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Barbie is a American fashion doll.


  • "I thought the Barbie doll would always be successful." ~ Ruth Handler[1]
  • I enjoy getting dressed as a Barbie doll. ~ Vanna White
    • In: Laura K. McClure (2008), Sexuality and Gender in the Classical World. p. 164
  • The original of the yellow rose is clad (you've guessed it) in canary yellow. The lemon-meringue confection has been poured into yellow slacks and yellow shirt, an immaculate yellow-blonde barbie-doll with 'EFG- Follies-Girl' written all over her. ~ Jani Allan
  • I love having a kid [...] They don’t let you think about yourself. [The one drawback of being a mum in America is that] Mabel wants Barbie, one of those bloody awful dolls. No vaginas, no nipples and they're bulimic. This is what femininity is? [...] Ever tried to assemble a Barbie barbecue stand? [...] Fortunately, Mabel already knows that Ken's just Mr. Barbie. She already cut his hair punk style. She knows that ... Ken's an idiot. ~ Tracey UllmanTracey Ullman[2]
  • You are so plastic you could be a Barbie Doll.
    You walk you talk just like them all. Social Distortion
  • "I hate men. They're stupid, ignorant animals with stupid ignorant hobbies. And they hated me. But I didn't need them. I had Barbie." ~ Married... with Children