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Balto is a 1995 animated film about a half-dog/half-wolf named Balto, who helps save the children of Nome, Alaska by leading a team of sled-dogs carrying vital medicine. The film is loosely based on the true story about the dogs who helped save the town's children from the diphtheria epidemic in the 1925 serum run to Nome.

Directed by Simon Wells. Written by David Cohen, Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser and Roger S.H. Schulman.


  • Aw, come on. What's the worst that can happen?
  • [Muk is calling for Boris] How sweet. "Uncle Boris."
  • Hi. Look, uh -- just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if, uh, I don't know, maybe you'd like to go chase a few sticks by moonlight, heh, heh… [Sighs]
  • I have the keys to the city. [Disables hinge and pushes open door]
  • Uh... big paws kinda run in my family. At least.. uh, one side of my family.
  • Steele, I'm not leaving without that medicine.
  • Steele, let me help you.
  • Boris, did you ever think, maybe you're the reason the other geese fly south?
  • Since when do you need a pedigree to help people?


  • Balto, get your slobbering mouth off me!
  • Boris Goosinov is no spring chicken! [gets buried by snow] Is no spring penguin either!
  • I'm a delicate country bird. I hate going into town.
  • Why do I let you talk me into these things?
  • You are putting me down now, Mr. Golden Retriever?
  • When will you learn to stay on the sidelines?!
Not dog! Not wolf! You are a hero!
  • Not a dog. Not a wolf. All he knows is what he's not. If only he could see what he is.
  • Oh, bears? Fellas! Idiot balls of fluff!
  • He has point, bears. You are not drowning because, if you will pause one moment, you will observe, perhaps, tide is out!
  • What, more whimpering? Between you and Balto, it's like Dostoyevsky novel around here.
  • [To Balto] If only your feet were as fast as your mouth.
  • You will be frozen stiff by morning. When you are big frozen-stiff statue named Balto, don’t come running to me
  • [About Luk] Oh, no! I'm beginning to understand the bear!
  • Balto, I was so scared, I got people bumps!
  • Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone. [He starts to walk away and then looks back] But...maybe a wolf can.
  • Not dog! Not wolf! You are a hero!
  • He's going into freezing coldness to find a dog he doesn't like to bring back medicine back to a town that doesn't like him. Oh, no! I'm beginning to understand the bear!
  • (as Balto scratches a tree) Good, Balto! You took on the biggest, meanest tree in whole forest, and you won.
  • Who else should you bring on a wild goose chase but a goose?
  • (commenting on Balto and Jenna) I'm seeing a few things too. And it's making the ice melt.
  • (gets splashed by a shaking Luk) I! HATE! BEARS!


  • [Acting flirtatious] Gee, Steele, I have to admit, your offer is very tempting… [She backs him towards the boiler] But these days I prefer my meat… cooked. [Steele realizes he is burning.]
  • You're lying. [louder] Steele's lying. Balto's alive. He's coming home.
  • The sun… Ice caps… Balto.
  • [crying]
  • [Jenna's bandana is in Steele's mouth] My bandana!
  • I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror.


  • [To Jenna] You're a hundred percent right, Jenna. I-- I-- wasn't thinking about those children. The important thing here is to get the medicine through. And that's just what I'm gonna do.
  • [to Boris] Hey goose, you a half-breed too, huh? Part turkey?
  • [Aside, to Balto] And when I get back, I'm gonna fold you five ways and leave you for a cat toy.
  • Touch that box, and I'll tear you apart.
  • I've got a message for your mother. [starts howling in a mockingly exaggerated fashion]
  • Go ahead, wolf-dog! You'll never get home! I'll make sure of that.
  • …And I swam and I swam. It was freezing cold. And finally, I said 'Steele, you're just gonna have to gnaw your way to the surface.' So I -- [Balto howls outside] What?

Muk and Luk[edit]

  • [Translating Luk's whimper] Oh, the shame of the polar bear who fears the water. No wonder we are shunned by our fellow bear. Woe is us. [Pause] It's what he said. Kind of pathetic, really.
  • [While walking in the snow] I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with S!
  • Yes, well of course we were! We were in the water! We were moving! We got wet, didn't we… Luk! We were swimming!


  • Sylvie: Say something about her new collar before she gets whiplash.
  • Dixie: [About Steele] He's going to save the entire town. He's positively mag... nesium!
  • Nikki: Oh great, things are not bad enough. Now we got wolves.
  • Nikki: Come on Balto, youse can make it.
  • Dixie: Steele, you are positively dis… posable!
  • Grandma Rosy: Thank you, Balto. I would've been lost without you.


[first lines; an elderly woman, her granddaughter and her granddaughter's husky, Blaze, are walking in Central Park]
Grandma Rosy: Well, it was here... someplace.
Rosy's granddaughter: But we've already been past here.
Grandma Rosy: The trees have grown so big. It's been so long since my last visit.
Rosy's granddaughter: [to Blaze] Come on, Blaze. [to her grandmother] Grandma, when was the last time you were here?
Grandma Rosy: [chuckles] Years and years ago. Way before you were born, sweetheart.
[The scene changes to show the elderly woman and her granddaughter on a different path. Blaze barks loudly]
Rosy's granddaughter: Oh, look! Blaze found a squirrel.
Grandma Rosy: Now, just a minute. I'm trying to get my bearings. Oh, there are so many paths here. So easy to get turned around. Come on, darling.
Rosy's granddaughter: Grandma, we're in the middle of nowhere!
Grandma Rosy: We're right in the middle of New York City!
[The scene changes to show the elderly woman, her granddaughter and Blaze getting close to a park bench]
Rosy's granddaughter: You'll make yourself tired from walking so long. [takes off her musher's hat for Blaze to smell]
Grandma Rosy: Nonsense. It hasn't been more than a quarter of an hour. Not much further.
Rosy's granddaughter: Blaze is getting tired.
Grandma Rosy: Oh, I see!
Rosy's granddaughter: [sits on the bench] Grandma, what're we looking for, anyway?
Grandma Rosy: Uh, a memorial.
Rosy's granddaughter: A me-what?
Grandma Rosy: [chuckles and joins her granddaughter for a seat on the bench] A reminder of a wonderful story, and a place very far away from here.
Rosy's granddaughter: What place is that, Grandma?
Grandma Rosy: Nome, Alaska. It's a small town almost on top of the world. Now, that really was in the middle of nowhere, sweetheart. In the cold winter of 1925, it was snowing hard. [the film shifts to animation and shows several teams of sled dogs racing across a blanket of snow; narrating] Back then, the fastest and most reliable way of getting around was with teams of dogs pulling along sleds. Races were held every year to find out the best team. And the competition was very fierce.

Balto: Come on, we don't want to miss the finish.
Boris: Oh, that would be a tragedy.
[Balto runs off, throwing Boris into the snow]
Boris: I was being sarcastic.

Rosy: [completely elated] I love these rudders! I love this brushbow! I love this sled! Jenna, Jenna! You're lead dog!
Mother: Then you'll need this. [puts Musher's hat on Rosy's head]
Rosy: A real musher's hat! Alright! We're a real sled team now! C'mon, mush! [Jenna pulls Rosy out of the shop]
Father: Mr. Johanson, the sled looks great. We're very grateful.
Mother: Rosy's grateful too.
Rosy: [runs back inside] Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mr. Johanson: [chuckles] So I gather.
Rosy: Watch this!
Father: I dunno, honey. I still think we should've gone with the dollhouse.
[Signal flare fires up in the air]
Rosy: It's the one-mile marker! C'mon, Jenna! Let's win this race! Mush!
Mother: Oh, I think she'll learn to like it.

Rosy: I'm sure Jenna would love to have you on her team. [prepares to harness Balto]
Father: [stops Rosy and not shoos Balto away] Hey, hey! Rosy, is it already harness to him!
Rosy: Dad!
Father: He might gonna be not bite you honey. He's the real part wolf.
Rosy: Now you not hurt his feelings. He's very really kind and gentle who brings my hat to me!

Dixie: Good morning, Jenna! Otta be a close race, don't yah think? Maybe even neck, and, neck!
Sylvie: Say something about her new collar before she gets whiplash!
Jenna: Um, Dixie, what a pretty collar! Is it new?
Dixie: What, this old thing? Yeah. D'You think, uh, Steele will notice?
Jenna: I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror.

Steele: Didn't make the team, Bingo?
Boris: Don't look at him. Don't listen to him. Liva long life.
Balto: The name's Balto.
Boris: But you can call him "idiot".
Steele: Oh, I'm sorry. Balto... Balto the half-breed. [other dogs laugh] [to Boris] Hey goose, you a half-breed too, huh? Part turkey? [pushes Boris into a platter pot]

Boris: What, this wolf business again? And what's wrong with being half-and-half, I ask you? Sometimes like crazy, I wish I was half eagle.
Balto: Why's that?
Boris: Better profile, for one thing. And no one eats you for another.

Luk: [starts whimpering, pointing to Boris]
Muk: What are you talking about? Of course he's glad to see us! He loves us, don't you?
Boris: [sighs] Okay, okay. Hey, boichiks! Let's play a game. Race you to the shore! One, two, three--go!
[Muk and Luk excitedly take off, as Boris stays in place]
Boris: They win. [splash]
Luk: Help! Help! We can't swim! Help, help! [Boris and Balto run to where Muk and Luk are screaming] We're drowning, we're drowning! Save us!
Boris: Bears? Fellas? IDIOT BALLS OF FLUFF!! [Muk and Luk thrash and yell in shallow water]
Balto: Easy, Boris. You know how they are. Muk. Luk. Relax. Hey come on! You're not drowning!
Boris: [with Russian accent] He has point bears. You are not drowning because; if you had thought for a moment you will observe, perhaps: TIDE IS OUT! [stomps away, annoyed]
[Luk whimpers]
Boris: He said, what?
Muk: (translating Luk's whimper) Oh, the shame of the polar bear who fears the water, no wonder we are shunned by our fellow bear. Woe is us! It's what he said, kind of pathetic, really.
Boris: What? More whimpering? Between you and Balto it's like Dostoyevsky novel out here. Lighten up.

[Jenna is worriedly at the window of a hospital room, observing Rosy, who is not well. Balto comes by]
Balto: Jenna? [clears his throat and lowers his voice] Jenna.
Jenna: [turns to Balto] Balto, hi. [turns back to the window]
Balto: Hi. Look, uh... just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if, I don't know, maybe you'd like to go chase a few sticks by moonlight. [chuckles, then sighs. He then notices Jenna is distracted] Jenna?
Jenna: Rosy's in there.
Balto: [confused; looks in the window] In a hospital? Why?
Jenna: She feels warm, and she has a terrible cough. [turns to Balto] Balto, what's wrong with her?
Balto: Uh, I'm not sure, but I know how to find out. Come on. [takes Jenna to the boiler room door] I have the keys to the city. [expertly disables the door's hinge and pushes the door open] After you.
Jenna: [admires Balto's paw, very impressed] Balto!
Balto: [laughs awkwardly] Uh... big paws kinda run in my family. At least.. uh, one side of my family. [takes Jenna into the room] Stay close.
Jenna: [laughs nervously] No problem there. It's so gloomy down here. Not that I'm scared or anything.
Balto: Gloomy? You kiddin'? It's the most beautiful spot in the world. Dogs travel for years just to be right here.
Jenna: Here? I can't imagine why.
Balto: That's 'cause you're looking at the bowl half empty. See this? [pushes broken bottles] It's the Polar Ice Caps.
Jenna: Balto, those are broken bottles. And they're not half empty, they're all empty.
Balto: [looks at the lamp from the grate] The sun.
Jenna: Oh, Balto...
Balto: And, to the north... [walks out of the way of the light, causing it to reflect off the bottles and create the illusion of the Northern Lights]
Jenna: The Northern Lights! Oh, Balto, you're right. It's beautiful.
Balto: [looking at Jenna] Yeah. Beautiful.

Father: [Referring to Rosy] Doctor, how is she?
Dr. Welch: [disappointed] Exhausted from coughing, her fever's getting worse. Looks like diphtheria. [sighs] She's the 18th case this week. And I'm out of antitoxin.

Dixie: What's with you, Jenna? Steele's a genuine hero. But do you even give him a sniff?
Sylvie: That's because Jenna is running with Balto. [Dixie groans in horror] She was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto. And they went in together, and they left together, and I heard it all from a very reliable source, and don't bother to deny it.
Jenna: Well, then I won't.
Sylvie: [gasps] I'm speechless!

Balto: Wish me luck!
Boris: Luck? I don't wish you luck, I wish you sense! [Quietly] Good luck, kiddo.

Steele: Nikki, Kaltag, Star, move it. We're strapping up.
Balto: Hey, now, just a second here, Steele. I was the fastest dog out there.
Steele: You were the fastest...what? If you think any musher in their right mind would ever put you on their team...well, you're more mixed up than I thought.
Jenna: Steele! It doesn't matter who's on the team! As long as the medicine gets through, stop being such a glory hound!
Steele: You're a hundred percent right, Jenna. I--I wasn't thinking about those children. The im-important thing is to get the medicine through. And that's just what I'm gonna do. [Aside, to Balto] And when I come back, I'm gonna fold you five ways and leave you for a cat toy.
Musher: [approaches the dogs] Good dog, Steele. Good boy! Now, let's take a look at our winner, here! Let's take a look at our winner. [Steele stomps on Balto's paw, causing him to growl in pain, baring his teeth] Ah, we can't trust this one. He's part wolf. He might turn on me. Nikki, Kaltag, Star! Let's go.
Someone else in the background: [Referring to Balto's teeth] See those teeth?
[Steele smiles cruelly at Balto, then leaves]
Jenna: [approaches Balto] Balto, I'm sorry...
Balto: [depressed] Don't talk to me, Jenna. I might turn on you. [walks off]
Jenna: Balto, wait. Balto! [follows Balto]

Star: Steele! We're going in circles!
Steele: What?!
Star: Gaa-aaah! Circles is a good thing. I mean they're, uh, they're circular.
Steele: I know what I'm doing! It's... this way! Come on! [guides the team along a ledge. They lose their balance and slip down an icy hill]
Musher: Waa-aaah! Whoa! Whoa, Steele!
[The team tumbles down the hill. The dogs land in various spots. The musher lands on his head and is knocked out instantly]
Nikki: Ooh! I hit my head on somethin'.
Kaltag: Yeah. My head.
Dog: [examining the musher] Looks like he's hurt bad, Steele.
Star: Wh-What're we gonna do now, Steele?

[After Balto falls into the frozen river, Muk and Luk jump into the river after him]
Jenna: Luk! Muk!
Boris: They cannot swim!
Jenna: What?! Polar bears who can't swim?!

Jenna: Maybe I'm not so fine. You should go ahead without me.
Balto: Jenna...
Jenna: I'll be slowing everyone down. Rosy can't hold out much longer.
Balto: [picks up a branch] Muk, you and Luk carry Jenna back to town on this.
Boris: [sternly] And this time, don't take time out for a swim! [laughs]
Balto: [to Boris] You can make sure of that, Boris. You're gonna lead them home. Just follow my marks.
Jenna: You're going alone?
Balto: Won't be the first time.
Jenna: [removes her bandanna and puts it on Balto's neck] Here. Afraid it won't keep you very warm.
Balto: Yeah, it will.
[Balto and Jenna nuzzle. Luk starts crying]
Muk: Well, of course Balto will come back. He's Balto, isn't he?
Balto: Hey! I'm coming back with the medicine. I promise, Jenna. [to Muk and Luk] Go ahead, guys. Take her home. [turns to continue walking]
Boris: [stops Balto] Balto, I do not like leaving you out here alone. Who's going to tell you how cold you are?
Balto: [sternly] Boris. [shoves Boris to look at the others] They need you even more than I do.
Boris: Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone. [pauses] But... maybe a wolf can. [Balto grimaces. Boris turns to Muk and Luk] You two balls of fluff! Let's move! [leads them back] Hey! Two, three, four!
[Balto watches as Boris, Muk and Luk carry Jenna back, then continues to walk by himself. The sound of a telegraph wire beeping is heard. The scene changes to the telegraph office]
Telegraph operator: [translating a message] Nome. Stop. Cannot ship more antitoxin. Stop. Weather too severe. Stop. Lost sled team only hope. Stop. Our prayers are with them. Anchorage. Stop. [Morris sadly listens to the message from under the table]
[The scene cuts back to Balto still walking through the forest alone that evening]
Balto: [begins to get Steele in his scent] Steele.
[Balto continues further, until he gets to the icy hill overlooking the team. Balto descends the hill and reaches the team. Nikki, Kaltag and Star are surprised to see him]
Star: Balto!
Nikki: Is that Balto?
Kaltag: Balto, how did you find us?!
Balto: Is anyone hurt?
Steele: [angrily enunciating] Everyone. Is. Fine.
Star: Yeah, but our musher hit his head! And he didn't get up.
Nikki: And he's not movin'.
Balto: [picks up the sled harness] Alright, follow me. I can lead you home.
Steele: [stops him, hostilely] We don't need your help!
Star: [nervously] M-maybe we should listen to him. [Steele growls at him and he ducks for cover in fear]
Nikki: How would youse get us home?
Balto: [cautiously] Well, I...I marked a trail, like this. [scratches bark off a tree to show them]
Steele: [abrasively knocks the tree down and confronts him] I'll get us back. I'm the lead dog. I'm in charge.
Balto: But... Then, let me take back the medicine. They're getting sicker.
Steele: [jumps between Balto and the sled] Touch that box, and I'll tear you apart.
Nikki: [betting with Kaltag] Two bones says Steele takes him.
Kaltag: You're on.
Balto: [firmly] Steele, I'm not leaving without that medicine.
Steele: [angrily pushes him away] Who do you think you are?
Nikki: Hey, this is gonna be good. [chuckles]
Balto: [trying to reason with Steele] Since...since when do you need a pedigree to help someone? [moves toward the sled, but Steele blocks his way again] Steele, let me help you.
Nikki: [off-camera] Look at his eyes!
[Balto tries again, but Steele knocks him away]
Kaltag: Oh, he'll feel that tomorrow.
Nikki: I think he's feeling it now!
Kaltag: Ouch!
Balto: I don't want to fight. [goes for the sled a fourth time, but Steele again stops him, this time biting him and brutally throwing him aside]
Kaltag: Whoa, that can't be legal!
Nikki: Yeah!
[Balto, undeterred, tries again to get the medicine, but Steele still won't let him; this time, he knocks the sled over]
Nikki: [shocked] That stuff is fragile!
Star: What's with Steele? All Balto wants to do is help.
[Steele viciously throws Balto against a rock. Balto becomes motionless. Steele lets out an evil laugh. The three other dogs are starting to mourn Balto]
Star: Ah, look!
[The dogs notice Balto getting back up. Steele grabs Jenna's bandanna around Balto's neck, but ends up pulling it off, falls over the cliff behind him as Balto watches on. The team straightens the sled back up and load the unconscious musher back onto the sled]
Musher: [groaning and not waking up] Good boy.
[All the dogs hitch themselves back up. As Balto walks over to the dogs, Star, with a huge smile, holds the harness out to him. Balto hesitates. Star holds it slightly higher, as if encouraging Balto. Balto takes the harness, puts it on and looks at it with amazement]
Balto: Mush!
[Balto and the team set off. Steele makes his way back up the cliff to find the team having already left]
Steele: Go ahead, wolf-dog! You'll never get home! [grinning evilly] I'll make sure of that. I'll show 'em. [marks every tree in the forest] Why not this way? How about over here? Oops! Wrong way! [gives off a sinister cackle]
[Balto and the team are hiking through the forest, when Balto stops, looking at the marked trees and detecting Steele's scent on some of them]
Balto: Oh, no.
Star: Which way, Balto? Which way? Which way?
Balto: [looks around desperately] Uh... this way. [continues to lead the team through the forest, but sees Steele's fake markings on every tree] No, it can't be!
Kaltag: Why are you taking us in circles?
Balto: I'm not! I mean, I don't know. [gesturing to the marked trees] It's Steele. [stops, and the other dogs pile behind him]
Nikki: [referring to Steele; beginning to have doubts] Maybe we was better off with him there.
Balto: [panicking] No! Come on! Mush! [frantically begins running too fast]
Star: Whooooa! Balto, slow down! Please!

Steele: Of course, as you know, I swam and I swam. It was freezing cold. And finally, I said "Steele, you just have to gnaw your way to the surface," so I-- [hears Balto howling outside] What?
Doc: [looks out the window] It's Balto with the medicine! [runs outside]
Dixie: Oh, Steele, you are positively dis... [enraged] posable! [slaps Steele across the face]
[All the dogs growl angrily at Steele and storm out on him]
Steele: [humiliated] Okay, okay, I can explain. You guys weren't there, so... Wait a minute, guys. Wait just a second, please...?
Town dog: [angrily] GET LOST!
[The door slams in Steele's face]

[last lines]
Balto: Jenna! [runs over to play with Jenna]
[A loud applause erupts from the humans and dogs]
Star: Way to go, Balto!
Kaltag: He has the most endurance, the most fidelity, the most intelligence--
Star: They should build a statue of him! [flinches, thinking he'll be hit again]
Kaltag: [smiles] You said it!
Star: I did?
[The screen shows an overhead shot of the humans and dogs congratulating Balto, before panning up to the night sky, where the Northern Lights are shining. They form the silhouette of a wolf, which howls. The silhouette then turns into Blaze, shifting the film back to live-action. The elderly woman and her granddaughter have finally reached Balto's memorial]
Rosy's granddaughter: This is it, Grandma! Blaze found it.
Grandma Rosy: What does it say?
Rosy's granddaughter: "Dedicated to the... indomable?"
Grandma Rosy: "Indomitable."
Rosy's granddaughter: "Indomitable spirit of the sled dogs."
Grandma Rosy: "That relayed antitoxin 600 miles from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome... in the winter of 1925."
Rosy's granddaughter: "Endurance, fidelity, intelligence." Balto really did do all that, didn't he, Grandma?
Grandma Rosy: Oh, yes, sweetheart. He really did. [places a musher's hat on her granddaughter's head] And today, they run the Iditarod Dog Race over the very path he and the others took.
Rosy's granddaughter: Can Blaze do that too, Grandma? [Blaze briefly looks up, before dropping his head again]
Grandma Rosy: Maybe. With practice. [Blaze proceeds to bark] A lot of practice. [laughs]
Rosy's granddaughter: [walks Blaze away] Come on, Blaze. Come on! Mush!
[The elderly woman happily watches her granddaughter walk off, then gazes up at the statue with a contented sigh]
Grandma Rosy: Thank you, Balto. I would've been lost without you.
Rosy's granddaughter: Grandma Rosy! Grandma Rosy, come on!
[Grandma Rosy pleasantly walks off to join her granddaughter. The intro to "Reach for the Light" by Steve Winwood begins to play as Balto's statue stands proudly in the sunlight]


  • Part Dog. Part Wolf. All Hero.
  • The true story of an American hero.
  • His story became a legend. His adventure is one you'll never forget.

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