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DC League of Super-Pets is a 2022 American computer-animated superhero comedy film produced by Warner Animation Group and based on the DC Comics superhero team Legion of Super-Pets. The film stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Marc Maron, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, and Keanu Reeves.

Directed by Jared Stern. Written by Stern and John Whittington.
All pets have secrets, theirs are super. (taglines)


  • Alright, wake up, buddy! It is walk o'clock.
  • Pup up and away!
  • Squeezy Bruce!
  • Bad owner!
  • And I will remain here, posing under my secret identity. [puts on his glasses] Bark Kent!
  • My best friend is in danger and you have to help me!
  • Stop right there and cease your unlawful activities.
  • This is the biggest menace Metropolis has ever seen.
  • Relax. We'll be fine.
  • That can't be sanitary.
  • Technically, he flies.
  • I started this with one best friend to save. And now, I have four more.
  • Ace, attack!
  • Super-Pets, activate!


  • You forgot one thing, Lex, unlike you, I have friends.


  • Uh, did somebody call tech support, have you tried turning it off and on again.


  • I should be a lot more dead right now, right?
  • We'll help you get your dumb owner back. You've got yourself a super team.
  • You ain't normal, man.
  • So it begins.
  • That's cold, man.
  • I'm a wild animal.
  • Oh, you think you're so great, don't you, Superdog?
  • We're just a bunch of shelter pets. But they're stronger than you think.
  • Smell is the sight of the nose.
  • You literally worship the ground that dude walks on.
  • You know what they say about dogs? [Krypto: Never feed us chocolate.] We love unconditionally.


  • Still working out the kinks. I didn't see anything.
  • Don't you want to be adopted and feel the warm embrace of a middle-aged man who lives alone?
  • Oh my gosh, Wonder Woman has, like, right where I'm sitting. And there's a peanut wedged in the crack of the seat. And now, I'm eating her peanut.


  • Where the (BLEEP) am I?
  • You win this round, lettuce.
  • [to a Garfield window clinger] What's happening, handsome?
  • None of you are turtles! This explains so much!
  • Update: I’m fast now, but I can’t see (BLEEP).
  • Ring, ring! Hello, who's there? The League of Super-Pets!


  • Great. I'm the only one who didn't get any superpow— [lightning shoots out of his paws]
  • You're super strong! And your tail is now made of fire!
  • We're never fine!
  • You can do this, Chip.


  • Superman, I am Lulu, daughter of Cinnamon, and you will kneel before me! You piece of [squeaking]
  • A hamster is a hacky sack. A hamster is a mouse that had too much for lunch. We are guinea pigs. And when we're through with you, buster, you'll know it!
  • Oh, you want the truth? The boots are a bit much.


  • This water guy does. Hey, my name's Keith.
  • Um, actually, I think we'd just rather stay here.
  • We even have Spanish class every miercoles.


  • Oh, look at me!
  • I'm Mark. And your name is?


Krypto: What is new with you, fellow normal dog?
Corgi: I bit the FedEx guy the other day.
Krypto: Who was he working for? General Zod? The Legion of Doom?
Corgi: FedEx.
Krypto: Of course! The Federation of Exes. Not to be trusted.
Corgi: [turns away] What is taking my owner so long?

[As Ace escapes the animal shelter, he runs into Krypto]
Ace: Man, that hurt.
Krypto: Yes. And that hurt me as well, due to the fact that I feel pain as any ordinary canine would.

Ace: You wanna throw paws? Then fine. But I should warn you, I'm one-eighth boxer!
Krypto: [places his paw on Ace's face] And ⅞ chihuahua.
Ace: Chihuahuas are vicious!

Krypto: When one has an abundance of power, they have a certain duty to use that power to—
[He gets interrupted by Ace who is peeing]
Ace: Sorry. You were saying something?
Krypto: I was making an inspiring hero speech.
[Ace continues peeing]
Krypto: How much did you have to drink?
Ace: I had two toilet bowls and a bidet. A bidet, too, which is crazy. I didn't even know that was a thing, but it's like a dog water fountain.

[Now, we see a close-up of Lulu's eyes]
Lulu: Terrifying villains, deadly assassins, I have come to recruit you for a siege of murderous savagery!
[Staring at Lulu, a group of guinea pigs in each cage munch on food]
Lulu: My fellow, furrier, guinea pigs. I have sought you out because you're apex predators. Gods amongst men!
[Still munching, the guinea pigs continue to stare at her]
Lulu: OK, look. Pig to pig. I need your help because my owner has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle.
[With her powers, Lulu summons a TV which shows a newscast of Luthor]
Newscaster: [voiceover] Thwarted by the Justice League, Lex Luthor now finds himself behind bars.
Luthor: I'll destroy you all!
[Using her powers, Lulu pauses the TV]
Lulu: That's my best friend. [chuckles] And mentor. Best friend and mentor. Ahem.
[She unpauses it with her powers]
Newscaster: [voiceover] Built to house fearsome superpowered criminals, Stryker's Island is the world's most inescapable prison.
[Lulu pushes the TV away with her powers]
Lulu: Which is where you dorks come in. You see, if I'm gonna get Lex outta this dump, I'm gonna need an army.
[Lulu rips open the doors of the cages as the guinea pigs squeak. The camera then focuses on two guinea pigs; a white one, and a brown one. The white guinea pig's name is Keith, and the brown one's name is Mark]
Keith: Um, actually, I think we'd just rather stay here instead.
Mark: Yeah, I mean, we got summers off, all-you-can-drink water.
[Beside Mark, a dark gray guinea pig drinks water]
Keith: We even have Spanish class every miercoles.

Krypto: This just seems gross.
Ace: What do you mean gross? Smelling stuff is one of the greatest joys of being a dog, next to licking any part of your body. I mean, I lick myself all the time.
Krypto: Well, that explains the breath.

Krypto: Ace, deploy canine shield.
Ace: What is a canine…?
[Krypto shoves him off the building as they fall towards the guinea pigs. Mark breathes fire at them]
Krypto: Evade!
[They jump off of Ace as he is engulfed by the flames. Krypto, PB, Chip and Merton land on the ground safely as Ace lands hard on the ground]
Krypto: Excellent shielding! That seemed incredibly painful.
Ace: [groans] Anybody want to switch powers?

[As Krypto watches the ship launch high towards the atmosphere, the melting Keith and cinched Mark crawl toward him while coughing]
Mark: Krypto, there's a bomb on the rocket.
Keith: When it leaves the atmosphere, it'll implode.
[Krypto remains staring at them as they continue to cough]
Mark: We're just coughing. Go!
Krypto: I'm coming for you, Superman.
[Krypto flies up toward the rocket]

Green Lantern: Hey, don't worry. I got you.

Merton: OK, what's happening?
Flash: Wow, this is so weird.
Merton: [squeals] So beautiful!
Flash: High-fiving so slow when we're both really fast. Huh.
[The Flash and Merton high-five. Now, P.B. faces Wonder Woman]
P.B.: Princess Diana of Themyscira, I humbly present myself, Super Hog, still brainstorming, to you.
Wonder Woman: You will be a mighty warrior. And cuddle buddy.
[Wonder Woman hugs the pig. Nearby, Aquaman cries]
Aquaman: Woe is me. No one cares about the water guy.
[Keith's face appears in a puddle]
Keith: This water guy does. Hey, my name's Keith.
[He climbs up to Aquaman's shoulder]
Aquaman: Aw, little piggy kisses.
[As Keith kisses his cheek, Mark smiles as he watches his friend]
Cyborg: Hey, smokey. You're looking a little burnt out. Need a light?
[Cyborg lights up Mark, causing him to float]
Mark: Oh, look at me!
Cyborg: Aw, come here.
Mark: I'm Mark. And your name is?

Batman: So, you're a dog. I am the Batman. I'm not really great with animals.
Ace: Yeah, I'm not really great with people. Probably because of my traumatic puppyhood.
Batman: As a child, my family was taken from me.
Ace: As a puppy, I was taken from my family.
Batman: So I've steeled myself.
Ace: My emotions, always in check.
Both: No one ever getting past my impenetrable defenses.
Ace: Ah, what the heck.
[Ace leaps on Batman and licks him, making the Dark Knight laugh]
Batman: Good boy. OK, the Batman loves you, too.

[In a post-credit scene, Krypto and Superman are having a game of fetch until Krypto is met with Anubis, pet dog of Black Adam. Abunis has Krypto's "Squeezy Bruce" Batman doll]
Krypto: That's my toy.
Anubis: Then why is it in my mouth?
[The scene cuts to Superman, who is met with Black Adam]
Black Adam: Superman.
Superman: Black Adam.
Krypto: [noticing Black Adam] Your owner's a hero too?
Anubis: [spits Squeezy Bruce out] Antihero. It's basically, exactly like a regular hero except way cooler. You make up your own rules and then you break 'em. Also, you can ignore most moral and ethical conventions because no one can stop you.
Krypto: Yeah, that sounds a lot like a villain.
Anubis: Antihero.



  • Sit, stay, save the world.
  • Just because they're super, doesn't mean they're heroes.
  • All pets have secrets, theirs are super.
  • They call him Bark Kent. (Krypto)
  • He doesn't take sit from anyone. (Ace)
  • The next pig thing. (P.B.)
  • Shell yeah. (Merton)
  • Fighting crime can get nuts. (Chip)
  • Squeak of nature. (Lulu)
  • Tall, Clark, and handsome. (Superman)
  • Smooth criminal. (Lex Luthor)
  • Ready to glow. (Green Lantern)
  • Bring a towel. (Aquaman)
  • The Bruce is loose. (Batman)
  • Life in the fast lane. (Lois Lane)
  • Out of your league. (Wonder Woman)
  • Keep up. (The Flash)
  • He's had some work done. (Cyborg)

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