Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

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Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might is the third Dragon Ball Z movie.

Turles: He is a Saiyan. Saiyans never perish.

Turles: Soon the fruit will blossom and we will reap what we have sewn. We can finally set this planet right.

Amond: What pitiful losers. You actually think you can destroy the Tree of Might?

Turles: We sent him to destroy the Earth and he failed. You can never learn to be a true warrior under his guidance. Show me you are smarter...and join me.

Turles: It's always a shame to lose a Saiyan, especially when they turn out as weak and kind-hearted as you and your father.

Turles: Kakarot, you are a disgrace to your people. Thousands of years of evolution and you cast it aside for a multitude of weaklings!

Amond: Why don't you put your money where your mouth is!


Gohan: I'll be better from now on, mom. Promise.
Chi-Chi: Good. Because we need a lawyer in the family, Gohan.

Yamcha: Come on, I can totally help Gohan with his school work.
Chi-Chi: Aha ha. That's exactly what I'm afraid of.
Yamcha: Aw...

Cacao: The first thing is to wipe out this filthy planet.
Amond: Don't worry. From what I've seen, that won't be very difficult.
Turles: Yes. You men focus on that. Leave the weak excuse of a Saiyan to me.

Goku: You put this tree on our planet...but you never asked.
Daiz: Personally, I think it makes the forest look better. It can stand as the lone pillar of strength on this planet.

Turles: Kakarot, you raised this Saiyan too much like an Earthling.
Goku: I raised him to know the difference between good and evil. Unlike some people.
Turles: I know the difference. I just don't care.

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