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Barbie is an American fashion doll.

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My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.
  • I enjoy getting dressed as a Barbie doll. ~ Vanna White
    • In: Laura K. McClure (2008), Sexuality and Gender in the Classical World. p. 164
  • The original of the yellow rose is clad (you've guessed it) in canary yellow. The lemon-meringue confection has been poured into yellow slacks and yellow shirt, an immaculate yellow-blonde barbie-doll with 'EFG- Follies-Girl' written all over her.
  • I love having a kid [...] They don’t let you think about yourself. [The one drawback of being a mum in America is that] Mabel wants Barbie, one of those bloody awful dolls. No vaginas, no nipples and they're bulimic. This is what femininity is? [...] Ever tried to assemble a Barbie barbecue stand? [...] Fortunately, Mabel already knows that Ken's just Mr. Barbie. She already cut his hair punk style. She knows that ... Ken's an idiot.
  • You are so plastic you could be a Barbie Doll.
    You walk you talk just like them all.
  • I hate men. They're stupid, ignorant animals with stupid ignorant hobbies. And they hated me. But I didn't need them. I had Barbie.
  • But ultimately Barbie is like the Disney princess, an unshakeably enduring childhood fantasy that is impervious to feminism and reality, the ultra-processed food of children's toys that creates an insatiable appetite for more. Arguments about whether she teaches girls how women should look, or whether girls are instinctively drawn to blonde and pretty representations of femininity, are chicken-and-egg arguments. Or rather, they’re irrelevant, because both statements are true.
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