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Ban in an Agência Brasil photo from 6 June 2007.

Ban Ki-moon (Korean: 반기문, Hanja: 潘基文; born 13 June 1944) was the Secretary-General of the United Nations.


  • Global Classrooms are a cinch, with the help of Merrill Lynch.
    When you put the org in Google, partnerships go truly gloooobal.
    There is hope for Earth's salvation, with the Cisneros Foundation.
    With Jay-Z there's double strife, life for children and water for life.
    Human health will get ahead, with the valiant work of (RED).
    For the poor and doing good, stays the job of Robin Hood.
    UN stays on the front burner, thanks to our champ Ted Turner.
    And whole revolutions stem, from the work of UNIFEM.
    But tonight my special shout-out, goes to one I can't do without.
    We have traveled up and down, Frisco, Atlanta, Chicago town.
    Yes, the king of all the doers, is my trusty friend Bill Luers.
  • Malala is a brave and gentle advocate of peace who through the simple act of going to school became a global teacher. She said one pen can change the world - and proved how one young woman can lead the way.
  • Our world is one of terrible contradictions. Plenty of food but one billion people go hungry. Lavish lifestyles for a few, but poverty for too many others. Huge advances in medicine while mothers die everyday in childbirth . . . Billions spent on weapons to kill people instead of keeping them safe.
  • [Conchita Wurst] She is an incredible singer and entertainer. But what made her win so meaningful was the way she turned her victory in the Song Contest into an electrifying moment of human rights education. Conchita is promoting respect for diversity. This is a core value of the United Nations Charter, along with our commitment to tolerance. She confounds people's preconceived ideas of gender and sexuality - and she appeals to them to accept her as she is. That is a powerful message. I am delighted she is using her talent and the Eurovision platform to take this message to a global audience.

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