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Ballerina (titled Leap! in the United States) is a 2016 3D computer-animated musical adventure comedy film co-directed by Éric Summer and Éric Warin and written by Summer, Carol Noble and Laurent Zeitoun.


Felicie: [regarding Victor's idea to escape from the orphanage] Do you have a plan?
Victor: A brilliant plan! A plan worthy of my total, utter, unquestionable genius.

Victor: For the last 3 months, I have been studying chickens. I know how they eat.
Luteau: [banging] Open this door!
Victor: I know how they walk. I know how they lay an egg. [as he and Felicie walk to the edge of the roof] There is nothing about a chicken that I do not know. [ripping his disguise, revealing his crudely built wings] Ta-da! I call them... Chicken Wings!
Felicie: [frustrated] Chickens... don't... FLY!
Victor: But they have wings! They must fly! [to a chicken] You fly, don't you? FLY! [throws the chicken in the air, the chicken falls to the ground] Uh-oh.
Luteau: [catches Victor and Felicie on the roof] I'm going to...! Come here, you rascals!
Victor: [bravely] Goodbye!
Luteau: [outraged] WHAT?! [Victor picks up Felicie and runs down the roof, with Luteau close behind]
Victor: Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [carries Felicie, jumps off the roof and manages to fly away with the help of his "chicken wings"]
[Luteau, meanwhile, lands on a lower part of the roof and falls right through]
Victor: [joyously] One day, everyone will travel like this! [Luteau rides his motorcycle through the gates of the orphanage, one of his wings suddenly breaks. Victor and Felicie fall and land in a cart full of hay. Felicie's music box falls out of her pocket and bounces out of the cart. The cart slowly starts to roll away with the children in tow]
Felicie: [shocked] My (mother's) music box! [Victor quickly jumps out of the cart and grabs the music box. Felicie reaches out her hand for Victor, but the cart is now moving too fast for him to keep up] Victor! [notices Luteau chasing them] He's behind you!
Luteau: I've got my eye on you! You're not going anywhere!

Regine: The stairs, Odette. The stairs are a disgrace. I have guests tomorrow afternoon and I want my building looking worthy, top to bottom.
Odette: [looking down] I understand, ma'am.
Regine: If you understand, why are you entering your rooms? [walks away]

Regine: [to Odette, as she and Felicie are cleaning the stairs] Get up.
Odette: [meekly] Yes, ma'am. [gets up, but keeps her head down]
Regine: [referring to Felicie] Who is this?
Odette: No one. She helps.
Regine: You feed it...out of your wages.
Odette: Yes, ma'am.
Regine: I want you to air and press the linen. [whispers] Now. [Odette leaves. Regine looks down at Felicie coldly. A visibly frightened Felicie resumes cleaning the stairs] It's not clean. [purposely pushes the bucket of scrubbing water with her foot; the water spills down the steps, much to Felicie's shock, then smiles wickedly and leaves]

Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil: [as he walks to Mérante] Oh, greatest ballet master of all time! Oh, most talented choreographer in the universe and beyond! He is handsome! He is elegant! He is strong! He is powerful! He is the man!
Mérante: You want something from me?
Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil: How did you know? Yes. I have enrolled Camille Le Haut in your class.
Mérante: [sighs] Thank you.

Felicie: [on her first day of dance class, shyly greeting the other girls] Hi. Hello. [to herself; when none of the girls respond] Okay. Super. [louder] I'm Felicie.
Nora: [confused] Felicie?
Felicie: [realizes her mistake] Uh, no, no, no, no, no. Sorry. I'm... friendly, ever so friendly. And my name is Camille.
Nora: Okay. I'm Nora, but everyone calls me... Nora. That's... the name that goes with my face. [laughs] Hey, you should warm up.
Felicie: [to herself, confused] Warm up? [shrugs and tries to literally 'warm up' by rubbing her hands on her arms]
Dora: [amused] Oh my. That is crazy. I'm guessing you're new, my darling?
Felicie: [awkwardly] You can tell that because...? [Before Dora can answer, Mérante enters. The girls quickly gather to one side of the room] Who is that?
Dora: [rolls her eyes] You are joking, right? It's Louis Mérante, ballet master, world-famous choreographer, the man who performed the most fouettes ever in a single solo.
Felicie: Foo-what?
Dora: Turns. Really difficult turns.
Nora: 187 in total. And right after, he vomited!
Mérante: Silence, mam'selle! First position, second...
[All of the girls except Felicie go through the basic ballet positions]
Felicie: [lost] What?
Mérante: Third, fourth, and rest in fifth. Today is an important day. I've gathered all the coryphées together to audition for the part of Clara in The Nutcracker, which will debut on Christmas Eve and star Rosita Mauri.
Dora: Rosita? Rosita Mauri? Oh, I don't believe it.
Mérante: [clears throat] So, every girl in this room has a chance to dance in my new ballet... [points his cane at Felicie] ...except you. You've all worked hard... [points his cane again] ...except you. You are here because of talent and guts...
Felicie: Except me.
Mérante: Exactly. Starting tomorrow, we'll have an audition. One of you will be eliminated each day. So, tomorrow, little rich girl, no matter what strings you've pulled to get here, [turns around] that will be...YOU.

Regine: [as she was about to walk in the building, she stops] Any mail?
Odette: [walks out and stops Felicie] There is no mail.
Regine: As soon as there is, fetch it. [she finally walks in]

Odette: [places a bell on a tree branch] Jump and ring the bell.
Felicie: Why?
Odette: Just do it.
Felicie: You don't want me to dance?
Odette: No talking. Jump and ring the bell. [Felicie obeys] Again.
Felicie: You said we were going to train.
Odette: This is it. Again. [Felicie shrugs, then jumps and rings the bell again] Felicie, you lack precision and finesse. You have little or no sense of rhythm. You're without balance, grace, and charm. [as she says this, she pours water around Felicie, creating a puddle]
Felicie: [lightheartedly] Come on! You can't tell all that from one jump! Can you? [Odette doesn't answer; Felicie hangs her head in shame] You can.
Odette: On the good side, you have the energy of a bullet. But you also have the lightness of a depressed elephant.
Felicie: [surprised] Hey! Mérante used exactly the same phrase!
Odette: After 10 years of cleaning, you pick stuff up. Okay, now jump up, ring this bell, land, and do not splash the water.
Felicie: [looking down at her reflection in the puddle] That's impossible.
Odette: [whispers] I thought it was your dream to dance.

Victor: [shows Felicie into his new place of work] So, here's my office, the home of big ideas and genius. [leads her to a desk with blueprints on it] For example, here we see the plans for Chicken Wings version 3. [He leans on the desk and slips, falling to the floor and sending his blueprints flying. He quickly gets back up and awkwardly continues the tour] At the moment, my boss and I are working on several... Uh... important... [giggles nervously and fiddles around with a nutcracker] Inventions. [loses his grip and the nutcracker hits a bookshelf, breaking it] He... uh... [doesn't look where he's going and accidentally steps into an empty bucket] He calls me his ideas man. [clears his throat]
Felicie: [amazed] You know how to use all this stuff?
Victor: Uh, not yet. But I... I have a chair. [sits down in his chair and spins around, finally getting the bucket off his foot]
[Felicie looks through a telescope, then giggles]
Matty: [enters, holding a large stack of scrolls] Hey, Victor.
Victor: [to Felicie] He's the cleaner. [lowers his voice] He's two sandwiches short of a picnic.
Matty: [to Victor] So the pencils all need sharpening and the boss wants us to polish his boots for tomorrow.
Felicie: [amused] So your boss calls you his ideas man, huh?
Victor: [puts pencils in a sharpener] Well... Uh... He has the ideas. [absentmindedly puts a screw in the pencil sharpener] And I think they're great. But it's a start.
Felicie: Hey, Victor. You were right for once. Dreams can come true.
Victor: [The pencil sharpener starts to go out of control because of the screw. Victor tries in vain to hold it back, the pencil sharpener breaks down, covering the corner in smoke] Ha ha ha ha, huh...

Victor: [after Felicie fails to do a difficult dance move] Are you doing dance or kung fu? [chuckles]
Felicie: [rolls her eyes] You are so funny. [stands up, then introduces Victor to Odette] This is Victor. We escaped from the orphanage together.
Victor: Hello. I am loving your apron. [kisses her hand]
Odette: Ugh. It seems that you were going out tonight.
Victor: Yep.
Odette: Bring her back late and you'll be 6 inches smaller.
Victor: [looks nervous, then regains confidence quickly] Of course, of course, of course. It's a quiet, sober, quiet, sober thing.

Felicie: [to Victor, about the Breton bar] I love it here! Let's party! [starts to dance on the tables]
Victor: [shouting over the music] Did you say you loved me or the bar?!
[He chuckles and Felicie continues to dance around the bar]
Bar patrons: Yeah! Wow! Look at her go!
Victor: [impressed] Wow! [to a man at the bar] That's my girlfriend!
Man at bar: [chuckles] You're a lucky guy!

Victor: [watching Felicie dance around the Breton bar] Wow!
[Love-struck, he tosses her a rose. Felicie reaches up to catch it, but loses her balance and falls onto a table. Merante, who was seated nearby, stands up and removes his hat. Felicie gasps in fear]
Mérante: [sternly] I hope that tomorrow you act with a little more dignity. [starts to walk out] Anyway, tonight was... [puts his hat back on and smiles] A good performance.
Felicie: [flattered] Thank you, sir.

Regine: [to Odette, who's just came in the room] You...traitor! You knew this. You stabbed me in the back. You are sacked!
Mérante: [bangs his cane] SILENCE! [pause] Alright, like it or lump it, here is my deal. [to Camille] Miss Le Haut, you may enter the coryphée class starting tomorrow. And you will also be in the auditions for the part in The Nutcracker. [to Regine] But I want to be clear, if you sack Madame Odette, I will sack Camille. [walks to Felicie] You! You made a terrible start to the classes. And you have lied and cheated to be here. [Felicie sulks briefly] have also shown great promise. And you've worked hard and shown your dedication. You must have a good teacher. [looks at Odette, then back at Felicie] So you may also stay in the auditions. If you get the part in The Nutcracker fair and square, you may become a coryphée too. If you fail to get the part, then you must leave the Opera. Is that clear?
Felicie: [softly] Yes.
Mérante: [turns to Regine] Is that also clear to you, Madame?
Regine: [glares at Mérante] Clear.
Mérante: Then, Felicie Lebraz from Brittany, your future at the Opera is in your hands. [he walks out of the room, Felicie and Odette follow]
Camille: [referring to Felicie] What if she's good, Mother?
Regine: Get that part! [puts her hand on Camille's shoulder] Do you hear me? I want vengeance. I will have it. [grabs Camille's arm]

Regine: Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. [stomps her foot] Again! Up, down. Up...
Camille: [she interrupts] I'm tired.
Regine: "Tired" is for losers. Again! I'm going to get that part!

Felicie: [after Camille once again steals her music box] Leave it. Give it back.
Camille: [laughs mischievously] Silly me. I didn't throw it hard enough THE FIRST TIME!
[She prepares to throw it across the room, but Felicie grabs her wrist and takes her music box back]
Felicie: Don't make the same mistake. [puts the music box back in her pocket and starts to walk away]
Camille: Why are you leaving? Scared of being humiliated?
Felicie: [stops and faces her] Looks like you need more training. [uses her broom to stretch her body] You're nowhere near ready. [drops her broom as she and Camille circle each other on tiptoes]
Camille: I'm going to show you what a real dancer looks like.
Felicie: Are you sure about that?
Camille: Quiet! Tonight, these seats will be full! Paris will be looking at me! Adoring me!
Felicie: [smirks] Or not.
Camille: [furiously] I already told you! You are nothing! You will always be nothing!
Felicie: [spins up to her] Only one way to find out. Right here. Right now.
[She and Camille engage in a dance-off. Nora walks in and notices]
Nora: [pleasantly surprised] Oh my god. [rushes out of the room and shouts to the others in the building] BATTLE!

Mérante: [after Felicie wins the dance-off between Camille and herself] Impressive, ladies! But let me ask you both an important question. Why do you dance?
Camille: [confidently] I dance because... [less confident] I dance because... Because... [meekly] My mother makes me?
[Merante looks to Felicie, hoping for a better answer]
Felicie: [sincerely] Because it's always been a part of my life. It was there with my mom when I was a baby. It's here now thanks to Odette. It allows me to live. To be myself.
Camille: [remorseful] She should dance.
[Felicie give her an astonished look]
Mérante: That was very honest, Miss Le Haut, and brave. You have a future at the Opera, if you wish it. [Camille gives him a grateful smile] Felicie, tonight, you dance The Nutcracker!
[The crowd breaks out into applause as Felicie looks around in awe and humility]
Camille: [holds out her hand to Felicie, truthfully] Great job.
[Felicie looks surprised for a moment, then smiles and shakes Camille's hand. She soon pulls Camille into a warm hug]
Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil: Well done, my sweetness!
Greasy Guard: [miserably] Okay. Bravo, bravo.
Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil: Oh bravo!
Felicie: [after pulling out of the hug, she turns to Odette] YES! [throws her arms around Odette, who immediately returns the embrace]
Odette: [softly] Yes. [she shares the embrace with Felicie]


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