Balto II: Wolf Quest

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Balto II: Wolf Quest is a 2000 sequel to Universal Studios' 1995 animated film Balto.


Yak: Sorry, but you're not going nowhere!
Aleu: That's anywhere, flea-bag.
Balto: [out of the corner of his mouth] Aleu, I hardly think this is the time to be correcting his grammar.
Jenna: Good morning, sleepyhead. Did you forget about watching the pups today while my girl and I go on a picnic?
Balto: What? Me? Forget? [ Yawns ] Never.

Nava: I simply became one with the tree.
Balto: If I tried that, I'd get splinters.

Muru: Praise for the high tide, praise for the seaside;
Praise for the Sun at high noon. Praise for the lightning,
Praise for the singing; praise the Father Sun and Sister Moon.
Praise for the red dawn, grass that we walk upon,
Praise for the river's whispered tune. Praise for the Wind Brother,
Praise for the Earth Mother, praise for Father Sun and Sister Moon:
Praise for Father Sun and Sister Moon.
Heya, heya, heya; heya, heya, heya....

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