Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

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Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps is the British/American musical CGI children's television series that premiered on September 12, 2009 on PBS Kids in the US.

Season 1[edit]

Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi / Angelina's Oldest Friend[edit]

Gracie, Marco, and Viki: Camembert kids never--
Alice: STOP!!! It's. My. Turn!

Angelina's Musical Day / Angelina's Crazy Solo[edit]

Mrs. Mouseling: And what role are you, Angelina?
Angelina: I'm the bird, mom. I'm playing the flute.
Polly: What kind of fruit? I love bananas, but they don't do any sound.
Angelina: Not fruit, Polly, a flute.

Polly: And don't play the fruit instead of a flute.

Angelina: Is Gracie okay?
Marco: She's quackers

Angelina, Gracie, Marco, and Viki: Good morning, Ms. Mimi!
Ms. Mimi: [points at her throat]
Viki: She's trying to say something.
Ms. Mimi: [writes in her notebook]
Angelina: It says she lost her voice.
Gracie: If Ms. Mimi lost her voice...
Marco: Oh no.
Ms. Mimi: [gestures that she doesn't know]

Angelina: [about Ms. Mimi calling everyone with music] It's gonna go on all morning.

Angelina and the Irish Jig / Angelina En Pointe[edit]

Gracie: Sorry, Angelina, I did my best to stop her.
Viki: Stop me?
Gracie: No.
Viki: I was right all along. There is something going on, and I was coming here to say sorry to you.


Angelina: Vici, I'm really sorry for what I did to your music.
Viki: Then why are you always whispering about me and making silly secret plans?
Angelina: Because I wanted to make a surprise Irish party for you to say a really big sorry.
Viki: So that's what all the whispering and planning was about?
Angelina: Uh-huh.
Viki: Well, I'm sorry now.

Angelina and the Rock Band / Angelina's Lost Ice Skates[edit]

Angelina: [after waking up] Polly, am I dreaming or is the ice skate show really today?
Polly: It's really, really, really today!

Angelina: How do I look?
Alice: Perfect. How about me?
Polly: Double perfect.

Mrs. Mouseling: Hang on a minute, girls. Now you have a busy day ahead of you. You need to keep track of your time and your things.
Angelina: Don't worry, mom. We'll be the responsible mouselings of all in Mouse Land.
Mrs. Mouseling: Do you have everything you need?
Angelina: Not at all.
Mrs. Mouseling: How about these?
[Polly reveals the lunch bags and Angelina gets them]
Angelina: Oops.
Mrs. Mouseling: Ahem. And these?
[She reveals the ice skates and Alice gets them]
Alice: Double oops.

Angelina: [after seeing her and Alice's lunches being gobbled by birds] Sorry, I didn't know birds really like jam sandwiches.

Angelina: Oh no, oh no, on no!
Alice: Oh what?

Season 2[edit]