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Carlo Rovelli, 2006

Carlo Rovelli (born May 3, 1956) is an Italian physicist and cosmologist working in the field of quantum gravity. In 1988, Carlo Rovelli, Lee Smolin and Abhay Ashtekar introduced a theory of quantum gravity denoted loop quantum gravity.


  • Don't trust your teachers.
    • Lectures at The First Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity School, March 23 - April 3, 2007, Zakopane, Poland.
  • Listening to a cultivated person of today who jokes and almost boasts of his scientific ignorance is as sad as listening to a scientist who boasts of not having read any poem.
    • Il Sole 24 Ore cultural supplement, October 17, 2010.
  • Hawking was one of the good physicists of his generation, not the universal genius the popular press has depicted.

Quantum gravity (2004)[edit]

Quantum Gravity. Cambridge University Press. 2004. ISBN 0-52183-733-2. 
  • The landscape is magic, the trip is far from being over.
    • p. xv
  • I think that physics is about escaping the prison of the received thoughts and searching for novel ways of thinking the world, about trying to clear a bit the misty lake of insubstantial dreams, which reflect reality like the lake reflects the mountains.
    • p. xvii
  • The new coherent picture is not yet available. With all their immense empirical success, G(eneral)R(elativity) and Q(uantum)M(echanics) have left us with an understanding of the physical world which is unclear and badly fragmented. At the foundations of physics there is today confusion and incoherence.
    • p. 4
  • An overly pragmatic attitude is not productive in the long run.
    • p. 4

Seven Brief Lectures on Physics (2014)[edit]

Seven Brief Lectures on Physics. Allen Lane, Penguin. 2014. ISBN 978–0–241–29252–5 Invalid ISBN. 
  • In his youth Albert Einstein spent a year loafing aim- lessly. You don’t get anywhere by not ‘wasting’ time – something, unfortunately, which the parents of teenagers tend frequently to forget.
    • Incipit
  • A handful of types of elementary particles, which vibrate and fluctuate constantly between existence and non-existence and swarm in space even when it seems that there is nothing there, combine together to infinity like the letters of a cosmic alphabet to tell the immense history of galaxies, of the innumerable stars, of sunlight, of mountains, woods and fields of grain, of the smiling faces of the young at parties, and of the night sky studded with stars.
    • p. 34

The Order of Time (2018)[edit]

The Order of Time. Allen Lane, Penguin. 2018. ISBN 978–0–241–29252–5 Invalid ISBN. 
  • The World is Made of Events, not Things.
    • p. 85
  • But it isn’t absence that causes sorrow. It is affection and love. Without affection, without love, such absences would cause us no pain. For this reason, even the pain caused by absence is, in the end, something good and even beautiful, because it feeds on that which gives meaning to life.
    • p. 105

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