Balto II: Wolf Quest

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Balto II: Wolf Quest is a 2002 sequel to Balto. It centers on Balto's daughter Aleu, who is conflicted about her wolf heritage and goes on a journey of self-discovery, while her father follows her.

Directed by Phil Weinstein. Written by Dev Ross.
An epic adventure of discovery


  • I've led a dog team before, but never a wolf pack.
  • Mush! [the wolves are confused] I-I-I mean, move out!


Aleu: I knew there was something wrong with me.
Balto: There is nothing wrong with you. You have a proud heritage.
Aleu: Oh, sure.
Balto: Your mother is a pure-bred husky.
Aleu: Then what are you?
Balto: I-I'm the one who's part wolf.
Aleu: How could this happen?
Balto: Look. Aleu. My dad was a husky who... had pups with a wolf.
Aleu: Great. My grandmother was a wild animal? Did the wolf teach you how to know when a human wants to kill you?
Balto: I was accidentally separated from her when I was young, so I never spent much time with... the wolf. I remember that she was as white as snow, and she had this warm voice that made me feel safe. Well, then Boris took me in, and, after being raised by a goose it's a wonder I don't honk instead of bark.
Aleu: Why didn't you tell me this before?
Balto: Because I wanted to protect you.
Aleu: Protect me? From what? From the fact that no human will ever want me because I'm part wild animal?
Balto: Aleu.
Aleu: And what about my brothers and sisters? They've got wolf in them, too. Why did humans want them?
Balto: Because they don't look it, [sighs] and you do.
Aleu: It's not fair. I hate you! [runs away crying]
Balto: Aleu? Aleu, come back!
Aleu: Leave me alone!

Yak: Sorry, but you're not going nowhere!
Aleu: That's anywhere, flea-bag.
Balto: [out of the corner of his mouth] Aleu, I hardly think this is the time to be correcting his grammar.

Nava: I simply became one with the tree.
Balto: If I tried that, I'd get splinters.

Balto: This has gone too far, Aleu, and it isn't our battle.
Aleu: But papa, I saw caribou!
Balto: Look, this could get very dangerous. Despite my dreams or anything else, I will not put you in any danger.
Aleu: But this isn't just about us anymore, papa. This is about something bigger. Don't you see? We're supposed to help them. I'm sorry, but whether I stay or go should be my decision.
Balto: That wind is a sign that winter's coming early. Your mother will be worried sick. We both leave in the morning.

Balto: I'll go.
Aleu: No. You don't belong here. You belong home, with my mother. But I do belong here. It's my destiny.
Nava: [to Balto] Aniu told me it would be the one who is wolf but does not know. I believed it was you, but I was wrong. It is your daughter.
Balto: Are you sure? [Aleu nods] It's just... so hard to let my baby go.
Aleu: Papa, I'm not your... okay. So I'll always be your baby. Goodbye, papa. Tell mom... I've finally found my home.

[Aniu appears to Balto, changing from a raven to a white wolf]
Balto: [groans] Now what?
Aniu: Only the journey home, my son.
Balto: Aniu? You're my... [Aniu howls and disappears] Goodbye to you, too... mother.

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