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Devil May Cry is an action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 2. It is the first installment of the Devil May Cry series.


Capcom. Devil May Cry. Capcom Production Studio 4, Inc. PlayStation 2. (in English). (October 17, 2001)

  • Trish: So, you must be the handyman who'll take any dirty job, am I correct?
  • Dante: Almost...I only take special jobs, know what I mean.
  • Trish: You're the man who lost a mother and a brother to evil twenty years ago, the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, Mr. Dante. Has the Sparda been
  • Vergil: Kill me!
  • Mundus: Fool! So sad that humans will always be humans, no more. Has the Sparta blood been spoiled over the ages? NOW DIE!!

  • Mundus: Those eyes...deep in them I see the same light as in Sparda's eyes.
  • Dante: Why my mother?
  • Mundus: That useless being? If you need a mother, I can create it as many as you want. Just like, I created Trish.
  • Dante: SILENCE!!

  • Trish: Looks like we have a winner.
  • Dante: Jackpot!

  • Trish: Dante! Dante, I...I...
  • Dante: Trish...devils never cry...These tears, tears are a gift only humans have.

  • Dante: I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!

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