Casper: A Spirited Beginning

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Casper: A Spirited Beginning is a 1997 direct-to-video prequel to the 1995 film Casper.


  • Did you say "missing", you little runt?
  • I'm in charge here and nobody skips training, especially little snot noses named Carter!
  • Silence!
  • Now, about this Caster.
  • I HAVE no blood!
  • This better be important.
  • I hate guessing!
  • You'd better not be wrong.
  • A human teaching haunted techniques? It's unorthodox! It's... it's unheard of! It's... (Snivel: Un-American?) disgusting! Keep your eye on them. I'm on my way.
  • Silence! I've been searching for you slackers far too long!
  • Once I grab that brat Capper, it's back to processing for all of you for some radical retraining.
  • Make sure you four never darken my tomb again. Hahahahahaha!

Tim Carson[edit]

  • That's it! You have a overactive imagination, it is time to grow up!


Kibosh: I'm in charge here and nobody skips training, especially little snot noses named Carter!
Snivel: That's uh, Casper, sir.
Kibosh: Silence! When I want your help, I'll beat it out of you!
Snivel: Of course, oh mellow one.
Kibosh: Now, about this Caster.
Snivel: Casper. Sorry.
Kibosh: How would it look if I, the mighty Kibosh, let some wide-eyed rookie run loose without any schooling?
Snivel: Very embarrassing, sir.
Kibosh: Embarrassing? It's disgraceful! Almost as bad as losing track of those three worm-headed deserters! What were their names?
Snivel: Stinky, Stretch and uh... Fatso, sir.
Kibosh: When I find those slackers, I'll tie a sheepshank on their bedsheet butts!
Snivel: Your blood pressure, oh stupendous one.
Kibosh: I have no blood! Now, find me this Casper and bring his sorry hooky-playing tush back here immediately!

Kibosh: This better be important.
Snivel: [on the payphone] Casper's in Deedstown and you'll never guess who's with him!
Kibosh: I HATE GUESSING! [he slams his table] Snivel?
Snivel: I'm sorry, your playful one. How foolish of me. The answer is the Ghostly Trio.
Kibosh: You better not be wrong.
Snivel: There's more! They're teaching Casper their own unorthodox... oh, may I say illegal ghostly techniques. They hope to use Casper to put you in your place.
Kibosh: Don't even say those words! Those halloweenies can't out-teach me! Check on their progress. I want a full report tomorrow.

Kibosh: Oh, it's worse. Way worse!
The Ghostly Trio: Kibosh!?
Kibosh: Count on it!
Snivel: See? I told you they were here. I caught 'em red-handed!
Kibosh: So, where is Chrysler?
Snivel: Casper. Um, he's uh...
Kibosh: Find him!
Snivel: Ow! Yes, your backhandedness!
Stinky: Big K. What a surprise!
Stretch: You're looking eh... trim.
Kibosh: Silence! I've been searching for you slackers far too long!
Stretch: Not the cage!
Stinky: I hate the cage!
Fatso: No legroom!
Kibosh: Now to find your little protege Kanker. Hahahahaha!


  • Jeremy Foley as Casper
  • Brendon Ryan Barrett as Chris Carson
  • Steve Guttenberg as Tim Carson
  • Lori Loughlin as Sheila Fistergraff
  • Jim Ward as Stretch
  • Jess Harnell as Fatso
  • Bill Farmer as Stinky
  • Michael McKean as Bill Case
  • James Earl Jones as Kibosh
  • Pauly Shore as Snivel
  • Rodney Dangerfield as Mayor Johnny Hunt

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