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Ahmad Shamlou , also known under his pen name A. Bamdad (December 12, 1925 – July 23, 2000) was an Iranian poet, writer, and journalist.



  • "I am not a story to tell me

I am not a song to sing me

I am not a sound to hear me

or something so that you see me

or something so that you know me

I am the common pain

cry me"


the love

near the post barrier

the love should be hidden in the back room of the house...

it is a strange time baby ...

He knocks on the door at night

has coming for killing the light

light must be hidden in the back room of the house"


  • I was douted

about flying

while my shoulders

was bent

under the pressure of

the power of the wings

from his letters to his wife[edit]

  • Ayda

"let me share with you this secret:

in love,more than anything else, more than pleasure,

I want its heat and passion!...

more than anything else,I like its enthiusiasm;

and more than anything else.I want its Impatience and its restleeness...

your silence dries up poetry in my soul!

poetry, is my life

your words are the main theme of this life...

and the main theme of this life should be

"... like the blood in my veins"

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