Chen Ming-tong

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Chen Ming-tong

Chen Ming-tong (陳明通; Chén Míngtōng; born 25 November 1955a) is a Taiwanese politician. He currently serves as the Minister of Mainland Affairs Council (MAC).


  • I hope that the team on the other side (Mainland China) can cooperate with us to contribute to the peaceful development of relations across the (Taiwan) strait, safeguard cross-strait security, and develop ideas for co-existence and mutual prosperity.
  • It (1992 consensus) won't work even if Taiwan accepts the consensus, as (Mainland) China won't accept a free interpretation of 'one China'.
  • The future of cross-strait relations depends on (Mainland) China implementing genuine democratic reforms. That is the best solution to the 'Taiwan issue' that we (Government of the Republic of China) can offer the (mainland) Chinese side.
  • Although (Kaohsiung Mayor) Han (Kuo-yu) and I belong to different political camps, we both possess ROC national identification cards. Like I once said, the distance between the pan-blue (Kuomintang) and pan-green camps (Democratic Progressive Party), however wide it is, is narrower than that between the pan-blue camp and the red camp (Communist Party of China).
  • Exactly what kind of peace agreement (with Mainland China) are we (Taiwan) signing, if we sign one at this moment?

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