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The seventh season , takes place in Michigan and centers around a cult terrorizing a suburb in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election.

Election Night [7.01][edit]

Kai Anderson : Enjoy your latte bitch
Kai Anderson: What's the thing that scares you the most?
Winter Anderson: Honestly, Kai? You.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [7.02][edit]

Meadow Wilton: I can't drink this stuff without thinking of Beyoncé now. [drinking lemonade]

Harrison Wilton: Lesbians, we're under attack!

Mid-Western Assassin [7.06][edit]

Sally Keffler: You're not a conservative. You're a reactionary. You use fear and the fantasy of a time that never was "when people left their doors unlocked." People like Mr. Anderson and Trump are not the garbage. They are the flies that the garbage has drawn. It's time that we stop worrying about the flies and we start hauling away the garbage.

Sally Keffler: That kid that I'm running against is no good. And every society that has ever chosen to lead with fear has undone itself. He needs to be stopped, humiliated. If even half of what you're saying is true and it helps me win this election, then I'm willing to walk with you a while down this road.

Sally Keffler: Nothing shocks me; I went to Berkeley.

Meadow Wilton: This is the face of true love.

Kai Anderson: We are a Christian country. Everybody loves a resurrection.

Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag [7.07][edit]

[during the shooting of "San Diego Surf"]
Actress: I don't get it. Do I not know my husband is a homosexual?
Andy Warhol: Uh... No. You divorce your husband, Taylor, 'cause he wants a surfer, too, and, uh, he's gonna seduce Tom get Tom to urinate all over him, and then Taylor's gonna say "I'm a real surfer now."

Valerie Solanas: It's been long enough I want my script back. [the script of "Up Your Ass"]
Andy Warhol: I'm sorry, Valerie, I can't find it.
Valerie Solanas: You lost it? That was my only copy. You promised you were gonna make Up Your Ass into a movie. Did you even read it?
Andy Warhol: It was so obscene, I thought you were an undercover cop trying to entrap me.
Valerie Solanas: You lost it on purpose. 'Cause you can't stand to have a woman succeed.
Andy Warhol: Oh, Valerie you know women can't be serious artists.
Valerie Solanas: Why not?
Andy Warhol: Well, uh women can be beautiful. Be a model. Or an actress.
Valerie Solanas: I could strangle you right now. I want to wipe that smug expression off your pale patriarchal face!

Valerie Solanas: You had too much control over my life. Down with the patriarchy. Suck my dick, Warhol!

Bebe Babbitt: You're bullshit. A bullshit puppet. I can see your strings. You've lost your way. All women have. Used to be easy to know a man-cult when you saw one. Before the lies that blinded us to the inequalities. The male wants desperately to be led by females. He wants Mama to be in charge. But we keep giving away the natural order of things.

Beverly Hope: I'm Beverly motherfuckin' Hope, and you're gonna want to get the hell out of my way.

Bebe Babbitt: Silly girls are all stupid and doomed. History may change, but herstory always repeats itself.
Winter Anderson: It's true. They con women into electing them, then they defund Planned Parenthood and force us to get transvaginal ultrasounds before we can get an abortion.
Beverly Hope: Tell them what you told me. Tell them about Valerie.
Bebe Babbitt: Valerie was the love of my life. She was an artist, an intellectual, a writer a visionary. Her name was Valerie Solanas.
Winter Anderson: The one who shot Andy Warhol? I learned about her in my women's studies class at Vassar. She was one crazy bitch.
Bebe Babbitt: The world was crazy she was the only one who was sane. The bullets she put in Andy Warhol were the first shots of a revolution.

Bebe Babbitt: SCUM is impatient.
Butchy May: SCUM will not be consoled by the thought that future generations will thrive.
Hedda: SCUM wants to grab some thrilling living for itself.

Valerie Solanas: You are a fool to underestimate the rage of a woman!
Policeman: I've been married 20 years that's the last thing I underestimate.
Valerie Solanas: I'm not your wife. You can't just ignore me. Your kind will be obliterated, killed off like dogs, and SCUM will rule the Earth. And you'll see. You'll all see.

Valerie Solanas: I've made a hit list. Some real disgusting motherfuckers. Like this asshole, Hugh Hefner, who's clearly threatened by our feminine power, so he subjugates and attacks our self-worth and our evolutionarily superior female bodies! Billy Graham useless fuckin' oppressor of women. Bobby Riggs, Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen he's the worst of all. He took Ali McGraw from us, squandered her God-given talent, and now she's a housewife in fuckin' Malibu.

Valerie Solanas: I've had men trying to shut me up since I was a little girl. What is it about little girls that scares men so much? Why won't they let us be artists or scientists? Why is it only men who can create "great art," as you call it? The game is rigged, you know. And the people making the decisions, the critics, they're all men. You men, so terrified of what we might do, you keep us stupid, you keep us complacent. You hold all the power. Even now, no one sees me as a writer, no one see me for my own thoughts. When they hear the name Valerie Solanas, they think "Andy Warhol." You've taken my art. You've taken my life. You've taken my motherfucking legacy.
Andy Warhol: Who are you kidding? Shooting me will be the only thing you'll be remembered for. I am your legacy.

Kai Anderson: I'm just gonna release something on social media. But I was testing out titles like SCUM. What do you think of FIT? Fear Is Truth. What about MLWB? Men Lead Women Bleed.

Winter of Our Discontent [7.08][edit]

Ally Mayfair-Richards: After months of you terrorizing me, forcing me to face my phobias, you did the one thing that my wife, or your brother, or all the meds in the world, couldn't do. You cured me. I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

Beverly Hope: Your promises mean shit! You're a fake. You don't stand for a goddamn thing.
Kai Anderson: I'm standing up for millions of people who are finally being heard! Everything I do is in service to the greater purpose! It's bigger than anything in our lives and you are fucking it up!
Beverly Hope: Nothing is bigger than your ego. You don't know what the fuck you're doing from one minute to the next. You're incompetent, Kai. Just another attention whore. And if you're insecure enough to believe Winter, well, then, just kill me now. Put me out of my misery. Because the biggest mistake I ever made was believing in you. Turd.

Drink the Kool-Aid [7.09][edit]

Winter Anderson: I found this on wikiHow. "How to escape from a cult. " They lay out 14 steps, it's all in there.

Oz Mayfair-Richards: Every family is special in their own way.
Kai Anderson: "Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Tolstoy.
Oz Mayfair-Richards: Toy Story?

[While Ivy was eating her meal prepared by Ally]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: When I was put in the psych ward,... that.. uh? ...very first week inside, I had thoughts of suicide. I wanted to end it so badly. I was in so much pain. I felt completely alone in the world, and I almost did it. And then, I thought about you... And how you left me alone in there without a word: No visits, Not even a glimpse of Oz in all that time.
Ivy Mayfair-Richards: They told me you were insane. I was trying to protect our son.
Ally Mayfair-Richards: You were trying to take him away from me. Admit it.
[Ivy carries on eating]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: So in that second week, I pulled myself together, pushed those self-destructive thoughts away and turned my energy towards freeing myself from the fears that paralyzed me. And it was... desperately hard. But then, I realized that those fears were filling a hole I had inside me, and you can't take those fears away without filling that hole with something else! So I chose revenge... on you.
Ivy Mayfair-Richards: [confused] Ally?---
Ally Mayfair-Richards: You tried to make me go crazy, you tried to take my son away, you let yourself be seduced by the babysitter, and worst of all; you let Kai into our lives! And I couldn't forgive you for any of it. But then the thought of revenge? Mm-mm-mm, That cured me.
[Ivy was agitatated and laughs it off]
Ivy Mayfair-Richards: You think you're cured? [laughs] I wish you were. Hell, this is the woman I've always wanted: Strong and assertive, Someone who doesn't cower at the sight of clowns, or holes, or blood, or whatever else. But it's a passing phase, Ally. You're all bluster and no follow-through. You'll revert back to what you really are: A coward. So you can dream of revenge, but I'm not afraid of you. [smugs] You'll never do anything to me.
[Ivy stood up but stops and began convulsing]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I already have.
[Ivy coughs up blood from her mouth]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I put arsenic in the wine...
[Ivy stares at Ally in horror]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: ...and the pasta.
Ivy Mayfair-Richards: Oz will never forgive you...!
Ally Mayfair-Richards: No, it's you he won't forgive: for abandoning him.
[Ivy vomits more blood from her mouth]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I knew I couldn't trust you, and I wasn't gonna let you stand in my way.
[Ivy convulses before she collapses on the floor, screaming. Ally stares at her]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I found my strength, Ivy.
[Ivy screams in pain]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I only want two things in this life: I want Oz all to myself and I want to watch you die.
[Ivy began succumbing from the poison and dies]
Ally Mayfair-Richards: ... halfway home.

Kai Anderson: Wikipedia is fake news!

Ally Mayfair-Richards: He can be a precocious little fucker.
Kai Anderson: Well, with a name like Ozymandius, kid's just begging to get the shit kicked out of him. Who came up with that?
Ally Mayfair-Richards: I did. King of kings.

Charles (Manson) in Charge [7.10][edit]

[Watching the final presidential debate. October 19, 2016]
Winter Anderson: I wonder if this is how black people felt when Obama became president.
Dorothy: I know it's super not Vassar or PC to say this, but I think Hillary is even more important than Obama. The fight for civil rights lasted a couple of hundred years. The fight for female equality lasted, like thousands.
Winter Anderson: I guess you're right. Black men did get the right to vote before women did. There's no way people are buying this shit. I'm telling you, she's gonna flip Texas and maybe even Arizona. It's gonna be the biggest loss in electoral college history.
Kai Anderson: Want to bet?
Riley: I'll bet. If Trump wins, you can fuck all three of us.
Winter Anderson: Riley, gross.
Riley: It's never gonna happen.
Kai Anderson: You guys don't see it. Your precious Obummer has shielded you from what's really going on out there.
Winter Anderson: Right. Economic anxiety, aka racism.
Kai Anderson: People hate her. She's weak. Remember what happened a few weeks ago at the 9/11 memorial ceremony? She had to be carried to a car. Everyone knows it's early onset Parkinson's. They hate the sound of her voice, they hate the fact that she can't satisfy her husband. The world isn't this progressive, happy place you think it is, okay? People tolerated the black guy, but nobody wants a woman president. Not even other women.
Riley: Who told you that? Your 4chan Pepe frog-fucking buddies? In between exchanging pictures of dead people and shit porn?
Kai Anderson: You win if people turn out to vote. And nobody is turning out for that shrill, cuck bitch. Have you seen Trump's rallies? The passion?
Riley: The passion of the angry white man. Boo-fucking-hoo for you.
Kai Anderson: That's right! We've been humiliated and put down for too long. Trump is one of us! We will stand out bleeding in the rain and snow to vote for him.
Riley: It is all about shame and humiliation for you assholes. You know, we should start some sort of, like, government program to get you all laid so you'll shut up. Yeah, you probably wouldn't even need to get fucked. Just some pretty girl smiling at you, telling you how important you are. You ever notice how all the alt-righters are young men? And none of them have girlfriends?
[The girls laugh]
Riley: [to Winter] Hey Winter, uh? give me some lotion. I'm gonna give your brother a handy, so---
[Kai slaps Riley in the face. Winter and Dorothy were shocked.]
Winter Anderson: Kai!
[Winter and Dorothy stare at Kai in disgust]
Winter Anderson: What the fuck, Kai...?!
[Winter and Dorothy console Riley.]
Dorothy: [to Riley] Are you okay?
Kai Anderson: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.[approaches Riley] Are you okay? Are you all right? [tried to console her but Riley shoves him in anger]
Riley: I am pressing charges! I am pressing charges! [storms off and left the house followed by Dorothy]
Winter Anderson: [disapprovingly] You really did it now, Kai. After all the shitty things you've done, you finally crossed the line. [leaves]

Bebe Babbitt: I'm an old-school, OG feminist. And do you know who my favorite politician of all time is? Donald J. Trump. For thousands of years, mankind has built civilization with a single intention: to keep woman contained. Face down, ass up. Compliant. Donald Trump cannot tie his dick-tripping ties correctly, but Hillary gets attacked for her goddamn hideous St. John pantsuits. And with every catcall, every put-down, every slap and pass-over at work, the anger compounds. As the orgasm inequality builds, so does the rage. We are sitting on the biggest bomb the universe has ever seen. Do you know what it is, Mr. Anderson? Female rage. The patriarchy has dammed it up for millennia, and Donald J. Trump is the first world leader to start hammering away at that dam. With every tweet, with every eye-roll, every pussy grabbed, he is slowly releasing the fury. It's beautiful.

Kai: (Bebe walks in) Fero

(Bebe Slaps Him)

'Kai: Fuck!
'Bebe: Valerie always said they are always a biological acts of walking abortion. Oh God! If only you were aborted from your mother's belly. How much disappointment is the rest of us had been spared?
Kai: You can't talk to me like that anymore!
Bebe: I could have not been anymore clearer if I tatooed your inside out of your eyelids. It wasn't complicated. Two steps A to B! Unleash female rage. Inside the American women's desperate and patriarchly contain violent to anger given no choice but to lash out and cut every man they see!
Kai: I did that! I got made for fuck's sake!
Bebe: Look at that chaos out there! You've enraged everyone! And what if the poor females closest to you? Your sister is defeated, another one is dead, you even broke unbreakable tiger Beverly Hope!
Kai: It's not my fault that they were weak.
Bebe: I am the final carrier for Valerie Solanas's torch. She had the responsibility for scumming to me personally. Her protege and look how you failed us both!
Charles Manson: Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see her face when you tell her the truth.
Kai: You think I was gonna drop myself in female rage? That I would die a martyr to some dead bitch's cause? Fuck that!
Charles Manson: Fuck That!
Kai: You give me my purpose, Bebe. You awakened me to the power of pissing people off. And Hell yes I want women mad. Popping off, losing their minds, getting hysterical. But women can't run things. They're too emotional, irrational. I need women's race to tear it all down and I'm gonna be the last one standing deleting them!
Charles Manson: Amen! Helter Skelter!
Bebe: You fucking turd!
Kai: A turd who knows the truth! That women needs to be grabbed by their pussies and led... Perferably into the kitchen to make me a sandwhich!

(Bebe slaps him again as Charles screams in terror as she pulls a gun out)

Bebe: Before I blow your dick off and shoot you dead, I would like to call up the late great Valerie to call a man.

(Ally shoots Bebe in the head)

Ally Mayfair-Richards: [referring to Bebe Babitt whom Ally had killed earlier] Who is this?
Kai Anderson: My anger management counselor.
Ally Mayfair-Richards: Not very good at her job.

Great Again [7.11][edit]

Ally Mayfair-Richards: Now you can truly see how over you are. Oz is not your son. Your gang of circle-jerking fascists are all dead, your brother and sister are dead, and you are trapped in a cage with nothing but other men. Your sick, ugly, necrotic DNA will rot in prison until you die. And then it will be gone from the world forever.

Ally Mayfair-Richards: On my life, I have been told to smile, stay quiet, look pretty, not to stand out from the crowd. And you know where that got me? Trapped in a cult, burying my wife, nearly losing my son Oz. I was only able to break free because I was finally unafraid to separate from the pack. Well, now that I've escaped a cult, I'm running for Senate to help you escape yours. It's time we band together to bring down all cults: the Democratic party, the Republican party, the entire two-party system. I know what it looks like when a powerful few control the many. On Capitol Hill, they may not want to listen to a woman who will take a sledgehammer to their antiquated system of oppression, but with your support, they're not gonna have a choice. I'm Ally Mayfair-Richards, and I approve this message.

Kai Anderson: Did you ever think you were more than just kindling? You're not the flame. You're the spark to start the fire that I built. You're not a hero. You're a symbol. One I created! Killing people doesn't get the men hard and the ladies wet anymore. But Americans lose their ever-loving shit when you destroy their symbols, statues, flags, pledges of allegiance, $20 bills, white Jesus and Merry fucking Christmas! You come for any of that stuff, you've got rioting in the streets and domination of the news cycle for weeks. You symbolize the hope that women will one day win an argument with their husbands, that they won't be catcalled when they walk down the streets, that their bosses won't talk about their tits anymore, that they'll make just as much money as men make, that the fight is winnable! But when I kill you, they'll see that there is no hope. Women can't lead. Women can't win! They will always be outsmarted and outmuscled! They need to finally understand that what they can and should do is shut up, know their place and make me a goddamn sandwich!
Ally Mayfair-Richards: Fuck you, Kai.

Ally Mayfair-Richards: You were wrong. There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man: A nasty woman.

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