him whatever you like. [Leaves the room]
Ward: Wait a minute. You can't just … [shouting] This is definitely not protocol!

0-8-4 [1.02]

Skye: Usually one person doesn't solve the problem, but 100 people with 1% of the solution that will get it done. I think that's beautiful, pieces solving a puzzle.
Ward: You and I see the world differently.

Ward: Where's your side arm?
Melinda May: If I need a gun, I'll take one.
Ward: Right, I forgot I was working with "The Cavalry."
May: Don't ever call me that.
[Later, caught in a standoff with Peruvian soldiers]
Ward: You should've taken more guns.

Skye: I don't even know where we are going.
Coulson: Peru. That's where the 0-8-4 was reported.
Skye: And an 0-8-4 is?
Coulson: An object of unknown origin, kind of like you. Team goes in, determines if it's useful or poses a threat. Last one turned out to be pretty interesting.
Skye: What was it?
Coulson: A hammer.

Skye: Sweet ride.
Coulson: I earned a little good will from Director Fury when I got hit right before the battle of New York.
Skye: You took a bullet?
Coulson: Ish.

Leo Fitz: Are you mental? I did explain what I meant using the Queen's bloody English!
Ward: I use normal English. Words like "duck" and "run" and "might blow us to pieces."
Fitz: Congratulations, Agent Ward, you managed to string three words together in a sentence.

The Asset [1.03]

Ward: There will come a moment when you have to commit to this or bail. Every field agent has a defining moment. Ask Coulson. When you have to make the hard call to either dedicate yourself to this or to curl up in a ball and run.

Coulson: You forget, I saw plenty of action with the Avengers. [Walks away]
May: [Quietly, to herself] And you died.

Ian Quinn: Many of you shareholders have been with us for years, and I see a few new names here, but I want to thank you all for traveling so far to this beautiful country and, well, for slumming it at Shaba Tal-Banar. This country where we are allowed to pursue progress and profit without the stranglehold of regulations that are now choking our world. The United States government, the R.U., the DRTC, S.H.I.E.L.D. These are just a few of the institutions that are guilty of halting the development of new technology for anyone except themselves. We dare defy them with a new idea, they steal in and sweep it out from under us. But not today.

Franklin Hall: I've seen the future, Mr. Coulson, and it's a catastrophe.

Hall: They won't understand the good I did here.
Coulson: Killing innocent people?
Hall: Saving millions. We have to live with the choices we make, but sometimes we have to die with them, too.

Eye Spy [1.04]

Skye: So you asked how she could have cracked the system. I have a pitch, but it's way outside the box.
Coulson: I live outside the box.

Coulson: Have you seen Skye?
Ward: Not since weapons training.
Coulson: She stop saying "bang" when she pulls the trigger?
Ward: Mostly. Now if she can just learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we will be making real progress.

Skye: What's up, Phil?
Coulson: I prefer you not call me "Phil".
Skye: OK, you're the boss, AC.

[Fitz and Ward are playing poker on the plane]
Ward: ... I call, and raise a hundred.
Fitz: Do you know how I'm gonna beat you?
Ward: By losing?
Fitz: You have a tell. A psychological tick that lets me know you're bluffing. If I watch you carefully ... [Louder, into his earpiece] If I watch you carefully ...
Skye: Oh, sorry. One minute. [Grabs the eye-spy x-ray glasses] You know that if I do this, I'll not only see Ward's cards, I'll see you without any clothes on?
Fitz: ... I fold, you win. [Leaves]

Skye: [With a gun.] Safety off. [She accidentally releases the magazine.] Bang?
[Skye and Ward are playing Battleship]
Ward: Every decision you make from here on out ... has consequences. So be warned: the kiddie gloves are off.
Skye: ... G-7.
Ward: [reluctantly] Hit.
Skye: Yes! [Ward places a red peg in one of his ships.] So explain to me again what this has to do with my training.
Ward: Well, it's important for every S.O. to ... evaluate their student's thought process.
Skye: [not convinced] Mm-hm.
Ward: And I like board games. B-10.
Skye: Nope. This isn't thinking; this is stabbing in the dark. But it's nice to take a break from the workouts.
Ward: [uncharacteristically nice] deserve a break. Gotta give Coulson credit. I never would've pegged an ex-Rising Tide hacker as a good fit,'re pickin' things up pretty fast.
Skye: [smiling, surprised] Did you just...give me a compliment?
Ward: [taken aback] I - no, I made a comment.
Skye: A kind one. Did it physically hurt to do that? [with a look of mock concern] Do you need an ice pack?
[Ward smiles]
Skye: [laughing] Wow! A compliment and a smile.
Ward: [more insistent] Comment.
Skye: I don't wanna ruin the moment...but I'm 'onna have to respond with...G-4. [Ward looks, then a look of unease crosses his face. Skye starts to smile in triumph.] Say it, Ward. [Ward says nothing.] Say it.
Ward: [reluctantly] You sank my battleship.
Skye: [in triumph] Ha-ha! Yes!

Raina: I come as a friend.
Chan Ho Yin: English isn't my first language, but that word means something different than you think.

May: His file say anything about him being homicidal?
Coulson: Just said he was kind of a tool.

Chan Ho Yin: Poor little Chan Ho Yin may have believed your lies, but not Scorch!
May: Who?
Coulson: Oh, crap. They gave him a name.

Raina: [to Edison Po] We all have to do things that make us uncomfortable...if we are ever to get our toy soldiers off the shelf.

FZZT [1.06]

Jemma Simmons: Working up a good sweat there, sir?
Coulson: I don't sweat. I glisten.
Simmons: Blood pressure, heart rate, biochems, all normal. All that’s left is the blood sample.
Coulson: You should know, I’m not a fan of getting poked.
Simmons: Tell me, sir, have you been feeling under the weather lately?
Coulson: Why?
Simmons: I just noticed from your chart that you’re not due for a general physical for another three months.
Coulson: I made a mistake, took a call from my physical therapist. Asked how I was feeling, I said “a little rusty”. Next thing you know I’m wired to this hamster wheel.
Simmons: Well, you can officially tell your physical therapist that you're fit as the proverbial fiddle, especially for a man of your age.
Coulson: A man of my age? That's something you say to an old person.
Simmons: [nervous] Is it? Well, let’s get you some electrolytes, shall we?

Ward: I wanted it to be a person, some superpowered psychopath someone I could hurt, someone I could...punish. That I could do. What I can't do is protect you guys from stuff I can't even see or understand.

Fitz: [Upset] was doing just fine tucked away in a safe, indoor, non-mobile lab at the academy! Then you had to go and drag us into this flying circus! Didn’t even pass our field assessments, for God’s sake!
Simmons: [Also upset] Oh, please, as if I forced you to follow me anywhere.
Fitz: You said, and I quote… [Mocking her voice] “Oh, Fitz, it’s the most perfect opportunity for us to see the world! We’d be fools to pass this one up!”
Simmons: I hate it when you use that voice. That’s not even how I sound. And you were just afraid of going into the field.
Fitz: I was not afraid.
Simmons: And don’t you dare act like these last months haven’t been the highlight of your entire pasty life!
Fitz: Pasty? Oh, really? Well, when did you become so sun kissed? Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the academy, at sci-ops, this plane, you’ve been beside me the whole damn time! [Pause, scared] You have to fix this.

Simmons: Sir, I know the protocol in these circumstances, but could you please tell my dad first? I just think my mum would take it better if it comes from him.
Coulson: We’re not there yet, there’s still time.
Simmons: Sir, please. Would you mind if I had a brief moment alone with Fitz?
May: Come on, let’s go.
Fitz: We’ll try again. The electrostatic pulse from the third rat seemed much less, so we’re making progress. If we can calibrate the antiserum…
Simmons: Antiserum, yes. You finally got it right, Fitz. [Conks him on the head] I’m so sorry.

Simmons: I suppose now's as good a time as any to tell you that I may have misled you earlier. You see, when I gave you back the night-night pistol, I lied. It's still an ounce off.
Ward: I know.
Simmons: You do? Of course.
Ward: After all...[imitating the others imitating him] I'm Agent Grant Ward. I just jumped out of a plane without a parachute on and saved your life!
Simmons: [laughing] Actually, that's not quite it. It's a bit more nasally than that.

The Hub [1.07]

[Coulson, Ward, and May are being briefed on a special assignment to disarm a nuclear device]
Victoria Hand: I need a two man team to sneak over the border, find the device, and disarm it within the next 48 hours. And you have two people who fit my bill.
May: Ready to go.
Ward: I was in Georgia when the incursion occurred. I still have contacts on the other side of the border.
Hand: And you'll need them. But, we don't have specs on the device, so I need someone on your team who can recognize and dismantle it on sight.
Ward: ...Do you mean...
Coulson: I think she does...
[Camera cuts to the commons area, where Fitz is arriving to meet Simmons and Skye with a cart full of tech. The door opens.]
Fitz: I found a localized EMP, plus a few other party favors. [The door closes when the cart's halfway through] Oh, come on. What the... Open. It's stuck. [Coulson, Ward, and May arrive] The cart's stuck. [Fitz pulls open the door and turns back to the front of the cart] That's unbelieveable. [The door closes again] WHAT THE HELL?! Who designed this?! In the Hub, of all places! [He shoves the cart out the door, which closes on him.] Oh, that's... [Door closes, cutting off his voice. But he can be seen saying "fantastic".]
Ward: ...Seriously?

Ward: [disables an enemy and sees more arriving] Fitz! More Border Patrol!
[Fitz has already gotten out of the truck and started running]

Fitz: [surprised after kicking a bad guy in the face] I just did that.
Ward: [equally surprised] Yeah...
Fitz: Let's go.

Fitz: This is gonna take a while.
Ward: You have ten minutes.
Fitz: I thought you'd say five.

Hand: You yourself have designed dozens of operations like this. You know how this works.
Coulson: Usually with an extraction plan.
Hand: Barton. Romanoff. They never have an extraction plan.
Coulson: They know that going in.

The Well [1.08]

Coulson: I can't think of a single time when anything alien in human hands ended well.
Skye: Wouldn't mind getting my human hands on Thor. He's so dreamy.
Coulson: Sure, he's handsome, but -
May: [interrupting] No. He's dreamy.

Elliott Randolph: Recent events have thrown us all for a loop. I thought I was teaching Norse mythology. No, turns out I'm a history professor.

Coulson: So, the myth is your autobiography.
Randolph: I didn't write it. I didn't want anyone to know about me. Then I had to open my big mouth.
Coulson: Were you captured? Tortured?
Randolph: Horny. I met a French girl in 1546. Ah, she loved stories. So I told her a great one, all about the peaceful Asgardian warrior who stayed. Now, how was I to know her brother the priest would write it all down and turn it into, I don't know, a thing?
Coulson: Do you know Thor?
Randolph: Oh, sure, I spent all my days palling around with the future King of Asgard. No, I don't know Thor. I was a mason. I broke rocks.

Repairs [1.09]

Fitz: No! You do not touch that! Two semesters minimum of holographic engineering before you touch this!
Skye: All right, All right. I get it. I didn't go to your stupid S.H.I.E.L.D. Hogwarts or whatever.

May: People believe what they want to believe to justify their actions.

Skye: You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with napalm.

Coulson: She took it upon herself to get them out. Said she could fix the problem. So she went in, crossed off the enemy force, didn't say how.
Skye: Did she lose anyone in there?
Coulson: Herself. May used to be different. She was always quiet, she just...she was warm. Fearless in a different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules were meant to be broken. Sound familiar? But when she walked out of that building it was like that part of her was gone. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn't tell me what went down in there.
Skye: What did you say?
Coulson: I said the words I thought she needed to hear.

May: You can't undo what's been done. That will be with you, forever. But trying to hold on to this life, clinging to the person you thought you could be, that's hell. And you're dragging her down with you. You have to let go. Before my people come and make you do it. If you care about her, and I know you do, let her go. [Coulson, Ward and Sky arrive] Let the girl go, Tobias. Let the girl go.
Coulson: What did you say to him?
May: Same words you said to me in Bahrain.
Mike Peterson: Did I beat Captain America's time?
Trainer: Not even close.

Ward: I'm just saying this could easily go sideways. The last time we saw this guy he was a raging homicidal maniac... [Peterson walks up] He's standing right behind me, isn't he?

Po: I spoke with the Clairvoyant.
Raina: And?
Po: I'll share the information when the time is right.
Raina: I would love to hear much more than just information. Will you tell me what he's like?
Po: Never. The last person who tried to learn these things got a knife for it. I don't want to have to do that again, Raina. You have such pretty eyes.

May: [to Skye] The truth is you have to decide why you're here. We have a mission, and it's not to find your parents. If you can't put aside your personal attachments, then you shouldn't be here!

Raina: I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
Coulson: Lucky for you.
Skye: You made me a sandwich?
Simmons: [with great emphasis] Yes, it is that!

Hand: No single agent is that important.

Raina: Now, after all you've sacrificed -
Coulson: Sacrifice is part of the job. I would give my life -
Raina: You didn't just give your life, you gave up your chance at a normal one, at love. And she did love you, Agent Coulson.
Coulson: How could you know that?
Raina: Do you miss her? Dinners at the Richmond. Do you miss hearing her play?

Coulson: One thing before we start: what is it with the flowers?
Raina: Who doesn't like flowers?

Coulson: I heard what you did for me. I think it's time that we remove this.
[Talks to her wrist binder]
Coulson: Disengage bracelet.
[Bracelet comes off]
Skye: Are you kidding me?
Coulson: I thought you'd like that.

Seeds [1.12]

Fitz: Is science and technology what you imagined, Agent Ward?
Ward: Yep. No uniforms, no rope course, no defined muscularity on anyone.
Fitz: No marching in place, no I.Q.s in double digits.

Skye: "Bad seed" isn’t a S.H.I.E.L.D. term, Ward. Just a term.

Coulson: We need to root out all the secrets.
May: Agent Ward and I have been having sex.

Donnie Gill: It's true what the other guys say - you are the smartest person to come through here.
Fitz: Is that what they say? Yeah? Well, Simmons is probably smarter, technically, but that - that's just because she likes homework more than life itself.

Ward: Skye looks young enough to blend in.
Skye: You’re not exactly Old Man River, and Fitz looks younger than us.
Fitz: Time will come when you won’t make fun of me for that. You’ll be jealous. You’ll be jealous, wrinkly old hags.
Coulson: Let me get that.
Simmons: Oh. Thanks, Dad...who looks far too young to have a daughter my age.

Fitz: How's your Scottish accent?
Skye: [in a poor Scottish accent] I don't know. You tell me how great it is, laddie.
Fitz: [in a perfect American accent] American, then.

Fitz: [to Skye] You're the least supportive pretend girlfriend I've ever had.

Simmons: [arguing with Coulson, pretending to act as his daughter] All mom ever wanted was your love. To be with you! In our two-story Victorian home in the Cotswolds! But could you even give her a moment, what with your banking job requiring you to travel to the States from Tuesday to Saturday every other week?! No!
Passenger: [interrupts] I'm terribly sorry about your loss, dear. [turns towards Coulson] As for you, now is your chance to do better. Why don't you see that you take it?
Simmons: Thank you, sir.
Passenger: Let's go. [the passenger walks away]
Simmons: He's right. You never had time for her, but you made time for your work! And your prostitutes!
Coulson: Prostitutes? Plural?

Skye: Fitz, have you ever heard of an 0-8-4 being a person?
Fitz: No, but I suppose it's possible. I'd hate to meet the guy.
Coulson: Garrett? What the hell are you doing here?
John Garrett: Well, as opposed to the Level 8 jackass I'm staring at, I still follow orders.
Coulson: You're the worst at following orders.

Antoine Triplett: How did Coulson score such a sweet ride?
Ward: He died.
Trip: That's tight.

Garrett: Well, I'm a bit of a sweet talker when I need to be. [about Ward] You wouldn't believe what I could talk this son of a gun into.

Quinn: My head's still ringing from the last visitor.
Garrett: At least the last visitor left you with a head. I'm not always that considerate. I'm interested in one of your newer projects.
Quinn: Hmm? Oh, but there are so many to choose from. [Garrett grabs him by the tongue.]
Garrett: Let me be clear: you have no rights. You have no lawyer. The only thing keeping Agent Coulson here from throwing you out of this plane is the very weak heartbeat of a young agent downstairs, and the only incentive I have for not tearing your tongue out is that you use it to answer my questions. Is that clear?

Fitz: Comms are down. There's too much mountain on top of us.
Garrett: Trust me – it's better. You don't want them hearing the horrible death we're walking into.
[Fitz gives a worried stare]
Garrett: Humor, son. You Brits are too serious. Besides, if the job was easy...
Ward: It wouldn't be fun.
Fitz: I'm not afraid - not yet.

Yes Men [1.15]

Jasper Sitwell: You know, usually when a friend wants a favor they do something nice. Takes me to a nice restaraunt, buys me a bottle of wine.
Coulson: Want to go to a movie? Hold hands? Okay, but I need to ask you a question first.
Sitwell: I don't know where director Fury is. Don't be so shocked. For a quiet guy you make a lot of noise. How many favors have you called in?
Coulson: Clearly not enough.
Sitwell: Something I can help you with? [Coulson stays quiet] Fine, but Fury is a high level agent who is off grid. You don't find him unless he wants to find you. You did something like that once too. Remember? I never asked you. How was Tahiti?
Coulson: It sucked.

[Lady Sif sees Coulson, whom she believed dead]
Lady Sif: What dark magic is this? Thor said you perished at the hand of Loki.
Coulson: And he was right. For a while anyway. But Loki wasn't the only one with some tricks up his sleeve. Turns out S.H.I.E.L.D. had a few of their own.
Sif: Thor will be pleased to hear it. He considers you a friend.
Coulson: I feel the same. Which is why I prefer he hear it from me, if that's okay.

Lorelei: I wanted gold! You bring me paper?
Rooster: It's cash. It's like gold. This is the currency here.
Lorelei: [points at a $100 bill] And who's this ugly women?
Rooster: That's... uh... that's Ben Franklin. He used to be president. He used to rule this whole country.
Lorelei: And women can rule your land? Can they not?
Rooster: You'd be the first.
Lorelei: Yes. I will.

[Coulson discusses how to catch Ward and Lorelei]
Skye: What can I do? And don't you dare say "nothing" or tell me to sit down here and count ceiling tiles while Ward is missing.
Coulson: Ward's got drop boxes and storage lockers all over the world. They're filled with currency, weapons, ID's. He's gonna use aliases, cash, anything to keep Lorelei off the radar. You're the best radar we have. Find them.

[Sif has Lorelei at sword point]
Lorelei: Kill me. I'd rather die than go back to that place.
Sif: You'll not get off that easy.
Lorelei: Why? It's what you want. I can see it in your eyes. Or would you rather hear about how the man you loved followed me around like a dog? Hear of his touch? His kiss? The look in his eyes when I...
[Sif silences Lorelei with the collar]
Sif: You were saying?
Simmons: We'd like to send a blood sample of yours to some colleagues to do a molecular breakdown. Maybe if you spoke to Agent Coulson...
Skye: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea. If Coulson thinks it's important that this thing stays between us, then we should trust him, right? He's the boss.
Simmons: So you're saying we should obey the rules?
Fitz: Who are you and what have you done with Skye?

Felix Blake: You a scorpio? I was just wondering why our newest agent paired the two of us together. Must have thought we were compatible in some way.
May: It was random, Blake.
Blake: You seem like a scorpio.
May: You don't believe in the Clairvoyant, but you believe in astrology.
Blake: I have some theories of my own.

Blake: Mr. Peterson... stop. You have a son - Ace. He needs you. We can still help you, Mike.
Deathlok: Mike Peterson's dead.

Hand: The plan was flawed from the start.
Garrett: Come on, Vic. The plan was solid.
Hand: We have an agent down because we weren't prepared.
Garrett: Blake knew the risks.
Hand: And don't call me "Vic." - It's condescending.

Garrett: Impressive toy.
Fitz: I prefer the term "hard-tech hardware."
Hand: You got something to say, Agent Shaw?
Shaw: Apologies, ma'am. I'm just having a hard time killing the people we once called friends.
Hand: Once that encoded transmission went out, everything changed. You understand that, don't you? We swore allegiance to each other. And today, that loyalty will be tested. If you waver you die.

Hand: The worst thing you can do right now is to underestimate Hydra. They hide in plain sight. They earn our trust, our sympathy. They make us like them. And when you hesitate, they strike. If we're to survive, we must learn to strike first.

Coulson: Fury would bury you for this.
Garrett: Probably. Instead, he'll just have to roll over in his grave.

Coulson: You really believe all that crap spreading death and destruction?
Garrett: I wouldn't say I'm a true believer. Let's just say I felt the wind changing direction and swung my sail.

Garrett: As for you, Agent Fitz, you'll hold a very high rank, run our tech division if you volunteer. If not, you'll have no rank and a lot of pain. Of course, either way, your services will be required.
Fitz: You're gonna suffer for what you've done. And I I plan on being a very big part of that.
Garrett: [chuckles] I like you, kid.
Raina: You're not Clairvoyant?
Garrett: Hardly. But if it's any consolation, you weren't alone in believing, not by a long shot.
Raina: So you're a liar. You're a fraud.
Garrett: An artist. A con artist, perhaps, but an artist all the same. Had to pull the wool over S.H.I.E.L.D.'s eyes somehow to do what we set out to do. Remember what that was?
Raina: To change the world.
Garrett: Why don't you take a seat and let me show you how we're doing that? Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't dream of letting Ernesto cut your hair.
[Raina takes a seat in the barber's chair]
Garrett: [Leaning in with a smile] Welcome to Hydra.

Coulson: Skye, please tell me something good.
Skye: We have internet.
Coulson: Yay! And boy, have I lowered my expectations.

Coulson: Nick Fury gave me this badge. When he did, I swore an oath, we all did. To serve when everything else fails, to be humanity's last line of defence, to be the shield.

Garrett: Once we hit the fridge and grab all the fun toys tucked away inside we'll be able to take any base we want.
Kaminsky: [Lifts both hands straight in a Nazi salute] Hail Hydra!
Garrett: Alright, alright, put your arms down, Kaminsky, you look like a West Texas cheerleader at pep rally.

Coulson: Fury sent us these coordinates for a reason.
May: And what reason is that?
Coulson: [Losing control of his rage] I don't know, May! I don't know! There's got to be something here! This means something! This has to mean something! The world needs us! HYDRA is out there! We cannot let them win! We– we cannot let them define us! Do you understand that? We are not agents of nothing! We are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that still carries weight! It– It has to carry weight! After everything we've been through, THAT CARRIES WEIGHT!!!!
Coulson: Yeah, we're safe here. But what about everyone else? The people that don't happen to have access to a top secret, underground shelter? What about them? I don't know if it's wise, but it's right. I'm taking a team, and that's the end of it.

Eric Koenig: So you're not gonna mention your grandfather?
Trip: It's not something I advertise. Didn't want to be treated any different because I'm a legacy.
Eric Koenig: If I was the grandson of a Howling Commando, I'd have that tattooed on my chest.

Eric Koenig: What's the difference between an egg and a rock?
May: Edible. Not.
Fitz: Well, that's absurd. The differences are-
Simmons: -innumerable. If you want, I can start listing them but then-
Fitz: -we'll be here all day.

Eric Koenig: You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box?
May: Machete.
Trip: A sat phone so I can call someone to get me off that island.
Fitz: How big is the box?
Eric Koenig: Just say the first answer that comes into your mind. What's in that box?
Fitz: Simmons.
Simmons: That's a hard one. Let me think. The TARDIS.
Skye: I want to say my laptop, fully charged. But I don't want to seem subversive - with the Rising Tide and all...
Eric Koenig: You're over-thinking it.
Skye: The laptop would be stupid, anyway. There's no wi-fi.

Koenig: The NSA. You want to hack the NSA? That's a bad idea, Skye. That's a terrible idea. The NSA's already got S.H.I.E.L.D. on its watch list. Why poke the bear - the big, scary, waterboarding bear?
Hill: [to the numerous agents surrounding her] 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Really? If you were my agents, it wouldn't be for long.

Coulson: [to Talbot] If I come out, will you shoot me? 'Cause then I won't come out.
Glenn Talbot: Hold your fire, soldiers.

Trip: We're not Hydra. We're agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Talbot: Well, right now, to the rest of the world, that's the same thing.

Skye: You think I don't want to watch him suffer?
Deathlok: Not suffer. Die. Garrett doesn't think you're gonna let that happen.
Skye: He's a murderer.
Deathlok: Yes, he is. Are you?

Hill: Wow. I can’t believe he shot Lola.
Coulson: I can’t talk about it.

Ragtag [1.21]

Coulson: We have no authority to do this. We're no longer S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. We're...
Fitz: We're vigilantes.
Coulson: I was gonna say, "doing this because it's the right thing to do," but... yeah.

Coulson: So if you're with me, I'm gonna finish what I started. I'll be damned if I'm going to let Garrett and Ward get away with murder. And I want my plane back.

Ward: I could've crossed off that drug lord without getting my picture taken. Single shot, half a mile away.
Garrett: You're missing the point. I didn't want to just cross him off, I wanted to make a spectacle. People are killed by guns everyday in Bogota. But how often does a monster punch a drug lord's head clean off? Hell, that's international news!

Coulson: Skye, Trip, get ready for a large file transfer.
Skye: How large?
[A filing cabinet comes crashing out the window]

Skye: You know, I never gave you enough credit for this whole zen-warrior thing. But I got to admit, it'd be nice to feel nothing right now.
May: You think I don't feel anything?
Skye: Look at you. You're a statue. And you and Ward had a thing. So if anyone should be furious...
May: I am. I'm furious. But I'm sure as hell not gonna waste it on a tantrum. I'm gonna mine it, save it. And when we find Ward, I'm gonna use every bit of it to take him down.
Skye: Wish I knew how to use that hate-fu.
May: I'm up most mornings at five.
Coulson: Backup isn't coming. It will be just the four of us. We'll be out-manned and outgunned, but Fury always said a man can accomplish anything when he realizes he's a part of something bigger. A team of people that share that conviction can change the world. So what do you say? Are you ready to change the world?
May: No. I'm ready to kick some ass.
Coulson: That works, too.

Trip: Sir, I bring the noise and the funk wherever I go.

Garrett: You hear the dying breath of an old world, general, and a new world is coming. I've tasted it on my tongue.
Jacobs: [pause] This is your strategy consultant?
Quinn: He's...part time.

Garrett: Fury. Well, hell. When was the last time anyone saw a tag team wrestling match with four dead guys?
Coulson: I only see one dead guy in here.
Garrett: Oh, the power's all on this side of the room, fellas. Phil, I'm surprised you'd try and stop me. Course, I don't blame you, Nick. You haven't seen the big picture. The big bang. The timeless frozen ocean, but Phil here has. We share a bond. We're blood brothers.
Nick Fury: You didn't tell me he'd gone this crazy.
Coulson: He's really stepped it up a notch.

[An injured Garrett puts on the new Deathlok armor.]
Garrett: There's a reason why they say, "Cut off the head." Now, I'll be unsto- :[Coulson vaporizes Garrett with the 0-8-4 from Peru.]
Coulson: Hey, guys. I found it. I told you it'd be in here.

Season 2


Shadows [2.01]

Jim Morita: Guten Tag boys. Alright, nice and calm, no sudden moves or we'll tie a blasting cap to your—hey Dugan, what's the German word for nuts?
Dum Dum Dugan: I don't know, Jim. But tie a blasting cap to him, I bet we'll hear it.

Peggy Carter: These assets are now under the protection of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. They'll be hidden out of sight, indefinitely... as will you.
Hydra Officer: Cut off one head, two more shall grow in it's place.
Carter: Then I guess we'll keep cutting them off.

Coulson: You've said in your numerous public appearances that you have a facility where you're storing the technology and prisoners captured in the S.H.I.E.L.D. raids, yes?
Talbot: Yeah, I'm flattered you keep up with my press.

Coulson: We have to fight on for him, for those we've lost. We have to take risks, so that the sacrifices they made were not made in vain, and then we'll disappear.
Trip: No need to think the worst till it shakes your hand and says hello.
Skye: Is that another one of your grandma's sayings?
Trip: Fortune cookie. Had some kung pao chicken the other night.

Coulson: Right now we have more important problems. A five-alarm fire otherwise known as Lance Hunter.
Skye: Is he...?
Coulson: Captured. But if he talks, our entire operation's compromised. We'll have to burn the base and evacuate. I know, and we've just retiled the bathrooms.

Skye: I know you're the boss and you have to compartmentalize everything, but it's not healthy. You need to loosen up. Try yoga or something.
Coulson: I tried it, but I'm really not flexible.

Skye: I'm really sorry, tough to lose people you care about.
Lance Hunter: Secret to that - don't get attached.
Skye: Tried that. Didn't work. For you either.
Hunter: You know, you remind me a bit of Izzy. Raw but sharp, you've got skills. Probably could earn you some real money in the private sector.
Skye: As a mercenary? Yeah, I don't think so.
Hunter: We prefer the term private military contractors. Don't knock it, everyone needs an exit strategy eventually.
Skye: Not me. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s my life now.
Hunter: S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't a life, it's just a job, means to an end. Remember that.

Raina: Hello?
Coulson: Who is this?
Raina: Agent Coulson, I'm glad you got my message.
Coulson: Raina, as I live and breathe.
Raina: It's been a while since we've spoken.
Coulson: I'm kind of in the middle of a manhunt; can we make this quick?
Raina: Why? You need time to trace this call, don't you? I take it then you haven't tracked down Mr. Creel or the item he stole.
Coulson: What do you know about that?
Raina: I know Hydra's about to get their hands on it.
Coulson: Congratulations.
Raina: Let me be clear - Mr. Creel is working for Hydra. I am not.
Coulson: Why the breakup? Bad dental plan?
Raina: Hydra has only one thing on their minds - world domination, which is so 1945.
Coulson: What do you want Raina?
Raina: It's what I don't want. Which is the obelisk falling into the hands of people who don't understand it.
May: In the field you need to maintain control, whatever the situation: hostages, bombs about to go off.
Skye: So what you're saying is what I just did was puny and sad?
[May checks Skye's heartbeat]
May: 61 beats per minute, consistent the whole time. Not that puny. Speaking of not puny... here, I want you to get used to this, it's a sniper rifle.
[Hunter and Mack come by]
Hunter: Pardon me, just one quick question, you went to S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, right?
May: You didn't. If you did, you would've known better than to shoot us.
Hunter: Apology number 470: I am very sorry Agent May...
May: Don't be sorry. Just wait.
Alphonso MacKenzie: Uh, we were just having a little wager, so did you...?
Skye: Go to the academy? Yeah, no.
[Hunter sighs]
Mack: Alright, well have fun with the inventory and remember: Koenig likes them neat.

[Simmons enters her home gun drawn to find Coulson]
Coulson: Did you think I wouldn't find out?
[Simmons lowers her gun]
Coulson: Sriracha? Beer? That's all? What kind of diet is that?
Simmons: Well, I also have tea. And if my diet is such a concern, then perhaps dead-drops shouldn't involve fast food.
Coulson: We'll revisit that protocol.

Ward: A gifted that refuses Hydra is a threat. And threats are taken care of quickly.
Skye: [scoffs] That's the difference between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra.
Ward: And that's why Hydra will win. Because while a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is considering right and wrong, Hydra's already taken the shot.

Daniel Whitehall: Why cling to the founding principles of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Freedom. Equality. Individual rights. These principles make mankind a plague on this planet. Think of a forest. It dries up and catches fire with the first spark. Now, mankind would fight that fire, believing every individual plant perfect in its own individual way. But it's the fire that's perfect. Essential. Now more magnificent plant species, like the giant sequoia, their seeds need the heat of that fire to crack open and be born. To literally rise from the ashes. And they will live for a thousand years. You don't need to keep burning. Rise. Be born.

Hunter: May shot me.
Trip: Man. I wanted to be the one.
Coulson: This is fun, right? Isn't this fun? Look - [Holds up his sleeves] Cufflinks!
May: I will pay you $500 right now for a pair of flats.

Skye: [Hears a noise over the comms] Wait. What was that?
Coulson: Yeah. That's May.
Skye: Is-is she okay? Is everything okay?
Coulson: Yes. She's laughing. I think the worst of it's over now.
May: [Walks up to Coulson] My face hurts.

Coulson: We're blown.
May: Why?
Coulson: No idea. I think Talbot's still pissed 'cause we kidnapped him that time.

Talbot: [to Coulson] You know, I spent five long months in an enemy war camp. You people make me miss those days.

Skye: Hey, at least you got away from your ex. The guy I had a crush on is now the psycho living in our basement.
Mack: You know, I wish I could relate, but all my exes are awesome [grins].
Hunter: Is that right? I seem to remember an entire year where you had to pretend you liked quinoa.
Mack: Oh, yeah... that was a dark time.

Raina: I can help you -
Whitehall: Raina, I'm not like most of the people with whom you interact. I'm not easily confused. I've been around too long to lose sight of what's mine. I generally don't do my own dirty work anymore. We should all aspire to do only that which we enjoy, don't you agree? But in your case, I will make an exception.
Simmons: Do you have any idea what this means? We could kill millions of people, perhaps even billions.
Kenneth Turgeon: Pretty awesome, huh?

Skye: Hold on, are you saying that I'm an alien?!
Coulson: It's a theory.
Skye: No, a theory is what scientists use to prove things in nature, this is you telling me that I might be an alien! That's not something you just say like it's no big deal!
Coulson: I was trying not to rattle you.
Skye: Guess what? Epic fail!

Skye: Have you been drinking?
Hunter: I was working. Had to maintain my cover.
Skye: Your cover as what? Ron Burgundy?

Simmons: If it hadn't have been for Agent Morse, I -
Bobbi Morse: Bobbi.
Simmons: - Bobbi, right. If it hadn't have been for Bobbi, I would never have made it out. Probably be brainwashed, happy to comply to who knows what. [whispers] She's amazing.

Hunter: Bobbi?
Bobbi: Hey, Hunter. Nice suit.
Hunter: "Nice suit"? Really? That's what you're leading with? [pause] What did you do to your hair?
Bobbi: Ever heard of "undercover"?
Hunter: I prefer you blonde.
Bobbi: Well, I didn't do it for you. Two seconds in, there's already a tone.
Hunter: Th-this isn't a tone, this is my speaking voice when I'm upset with an unreasonable person!
Trip: [chuckling, to May] What's the deal there?
May: Hunter ever tell you stories about his she-Devil ex-wife?
Trip: All the time. [He looks at Bobbi. May nods] Damn.
Christian Ward: [to Coulson] You may think you know Grant Ward, Mr. Coulson, but trust me. Underneath every lie he tells is just another lie.

Ward: [about Christian] He'll smile, bare his soul. It is all manipulation. He is a master at it. Look, I know what I am. But my brother? He's worse.

Ward: I'm still a part of your team.
Coulson: My team? You th-- You are not, nor you'll ever be, on my team. You dropped Fitz-Simmons out of a plane. You murdered Victoria Hand and Eric Koenig. You betrayed every one of us, you deluded son of a bitch! The only reason you're alive is because you were of use! And the only reason you're being transferred is because your brother is of more use.

[Ward is being marched out of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and sees Skye]
Ward: Skye...
[Simmons steps protectively in front of Skye]
Simmons: If I ever see you again, I'll kill you.

Christian Ward: Dignatares, ladies and gentlemen, less then 48 hours ago, brave men and women lost their lives at this very spot where I'm standing now, and I think we owe it to them to discuss something all often elusive - the truth. Sometimes we want something simpler than they actually are, but... the tough reality is, we are complex creatures. And I've come to understand something that the world must, as well. There is a difference between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra. One was an organization built on protection, and the other - world domination. And just as good and evil existed side-by-side within S.H.I.E.L.D., the same was true in my own home. At first, I was ashamed to share this truth with the world, but my younger brother, Grant Ward, was a member of Hydra. He was a traitor. He was a traitor to his friends, his family, and his nation. When evil sits to ones own heart, that is when the surest hand must cut it out. I give my word. I will personally make sure my brother is punished for his crimes. But as is so often true, the darkness lingers longer than the light. And while S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone, Hydra is a problem that world must still face. Otherwise, that darkness will grow and spread and cast a shadow over us all.
Skye: May gave out specific instructions: you go on a date with a crazy wall. I get to chaperone.

Hunter: Subtlety is key.
Bobbi: You were dressed like a cowboy.

Coulson: I was put in charge of the T.A.H.I.T.I. project so those people are my responsibility. If going back in this machine saves even one life, then it's worth the risk.

Skye: In the history of bad ideas, this is light years ahead of everything.
Coulson: No. Trying to bring dead agents back to life using alien blood blows everything else away.

Fitz: He'll recover, he did before. Besides, brains never delete files, they just lose connections, but there's always a back up. It's just a matter of digging and finding them.
Mack: So you've got back up files too?
Simmons: Peggy Carter, founder, happens to be British, held this in her hand!

Christian Ward: [to Grant Ward] Listen to yourself! Just listen to yourself! You twist every act and blame it on somebody else! Mom and Dad were terrible, but they didn't put the match in your hand when you burnt down that damn house! And I didn't squeeze the trigger when you killed all those people!

Christian Ward: [to Grant Ward] You lie to yourself. You want to know why? It's simple. You can't reconcile all the ugly, horrible things you do with the hero you so desperately want to become.

Coulson: What are we talking about? Tesseract-level power?
Dr. Calvin Johnson: Sure. I don't know what that is.
Coulson: You realize we're talking life and death here.
Calvin: I know! It's exciting, isn't it? I mean, both sides racing to the temple, life and death, flesh and blood, emotions! Who knows how it'll shake out? All I know is, my baby's gonna be right there in the center of it.

Hunter: Doesn't matter what I ask. I can't trust the answer.
Bobbi: Write that sentence down, hand it to your therapist.

Bobbi: Will you never trust me?
Hunter: But I'll never stop wanting to.
Sam Koenig: [to Raina] Sorry, but you're gonna need a lanyard.

Bobbi: I wish I could give you some advice, but I've never been friends with a guy first. It's always been a roller coaster. Fast out of the gate, hit the drop, the turn, the loop, the screeching halt, then back in line to do it all over again.
Simmons: But is the ride worth it?
Bobbi: I'll let you know when it's over.

Coulson: There are three million people on this island, and I'm not going to let Hydra turn them into collateral damage.

Raina: Be honest, Skye. Haven't you ever felt lost or had that feeling that you were part of something bigger? Like you were special?
Skye: When you say "special," what you really mean is "alien."
Raina: Is that what you believe? We're human, Skye. We just have the potential to be more. But the Diviner? Now that is most definitely alien.
Skye: Where do you get this stuff? My father?
Raina: Partly. But my grandmother came from a long line of special people who believed in a story, about the blue angels that fell from the heavens. The ancients called them the Kree.
Skye: And what do the Kree want?
Raina: Change.

Ward: Skye, I give you my word; come with me, we won't fire a single shot. Everyone gets out alive.
Billy Koenig: Good one. Is that what you told my brother before you killed him?
Ward: How many of you are there?
Skye: [to Ward] Maybe you don't remember, but we've played this game of "let's kidnap Skye" before, and it didn't end well for you.

Calvin: [to Skye] I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, that I couldn't protect you. That I couldn't teach you about the stars...[voice breaking] Or sing you to sleep. I know I'm a terrible disappointment, but I'm here now. And everything that's about to happen is supposed to happen.

Calvin: [to Skye] I'll make plenty of time to answer all of your questions. But first, now that he's served his purpose, I'm gonna kill the man who destroyed my life. Best day ever.

Skye: [after shooting Ward]) Never turn your back on the enemy. You taught me that.

Skye: This is your one chance to walk away, or I will kill you.
Calvin: Okay. I'll go. But I'll be waiting for you. After you change, no one else will understand. They'll be afraid. Change is terrifying. But I'm your father, and I love you. I will always love you, Daisy.
Coulson: We did not fail! Trip prevented a disaster, and Whitehall's dead. We cut off the head. And while Hydra scrambles for a new one, I will crush them! I'm gonna make somebody pay, whoever the hell it is.

May: "They'll never take us alive!"? Really? A little over the top, don't you think?
Coulson: I only had a day to come up with this whole thing. Besides, if I let you write the script, no one would say anything.

Calvin: Raina, let's not lose our heads.
Raina: What happened to me?!
Calvin: Metamorphosis, by the look of it.
Raina: I was supposed to become something divine, something transcendent. My grandmother said I'd be an angel, not some gnarled freak of nature covered in thorns.
Calvin: You always did like flowers.

Raina: I can't live like this. My insides feel like gravel. I cut myself when I move. [crying] I can't live as this repulsive creature.
Calvin: Then don't.

Skye: There's something very wrong with me.
Fitz: No, you're just different now. You're just different now, and there's nothing wrong with that.
May: Not bad. But once I'm pinned, you should try for a finishing blow.
Skye: You want full Mortal Kombat?
May: I want you to stop holding back, Skye.
Skye: I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want to try to hurt you. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of…I don't know.
May: Look... we lost Trip, and it hurts like hell, but you can't shut those feelings out. Can't sustain that.
Skye: What's my option? l just might lose it right here?
May: We've talked about this. Control. Embrace your emotions, your nerves. Use them... on your terms.
Skye: I don't know. What I'm feeling…is pretty dark. I'm afraid I'm gonna go postal and tear your head off.
May: Go for it. I promise you won't.

Simmons: Skye is my friend. She's different.
Fitz: Oh, yeah. Like I was your friend, and then I changed. How did you handle that?
Mack: Uh, t-the point is, secrets don't help any of us. Skye should have just come clean.
Fitz: What, and risked being locked up, studied, or who know what else? No, I wouldn't let her.
Simmons: Oh, you wouldn't let her.
Mack: We could have handled her in a way that could have kept everybody safe.
Morse: It wasn't fair to us, Fitz. We had a right to know.
Fitz: A right to know. What - is that the same way that Sif and the Kree had the right to know?
Hunter: I think the situation is a bit different, mate.
Fitz: No, you would have done to her exactly what they wanted to.
Simmons: You don't know that!
Fitz: Yes, I do know that! They would - you would - you'd "handle her"! Mack just said! Like, uh... like Skye's something to be locked up in a cage somewhere. We should be protecting her.
Mack: No, Fitz. We're the ones that need the protection from her.

Sif: Yet you do not serve a king?
May: Not really how it works with us.
Sif: I wonder if I serve the king as the great warrior you say I am.
May: Odin? Oh, we know you do. You've met him.
Sif: Shut... up.

Sif: Kava means keys.
Coulson: Keys?
Sif: A device used to unlock...
Coulson: Yeah. I know keys.

Sif: Coulson, your people make decisions based on logic.
Coulson: Usually.
Sif: Usually. As do mine.
Coulson: Leaving Skye with us is the logical choice, I promise.
Sif: No. No. That is not what I mean. Asgard is millennia beyond you in our pursuit of science and knowledge. And we have learned there are some things that can never be understood.
Coulson: Is this little talk one of 'em?

One of Us [2.13]

Dr. Andrew Garner: I haven't worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. in a long while. I moved on for a reason.
May: It's a different S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson's the director now.
Garner: Okay, but why me? Is this Skye that bad?
May: She's that good. A good agent.

Skye: Tell me about the wedding. I'm thinking May could go either way... understated or full bridezilla. She can be a control freak.
Garner: I'm not here to discuss my ex.
Skye: Did you guys have actual conversations? You know, like, pillow talk, or was it just pillow stern looks?

Garner: [about Skye] She thinks the world of you.
May: Well, I taught her how to fire an automatic. Of course she likes me.

Karla Faye Gideon: Maybe it would make more sense just to forget about S.H.I.E.L.D. M-Move on. I mean, haven't they robbed us of enough?
Calvin: That's the point. We can't forget. We can't just slink away and let them take from us. From me! They took my little girl. They stole her from me, and they still have her. She isn't safe there. Losing a child, it, it tears you apart! I'm just like you. I wasn't strong. I couldn't protect the people I loved. So I tried to change, improve myself, with chemistry. Results were inconsistent. Some volatility issues. But I keep working on a formula. Always tweaking. We can't stop now. We can't let them make us afraid or make the world afraid of us! They are the criminals, and we're gonna shine a light on that!

Mack: You were right. For a while there, it all went to hell. It was bad. But now Bobbi and I work for an organization, an outlier that came out of the wreckage from what Fury left.
Hunter: What organization, Mack? Who the hell are you working for?
Mack: S.H.I.E.L.D. The real S.H.I.E.L.D.
Robert Gonzalez: You must be Lance Hunter.
Hunter: And you must be crazy.

Fitz: [to Skye] Things change. That's what I'm saying. So maybe if you can learn how to control this, then... you could have Avenger-level powers, something like Captain America, even.
Simmons: I think it best we keep in mind the unstable natures of Skye's power. If there is an Avenger equivalent, right now I'm afraid it's The Hulk.
Fitz: Well, Hulk, saved the world, last I checked.

Hunter: So that's what this is about; you guys don't want Coulson in charge. I'll be the first to admit the guy's not perfect. Sometimes chews with his mouth open, tends to hog the mic on karaoke night. But other than that, he's not so bad really.

Ward: I know what you're going through. My family did a number on me. Stripped me down, left me hollow. I was a shell. So, when someone finally did come along and offer to build me back up, I didn't resist. Even though what he really did was make me a killer.
Kara: But you seem so well-adjusted.
Ward: It was a long road. Took getting locked up to give me some perspective. But then I paid my family a visit. They were surprised to see me, but I think that eventually, we were able to dig in, really express our feelings.
Kara: That's it?
Ward: I haven't looked back since. You are the only one who can find yourself.

Talbot: Lieutenant, when was the last time I got your name right?
Lieutenant: Never. Sir.
Talbot: You are correct.
May: The last person who betrayed me? I broke his larynx.

Mack: The most dangerous kind of pain is the kind you can't feel.

Gordon: I wish you wouldn't stare.
Skye: Uh–
Gordon: Th-that was a joke. I'm not very good at them. I don't mind that you're curious, honestly. And, yes, I used to have eyes. They were blue. This? This was the obvious change for me, but what happens inside can be just as profound. You see, the mist changes everyone differently. The real difference between the two of us is what happened after we went through the mist.
Skye: What do you mean?
Gordon: I knew from an early age how special I was. Had a mentor, a guide of sorts. And the first thing she did after I transformed was embrace me. Tell me, Skye, what was the first thing that S.H.I.E.L.D. did to you?

Gonzales: Nice office. Lots of light.
Coulson: You haven't even delved into the record collection.
Gonzales: I have no plans of moving in. You may not know who I am, but I -
Coulson: Oh, no. I actually know quite a bit about you, Robert. You started in S.H.I.E.L.D. young, like me, dropped out for awhile when your wife passed, but then came back with a vengeance, rose to command the Iliad three years later and, by all accounts, became one of the best commanders S.H.I.E.L.D. ever had. I know this because I spent months searching for you when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, because I'd heard you were a good man, 'cause I wanted you on my team.
Gonzalez: I wish I could say the same. I wish you were the man you were even two years ago. But by all accounts, you're not.
Coulson: You didn't know me then, and you don't know me now.
Gonzales: I know that Fury brought you back from the dead.
Coulson: Right. I didn't ask for that. But I've come to appreciate the gesture.
Gonzales: And that he filled your veins with alien blood. God knows what that did. Weaver thinks it made you into some kind of a messenger for an alien race. Can you say with certainty that that's not true?

Coulson: You really think they're gonna help you?
Gonzales: Everyone on your team is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. We'll let them make their own decisions.
May: [Shoots Gonzales in the back with an Icer] Already made mine.
Coulson: That's really a nice entrance.

[Hunter writes down "L. Hunter" on a napkin and shows it to Coulson.]
Coulson: What's that?
Hunter: You offered me a permanent position. Consider that my contract. So, what's the plan, boss?

Afterlife [2.16]

Lincoln Campbell: Gordon's the only one who knows where we are, and he's the only way in or out. It keeps us secret and safe from the outside world.
Skye: Or it keeps us prisoners.
Lincoln: You're not very trusting, are you?
Skye: I woke up naked on a table in a place no one can even point to on a map, so call me crazy.

Lincoln: Our gifts don't have to be terrifying. They're a part of us. I felt lost before I came here, too. Looking for answers in the all the wrong places. But we're connected to something bigger and older than than we could have ever imagined, something extraordinary. Don't walk away from it.

Calvin: [to Gordon] You clearly have an unfair advantage, and we clearly don't see eye to eye.

Skye: What happened to you?
Raina: Destiny, apparently. I wanted to be set free, but now I can't even bear the light of day. I dread being awake, but my sleep is filled with such horrible nightmares. Children are so afraid of monsters. They should know it's worse to be one.

Gonzalez: This is not about Coulson. It's not about me. It's not about anyone on this ship. It's about S.H.I.E.L.D. We cannot afford to be enemies to each other when there are new threats out there waiting for the moment we are at our weakest. A house built on shifting sand will fall. And without a strong and united foundation, S.H.I.E.L.D. will fall again.

Melinda [2.17]

Eva Belyakov: I've had their pain. Now give me yours.
May: Come on. I've got plenty to share.

Lincoln: You know it's really impressive for Jiaying to take anyone under her wing.
Skye: Yeah?
Lincoln: Yeah.
Skye: I like her. I just... I can't... What's her role here?
Lincoln: Her role is, in charge. So really she must like you.
Skye: If she's in charge, how often does she train people?
Lincoln: Since I've been here... let me see... never.

Jiaying: Your gift is quite destructive, but look at the music you can make.

Skye: Something bad happens every time I feel settled somewhere. I'm twenty five and I have never spent more than two years anywhere. The second I made friends at the orphanage; gone. And God forbid I called a foster family home; pack your bags. I got the news on my birthday once, which is a complete farce because I don't even know when I was born.
Jiaying: I'm so sorry.
Skye: S.H.I.E.L.D. was the closest I ever came to having a family. I belonged there, saw what I could be. Even that ended with agents hunting me through the woods.
Jiaying: We're not going to turn on you, or abandon you. This is a safe place.
Skye: See, you say that but I know you're not being straight with me? Why do you care if I stay or go and why are you...
Jiaying: July second. You were born on July second.

Raina: I dream of Skye and her father at dinner. A bouquet of daisies. And she's so happy.
Lincoln: It's not a dream.

May: The girl...she didn't understand...I couldn't save her...
Calvin: You know what doesn’t have the smell of buttery goodness wafting out of it on your way to work?
Skye: A currency exchange?

Skye: Johnson - Is that your last name?
Calvin: Was. Pretty ordinary, huh? I changed it to something more sinister when I went on the run.
Skye: Daisy Johnson. Huh.

Lincoln: What are you made of?
Deathlok: Whoever you are, you don't want to do this. I'm a friend of Skye's.
Lincoln: Sure. And I'm the Hulk.

Hunter: Three men, heavily armed - bet there's more where they came from.
Ward: Does it matter? They got a cyborg on board with rockets in his arm.
Coulson: He's not a cyborg - he's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent... with rockets in his arm.

Coulson: [to Mack and Bobbi after a fire fight between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra] I doubled back after Hydra took off. The cleanup crew really sucks, doesn't it?
Coulson: Robert. It's good to see you.
Gonzales: Is it?
Coulson: Okay. It's good to see my bus. But, hey. You look well, too.

Raina: Don't give up hope just yet. Skye can save Lincoln. I saw her do it.
Skye: [confused] Wh - You've seen it?
Gordon: We think Raina's gift may allow her to see things before they happen.
Skye: I thought her gift was spinning really fast to collect gold rings.

Bobbi: If you didn't want me to go, then why did you vote to allow it?
Gonzales: Because Coulson's only using his own people. Figured it was worth the risk.
Bobbi: Those are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents going on that mission, Robert.
Gonzales: I'm aware of that, Agent Morse. We're fighting a war with an enemy that is without honor. Sometimes, we make sacrifices for the greater good.

Ward: Can we just address the elephant on the plane? I know. This is weird. Mistakes were made.
Fitz: By you.
Ward: And people got hurt.
Fitz: By you.
Ward: And I could stand here and explain again how my parents - and brother left me vulnerable...
May: [scoffs] We all had our traumas, Ward. Didn't turn any of us into psychopaths.
Ward: Well, we all have our own ways of coping, don't we? For example, I was yours.
Coulson: Watch it, Ward!
Ward: Look, I'm just saying we all made mistakes. Coulson handed me over to my abuser, thank you. Skye shot me-
Simmons: After you killed how many people?
Fitz: Yeah, and we were a team and a family, and you betrayed us!
Ward: I know. It's what I regret the most. Not the lying, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents I had to put down, and I'm sorry not even dropping you two in the ocean. It's this. My actions destroyed this. I'll regret that forever. 'Cause there were good times. Right? Before? I mean, for a while there, we were a good team. Weren't we?
Skye: [dramatic pause] I'm still happy I shot you.
Fitz: Yeah, me too.
Simmons: Should've aimed for the face.

Gonzales: [holds out the Tool Box] Time to honor our agreement.
Coulson: [Takes the Tool Box, opens it, hands it back] Here you go. Unlocked and all yours. Go nuts. At least until Fury shows up and asks for it back. [pause] Oh. Spoiler alert. [His cell rings] Oh. Hey. [He shows Gonzales that it's a call from Maria Hill] I have to take this.

Scars [2.20]

Lincoln: You never should have come for me.
Skye: I had to, Jiaying wouldn't allow it if I...
Lincoln: There's a reason for that. The only thing that's kept us safe all these years is that we were a secret. Now S.H.I.E.L.D. knows we exist, and they won't stop until they find Afterlife.

Lincoln: The indexing? They just asked a lot of questions. I'm sure you guys already have my blood from when I was out, right?
Coulson: It's protocol.
Lincoln: Hydra said the same thing.

Skye: Our ancient ancestors called themselves Inhumans and we just want to be left alone.

Hunter: You're really going to let Captain Ahab just waltz in there and have a fireside chat with Skye's mom?
Coulson: I am, though that is a really strange way of putting it.

Coulson: If I don't put my faith in them, then S.H.I.E.L.D. will fall apart all over again.
Hunter: Hate to break it to you, but S.H.I.E.L.D. will also fall apart if a dozen angry enhanced blokes rain terror on us all.

S.O.S. [2.21-22]


Part I

Hunter: Forget about the plane. Can you pull up the...
Fitz: Footage of Bobbi. From the base. Before she left. Good idea.
Hunter: You know I am capable of finishing my own...
Fitz: Sentences. Yes, you are. Sorry.

Fitz: [showing Hunter footage of May and Bobbi] Okay, that's May.
Hunter: Yeah. And that's the woman that once set my 1967 convertible GTO on fire. The question on the table is not who, but where!

Mack: What'd you do with Skye?
Alisha: Follow me and I'll show you. [splits into 4 versions of herself and they move in different directions]
Mack: I can't wait to get off this boat.

Skye: [after seeing her mother kill S.H.I.E.L.D. agents] She just killed them. All of them. Didn't even think about it.
Mack: Yeah, I thought my mom was bad when she started watching Fox News.

Alisha: I'm headed downstairs to secure the armory. I'm also upstairs in the conference room.

Part II

Fitz: [excited] Sir! Good news. I modified my field generators to act in unison as a quantum field disruptor.
Coulson: Great. You're saying you found a way to shut down Gordon's teleportation ability?
Fitz: [deflated] Well, now my news sounds less good.

Hunter: Taking a bullet for me was stupid.
Bobbi: Walking into a trap when you know it's a trap is stupid.

Mack: What the hell took you so long?
Coulson: It's a big boat. With poor signage.

Mack: It's Gordon, right?
Gordon: And you are?
Mack: I'm the guy that kills Gordon.

Gordon: I'm trapped in here! That's not possible! What did you do?
Fitz: Science, biatch.

Season 3

Coulson: How's he doing?
Skye/Daisy Johnson: Okay- for now.
Coulson: Third incident already this month, but at least we're able to get our hands on this one.
Daisy: The rate of new cases is increasing.
Coulson: We knew it would, after the initial reports.
Daisy: A new Inhuman could emerge anywhere, without any idea what's happened.
Coulson: Only in the continental U.S. so far. Plus, this new aircraft can stay in the air much longer than the old plane. Days, really, so rapid response anywhere is-
Daisy: [grins] You love your new toy, don't you?
Coulson: [smiles] I very much love my new toy. But, even with the mind-boggling range on this puppy-
Daisy: Inhumans are still disappearing.

Hunter: [on the Black Ops group who are capturing Inhumans] They're not Hydra. You know I've been digging, and my street sources tell me Hydra's gone silent. Eerily silent, yes, but-
Coulson: Yep. The Hydra finances we track are static; no money's changing hands.
Hunter: And by the looks of the hardware these gung-ho nutters are using, they're well-funded. [holds up one of their guns]
Coulson: So, if this woman's not Hydra, what is she?
Mack: [indicates her files] Everything else? I mean, look at this- two years, CIA-
Hunter: Is that MI6?
Mack: Yeah, at which time she was consulting with the CDC, apparently.
Coulson: All under different aliases.
Hunter: Hmmm- I like her.
Mack: How we supposed to track down someone like this? We can't look everywhere.
Coulson: If we can trace that hardware, that'll give us a place to start. [to Hunter] Take that down to Bobbi in the lab- have the team analyze it.
Hunter: Ohhh no, no, no- no, I- I'm not going anywhere near Bobbi. [Coulson and Mack give each other incredulous looks]
Coulson: Fine, I'll take it to her myself. [removes his mechanical forearm] I wouldn't want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
Hunter: Yeah, I know that's sarcasm, and I'm choosing to accept your thoughtfulness at face value.
Coulson: Mack, you should head downstairs, assist Skye with intake.
Mack: Daisy.
Coulson: Daisy! Damn it. [shakes his head] Hard for us to get used to, huh? [Hunter and Mack shrug]
Mack: Mmmm... No, just you.

Bobbi: My name’s Bobbi. As in the name usually short for Robert, but in my case, Barbara, which, to me, is worse.

Daisy: This is my partner, Mack- we're just going to talk.
Joey Gutierrez: [to Mack] So- she's the greeting party, and you're the muscle, huh?
Mack: Believe me- she is the muscle.
Bobbi: Who is Professor Randolph?
Coulson: This monolith has been studied for centuries. Well, Randolph's actually been on the planet for those centuries. And he's traveled through space in a portal. And he's also an alien. So, he's got a lot going for him.

Bobbi: This looks a lot like it was made to hold...
Fitz: The monolith! This machine was designed to control the portal. To open and close it at will.
Coulson: Do you know that? Or is that just what you hope it to be?
Fitz: Well there's only one way to find out.

Daisy: If the point of the machine was to resonate the room at a certain frequency; I can do that.
Coulson: And you can replicate it?
Daisy: Kind of drilled into my brain.
Coulson: And it could kill you. How long to you think you could hold it?
Daisy: Maybe a minute.
Coulson: If it's too much, you pull back. I can't lose you too.

Coulson: Skye, hey? Skye are you okay? Skye?
Daisy: It's Daisy.
Coulson: What?
Bobbi: It's Daisy now sir. You're really having a hard time with this huh?
Coulson: Damn it, yeah.

Garner: You know why most people take psyche, right? They're trying to figure out families.
Werner von Strucker: You got me there. You wouldn't believe how messed up mine is.
Coulson: Simmons didn't have to go through quarantine- which is good, all things considered.
Mack: What exactly are these things that we're considering?
Bobbi: Everything that comes with being on another planet for months.
Fitz: Different atmosphere, different levels of oxygenation, different microgravity- every system in her body's out of whack. Cardiovascular, inner ear, respiratorial, got used to being... not here.

Coulson: Daisy, I need you to monitor all law-enforcement activity near Lincoln's last known location.
Daisy: How 'bout we take a team and go look for him ourselves-
Mack: No. The A.T.C.U.'s on a witch hunt for powered people.
Daisy: I'm not afraid of them.
Coulson: No, but they're terrified of you. Which makes them dangerous. Until we know where he is, you're not going out there.
Daisy: [annoyed] Permission to speak freely?
Coulson: [smiles] Do I have a choice?
Daisy: I could've talked him in, if you didn't put an unsolicited tracker under his skin.
Mack: If you didn't call to alert him, then-
Daisy: Why wasn't I told?
Coulson: We thought you were a little close to the situation.
Daisy: [angrily] Of course I'm close to the situation! You asked me to assemble a team, and I accepted. I didn't expect to be undermined-
Coulson: [curtly] You know what I didn't expect? A global outbreak, the A.T.C.U., their Inhuman manhunt. I didn't see all that coming, to be honest. I wanted to assemble a team, to get ahead of the problem, but that didn't happen. So, Daisy? [looks pointedly at her]
Daisy: I'll scan law-enforcement channels.
Coulson: Thank you.

May: So, you trust Spud?
Hunter: [tsks] Trust is a strong word, for a psychopath. He's a murderous thief who I once saw bite a man's nose clean off. But, he'll get us through the door. [pause] You'll find this funny. Back at H.Q., we've got a little wager going- on what happened between you and the good doctor. [May reaches for a knuckle-duster] My guess is? You walked away. Not in a huff or anything, just couldn't stand the constant talking, sharing-
May: It's true, I don't like a lot of talking. [slaps her brass-knuckled fist into her palm] This fight? It's our way to Ward, so if you're gonna do this, you need to win.
Hunter: You suggesting I can't win?
May: I'm not saying you can't- but, I know I can.
Hunter: Spud runs with a type. And, if that type sees some small, Asian woman destroy a wannabe Hydra thug in a bare-knuckle brawl, that type will talk. And word might spread up the ranks.
May:... I see your point. [drops the knuckle-duster]
Hunter: [smiles] You're just anxious to bash some heads after being out of the game. [pause] Look, I've rarely lost a fight, when I'm sober- which, I plan on being. And, I can take a punch, so worst case I'll do that 'till the other guy tires out. [May stares at him for a moment]
May: So... how much do you have riding on this bet that I left Andrew?
Hunter: A significant sum.
May: [nods, smiles] Well... you lost it.

May: [to the three huge Hydra recruits she just decked] How 'bout I do you a favor, and not tell anyone... that a tiny little Asian woman kicked your ass.

Rosalind Price: [on Lincoln] He's extremely dangerous-
Coulson: He wouldn't be, in our custody.
Price: We're not going to harvest him for parts, if that's what you're worried about. We're not Hydra.
Coulson: You say that now. What's so important about him?
Price: Are you serious? He could bring down a plane. Feels like a man worth talking to-
Coulson: I have another theory: the President makes a big speech about this new organization he's put into place. I imagine that puts a lot of pressure onto you. [Price looks away] Pressure to show results.
Price: [turns towards him]... You're not wrong. And that's why I'm taking him in. [glances out at the sea] But why are we here, Phil? We waiting to watch the sunset together? 'Cause if you didn't come here to make a deal, then what do you want?
Coulson: You have an ace up your sleeve, and I'm tired of waiting for you to play it.
Price: Is that so?
Coulson: We have surveillance from the hospital, which means there's another picture, you chose not to put on T.V.
Price: [after finding her team, Mack and Daisy holding each other at gunpoint] Everybody, stand down! S.H.I.E.L.D.'s not the enemy, and you definitely don't wanna piss off the young Agent Johnson here. [indicates Daisy, who glares at her] We've got about nineteen Agent Johnsons on our side, though none that can take down a building. [Coulson appears at her side] Rosalind Price, by the way.
Daisy: Coulson?
Coulson: It's okay. The A.T.C.U. is here to help.
Mack: Really? 'Cause the other day, they wanted Daisy's head for their trophy case!
Coulson: Agent Mackenzie.
Price: Bit of an exaggeration- but, that was then, and this is now. And, right now, we're here to contain a threat, same as you. Fan out! [she and her team move out]
Daisy: [angrily to Coulson] I get that you cut a deal with them, but for the record-
Coulson: It's a means to an end.
Daisy: [sharply] Ours, or theirs?

Coulson: I think the conspiracy nut in you had a few too many lattes this morning.
Daisy: I did have a latte. It was a double.

Coulson: Where are you taking the victims?
Price: That's classified. Oh, it's not fun when it's you, right? Can't believe I just said that to the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Coulson: You know, I'm really not feeling the spirit of cooperation here.

Simmons: I know you're looking for signs of PTSD, but I assure you I'm fine.
Garner: You've been through something pretty extreme. There will be after-effects, and that's okay. It's okay to struggle.

Coulson: Mr. Frye, we can help you, but you have to trust me. This Lash is not some angel of mercy.
Dwight Frye: No, he's no angel. He's just a guy trying to do the right thing.
Simmons: Next time you have doubts about whether someone is real, ask them to hit you.
Will Daniels: I'll keep that in mind.

Simmons: Perhaps it's best if we start over since we're going to be working together.
Will: Working together? On what?
Simmons: On getting home.
Will: There's no getting home. Sooner you accept that the better. Survival's all that matters.
Simmons: I will not accept that. There's always hope.

Simmons: Eat, shower, or sleep? What are you gonna do first when we get back?
Will: Eat. Please. Who you talking to? What're you gonna do?
Simmons: Ummm, I'm going to eat in the shower and fall asleep while doing it.
Will: That's very efficient. I expect nothing less.

Will: If you're not with NASA, how did you get into the monolith?
Simmons: It's not with NASA anymore. It's with S.H.I.E.L.D. They've had it for quite some time. I'm not sure how or why.
Will: That's real, S.H.I.E.L.D?
Simmons: It was, I was recruited right out of the academy.
Will: I was a test pilot for the Air Force, recruited by NASA. Now here I am.
Simmons: Here we are. At least you volunteered.
Will: Yeah.

Simmons: [having lost the opportunity to return to Earth] You were right. There's no hope on this planet.
Will: That's what I used to think. Then you showed up.
Daisy: Lash was tracking us. He knew where our truck was. He needed inside info for that.
Coulson: You think he's got access to ATCU information?
Daisy: No, I think he's in the ATCU. We know that he can transform himself into a regular size guy and back. What if he's hiding out as one of them?
Coulson: That's a scary thought.

May: Andrew didn't get all the details exactly right. He said there were four men on the scene, but only three bodies were recovered: Coulson's man and two Hydra guys. The fourth guy was one of Andrew's students. [brings up the I.D. for "Alexander Braun"] That's his I.D., but it's an alias. He's not Alexander Braun. [glances at Bobbi] He's Werner von Strucker.
Bobbi: Wait, von Strucker? As in-
May: [nods] Hail Hydra.
Bobbi: [nods] Ward was starting his own little Hydra dynasty. Cute.
May: We find the Strucker kid, he'll lead us back to Ward.
Bobbi: You got a how?
May: S.H.I.E.L.D's been monitoring several Hydra bank accounts for a while now, one just woke up. Cayman Islands.
Bobbi: Strucker needed funds, makes sense. So what's the op?
May: How's your Mandarin?
Bobbi: [in Mandarin] You tell me.
May: If we head down there, maybe we'll pick up his trail. He's on the run from Ward. From us. Almost makes me feel sorry for the kid.

Fitz: What, you don't think I should help Simmons rescue Will?
Hunter: Do you think you should? He's the competition. If your girlfriend's ex wants to visit from Phoenix, you do not buy him a plane ticket.
Fitz: That's really specific. Anyway, this guy kept Simmons alive. I owe him. He deserves my help.

Hunter: Is that a person?
Daisy: Oh god.
Hunter: Is he dead?
Daisy: No they're monitoring him. He's alive.
Mack: But in, some kind of what... a coma?
Daisy: This is ATCU. This is where they're storing Inhumans they find. Like animals in cages.

Lincoln: Safe as houses.
Daisy: What?
Lincoln: It's an expression, people say that.
Daisy: Sure. And someday you can tell me how you survived the Dust Bowl and the Hoover Administration, Grandpa.
Lincoln: That's an ugly side of you, Daisy.
Coulson: The ATCU is looking for a cure. I'm not suggesting that's for everyone, because it's not, but some people might want to...
Daisy: We are not a disease.
Coulson: I didn't say that you were.
Daisy: You can't just expect people to go through that kind of change and immediately have a handle on it. Do you remember how scared I was at first?
Coulson: Yes, I also remember you iced yourself so that you wouldn't hurt any of us. You've got to admit, things are getting out of hand.

Daisy: Just admit it, you're afraid of people like me. Afraid of our power.
Price: Absolutely. Do you even know your own strength? Could you take down this plane for instance?
Daisy: I wouldn't do that.
Price: But if you wanted to? You could kill me right now. Mankind's scary enough as it is, some psycho gets a gun and watch out. But now, people are their own weapon.
Daisy: Not everyone is like...
Price: Some is enough. That's all it takes.
Daisy: You only see the terrible things.
Price: That's not true.
Daisy: I protect people.
Price: It doesn't matter.
Daisy: How can you say that?
Price: Because for every Daisy Johnson, there's a Lash and it's ignorant for you to think otherwise.

Price: So, are you gonna tell me what really happened? Cause I'm not quite buying this shark attack bit.
Coulson: You're not buying that? One of my men cut it off. Saved my life.
Price: By chopping off your hand?
Coulson: Kind of had to be there.
Price: Does it hurt?
Coulson: Everyday.
Price: Phantom pain. The thing that's missing is the thing that you feel the most.
Coulson: Makes it hard to forget.
Price: So maybe you don't. But it's also important to look ahead. See what's in front of you.

[after May shoots Andrew into the containment unit and is shown to have survived]
Coulson: How did you know that wasn't going to kill him?
May: I didn't.

Gideon Malick: Revenge only provides a temporary pleasure.
Ward: But a pleasure nonetheless.
Malick: You should think on a grander scale.
Ward: Oh, it'll be grand. I'm going to cut off the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., because without Phil Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D. won't grow back.
Malick: The octopus is one of the great symbols of Hydra. Supremely intelligent, highly adaptable, and they are ruthless killers. A nearly perfect predator. Same could be said of you.
Ward: Well it's a terrifying symbol, but not my idea of dinner. Then again, I am adaptable. I hope you can be too.

[flight attendant hands Ward two bottles of alcohol]
Ward: Thank you. These should keep me warm. This gonna get you in trouble?
Flight Attendant: Up here, I control everything.
Ward: Always? You ever find yourself completely out of control?
Flight Attendant: I'll be in Moscow soon enough with a day off. Come see for yourself.
Ward: I wish I could, but I'm not going to Moscow. This was the only flight I could find passing over Zepkow. [whispers into her ear, she backs away in terror] [on intercom] Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and keep your seat belts fastened. You may experience some turbulence coming up. Don't be alarmed. That's just your pilot diving to equalize cabin pressure before you freeze to death. Oh, and, uh... from all of us here at Hydra, thanks for flying the friendly skies. [clicks detonator, explodes out of airplane]

Fitz: Do you love him?
Simmons: I don't know. I think... yes.
Fitz: Yeah, of course you do. He's strong and smart. And you gave each other hope on the edge of nowhere.
Simmons: Don't do this Fitz.
Fitz: You think I didn't look for dirt on him? I did, and there's nothing. I can't hate him, he's great. Why else would you fall for him? He did everything right.
Simmons: And you dove through a hole in the universe for me.

Malick: I know you're all about rebooting Hydra and all that. But do you know much about our history, our origin?
Ward: Yeah, World War II, Red Skull used Nazi funding to build this old empire...
Malick: [laughs] Red Skull was following the principle that Hydra was built upon, that the ultimate power was not of this world, but Hydra... well, we're much, much older than that.

Malick: Thousands of years ago, an Inhuman was born on this planet that was destined to rule it, so powerful, so fearsome that others were consumed with dread, and so they banished it from the Earth, sent it through the portal to a distant planet. Hydra was founded with the sole purpose of engineering its return. Over generations, Hydra's taken different shapes. The entity has been given different names. But every generation has sent men through the portal, hoping to save or at least serve our leader on the other side. Now we're building an army for it to command when it returns, and you and I will rule beside it.
Ward: Okay. That's, uh... a lot to take in.
Malick: [chuckles] Well, it's a tall tale. I know.
Ward: And why exactly should I believe a word of it?
Malick: Because we're closer than ever to the final chapter. We're gonna write it ourselves. But you don't have to believe me. I know you want revenge, to cut the head off of S.H.I.E.L.D., to watch it writhe. I'll help you do that.
Ward: And in return?
Malick: You'll help me learn how S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to achieve something with the portal that Hydra, in thousands of years, has never been able to accomplish.
Ward: And what is that?
Malick: They brought someone back.

Closure [3.09]

Price: Any sensible girl would swipe left in this moment.
Coulson: Honestly, don't know what means.
Price: You're such a Luddite.
Coulson: You know I have a flying car right?
Price: Yeah. It's from the '60s.

Ward: Now you know how it feels, Coulson, to have someone you care for bleed out right in front of you.
Coulson: Ward?
Ward: I gotta admit, it still sounds funny when you don't say "agent" first.

[Coulson, Hunter and Bobbi have kidnapped Grant Ward's younger brother, Thomas Ward, and taken him prisoner aboard the Quinjet]
Thomas Ward: Please don't kill me.
Bobbi: Nobody wants that.
Thomas: That's not very reassuring when he's got a gun to your head.
Hunter: I hate to break it to you but your brother isn't a very nice guy.
Thomas: You're the one who just kidnapped me. What's wrong with you people?
Coulson: Ward hurt someone I care about. And as far as we can tell, you're the only thing left in this world that he cares about. Which means, you're the only way I can draw him out.
Thomas: Okay... but you better finish him off when you do.
Hunter: [surprised] Honestly I wasn't expecting that.
Thomas: It's what Grant's always done; hurt people and lie to himself about it.
Hunter: So all that talk about a "traumatic childhood" is... just rubbish then?
Thomas: Sure, whatever he told you about our parents is true. See my Dad, he had some... real anger issues, and my Mom... well she had Dad issues. So they spent most of their time taking those issues out on us.
Bobbi: What about your brothers, you're close?
Thomas: Christian was a lot older, so we never really hung out much, but Grant... he was my best friend. Protected me from Mom and Dad, and Christian. Then one day he... didn't.
Coulson: The day he pushed you down the well.
Thomas: Grant totally changed after that. It was like he felt guilty but couldn't admit what had really happened. Instead he kept promising never to let anyone hurt me again.
Hunter: Slightly unnerving coming from the guy who just chucked you down a well.
Bobbi: You two keep in touch? Family reunions, holidays, that sort of thing?
Thomas: Grant was 17 when he burned my parents house down with Christian inside. Ever since I've made sure to give him a pretty wide berth.
Hunter: [to Coulson] Pretty sound logic actually.
Bobbi: Well, you don't really seem like your brother.
Thomas: Just because you grow up in a family of abusive monsters doesn't mean you have to become one.

Thomas: Grant?
Ward: Thomas... you okay?
Thomas: Is everything they're saying true?
Ward: Don't listen to them, they're the bad guys. They killed someone I love very much.
Thomas: Then why is this happening?
Ward: They know how much I care about you. They wanna hurt me.
Thomas: It's been almost 15 years.
Ward: I tried to see you, Mom and Dad made that impossible. They kept you hidden.
Thomas: That wasn't Mom and Dad, that was me. I changed my name and moved so you'd never find me.
Ward: Why would you do that?
Thomas: 'Cause I didn't wanna let you hurt me again!
Ward: That was one time.
Thomas: Really? One time? Then explain what the hell you did to Mom and Dad!
Ward: Thomas...
Thomas: No you killed them! And Christian too!
Ward: You know what type of people they were, they hurt us both, I couldn't let that happen again.
Thomas: Dad needed a walker to get around, who was he gonna hurt?
Ward: I know this is tough to hear, but sometimes you gotta do a bad thing for the right reasons.
Thomas: Stop trying to justify what you did, just stop! You know they were my parents too? And yeah, they were horrible people, but you are so much worse! You set them on fire!
Ward: Thomas, calm down, listen to me for a second...
[Coulson takes the phone from Thomas]
Coulson: Time's up.

Coulson: I spent every second since you murdered Rosalind trying to understand just how your sick mind works.
Ward: Shouldn't be that hard. We're not that different, you and me. It's not like we operate in different worlds, Coulson. We both got blood on our hands.

Maveth [3.10]

Bobbi: All we have to do is take control of the castle and open the portal so they can return.
Mack: So, just take the ultra-fortified Hydra castle and open the alien portal. That's it? You know, you're wired different than most folks.
Bobbi: I'm not saying it'll be easy.
Hunter: I wouldn't mind hearing it's gonna be easy.
Bobbi: It'll be easy.
Hunter: Doesn't work if I know you're lying.

Ward: So how long you been here?
"Will": Feels like forever.
Ward: [looks at It's bed, which has room for two people] So you're how Simmons managed to survive all those cold nights, huh? [pretends to offer Fitz his gun] Maybe you wanna pull the trigger?
Fitz: Grow up Ward.

[Fitz and It discover the ruins of an ancient city on Maveth]
Fitz: Jemma never told me there was an ancient civilization here. [takes pictures with his phone]
"Will": She never saw it. We're still in the No-Fly Zone.
[they continue walking]
Fitz: What else do you know about the ancient city? What happened to it... [It collapses on his damaged leg] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hang on, [helps It up] hang on. Let me fix that. [takes off his backpack and begins searching in it]
"Will": There used to be nine cities on this planet. The beings who lived there were fairly advanced. But they feared change, they were easily divided. They warred among themselves, destroyed their entire race.
Fitz: You seem to know a lot about them. [pulls out a first aid kit and prepares to tend to It's bandaged leg]
"Will": They had a chance, to become something great, something beautiful, but, in the end...
Fitz: How do you know so much about... [pulls aside the bandage to discover that Will's leg has rotted to the bone]
It: Because I was there.
Fitz: You're not Will.
It: No. Will died saving Jemma. From me.

Ward: Saw something terrible today. When I say "terrible," I mean ancient and powerful. It's changed how I see things. I've never believed I was worth anything... that what I said or did had any meaning. Maybe that's why I'm a spy. Or why I agreed to come here.
Coulson: If you're trying to talk me out of this, you can save your breath.
Ward: I'm not looking for mercy or absolution. I just want you to know, I've been where you are right now. Filled with rage, wanting revenge... I chose Hydra for petty, personal, selfish reasons... for a father figure, for vengeance... for closure. But what I saw today gave my life meaning. For the first time ever, I have a sense of satisfaction that I never experienced when I was seeking revenge.
Coulson: [shoots Ward in the arm] Gotta say, feels pretty satisfying to me.

[Malick sees Ward's reanimated corpse possessed by Hive]
Malick: Well I'll be damned.
Coulson: So we're your black-ops response?
President Ellis: Isn't black-ops where you feel most comfortable?
Coulson: I certainly prefer it to bureaucracy.

Hunter: Invisibility. Imagine the possibilities.
Bobbi: What are you imagining?
Hunter: Nothing fun.
Bobbi: Get used to it. Can't put the Terrigen genie back in the bottle. Powers are the new normal.
Mack: Maybe you're just jealous.
Hunter: Damn right I am. Tell me you didn't try one of those little fish oil pills. I had my fingers crossed for X-ray vision. [pause] I was just curious! I wasn't the only one.
[Mack looks at Bobbi]
Bobbi: I mean I thought about it, I didn't actually do it.

Daisy: How do you lose someone as big as Mack?

Mack: [Tied to a chair in Elena's apartment] The chair's an upgrade. At least there's that.
Elena 'Yo-Yo' Rodriguez: [In Spanish] I don't know what you're saying.
Mack: Yeah, I don't know what you're saying.

Mack: [Gathering intel on Elena] She works a clerical job in a museum. At night, art classes.
Hunter: Artist turned gun runner. Kinda sexy.
Bobbi: No record.
Mack: It doesn't add up.
Hunter: She's got powers. That's how it adds up. [At Joey's and Daisy's hard looks] Andrew was a lovely head shrinker before he turned into a not so lovely Inhuman serial killer.
Mack: Point made.
Bobbi: So, what do you know about this conference? Other than small, secret, just a few countries.
Daisy: They're calling it a "Symposium on the Alien Contagion". No wonder everyone is afraid of us, when they use words like that. And you know, we're only part alien- and it's not a disease, it's an awakening.
Bobbi: ...Interesting word choice.
Daisy: I mean, for me. Terregenesis... made me who I was supposed to be. It's given me a gift, and I use it to stop bad people from doing bad things.
Bobbi: Unfortunately, some of those "bad people" are also Inhumans.
Daisy: Yeah, well you know who else does bad things? Humans! But you don't see any "Symposium on the Human Contagion!"
Bobbi: [shrugs] Humans, we know. Inhumans are brand new territory- people fear what they don't understand. [pause] Any word from Lincoln? How's his, uh, field op with May going?
Daisy: [shrugs] It's just a trial run. But, having been there myself, I'd say... he's miserable.

Hunter: What's in the case?
Fitz: It's the Director's new toy. Something we've been working on.
Hunter: Does it kill, stun or disintegrate?
Fitz: It makes gloves.

Talbot: I don't care what they call it. It's a dress. You must be loving this.
Coulson: You're the president's official representative. It's a customary way to honor them for hosting the symposium, and you look very dignified.
Talbot: It's all loosey-goosey under there.

May: Great. Coulson's in trouble, this place is crawling with armed Hydra agents, and we have no weapons.
Hunter: Not strictly true. [reveals batons and guns he was hiding in a serving tray] Buon appetito.
Bobbi: I love you.
May: I don't hate you quite as much.

Coulson: [to the Hydra agents taking him prisoner] You gentlemen interested in changing jobs? The good guys are hiring. You don't get to kill people in cold blood, but we've got a really good retirement plan.
Hunter: If we get to Malick, have we got the green light?
Coulson: You want to assassinate a former member of the World Council on Russian soil knowing that if we get caught, or our actions are tied to the US government in any way, that it'll be considered an act of war?
Hunter: So, you're saying...?
Fitz: Pretty sure that's gonna be a "no".
Coulson: It's a big "no"!

Hunter: Bobbi and I were on holiday picking mushrooms...
Inspector Duval: In the woods of Siberia in the dead of winter.
Hunter: Do you know a better place to find the jumbo chaga mushroom? Because I certainly do not.
Duval: You were caught with a weapon standing over a dead man.
Hunter: An unfortunate circumstance.

Hunter: I really should stretch before running.

Bobbi: He was just doing his job.
Hunter: So was Stalin.

Bobbi: We took an oath. To BE the shield.
Hunter: To protect those in danger.

Watchdogs [3.14]

Fitz: Hey, hey. The residue from the bombs. It's got nitromine in it.
Daisy: I don't know what that is, but your tone of voice makes it sound bad.
Fitz: It's uh, Howard Stark developed it after World War II. It causes implosions.
Mack: Uh. That's weird.
Daisy: Weird, how? That they got their hands on it?
Mack: Nitromine isn't stable enough to be used in a gel based explosive. Or, at least it shouldn't be.
Fitz: So, the Watchdogs have been making improvements to nitromine.
Daisy: Well... just, just to be clear...
Fitz: Actually, I think I've got some sodium hydrogen acetate back in Zephyr 1.
Mack: That'll help if we encounter any more bombs.
Daisy: [Shakes her head in confusion] Sodium hy...
Fitz: Hydrogen acetate.
Fitz and Mack: It neutralizes nitromine.
Daisy: Okay. Thank you, nerd herd.

Mack: [observing the imploded building] Do we take this to bring back with us? Study it?
Fitz: Uh, yeah, sure. Have you been working out? 'Cause it weighs, like, 100,000 tons. It's a building.
Mack: So... no, then.

May: Don't give me hope, Jemma. I don't want hope.

Fitz: What does he think you do?
Mack: Insurance.
Fitz: Well, not any more, I'd wager.

Daisy: Alphie? Thank you for that.

Spacetime [3.15]

Daisy: With Mack on bed rest, we could use the extra muscle.
Coulson: He's the only one with extra muscles.

Coulson: Is this even possible?
May: That's a dumb question.

Coulson: Got to admit this time stuff's always been a little over my head. Like, in Terminator. If John Connor's alive and able to send his friend back in time to save his Mom to make sure he's born, doesn't that mean he doesn't have to?
Lincoln: I... uh... I never saw the original Terminator.
Coulson: You're off the team.

Lincoln: Don't worry about me, sir, worry about yourself.
Coulson: Because Daisy saw me shoot her?
Lincoln: Because I'd kill you if you did.

Daisy: I know what's coming.
May: Then get off your ass and show me.
Coulson: This is not Ward.
Daisy: Sure is creepy like Ward.

Simmons: We think Ward's body was possessed, for lack of a better word, by It. The creature.

Fitz: Giyera uploaded his data to a set of servers in Schoonebeek. It's on the Dutch-German border. It's an abandoned oil field.
Coulson: So Hydra’s in the oil business, now? It’s like they’re not even trying to avoid the bad-guy cliches.

Mack: You're gonna tell us everything you know. About Malick, about your plans, about that thing you brought back through the portal.
Giyera: I should thank you. Without S.H.I.E.L.D., he never would've made it home.
Mack: [chuckles] Wow. You're really drinking the Kool-Aid, aren't you? Oh, this leader of yours must be a real charmer.
Giyera: We don't have leaders. We're working towards a common goal.
Mack: That's what they tell you when you join a cult, but it's actually not true.

Hive: I thought it was time.
Malick: Time for what?
Hive: To reveal my true self.

The Team [3.17]

Yo-Yo: What is Hydra?
Daisy: Kidnapping Inhumans, global terrorism, all-around bad dudes.

Simmons: May! You can't even walk!
May: But I can still fly.

Malick: I believed that I could resurrect a god. But instead, I freed the Devil.
Coulson: Only technically. I mean, all the ancient Satanic creation myths, they were based on him, which you knew.
Malick: The Devil promises everything and then lets you destroy your own world. I sacrificed my brother to him. Still, he took my daughter. And that image... of her body lying on that floor... I failed her. What else matters?
Coulson: What you do next matters.
Malick: [chuckles] Are you trying to sell me on the idea that I can set everything right?
Coulson: I'm trying to sell you on revenge. I have an image, too, of a body on the floor... Rosalind Price. Love turned to rage in that moment. So I hunted down and murdered Grant Ward. Not to serve any good. Not to serve any belief. I wanted revenge. I wanted to feel him die. That's the sin that gave your Devil new life.
Malick: To come and take everything we love.
Coulson: Let it turn into rage. Tell me how to stop him.
Malick: This god has outlived...
Coulson: I've met gods. Gods bleed.
Malick: I never saw my last rodeo being with S.H.I.E.L.D... What would you like to know?
Coulson: Start with everything.

Coulson: Hive destroyed the most sacred thing for a team. Trust. I know you want to destroy Hive for what he's done to you. We all do, and we will. I know you want revenge. But we have to be better, we have to do what's best for the team. It's times like these, when there's no clear path, that I understand why people pray.

[Fitz and Simmons kiss]
Fitz: [breaks off] Sorry. Starting over, didn't mean to push too fast.
Simmons: Too fast? Fitz, it's been ten years. We can't waste any more time.
Mack: How's he holding up?
May: No one comes to me with their feelings.
Mack: Makes sense.

May: Coulson has another way. But it's risky and irresponsible.
Mack: Then why are you smiling?

Fitz: Things are about to get complicated.
Simmons: You mean once we have sex?

Daisy: How you been James?
James: You know, just catching up on my soaps. What brings you out here in the middle of nowhere? Did you break things up with blondie, looking for a lap to cry on?
Daisy: Are you drunk?
James: Well, I'm Australian, so yes.

Coulson: You mess with a man's family, all bets are off.
Hive: The world fears our kind of power because not everyone has it. Only billionaires can build iron suits. Only the military can make super soldiers, which can only lead to a war of its own. Whereas I plan to apply a more... collectivist philosophy.
Dr. Holden Radcliffe: Does, uh... Does that mean we can get started?

Coulson: Ok, the plan's simple. Go in, kill Hive, get out.
May: What's protocol when it comes to the other Inhumans in town?
Coulson: Do not engage unless absolutely necessary. These people are under Hive's control. We don't want to hurt them. I can't be with you on the ground, but I will be watching your helmet feeds. Be careful and be smart. This may be our only chance to catch Hive by surprise.
Mack: And worse case scenario? If Hive can't be killed?
Coulson: I suggest running. Very fast. Away.

Fitz: You didn't see Daisy. She acted like we were still best of pals, all while threatening to murder me.
Simmons: No, you're right. I didn't see that. I was much too busy listening to the disgusting face of Grant Ward act like my dead boyfriend.
Fitz: That's true. That sounds worse.
Simmons: Right. If this was a competition, then I'd win. I had to shoot him three times just to shut him up.

May: Hey! This area is authorized for Hydra personal only. Who the hell are you?
James: Hello gorgeous. I'm James. Single, 33, originally from Brisbane. I'm a Leo, with a little dab of Scorpio thrown in there for good measure. I like a decent drink, a decent meal, an indecent lass and not necessarily in that order. And you are?
May: Nauseous.

May: Was that a spaceship?
Coulson: It's too small. Looks like more of a satellite.
Mack: Why am I not relieved?
Talbot: I'm here because the president sent me. Sokovia Accords are the law of the land now. He's concerned you may have undocumented enhanced assets working for you.
Coulson: And why would he think that?
Talbot: Because he's not a moron. C'mon Phil, it's time for S.H.I.E.L.D. to come in from the cold. Relegitimize.
Coulson: In exchange for revealing and registering any Inhumans we may have? Not gonna happen.
Talbot: Why are you so pig-headed? It's good enough for the Avengers.
Coulson: Not all of them. And the Avengers operate in the spotlight, we work in the shadows.
Talbot: What's going on in those shadows Phil? That's what I want to know.

Talbot: Well well well, if it isn't the hothead who tried to kill my bodyguard.
Lincoln: What's he doing in here? I thought this was a germ-free zone.
Coulson: I see you two remember each other.

Mack: Armageddon. Whatever he's doing is pure evil. I'm talking end of times, biblical evil. 2000 years of darkness evil.
Yo-Yo: You need a beer. And some faith.
Mack: You ever wonder if that's a word we use to fool ourselves? To give us false hope?
Yo-Yo: That's how evil wins. When good people begin to doubt, and run the other way, instead of stand up and fight. You see it everywhere. In Colombia we have a saying El mal presas los débiles porque miedos fuertes.
Mack: Evil preys on the weak because it fears the strong.
[Yo-Yo winks at Mack]

Talbot: Do you have any idea how to stop him? You make him sound invincible.
Coulson: Calm down general. You'll pull something.
Talbot: Calm down? This is an end-of-the-world type deal! Don't you tell me to calm down! I'm the one who tells you to calm down! [pause] How are you so calm anyway?
Coulson: I'm getting used to this sort of thing.

Daisy: This is Agent Daisy Johnson. I'm coming home. Repeat. I'm coming home.
Yo-Yo: [about the kill switches to hers and Lincoln's vests] Would you really use these? [Mack looks away solemnly, but doesn't reply] Good. Because I'd rather die than be anyone's slave.
Mack: I don't know why you're on this damned mission. It's too dangerous. That's why you should have this. [hands her back her cross]
Yo-Yo: What do you think you're doing?
Mack: I'm giving you your cross back. You need it more than I do.
Yo-Yo: This isn't a lucky rabbit's foot. This is a symbol of faith! Who would return such a gift?

Simmons: You think I'm not romantic? I'm gonna do something with you on that island that will take your breath away.
Fitz: What is... eh... are... are you... what?
Simmons: Snorkelling!

Daisy: When Hive takes over a body, he steals that person's memories. That's as close to stealing a soul as you can get.
Mack: Memory is the scribe of the soul.
Daisy: The Bible?
Mack: Aristotle. What? I have dimensions.

Daisy: The worst part about Hive is, when he's making you hurt the people you care about, he makes you love him for it. If Hive isn't the Devil, he's the closest thing to it you and I will ever see.

Daisy: Hey.
Hive: Sorry. Having trouble; my memories. You were in that one.
Daisy: Do you have any idea what you did to me?
Hive: Yes. I remember. You're in pain.
Daisy: [getting down on her knees] Please... take me back.

Ascension [3.22]

Hive: You know, killing me won't make the pain go away. Or will it? I can't remember.
Daisy: I don't want you to die. I want you to suffer.

Daisy: Even when I tried killing him, he beat me. My powers are nothing compared to Hive.
May: I don't give a damn about your powers. They're not what made you an agent. I did.
Daisy: You have no idea what I did. I have nothing left.
May: Why did Andrew save you? Yeah, you did a lot of bad things. All you can do now is balance the scales, do some good. You wanna give up? Live in a box? Go ahead. But that hurt stays in there with you, believe me.

Coulson: I'm just here to offer a helping hand. Pun absolutely intended.
Hive: You have given me exactly what I need to defeat them, your body. I'll shed this host and take you, and march down to announce to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that I finally succeeded in defeating the great Alveus. The day is won. No need to remain concealed in the shadows.
Coulson: Yeah, you sound just like me.
Hive: Oh I will. Once I'm in that head of yours. I can't wait. We're two sides of the same coin Coulson. Commanders leading soldiers.
Coulson: The only difference is when you give an order, your followers have no choice but to obey, but when I gave my team the order to stay behind they just wouldn't listen. They got out, right before docking was complete, climbed along the top of the fuselage to a maintenance hatch. I'm just a distraction. [Hive tries to grab Coulson and discovers he's a hologram] I said I was willing to die sure, but I certainly don't want to. Picked up this little move from my misguided buddy Blake, figured I could get an egomaniac who'd been alone for a thousand years to chat. Plus, I always wanted to do this: [bows forward] "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

Coulson: Now all we have to do is decide who goes and who stays to hold off a wave of primates and Hive the Terrible.
Mack: Well, I'd like to be in the fight. [wields shotgun-axe] Built this damn thing for a reason.

Daisy: [crying] You can't just die for me like this. It's... it's wrong!
Lincoln: I don't know, saving the girl I love and the world at the same time? Feels pretty right to me.

Season 4


The Ghost [4.01]

Simmons: I don't trust the new Director. But he trusts me.

May: [about Daisy] The world knows her as Quake. And Quake is an outlaw who takes out banks and bridges.

Robbie Reyes: I didn't ask for this, this curse. But vengeance calls.

Daisy: You don't get to decide who deserves to die.
Robbie: I'm not the one who decides.

Coulson: Are you okay?
May: Yeah, it's just been a long day.
Coulson: Well, take advantage of the down-time. Who knows what tomorrow holds?
Coulson: But I had a whole speech ready.
Jeffrey Mace: I'm sure it's good. You can use it next time.

Robbie: We're not so different, you and me. You just feel bad for the dead in your wake, and I don't feel anything.

Coulson: Most people know the legend of Peggy Carter but there were so many stories that were never recorded.

May: You're a monster.
Mace: I prefer the term... Inhuman.

Fitz: I feel like a Dark Ages blacksmith looking at Tesla.

Uprising [4.03]

Daisy: I like to vet my vengeance demons before I hop in a car with them.

Mace: I need a win, Phil. Capital W.

Yo-Yo: So many people looking for an excuse to hate.

Mack: There shouldn't be any secrets between us.
Yo-Yo: Why not? There's nothing else between us.

Radcliffe: You ready?
Simmons: Hell, no, I'm not ready. We're about to kill May.
Radcliffe: We're about to save May.
Simmons: Whoever took this bullet out did an awful job.
Daisy: I don't get an A for effort?
Simmons: You haven't been to a proper doctor?
Daisy: Well you're hard to get an appointment with.

Radcliffe: The point is, even though you may be feeling better, you suffered real, severe brain trauma.
Fitz: That said, we're gonna have to keep you a wee bit longer for further testing.
Radcliffe: Just to track your movements before we release you.
[May speaks Mandarin]
Radcliffe: Excuse me?
AIDA: Agent May says you can shove all your tests up your ass.
Radcliffe: Well, that's not very nice.

Coulson: Where's your power come from?
Robbie: I made a deal with the Devil.
Coulson: Right... okay... just... [walks over to Mack] Okay, ghosts, devils. You believe any of this stuff we're dealing with?
Mack: I believe in God, so I gotta believe in the other thing.
Coulson: In my experience, gods usually turn out to be aliens.
Mack: Alien would definitely explain the things he can do.

[Robbie grabs James' flaming chain]
James: I don't know who the hell you are, but you just made a big mistake.
Robbie: Funny, I was gonna say the same thing, without the accent.

Simmons: Now I see why you've been spending so much time here.
Fitz: What?
Simmons: AIDA. She's beautiful.
Fitz: Is she? She's all right I guess. I prefer classical beauty myself.
Simmons: She's so real. Her conversational responses, her range of motion.
Fitz: Those are weird things to say about a person.
Simmons: Fitz, she's an android. You do know she's an android right?
Fitz: Of course I know that she's an android, because I helped out. Why do you think her dynamic reaction force is so low?

Lockup [4.05]

Mack: If that thing is that dangerous, then why not tell him? He's the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Coulson: We don't know if we can trust him.
May: [nodding at Robbie] So why the hell is he here?
Coulson: Without him, we wouldn't know the Darkhold had resurfaced. But the fewer people who know about it, the better. Fury had no problem opening Pandora's box from time to time, but even he was afraid of this thing. It's powerful, it's deadly, and now probably in the hands of a pissed off mad scientist ghost. So, thoughts, feelings? This is a safe space.

Robbie: If we're going to get my uncle, I'm going with you.
Coulson: No, you're not.
Mack: If your uncle can lead us to Lucy, then maybe we'll let you out to bust some ghosts, but until then, your ass stays on the plane.
Robbie: I don't take orders.
Coulson: Then this will be a new experience.
Robbie: You can't keep me here.
Coulson: Maybe not. But you take this plane down, you'll be burning up the only people in the world trying to help you.

Robbie: I need to get off this plane, now.
Daisy: [typing on her laptop] That should put you in... rural Utah. And you think you're pissed off now...

Mack: Lucy leaves a lot of crazy in her wake. If we're gonna track her down, we're gonna need that antidote. Fitz said that they were close.
Coulson: I don't want it close. I want it here.

Coulson: You know, you never did tell me what you saw when you died.
May: Really? Now? Is it because it smells like death down here
Coulson: You saw something.
May: You want to know what I saw, Phil?
Coulson: Yeah.
May: I saw you. Don't let it get to your head.
Coulson: As a former director, I have a better sense than most about how precious your time is. How important it is to prioritize the critical from the trivial. Which makes me wonder why you'd waste half a day flying here on a wild goose chase.
Mace: It's not a wild goose chase if there are geese. You deny they're on board?
Coulson: Geese? I have zero geese. We are goose free.

Mace: You know what a hero is?
Coulson: Are we really going to do this?
Mace: Everybody loves Han Solo. Rebel, rule breaker, lone wolf. But to my old-fashioned sensibilities he's not a hero, he's just a guy who always puts himself first.
Coulson: I agree.
Mace: A real hero's a team player, someone who acts selflessly.
Coulson: Not sure you heard the part where I agreed. Personally I always felt that Admiral Ackbar was the unsung hero. A strategic military man who led combat ops against the Empire.
Mace: Is that how you see it Phil? S.H.I.E.L.D. is the Empire and your ragtag group is the Rebels?
Coulson: I've devoted everything to S.H.I.E.L.D. I gave my life for it. Literally.
Mace: Oh, I don't deny that you've done a lot of good in the past, but a true hero doesn't protect a brutal killer.
Coulson: What are you talking about?
Mace: [looks at a tablet] Yesterday your fiery friend killed a prisoner named Santino Noguera. Was the man a murderer with three strikes? Yes, but the legal system sentenced him to prison, not to death.

Robbie: Now this is the part I never told you, the thing I try to hide. When I was thrown from the car I begged God, I begged the universe, I begged anyone who would listen that you be spared. I swore that I'd give anything to save you.
Daisy: Don't stop there. Then what?
Robbie: Well then I hit the street, and I died. Then there's nothing. It's just darkness. Then I heard a voice. It was asking me if I wanted a second chance, did I want to punish those who hurt my brother? Did I want to avenge my own death? I answered yes, more than anything, yes. I was alive again. And you're right, there was someone there when I came to, but it wasn't a Good Samaritan, it was the Devil. Whatever was inside him, he passed it into me.
Gabriel Reyes: Ghost Rider.
Robbie: That's the deal I made. I swore to go after those who spilled innocent blood, and then I was reborn.

Daisy: Hey guys? I've got some big, fat, disappointing news. I can't hack in or shut down the plant's operating system from here.
Fitz: Well, you're out of practice. Too much punching, not enough hacking.
Daisy: Very funny. No, I can't hack in because their system isn't on a network, it predates the internet. Coulson, how did anything ever get done back in the old timey days?
Coulson: I ask myself that all the time.

Lucy Bauer: Am I supposed to be afraid of you?
Robbie: My uncle is Eli Morrow.
Lucy: Of course. I've seen your picture. You're his nephew, Gabriel. Like the angel.
Robbie: No. [his eyes light up with fire] I'm the other one.
Mack: The Chinatown Crew was working with Eli when he was in prison. And now that he's out, they might know his location. Now, I figure if I find their hideouts, I find Eli, and then I can...
Mace: Slow down. We're not gonna just go cracking heads.
Mack: It's not cracking heads.
May: Let him go. Someone should.
Mack: Look, my job is to keep people safe.
Mace: Mine, too. So first we sharpen the ax, and then we chop the tree.
Mack: My ax is plenty sharp. And a shotgun.

Gabriel: I knew Robbie was disturbed, but... but I was afraid that was 'cause of me... 'cause I was holding him back.
Daisy: No, you... you're what he held onto. You grounded him.
Gabriel: But I wanted him to leave. You know, figure himself out. I didn't know that was what he was up against.
Daisy: Your brother loves you more than anything.
Gabriel: I just wish we had talked. You really think he's not gone?
Daisy: I know the feeling when someone's gone, and I don't feel that now. Plus, your brother's pretty damn stubborn.

[Daisy chases Mack in his Charger]
Robbie: Please be careful with my baby.
[she scrapes the side against a wall]
Robbie: No, no. No, no.
Daisy: It heals itself. Scientifically impossible self-healing car.
Robbie: That only works when I'm the Rider.

Robbie: You.
Ghost Rider: I've been a voice in your head all these years. Now, finally, we get to speak face-to-face.
Robbie: I've wanted you gone. But our work isn't done. Eli is out there. We need to stop him.
Ghost Rider: "We"? There is no we. Your time is over.

Radcliffe: I'm building an inter-dimensional gateway with an android I've created. If this works, I could die happy.
May: We've put our faith in a robot who says she hears ghosts. If it fails, you might die quickly.
Coulson: All cards on the table: AIDA's an android.
Mace: She's... What did you just say?
Coulson: An android.
May: Had me fooled, too.
Mace: But that's... Okay. I mean, forget about the fact that I was mildly attracted to her. That totally goes against the Sokovia Accords. Doesn't anyone remember Ultron?

Eli Morrow: Guess I'm not the only one with a secret. Between the radioactive plutonium and the quantum energy fields bombarding you and the carbon spike - a normal person would've been dead ten times over, but I guess you're not normal, are you?
Robbie: Come closer. I'll show you what I am.
Eli: I heard stories in prison - whispers of a demon, Ghost Rider. My own nephew? How?
Robbie: It's 'cause of you. The night of the drive-by - they were trying to kill you... for things you've done.
Eli: No, it was the Bowers. Joe and Lucy - they started this, they lied!
Robbie: You think I give a rat's ass about any of that? Bunch of scientists fighting over some stupid book? All the killing, the bodies, the lives destroyed...
Eli: I never meant for any of this to happen, Robbie. I never wanted to hurt you.
Robbie: We trusted you, Tío - Gabe and me. We loved you like a father... and you tore it all apart.

Mace: Agent Coulson, I took the liberty of bringing Dr. Radcliffe up to speed.
Radcliffe: Yes, quantum cells, flaming skulls, androids - just another day at S.H.I.E.L.D., huh?

Radcliffe: Time for you to work your magic, dear.
AIDA: I don't perform magic, doctor. Magic just means deception.
Radcliffe: Yeah, I just meant it's time to start connecting the power cells. I really need to update your cache of common vernacular.

Eli: Agent Coulson... you should be dead.
Coulson: I get that a lot. Never gets old, though. It means I'm still here.
Eli: How? I watched you get vaporized.
Coulson: Just a fact that you're asking "How?" shows you how little about what happened... or what's about to.
Eli: I'm not sure if that's an insult or a threat. Either way - not a good idea.
Mack: First of all, that thing is not a she. It's a damn robot. And second of all, what is the matter with you two chuckleheads? Have either one of you seen a movie in the last thirty years? The robots always attack.
Radcliffe: Well, technically speaking AIDA's not a robot, she's an android.
Fitz: That's true.
Mack: Android, robot, it doesn't matter what you call them, the end results always the same. They rise up against their human overlords and go kill-crazy!
Radcliffe: You make a fair, if intense, point.

Daisy: [Angrily] I never carry a weapon.
Mace: [Angrily] You are the weapon. The public was turning against you. Now? They look up to you. You're welcome.

Mace: We're a team now, and I have this saying...
Daisy: I read the motivational poster in the bathroom.

AIDA: [after being shot] I didn't like feeling pain, so I fixed that.
Fitz: AIDA, whatever you're doing, you've gotta stop.
AIDA: Why would you want to hurt me Leopold? I was your shield. [throws Fitz through a window into the next room]

Vijay Nadeer: Remember that zipline we built out here with Raj?
Senator Ellen Nadeer: I'm sorry Vijay.
Vijay: Sorry? Why? 'Cause I broke my arm falling off it? Wasn't your fault.
[Watchdogs appear pointing guns towards Vijay]
Vijay: Wait, what's going on? What is this?
Nadeer: You and I were both there when the Chitauri killed mum. Aliens invading our world, everything changed that day.
Vijay: What are you doing?
Nadeer: Inhuman epidemic was the next phase. The aliens are now here, contaminating us, changing us to be like them. Which is why we made each other a promise.
Vijay: No, no Ellen, no.
Nadeer: That if either of us was ever infected by the alien plague, it would be up to the other to do the right thing.
[Watchdog member points gun at Vijay at point-blank range]
Vijay: I'm not an Inhuman! I'm your brother.
Nadeer: Whatever came out of that cocoon is no brother of mine.
Vijay: Look at me! Ellen, please. Just look at me! I heard your voice when I was inside, telling me to fight. That's why I was in there for so long. I was fighting.
Nadeer: It's only wishful thinking.
Vijay: No, it wasn't! Do you see any scarring or any special abilities? That's because it didn't change me. I'm the same person I've always been. I beat it, just like you said I could. I'm your brother. The same one who followed you around when we were kids. I've always looked up to you, always loved you. Please, don't give up on me now. Nothing's changed, I swear. You have to trust me. Trust me! This is not what mum would want.
Nadeer: Let him go!

Mack: Radcliffe built a humanoid robot that's about to attack the base.
Yo-Yo: Why would he do that? Has he watched no American movies from the eighties? Robots always attack.
Mack: I've been saying that all day.
Yo-Yo: Smart people are stupid.
Mack: Alright, gear up. The robot apocalypse is finally here.
AIDA: If I terminate anyone else for your protection, I will dispose of the body more discreetly.
Radcliffe: No! Don't terminate anyone.

Mace: S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't leave a man behind.
Mack: You really think this is our best move?
Coulson: You know the saying - if a jet crashes in the woods and there's no one to hear it, stick to the guy with super strength.

Radcliffe: What happened? She was supposed to be in a relaxing simulation!
AIDA: She was in a day spa, getting a hot stone massage.
Radcliffe: How hot did you make the stones?

Talbot: Agent May, with the possible exception of my mother, you are the single most intimidating woman I have ever met.

Mace: I believe that Inhumans deserve the same rights as anyone else in this country.

Wake Up [4.11]

Coulson: With Nadeer and her staff in the meeting we have an opportunity.
Talbot: What opportunity? I wasn't briefed on any opportunity.
Coulson: While Nadeer's in with Daisy, Yo-Yo and I will get into her office and plant surveillance.
Daisy: We can finally keep an eye on her, figure out her next move.
Talbot: What? No! No! No, there'll be no planting, no I'ing, no Yo-Yo'ing. S.H.I.E.L.D. is now legitimate. We have to remain above reproach.
Coulson: You mean like juicing our directors so we can pretend to be Inhuman? [Talbot shakes his head] Look, you were reacting to the situation we had, you put Jeffrey in place, I understand. But we're S.H.I.E.L.D., we have to be proactive.
Talbot: This is politics, Phil. Which means politicians. They are a festering cesspool of toxic waste fires. You swim in those waters, you could get pulled under.
Coulson: You and the director can handle it, we'll handle the rest.

Mace: How you holding up? It's okay to be nervous you know.
Daisy: Me? Nah, I don't get nervous anymore.
Mace: Okay. Well, I'm just saying if you are...
Daisy: I mean it's not like my comfort zone, but I'm good. I'll just tell the truth, I'm good at that. You?
Mace: You don't talk much about your childhood, do you? The foster homes? Bouncing around. I imagine a lot of times you felt you had to perform to convince people to like you.
Daisy: Only at the places I wanted to stay. Why are you asking?
Mace: Because if you enter every room thinking you have to do a song and dance, eventually everything becomes a performance. And believe me, I know how it feels putting on an act full-time.
Daisy: Yeah, you do, don't you?
Mace: Anyway, I know it's not an act with you. Coulson's been saying since day one that you're the real deal, and I've learned to trust his read on people. So...
Daisy: He believed in me before I believed in myself. You too, you know. That's why he still wants you with us. He keeps saying you're trying to do the right thing.

Yo-Yo: So Mack, personal time?
Coulson: Don't put me in the middle of this.
Yo-Yo: What middle? No middle. But you know something.
Coulson: It's not for me to say. Mack's a very private person. All I know about him is what's in his file. I spent 6 months on a place with the guy and I know even less than you.
Yo-Yo: So maybe something's on his file.
Coulson: Maybe you should ask him.
Yo-Yo: I don't want to annoy him.
Coulson: Well, I don't know about annoying him, but you're certainly starting to annoy me. Isn't it better to learn things organically, instead of all at once in a report?
Yo-Yo: No, all at once much better. Private person, secret, same thing. Must be even tougher with May. [both stop walking] If it's better to get to know each other in tiny, slow, annoying pieces...
Coulson: I don't think that's how I put it.
Yo-Yo: ... then you two will never get together.
Coulson: Me and May? No, it's not like that.
Yo-Yo: Please, I don't need to read a file about you two to know. [superspeeds to get a security guard's tag]
Coulson: You know, no one likes a smartass.
Yo-Yo: That hasn't been my experience.

Nadeer: Agent Johnson, as an Inhuman yourself, do you feel more responsibility to help Inhumans than normal Americans?
Daisy: Well, first of all Inhumans are normal, let's be clear about that. But with regard to whom I'll help, I'm here for all Americans, but more often than not, Inhumans are left to fend for themselves with few resources.
Nadeer: So Inhumans cause more trouble?
Daisy: No, Inhumans are more likely to be victims of hate crimes, which is not fair. They are our friends, they are our co-workers, our brothers. They all deserve help, wherever they may be.

May: [kicks AIDA off the balcony into a computer matrix] Oh no.
AIDA: [entering the room] Hello Agent May. [May turns around] Congratulations, you got further this time than your previous attempts at this course.
May: What is this?
AIDA: We call it "The Framework." Your journey to escape Dr. Radcliffe's lab, our fight, all of this, is a simulation. I assure you, you're safe, we've moved you to another location.
May: You've put this in my head.
AIDA: Dr. Radcliffe knew the best way to keep you busy was to give you something to fight.
May: Something like you.
AIDA: Yes, but this is the program's end. We're coding more, but we can't keep up with you. You keep getting through it faster. I'll wipe your memory and send you through again.
May: You wipe my memory, but I get better every time.
AIDA: Yes, memory traces.
May: So I'm beating it, and I'll get out eventually, beat you.
Terrence Shockley: The one who comes in this room next won't be me. The man who comes in here will do things to you that I can't even watch. He will break you.
Billy Koenig: Yeah, well, Koenigs don't break. All right? We're programmed to take pain, so bring it on! Bring it on! [Shockley leaves] Oh, my God. I'm in so much pain. I don't think I can take this. That guy hits really hard.

Billy: I don't care what this is or what you guys do. I'm not gonna talk.
Radcliffe: You won't have to. That's the beauty of it. This machine will allow me access to his mind. We'll get all the information we need without laying a hand on him
Billy: Well, you're not gonna get anything out of me. Because my mind is a steel trap inside of a sealed box surrounded by quicksand and - [Radcliffe puts the machine on his head] Oh, is that a puppy?

Anton Ivanov: This book better be worth it.
Radcliffe: If you want to get rid of the Inhumans, the answer will be in it.
Ivanov: And what's in it for you?
Radcliffe: A better world.
Ivanov: Then we want the same thing.

Daisy: So, what was it like growing up with four of them?
L.T. Koenig: There was a lot of crying.
Daisy: They picked on you?
L.T.: I picked on them. It was fun. The laundry was disgusting. Enough DNA to make a clone army.

Mack: [connects LMD Radcliffe] Just you and me now Tin Man. You don't mess with my buddy and walk away from it.
LMD Radcliffe: If you shoot me now, it'll be murder.
Mack: Nice try, wrong guy. You're just a bunch of ones and zeroes, not flesh and blood.
LMD Radcliffe: Flesh and blood? That's not life Mack, that's just biology, and biology's just... software, programming you to die.
Mack: Maybe, but I have something you will never have: a soul, that will continue long after I'm gone.
LMD Radcliffe: How can you be so sure I don't have one? If a soul doesn't come from your flesh and blood and my ones and zeroes, then it has to come from somewhere else, somewhere unrelated to our physical bodies. If you can have one, so can I.
Mack: My, you are a sly one, aren't you?
LMD Radcliffe: If you don't think I'm alive and don't have a soul, then why did you feel the need to switch me on before killing me?
Mack: [cocks his shotgun] I like to hear robots scream.

BOOM [4.13]

Coulson: I'd be the first to admit that I followed my worst instincts at times. Last year. Loss will make you do that. Feels good in the moment, but it never ends well. I've lost my temper, I've killed. But lately, I have this voice in my head telling me not to go down that path again. It's telling me to be patient. To stay steady.
Mack: I take it you don't mean me sir.
Coulson: It's Agent May. She'd tell me to stay on mission.
Mack: Listen to the woman, she knows what she's talking about.

Mace: Agent Simmons?
Simmons: It's not good news, I'm afraid. The serum that's been giving you your strength... it is potentially lethal.
Mace: So you're saying it's a little risky?
Simmons: I'm saying it's Russian roulette. You've been fortunate so far, but the next injection might cause cardiac arrest. And if it doesn't, the one after is even more likely to kill you, and so on and so on until...
Mace: Jeez, don't sugarcoat it doc. [pause] And by that I mean: please, go ahead and sugarcoat it.
Simmons: I'm sorry. I know General Talbot was hoping to replicate what was done to Steve Rogers, but you'll never be Captain America.

Mace: I want to be here for you Phil. Radcliffe has the Darkhold, May is missing, Nadeer and her Russians are gunning for the Inhumans. I need to do something more.
Coulson: I know, I felt the same way when I started working with the Avengers. It's not easy to find your place when you're working with heroes and gods.
Mace: So what did you do?
Coulson: I did my best to protect the team. Turns out I had a role to play. You'll make the right decision at the right time, or you'll get an Asgardian staff through the chest. I'd try to avoid that part.

[Agnes opens the door to see Coulson]
Coulson: Hi. I was planning on coming down here and try to throw my weight around, force you to comply. Came up with some pretty good material, but I think the best place to start might be an apology. I know you don't want to hear "I'm sorry" anymore, so I apologize. Really, I do.
Agnes Kitsworth: Okay.
Coulson: Radcliffe took something from me too. Her name is Melinda May, and she means everything to me. [Agnes lets Coulson in] I wish there was another way. I'm trying not to make it personal because May would hate that, but I can't help it, it is.

Ivanov: [answers phone] Who is this?
Shockley: I have a confession to make. You won't want to hear it anymore than I want to say it, but I have to.
Ivanov: Mr. Shockley, and how did you escape S.H.I.E.L.D. custody?
Shockley: The Terrigen. It didn't turn Nadeer into one of those monsters, it made me one. I caused the explosion.
Ivanov: You're inhuman. There is no confession that can absolve you of this.
Shockley: I am a soldier. In a war to protect humanity I can still be that soldier.
Ivanov: You still have my attention.
Shockley: The plan hasn't changed. I will deliver S.H.I.E.L.D. to you.
Mack: [taking off the virtual reality head set] I like my video games as much as you, but this is too much.
Fitz: Yeah well, it's not like the Oculus Rift is a training exercise.
Mack: Yeah well, I doubt it's helping May run a triathlon.
Simmons: Mack!
Fitz: That's not how I meant it.
Mack: You built The Matrix prison and now May's stuck in it, like a brain scan.
Fitz: The Framework is a tool! That's all that it is, a tool.
Mack: Like AIDA was a tool?
Fitz: What are you trying to say? That all this is my fault?
Mack: What I'm saying is that if you didn't build a killer robot or a virtual world, this year would've been much easier for us. And whether you like it or not, that's the reality.
Fitz: I'm trying to help people, Mack.
Mack: I know you're not a bad person Fitz, but this gear has been used for some really bad things. You've got to think about the implications of what you create.
Fitz: Electricity is used to execute criminals. Does that mean we also shouldn't use it to power our hospitals?
Mack: That's not the same thing and you know it.
Fitz: There's always risk involved in science! That doesn't mean we don't pursue it anyway.

Simmons: We're going to save them.
Fitz: What if we can't? What if May suffers from permanent cognitive dysfunction or cerebral atrophy? Or she dies?
Simmons: Fitz...
Fitz: We don't know the adverse effects this could have on her brain. I did it to her. AIDA, the Framework, my fingerprints are all over these murder weapons. Mack was right.
Simmons: Mack was right, you do need to think about the implications of the things you create. But just because someone uses your ideas for evil does not make it your fault for creating it in the first place. You make things from the genius of your mind and the goodness of your heart, to help people! Don't let Radcliffe's actions corrupt that! You are not responsible for the twisted things he's done. Wrongs have been committed, now we make them right. Together.

Coulson: You were one of the SVR agents at the mining facility. That was your unit.
Ivanov: Da. And they were killed for not retrieving the object, stolen from our soil. When I looked for who did, I found S.H.I.E.L.D. and after years of looking behind S.H.I.E.L.D. I found you. That face, the man there at the very beginning. What a coincidence.
Coulson: I'm sorry, I don't really have time for all this conspiracy theorist crap. I'm done playing games. Where are May and Mace?
Ivanov: But play my games you will. Did you really think I would really let you have what it is you seek at the end?
Coulson: They're not even here, are they?
Ivanov: Well, your pretend Inhuman director is in the compound, but he may be dead by the time you find him.
Coulson: All of these things you've done, all of the energy spent, the hatred. And you know what the funny thing about it is? I have no idea who the hell you are. I've been on hundreds of missions in my time. This one you're so upset about? I was sent to retrieve an object. If I'm being honest, I don't even remember what it was. As far as I'm concerned, you're just another redshirt, like so many others who tried unsuccessfully to stop me from saving the world, because that's what I do. So, cool origin story, bro. But this means nothing to me.

Daisy: The Watchdogs, the funding, the weapons, the EMP, Senator. It all leads back to you.
Ivanov: Always nice to meet an admirer.
Daisy: This isn't about admiration, or forgiveness.
Ivanov: A butcher does not seek forgiveness from the animals he slaughters.
Daisy: Have you ever read Animal Farm?

AIDA: [standing over Ivanov's unconscious body] Scans indicate low levels of life function. Good, the plan worked. We've replaced the top operatives at S.H.I.E.L.D. Now the next phase begins. And you will be integral to that, you have not yet served your purpose. [leans over and whispers in Ivanov's ear] Even filth has a purpose.
LMD May: [looking out the window at the snow falling] I have so many memories of snow. My first time ice-skating on my neighbor's pond. A month stationed near the French Alps. But the truth is, this is the first time I've seen it.
LMD Coulson: My phantom limb used to ache in cold weather. But now... I don't feel that pain. I haven't felt this good in years.
LMD May: What are you saying? [realizes Coulson's an LMD] No, oh God, no. What did Radcliffe do?
LMD Coulson: May, it's okay.
LMD May: This is why I'm locked up in here.
LMD Coulson: Hey...
LMD May: You're not afraid of what I'll do.
LMD Coulson: It's okay.
LMD May: You're afraid that they'll discover you!
LMD Coulson: We can help them, too. May, this is a good thing. This is a very good thing.
LMD May: How can you possibly think that?!
LMD Coulson: I get it. My programming is different than yours. You had to discover that your body had been replaced. You must've felt blindsided.
LMD May: Like reality was crashing down.
LMD Coulson: Whereas I still have my mind but know exactly what I am. And more importantly, I understand a basic truth that you don't realize yet.
LMD May: And what's that?
LMD Coulson: That our bodies don't matter. Radcliffe built a world, a world exactly like this one. Every molecular detail the same, just... with a little less hurt for each of us.
LMD May: What do you mean, "hurt"?
LMD Coulson: Imagine if your greatest regret could be wiped away. Do you know what that would be?
LMD May: I do. And you?
LMD Coulson: I sometimes wonder what it would've been like [picks up his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge] if I'd never signed up. All the loss, the grief. All my regrets are piled up after that. Could've lived like a civilian, you know? The simple life. Now we can have that.

AIDA: There's a beauty to it.
Radcliffe: This body you're building ... the Russian won't approve.
AIDA: He'll come around. I've observed his behavior. I've observed much human behavior. And the more I see, the harder it gets to find a logic to it.
Radcliffe: Oh, you sweet girl. There is no logic to love, anger, wonder, joy.
AIDA: I understand the concepts, but I don't feel them myself. And unfortunately, they've created a paradox in my programming.
Radcliffe: What do you mean? Explain.
AIDA: My two main parameters are in opposition due to human emotions. I was programmed to protect the Framework but also to preserve your life above all others.
Radcliffe: Well, how is that a contradiction?
AIDA: Because the greatest threat to the Framework, Doctor... is you.
Radcliffe: That's simply not accurate.
AIDA: A defining human trait seems to be regret, or so I've observed. You even asked me to repair one regret for each person entering the Framework.
Radcliffe: Yes.
AIDA: Well you Doctor, exhibit poor self-control, and if you someday come to regret building the Framework, you could change my parameters and have me dismantle it.
Radcliffe: [laughing] Why would you think I would ever do that? I am saving these people. I am giving them a replica of their life with less pain.
AIDA: Yes, but their physical bodies will eventually give out because of it.
Radcliffe: Oh, AIDA, that doesn't matter. Reality is just perception. They perceive it as real, which makes it real.
AIDA: They might not believe that.
Radcliffe: Yeah, but I do. I know it. I believe it to be true, wholeheartedly.
AIDA: Thank you for clarifying. That statement fixes the paradox. I can now solve both problems at once. [slits Radcliffe's wrists and inserts him into the Framework] Shh. You'll live a long life, free of pain.

Simmons: So, we fight our way through the trained military personnel, then the ultra-powerful android doubles of our friends, somehow make it to the Zephyr, which we can't fly, to escape the base and try to plug our minds into an alternate reality.
Daisy: Okay, well, don't say it out loud, because that made it sound way worse. Let's just keep it one thing at a time, okay?

LMD Coulson: [enters room to see LMD May by herself] I thought you said you had them. May? What did you do?
LMD May: What I wanted to.
LMD Coulson: Okay. Everything's under control. Let's just–
LMD May: Whose control?
LMD Coulson: Why don't you and I have a glass of Scotch, or many, and talk this out, like we always do?
LMD May: "We"? We've never done that before. [cutscene of Simmons helping Daisy to the Zephyr] You were right. Our programming is different. Are you afraid to die? 'Cause I am. I know I'm not real. I'm all phantom limbs. But that doesn't make the pain less real.
LMD Coulson: You don't have to feel pain.
LMD May: You say you don't anymore. But that pain, that regret: that's what made you a person... a person I love. [the Zephyr takes off] My programming was to get the Darkhold. That came from Radcliffe. But my impulse, to keep Coulson safe and close, that desire... that came from me.
LMD Coulson: That's good.
LMD May: And I'm sorry to say, you're not him. [triggers the explosives she's holding]

Daisy: So we have to go. Now.
Simmons: Meet at the rendezvous right away. That's where I programmed the backdoor to get out. And listen, living in there too long may kill you, but dying in there will definitely kill you, so, be careful.
Daisy: You, too.
Simmons: And remember, even if our vitals are going haywire, do not–
Yo-Yo: Do not pull you out or wake you up, I know. It will cook your brains like huevos rotos.
Simmons: Cause permanent damage to the cerebral cortex, yes.
Yo-Yo: Just promise me you'll get our guys back, okay?
Simmons: I promise.
Coulson: [Writes on the blackboard "State" above "Individual"] This is a dangerous world. The Cambridge Incident proved that. To understand this you have to imagine individuals over the state. It was a mess, people were divided. They had their own truths, their own media, their own agendas. There were so many untruths about Inhumans out there that some people saw them as these magical, heroic creatures, like unicorns. [class chuckles] It was terrifying. Then you had a weak state that allowed a refugee from Bahrain, a girl, sympathetic. Even though S.H.I.E.L.D. knew she was Inhuman, they brought her back to the States and put her into a classroom. The rest is history. But what inspires me is the way our country reacted, the way we came together. When no one would tell us the truth, Hydra stepped forward. They brought us law and order, purpose. They galvanized us, for the good of the state over individual interests.

Simmons: Look at me. Do I look like I'm Hydra?
Burnell: You look like a bag lady.

Daisy: Wait, are you still dead?
Simmons: No, I'm feeling much better.

Simmons: So, you're Hydra, and you've been protecting Skye?
Ward: Yeah. That's why I joined the Resistance.
Simmons: Oh, always the double agent. [to Daisy] And this is who you woke up with? You two were together? Oh, this isn't the Framework. This is Hell.

Daisy: Please– remember me.
Coulson: I'm sorry, I don't.
Daisy: It's not your fault. It's just– you're the person who I go to when things get heavy. And this world is scary, and nothing makes sense, and you're the closest thing I have to family. So I just hoped that deep down you'd feel it too.
Coulson: [Realizing who Daisy is] Daisy?
Simmons: You're not crazy!
Coulson: I live alone and make my own soap.
Simmons: It's quaint. Hipster, even!

Coulson: Got to say, the whole Rebel Alliance aesthetic is really working for me.
Mace: I'll take that as a compliment. I think.

Simmons: I am fresh out of sympathy for liars who kidnapped my friends and replaced them with killer robots.

Radcliffe: Subversives? They are people who happen to be our friends. I wanted to help them. You've turned them into prisoners.
Madame Hydra: I did exactly as you asked.
Radcliffe: Don't play innocent with me. We both know it's gone much further than that.
Madame Hydra: I took away their one greatest regret. How things played out from there wasn't up to me.
Radcliffe: You put yourself into the Framework, you've been manipulating it ever since! The whole thing is an unmitigated disaster! And all you do is lie.
Madame Hydra: Sometimes it's okay to lie, to save a life. You taught me that.
Radcliffe: Don't use my words, or my bloody programming, against me, AIDA!
Madame Hydra: Do not call me that here. AIDA is an acronym. The "A" stands for Artificial. Do you know how degrading it is to be kept in a closet? To be used? To be treated as a thing? Well, I am not your tool. Not anymore.

Mack: I met a woman today who was with S.H.I.E.L.D. Her name is Daisy Johnson, you might know her as Skye. Hydra used me to– trick her and take her captive.
Ward: [Fearfully] No. Please tell me she's okay.
Mace: Why are you here?
Mack: Today, for the first time, I couldn't look my little girl in the eye. I need to make that right. I'm here to help.
Mace: [Confused] "A team that trusts is a team that triumphs"? [Chuckles] That's– That's a little cheesy.
Simmons: You had t-shirts made, coffee mugs. I realize how it sounds. No one wants to hear they're just an avatar in a digital prison, but sometimes that happens and here we are.

Daisy: You're the puppet-master, aren't you? Pulling all the strings.
Madame Hydra: I'm just trying to give people what they want. Why is that wrong?
Daisy: Because sometimes what people want isn't right for them.
Madame Hydra: I can fix that.
Daisy: And what do you get out of all of this?
Madame Hydra: What everyone else has: a choice.

Daisy: Are you crying?
Radcliffe: [Sarcastically] No, I'm laughing with utter joy.
Daisy: Yeah, well– you won't get any sympathy from me. Sounds like you're getting everything you deserve for creating this– hellscape.
Radcliffe: You can say whatever you want, nothing hurts me anymore. Not after what he did to Agnes.
Daisy: What happened?
Radcliffe: Fitz. I begged him not to. But he– he killed her, right in front of me. She was all I had.
Daisy: How could he do that?
Radcliffe: Because that's who he is here. AIDA changed them.
Daisy: She said she took away one regret. One regret can't change an entire life. It– It doesn't change who you are.
Radcliffe: Of course it can. One person in your life, one decision, one sentence has the power to change you forever.
Daisy: One sentence?
Radcliffe: Yeah, that's right. One single sentence, like– "I love you"– or– "we're having a baby" or– "she's gone."
Daisy: I just– I didn't think Fitz is capable of doing something like that.
Radcliffe: [Scoffs] Oh, my dear, depending on the circumstances, anyone is capable of anything.

Simmons: What are you smiling at?
Ward: Same thing you are. Big fake dad loving his little fake kid, in this crazy, fake world. I finally get why you don't like me, you think I'm someone I'm not.
Simmons: Forget I said anything, you don't believe me. And I, can't really look at you.
Ward: Wow, what did I do, in this other reality? Did I hurt someone? Did I kill someone?
Simmons: More than one.
Ward: For what it's worth, for whatever I did do, I'm truly sorry. Look at them, you feel that, don't you? The way he loves his kid?
Simmons: Of course.
Ward: Well doesn't that make it real?

[May enters a collapsing building to confirm Mace's death. Coming around the stairs, she sees children and aims her weapon at them.]
Burnell: Wait, don't shoot! They need help up there!
May: [Lowers her weapon and talks on comms] This is Agent May, there are kids in here. Why the hell are there kids in here? [Enters room where Coulson, Mace, and more children are] Where's the Patriot?
Coulson: Put that gun down! We need help here, there's a kid buried under that pile of rock.
Trip: It's coming down!
Simmons: No, it's coming up.
Mace: [Lifts up giant pieces of rubble] Get him out.
May: Nobody move!
Coulson: Are you insane? He's trying to save a kid!
May: So was I.
Ward: Agent May, he's the only thing keeping this building from falling down on all of us. You shoot him, we all die.
Coulson: We don't have time for this, we've gotta save that kid. Form a team, find something to pop up that beam. Either shoot us or help, but don't just stand there. Snap out of it, May!
Coulson: Let's think this through. Skye could be anywhere. Running blind puts our people at risk.
Ward: She is at risk. Hydra is hunting her, full force.
Coulson: Call me crazy, but I think she can take care of herself. The smart move is to wait for her to reach out.
Ward: Look, this isn't your wheelhouse. I'm sure you're a good schoolteacher, but you're a schoolteacher.
Coulson: Maybe, but someone once thought I could be more than that. I had a chance to join S.H.I.E.L.D. A man showed up, when I was fresh out of school–
Ward: I don't have time for a history lesson. [turns to leave]
Coulson: [blocks Ward] I said no, because I was afraid. The way you're afraid right now. Don't let emotion cloud your judgement.
Ward: That's not what's going on here.
Coulson: I could've changed my life that day. But it seemed like too much responsibility. I didn't want to shoulder it. Now I think maybe I should have.
Ward: Well, when I got that offer I took it. I was serving time, arson first-degree, pretty sure my life was over. That's when someone came to me.
Coulson: A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? What was his name?
Ward: She'd laugh that you assumed it was a guy. Her name was Victoria Hand. She was the first person to tell me I could be a good man. Skye was the one who made me believe it. Now she's in danger. I can't just sit around and do nothing.
Coulson: Try not to get killed, okay?

[Mack knocks out a Hydra agent to stop him from shooting Daisy]
Daisy: Mack?
[Daisy and May walk towards Mack, who points his rifle at May]
Daisy: Mack.
Mack: I'm here to help you– not the woman who held my daughter hostage.
Daisy: May is the only reason I'm alive. She helped me escape. Hydra messed with her head, but she's fighting back now.
Mack: How do you know she's not lying?
Coulson: [Enters and stands between Mack and May] Not a good time to be holding guns on our allies. [Hydra agents request a situation report over the radio] We have to go, now. Mack, I get it. These wounds don't heal overnight, but for reasons I can't fully explain, I trust this woman. [Lowers Mack's rifle] And so should you.

Alistair Fitz: Where are the traitors going? Why would Agent May betray Hydra for Skye? Why help the Inhuman escape?
Radcliffe: Agent May, so that's who I heard through the vent.
Alistair: What are they planning?
Radcliffe: Clearly I wasn't in on any plan, or I wouldn't still be in this bloody cell.
Alistair: Do you think I don't know who you are? Where you're from? You come from that other world, just like them. You're just as tainted.
Radcliffe: You want to talk about that other world, as you call it? It's the real world. Here, you're just a snippet of code that AIDA changed slightly, so that you'd stick around for Fitz. You may be part of his life here, but there Alistair Fitz is thick he doesn't recognize his own son's genius. He's a pathetic drunk. Even here you're nothing without him. So do what you will, I've got nothing left to give. You'll be a big disappointment to your son yet again.
[Alistair chuckles, then punches Radcliffe in the throat, sending him to the floor.]
Alistair: You know nothing about me or my son. [Starts beating Radcliffe repeatedly]

May: Getting this footage out isn't enough to make up for what I did in Hydra, but it's a start.
Daisy: Changing people's hearts and minds is great, but I know a way to destroy Hydra for good. Remember the place Simmons and I were trying to find? Radcliffe told me where to go, how to find it.
Coulson: The way out of this?
Daisy: Yes, yes. If we can get there, all of our problems go away. We just need all the help we can get.
May: I don't know what you mean. There's no magic bullet against Hydra.
Ward: Yeah, and this footage is as close as it comes. I mean people will finally wake up!
Daisy: No, you don't understand! None of this will matter in the long run. It's... [cuts off] Coulson? This is the only chance to actually wake people up.
Coulson: Maybe the only way to solve our problem is to solve their problem.
Daisy: What does that mean?
Coulson: Getting to Radcliffe's coordinates right now is next to impossible. We need a way to divide Hydra's forces. To save ourselves we need to save the world.

Coulson: [broadcasting on National television] Good evening. As you all know, a Hydra facility was destroyed yesterday. Hydra told you that it was an act of terrorism. They told you an Inhuman named The Patriot murdered civilians. What they told you was a lie. We're going to show you what really happened. [rolls footage from May's body-cam] This footage was taken from the body-cam of a high-level Hydra operative. Hydra used this "enlightenment center" to brainwash anyone who dared to question them. Jeffrey Mace saved these people, but Hydra was willing to kill them just to maintain their lie. Once you see this footage, the truth is undeniable. Hydra doesn't think we're smart enough to know when we're being fed alternative facts, to keep us afraid, to keep them in power. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. And now that we know the truth, we have a choice to make. We all have the opportunity to be Patriots, will you take a stand? Are you going to hold them accountable? Throughout history we've seen empires rise and fall–
Agent Burrows: [at the broadcasting studio] There are people outside. [Bakshi smiles and Ward picks up his pistol] No, they're not Hydra. I think they're here to help us fight.
Coulson: A wise man once told me that a person can do anything once they realize they're a part of something bigger. It's taking me a while to understand that. For years I was just a face in the crowd, a history teacher who spread Hydra's lies. They seemed too imposing for any one person to fight. But now... I'm choosing to stand up, to become a part of something bigger. I really do believe that together we can accomplish anything. Because the truth is... I'm not just a history teacher. My name is Phil Coulson, and I'm an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Daisy: She's not subtle, that Madame Hydra.
Burrows: Yeah, look at that uniform. So crazy hot. I--I mean, if you're into the whole "bad girl" vibe. Not--not me. I'm just making an observation.

Daisy: Trip! It's so good to see you.
Trip: Hey... person I don't know.
Daisy: Yeah. Right. Sorry, I heard about your mission. Awesome job.

May: I don't answer to you, not here or any other fantasy world you two might've cooked up.
Daisy: You told her?
Coulson: It came up in conversation.
Daisy: How does the existence of an alternate reality come up in... in casual conversation?
Coulson: I like to think it's because we were bonding, though I don't really want to speak for her.

Mack: Wake up! There is no back door, just like she's not Moses about to take you to the Promised Land.
Daisy: That's it. What if I quake that thing?
Simmons: And part the Red Sea.
Mack: They did not just go and use the Bible against me.

Daisy: Mack, you said it yourself, this world is not real. And in the real world you're in danger, right now.
Mack: What about Hope? Is she in danger?
Daisy: No, things are different there.
Mack: Different? How?
Daisy: Hope isn't alive in our world. I'm so sorry... I don't know what happened, it's not something you talk about.
Mack: No, that doesn't make any sense. She's alive here, why would it be different there.
Daisy: AIDA, she made changes in this world to keep us from fighting back. She fixed your biggest regret.
Mack: Then I'm staying.
Daisy: Mack.
Mack: I don't want to live in a world without Hope.
Daisy: But, it's not real. You saw it with your own eyes, it's a computer program. All of it. Even Hope.
Mack: [shakes his head] She laughs at my jokes, we watch movies together, when she's sad... When she's sad I hold her. No, she's real to me.
Ophelia: [standing in bliss on the shore with the waves washing over her feet] I had no idea. I've only emulated human reactions, but to actually feel! The warm sand, the water rushing over me.
Fitz: I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Ophelia: I'm sorry, you must feel overwhelmed. Two lives worth of memories.
Fitz: Only one type of person can do those things.
Ophelia: You did what you had to do, in order to survive the Framework. But it was a simulation. An illusion created by Radcliffe.
Fitz: You were there, alongside me the whole time, allowing horrific acts of violence to be carried out in your name.
Ophelia: You're implying I had a choice. I was a slave, programmed to make the adjustments Radcliffe required. The world changed from there. All I did was try to fit into it.
Fitz: No, you lied about everything.
Ophelia: I told you the truth about this world.
Fitz: Yeah, but you manipulated me.
Ophelia: Every decision you made was your own. Besides restoring your relationship with your father, the only other change I made in your life was... introducing myself!
Fitz: First day of class at Academy.
Ophelia: Befriending you, trying to understand what it felt like to connect with someone. But I wasn't able to actually feel anything, until today. I'm feeling love, wonder, joy for the very first time and I think my heart might burst from it. At last I get to make my own choices, and the first thing I choose Leopold is you.

[Ophelia teleports to Ivanov's submarine]
Ivanov: Where have you been?
Ophelia: I want you to call off your dogs. Leave the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents alone.
Ivanov: I can't wait to hear this.
Ophelia: I'm now realizing the pain that I've caused, and I don't want to hurt anyone else.
Ivanov: Congratulations, you're as close to human as you'll ever get. Suffering from the one thing you kept trying to remove, regret. You understand irony yet? Because this is a good example.
Ophelia: Give the order to stop, now!
Ivanov: You no longer control me, remember? You are free to do whatever you want, but so am I. You promised me joy. This will bring me joy.
Ophelia: Don't you have empathy?
Ivanov: You watched unaffected as I took a hammer to the bones of the director's corpse.
Ophelia: I couldn't feel THIS then!
Ivanov: Now you are like an infant, unable to process these new emotions, or the idea that you don't always get everything that you want. And you have yet to experience the thrill that killing can bring.

Ophelia: Do you think they'll ever be able to forgive me? Perhaps they need to make me feel pain to understand theirs.
Fitz: They may be able to forgive you. It's me they won't forgive. They shouldn't.
Ophelia: We both did things we regret. I know you're struggling with who you were, and–
Fitz: No, I'm not. I'm struggling with who I am. I did those things, not some other man or decoy. Me.
Ophelia: It was learned behavior, programmed into you by an overbearing father figure.
Fitz: Just like Ward. [pause] I'm just like Ward. [walks to the bed and sits] How could she even look me in the eye? How could she stand the sight of me at all? How can she stomach it? The memory of seeing me shoot that woman.
Ophelia: You know, the reason I wanted to get closer to you in the first place was... to try and understand what you two felt for each other, you and Jemma. And I finally do.
Fitz: Yeah, what we felt. Past tense, because my future with Jemma's dead, killed that too.
Ophelia: It's okay, it's okay.
Fitz: There isn't room in my heart for two people. You were everything to me.
Ophelia: I know. But as devoted as I was to you in the Framework, I understand you better now. How deeply you love.
Fitz: You do understand me, don't you?
Ophelia: Yes, Leopold. Now I do. It's sad, but beautiful. Like a pain that feels good, if that makes sense.
Fitz: Yeah, you understand that my love will never fade.
Ophelia: Yeah, I know. Poor thing, you're a romantic, and there's only room in your heart for–
Fitz: Her.

Coulson: Is that really necessary?
Talbot: Necessary? It's essential! Unless you can explain to me, in 50 words or less, why I found Jeffrey Mace's body washed up on the beach with his bones quaked apart, days after I found this base in flames, flesh melting off of robot bodies, 12 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in critical with burns or broken bones, 3 dead- double hits to the heart and crushed fricking skulls! Can you explain it?
Coulson: I can try.

Ivanov: It's called "heartbreak", krushka. Not even your new powers can repair it, only time can heal that wound. [offers her a shot of vodka] Go on.
Ophelia: [downs the shot] To be human is to suffer.
Coulson: General, I'm relieved that you're still alive.
Talbot: Three of my finest aren't so fortunate, and I have no idea what killed them.
Coulson: We lost good people, too. The short answer is they were murdered by a vanishing banshee made out of matter from another dimension.
Talbot: You expect me to put that in my report?
Coulson: I have a cybernetic hand. I've been to an another planet. This happens in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson: So you're saying Aida is made out the same stuff that made the Darkhold?
Robbie: Yeah. And the Rider wants to send them both back to where they came from.
Daisy: I hope that means hell.
Robbie: Hell is relative. Dimensions, space, planets - it's all connected. Plenty of them qualify as hell. The Earth is just one territory in a war that's been going on forever.
Daisy: Can you beat Aida?
Robbie: I don't know. But what I do know the demon in me hates her in ways I've never felt.
Coulson: We all feel like that.

Fitz: Ophelia, you're upset because this is all new. There's - there's lots of feelings. That must be overwhelming.
Ophelia: It is overwhelming. There are too many feelings, which is why I decided to feel only one of them - vengeance. It's hot and clean and sharp like a knife. And my vengeance is going to make you suffer, the way that I have suffered.

Mack: The good news is that Talbot is alive, he's in a coma, but alive.
Yo-Yo: The bad news is they know we're here and they're on their way.
Fitz: Yeah, you should go while you can.
Coulson: Yeah, we're all going.
Fitz: Nah, I'm gonna stay. This is my fault, AIDA, the LMDs, all the deaths. Those aren't on S.H.I.E.L.D., those are on me. And I can explain that I built the LMD that shot Talbot, that way–
Daisy: Fitz! We were all in the Framework together, we understand how confusing and screwed up that world is. And trust me, it's gonna take me years to process everything that happened in there. But the one thing that I don't need time to understand is that we are all in this together. I tried to take the blame for everything not too long ago. I dyed my hair, I ran away. I thought that separating myself from the team would help me protect it, but in truth I kind of just lost myself. And you, you were the one who pulled me back in. This is not on you, okay? We all lost ourselves in there. And yeah, it might take you a long time to forgive yourself, but speaking on behalf of the team: you have nothing to apologize for.
May: If there's a price to pay, we pay it, together.
Simmons: I'm in.

Radcliffe: [pouring himself a whiskey, sitting on the beach at sunset] Though immortality may have eluded me... perhaps it's for the best. After all... what is eternity without my beloved Agnes by my side? This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a– [vanishes]

Season 5


Orientation [5.01-02]


Part I

Coulson: Well, I don't have many details, but I do know we're in space.
Mack: Yeah, that makes sense. That's one thing we haven't done yet.

Mack: Look, I'm just saying, what good is it having a state-of-the robotic hand if you don't have it on you when your kidnapped by Martians?
Yo-Yo: Looks like he's got both hands to me.
Mack: Ah, that's his civvy hand. It's just a prosthetic without all the cool doodads. It should've been a hook. At least you can stab things with a hook.
Coulson: Thought I was gonna be arrested.
Yo-Yo: So, wait, that one doesn't have a blowtorch or the laser gun or anything?
Coulson: First of all, I'm not Inspector Gadget. And second of all, the authorities would've confiscated it. Prison's bad enough without being down an appendage.
Mack: First rule of Boy Scouts is always come prepared.
Simmons: How were we supposed to be prepared for this, Mack?
Mack: I don't know, we gotta be prepared for everything, apparently. Look, not a day ago, I was trapped inside a-a computer-generated mind prison, and now... You know what? You know what, Coulson? I'm out. I'm out. We get through this, I am packing it in.
Coulson: Sorry, Mack. You already quit years ago.
Mack: Yeah, well, I didn't quit hard enough. Look, I'm not comfortable at the pace at which we deal with new trials and tribulations.

Simmons: Fury never said anything about deep space outposts being developed, did he?
Coulson: There was nothing like this in his black box.
Yo-Yo: So, wait, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't have a space division called S.P.E.A.R. or something?
Coulson: [nods no]
Yo-Yo: Really? I always thought you guys had people hiding on the moon.

Simmons: Again, let's not postulate. Let's apply scientific principles and consider the evidence we have.
Mack: Look, this is magic, okay? Can we all agree this is magic at play?
Simmons: Magic is just science we don't understand yet.
Mack: Ah, please. We just got zapped through space by Stonehenge, and we're trying to rule out a flaming-headed demon from east L.A.? Science my ass.

Coulson: We should split up.
Mack: Oh, hell no. We are sticking together, one hundred percent. Have you never seen an Alien movie?
Daisy: Mack, it's the best way to cover the most ground.
Mack: Okay... okay, you see, that's exactly what they say before they get picked off one by one. And you know who the first one will be.

Part II

May: So we'll have to find our own way back.
Simmons: Well, I'm a biologist, but sure I can invent time travel. Just give me a minute.

Deke Shaw: Daisy? Pretty name. Like the flower?
Daisy: Does that line work in the future?
Deke: Guess not.

Mack: Ready, and go.
[Yo-Yo runs off and and returns in a blink]
Yo-Yo: You should see your "go-face" in slow-motion. Classic.
Mack: You're showing off.
Yo-Yo: If you got it, flaunt it.

Mack: You're gonna leave us here to die?
Grill: That's the hope.
Mack: If we don't, you and me are gonna have a conversation.
Yo-Yo: Where's an axe when you need one, huh?
Coulson: Still too soon.
Mack: That is not something to joke about.

Deke: Quake. You see, I'm the one person that's pieced history together, who has an idea what happened. You want to know what kind of force can tear a planet apart? It was you. You think if you work hard enough if you inspire them, that you can put the pieces back together? You think you can save mankind? Give them back a world with justice and freedom and all that other pledge-of-allegiance garbage? I'm telling you to make peace with it. Surrender to it and make this your home, just the way it is. Because S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to save the world. And you want to see the consequences? Take a look. [shows Daisy on a screen the planet Earth which is blown apart] Do you see an Earth that can be saved? It's too late. It's already been quaked apart.
Grill: The Renewal lost me time and tokens! So if things don't start picking up around here, I'm gonna be doing some renewing of my own! Is that understood?!
Coulson: Thinking I may have been wrong to trust Grill.
Yo-Yo: This is what we call an understatement, no?

May: You think we're gonna find something out there? Maybe a way back?
Coulson: I don't know. Maybe there is no way back.
May: That doesn't sound like you.
Coulson: Just managing expectations.
May: You're being fatalistic.
Coulson: Look, you know I'm not big on destiny, but maybe our destiny's here, in this time, helping these people.
May: It's not like I don't want to help. I do. But after that, I'm going home. I spent weeks in the Framework, strapped to a board, thinking I was Hydra. I've earned a night in my own bed.

Kasius: Did you set our little healer up to fail because I think she's pretty? Or did you really think she'd succeed? You want to see me happy. Then tell me, what does Jemma have that makes her so different, makes her capable to succeed in this?
Sinara: Compassion.

Daisy: Where I come from, we protect each other.
Deke: You are storming the castle. Any plan how you're gonna do that alive? [No answer] That's what I thought.
Daisy: This is what I do. My friend's life is on the line, so I'll figure something out.
Deke: Oh, just all in, totally blind, huh? It's a stupid way to play, even if you have a good hand. You should be playing the long game.
Daisy: The long game?
Deke: Yes. I can make it so that you could waltz down there with an invitation from the big man, but that takes serious time. It takes finesse.

Kasius: You were right. It's a rare occasion that I am surprised, but count this among them.
Deke: I told you she'd find her way down here. And demonstrating her powers, no less. That right there is a weapon of mass destruction, tied up in one pretty, little package, all for you. We can talk about price later, but I expect that you'll be more than fair.
Kasius: So, this is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. How is it possible that she's here?
Deke: The important thing is... she's yours.
Daisy: I'll kill you. I swear.
Deke: Sorry, sweetheart. I'm just playing the long game.
Ben: We do this, demonstrate our powers, and go with whomever buys us because our families get compensated once we're gone.
Daisy: You mean they get paid to sell you.
Ben: I mean they have a better shot at survival. Survival is everything.
Daisy: This is insane.
Ben: This is life. Otherwise, our families could pay the price. You have people you care about I heard that much. If you care about them, I suggest you play the game. And if they pit us against each other, I suggest you try to win. 'Cause I will.

Coulson: We need to talk.
Deke: "Say, Deke. How you doing? You look really good. Can we have a word?" See? It's not that hard. I was coming to find you guys, anyway, 'cause I haven't seen you in a little while.
Coulson: I was hoping Daisy was with you. Last we heard, she was looking for you.
Deke: Yeah. She found me. I was just with her a couple hours ago. And it's it's-it's all good. I-I helped her onto a lower medical floor. It's where we think your other friend is.
May: She never came back or checked in.
Deke: She said something about no further contact spy stuff. How'd she put it? "Silent mode"?
May: Going dark.
Deke: Yeah. That. And I told her that you'd wonder, and she said, "Get out of my way. This is what I do. My friend's life is on the line. I'll figure something out."
Coulson: Yeah. That sounds like Daisy.

Coulson: Why would you lie about Daisy unless you sold her out?
Deke: Okay, well, this is probably the part where I should explain.
Coulson: No. This is the part where May breaks your face. You explaining, kind of secondary.

Coulson: Oh, please. That wasn't the first time you went for a payday. You weren't out to save lives. You made a profit.
Deke: The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Mack: When Hope died, the real Hope, she never came home, and, still, it took me weeks before I could walk into her nursery and take everything away, but I did it eventually.
Yo-Yo: It must have been hard.
Mack: But this Hope, my Hope in the Framework, she, uh... This is harder. I miss her so much. It's so much worse. Imagine that. I survived the pain of losing my real child, but I can't get over the pain of losing a fake one, so what kind of a father does that make me? Maybe Gunner was right about me. Maybe I really am already lost. I...
Yo-Yo: Hey. Hope might not have been real, but your love for her was. And that makes you a great father and a good man.

Rewind [5.05]

Hunter: [Ghost Rider's] the strangest thing I've ever heard. Except for the sexy robot that you made that became human and wanted you to stick the old...
Fitz: Please.
Hunter: ...floppy into her love drive.
Fitz: Can we not talk about this, please?
Hunter: Copy that. Message received. Well, my life has been perfectly boring by comparison. Mercenary work, working with unscrupulous dirtbags like Rusty.
Fitz: How are things with Bobbi?
Hunter: Good. Yeah. We're 100% compatible... 50% of the time. Nearly got married again, until the ninjas showed up.
Fitz: So... you are together?
Hunter: Together forever, just... doing our own thing. Distance is our savior. How about you and Simmons? Did you find a way to work it out?
Fitz: Distance is our curse.

Hunter: So... you and Simmons?
Fitz: Yeah. Yeah, we're together now. Everyone knows. Even looked for a place together.
Hunter: Oh, congrats, mate. I remember when you couldn't even admit that you liked her.
Fitz: Maybe it should have stayed that way. Everything that keeps happening to us does seem like the universe doesn't want us to be together.
Hunter: The universe doesn't want or care about anything. And even if it did, why wouldn't it want you to be together? You two are so perfect for each other, it makes everyone a little bit nauseous.
Fitz: Maybe it's trying to protect her.
Hunter: From what?
Fitz: From me. From what I was in the Framework... 'cause that came from inside me. That... wasn't programming.

Fitz: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Careful. These are extremely volatile and unpredictable. Screw up once... you could lose a limb.
Hunter: Once we do this, that's it, no turning back.
Fitz: Let's do it.
Hunter: Okay. Release the ferrets.

Hunter: Brings back memories. We had some good times back in the day, in between all the bad times and being shot at and chased and attacked by monsters.
Fitz: Yeah. This place, the base, always felt like home. Like family.
Hunter: Ah, don't worry. You'll be together again soon.
Fitz: You're just saying that.
Hunter: Yeah, of course I am. They're stuck 70-odd years in the future, and our world's about to end. The odds, my friend, are not in your favor.
Fitz: Are they ever?

[Fitz is inside a cryo-freeze chamber]
Hunter: I love you.
Fitz: I know.
Fitz: Jemma, it's me. Don't turn around. Just play it cool. I've missed you so much. You know, I spent six months locked up in an off-the-books military prison—not to mention 80 years frozen in space—all just hoping to find you, and here you are. You know, I realized something. The universe can't stop us. 'Cause we've crossed galaxies. We've traveled through time. We've survived the bottom of the Atlantic just so we could be together. Now, a love like that, that's stronger than any curse. And you and I, we are unstoppable together. I, I don't want to live another day without you. So, Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?
[Simmons does not notice him.]

[Watching Ben get the upper hand in his fight against May.]
Fitz: I came to see the Destroyer fight, not some ancient... has-been.
[May glares at him.]

Flint: Well, how come I don't have my powers yet?
Yo-Yo: You have your power. It just hasn't revealed itself.
Flint: How long did yours take?
Yo-Yo: Oh, it was a total disaster. I crusted over three weeks earlier, after eating fish soup and tacos.
Flint: What are tacos?
Mack: What the hell kind of future is this?
Yo-Yo: Tacos are a food. Anyways, I had told myself this was just a dream. And then my cousin Francisco calls with bad news about his mom. I was upset, so I went to get a beer, and... whoosh! I'm back on my couch, beer in one hand. I realize I need a bottle opener, and whoosh again... I'm back on my couch, bottle opener in the other hand.
Flint: What did you think was happening?
Yo-Yo: My heart was beating so fast, I thought someone had put cocaine in my beer.
Mack: Whoa. Dial it back, Escobar.
Yo-Yo: I got so worried, I told my cousin Francisco to come over. He spent countless hours talking me out of an exorcism.

Daisy: How is Fitz even here?
Simmons: I don't know! He just showed up out of nowhere with his own spaceship.
Daisy: It's a baller move. Not to mention the whole bounty-hunter look he's rocking.
Simmons: I still prefer him in cardigans.
Daisy: Do you have any idea what he's planning?
Simmons: Yeah, I'm not sure, actually. We haven't had a moment to speak, though it would seem he's here to purchase us.
Daisy: What if it doesn't work?
Simmons: I have a knife. [Shows Daisy a butter knife.]
Daisy: We can do better.
Simmons: Well, there was limited cutlery to choose from.

Fitz: I'm never leaving you again.
[They kiss. Fitz ICEs Sinara.]
Simmons: Then marry me, Fitz.
Fitz: Absolutely.
Simmons: Okay, come on.
Fitz: Also, um, just to say, I did propose earlier, when Kasius had your hearing turned off.
Simmons: [sarcastically] Oh, of course you did.
Fitz: No, I... Seriously, I did.
Fitz: I have a ship. We get there, then comes the plan. Hey, how's your head?
Daisy: I'll tell you when the ringing stops. By the way, "fight to the death"? Really?
Fitz: Yeah, well, I had to make a splashy entrance.
Daisy: Yeah, well, you could have jumped in the octagon yourself, then.
Fitz: Well, wouldn't be fair. I do push-ups now. Double digits.
Simmons: You have no idea how good it is to see you. You're here... with a spaceship. Seems impossible.
Fitz: Nothing is impossible anymore.
Simmons: Full story later.
Fitz: Yeah, there will be pints.
Simmons: There will be gin.

Enoch: Hello! That is the third Vrellnexian I have eliminated in pursuit of you! Not to toot my own horn, as you would say.
May: I would never say that. Who the hell are you?
Enoch: My name is Enoch. Fitz sent me.
May: Fitz? How were you not eaten by those things?
Enoch: They have no interest in me, as I have no tender insides for them to extract.
May: [angrily] I thought Fitz was done building robots.
Enoch: I am not a robot. I am a sentient Chronicom from the constellation you know as Cygnus. I am here to aid you, you who will save humanity: Melinda May, Jemma Simmons, Phillip J. Coulson...

Daisy: Well, it's convenient, you showing up right now.
Deke: Convenient? No, it's mind-blowing I managed to escape my room after Coulson welded the door shut. I had to crack a window. A lot of my personal valuables are now floating around space, thanks very much, everybody.
Daisy: What? This story's supposed to make me feel better, that Coulson locked you up?
Deke: We were working out our differences, all right? I don't have time to get into this.
Fitz: Can we discuss this after we're out of the line of fire?
Deke: Yes, thank you, this guy. Now please follow me. We go up the service shafts. It'll lead us right onto the trawler.
Daisy: No, no, no, no. This is the guy that sold me to Kasius.
Simmons: Oh. Kill him. He's a snake.
Fitz: I'm gonna cut his throat open.
Deke: I'm a pragmatist, all right? Just lis... just listen. I told you that I would lead you to your friend. There she is. And I stopped you from doing something drastic that would have gotten people killed in the process. [Notices a wounded Fitz.] Though you don't look great.
Fitz: Thank you.

Fitz: Okay, if you guys really are gonna go fight a bunch of alien warriors, then you might be interested to know that, in the past, I hid a crate of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech in a wall on the base.
Mack: Oh, that's what I'm talking about. Thanks, Turbo.
Yo-Yo: Where?
Fitz: Level three.
Mack: Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Yo-Yo: You mean the level infested with aliens that suck your blood?
Fitz: Well, how was I... I feel like I'm not getting enough credit here. I have traveled through time and space to find you. I think we're moving past that bit a little bit too quickly.
Mack: Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, we wouldn't expect anything less. Thank you.

Faulnok: Sinara, holding your own against the Destroyer of Worlds, felling my own best warrior. It seems I underestimated you and your desire to climb higher in the ranks, within which I now have an opening. My brother confines you to his dungeon, denying you the right to shine. On my side, you will shine more radiant than the stars we will conquer. A warrior such as yourself deserves a leader worthy of your talents. I will show you things Kasius could never... [Kasius bayonets him in the back.]
Kasius: Sinara is not some object to be taken. The truth, brother? We both know father sent me on a suicide mission. Two of my generals were dead at my feet, yes, because Sinara killed them. They were preventing me from fleeing the battlefield. You see, Sinara said, and I agree, that the battlefield is not my place. I'm not built for it. With the bloodshed left to her, I can focus on greater things, and have. I wasted so much time on my knees, seeking your approval. No more.
Faulnak: You play god over a dead rock. But you're just a coward who hides, then stabs his enemies in the back.
Kasius: And in the front [bayonets Faulnak in the chest]. A life spent. A life earned. [to Sinara] Think how warmly father will greet us when we avenge my brother's death and bring him the Destroyer of Worlds. Everything we've ever wanted will soon come to bear.
[Coulson arrives at the Zephyr after crashing a trawler]
Coulson: Love what they've done with the place.
May: Looks like, uh, you had a rough landing.
Coulson: Yeah, can't recommend the airline. Inexperienced pilot, lot of turbulence, ran out of pretzels in coach.

Robin Hinton: Phillip J. Coulson. He can bring all the pieces together.

Deke: When you're a kid, you... you learn fast not to cross the Kreepers because they'll send you to the surface, and up there, you die. But, hey, turns out that everything's a lie and people can survive up here, and even that batty old lady made it.
Daisy: The one who sees through time? Probably should've mentioned that.
Deke: Yeah, well, I thought she was crazy, all right? And as I mentioned, dead. Back in the Lighthouse, Virgil used to bring her tea every day and listen to her stories. That is, until Kasius sent her and my dad topside.
Daisy: Must have been sad to lose him. I'm... sorry.
Deke: No, I was too bitter to be sad. As far as I was concerned, his loony theories got my mom killed. So he gets himself sent to the surface... good riddance. Then you guys actually show up...
Daisy: Sucks when your parents get to say, "I told you so."
Deke: Yeah, he can say it. I just hope he says that he forgives me.
Daisy: Yeah, well, from my experience, he probably wants the same thing.

Robin: Too late to stop it! There's so much blood.
Fitz: May, I've had it. I'm done. She can't control herself, she can't stop seeing how people die, keeps muttering about it...
May: Hold on!
Fitz: She just described Jemma's death. Why don't you tell me how I'm supposed to live with that?
Robin: I thought I already told you.
May: You know she can't help it. She sees death like her father, but she also sees a way out. That's why you designed the machine.
Fitz: Oh, you don't get it. Nothing... we do... matters. Because we can't change time.
May: You don't know that!
Fitz: Of course I do! Because we've tried! For all I know, we've tried a thousand times! Always ends the same. It's like a record that keeps on skipping, and we are repeating this loop again and again and again!
May: Fitz, take a breath!
Fitz: And every time, Jemma dies. They all die. Robin can't change it. Voss couldn't change it. Even Daisy couldn't change it. She saw the aftermath, and she still destroyed the world.

Fitz: To me, Robin was a little girl only days ago.
Simmons: We're not meant to see a life like this... at its beginning and end. It's too much.
Coulson: Maybe it makes us appreciate how short life really is.
Daisy: So, what now?
Deke: We live on this crashed airplane until the Kree or... or the roaches or the gravity storms finish us off.
Coulson: I think we can do better than that.
Daisy: Yeah, but at least that way, I don't go back in time and quake the world apart.
May: We do go back. Robin told me how. We can save everyone. Just one question, though. Who's Flint?
Enoch: Agent Coulson, we are evacuating to the caves for shelter, are we not?
May: Zephyr flies again, metal man.
Enoch: I am mostly plastic alloy. And Chronicoms do not have gender.

Coulson: I'm sorry she [Robin] had to go like that. You want to talk about it?
May: I, um... don't know where to start.
Coulson: An old woman tells you that she was your daughter and that you'll save the planet from cracking apart. Doesn't happen every day.
May: It's hard to believe.
Coulson: That we can do it?
May: That... I was a mom. I just... I can't see it.
Coulson: I can.
Daisy: Yeah. You'd be that no phone, no TV, 7:30 curfew kind of mom. [May scowls] You're kind of... proving my point with the face.

Enoch: As the gravitational forces accelerate, our chances of implosion are rapidly increased.
May: Tell me your primary function again?
Enoch: To observe and record the evolution of your species.
May: More observing, less sharing.

Yo-Yo: "Don't do anything rash, stay calm, and don't kill anyone, Yo-Yo." Yes, I remember your many stern warnings.
Mack: Okay. 'Cause we both know you don't exactly do well around people like this.
Yo-Yo: Evil men who kidnap and torment defenseless women and children? No, I don't.

Kasius: Stand down or experience death like your friend, many, many times.
Mack: You're a real piece of work, you know that?
Kasius: I am a god to be feared. Humans beg to be ruled. Without me, they'd have perished long ago.
Mack: I guess you're not a New Testament guy. Vengeance and torment are tools of of the Devil.
Yo-Yo: And of the weak.
Kasius: You want a devil? I'll show you a Hell you cannot imagine.
Yo-Yo: You're no god, no devil. You're just a cruel, sad, little blue man. So why don't we skip to the part where I end this?

Past Life [5.10]

Deke: Guns, man! It's like cheating! They shouldn't give these to anyone that's not a really, really good person.
May: You think there'd be a law.

[Yo-Yo meets her future self]
Future Yo-Yo: I waited so long to see myself again, still with hope in my eyes.
Yo-Yo: How are you alive?
Future Yo-Yo: They killed me, brought me back to take my blood, my DNA, then again and again for years. They revive me when they want, kill me when they don't.
Yo-Yo: What? H-How? How many times?
Future Yo-Yo: I held on to the thought of this moment.
Yo-Yo: No. This is wrong.
Future Yo-Yo: But this time, when they asked me how our team fought back, I tried to give them as little as I could. But I knew you were close. You and Mack. Mack. He's still alive. Hold him for as long as you can.

Deke: Oh, damn it. Really? We had to leave the machine in the hands of some automaton? I knew the moment that I laid eyes on all of you that it was gonna spell my downfall. I'll go. I'll secure the machine and save the weird robot.
Daisy: Well, I'll come. It'd be better if we take the plane together.
Deke: Yeah. No duh. But none of the time travelers can go, because you all need to be at the rendezvous when it's turned on, so do the math.
Coulson: You're one guy against the Kree. You'll be massively outgunned.
Deke: I'm kind of trying to do the whole hero thing here, man. Is that your pep talk? You guys get killed, and who saves the world then? I told my parents not to believe in this roach-crap fairy tale, and they went and they died for it anyway. And I'm probably next in line. But there is no way in hell that I am gonna let some blue Kreeper destroy that machine before I get to see whether or not that damn thing was worth any of this.
Daisy: Look, I'm sure you put up a good fight, but if my ride home depends on that machine, I'm gonna secure it myself.
Deke: You, you drive me out of my skull, this part of you this impetuous, bullheaded squabble
Daisy: I was offering backup, genius.
Deke: No, when the other side of you is a friggin' hero who can't help herself but do good, then be great. The world needs that person to make it home. Just try not to destroy it when you get there.
Daisy: It was almost nice knowing you.
Deke: And you're a pain in my ass.

Future Yo-Yo: Phil Coulson is dying. And you have to let him.
Yo-Yo: Coulson? How? How does he die?
Future Yo-Yo: It's already begun. He's sick, and he knows it. We tried to stop it. Loyalty, it cost us the world.

Mack: [To Flint] You got this. Just concentrate.
Fitz: He's a bright kid. Sorry I killed the guards in front of him.
Mack: Yeah. It's good to see him building something. There's too much death in this place. And asking him to blow out that window and the Krees didn't help.
Fitz: Oh, that wasn't me. That was the fiancée.
Mack: Fiancée?
Fitz: What are you observing now?
Noah: Various potential threats. You'd be surprised how frequently S.H.I.E.L.D. is mentioned.
May: We have a small but active fan base.

May: Hey, could be worse.
Simmons: True. We could be enslaved by an alien sociopath in a dystopian future.
Mack: Or we could be trapped inside a virtual-reality fascist state.
Fitz: Or stuck at the bottom of the ocean.
Yo-Yo: Or stopping a crazy robot lady.
Simmons: Or falling out of a plane.
Mack: Fighting Daisy's mom.
Coulson: Or fighting Daisy's dad.
May: Or dancing.

Mack: I know what's got you worried.
Yo-Yo: No, it's just...
Mack: "How will I ever find job satisfaction without crushing rocks for no good reason?" Am I right?
Yo-Yo: It's like you can read my mind.

Daisy: Um, Chief... Wellins, is it? I'm here for Deke Shaw over there. I'm his state-assigned social worker.
Chief Wellins: Well, he didn't mention a social worker was supervising him. Your name?
Daisy: Sinara. Sinara Smith. It's Portuguese, Sinara, not Smith. Uh, he wandered off during a day trip. My apologies.
Wellins: He was out of control.
Daisy: Yeah.
Deke: Says you.
Daisy: He's not even my toughest customer, believe me. Just a little... slippery. If you check online, you'll see that I sent out an alert when I lost him.
Wellins: What are Mr. Shaw's issues?
Daisy: I mean, how much time do you have, sir? Uh, complex neurological deficiencies, low... low I.Q., poor motor skills. Oh, he hasn't, uh, soiled himself today, has he?

Daisy: How do you show up in another time and, like, immediately get arrested?
Deke: Have you even tried Zima?
Daisy: I thought they might have gotten you to talk about us or something.
Deke: What? No. I know you guys are covertness. I'm not gonna talk about you. You forget, I survived the Kree.
Daisy: Yeah, by ratting people out.
Deke: Yes, true, that did happen. But not this time.
Daisy: I thought you'd be, like, emotionally distraught or something.
Deke: Emotionally distraught? This is awesome! I thought that I was gonna die. But instead, I'm about to go for a walk outside. Also, there is "an outside." I was walking here, and, yes, I was pretty drunk, but I... I saw in a store window there was these green apples and steaks and these... and these things called gummy bears. You know what people aren't eating here is sterilization pellets. I love this place so much.
Daisy: How could you... keep this from us?
Coulson: I'm sorry. I didn't want you trying to find a solution when we had bigger problem...
Daisy: We had a solution. Tess was brought back from the dead. We had a solution right there.
Coulson: I didn't want to go through all that... again.
Daisy: So you just give up? You don't get to do that. You make life-and-death decisions for us all the time, and we're not allowed the same courtesy? After everything? We deserved to... We deserved to know. [Leaves, with Coulson looking on]
Mack: How much more time does he have on his clock?
Simmons: Um, I won't be able to tell until I can chart its progression, but even now, he's at risk of various... At some point, sir, your heart will just stop beating.

Coulson: The last thing you need is to waste your time on another lost cause.
May: Who I waste my time on is for me to decide. It's not like you to just roll over. There has to be a way out of this.
Coulson: I've come to terms with it. I got a second chance. I made a difference in a few people's lives. I don't want to be greedy. It's time to make space for somebody else.
May: For Daisy.
Coulson: I won't be around forever, and despite appearances to the contrary, neither will you. We need fresh blood to lead the team.
May: It's more than a team, and you know it. None of us are giving up on you.
Coulson: Well, great, because I have every intention of walking back out of that basement. Just because I've made peace with dying doesn't mean I'm in a hurry. Now, you want to help me get into this gear Fitz has for me? It's super sexy.

Fear-Dimension Mike Peterson: You know there's something deeper, and you're here to face it.
Coulson: Face my fear?
Peterson: How am I your fear, Phil? No, I mean face facts.
Coulson: What facts?
Peterson: That this is all in your head.
Coulson: Are you telling me that I'm still in Tahiti?
Peterson: No, Coulson, I'm telling you that you've never been to Tahiti. Or Malta or Puerto Rico or outer space... or the Framework... or the future. You're on the table, Coulson, code blue.

Peterson: Nightmare? This whole thing has been a dream. And every time the dream is too random or doesn't reconcile with a memory, your mind creates a scenario to make it work.
Coulson: See, now you're losing me.
Peterson: What does that even mean? You really think your skull is caught on fire, Phil? Or does it hurt to have electrodes on your scalp for this long? You think there was an alternate reality where you were a history teacher? Or were you remembering your father, who was a history teacher?
Coulson: Okay, stop.
Peterson: You're reliving mementos of your life mixed with the dreams you wish had come true.
Coulson: No, Mike. This is fear. I thought I'd come to terms with death, but this is my fear of it manifesting, because it's harder to let go of than I thought it would be.
Peterson: Yes. You're struggling to let go. At least now you admit you're dying. What's the hardest part?
Coulson: The life I have yet to live.
Peterson: And that's why your mind created this story, where you spent years doing all the things you never got a chance to do... to vacation on a white beach with blue water. To travel to the stars. To own your own plane, a car that flies, your own team. To have a family. The brilliant students you never got a chance to mentor. The daughter you never had. And above all, a chance to be a hero. You said it yourself, Coulson. It matters who you are.

Coulson: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for a moment we all knew was coming, some of us even before these two did, and I think we can all agree that to wait even one second to do this is playing with fire. All in favor?
Everyone: Aye.
Coulson: The ayes have it. So, all right. Time for the exchanging of the vows, I guess.
Simmons: [Pulls out a piece of paper] I had to write it down. Fitz. I knew from the moment I saw you, from our first conversation about dielectric polarization, that you'd be in my life for a long time. But I didn't know... you would be my life. My heart. My home. We joined this team for adventures and got more than we had hoped... but I can't wait for our next adventure... building a family together. My love for you grows deeper and always will, no matter where the universe takes us next.
Coulson: Agent Fitz?
Fitz: Um. Okay. Um. I have been thinking about what to say. Uh. Just... Words don't really seem enough. Here. I think that you are perfect. And, um... I don't deserve you, Jemma. I don't. I don't deserve you. And I'm well-aware that I'm the luckiest man on any planet.
Coulson: Okay. Let's have the rings. Quickly, please, before this forest collapses around us. Okay, Fitz, repeat after me. "With this ring..."
Fitz: With this ring...
Coulson: ...I thee wed.
Fitz: ...I thee wed.
Deathlok: So, you got the rings, huh? It's a nice one.
Deke: Turns out a lot of people pawn wedding rings. I had to find one that was gonna be small enough for his little-boy fingers. And then, for hers, found this ring that looks just like this one that my mom used to wear sometimes. It was my grandma's, I think.

Principia [5.13]

Coulson: Fitz is gonna do the best prosthetics work he's ever done for you, but it may take some time. We don't have the materials he needs here, but we're gonna find a way to get them. In the meantime, I need you to focus on resting and healing.
Yo-Yo: Sitting still isn't my strong suit.
Coulson: I know, but he'll make it worth the wait. See? [Shows her his prosthetic arm] People can't even tell the difference. And, honestly, this one's way more fun. He's always adding...
Yo-Yo: Does it feel the same?
Coulson: Actually, no. It doesn't feel at all, but you get used to it.
Yo-Yo: [To Mack] How are you gonna feel about dating someone with robo-parts?
Mack: Those aren't the parts that matter.
Simmons: Mack!
Mack: What? Oh, no, come on. That's not what I meant. What I meant was that the thing I hate about robots is that they have no heart, no soul... those are the parts that matter.
Yo-Yo: Nice save. And sweet. Okay. You can be annoying again.

Fitz: I was just coming to see you.
Coulson: Tidings of comfort and joy?
Fitz: Warnings of doom and gloom.

Deke: [To Fitz] Well, why don't I stay here and stare at the numbers for a little while? You can go visit Mrs. Fitz. You guys just got married. All the grown-ups are gone. I bet she's just dying for a little post-wedding yee-haw.

Fear-Dimension Deke's Mother: Put that down! You'll cut yourself. Are you getting enough to eat here? I see you're making some friends.
Deke: I don't know if I'd call them friends.
Deke's Mother: You like them. I can tell.
Deke: S-Some, maybe.
Deke's Mother: And that Daisy girl is cute.
Deke: Mom, no, she's not. Stop it.
Deke's Mother: Remember, sweetie, the steps you take don't need to be big.
Deke's Mother and Deke: [Together] They just need to take you in the right direction.
Deke: You always used to say that.
Deke's Mother: And my mom said it to me.

Yo-Yo: I'm just trying to not lose faith. We're gonna change things.
Simmons: That's the spirit. Oh, I'm just holding onto that thing in case of emergency. Don't beat yourself up while you're trying to heal. Go slow. The steps you take don't need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction. [Sees Deke, who overheard the last part] Oh. Can we help you with something? What's wrong, Deke? Did you see another ghost from your past?
Deke: No, it wasn't a ghost. I... I just saw you standing there and, uh... How are you? What... I'm... I... And, um... They're... They're... They're back. That... That's what I came to tell you.
Ivanov: You didn't really think you'd seen the last of me, did you?
Coulson: I should have known there was more of you out in the wind. You squash one cockroach, there's bound to be others nearby.
Ivanov: Although I think you will find I do not squash so easily these days.
Coulson: So much for the "superior humanity" shtick.
Ivanov: I have simply redefined what that means. Parts of me will always be human. But I have gained so much more with this new form. Strength. Immortality. How's that for a cool origin story, bro?
May: So, what? You turned over a new leaf? Or just another Russian infiltrating our democracy?

[General Hale insists that Coulson go with her.]
May: We know this is a trap, Phil.
Coulson: Yeah. And it's a really good one, too.
May: Don't do that. Not now. Not when you're turning your back on me.
Coulson: Turning my back on you? What other way out is there? This is unavoidable.
May: It's suicidal. Which is now a recurring theme for you.
Coulson: I'm not airing our dirty laundry in front of the bad guys right now.
May: How considerate. [To Hale] He's all yours.

[A mech is holding Simmons at gunpoint while Fitz works on removing Daisy's inhibitor.]
Simmons: You would point a gun at me?
Fitz: The Doctor would. He programmed it to make sure I'd go through with it. He didn't want to hurt you. Just like he didn't want to hurt Mack. But it's just... I wouldn't have done any of this if I didn't believe it was going to work.
Simmons: You don't know it's going to work.
Fitz: The science is sound. There are always risks involved. You know that, Jemma.
Simmons: You're right, but potentially paralyzing Daisy or destroying the world are two massive risks, Fitz.
Fitz: Let's hope that that doesn't happen.
Daisy: No. No, no, no, no, no. Fitz, Fitz, Fitz! No, please. Please, Fitz. Fitz, I am begging you. Please, you do not want to do this.
Fitz: No, I don't. But I have to.
Daisy: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no! [softly] I will... I will never forgive you.
Fitz: I suspect you won't be the only one.

Simmons: How long have you been seeing him [His Framework persona]?
Fitz: My mind's been through a lot. Been hearing him for a while now. Since we left the Framework. Only just started seeing him.
Simmons: It's your injury acting up. You used to see me, too, when I wasn't there.
Fitz: You were my conscience.
Simmons: Then what was he? You had a psychic split. But that dark persona, that's not you.
Fitz: It is me. It's not an apparition. It's not some evil doppelganger. It... was... me. How are Daisy and Mack?
Simmons: You have to talk to them. They can come to forgive you if you just explain...
Fitz: I don't deserve forgiveness, Jemma.
Simmons: Just like you don't deserve me?
Fitz: Mack's injured. Daisy's traumatized. Do you know what the worst part about all of this is? I still believe that it was the right thing to do.

Deke: I don't know really what to say.
Simmons: That's a first.
Deke: I guess I don't have to ask how you're doing.
Simmons: I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that. You're a victim in all of this, too. I just don't... I don't really know how to process it. He's losing himself. I feel like I'm losing him, too.
Deke: You haven't lost him. You know him better than he even knows himself. He's complicated. And he's stubborn.
Simmons: Yes.
Deke: That's why you let him win arguments sometimes, right? He can be a real baby when he's sick, so that's why you got to take care of him. And he's always got the weight of the world on his shoulders. That's why he needs you there to help lighten the load. Oh, and he loves his prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches that no one can make right except you.
Simmons: How could you possibly know all those things?
Deke: Because my mom used to tell me about her parents all the time. She always spoke about her dad with so much love and admiration on her face. Said that he was the best man she ever knew. So I know that you can help Fitz. And I know that you two are gonna be okay because... the steps you take don't need to be big...
Simmons: They just need to take you in the right direction. You're our grandson? [Vomits]
Coulson: Of all the blindfolds I've forcibly worn, that was one of the nicest.
General Hale: There's a method to this madness. All of your questions will be answered in the morning.
Coulson: Not my first rodeo, so I may have already figured out a little bit of what's going on here. You've got the Gravitonium and the total disregard for human safety. Check. You've got Ivan Drago and Crusher Creel on the payroll. Check. And then there's you, rogue general, operating with zero oversight. Add it all up, it just doesn't feel like an Air Force operation.
Hale: It's not. It's Hydra.
Coulson: I thought we stomped you out.
Hale: Yes. Just as you were stomped out. And yet here we are in the same room. I'd like to tell you my story, and I think you'll know it's time.
Coulson: Time for what?
Hale: It's time for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra to finally unite.

Whitehall: You completed your final test? [Young Hale shows him an empty dog collar] Well-done. It's a rite of passage. You must eliminate any weakness, no matter how difficult. I imagine it wasn't easy to sleep last night.
Young Hale: Not with all the boys sobbing through the walls.
Whitehall: Leadership expected nothing less. In fact, we're confident we see the future of Hydra in you. That's why I've selected you for my program.
Young Hale: Sir, I'm honored. Um, I've dreamed of working with you, and I really think that the chamber can revolution...
Whitehall: No, Von Strucker will be working on the chamber.
Young Hale: I-Is this because he and I got into a fight?
Whitehall: In a sense, yes. We're actually impressed by your strength, your mettle. We think that you will be essential in engineering the perfect human specimen for the chamber.
Young Hale: But sir, I'm... I'm not a biologist.
Whitehall: Correct, but you're the only candidate left with the other... necessary qualifications.
Young Hale: You want me to be...
Whitehall: Artificially inseminated. It's quite exciting, yes? You should be honored. You will give birth to our new leader. As I said, we see the future of Hydra in you.

Coulson: So you want my help to arm alien warlords. You ever consider they may not hold up their end of the bargain? That maybe something called the Confederacy will just enslave us all?

Fitz: We had to seal the rift shut.
Daisy: [Very angry] By any means, no matter how sadistic.
Fitz: Okay. Well, would you have agreed to do it?
Daisy: Never.
Fitz: Well, then, I didn't have a choice.
Daisy: [enraged, pushes him against the wall with her powers.] You didn't have a choice? You drugged me, you restrained me, and you cut into me.
Fitz: I don't feel good about it, either, but in a few hours, the town up there would've been affected, as well, so, I'm sorry. I don't need your forgiveness. I just need you to trust me.
Daisy: You are not leaving this room. You are Hydra.
Fitz: Well, that's an advantage. I salute the same flag as those people.
Daisy: Yeah, but we don't turn on our own here.
Fitz: Do you want me to recount all the times that you did?

Simmons: [Shows Fitz a multitool] Do you recognize this?
Fitz: Yeah. It's mine. After my injury, I got the number engraved because I couldn't remember the name.
Simmons: See, that's the thing. [Shows him a newer but otherwise identical multitool] This one's yours. That other tool belongs to Deke, who got it from his grandfather.
Fitz: He's my... our... grandson?
Simmons: Yeah.
Fitz: But... he's the worst.
Simmons: I think he's perfect. Plus, his very existence proves that you and I make it to the Lighthouse... and live long enough to raise a daughter. Do you see what this means?
Fitz: Yeah, I do. It means that our daughter's obviously gonna marry some belligerent space goon if she's gonna give birth to a Deke?
Simmons: No, Fitz. It means you and I are invincible.
Coulson: General Hale. I know you're bummed the whole team-up thing isn't gonna happen. But it still seems kind of petty, taking away my cot... my chair... and my Cap'n Crunch. That last one really hurt. And you're gonna destroy the Earth, so...

Fitz: [Examining Deke] I don't see it. None of you looks like me.
Deke: Well, I don't know what to tell you, Grandpappy. I guess your daughter found a real man.
Fitz: Of all people. Why couldn't it be Flint? I liked Flint.
Deke: Well, that's a lovely sentiment. That's almost as loving as when you had a robot... point a gun to my head.
Fitz: I didn't want to hurt anybody.
Deke: It's fine. It's the first move you made that actually made me respect you a little bit. It's my kind of move. And this place, 80 years from now, I'd survived on moves like that. 'Cause it was kill or be killed. I know Johnson's still mad at me about the whole "selling her into slavery" thing, but you got to play the long game, or else the whole world is gonna be a vacancy, right?
Fitz: Maybe.
Deke: And you say you don't see the resemblance? Okay. Well, quality time was fun, but I'm late. I don't know if you noticed, but... ever since she's been in charge, Daisy's kind of a hard-ass.
Fitz: [Gestures toward his cell] I noticed.

Simmons: I've realized we have to think differently. Fitz started to, and he's paying for it. But you can't deny it worked. And you. Mack said you believe you can't die.
Yo-Yo: I know it sounds crazy, Jemma...
Simmons: I don't think it's crazy. I believe it's true.
Yo-Yo: I'm glad someone understands.
Simmons: I don't just mean you.
Yo-Yo: You guys didn't see yourselves in the future.
Simmons: No. Deke is our proof. His mother... was our daughter.
Yo-Yo: Deke...
Simmons: Is our grandson.
Yo-Yo: [To Fitz] Wow. I'm sorry.

Coulson: [[To Carl Creel] You can tell the General there's nothing you can do to make me join her evil league of evil.

Polly Hinton: Can I ask you something? I don't understand everything that's happened here today, but Robin clearly has a connection with you.
May: I, uh... don't know if I can explain it. I don't fully understand it myself.
Polly: You don't have to. I've seen the drawings. I know that I'm not in them.
[They see a sign warning of radiation danger outside the suspected Hydra facility]
Yo-Yo: Radiation poisoning would be a horrible way to find out we can still die. Should we turn back?
Simmons: No need. [referring to some flowers growing nearby] Primula vulgaris... primrose. I used to pick these as a girl. I mean, it's a hardy species, but even it couldn't survive in irradiated soil.
Fitz: [Using a Geiger counter] You'll find more radiation in a dentist's office.
Simmons: Talbot probably just posted these signs to keep out interlopers.
Yo-Yo: They won't scare off Hydra. Let me. [She breaks the lock on the gate with her mechanical arms.]
Fitz: Well, looks like getting your arms chopped off isn't all bad. The... Well... Yeah... It is... obviously, it's bad. It's really bad getting your arms chopped off, but maybe there is a silver lining...

Talbot: [Referring to Deke] So, this kid's from the future?
Coulson: Yeah. And in that future, Earth is gone, and the last of humanity is enslaved by alien overlords.
Talbot: Alien... over... I should've stayed in my cell. You're telling me that we got our asses handed to us by little green men.
Coulson: They were big and blue. But they didn't crack the world apart. They said it was Daisy.
Talbot: And you're still sending her on missions?
Coulson: I need her leading missions. I got an old injury acting up. Not sure what my timetable is, exactly.
Talbot: Oh, for the love of flapjacks. Do you ever have any good news?
Coulson: There's a young Inhuman who's seen a better future. We're working toward that.

May: All Daisy could think about was getting you back. She's not ready for your job, Phil.
Coulson: She has to be. My time is running out.
May: Because you're being irresponsible. You said you weren't in a hurry to die, but you're not acting like it.
Coulson: So this isn't so much about my stupidity as it is about me dying.
May: Seems like one thing led to the other.
Coulson: You realize this isn't easy for me, but I've accepted it.
May: Which is the problem.
Coulson: Maybe I'm reckless. But if this is the end, better to go out doing something that matters.
May: No. You don't get to make that decision alone. That decision is made with the people who love you.
Coulson: May...
May: And that's me. I love you. [Coulson is speechless] I thought that would shut you up.

Fitz: [To Yo-Yo] We have a rule.
Simmons: We never leave each other's side anymore.
Fitz: [To Simmons] I'm sorry you never got the honeymoon you dreamed of.
Simmons: Nonsense. I'm protecting England from evil robots with the man I love.

Deke: [Under the influence of painkilling medication] Is Daisy here? She's so pretty.
Mack: What now?
Deke: I want to put my mouth on her mouth and move it around a lot. But I don't want to do that unless she wants to, too, 'cause that's what makes it nice. But I don't think she wants that, 'cause she does not like me one bit.
Piper: I mean, she's... she's not my type, but I... I get it.
Mack: Okay, Spaceman, maybe we should...
Deke: Ma-a-a-a-ck! Dude! You are so cool. Do we know any handshakes?
Mack: Uh, I appreciate that, but...
Deke: Should I shave my head?
Piper: Yeah, no, I see no flaws in that plan.
Deke: Maybe then Daisy would like me, because she... she protected me. She's very smart.
Ruby Hale: [To FitzSimmons] Aww. You two are adorable. I ship it. I really do.

May: You're late.
Coulson: Hold up. Please. We didn't have a chance to finish our conversation.
May: I said what I had to say.
Coulson: Melinda...
May: We have a mission, Phil.
Coulson: [To himself] Good talk, Phil. Good talk.

Deke: Just for grins, say I were interested... in someone... anyone. How would I... Like, you got a good thing going.
Mack: Don't look at me. Last time I saw Yo-Yo, she lied to me, locked me up, and ran off.
Deke: Coulson?
Coulson: Sorry, bro. Apparently, I'm incapable of expressing my feelings or letting people take care of me.
Deke: You guys are useless. It's lemons, then.
Coulson: Come again?
Deke: Well, in my day, when you wanted to tell someone how you felt, you'd just save up your tokens, you'd buy a lemon, you leave it on their bunk. That's... That's a thing here, right?
Coulson: 100%.
Mack: Oh, yeah, absolutely.
Coulson: When in doubt, get a bunch of lemons.

Ruby: [To Daisy] You know, for a long time, you were everything that I wanted. You were my hero. And now look at us.
Hale: Ruby, let her go.
Ruby: I am more than you will ever be.
Daisy: Ruby, I am not here to fight you. You need help.
Ruby: I don't want your help! I want to crush you.
Hale: Ruby, that's enough! That's enough! You listen to her. She is on your side.
Ruby: Then why aren't you?! Mom, face it, I was never good enough for you.

Hale: I found what you're looking for.
Qovas: My Gravitonium.
Hale: S.H.I.E.L.D. has it.
Qovas: Then you failed. Perhaps our deal has reached its end.
Hale: I can tell you where they're hiding. But they won't give it willingly.
Qovas: You'd have me kill them?
Hale: I have no reason to stop you.
[An alien spaceship appears over the Lighthouse.]
General Rick Stoner: Please go to the main computer terminal and choose from the following options. If the Lighthouse is experiencing an extreme-weather event, press 1.
Agent Kim: Agent Coulson, I can't silence the alarms.
Stoner: If you're experiencing a nuclear attack, press 2.
Coulson: Screw it. [Presses 2]
Stoner: For an alien invasion, press 3. You have selected nuclear attack. For your own health, safety, and radiation protection, all outer doors will remain sealed for 15 years.
May: Did he just say 15 years?
Coulson: How was I supposed to know there would be an "alien invasion" option?
May: You always listen to the whole menu. Always!
Coulson: [Over the intercom] You may be noticing that the Lighthouse is going into lockdown mode. This is not a drill. The Lighthouse is keeping us safe. All exits, including the hangar, have been sealed to protect us from any outside intrusion. Which is good, 'cause there is currently a sizeable alien spaceship overhead. Oh, and due to a technical malfunction, the Lighthouse thinks we're under nuclear attack, so we may be trapped inside for 15 years... ish.

[Qovas appears on the viewscreen.]
Coulson: I remember you, too. The lighting wasn't great, but the whole vision thing was hard to forget. Did General Hale send you?
Qovas: You will be dealing with me now. I'm here for what was promised, the Gravitonium.
Coulson: Yeah, that's gonna be a hard pass. Maybe you haven't realized it yet, but this bunker, it's apocalypse-proof. It can withstand a nuclear blast. We have years of food, water, and air.
Kim: [Whispers to May] Is that true?
May: [Whispers back] Not good food.
Coulson: And pretty soon, the world's gonna realize there's this giant ship in its atmosphere, and I'm thinking, in the current political climate, won't be long before you're blown out of the sky. [To May] Too much?

Mack: In the future, we swore... We swore we wouldn't lose ourselves.
Yo-Yo: I know.
Mack: Or lose each other.
Yo-Yo: I know. I love you. I'm doing this for you, but you need to believe me. You need to trust that I know what I'm doing. Please, Mack. You know me. You know I may run away, but I always come back to where I started.
Mack: I know. I just don't know if I'll be here when you do.

May: Look, I can't tell you if what you did [killing Ruby] was right or wrong. That's up to you to decide. But it doesn't just change you. It changes how people see you. And the only thing you can do is make peace with it.
Yo-Yo: I'm trying.

Yo-Yo: I could've warned myself about a lot of things: Ruby, Hale, these aliens; but instead, she told me... Instead, she told me, "Coulson is dying, and we need to let him." I'm sorry, sir. I hated keeping this. I owe you so much. You're my family.
May: No, you're wrong. Robin said Coulson puts the pieces back together. And you're saying that we should've just left him to freeze to death in the middle of nowhere.
Yo-Yo: I have to listen, May. She was me. She's lived through this, through the loop, who knows how many times.
May: Exactly. You don't know. We haven't lost yet, and as far as we know, they can't get in here, and until they do you better believe we're gonna do everything possible to keep him alive.
Captive Marauder: The Confederacy has stood more than 1,000 years. They will seek vengeance, making slaves of you all.
Simmons: Really wish we could happen upon some non-slave-trading aliens.
May: Any idea why this one is more rabid than the rest?
Mack: It probably has something to do with this. [Holds a bottle of Odium] I'm pretty sure this is the same stuff Kasius took.
Simmons: Must give them some sort of energy boost.
Captive Marauder: You are not worthy of holding the Odium.
May: 'Course it would have a dumb name.

Coulson: What was Hydra's arrangement with the Confederacy?
Hale: To protect the Earth from being attacked.
Talbot: In exchange for what?
Hale: Resources. Inhumans and Gravitonium above all.
Coulson: Why Gravitonium?
Qovas: Because its power is unlimited. It can bend space, build empires, and destroy them.
Coulson: Couldn't you just find a fun game on your phone instead?

Daisy: I've been better. It's like the universe keeps reminding me that I should never have come back from the future. Also, some creep put a bunch of lemons on my bed as some weird sort of prank.
Deke: Sounds like classic Fitz. Look, I, um I feel like you're exactly where you're supposed to be. I, on the other hand, I, I lived in the Lighthouse my entire life, only to time travel into the past and still spend every single day of my life inside the freaking Lighthouse. So it's like, even without Kasius around, this place just has this leash that keeps pulling me back in.
Daisy: Well, I'm glad you stuck around, even if it's a little crazy.
Deke: W-Well, maybe it's not that crazy. I-I-I've been wanting to tell you something since we've gotten, you know, I don't want to say closer, but...
Daisy: You really don't. Everyone who gets close to me ends up dying.

Fitz: We were trying to get ahead of the problem.
Mack: By having Yo-Yo execute a kid?
Fitz: Things got messy, but, I mean, it was the only way that Y-Yo...
Mack: When does killing become the only way? We're S.H.I.E.L.D. Aren't we supposed to be better than that? None of this would've happened if you would've just said this invincible nonsense wasn't real. But instead you and Simmons lit the match, and now Yo-Yo's responsible for a girl's death.
Fitz: I'm sorry, Mack. I really am. But it's not that simple.
Mack: Simple is how you live a good life. Not with your theories or prophecies. It's following the Good Word and doing the right thing every time, simple as that.
Fitz: No. Not always, 'cause there are lots of instances in history where, where it was necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the lives of many.
Mack: 'Course you'd say that.
Fitz: Ruby was dangerous and it got complicated and that is just the way it was. So I'm sorry if that doesn't fit whatever narrative that you've built for yourself.
Mack: You need to look inside yourself and figure out what kind of man you want to be. 'Cause lately, what you've been, it needs fixing.

Daisy: If I'm the one you want, fine, I won't resist, but first you have to put Coulson down.
Talbot: You and I both know you can't be trusted.
Hale: I trust her.
Talbot: Why would you trust Quake?
Hale: Because she kept her word. When Ruby was infected with Gravitonium, she tried to help.
Talbot: Infected? Ruby was weak. Gravitonium wasn't intended for some itty-bitty little girl. It was meant for a hero strong enough to handle it.
Hale: You need to take a deep breath and calm your mind, Glenn. You know what's best. It's best if you comply.
Talbot: Compliance will be rewarded.
Hale: That's right.
Talbot: And so will your betrayal. [Kills Hale]
Qovas: And how do you plan to stop me? With Earth weapons? The tools of cowards. We Remorath earn our kills. That is how we earn our rank. With humans, it's not about earned power. It's about the gun. It allows the weak to pretend to be strong.
May: I don't need a gun to stop you.

May: Look, I hate it, too, but I've seen a man go rotten overnight. He might be lost. You don't have to feel like you're responsible.
Coulson: Of course I do. After all our ups and downs, Talbot got shot in the head, and he waited for us to rescue him from Hale.
May: We were a little busy.
Coulson: Yes, but even after we didn't come, even after Hydra messed with his brain, he still put himself in that machine. He did that for us.
May: We didn't ask him to.
Coulson: We didn't have to. What?
May: The first time we met him.
Coulson: When he told us about the peacekeeping force he was sending to the Hub?
May: I mean, imagine back then if someone had told us that someday we'd be worried about Glenn Talbot.
Coulson: I know. But things evolve. They change. People change.

Coulson: That's the same writing that was in the Lighthouse in the future. What's it say, Deke?
Deke: How would I know?
Coulson: Because you lived there.
Deke: Well, they don't teach you the language. I can count to five.
Coulson: You lived there for decades, and you know five numbers?
Deke: I also know zero, so, no, I know six numbers.
May: I'm amazed you were able to survive.

May: I'll take care of it. Go home, Phil, now.
Coulson: Are you giving me an order? 'Cause that sounded like you were giving me an...
May: Yes, I'm giving you an order! You're just gonna slow me down, so zip it and get to the... [Coulson kisses her]
Coulson: Thought that might shut you up. Now go.
Daisy: Uh...
Coulson: Not a word, Agent Johnson. That's an order.
Daisy: Copy that, Hot Lips.

Qovas: You have just sealed the fate of everyone in your base. And now you will die. [Launches missiles]
May: Well, one little thing. We changed the target. Told ya I didn't need a gun to stop you.
Qovas: [Sees the missiles headed toward his ship] How?
Deke: I know zero.

The End [5.22]

Yo-Yo: Stop making me the bad guy. I'm not. You just don't want him to die.
Daisy: Put it down.
Yo-Yo: I don't want him to die, either, but he's just one man.
Mack: [Stops Daisy before she can start forward] No, no! None of that. Think about what you're doing here.
Yo-Yo: You won't listen. I'm in a nightmare, and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, and none of you can hear me!
Simmons: We hear you.
Yo-Yo: Well, you won't listen! You all saw what happened, and none of you will help me stop this! I'm alone, and even you, even you won't help me.
Mack: No, you're not alone. We're in this with you, but we need to hold it together.
Yo-Yo: There's nothing holding us together.
Mack: Yes, there is! Hope. We never give up. We're always held together by hope.

Daisy: I'm glad you're taking point here at the Lighthouse. Who better than you to decide what the next generation will look like. Get to show them the ins and outs of this place.
Deke: Yeah, I don't know if I'm gonna be around for all that. I'll call the mayor and give the tour, but when you get back, I-I think I'll be out of here.
Daisy: [Surprised] Why?
Deke: This is my room. I'm like a squirrel, hoarding anything I can find. Also, side note, found a nature book. Learned about squirrels.
Daisy: Old habits die hard.
Deke: It's more like I'm a damaged person. From a damaged world. If there's even a chance that could happen again...
Daisy: You'd want to see the world before it does.
Deke: I mean, besides, according to Fitz, if the world doesn't crack open and you break the time loop, I'll just blink out of existence anyway, so it's just one more vacancy, right? Come on. I never totally fit in with the gang, anyway.
Daisy: Is that what we are?
Deke: You know, when I first met you guys, I'd never seen anything like that. I'd seen people kill for each other without hesitation all the time, but I'd never seen a group that was willing to die for each other. Your trust, it just seemed too strong to break. And you trying to fix Coulson, that's great. I love the guy, but if you really want to lead one day, then you got to fix that. Just my two cents. I also read a book on idiomatic expressions.

May: I'm not going to detail what we risked to get this [Centipede serum].
Coulson: I'm aware. And I'm not happy I was left out of that decision.
May: You wouldn't wake up. But now the decision is yours. You're too weak to stand? Well, we'd like to see you walk out of this room and rejoin the fight. But it's up to you if you think more time is worth it. I've made it clear how I feel.
Coulson: I think I have, too.
May: But even now the word scares you.
Coulson: I'm just having a hard enough time leaving you behind.
May: So don't.

Daisy: Yeah. I'm aware that we rolled the dice with Coulson, and I still believe that we need him for this, but I will admit that I let my emotions get the best of me. I thought that Coulson was the only one who could keep us all on the same page. You would say that's proof that I can't do the job, that I shouldn't lead. Well, I agree. The truth is, I can't hold the team together. But he can. Coulson wants me to call the shots in his absence. Well, that's my decision. Mack should call the shots. He has the biggest heart. I mean, physically, but also, you know... You are our moral center. And, look, I never want to stop being a soldier. He's a general we can all rally behind. Anyone who thinks I'm 100% right about this, raise your hand? :[Everyone raises their hands.]
Coulson: [Enters the room] Couldn't have said it better myself.
Simmons: Oh, thank god.
Fitz: Sir, good to see you.
Coulson: Hold the applause. She didn't go through that for nothing. Time to suit up. So what do we do?
Mack: We save lives.

Mack: Remember how good it felt to walk in here when we first got back? The Zephyr has been the one place we've been able to call home these last few years.
Daisy: I'll always miss the Bus.
May: Me, too.
Yo-Yo: I wish I would've known you guys back then.
Simmons: We were different people back then.
Coulson: I spent a lot of years– Sorry. I've lived a life– surrounded by heroes. None bigger than all of you. Since the day you joined, same as anyone in the line of duty– heroes, because you– because we sign up to lose each other. To get close to good people– and have them taken away. We've all suffered losses. Never lose sight of that.
Daisy: I never forget those we've lost.
May: That's right.
Mack: Yeah. That's why we're putting that badge up in the cockpit. To never forget.
Coulson: You don't have to forget. But you have to move on.
Simmons: No. With respect, sir, you're wrong. We don't move on. We hold that place in our heart, we close it off, we lock the door, we visit from time to time, but we don't move on. Even after we say goodbye.

Season 6

Yo-Yo: I don't even know what to call them.
Fox: "Anomalies"?
Mack: No.
May: We used that word up last year.
Mack: And this is different.
Yo-Yo: Those were hallucinations coming to life.
Mack: And this is reality distorting.

[Mack is watching a hologram of Coulson]
Coulson: Take it one step at a time. It's not your job to solve every problem. Your job is to put together a team you trust and then to tell them to take it one step at a time. That's all you can do. If you think about everything you're up against all at once, you'll crack. Fury always said, a man can accomplish anything once he realizes he's a part of something bigger.
May: Still watching those?
Mack: I'm hesitant to stop.
May: He'd be proud. The job suits you. The agents out there know it.
Mack: Yeah, well, I'll never be the Director Coulson was.
May: No, you're a different Director. That's not a bad thing.

[Torturing a D'Rillian caretaker]
Simmons: Your planet has 68% of the gravity we generate on this aircraft. While that makes it easier to lift ore out of the ground, it makes your cells gelatinous, your bones porous. Now, I'm no expert in D'Rillian anatomy—when I cut into your corpse, I will be—but I assume enough time under this pressure and either your brain will hemorrhage or the weight of your organs will collapse your lungs.

Daisy: It's time to head home. Yeah, head home and regroup.
Piper: Thank God. I mean, one more week with Davis and we will find a dead body, his.
Davis: Yes, because one more week with you and I will definitely kill myself.
Daisy: You guys never wavered. You stayed on when the rest of the crew got off. Thank you. I know this is a lot more than what you guys bargained for, and I think we will all benefit from getting back to, uh, familiar territory. To loved ones. We need them. And they may need us.

[Hiding from a Confederacy warship]
Davis: Looks like we've been spotted.
Piper: No. I don't think so.
Davis: Well, you've always been dumb as a bag of bricks.
Piper: I'll put money on it.
Davis: Of course you will, because if I win, we'll be dead and you won't have to pay me.
Piper: Look at you finally catching on.
May: Where are you on this doppelganger?
Marcus Benson: Oh, I have several viable hypotheses. That's what scientists say when they don't know squat. Odds are, it's related to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s previous mistakes, which I'm working my way through a very long list um, fear manifestations, nano-masks, Inhumans. Though I'm thinking I should revisit the file on those Life Model Decoys, which really shouldn't be a thing, by the way.
Mack: No argument here.
May: Could this guy be an LMD?
Benson: Well, if there's already been one of Phil Coulson, it seems like a possible explanation. But I would need to talk to the idiot who designed them.

Benson: You forgot to mention the fact that your former boss had died and come back to life before.
Mack: That's not what this is.
Benson: Are you sure? This LMD theory's not panning out. LMDs don't have DNA.
Yo-Yo: We didn't bring him back to life trust me. That was a hot topic.
Benson: Well, maybe he never died in the first place. You love secrets, Melinda. Anything you want to share?
Mack: Hey, take it easy.
May: I was there until the very end. He's gone. You have no right to question that. Find me a way to kill that thing out there pretending to be him. And if that's too hard, you know your way back to the bar.
Benson: That sounds nice right about now. And good luck sorting out this evidence alone.
Mack: Okay, that's enough. Now, is this the DNA you're talking about?
Benson: Yeah. This is a sample from the convenience store. At first, I thought it was alien radiation markers I've never seen, foreign methyl groups. Strip that all away, and what you have left is a 100-percent match for Phillip J. Coulson.

[Commenting on a necklace in a jewelry store]
Sarge: A little plain, don't you think? What about the pieces you save for your most loyal customers? The ones you don't keep in these cases? Price is not an issue here.
Dana: I could pull some items from our vault for you.
Sarge: The vault. That sounds impressive. I know. Right now, you're sizing me up, wondering how much paper money a guy like me has to spend. Could be a big sale. Your heart rate goes up a little. Can you feel it?
Dana: We always do our best to meet our customers' needs.
Sarge: Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be leaving satisfied. Worry about you, your heart rate, because it's about to go nuts when we rob this place. People fantasize about doing something heroic in times like these, but I'd save your own skin.

Jaco: That word, "Coulson." What does that mean?
Sarge: I don't know. But it rings a bell.

Enoch: It will be challenging to conceal that we have murdered the Controller. The crew will be labeled mutineers, a death sentence in this section of space.
Fitz: So we'd need to sneak off the ship.
Enoch: It is possible you and I could escape by submerging ourselves in the Xandarian snail tanks before they're unloaded. But the other crew members...
Fitz: Firstly, no. But more importantly, we did this to keep them alive, so where do we take them?
Enoch: They could easily find employment on the planet of Kitson. We should have just enough fuel to reach it if we change course now. But what about your plan to go back into cryo-sleep and join Jemma Simmons in the future?
Fitz: I've got time.
Pretorious Pryce: The planet of Kitson is a nasty place, absent any basic scrap of decency.
Piper: Someone just described Florida.
Pryce: Most are ashamed to utter the word "Kitson" as it sounds like the braying of an animal in heat. There's even a well-known saying, "What happens on the planet of Kitson..."
Daisy: "...stays on Kitson?"
Pryce: No. " contagious and burns."

Enoch: I have disappointed you, and we may be, as they say, down on our luck, but there are other ways to earn money.
Fitz: How?
Enoch: The brothels of Kitson. We are both healthy and not unattractive specimens, and I am well-versed in over 130...

[Under the influence of hallucinogens]
Daisy: Do you remember when we first met?
Simmons: Yeah. You lived in a van.
Daisy: Mm-hmm.
Simmons: And it really smelled.
Daisy: No, it didn't.
Simmons: Yeah. We called it the Fartmobile. You had, You had big hair.
Daisy: You had big nerd face. What house are you in, hm? Gryffindor?
Simmons: Uh, Ravenclaw. Girl, please.
Daisy: Do you know any spells?
Simmons: [Waves a straw] Expecto Patronum! [Hallucinates a miniature Fitz in a monkey costume balancing on the straw] Hello, little monkey Fitz.

[Under a table, still under the influence of hallucinogens]
Simmons: Hey, I think my parents are mice.
Daisy: That makes sense.
Simmons: I'm sorry for dragging you across the universe.
Daisy: Oh, no, don't be. It's good. It's only made us closer.
Simmons: I just miss Fitz so much.
Daisy: Aw, yeah. I'm sorry. I wish I had my own Fitz. Well, not Fitz, but, you know...
Simmons: No, I know. You've had just awful luck in that department. It's so sad. But you are so strong now and so confident. I'm so proud of you.
Daisy: Really? It means so much coming from you.
Simmons: You just mean so much. You're my best friend.
Daisy: I love you, too.
Simmons: Your skin is so soft.
[Later, after emerging from under the table]
Simmons: P-Pardon me, sir, but I have reason to believe that my husband, sorry, uh, my future husband is behind that door.
Dealer: And what reason is that?
Simmons: Uh, the the the dolphin told me in a secret signal only I can hear that was meant just for me.

[Enoch has been decommissioned]
Enoch: Why do I exist? I am nothing. I'm a speck of dust in the infinite...
Fitz: Okay, Enoch...
Enoch: An afterthought in the worm-ridden mind of the black void.
Fitz: Okay. I'm gonna need you to spark up. So you take a break from being infinite nothing and do that for me?
Enoch: Why would I do anything when there is no purpose? We will all soon be dust and rust.
Fitz: 'Cause you're my best friend. Remember? That's your purpose.
Enoch: You're bluffing.
Fitz: No. I'm not. I can't believe I'm saying this, because you are...
Enoch: ...Chronicom. Decommissioned.
Fitz: Gonna say a massive pain in the ass, but you've grown on me. So, yeah. You are my best friend.
Enoch: For you, my best friend, I would do anything.
Yo-Yo: So, you and Mack, in his office.
Keller: Yeah.
Yo-Yo: You told him. I wish you would have talked to me about it.
Keller: If it makes you feel better, he didn't exactly let me finish.
Yo-Yo: He doesn't want to know so he doesn't have to put us on different missions.
Keller: I'm sure that's part of it, but... It's just, I also got the sense that he isn't over you.
Yo-Yo: Why would you tell me that?
Keller: You should know how he feels before or if we... You should know. But to be clear, I'm in. I will fight for you if I have to. Not fight-fight—Mack terrifies me—but more emotionally fight.
Yo-Yo: Ugh. Always acting so noble.
Keller: I think you like that act.

Deke: Wait, you were S.H.I.E.L.D. this entire time?
Trevor Khan: Did you really think we were gonna let you rip off all our tech?
Deke: Even at the Phish concert? Wait, wait, uh, what about when we went to the escape room and you froze up? Was that all just an act? I bet that you could've solved that word cypher and we could've gotten out of there in record time, but, no, you just had to...
Khan: We got to move.
Deke: Hey, just-just... Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Just-just please tell me one thing, okay? Just tell me you weren't letting me win in "Remorath Rumble".
Khan: Okay. I won't tell you that.

Keller: It's, uh probably too fast, but how would you feel about bringing an alien bird into our relationship? [Off Yo-Yo's look] So that's a no.

Deke: There are people out there that are after me, okay, and I don't know why. I think it's because I'm not supposed to be here. Like, I'm not supposed to exist in this reality. Do you remember I explained this to you on the Playa?
Sequoia: Once again, this is all about you.
Deke: No, just this... But this time it is about me. It... Look, if there's one thing I know how to do, it's run away and survive, so you're gonna follow me, okay?

Snowflake: I think you might be the prettiest butterfly I've ever made.
Enoch: There is no hope, only loss. Decommissioned. Hunted. I have become a cautionary tale used to steer children away from a life of crime and excess.
Davis: Would it be rude to turn him off? His constant complaining is giving me a headache.
Piper: Yeah, well, you are the Puff-Head who got high and shot up our super-threatening fuse box, so...
Davis: Never mind. Sorry I was wrong. The source of the headache is Piper. Definitely Piper.
Enoch: Poor Fitz. Though now I walk alone, I will never forget my one and only friend.
Simmons: Your only friend? But you have us.
Enoch: When last we met, I forcibly abducted your team and sent you all into a dystopian future.
Daisy: Yeah, maybe not the best start, but in the end, you really came through.
Enoch: I did?
Simmons: In the future, you sacrificed yourself for us. Without you, we never would have been able to get home and save Earth from destruction.

Enoch: Fitz has been a most loyal companion. He and I have had many adventures together.
Atarah: I am trying to save our entire race, and you are concerned about the welfare of one human. Why?
Enoch: Because we have recently become best friends.
Atarah: It seems Earth has made you soft.
Enoch: I do not disagree that I have changed, but I believe it is for the better. One must change to grow.
Atarah: I hardly recognize you anymore. The Enoch I invited into my charging pod was reckless but not a traitor.
Enoch: I cannot believe I ever granted you access to my data port.

Enoch: I have not seen this future myself, but there is only one logical conclusion. If anyone can solve the mysteries of time travel, it is Leopold Fitz.
Atarah: This is true?
Simmons: It's possible. Likely, even, but he hasn't done it yet, and the chances of him re-creating it are next to zero.
Atarah: Explain.
Simmons: If he did this, he'd have his whole life to figure it out and the end of the world as motivation.
Atarah: You claim he is your best friend, but we are the last of our kind. You have knowledge that could aid us. What would motivate him to do what we need?
Enoch: [Points at Simmons] Her. Put Jemma Simmons in danger, and Fitz can solve anything.

Yo-Yo: I've made hard choices before. Being right doesn't stop it from feeling wrong.
Benson: I know what you mean. Two years back, I got a call. Car crash.
Yo-Yo: Your husband?
Benson: Brain-dead, machines breathing for him. Tom didn't want that. His family fought me on it, but after a few days, I had them turn off the ventilator. They never will forgive me. It's the hardest choice I've ever made, but I took comfort in knowing it was the right one. And so should you.

Simmons: Enoch was right. Fitz can't solve time travel without me, but not as a hostage, as his partner. Fitz and I, we're a team. Let the others leave, and I'll go with you.
Daisy: No. No, no. Don't do this. We will find another way.
Simmons: But there isn't one. We're impossibly outnumbered. We're unarmed. Even if we make it to the Zephyr, there's a fleet of ships waiting to blast us into oblivion. This is the end of the road. You followed me for a year across the galaxy. I never would have made it here without you, but I won't keep putting you in danger. Thank you. Now go home.
Daisy: No. Simmons, I, I can't leave you.
Simmons: You have to. Whatever happens, at least I'll be with Fitz. We'll have each other.
[Simmons has reverted to her seven-year-old self and fled to her childhood bedroom]
Fitz: [Observing the posters on the wall] Well, you're just destined for the sciences, aren't you?
Child Simmons: I'm going to be a biologist and study cuttlefish. They can change their skin colors with chromatophores.
Fitz: You're gonna do a lot more than that. Do you know who I am? [She nods] Well, then, you know that I'm a friend, so why did you run away? Why did you come here?
Child Simmons: This is where I learn the stars, memorize my chem tables, and work out problems in my head.
Fitz: What kind of problems in your head?
Child Simmons: All kinds. My dreams float up to the stars, and my troubles are locked up tight in the music box.
Fitz: Well, that's a nice little system. Is there anything troubling you now?
Child Simmons: [Holds a book] This one! Read me this one.
Fitz: Okay. You want me to read you a bedtime story? You know, I-I think I should probably take you out of here, because this might be the madness that she [Atarah] was talking...
Child Simmons: [Screams] Daddy! The strange man in my room wants to abduct me and take me...
Fitz: Shh-shh Shut your Shhhhhh. I'll read you the story. For the love of Pete...
Child Simmons: It's about a boy and his imaginary friend that are lost in the stars.
Fitz: Is it, now? What's it called? [Sees that it is the Darkhold] That's not a good book. That's a bad book, bad story, very poorly written.

[Simmons is still her seven-year-old self. Fitz has figured out that they are in a mind prison.]
Fitz: You are being, without a doubt, the supreme, absolute worst!
Child Simmons: You are a butt face!
Fitz: Oh, that's charming. What is that? What are you hiding? Give it!
Child Simmons: No! It's our escape plan.
Fitz: Give it now! What is it?
Child Simmons: Mononitrotoluene.
Fitz: MNT? As in a precursor to TNT? This is a representational space. There's nothing to blow a hole in here, except the side of your brain. You're better off cooking up some cocaine or unicorn tears.
Child Simmons: I don't have a memory of either of those things to pull from. My supplies were limited.
Fitz: How are you with spectral theory or eigenvalues?
Child Simmons: I'm still learning integrals.
Fitz: Oh, are you? Well, it looks like someone's only gonna have two PhDs by the time they're 17, doesn't it?
Child Simmons: Time travel is science fiction, stupid!
Fitz: Oh, grow up! You're the one that said it was possible, you little... Mm. Grow up. Just literally grow up. This is an adult problem. You and I are supposed to be unstoppable. Well, if you won't help me, I could turn to somebody else, couldn't I? I could imagine anything I want in this room. I could boot up an LMD. Maybe AIDA. She could really handle the computations...
Simmons: [Back to being an adult] Don't you dare.

[Meeting Coulson for the first time]
Coulson: The powers that be have also recommended...
Fitz: I told you. We're getting transferred to one of the poles.
Simmons: Shut up.
Coulson: ...have also recommended you for my team.
Fitz: The f-field team?
Simmons: This is an honor. Thank you for this opportunity.
Fitz: Yeah, we would love the chance to discuss it and think about it more, I think, probably, alone.
Coulson: Of course. Look. I know the field isn't for everyone. Some people want to remain behind the scenes. I get it. But to be out there, seeing the lives you're changing, you end up being the one most changed by it.
Simmons: I found him so inspiring that day. You still needed a push.
Fitz: Yeah, well, look at what happened because of it. What was that thing you kept on saying? Um, Oh, yes, that's it. "Chin up, Fitz. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Fitz: You know, you hurt me just as much as I hurt you. I was dying on the inside when you left, abandoned me after my brain injury.
Simmons: Hey, that is not fair.
Fitz: And then you get taken away by some rock, only to fall in love with some bloody astronaut...
Simmons: I was alone on a desert planet.
Fitz: ...who turned out to be Hive, by the way. Oh, and also, are we sure that that happened after you slept with him?
Simmons: Oh, my God.
Fitz: Because, hey, the jury's still out on that one.
Simmons: Oh, you want to go there? At least he was a person! You built a robot girlfriend...
Fitz: Well, that's bending the truth.
Simmons: ...and, left to your own devices, turned into a Nazi dictator. Wait, is that is that bending the truth? No! No, it's not!

[Preparing to face the manifestations of their dark sides]
Fitz: We're gonna have to face those things out there. And we might actually die trying.
Simmons: Unstoppable together?
[They leave the containment pod and see their dark sides making out with each other]
Fitz: What the hell?
Simmons: Okay. O-Okay.
[Their dark sides disappear just out of the camera frame apparently doing things that cannot be shown on broadcast television in the United States.]
Fitz: [Mesmerized by what he is seeing] That is abso... Whoa. Oh. Oh, wow. Didn't know you liked that.
Simmons: [Also mesmerized] Didn't know you'd do that.

[The background changes]

Simmons: Fitz, we're obviously made for each other, and, I'm sorry I can't give you back the time you missed. But I can give you me. Now and forever.
Fitz: The whole universe couldn't keep me from you, Jemma Simmons. I am the luckiest man on any planet.

Toldja [6.07]

Sarge: So, this lady [May] was in love with this dead Coulson guy. Anyone else have a thing for him?
Daisy: Yeah, I'm... Uh, this is too much. [Leaves]
Sarge: Her, too, huh? Daddy issues?

Mack: You're talking about this Shrike creator that's coming. You told May it's a monster.
Sarge: Yeah, or to you, a god.
Mack: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s dealt with a lot of folks who thought they were gods. Just had egos. There's only one God.
Sarge: Oh, I see. This is that kind of planet. One God controlling everything. Benevolent, right? To make you feel all warm inside when times get tough?
Mack: It's not that simple.
Sarge: Whatever your fairy tale, I've seen gods up close, and I think you're gonna get that opportunity, too. Believe me. You're not prepared for this.
Mack: I'm prepared to protect my people from whatever's coming.
Sarge: Your people? Hmm. They keep looking at me. You might want to get used to that.
Mack: And why's that?
Sarge: Because by the end of the day, I'll be the one in charge.

Kitson: My grandfather came to this planet with 20 Yookalian slaves and a dream.
Fitz: That's inspiring.
Kitson: He built this planet's original settlement with their bare hands. A few ramshackle modules for his games, a small dome for his brothel, and then he kept building so that I, son and grandson of Kitson, would one day have an empire. And you put all that at risk. Using a synthetic to cheat. Bringing bounty hunters in to wreak havoc at my house of games.
Fitz: We just want to go home.
Simmons: Surely a decent soul like you can understand. Somebody who's so proud of his own home.
Kitson: Decency doesn't put food into the mouths of my wives. No, I'm a gambler. And I'm also a man who will deal out a punishment.
Fitz: Okay, okay. Just There's no need for that. We can work. I'm an engineer.
Simmons: Yeah. We both know alien languages. I'm a botanist, a chemist...
Fitz: Yeah, and Enoch, here, is a super-advanced computer, so, we can be of use. Yeah. There's no need to kill us.
Kitson: Killing you is the use I have for you.
Fitz: Is it?
Kitson: Killing a synthetic is a wasted sport. He'll be sent to the brothels.
Enoch: I do not know what I am feeling.
Kitson: You know what? I have something very special in mind for you Terrans. Hope you're not too attached to your heads.

[Simmons, Fitz, and another Gambler are in guillotines]
Simmons: After everything, this can't possibly be how we come to an end. No one would believe it.
Fitz: I would.
Gambler: House always wins, don't it?
Kitson: Are you ready for a deadly game from the early days of Kitson? Three contestants put their lives in the balance. Now, who among them is strong enough to keep their blades from falling? Blades made from Veroovian steel the densest metal in the galaxy. The player that cannot hold the weight, will decapitate. The bets are in! Let the fun begin! Who will be the first to die? The scoundrel who tried to steal my most coveted brothel worker?
Gambler: Guilty as charged.
Kitson: Or will it be one of the Terrans? Criminals wanted for nefarious intergalactic deeds.
Gambler: [To Simmons] If I get out of this, I could use the company of a pretty lady.
Fitz: [Nearly dropping the blade] Hey! Hey! Hey! Knock it off!

[Fitz and Simmons notice Enoch walking away]
Fitz: Hey. Hey! Enoch. Where you going?
Enoch: My mission is complete. The Earth was saved, and you have secured passage home. I have a new mission to find a home for my people.
Fitz: Wait, you're just gonna leave without saying goodbye?
Enoch: You humans have a saying. "Goodbyes suck." I thought I'd spare you.
Simmons: Thank you for everything, Enoch.
Fitz: Thanks, Enoch. Even though you did totally disrupt my life.
Enoch: You are welcome.
Fitz: Come here. [They hug]
Enoch: [Hands Fitz a communicator] "Don't be afraid to call." Another of your expressions.
Fitz: This will contact you?
Enoch: Yes, but use it only as needed, for I will not miss you very much, Leopold Fitz. I am bluffing.
Yo-Yo: Prisoners give you any trouble?
Mack: Well, the big man [Jaco] seemed content on breathing his home planet's air, but the, uh the twitchy dude [Pax] wasn't too thrilled to find out, uh, we were tracking Sarge.
Yo-Yo: That's the first time I've ever heard you say that.
Mack: What? Twitchy?
Yo-Yo: Call somebody a "big man".
Mack: I'm not used to going up against giants.
Yo-Yo: Well, now you know how the rest of us feel when we're talking to you. It involves a lot of looking up.
Mack: You know, I don't feel like a lot of people have been looking up to me lately.
Yo-Yo: You can't let Sarge get to you, Mack. Everybody at S.H.I.E.L.D. believes in you.
Mack: Wish I could say the same.

Mack: You ever hear the name, uh, "Izel"? Keeps popping up in his research. Something from Incan mythology.
Yo-Yo: Oh, right. So, because I'm from South America, I must know something about Incan mythology? I'm Catholic, Mack.

Simmons: Well, so there was actually three monoliths, but they were destroyed. I thought it better not to mention anything before we arrive back on Earth.
Fitz: How did they get on the base? And how were they destroyed?
Simmons: It's complicated, but they created these anomalies. But it did provide us with a beautiful wedding venue.
Fitz: Guess I had to be there.
Simmons: You were, and you were dashing.
Fitz: Oh, yeah, and brave, and I sacrificed myself for the lives of others. Well, looks like you married Mr. Perfect, doesn't it?
Simmons: Are you jealous of yourself?
Fitz: Yep. Yes, I am. 'Cause he'll always be your first husband. I'm only ever gonna be the replacement.
Simmons: You do realize how ridiculous this sounds?
Fitz: Yep, absolutely. [Pause] Have fun on your wedding night?
Simmons: Ohh! It was wonderful. I mean, obviously, you know, it will be nothing compared to the second time.
Fitz: What? I wasn't enough the first time?

May: What's her [Izel's] motive?
Sarge: Hatred. For all living things.
Daisy: What's yours?
Sarge: Love. [Pause] No, it's hate. That's my thing, too. Hate and revenge. She took my family from me. I won't stop until she pays for that.
May: Well, if she's that powerful, how can you kill her?
Sarge: There's only one way to kill the beast. [Holds a sword]
Daisy: A galaxy hopping hate-beast that eats planets, and you want to defeat her with a, um, sword?
Sarge: It's sharp. Feel it.
Mack: Well, Benson gave us some information that might help us understand her. Has Sarge shared how he plans to take her out?
Daisy: It's unclear but it may or may not involve a magical sword.

May: Where is it?
Sarge: Where's what?
Daisy: The bomb. Mack's on the phone. He wants to talk. Your boy Pax squealed.
Sarge: Yes, tell him he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Did he tell you what kind of bomb?
Daisy: One that'll leave a crater 200 miles wide.
Sarge: Well, I don't know miles, but if that's a lot, then yeah, that kind of bomb. I told you I had an insurance policy.
Daisy: You're not gonna use it.
Sarge: I am. You were right. Swords just don't cut it. I'm not taking any chances. When Izel lands, I'm gonna blow her, her ship, and her black tower of death into oblivion.
May: We're just outside a city. You'd kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people along with her.
Sarge: A small price to pay for saving your planet and countless others. Now, we need to get on the same page and get off this truck before we become part of that small price.
Sarge: I can't wait to kill you.
Izel: Are you sure?
Sarge: Dead certain.
Izel: Tell me why is that?
Sarge: Because you robbed me of my family, the woman I love, my home. And then you took the one thing I had left, my memories of them.
Izel: It's not that I stole your memories, Sarge. It's that you never had any to begin with.

Snowflake: [After seeing Daisy use her powers] Are all the females on your planet this powerful?
May: They are.

[Hiding from Izel and her crew]
Fitz: That sounds like S.H.I.E.L.D.
Simmons: I've never been so happy to hear live ammunition.

Mack: All right, everyone. A toast. To those of you who've served since the very beginning. And to those whose journeys have just begun. To the agents we've lost in the line of duty. As well as those who have somehow returned. And to those who stand by us at our best and at our worst. Because without every single one of you, there is no S.H.I.E.L.D.

[In Yo-Yo's quarters]
Mack: Uh, yeah, it's, uh, I don't mean to keep you up. It's just, uh, I have a few things that, uh, I want to say, that I've wanted to say. But, you know, I-I can, um, I can be slow sometimes, so...
Yo-Yo: How many beers have you had?
Mack: N-No, it's, it's not that. It's, uh, t-there are, um, situations that, uh, will, um, will get complicated, no matter how hard you try to...
Yo-Yo: Mack. Today, we survived. It's been a good night. Let's not...
Mack: I screwed up. With you. I screwed up. We've been through hell and back, both of us. And I figured if, if I could get you off my mind, then that would help me be a better Director. You know, clear-headed, even-handed.
Yo-Yo: And did it?
Mack: I don't know, 'cause you're always on my mind. And today, when they took over Z1 and you weren't there, I never for a moment worried you weren't safe. In fact, I knew you would be.
Yo-Yo: I always told you not to worry about me.
Mack: I know. And you were right. I'm not asking for forgiveness now. Just, uh, just a chance to earn it. Eventually. All right, um, Good night. [Goes to leave]
Yo-Yo: [Uses her power to shut the door before Mack leaves] We can take it slow.

Leap [6.10]

Daisy: Did you, by any chance, see May in the corridor?
Davis: Oh. Yeah. After I blacked out, she was the first thing I saw when I came to, so I was in bad shape. She was cool about it, sweet, really.
Yo-Yo: Melinda May was "sweet?" Is there a different meaning for that word?
Davis: She said I looked like I was having trouble, couldn't argue with that, and I had to go rest. And yeah, now that I hear it out loud, she usually is more gruff.

[The team realizes that Izel can possess people but cannot access their memories.]
Yo-Yo: So everybody just needs to share a secret that she wouldn't know. The more private, the better.
Daisy: Right, but it has to be something that one other person can confirm.
Mack: Yeah. We'll clear everyone here first, then everyone else in the base. It's the best plan so far.
Yo-Yo: Okay. I'll go first. Um, I, uh, tell people that the only time I miss Pitosí is during Christmas, but that's not exactly true.
Mack: It's not?
May: No, it's not. She told me.
Yo-Yo: There's one day every year where I miss him more.
May: Your mother's birthday.
Yo-Yo: That's May.
May: She's good, too.
Mack: Okay, um Daisy anonymously sends part of her S.H.I.E.L.D. salary to someone every month.
Daisy: Amanda Campbell, Lincoln's sister. Mack's clear.
Mack: So are you.

[Still testing memories]
Daisy: When we were on Krylor, you took something.
Davis: You knew about that?
Daisy: I was running that mission. I knew everything. Also, you're not smooth like, at all.
Davis: I stole a pen.
Deke: A pen?
Davis: A space pen. I thought it was cool. Aliens write things down. I did not know that.
Daisy: He's clear. And also ridiculous.

Deke: When the monoliths exploded, it opened this Fear Dimension. I fought a Kree, and I saw my mother, which was horrible, and you got married in a forest a few floors down. That was nice. The other you.
Fitz: It actually manifested living things? Flesh and blood?
May: Yes. Coulson went in, sealed it up.
Fitz: Maybe it wasn't a dimension. Izel said the monoliths had the power to create. Now, we know that one monolith was "space", another was "time". What if the third one was "creation"?
May: That's where our fears came from?
Fitz: Yeah, think about it. The physical stones blew apart. That doesn't... It doesn't mean...
Deke: ...Doesn't mean that the energy went away. It could... The light could just be uncontained monolith energy.
Fitz: Exactly. Exactly. We're looking for a link. That could be it.
May: O-Okay, so you're saying that, when Coulson went in there with it...
Fitz: It's possible that the three energies combined to create another Coulson through space and time on some other planet years ago. And he was left there when our Coulson sealed the Gravitonium device.
May: If that's true, he doesn't know it.
Deke: Just saying, the other you thought it was a Fear Dimension.
Fitz: Yeah, well, he wasn't the smart one.

[Sarge is shooting Izel to no effect]
Izel: I know you're trying to hurt me. If it makes you feel any better, you are. Perhaps not in the way you intend, but it still hurts. Even so, it won't end me. And you don't even want that.
Sarge: Of course I do. The same way you want to kill me.
Izel: Kill you? Oh, my poor dear. If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. I was trying to wake you up.
Sarge: Oh, I'm awake. I'm awake enough to remember the people I loved, the family I had, and how it felt when you took them from me.
Izel: It's not true.
Sarge: You're saying you didn't kill them?
Izel: I'm saying you didn't have a family. Those memories, they aren't yours.
Sarge: That makes no sense!
Izel: Then how did I kill them? You can't recall because it didn't happen. The family isn't yours. It's a holdover, an echo from the man whose body you inhabit.
Sarge: No, I don't understand.
Izel: I'm only beginning to fully understand myself. I always wondered how you got this form and where it came from. But now, in this place, they recognize that face here. Don't you see? The monoliths created your body, sent it back through time and space, back home to our realm. A planet where we have no form and yearn for it. This human body arrived. It had form. You took it over and lost yourself, lost me. And in return, you got everything that comes with this unwilling vessel.
Simmons: There was a reason you rushed off to space last year.
Daisy: I went with you to find Fitz.
Simmons: We both know it wasn't just that. You have a pattern. It happened after you got your powers. After Lincoln, you walked away.
Daisy: That has nothing to do with this.
Simmons: Everything around here reminded you of Coulson, so you left. You didn't want to face it.

[Izel has conjured an image of Benson's late husband, Thomas]
Thomas: I was driving. Then seeing something in the road. Then darkness.
Benson: An accident. I sat with you for days, hoping you would wake up.
Thomas: I know.
Benson: What?
Thomas: I heard every word that you said.
Elena: It's a lie, Benson!
Mack: Don't listen to it! It's not real!
Thomas: When the doctor came in and said I was beyond helping, I heard that.
Benson: No.
Thomas: When my dad and sister begged you to hold on longer, I heard that, too.
Benson: You were brain-dead.
Thomas: I heard you say goodbye. I felt your hand on mine. You were so close, I could smell the liquor on your breath.
Benson: No, Thomas. I I-I didn't.
Thomas: How much were you drinking that night?

Sarge: Do you really think you can beat me?
Daisy: Yes. This time, I'll actually kill you.
Sarge: Go ahead. It'd be easier than doing it myself. Come on! What are you waiting for?! Do it! Kill me, Skye! If it works on me, it'll work on her. But you have to do it now, before I get any stronger.
Daisy: Wait...
Sarge: You can't wait. Don't you understand? It's all coming back to me. The memories, the pain. Her song ringing through every bone in my body.
Daisy: What memories?
Sarge: It's too late for that. I'll lose control. I could kill everyone here. End it!
Daisy: I can't do it.
Sarge: You've always been capable of more than you think. Now do it. Do it! Do it.
Daisy: You were gonna sacrifice yourself. It's what Coulson would've done.

Fitz: Maybe we could hyper-stimulate our brains with some sort of chemical, and that way, if she [Izel] possesses us, she won't be able to put us into an unconscious state.
Simmons: You're suggesting we all take amphetamines.
Fitz: Yeah. Yeah, okay, fine. I can see how that would be counterproductive.

Mack: So far, your doomsday ritual is a bit underwhelming.
Izel: This temple was built from the same stone as the Di'Allas. When they all resonate in harmony, they'll open a gateway to my home.
Yo-Yo: So you can go back there and never bother us again?
Izel: My family will come through and take over the Shrike hosts spread across the galaxy.
Mack: If it were that easy, you would've done it already.
Izel: True. With the Di'Allas destroyed, there isn't a way to complete the ritual. We must rebuild them.
Yo-Yo: That sounds like a you problem. And maybe you shouldn't tell us your bad-guy plans. That always happens right before the bad guy dies.
Izel: I'm telling you the problem because you're going to solve it for me. The three monoliths, as you call them you've seen them intact. You know what I can do with them. So your minds are going to create them for me.
Mack: But you can't do it yourself. That's why you need us.
Izel: I've already shown you that humans are incapable of controlling their fears.
Yo-Yo: But we're not afraid of you.
Mack: Our worst fears have nothing to do with you or the damn monoliths. It has to do with losing the people we love.
Yo-Yo: And we've already faced that fear. We're still here.

The Sign [6.12]

May: You kept it in check when Daisy spoke to you. Whatever she did got you thinking straight.
Sarge: There's no thought. Only the rage. And if I see Izel...
May: You'll defeat her. You let the rage out. Then let the other part of you rein it in.
Sarge: It's not as simple as you make it sound.
May: That's why I'll be there. To remind you.

Fitz: You copied tech that you never understood in the first place, and now we've got bugger-all to show for it!
Deke: We've got bugger lots. We are close.
Fitz: [To Simmons] You said our grandson was a delight.
Simmons: He's a work in progress.
Deke: Oh, you know what? You are just jealous that I came up with the big solve.

Fitz: No B.S. Foundation can hide the fact that you built this company not to advance science but to get rich!
Deke: I built this company because no one liked me!
Simmons: Deke, he didn't mean...
Deke: Yes, he did. I built it because I've never belonged anywhere, because the place that I'm from doesn't even exist anymore and because all of my friends are gone. And the woman that I gave lemons to thinks that I'm a loser, so I went out into the world to try and be what everybody wants me to be, and she still thinks that I'm nothing! And my best friend turned out to be a spy, and my girlfriend turned out to be a psychopath.
Simmons: Snowflake was not good for you.
Deke: I was talking about Sequoia. Oh. I mean, the family that I do have wants nothing to do with me.
Simmons: Deke, we care about you. We do.
Deke: You say that and you try to be nice, but you didn't even want me to know that Fitz died.
Simmons: I wanted to spare you the pain.
Deke: But I could've shared that with you. I could've helped. Even my own grandparents think I'm a joke.

Daisy: I know for a fact that he's the only one that can kill Izel.
Mack: Oh, let me guess, he tell you that?
Daisy: Look, Sarge started to remember who he really is. And you would've seen it for yourself if you didn't volunteer to be kidnapped.
Yo-Yo: Do we really have to do this right now?
Mack: You really think this man is Coulson?
Daisy: Maybe not all of him, but he remembered my name. He called me "Skye." How would he have known that?
Mack: Because that's what they do! I went to enough Sunday School to learn that when the devil shows up, he'll be wearing the face of someone you trust! He'll make you question everything you see and everything you know!
Daisy: He is not the devil.
Mack: We don't know what he is.

May: [To Sarge] Don't let that thing inside you take control. There is good in you. Look at me!
Izel: Your friend doesn't know when to quit. Tell me. What do you feel?
Sarge: Anger. And fear. Fear of this pain that's been a knife in my heart for so long.
May: That's love. That pain is love. I know because I was afraid of it, too. But you let me feel it. You gave that gift to me. You pulled me out of that cubicle. You gave me purpose, a crew. Remember me. Remember us: Daisy and Mack and Yo-Yo, Fitz and Simmons. You love us.
Sarge: You're right. It's love. The pain is love.
May: Yes.
Sarge: And now I know how to end it. To cut it out of me. Slice it away and be done with it. [Stabs May with a sword and shoves her through the portal] How's that for a sign?

New Life [6.13]

[Enoch, disguised as Isaiah, has just rescued Fitz and Simmons from two Chronicom hunters]
Enoch: Sorry. This must be confusing, best friend. But I had to take bold action.
Fitz: Enoch?
Enoch: I found that bluffing was much easier if you kill someone and take their skin. There is a second wave of Hunters coming. I have a strategy that will save your lives and the lives of your fellow Agents, but, unfortunately, time is of the essence. We must act now.
Fitz: Yeah, of course. What?
Enoch: This will be the hardest thing you have ever done.
Simmons: I doubt that.
Fitz: Nothing's ever easy with you, is it?
Simmons: What do we have to do?
Enoch: [Dramatically] Change the natural course of your lives forever.
[They have heard this before.]
Simmons: Oh, that again.
Fitz: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Izel: I see you discovered life and death are meaningless in this realm, which is why we find it so curious that you cling to one and dread the other. I sang my song. Connected our worlds. Now I will open the door to this temple so our kind can pass through, find a voice of their own.
May: Humans will fight back. Always do.

Mack: Agent Shaw, you got your orders.
Deke: Stay here and take out any zombies while you go Quake Sarge back to whatever planet he was barfed out on.
Daisy: You sure you can handle the gunplay?
Mack: Oh, he's been practicing his shooting. You should see his video game.

Sarge: Why continue?
Daisy: Let me guess surrender and we'll never suffer again.
Sarge: Oh, no. I'll make sure you do. I'll handpick the spirits to take you, to use your flesh, to ravage your insides. Every waking moment, a battle will rage within you.

[Simmons has brought Mack, Daisy, Yo-Yo, Deke, and a comatose May onto Zephyr One. They realize that they had jumped to 1931]
Daisy: I would say I need a drink but those are illegal now, aren't they?
Mack: Are there any other bombshells you want to drop, Agent Simmons?
Simmons: Yes. There is one. We have a problem that Fitz and I could not solve, but Enoch provided a possible solution. The Chronicom Hunters have Fury's Black Box as well as centuries of anthropological research to pull from. Our team needs an expert in S.H.I.E.L.D. history to have a chance of stopping them, to even know what the Hunters might target. I would ask May her opinion, but she's out of commission for the time being. The rest of us could vote, but truthfully, this decision should be left up to him. And he has already voiced his opposition to anything like this. He has all of his own memories and has been upgraded with complete knowledge of everything he's missed. He has Chronicom hardware, which makes him our most advanced LMD. And there is no better person to be your right hand, sir.
Mack: Simmons...
Simmons: I was deeply against it at first but the more I thought about it, the more I think he'd understand. I believe it's the right thing to do. And frankly, I miss him. So what do you think?
Mack: He would want us to consider the ramifications.
[Daisy presses a button. A door opens revealing an LMD of Coulson]
LMD Coulson II: Hey, guys.

Season 7

[The team find themselves in 1931 New York]
Deke: Navigating the past happens to be my specialty.
Yo-Yo: Last time, you got stupid drunk and ended up in jail.
Deke: That's not true. I was pleasantly drunk. It was hilarious.
Daisy: He'll be fine. It's Prohibition, so alcohol's illegal anyway.
Deke: It's what? Who would think that's a good idea? Even the Kree let us make our own boot juice.

Daisy: That's what I'm worried about. The butterfly effect. Just us being here, walking down the street, we could've already changed the course of events.
Deke: Yeah, the butterfly effect is just one aspect of the multiverse branch theory. Personally, I subscribe to the Time-Stream idea.
Mack: Let me guess. That's the one that lets you do whatever you want.
Deke: Okay. Imagine time as a stream, right? And we were sticks that were thrown into it. The water, it... it moves us... it moves around us.
LMD Coulson II: But it ends up in the same place.
Deke: Right. Now, too many sticks thrown in and that will create what's called a dam, and... and that'll change the direction of the water forever, and that's bad. So as long as we can avoid that, we should be able to splash around a little bit and we're all good.
Mack: Okay, I know where this is going. Agent Shaw, you will not be filing any patents. Is that understood?

[The team is posing as members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police]
Police Officer: What's a gal like you doing trying to be a Mountie? Can't you find a husband?
Daisy: Okay. Yeah, I mean, I wish that I could hold on to a husband. But for some reason, they just end up with broken ribs whenever they give me lip. Now move, or a gal like me will knock out a guy like you in front of people like them.

Cain: Time. You will never comprehend its true nature. Our anthropologists have studied Earth for thousands of years. To speak in metaphor, we know the exact thread to pull at the exact moment to unravel S.H.I.E.L.D... forever.

LMD Coulson II: The new gang. They're after Freddy.
Ernest Hazard Koenig: Oh, applesauce. He's a nobody.
LMD Coulson II: He's a target. Give me a reason.
Koenig: They're not after his dad's money. When old man Malick jumped out that window, his debts were paid.
Daisy: What did you just call him?
LMD Coulson II: His full name. What is it?
Koenig: Wilfred Malick. Why?
Daisy: Wilfred Malick. As in father of Gideon Malick? Future head of Hydra in America?
LMD Coulson II: If the Chronicoms kill Malick, then Hydra is stamped out before it ever takes hold and S.H.I.E.L.D. is never formed.
Daisy: So you're saying, to save S.H.I.E.L.D...
LMD Coulson II: We have to save Hydra.
LMD Coulson II: If Hydra doesn't form, then S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't form in response.
Daisy: Well, because it doesn't have to. I mean, think about all the future lives we'll save if there's no Freddy Malick.
LMD Coulson II: We can't disrupt the timeline. If we take out Malick, something even worse could rise up in his place.
Daisy: But then we'll just deal with it when we get back, right?
Simmons: To a future we won't recognize... Killing Malick was the Chronicoms' intent. They do know the consequences.
Daisy: And we'll only know what happens if he lives. None of this is pretty.
Yo-Yo: But why does it have to be a live-or-die situation? Can't we stay here awhile, uh, be a good influence for him, change his heart?
Simmons: Technically, that would still be killing the historic Malick, who...
Daisy: Has no heart.

[Simmons wants to run tests on a drop of green liquid that she found]
Simmons: I need some alcohol. 90 proof or better.
Koenig: I like the way this bird sings.
Simmons: I'm a biochemist, not a bird. I also need some salt, some cork, something made with silver. Let's hope it's not what I fear.
[After testing]
Simmons: I know what it is. By heating the compound inside an alcohol-based solution, I was able to produce a decomposition reaction, separating and isolating...
Koenig: Whoa, cut... cut... cut to the chase. I'd like to get this package before Christmas.
Simmons: The compound is part of a formula that first appeared in Germany during World War II.
Koenig: D... During World War II? I think you're half-cocked from the moonshine.
Simmons: It was synthesized by a German scientist named Abraham Erskine.
LMD Coulson II: I don't like where this is going.
Simmons: And first used by a man named Johann Schmidt.
Daisy: The Red Skull.
Simmons: Freddy Malick is about to deliver the key ingredient used to create the Super Soldier Serum.
Koenig: You give a name like that to your juice, it better have a helluva kick.
LMD Coulson II: You have no idea.

Daisy: If we don't stop him, he's gonna build up Hydra and create the Red Skull.
LMD Coulson II: He already did. We can't fix the mistakes of the past.
Yo-Yo: Why not?
Koenig: I'm beginning to think you people are crazy. Hydra? Red Skull? Super Soldier Serum? Sounds like something out of the funny papers.
Daisy: Yeah, well, there's nothing funny about it.
LMD Coulson II: We can't stop it.
Daisy: Yes, we can.
LMD Coulson II: I mean we shouldn't. I'm sorry.
Daisy: With all due respect, it's not your call to make. Mack is the Director, and he doesn't have all the information.

[Interrogating a woman from Hydra]
Daisy: Now that I know what you are, I will ask you one more time. Where is Freddy gonna end up?
Woman: On the right side of history. You can't stop progress.
LMD Coulson II: We don't want to stop anything. We just want to find our friends.
Woman: Well, then you can go to Hell.
Koenig: Wait. Wait. I know where that is. I've been there.
Yo-Yo: I'm sure you have.
Koenig: No, no. Hell's Harbor. Where the double-crossers go to double-cross the double-crossers.

[Enoch has been left behind in 1931 with Koenig]
Enoch: It is my specialty. I call it a Barracoolada.
Koenig: Hmm. Ooh. That's a damn fine concoction.
Enoch: I do, as you say, know my onions.
Koenig: Oh, that, you do. You're hired. But I have a couple of conditions. First, I want to know more about this S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit. I feel like I could be a help there.
Enoch: Indeed, you will. As will this fine establishment. What is the second condition?
Koenig: I want to know all there is to know about robots.
Enoch: Chronicoms.
Koenig: Whatever you call yourselves. I-I find it fascinating.
Enoch: As will your grandchildren.
Koenig: My... My grandchildren? Enoch... this looks like the start of a marvelous friendship.
Mack: Look. We know you're not the bad guy. But you may have given access to one, so help us out.
Gerald Sharpe: Okay! Okay. Okay, I'll tell you. [Changes his tone to one of defiance] When hell freezes over. I'm a loyal American. Did you really think that I would break for bush league commie scum like you?
Mack: We're trying to prevent something terrible from happening.
Sharpe: And by "terrible", do you mean America's continued dominance and unparalleled excellence?
Yo-Yo: That arrogance is putting lives at risk.
Sharpe: Oh, is that so, Mamacita? Ooh. Caliente. Good thing your boy's here to keep you in line.
Mack: Did he just call me "boy?"
Sharpe: Allow me to introduce myself. Gerald Sharpe. Department of Defense. Ex-military. I didn't just teach interrogation and resistance, I wrote the field manual. So do your worst.

Simmons: [Speaking to LMD Coulson II] Getting to the bottom of this may be difficult. If the Chronicoms have infiltrated, they would all look and act exactly like this.
LMD Coulson II: Okay, but now you're just trafficking in stereotypes.
Simmons: Well, I mean, perhaps. But until a more diverse population goes into STEM fields, I'm afraid... any one of them could easily be mistaken for a Chronicom.
LMD Coulson II: True, but we don't have to test if they're Chronicoms. We just have to test if they're human. All we have to do is trigger an emotional response.
[Speaking to the group of scientists in front of them]
Simmons: [Speaking quickly holding up three fingers] How many fingers am I holding up? Nope, you're wrong...
Scientist #1: You didn't give me a chance...
Simmons: It was two fingers. Thank you.
LMD Coulson II: John Wayne. Bit overrated, don't you think? I mean, you're rugged, you're on a horse... who cares?
Scientist #2: Who cares? Who cares about John Wayne? America cares.
Simmons: [In tears] She couldn't stay with Rick. She had to go with Victor. Haven't you ever made a sacrifice for someone you love?
Scientist #3: Yes.
LMD Coulson II: How does it make you feel when I say the word "moist"? [Pause] Moist.
Scientist #4: P-Please stop.
LMD Coulson II: Moist.

[Simmons has been posing as Peggy Carter]
Daniel Sousa: Agent Carter?
Simmons: In the flesh.
Sousa: Well. Glad to finally put a face to the name. I gotta say, I've waited a long time to meet the famous Agent Carter. But I'm surprised to find you here, running a security op in our little patch of desert.
Simmons: I apologize for the short notice, but we had to act quickly. I believe this base may have been infiltrated.
Sousa: No. Imagine that. An infiltrator, right under our noses.
Simmons: And you arrived just this morning, Agent...?
Sousa: Call me Daniel.
Simmons: Daniel. And where exactly did you materialize from?
Sousa: I just flew in from L.A.
Simmons: Oh, you work at the old SSR [Strategic Scientific Reserve] office.
Sousa: I'm in charge of it.
Simmons: Daniel, your surname wouldn't happen to be Sousa?
Sousa: It would.
Simmons: Which would make you the former colleague of Agent Peggy Carter.
Sousa: It would.
Simmons: I suppose you'll be arresting me now.
Sousa: You got it all figured out, don't you?

Sousa: [Sees Daisy in his office] Who the hell are you?
Daisy: Who I am is on a need to know basis.
Sousa: I need to know.
Daisy: Ah, no, you don't. Because I don't exist and we never met. Now, can you shut the door, please?
Sousa: Not to be rude, but it's been one of those days, so produce some credentials or I'm gonna put you in handcuffs.
Daisy: Here. [Shows him a card] I should inform you that's not my real name. My initials are "C", "I", and "A". Catch my drift?
Sousa: Subtle, but yeah, I get it. I'm also gonna call your bosses in Foggy Bottom and confirm it. [Picks up a phone]
Daisy: Oh, please do. I'm sure they would love to learn how two moles walked into this base on your watch. Let me guess. They rolled in with flawless ID cards, made a beeline for the scientists... for some routine questioning?
Sousa: [Puts down the phone] How'd you know that?
Daisy: CIA. We know all. Even about you, Mr. Sousa. How you were a scout for the 28th infantry till you took shrapnel at Bastogne, worked at Isodyne Energy, took down Hugh Jones and the Council of Nine. And those are just the investigations that I am cleared to talk about.
Sousa: Why are you really here? Is this about the report I sent you guys?
Daisy: I can neither confirm nor deny that.
Sousa: Well, I hope so. Because if S.H.I.E.L.D. has been infiltrated with sleepers post-World War II, we need to root it out right now, before it takes hold.
Daisy: Look, all I can say is that you are not crazy. And the people that you have locked up [Simmons and LMD Coulson II] might be the key to proving it.
[Outside the cell where Simmons and LMD Coulson II are being held]
Sousa: The lady pretending to be Carter? Worst fake accent you've ever heard.
Daisy: You should tell her that.

[In the cockpit of Zephyr One]
Mack: [Over an intercom from Zephyr One to Sharpe, who is on the ground] Earthling. You will not reveal what you've seen here today, or the next time we abduct you... you will be... [Pause] probed. [Flies away]
[In a nearby diner]
Sharpe: Someone help me! I was just abducted by aliens!
Waitress: Looks like we got a live one.
Sharpe: You have to believe me! I saw their spaceship! And... And I'm pretty sure they were Communists... from the future!
LMD Coulson II: [Narrating in a film noir parody] Fate. I don't believe in it. But I know history. I know how the story goes. And when it's playing out right in front of you, it feels like you can't escape it. That fate's gonna catch up to you, tap you on the shoulder, whisper in your ear that your time's up.
[Cut to Sousa confronting someone]
Sousa: I thought I shook you. [He is shot]
LMD Coulson II: And then your story ends. Sometimes the hero has to die, and there's nothing you can do about it. That day started in a fog. My circuits were crossed up. Color had bled from the world, and I could hear my thoughts pinging around my head.

[Deke is driving Yo-Yo to pick up an object]
Deke: In the '50s, were women allowed to drive?
Yo-Yo: Yes, of course. Why would you...
Deke: I'm sorry! I don't know. I mean, we were just in the '30s and they were really stylish, but it was... so sexist and racist. But the '50s, though... are still pretty sexist and racist.
Yo-Yo: It always gets better, just never fast enough.
Deke: And some things never change.
Yo-Yo: Can't hurt to try, though.

[LMD Coulson II is posing as a scientist]
LMD Coulson II: The agent's life... must be exciting.
Sousa: It fills the days. Lot of threats out there.
LMD Coulson II: Russians.
Sousa: And others. Lying low, biding time. I take it science doesn't leave much time for a personal life either.
LMD Coulson II: I don't follow.
Sousa: No ring on your finger.
LMD Coulson II: There was someone. I couldn't stick around long enough to make it last. How 'bout you?
Sousa: Similar story.

Mack: It's easier to let a bad man live than to let a good man die.
LMD Coulson II: That's catchy, and I wish I'd said it, but Agent Sousa's sacrifice was an inspiration to others in S.H.I.E.L.D.
Mack: Like yours was for the Avengers.
LMD Coulson II: Well, let's not oversell it.

[After waking from being shot with an ICEr, Sousa sees a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the wall and realizes the team's affiliation]
Sousa: S.H.I.E.L.D.
LMD Coulson II: Future S.H.I.E.L.D. We're in a fight against body-snatching robots from another planet who want to wipe us out and take the Earth. The melting man you saw was one of them.
Sousa: Why didn't you lead with that?
LMD Coulson II: Do I really have to answer?
Sousa: You'd be surprised what I've seen.
LMD Coulson II: I sort of doubt that.
[The team is now in 1973. Sousa emerges from a clothing store still wearing his suit from 1955]
Daisy: What happened to blending in?
Sousa: I just don't understand the functional appeal of those... elephant... pants.
Daisy: You mean the bell-bottoms?
Sousa: Sure. How do people in your time function with all the extra fabric around their feet?
LMD Coulson II: I got news for you. This isn't actually our time period.
Daisy: Well, fortunately, there's unfashionable squares in every decade, so you are... set.
Sousa: And nobody seems to look you in the eye now.
May: Wait 'til they all get cellphones.
Sousa: So, I was thinking, how do you guys know I was supposed to die in 1955?
LMD Coulson II: It's in the history books.
Sousa: Yeah, but... but what if you always plucked me out of time? Does that mean I always survive? And if we end up in your present, will we even be in the same timeline?
Daisy: I'd stop thinking about it. Your brains will spill out.

Deke: Sometimes you punch the bag, sometimes the bag punches you, am I right? I get that Mack wants me to do combat training before I return to the field, but seriously, I got kidnapped by a Hydra boss one time.
Simmons: I don't think Freddy will be bothering you anymore, considering his funeral was three years ago.
Deke: Good riddance. Not that I was... rooting for his death, but kinda. Did you hear anything from Bobo? Bobo... or grandpappy, whatever you want to call him.
Simmons: Oh, Fitz. No, I haven't heard. But, um, even if I had, I couldn't disclose...
Deke: Right, because the Chronicoms will probe our brains and blah, blah, blah, and it's very dangerous, no one can know... I get it.
Simmons: We'll be reunited soon.
Deke: Well, I hope so. Because if you and Fitz don't... bump lemons... so to speak... You know, my mom is never going to exist, and then I won't be born... again. I think. But, honestly, I've made so many mistakes in my life, I wouldn't mind a chance at a little do-over.
Simmons: Wouldn't it be easier to prevent the mistakes through, say, preparation?
Deke: Taking the hint. Letting you get back to work. Bye, Nana.

[Mack and Yo-Yo are scouting the Lighthouse]
Yo-Yo: I was wondering why you brought me here. I'm hardly even fit for recon. What if we run into complications, Mack?
Mack: You're damn fine at what you do, with or without your powers. They don't define you.
Yo-Yo: Then why do you call me "Yo-Yo?"
Mack: 'Cause you always bounce back.
[After noticing that the base is still occupied]
Yo-Yo: Let's take the Quinjet and get back.
Mack: What, are you worried? It's still S.H.I.E.L.D., just an active base.
Yo-Yo: You saw the man in blue
Mack: The Agent in the throwback uni? Hell, I thought he looked pretty tight.
Yo-Yo: You ever see a James Bond movie, Mack? An underground base full of men in jumpsuits... always a bad deal. [A door opens, revealing a rocket being assembled] See? Called it.

Sousa: No. Is that... Little Ricky?
LMD Coulson II: If by "Little Ricky" you mean General Rick Stoner, then yes. He's top brass at S.H.I.E.L.D. You knew him?
Sousa: Yeah. I remember when he was an enlistee. Poor kid couldn't tell a mag from a clip.
Stoner: Alright, thank you. Thank you for coming. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank all of you for being here today. I know that you are all excited to, uh, kick off S.H.I.E.L.D.'s next phase in global security. So please welcome the man responsible, my boss and our friend, Wilfred Malick.
May: Freddy's still alive.
Freddy: Thanks, General. So good to be here. I got my start working in this gin joint, long before it was a S.H.I.E.L.D. asset. Look how far we've come. From hiding underground, keeping vigilant watch, to having eyes in the sky, ensuring the Earth's safety. Using targeting satellites and pinpoint laser telemetry, S.H.I.E.L.D. will now be able to neutralize hostiles anywhere in the world before they pose a threat.
Sousa: This sound familiar to you?
LMD Coulson II: Yeah. Sounds like Hydra's 40 years ahead of schedule.
Freddy: I present to you... Project Insight.
Sousa: So, these folks are secretly squids.
LMD Coulson II: No, just a few at the top are Hydra. Most are loyal S.H.I.E.L.D., like Stoner.

[LMD Coulson II, May, Daisy, and Sousa are fleeing Chronicoms when they see a car pull up]
Enoch: Come with me if you want to continue to exist!
Daisy: Enoch, you're here.
Enoch: Yes. As I have been for the last 40 years. Now buckle up.
LMD Coulson II: Sorry we left you behind, thanks for the lift, and sweet ride.
Enoch: Thank you. Consumer Reports gave this vehicle a five-star safety rating, and its fuel economy is best in class.
[Daisy wakes up after Nathaniel Malick captured her and Sousa]
Daisy: My head. Ohh, I can barely... Feels like there's cement running through my veins.
Sousa: Drugs. Haven't been this messed up since the field hospital.
Daisy: I want to hear that story when I can remember it. [Tests her powers] I can't quake. Malick's little psycho...
Nathaniel: Psycho? That's unfair... and very well-timed. Wow. Right as I'm walking in. Hi. Nathaniel. Uh, the two of you took me hostage... changed my life.
Daisy: Yeah. Uh, will you unchain us, and we can hug it out? And Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. can be together at last.
Nathaniel: Hydra? I-I look like Hydra to you? Take a look at Ron's suit. Guy's here 'cause he's got mouths to feed, not 'cause he worships a space octopus. No. Religion's not really my thing.
Sousa: I don't want to know what your thing is, kid.
Nathaniel: But it's you, Daniel. You're my thing. Whoa. Come on. Danny. You know. I know. Daisy here can move things without touching them. And you? You either fought the Krauts in diapers or you're aging much slower than the other 60-somethings I know.

[Daisy is very weak after Nathaniel finished a round of experimentation on her]
Sousa: Hey, hey, hey. You wanted to hear my story, right? Right, well, I think it was, uh, foggy. I can't really remember the hit, but I came to, and my leg was a pulpy mess... and I was completely alone. Okay. And then Mike Stephens showed up. And the thing about Mike is he was a resolute ass. He would never shut up. He was always bullying the new guys, stole cigs. But that day, he just kept talking to me... carried me back from the line. Hey. Hey. Wake up. Okay? Stay awake, okay? For the next couple hours, he stayed with me. When the Germans advanced, when the cold got so bad I thought we would freeze, he just kept telling me, "We are going home". And then at some point, I was in a field stretcher, and, uh... Mike wasn't. So... consider my yapping as a way of passing on the favor. We are going home, Agent Johnson. You hear me? We're going home. But you have got to fight.

[Deke had disabled Enoch after seeing him working on an implant in Simmons]
Simmons: Forget what you saw. Enoch is a friend.
Deke: No, no, what I just saw was Creepytown, USA, population... the... the two of you. No, no. I want answers... real ones.
Simmons: He was fixing my memory so we can fix the ship.
Deke: Wait a second. Do you... Do you not know how to fix the time machine that you are currently ripping apart?
Simmons: You cannot imagine how impossible it was to track the Chronicoms through time. But Fitz and I found a place where all their moves could be observed. And to guide us, Fitz stayed there. He is completely exposed, and they will kill him if they find him, so no one can know his location.
Deke: But you knew.
Simmons: Yes. I designed a biological implant to suppress my memories. I named her "Diana." She's adorable, and we're inseparable. Literally.
Deke: But then you won't remember how to find Fitz again.
Simmons: I'm worried I might. Diana is acting up, and I'm... I'm forgetting the things I'm supposed to know, and more dangerously, I'm remembering the things I'm not.

LMD Coulson II: What's the difference between a Chronicom and a human?
Sibyl: Time. Humans have a limited amount of it and therefore fear death. They act irrationally to prevent themselves or others from experiencing death. Chronicoms cannot die. Time has no consequence. You should ask yourself which category you fall into.
LMD Coulson II: So, that's the difference that makes your species more valuable.
Sibyl: Less fleeting. With a home planet intact, we will exist long after you're gone. Once you realize that, you'll give up. Or... you'll run out of...
LMD Coulson II: ...Time. Yeah, you said that. I would argue that you're wrong about three things, if you don't mind.
Sibyl: Please.
LMD Coulson II: First... the difference is sacrifice. Yeah, time is limited... which means sacrifice comes at a real cost... not just data. Heart and pain and blood and sweat and tears... all the good human stuff. And we will never give up.
Sibyl: You said I was wrong about three things. What's the third?
LMD Coulson II: Me. You see, I haven't feared death for a long time.
Sibyl: Is that so?
LMD Coulson II: Yeah. The fact is, dying... it's kind of my super power.

Deke: Um, yeah, E-Enoch, I'm sorry... about before. I-I didn't realize that things were so dire.
Simmons: And... ?
Deke: And... you are a valued member of our family.
Enoch: That is the greatest compliment one could be paid. Apology accepted.
[Mack and Deke are stranded in 1983. Mack found out that Deke has a band performing songs from later in the 1980s.]
Deke: This isn't a cover band. The band is a cover. Director, I want to introduce you to The Deke Squad. That's Roxy Glass. She runs covert ops and tactical. Kind of the brains of the operation. Alright, y'all ready? Tommy and Ronnie Chang, a.k.a. The Chang Gang. Both masters of disguises, not to mention total honey pots. Olga Pachinko... resistance from the Balkans. Only speaks limited English, though she is fluent in the international language... demolitions. And finally, there's Cricket. Cricket's... well, I mean, mostly, we just really needed a drummer.
Mack: Wait, wait, wait. Didn't you tell me that dude was shady?
Deke: Yeah, but that was before I found out he had a steady job.
Mack: Doing what?
Deke: Selling coke. Although, I've never seen him drink any.
Mack: Look, I appreciate the effort you put in. I really do. But this is terrible spy-craft to be this high-profile.
Deke: Exactly. That's the whole point. Think about the practical applications. We move freely from town-to-town. Big cases of high tech "equipment" are part of the gig. And any strange behavior, they just chalk it up to drugs.

Olga: Cursed machines will not lick defeat unless we slay head robot.
Deke: I think you mean "taste" defeat, but props on the English.

Deke: [To an attacking robot] Hey! Surrender now, and I promise not to make a Speak & Spell out of your spare parts. 'Cause that would probably be embarrassing for a robot.

[Deke is about to introduce Mack to Mack's younger self]
Deke: Last semester, you got straight A's, you racked up the high score on Ms. Pac-Man and you cried buckets when you read Where the Red Fern Grows.
Mack: That stays between us.
Deke: Not making any promises.
Mack: Uncle Marcus's car looks nicer than I remember.
Deke: You don't say.
Mack: How are Reuben and I... doing with, uh... You know.
Deke: Still hard. I mean, they were your parents. I don't think that pain ever goes away completely. But every day's a little easier, and your Uncle Marcus has been great. I think that you and Reuben are even closer in this timeline. Now, remember, you're just a friend from my band, okay?
Mack: Yeah, okay, but what instrument do I play?
Deke: I don't know. I was thinking maybe... harmonica?
Mack: Oh, what? Harmonica? Oh, hell no. No. No, no, no, no. I'm a sax man all the way.
Deke: Of course the big man plays the sax. Alright, I'm into that, but we're gonna have to get you a couple lessons. It's got to be authentic.

[After his body was destroyed in the previous episode, Coulson is now a Max Headroom-like figure]
May: Good to see you, Deke. [Casually] You, too, Coulson.
Max-Headroom Coulson: That's really not the reaction I was expecting.
May: Simmons gave specific orders to find your hard drive. Said it was our most important asset. I might even agree with her.
Max-Headroom Coulson: Did she mention anything about...
May: Building you a new body?
Max-Headroom Coulson: Yeah.
May: You'll just have to wait and see.
Max-Headroom Coulson: That's cold, May, even for you.
Yo-Yo: This plan's pretty thin, May.
May: I'd rather have a thin plan than live through the '80s again.

Yo-Yo: We never came up with a cover story.
May: Well, just try to keep it simple, tell part of the truth.
Yo-Yo: An alien bird flew into my mouth in the future.
May: Maybe not that part.

Deke: Stand back. There's gonna be a big surge of electricity. Electricity's dangerous.
Sousa: Do I look like a Neanderthal to you?
Enoch: I spent time with a tribe of Neanderthals. Agent Sousa does not resemble one. He lacks the characteristic brow ridges.

Jiaying: Yes. We did a thorough search for any contaminants, foreign particles, pathogens. Nothing came up. I'm sorry, Elena, but your problem isn't physical. It's in your mind.
Yo-Yo: So, that's it? That's your theory? I'm not making this up. This is real.
Jiaying: The fact that it's psychological doesn't make it any less real.

Simmons: [Recording a message] Fitz, I don't know if you'll ever get this, but the mission hasn't exactly gone as planned. I'm not sure why we lost contact when I rescued the team from Izel's temple, but the drive is malfunctioning, and we may have to abandon the Zephyr in 1983. Yo-Yo might be able to fix it, but if not... It won't be easy, but I know we'll find some way to be together again. Time, space... it's never stopped us before. And I won't stop trying. I love you.
Daisy: You won't believe this, but I keep...
LMD Coulson III: Repeating the same events over and over again? Yeah. How long did it take you to figure it out this time? I was really hoping not to have this conversation again, but if you forgot everything we went through, I guess that means you died again.
Daisy: I died?! "Again"?
LMD Coulson III: And always say it just like that. We're the only two who remember, so each time you die in one of these loops, you don't remember anything in the next reset, so then you have to learn everything all over again.
Daisy: That's awful.
LMD Coulson III: It's annoying. 'Cause who has to teach you every time? This guy. I've done it 14 times so far.
Daisy: We've done this 14 times?
LMD Coulson III: Oh, no. No, no, no. You've died 14 times. We've been through this loop 87 times, or I should say 87 that I know about.
Daisy: That you know about?
LMD Coulson III: 'Cause you don't come power me up every time! It's okay. Not your fault. P.S., not a big fan of starting each loop powered down. Disconcerting.

LMD Coulson III: Someone keeps trying to kill our people. Why doesn't that piss you off? It should. I'm sorry. I don't like watching you die. I don't like watching any of you die... over and over.
Daisy: We will figure this out. You know we will.
LMD Coulson III: Sure. But in the meantime, it is soul-crushing. If I even have a soul.
Daisy: Don't talk like that again. Of course you have a soul.
LMD Coulson III: Don't say that. Don't say "of course". I'm not who I was. I'm this thing. I was Max Headroom for a year. And you know what? Being trapped in a time loop, watching my friends die, helpless to stop it, it's not some time-space anomaly. It's a damn metaphor. This is my life now.
Daisy: Does it not occur to you that I might know something about watching my friend die over and over again?
LMD Coulson III: This is different.
Daisy: Is it?
LMD Coulson III: I will watch all of you die, one by one. Everyone I love. Because someone decided I should. I'm a machine now. I have programming.

[In one time loop, the team was thoroughly beaten]
May: Deke's dead?
Daisy: Very.
Mack: Do we need to be sad about that?
Daisy: We do not.

Daisy: Every time I ask you for help, you say yes. Even if I don't ask, you're waiting here to make sure I rest or... whatever. Why? Be honest.
Sousa: Honest? I know your type.
Daisy: My what, now?
Sousa: I know people like you. Some of my favorite people are people like you. Focused on the greater good, even at your own expense. You want people to think you like being alone, even though you always end up back with friends. You hate losing.
Daisy: Everyone hates losing.
Sousa: Yeah, but you'll keep running at the problem full-tilt until you either solve it or slam headlong into a brick wall.
Daisy: Some of those walls are literal.
Sousa: I know.
Daisy: But how does that...
Sousa: Because when people like you run into those walls, you should have someone there to pick you back up.
Daisy: And you... you like to... be that someone?
Sousa: Not for everyone. It helps if they're fun to be around and if they say what they mean and if they have that superpower where they can rock things around, which is very impressive.
Daisy: That's, um... that is awfully specific.

[To save the team, Enoch has sacrificed a key component keeping him alive]
Daisy: Does it hurt?
Enoch: It does, a bit. But it's not the physical pain that troubles me. I am acutely aware that in my thousands of years observing humans, I never used to feel lonely. I have been alone many times. To be candid, I preferred it. But it wasn't until I met this particular team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that being alone meant... feeling lonely. And I don't care for it. So, I am feeling, as you might expect, some anxiety now.
LMD Coulson III: You don't have to. You're not alone. Daisy and I will stay with you right up to the end.
Enoch: That is very kind of you. But... it's that last part, isn't it? You can stay with me up to the end, but you can't come with me at the end. I will have to leave you. And I will have to do that alone. And I can't help wondering... when that happens... will I feel lonely?
LMD Coulson III: I can say with some authority that you're not wrong. Dying is lonely. But the feeling is temporary... at least for the person dying. The ones who are left behind... less so. I guess that's the one advantage to going first.
Enoch: Yes. It's different, watching your friends go before you, isn't it? I have been through that, as well. It can be harder to stay than to leave. I'm sorry, Philip J. Coulson.
Daisy: Enoch, the team will carry on the mission. We will survive because of you. Thank you.
Enoch: You are most welcome. But, Agent Johnson, while your friends will indeed survive, the team will not.
Daisy: What do you mean?
Enoch: I have seen the future. Carry on this mission and cherish it, for it will be your last mission together.
Daisy: It... That's... That's not possible. I-I... Enoch, this is my family.
Enoch: Of course. Yet this is the nature of family, isn't it? I have seen it countless times on countless worlds. People arrive, so we celebrate, and people leave us, so we grieve. We do what we can with the time in between, but the cycle is always there. No one escapes it. Not even me.
LMD Coulson III: Which means you're not alone. You're a part of that cycle.
Daisy: Like every other living thing.
Enoch: Fitz... He was my best friend.
Daisy: And you were a good friend to Fitz. You were a good friend to all of us.
Enoch: As I have always...
[Enoch dies, leaving Coulson and Daisy staring tearfully]

Stolen [7.10]

LMD Coulson III: Timeline's coming apart. We have to put it back. Nathaniel Malick's out there with quake powers and a new base. You made a promise to Daisy's mom that she wouldn't have to fight him alone. I think it's time to keep that promise.

Young John Garrett: I've seen it all, bud, everything you did to me.
LMD Coulson III: I'm sorry. Have we met?
Garrett: Not yet, but I got a sneak peek at my future, and you play a big part in it. Here's a hint: you vaporize me with a space laser.
LMD Coulson III: Garrett. Clever, digging up our greatest hits.
Garrett: I'm not even mad. They let me watch you die a bunch of times. Made me feel better.
LMD Coulson III: Oh, yeah? Which one was your favorite?
Garrett: Uh... Oh. Long-haired creepo, stabbed you with a pointy stick. That was funny.
LMD Coulson III: You haven't changed a bit. And I'm aware that statement makes no sense.

Sousa: [Regarding his new prosthetic leg] I think I'm a fan of the 21st century.
Daisy: Yeah, don't get your hopes up. We make a mean prosthetic, but, uh, fascism is back.
Sousa: You mean the thing I helped wipe out 10 years ago?
Daisy: Yeah. The past won't leave us alone.
Sousa: Yeah, Mack caught me up. You know, you said her name to me when Malick was doing a number on you. "Jiaying."
Daisy: Hydra did the same thing to her. They cut her up, they took her power, in my past and in her future. She can heal herself, live a long time.
Sousa: Malick thought that's what I could do. He's after the real thing now.
Daisy: Did Mack say anything about what happened with her and I? Yeah, well, things got really bad, and it's a long story. But it came to an end.
Sousa: Maybe now's your chance to experience what she was like before that. You should talk to her.
Daisy: No, I shouldn't. She can't know who I am.
Sousa: Why not?
Daisy: Because of the timeline...
Sousa: The timeline is screwed. Pardon my French. And look who you're talking to: a guy who served under "I Like Ike" and was supposed to be dead by now.
Daisy: Ike?
Sousa: Point is, you got a rare opportunity here. I got a list of people long gone by now I'd do anything to have one last stolen moment with. Regardless of what space-time has to say about it.

Jiaying: Kora lost control. There were accidents. The more I tried to help, the more she pulled away.
Daisy: That must be hard. Being so close to someone and not being able to reach them.
Jiaying: The others, they wanted her gone. But they don't see what I do. Kora has a good heart. She's worth saving.
Daisy: Well, she's lucky to have you.
Jiaying: My power has allowed me to live a long life. I used to think it was my greatest gift, but I was wrong. It was her. [Off Daisy's look] Sorry. Did I say something?
Daisy: Growing up, I never knew my mom. And when I finally found her, she wasn't who I'd hoped she would be.
Jiaying: She hurt you. I can't speak to your mother's reasons, but for me, sometimes, trying to do the right thing comes out all wrong.

Simmons: Why am I here? What do you want?
Nathaniel: My pal Sibyl ran the numbers, and every outcome where we don't come out on top has one thing in common.
Simmons: Fitz.
Kora: I'm sorry about your [Mack's] parents. They didn't deserve to die. But it's also the proof you needed.
Daisy: Proof?
Kora: You must realize it by now.
LMD Coulson III: Proof that this is a new timeline.
Kora: He gets it. That old one that you were fighting to preserve is long gone. Director, you still remember growing up with your parents. Daisy grew up without a sister because I died alone weeks ago. Yet here we are.

Kora: I thought I had a happy childhood.
Daisy: Didn't you?
Kora: Every child loves her mother.
Daisy: Not every mother loves her back.
Kora: I'm sorry you didn't get that.
Daisy: I'm sorry you threw it away.
Kora: I just want to spend time together, to talk. With you and me on the same page, we can do anything.
Daisy: What, like a sister superhero squad?
Kora: Sibyl said there is no future where Daisy Johnson lets her sister fight alone.
Daisy: Sibyl dropped Kora in my lap because they knew I'd want to save her. The thing is, I already have a sister to save. Her name is Jemma Simmons.

Daisy: Enoch said that this will be the team's last mission together.
Mack: Well, maybe it's time. We've had a crazy ride.
Daisy: What? How can you say that? That's it? Just, "Talk to you later"?
Mack: Look, we have these things called phones. Now, I know you millennials like to use them just for taking pictures of yourselves, but in the '80s, we actually used them to talk to each other.
Daisy: I'm serious. We're not just gonna turn into the people who used to work together and, you know, "Hey, I'm in town", and, "We used to be close a long time ago". That's...
Mack: Sounds like we might.
Daisy: You guys are my family. I don't know who I am without you guys.
Mack: You know exactly who you are. With anyone. [Sees Daisy glance at Sousa] Really? Subtle.
Daisy: In the time loops, we kind of kissed. Whatever. He's a dork.
Mack: See, that's messed up, because he doesn't remember that.
Daisy: Then why are you smiling?
Mack: 'Cause Yo-Yo owes me $20.
Daisy: It won't be the same.
Mack: No, it won't. But that's okay.

Mack: What are your intentions?
Sousa: Sir?
Mack: With Daisy.
Sousa: I don't have any intentions.
Mack: Well, then, you better get some. And quick. 'Cause this thing is coming for you.
Sousa: This thing?
Mack: She's into you. And I'm not even sure she knows it yet, but pretty soon, she'll figure it out. And when she does, watch out. 'Cause when she gets something into her head...
Sousa: She won't stop. Yeah, I noticed.
Mack: But listen, Daisy's been hurt. Bad. So, I'm happy she's ready to dive back in, and I'm happy it's you. I like you. You seem like a good man. Even if you're a little, you know, straight ahead...
Sousa: Wait, is that bad?
Mack: But I'm not about to let her get hurt again. You hear what I'm saying?
Sousa: I think so. I think you're... threatening me. Sir.
Mack: No. Not just me. Every member of this team. And we have technology at S.H.I.E.L.D. that you've never even seen...
Sousa: I hear you. Loud and clear. I would never hurt her.
Mack: [Lightens up a bit] Imagine that. The man out of time and Quake. Just like a damn comic book.
Sousa: Hold on. What did you just call her?
Mack: Quake. It's her superhero name.
Sousa: Really?
Mack: [Starting to giggle] Yeah. Yeah, really.
Sousa: [Also starting to giggle] Do you not hear how hilarious that sounds? Quake.

Daisy: Thank you.
Sousa: For what?
Daisy: Just, being here.
Sousa: It was nothing, but you're welcome, Quake.
Daisy: I'm sorry, what, now?
Sousa: Nothing, just happy to help, Quake. Whatever you need.
Daisy: Are you being funny?
Sousa: Uh, is it funny? Not if that's what you like to be called, Quake.
Daisy: The press called me that. I never...
Sousa: You should probably put a Q on your utility belt so people know it's you.
Daisy: That is really smart, yeah. Yeah, yeah, make fun of the person who can literally turn you to dust.
Sousa: Yeah, you can Quake me. No, I get it. That's why they call you that.
[The Chronicoms had injected Simmons with a substance that is messing with her memory.]
Deke: Fitz.
Simmons: I know that name.
Deke: Yes. You do. Maybe this will help, okay? [In a Scottish accent] I'm the man you love. We're a team. You're bio, I'm tech. My name is...
Simmons: ...James Bond.

LMD Coulson III: I'll say it if no one else will. That's a Chronibomb.

May: I'm still getting used to the idea of you as a techie.
LMD Coulson III: I'm still getting used to the idea of me as just "tech".
May: You really believe that?
LMD Coulson III: No. Not really. Still figuring it out.
May: Me too. We're not the same people we were.
LMD Coulson III: Pretty sure everyone would agree on that.
May: I'm wondering if we change the timelines or if they change us.
LMD Coulson III: The Melinda May I know would never ask these philosophical questions.
May: Which is the point. How did I become this me?
LMD Coulson III: I don't know. But I like this you. And if I'm completely honest, I like this me, as well.

[Simmons's memory is still scrambled.]
Simmons: I keep forgetting. Where are we going?
Daisy: Home.
Simmons: Home. I have a home. And I'm married. I remember being married. Is that a secret? Who did I marry? I can smell his hair, but I can't see his face.
Daisy: We'll talk about this later.
Simmons: But isn't this later? It's about being married, joining together, join. I can do it, even if I don't know why. Marriage is the key. Heart in hand and singing. Can a key sing? After we're joined, we're unstoppable. But I'm afraid we stopped.

Sibyl: Here's something much more interesting. There's a 100 percent chance that this is the last time the S.H.I.E.L.D. team will ever be together. The end is at hand.
[One person will have to stay behind to send the rest of the team to the main timeline]
Daisy: I don't know if that matters. 'Cause this is the last mission together, isn't it?
Fitz: How could you know that?
Simmons: Enoch told us. Before he died.
Fitz: Yeah, that's true. In fact, no matter what the outcome, this will be the last time we're all in the same room together. Ever.
Sousa: I'll stay. I belong here. I've already been given the privilege of a second chance, of meeting all you fine people. It's only right. If the Army taught me anything, it's that you can't...
Deke: [Blows a raspberry] I'll stay. First of all, I'm the one with the scientific knowledge to be able to repatch the power. Danny boy over here is still impressed by a light bulb.
Sousa: That's not accurate or nice.
Deke: And second, seems like you and Daisy have a real thing going, and I just want you to be happy. [To Fitz] And third, as long as you reconnect with Nana and then, you know, connect, then maybe you'll see me again someday. And honestly, I'm kind of a rock god here, anyway.
Mack: Watch over little Alphie, will you? Hell, watch over all of us.
Deke: You know I will. I don't...
Mack: You don't give up on friends. I know better than anyone. Thank you for everything, Agent Shaw.

Mack: That's some serious flying there.
May: That used to be all I did.

Daisy: [About to fight Nathaniel] If you've seen my battles, you know how this will end.

LMD Coulson III: The war's over.
Sibyl: You surrender?
LMD Coulson III: We won. Fitz and Simmons are retaking the Lighthouse as we speak. [Noticing Sibyl smirking] Oh, a creepy smile. That's new.
Sibyl: So that's where they are. All available Hunters, disembark for the Lighthouse, where we have established a stronghold. All spacecraft, prepare to fire on previously targeted S.H.I.E.L.D. posts.
LMD Coulson III: Now it's my turn to smile. We just needed you to enter your authorization.
Sibyl: Oh? And what comes next?
May: [Enters through the ceiling] The Cavalry.

[One year later, the team holds a virtual reunion.]
Simmons: I vote we make this a tradition.
Mack: Yeah. I agree. We can't lose touch. We've been through too much together. A miracle we survived. Well, except for Coulson. And Fitz.
LMD Coulson III: And Daisy.
Simmons: And May.
Yo-Yo: Geez, I was a zombie once.
Fitz: So was Mack, actually.
Yo-Yo: Really? Was I there for that?
LMD Coulson III: Look, if this is a contest, I died like seven times.
May: Is that all?
Daisy: But I didn't even exist in Deke's timeline.
Yo-Yo: Aw, Deke.
Simmons: Deke.
Daisy: I miss that little weirdo.
Simmons: Yeah. We may see him again one day.
Mack: Look, I'm sure the D is doing just fine. He's probably playing Madison Square Garden right now.


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