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Failed cities, Detroit comes to mind. ~ John Nolte
I'm going to Michigan to see the sweetest gal... ~ Glenn Miller
Detroit, dominated for decades by Democrats, has lost population, lost business, lost jobs, and sunk further into poverty. ~ Kelley L. Ross

Michigan, officially the State of Michigan, is a state located in the northern United States of America, bordering the Commonwealth realm of Canada. Its largest city is Detroit, which is known as being the center of the American automobile industry.




  • How could half the Democratic party support a movement that condemns America as a white-supremacist society, disregarding the reality that the president and chief law-enforcement officer, and thousands of civil servants and elected officials, including the mayors and police chiefs of large urban centers, such as Memphis, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia are black? In Detroit the new mayor is actually the first white mayor in 40 years, while its police chief is still black... The Left is blind to the responsibility of inner-city populations for their off-the-charts violent-crime rates. The failure to embrace the responsibilities of parenthood is as characteristic of the progressive attitude as is its blindness to the betrayal of inner-city communities by Democrats, responsible almost entirely for the disgraceful condition of America’s cities. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, and numerous other centers of out-of-control black poverty, failed public-school systems, and black-on-black violence are 100 percent controlled by the Democratic party and have been so for 50 to 100 years. Yet 95 percent of the black vote and 100 percent of the progressive vote continues to go to Democrats who oppress African Americans.


  • Cities with some of the most brutal riots, such as Detroit and New Haven, were particularly well-endowed with the then-400-plus federal poverty programs, or that the welfare population was already skyrocketing, despite an unprecedentedly long period of economic growth.
  • Pull up to the club in a Pinto, like it's a Porsche. Garbage bag, for one of the windows. Spray-painted doors with the flames on them; Michigan plates and my name's on them.


  • Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America's problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem... Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind.


  • Baltimore, like Detroit, dominated for decades by Democrats, has lost population, lost business, lost jobs, and sunk further into poverty; all in a state where the ruling class lives high on the hog in the counties around Washington, D.C.


  • I was watching the news reports from Baltimore and hearing all the condemnations from some about being kept down and the lack of jobs, opportunity, good schools; then why do these blacks keep voting for the same people? And this isn't a phenomenon isolated to Baltimore. Every single major urban center in America is run by Democrats; more specifically, liberal progressives, black or white. The morass that became Detroit.

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