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Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus. ~ Motto of the City of Detroit
Where's my gangsters, and all my thugs? Throw them hands up and show some love, and I welcome you to Detroit City! ~ Trick-Trick, et al.

Detroit is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan; it is the largest city in the state.


  • Welcome to Detroit, where if you get that promotion? Don't worry, man, them bullets will still be at your ass firing.
  • Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.
    • City of Detroit's motto
    • In English: "We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes."
  • Detroiters are perhaps Detroit’s greatest asset. They have never stopped innovating and caring, and nowhere is this more evident than in the vast proliferation of urban gardens and farms that dot the city’s landscape... In Detroit — that fair city rising from the night sky — all dreams are possible.
  • Boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit. Big dope dealer money, he was gettin' some coins.
  • After decades of neglect, Detroit is rolling again. It’s like the whole place is caffeine-buzzed, freewheeling in ideas. Young creative types jump-started the scene when they began transforming the crazy-huge slew of abandoned buildings into distilleries, bike shops and galleries. This sparked fresh public works, such as the just-opened hockey and basketball arena downtown, and the QLine streetcar that gives easy access to city hot spots. More are coming: three new parks will extend the riverfront trail (ideal for two-wheeling via the new 43-station bike-share scheme in the greater downtown area), plus groovy hotels will emerge from an old wig shop and a forlorn parking lot.
  • Detroit is the starting line of the world’s imagination.
  • The City of Detroit is where our story begins. Detroit was once the economic envy of the world. The people of Detroit helped power America to its position of global dominance in the 20th century. When we were governed by an America First policy, Detroit was booming. Engineers, builders, laborers, shippers and countless others went to work each day, provided for their families, and lived out the American Dream. But for many living in this city, that dream has long ago vanished. When we abandoned the policy of America First, we started rebuilding other countries instead of our own. The skyscrapers went up in Beijing, and in many other cities around the world, while the factories and neighborhoods crumbled in Detroit. Our roads and bridges fell into disrepair, yet we found the money to resettle millions of refugees at taxpayer expense. Today, Detroit has a per capita income of under $15,000 dollars, about half of the national average. 40 percent of the city's residents live in poverty, over two-and-half times the national average. The unemployment rate is more than twice the national average. Half of all Detroit residents do not work. Detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime—these are the silenced victims whose stories are never told by Hillary Clinton, but victims whose suffering is no less real or permanent. In short, the city of Detroit is the living, breathing example of my opponent's failed economic agenda. Every policy that has failed this city, and so many others, is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton.
  • I have to tell you, I am thrilled to be here for a number of reasons. First, it's wonderful to be back in Michigan. You can really feel the energy and dynamism that is driving this state's comeback. And in Detroit, we've got new businesses that are opening. Neighborhoods like Midtown and Eastern Market are coming back. The auto industry just had its best year ever.
  • And I know my opponent in this election was here in Michigan about a week ago, and it was like he was in a different place. When he visited Detroit on Monday, he talked only of failure, poverty, and crime. He's missing so much about what makes Michigan great. And the same is true when it comes to our country. He describes America as an embarrassment. He said –and I quote – 'We're becoming a third-world country.' Look around you, my friends. Go visit with the workers building rockets. That doesn't happen in third world countries.

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