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Han Kuo-yu

Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜; Hán Guóyú; born 17 June 1957) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China) of Kuomintang (KMT). He served as a member of the Legislative Yuan from 1993 to 2002, and was elected Mayor of Kaohsiung in 2018.



  • In the future, there will be no blue-green (KMT or DPP) partisanship in Kaohsiung. All-out efforts will be made to pump up the (city) economy.
  • I perfectly understand how big a decision Kaohsiung voters have made to elect me mayor because I have only lived here for a short time. I promise to build a clean government, and use whoever is good for the city, regardless of their political affiliations, and do all I can to make Kaohsiung rich and great.
  • Both sides of the Taiwan Strait (Taiwan and Mainland China) have their differences of opinion. I hope people on both sides could help, protect and give their blessings to a simple businessman (bread master Wu Pao-chun) who wishes to develop his business without becoming too involved in politics.
  • Fortune's wheel turns every 30 years. And now, it is time for Kaohsiung to be the master and the focus of the Chinese community worldwide.


  • What you (Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chen Ming-tong) have in mind are rigid restrictions, while what I have in mind is economic development. Rest assured, my city (Kaohsiung) will not touch anything related to diplomacy or national defense. Kaohsiung will only be an 'economic animal'.
  • Your questions are very good (referring to the three questions asked by Post journalist questions regarding Beijing's "one country, two systems" governing principle, the "1992 consensus" on cross-strait relations and whether he would run for ROC 2020 presidential election). Have you tasted the fruit we brought from Kaohsiung? Haven't you? I have made it very clear that this trip (to Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland CHina) is a trip of economy and friendship. Thanks for your three questions.
  • Macau has its own development strategies while Kaohsiung also has its own development strategies. Anyway, we are amazed that Macau's current Gross Domestic Product per capita ranks second in the world after having risen from HK$10,000 or so to over HK$80,000 in the past two decades, and Kaohsiung will strive to catch up.
  • Whoever can secure Taiwan's safety and make its citizens rich, then this is the one who will be a great president for Taiwan. Please support this person (in the 2020 Republic of China presidential election).
  • Fighting for the economy is not a slogan. Show the results. It's already been three years (since President Tsai Ing-wen took office). I don't care whatever reason or excuse you use, the point is how do the ordinary (Taiwanese) people feel? Too many Taiwanese people feel financially hard-hit. This is something people cannot be deceived about
  • I have witnessed for myself that Taiwan's progress has been idling for 20 years due to divisive and malfunctioning partisan politics. I could say the government of Taiwan is not dominated by public servants but by party servants.
  • Given the current situation, I cannot be included in opinion polls on the presidential election. As Kaohsiung mayor, I shoulder the expectations of Kaohsiung residents. If (KMT) party headquarters or the Central Standing Committee needs Han Kuo-yu in some way to make all kinds of arrangements, including opinion polls, I will respect their decision.
  • I have reiterated the four points time and again and very clearly: Defend the Republic of China; reject "one country, two systems"; love freedom and democracy; stand with peace and prosperity.
  • We shall strive to create another Taiwan Miracle, where Taiwan is safe and the people are rich.
  • This is a sacred presidential election (in 2020). It's not just for a personal victory for Han Kuo-yu, and it's not just for our Kuomintang. It's for our country, the Republic of China. We need to wholeheartedly create a safe Taiwan, where the people are rich, a Taiwan miracle, an economic miracle.
  • Our products are sold at higher prices and we lost (Mainland) Chinese tourists not traveling in group tours (to Taiwan). Without people coming in or goods going out, the (Taiwan) economy cannot grow.
  • I was concerned on a daily basis about solving Kaohsiung's financial difficulties and one day it occurred to me that Itu Aba Island falls under Kaohsiung's jurisdiction.

Quotes about Han Kuo-yu[edit]

  • Thank you very much for the (Kaohsiung) mayor (elect Han Kuo-yu)'s support of my profession. I am a professional baker. The world of bread is simple and happy. I like and enjoy making friends with you through bread. I am honored that many young people are willing to enter this industry because of me. I have a responsibility to create a bigger market for young people. Finally, Wu Pao-chun is still Wu Pao-chun. I am a very simple baker.
  • Although Han (Kuo-yu) and I belong to different political camps, we both possess ROC national identification cards. Like I once said, the distance between the pan-blue (Kuomintang) and pan-green camps (Democratic Progressive Party), however wide it is, is narrower than that between the pan-blue camp and the red camp (Communist Party of China).
  • If Han Kuo-yu is unfortunately elected (as) president (of the Republic of China) next year (2020), more visitors will arrive (in Taiwan) and exports will increase. People will become rich, but the People's Liberation Army will come in (to Taiwan). It will be a disaster for Taiwanese people and everyone will die together. Is that what you want?

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