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DuckTales (2017–21) is an animated series developed by Matt Youngberg, and Francisco Angones, for Disney XD, and produced by Disney Television animation. The series is a reboot of the 1987 animated show of the same name, which follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, and his family.

Season 1[edit]


Donald: Stop helping me. And put on your life vests! What if the boat goes down while the babysitter's here?
Huey & Louie: [in unison] Yes, Uncle Donald.
[Huey fetches two stiff, puffy life vests and he and Louie put them on]

Donald: Where's Dewey?
Louie: Sleeping.
Huey: Who's Dewey?
Louie: [slowly turns to look at Huey as Donald brushes past them] "Who's Dewey"?
[Engine room, Dewey is hot-wiring the motor]
Dewey: All right, boys, we'll get to Cape Suzette and back before anyone realizes we're gone. So long, Dorkburg! Hello... [notices Donald looking at him, miffed] Uncle Donald? [waves nervously] What - what's up?
Donald: [shoves the triplets into the backseat of the car] I can't leave you boys alone for one minute.
Dewey: You were supposed to get him out by 10:00, Hubert!
Huey: You were supposed to signal before you started the boat, Dewford!
Louie: We never get to do anything.
Donald: Boys, if we want to keep our home afloat... [sighs] we've all got to do things we don't want to do. [inputs a destination for McDuck Manor in the car's GPS]
Huey: McDuck Manor?! As in Scrooge McDuck?!
Dewey: The bajillionaire?!
Louie: You're finally gonna sell us.
Donald: I'm not gonna sell you. [sighs] He owes me.

Scrooge McDuck: Donald Duck.
Donald: Uncle Scrooge.
Huey: Uncle Scrooge!?
[The triplets cheer happily, with Dewey coming out onto the car's roof, rolling over to the other side, and then coming back in through it.]
Donald: So, you're looking good.
Scrooge Still living on that boat?
Donald: Yep. Still a trillionaire? [Scrooge points to some exotic fowl in his yard] Good, good. So...
Scrooge: So... Jettison that jalopy from my driveway this instant, you deadbeat!
Donald: Oh, here we go! Giving orders like he's the richest duck in the world!
Scrooge: I am the richest duck in the world! Now move!
Donald: I would love to. It just so happens I have a job interview.
Scrooge: So why are you standing there yelling?
Donald: Mrs. B. said you would watch the boys. Can you do that without losing them?!
Scrooge: Of course I can!
Donald: Fantastic! Thank you so much!
Scrooge: You're welcome! Wait, what now?
Donald: [brings the triplets out] Huey, Dewey, Louie, meet Scrooge McDuck. Remember, no tricks, no lies, no trouble.
Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Yes, Uncle Donald.
Donald: I wasn't talking to you. [glares daggers at Scrooge, who returns the gesture]

Scrooge: So, do children still like marbles or...?
Huey: Are you really our uncle?
Dewey: How old are you?
Louie: What's your net worth?
Huey: What's the deal with you and Uncle Donald?
Louie: Ooh, is that fork real silver? Can I have it?
Huey: How come you never visit?
Louie: Oh, 'cause you're so old and moving is so hard?
Dewey: You owe us, like, a lot of birthday presents.
Louie: You used to be a big deal! Whatever happened to you?
Scrooge: [abruptly smacks his paper down on the table] Beakley!

Bentina Beakley: Please do not leave the designated play area. [gives the boys a bag of marbles] A gift from your great-uncle. You will return them upon your departure. He's counted them.

Webby Vanderquack: Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. Scrooge McDuck's great-nephews on his sister Hortense's side, with Quackmore Duck, twice removed.
Dewey: And you are?
Webby: Oh, right. Webby Vanderquack. My granny's the housekeeper. Wait! Are we friends now?
Huey: If we say "yes", will you let us live?
Webby: Pfft! Good one, new best friend.

[as Scrooge struggles to put on an old dive suit]
Beakley: A little spring cleaning?
Scrooge: Maybe. Maybe not. Read this.
Beakley: Snow. On the Drake Barrier Reef.
Scrooge: First time in 50 years. That weather report aligns perfectly with the Papia Prophecy. A shift in currents may present a pathway to Atlantis! Lost city under the sea!
Beakley: This is because some children made fun of you, isn't it?
Scrooge: Nonsense. I'm no has-been, they're the has-beens. I am an am-now!

Launchpad McQuack: [repeated line] I'm a pilot.

Dewey: Any questions?
Scrooge: Since when is Launchpad a pilot?

Scrooge: In the short time I've known you, you've wrecked my home and my money bin, unleashed several ancient evils, and almost got me killed. Twice.
Huey: Four times if you count each monster as an individual time.

Scrooge: You kids are nothing but trouble! Curse me kilts, have I missed trouble. I suppose I'll have to keep an eye on you to teach you how to get into trouble properly.

Flintheart Glomgold: Glomgold Industries: Take an idea, make it your own. Better, faster, cheaper, that's the motto of the world's most beloved Scottish billionaire duck... Flintheart Glomgold!

Webby: [after Louie lies on the phone to Donald about what they've been doing] Why didn't you tell him the truth?
Louie: You didn't tell your grandma we were going to a dangerous underwater city, did you?
Webby: I kinda sorta... didn't tell her anything?
Louie: Webby, that's irresponsible! She'll be worried sick! Call your grandma this instant, and tell her that you are spending the night at a friend's house, okay? Lying. It's the responsible thing to do.

Scrooge: Launchpad, have you ever piloted a sub before?
Launchpad: I sunk a helicopter in a wave pool once. Same thing?
Scrooge: [sigh] I've done more with less.

Scrooge: Mr. McQuack, chart the course. Next stop, the lost city of Atlantis!
[everybody cheers]
Scrooge: In about 16 hours!
Huey: [pressing play on a radio] Shanty time!

[when Glomgold discovers Scrooge on his boat via surveillance footage]
Donald: Scrooge?! What is he doing here?
Glomgold: Strange weather patterns in a mysterious location near treasure. I knew he couldn't resist. Hack, triangulate their sub's course. We'll tail Scrooge, and steal the jewel out from under him.
[the surveillance footage reveals Huey, Dewey, and Louie]
Donald: The boys?! Wait 'til I get my hands on- [angry squawking] I'M GONNA KILL HIM!
Glomgold: Oh, better idea! Nab the jewel, and kill them all. Somebody's angling for employee of the month.

Louie: Just call your grandma already! It's no big deal. [calls Beakley and gives Webby the phone] Remember, you're at a friend's house, okay? You got this.
Webby: [speed-talking] Hi, Granny, I'm spending the night at a friend's house, so nothing is wrong!
Louie: Oh, you don't got this.

[stuck in front of a booby-trapped bridge]
Scrooge: We'll find another route, it's not safe for amateur adventures.
Dewey: That sounds like a challenge.
Scrooge: I have to stress, that is not a challenge.
Dewey: exactly what you say to dissuade the weak of heart from accepting the challenge. Well, challenge accepted!
Scrooge: There is no challenge!

Scrooge: Maybe I could just hire some family. Then they'd have to listen to me.

Dewey: [after Glomgold claims the Jewel of Atlantis] Who's that?
Scrooge: Flintheart Glomgold, the poor man's version of me. Which, to be fair, still makes him insanely rich.

[as the treasure room floods with water]
Donald: I knew it! I knew I couldn't trust you with the boys!
Scrooge: Not the time, Donald.
Donald: Crazy old man, all you care about is your next adventure! This is the Spear of Selene all over again!
Scrooge: I was not responsible for the Spear of Selene!

Glomgold: Hey team. Wanted to thank you all for keeping Scrooge's kin busy while I escaped with the jewel and blow up Atlantis with my most hated rival inside.
Hack: But I thought employees were greatest treasure of all.
Glomgold: Don't be ridiculous. Treasure is the greatest treasure of all. That's why it's called treasure. Glomgold out!

Scrooge: Now Donald, don't-
Donald: Stop. I admit, I'm a little overprotective.
Louie: A little?
Donald: No matter what I do, these boys will get into trouble, so maybe you could teach them how to get out of trouble.
Huey: Uncle Donald?
Donald: It might be okay if the boys saw you every once in a while. [Huey, Dewey, and Louie cheer] Sometimes, like birthdays, or federal holidays, nothing too- [Donald's boat explodes in the distance]
Dewey: Ohhh, I may have left the engine running in the houseboat.
Scrooge: I may have a dozen or so spare bedrooms in the mansion.
[Donald chuckles, and the boys cheer again]

Roxanne Featherly: There you have it. Reclusive adventure capitalist Scrooge McDuck is back, with family in tow, solving mysteries, and rewriting history.

[after he reveals a hidden part of a portrait]
Dewey: Mom?

Daytrip of Doom![edit]

Louie: [after triggering a trap in a nerf dart game, set by Webby] You set traps? It's just a game!
Webby [hanging from a chandelier, wearing thermal goggles] If you're not a player, you're a pawn!
Dewey: Webby, maybe take it down a notch.
Dewey: What?
Webby: It's part of my character's backstory. Grizzled ex-special forces pulled out of retirement for revenge. What's yours?
Dewey: My guy has a dart gun?
Webby: Not anymore. [shoots Dewey]

[as the kids destroy the mansion in their war game]
Beakley: Sir, this is out of control!
Scrooge: Kids will be kids. For everyone's happiness, we've all got to make sacrifices.
[He opens the door to the bathroom, where Donald is already in the tub, taking a bath while doing his laundry at the same time.]
Donald: [hums to himself before noticing Scrooge] Um, ocupado.
Scrooge: [furiously] House meeting! Now!

[after Dewey invites Webby to Funso's Fun Zone]
Louie: I don't know, Webby's great for treasure hunting and mine cart chases, but she's not exactly built for everyday kids stuff.
Huey: I still see the darts when I close my eyes.

Webby: I am both uking, AND puking!

Ma Beagle: How did someone so brilliant raise such morons?
Bouncer Beagle: [to Burger Beagle] I think she's talkin' 'bout you.

Huey: Who are these guys?
Webby: The Beagle Boys. They hate your uncle. Try to break into the mansion all the time.
Dewey: Are they going to ransom us?
Louie: Scrooge will never pay for all four of us!
Webby: Ah, you're right. He'll probably throw one of us off a cliff to send Scrooge a message.

[after Webby knocks out Big Time Beagle]
Huey: You could slip out of those ropes the whole time?
Webby: Well, yeah. That's like, Being Captured 101.
Louie: So why didn't you?
Webby: Because, I don't want you to think I'm weird. I've been stuck in the mansion for so long, and I'm trying really hard to be normal. But everything I do is, you know, not.
Dewey: Normal's overrated.
Louie: We need you to be Webby-normal.
[Webby smiles and unties the boys]
Webby: [putting on her thermal goggles] I'm going to break every bone in her body. Or maybe just tie her up. We'll see how it plays out.

The Great Dime Chase![edit]

Louie: [watching television] Ugh, this show is so dumb.
Scrooge: You could always turn off the telly.
Louie: Ah, the remote's way over there. [glances at the remote, just barely out of reach; he grunts as he tries to reach it] Oh, forget it.
Scrooge: Any big plans for today?
Louie: [yawns] Thought I'd move to the big TV in a few hours.

Scrooge: Gold is a beautiful thing, but even something as small as a dime can have meaning.

Scrooge: [catching Louie before he dives into the Money Bin] Are you out of your head?! You'll crack your skull open.
Louie: But you swim in money all the time.
Scrooge: Yes, but I worked hard to perfect that skill, building muscles and dexterity. If you want something, you work hard to get it.

Bradford Buzzard: [after Gyro interrupts a business meeting] I'm sorry, but we-
Gyro Gearloose: Apology accepted, now try to keep up with my mind-numbing genius.
Scrooge: Gyro, what did we say about interacting with other people?
Gyro: [scoffs] The cards. Fine. [takes out index cards and begins reading] "Hello, Mr. McDuck... and others. Are you tired of all those single-use gadgets cluttering up your junk drawer? What a mess! There's got to be a better way!" [pulls out a small robot] Meet Lil' Bulb. A tiny, all-purpose robot that does it all.
Bradford: Wait, what does it do?
Gyro: It. All. Lil' Bulb is an artificially intelligent personal robot helper. He can make toast, find your keys, serve as a book light for your late-night reading. You'll never have to do anything yourself again.
Bradford: Mmhmm. And how will you ensure this one won't achieve sentience and turn evil like all the others?
Gyro: Only half my inventions turn evil. The other half are just wildly misunderstood.

Louie: A robot that does everything for you? How could you say no to that?
Scrooge: Part of hard work is knowing how to work with others. My board are the only people cheaper than I am. I trust them completely to make good financial decisions-
Bradford: Indeed. Which is why we've called this meeting to discuss cutting your unnecessary spending here at the Money Bin.
Scrooge: Unnecessary?! I'm Scrooge McDuck! I don't spend one penny more than I need to!
Bradford: It says here you're spending 15 million dollars on magical defense.
Scrooge: Do you have any idea how many vengeance curses I have on my head?!

Louie: $1.10?! Who keeps dimes on them anymore? Sweet, Scrooge has an emergency dime. I'll pay you back later.

Bradford: But how do you justify spending $5000 on a velvet pillow for a dime?
Scrooge: That dime deserves its own velvet pillow! It's my number-one dime. The first dime I ever earned. I was a young shoeshine in Glasgow when a man came in, his boots cemented in mud. I worked, and worked until those boots sparkled. In return, he gave me an American dime. That dime inspired me to move to America and find my fortune. It means more to me than every bit of bullion in my Money Bin.

Scrooge: Louie! Where have you been? Trying to get out of work again?
Louie: What? No! I just, um... uh, filled up my notepad with all that precious business wisdom, so I went to go find another.
Scrooge: Good lad! Feel free to take as many pads as you want. [to the boardroom] Or are we not allowed to use those either, ya penny-pinching buzzards?! [slams door, but immediately opens again] No, but really, make sure to use the front and back of every page. [closes the door, but opens it again] And write small.

Scrooge: If you can find me 3000 gallons of silver polish for cheaper, I'd love to hear about it!

Quackfaster: Foolish child! You do not know what you think you know.
Dewey: I don't know anything, and it's really frustrating!

Louie: Look, a distraction!

Scrooge: You cannot get rid of the Bin. You may think they're crackpots and weirdos, but they're the ones who push innovation and creativity, and spur this company ever forward.
[the Lil' Bulb dime robot crashes into the room]
Gyro: Just a little malfunction! Definitely not evil!
[the robot leaves]
Scrooge: Look, they're all mad as loons, and if you fire them, they're definitely going to seek revenge.

Webby: I don't understand. It should be here somewhere.
Dewey: Wait, these books. They're all out of order. Quackfaster's a lot of things, but she's not sloppy.
Quackfaster: [offscreen] Use your training. The most valuable knowledge must be earned.
Dewey: Okay, how much of this is about us doing your work for you?
Quackfaster: About 50%.

Scrooge: I'm proud of you, lad. You put in a full day at the office. I think you've earned this. [gives Louie his dime]
Louie: You're giving me your number-one dime?
Scrooge: Ha! That's not not my lucky dime. I never let my dime out of my sight. [pulls out a necklace with the dime in it] That was just a decoy. I'm not an idiot, this place is full of lunatics.

The Beagle Birthday Massacre![edit]

Huey: [double checking supplies in the boat] Compass. CB radio. Sunscreen.
Webby: Hot dog costumes! [puts life vests covered in hot dogs in the boat]
Huey: I'm sorry, what?
Webby: You know, in case we get lost at sea, and one of us, probably Louie, goes mad with hunger, we'll put these on. Louie hates hot dogs, so he probably won't eat us.
Huey: Are you saying that Louie would rather eat us than hot dogs?
Louie: I do hate hot dogs.

Webby: [carrying an armful of messages in bottles] I'm here to save either a sailor, group of sailors, or a shark from a sea serpent, pirate, M-agent, and or scurvy!

[after Webby does parkour to retrieve a bottle]
Lena Sabrewing: That was actually pretty cool. Are you, like, in the circus?
Webby: Circus acrobats keep elephant hairs in their pockets for good luck. I don't know why I just told you that, or why I'm still talking, or why I pointed out the fact that I'm still talking, or-

[after Webby opens a gate]
Webby: Got it!
Lena: Nice. [holds up a fist]
Webby: [obviously very excited for the fist bump] Ohhhhh yeah! [bumps Lena's fist]
Lena: You wanna blow it up, don't you? [Webby nods] Psssh.
[Webby proceeds to do an exaggerated fist bump explosion]

Botched Job Beagle: This is our shot, guys. Maybe the Ugly Failures might actually become the Ugly Winners!
Bungle Beagle: Couldn't we just be the Winners?
Botched Job: Now, let's not get crazy.

Webby: Lena, this is Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
Dewey: Webby, we've been looking for you everywhere!
Lena: Cute, with the names, and the color-coded outfits, is that, like, your thing? You're all exactly the same?
Huey, Dewey, & Louie: [in unison] Ha! No way! We're all unique snowflakes! [beat] Well this usually never happens. This is really weird! Okay, stop talking! [beat] Antidisestablishmentarianism! SERIOUSLY?! Gah!
Huey: Seriously, Webby, where have you been? We've been worried out of our minds!
Webby: Well, uh, Lena and I...
Lena: Right, you were so worried that you left her on a beach and didn't show up for four hours?
Huey: We got lost.
Dewey: Thanks to old Captain Lost!
Louie: Why would you put me in charge of the map again?! This is not on me.
Dewey: [chanting] Captain Lost! Captain Lost!
Louie: Ooh, you change the tone of that chant! [starts strangling Dewey as Huey tries pulling him away]
Lena: Yeah, they seem like a real tight crew.

Terror of the Terra-Firmians![edit]

Louie: [discussing the horror movie they just watched] Lame! Where was the drama, the heart, the needlessly expensive car crash mayhem?
Huey: Even if mole-men did exist, why attack someone in the shower? With the water running, there wouldn't be enough traction to attack anyone above the knee. Totally phony.
Webby: What is with you guys? It says right on the poster, "based on an actual true novel."
Huey: [pulls out his guidebook] This is the only book I trust. If it's not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, then it's not a thing.
Webby: What about were-ducks?
Huey: Nope.
Webby: Tri-clopses?
Huey: Mmm, not a thing.
Webby: Well, what about the legendary Terra-firmians of Duckburg?
Huey: [sigh] Let's see... Pterodactyl, terror-dactyl, terrible twos, nope. No Terra-firmians. Must not exist.
Webby: [laughing] What? Terra-firmians, the mythical underground race that live below our very city?
Huey: No, that's ridiculous.
Webby: No, you're ridiculous.
Lena: Children, children. There's an easy way to settle this. Let's go find them ourselves.

Lena: [pushing a sign out of the way] Now what's behind here?
Webby: The old 818 train line. Famous for terra-firmian sightings. That's why it's closed off.
Huey: The signs say "Closed for renovations."
Webby: That's what they want you to think.
Huey: Who is they?
Webby: Exactly.
Huey: What?

Webby: [when Beakley, Launchpad, Dewey, and Louie find them] Granny?
Launchpad: Ahhhhh! Those are moles!
Dewey: Launchpad, it's just the guys.
Launchpad: You would say that. [to himself] Have there always been three of them?

Huey: Please talk some sense into Webby. You don't really believe that rock monsters are playing earthquake games.
Louie: Huey's usually right about nerd stuff.
Webby: Not this time. Those "aftershocks" are actually a revolt led by the lost Terra-firmian prince. He's using the games as a distraction to storm the Califermy Citadel! It's all in this artist's rendering. [shows her drawings and notes]
Louie: Ooh, that sounds awesome. I want that to be true.
Huey: Earthquakes are a result of shifting tectonic plates.
Webby: But who's pushing the plates, Huey? Who's pushing the plates?!
Huey: Other plates are pushing the plates!
Webby: Now who sounds ridiculous?
Huey: Louie, whose side are you on?
Louie: Oh, neither. This is just way more entertaining than that movie.

Dewey: Launchpad, do you think I'm a mole monster?
Launchpad: Whaaaat? No, no. [to himself] Can't believe my best friend is a mole monster.
Dewey: I'm your best friend?
Launchpad: [to himself] Oh no, it can hear my thoughts. Keep it together, Launchpad. Gotta change the subject somehow. [to Dewey] Hey, you know what we should talk about? Another subject.
Dewey: Sure.
Launchpad: [to himself] He doesn't suspect a thing.

Launchpad: Ahhh! Back, mole monster! You can't take me too! Mr. McDee won't give me the time off!
Dewey: Launchpad, it's me. Dewey! [Launchpad remains scared] Your best friend?
Launchpad: They could be anyone. They are everywhere!
Dewey: Yes, anyone could be a mole monster, in the movie! This is real life.
Launchpad: Classic mole monster saying he's "not" a mole monster.
Dewey: Ugh! By that logic, how do you know you're not a mole monster?
Launchpad: 'Cause I'm not! ... Which is exactly what a mole monster would say. Wait... am I a mole monster? But I'm a good guy. Then that means mole monsters can also be good guys! [grabs Dewey] Come, mole brother! This is a new day for our people! We will show the world that we can be good!

The House of the Lucky Gander![edit]

Scrooge: Gladstone Gander is a complete layabout. I don't know why we're responding to his call.
Webby: It was a call for help.
Huey: And like Uncle Donald says, "Family always helps family."
Donald: Why did I say that?
Louie: Plus, he's easily our coolest uncle.
Donald: Hey!
Louie: Sorry, coolest non-trillionaire uncle.

[as Launchpad roughly lands the plane]

Louie: [trying on a suit] This is the best anyone has ever looked.
Gladstone Gander: Well, Green Bean, if you wanna be a winner, you need to look like a winner. [to the tailor] And you can bill my suit to the room, please.
Tailor: Oh, no no no no no, Mr. Gladstone. I cannot do this. It would be such a great honor for me to know that you are out in the world wearing this suit! [Gladstone and Louie leave, Donald is about to leave, but is stopped by the tailor] Two thousand dollars, cash only.

Dewey: [interacting with a couple jade tigers] Actual tigers?! Do the number of stripes tell you their age? Is it true if you stare at them in the eyes, they won't kill you, or does that make them want to kill you faster?
Liu Hai: Oh, would you like one?
Scrooge: You can't give a child a tiger. Especially not this child.
Dewey: [coddling one of the tigers] Dewey Junior, you're coming home with us. Oh, and I already named him, oh and I'm already super emotionally attached.
Scrooge: Oh fine, but I am not changing its litter.

Dewey: That guy at the mall with the iguana is gonna be so jealous!

Scrooge: I navigated myself out of the Infinitaur's Labyrinth. Freed myself from the Forever Fields of Fantoom. Why can't I find the blasted hotel exit?!

Webby: Sorry, sir, but the only thing we're hungry for is adventure, and- IS THAT A FOUNTAIN MADE OF CHOCOLATE?!
Liu Hai: You can dip positively anything in it.
Webby: Strawberries?
Liu Hai: Mhmm.
Webby: What about my hand?
Liu Hai: Sure.
Webby: What about your hand?
Liu Hai: Um, uh, fine.

Donald: [trying to guess how many fingers someone is holding up] Twenty-seven! Twenty-seven! TWENTY-SEVEN!
Louie: Ugh, give it up, Uncle Donald. Please.
Gladstone: No, no, no. Let it ride. You're about to-
Casino Toad: TWO?! We have a winner! Congratulations, you won a brand-new Thunderclutch sports car.
Gladstone: Great, this is the second car I've won for-
Casino Toad: Four?! You win again!

The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks![edit]

Mark Beaks: [interrupting a staring contest between Scrooge and Glomgold] Old guys, nice club house you've got here. Got a real "I'm so rich I don't care how I look" quality about it. Rich peeps! [takes a selfie] I'm tagging us.
Glomgold: I'm sorry, who are you?!
Beaks: Seriously? Mark Beaks? Founder and CEO of Waddle? Soon to be newest addition to the Duckburg Billionaires' Club. Come on! And creator of the newest tech innovation, Project Tah-dah! It's everything you think it is, and nothing you're expecting. I'll flip you my Peep deets so you can follow my updates.
Scrooge: I don't understand half those words.

Huey: I can't believe we get to be interns at Waddle for Mark Beaks!
Dewey: Yeah, I'm mostly doing it to show off this bad boy. [patting a briefcase]
Huey: What is that?
Dewey: Oh, this? It's my super serious business briefcase. "What brilliant business secrets is he hiding in there?" Who knows?
Huey: You can't open the lock, can you?
Dewey: Nurp.

Huey: [after Beaks tells them he only has one opening for an intern] One internship? Well, heh, you didn't really want it anyway, so I'll just tell Mr. Beaks to give it to me.
Dewey: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Sliding my way to billions? Licking other people's stuff? It's everything I never knew I always wanted!

Beaks: Ha! I'm about to be a billionaire. And when Scrooge tries to follow me online, I'll block him!

Scrooge: [as Glomgold demonstrates a plan to get rid of Mark Beaks via slideshow] Do we really need a slideshow?
Glomgold: Ha! Sweet, naive Scroogy. Leave the devious planning to the professionals. [sudden tone change] You're in MY world now, McDuck.
Scrooge: Yeah, all right. Show me what you've got.
Glomgold: No, you're actually on my side of the room.

Glomgold: Behold! Our scheme to destroy Beaks begins with an invitation to a Billionaires' Convention on a yacht. We'll tell him we're going, BUT THEN WE WON'T SHOW! First slam!
Scrooge: Seems unnecessary, especially the part about the yacht.
Glomgold: Emotionally devastated, Beaks will seek solace and drown his sorrows at the buffet.
Scrooge: A yacht and a buffet for one person? I'm not paying for that.
Glomgold: Fine. We'll use my yacht. Now, distracted by delicious shrimp, Beaks won't realize he's being sailed into an active volcano, where it'll get so hot, he'll jump into the yacht's pool, which, unbeknownst to him, will be FILLED WITH SHARKS!
Scrooge: Where did the Sharks come from?
Glomgold: I've got a great shark guy. Beaks will be so terrified by the sharks, he'll forget he's in a volcano, and jump blindly into the lava! All while we watch from a bridge above.
Scrooge: Wait, wait, I thought we wanted to boot him out of our club, not kill him! Although you have tried to kill me countless times, which usually ends up more annoying than deadly.
Glomgold: That's right, I'm a genius. Now part attention, 'cause this is where it gets complicated.

Beaks: Whoa. Is that an ironically fancy briefcase in my super chill work environment?
Dewey: Uh, yes?
Beaks: What's going on in there? Like, brilliant business secrets?
Dewey: You know it!
Beaks: Very chill. Oh, I like how you roll! You are my new vice president of fancy business. [to Huey] Intern, you report to him now. Boom. Beaks out! [leaves]
Huey: WHAT?!
Dewey: Yes! Faked it, maked it! I didn't even know this was my life's dream until today!

Scrooge: I can't believe I wasted a whole day obsessing over someone I don't like, and it nearly got me killed! Who am I, you? Ugh, have fun with your new nemesis. I'm gonna go beat ya both by actually being a better billionaire.

Dewey: We've gotta save Beaks, right? I mean, he's the worst, but it's the right thing to do.
Huey: Why? I'm sure you're biggest, favorite friend will just fake his way through it like everything else!
Dewey: Okay, first off, that's not what BFF stands for. And secondly, guys like him, guys like me, we have to put on a show and fake it, because smart guys like you are so good at making it. We don't need this. What we need is a checklist. In fact, here's a checklist for how to get through this. One, get a plan. Two, ask Huey for a plan. Three, do you have a plan yet? 'Cause honestly, I don't know how checklists work.

Falcon Graves: That's it, I'm done! And I'm un-tagging myself from all those photos!

Beaks: What's up over here?
Huey: Uh, we saved your life.
Beaks: Right. Hey, so obviously I have to fire you guys because you know the secret of Project Tahdah, and if you tell anybody I'll just say you're lying because you're mad I fired you. Cool? cool-cool.
Dewey: [snatches Mark's phone, texting] My face...looks like a...butt. And, sent.
Beaks: Seriously? That's your big plan? Who even cares about what--
Huey: It already has a thousand likes.
Beaks: What? No, no! I can't delete it now! Give it back, give it back!

The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra![edit]

Launchpad: Hey, if those are mummies, I'd hate to see daddies. Am I right?

Amunet: [after Toth-Ra gives them a few seconds of sunlight] Great day everyone! If we skip meals, and start harvesting right now, maybe he'll give us a full hour of sun tomorrow!
Huey: You know a mummy doesn't actually bring you the sun, right? The Earth spins on its axis, creating-
Amunet: Awww, not the sharpest sickle in the shed, are you, kid?
Huey: I got a Junior Woodchuck badge in sickle sharpening that says otherwise!

Webby: [as Louie indulges himself in the treasure room] You should really leave that alone. Basic rule of treasure hunting, if it might be cursed, don't touch it.
Louie: You said you weren't sure what the prophecy meant.
Webby: No, but I am sure it said the golden reward is for those who serve Toth-Ra.
Louie: I am serving him, by cleaning up. This place is a mess of treasure!

Scrooge: Isn't there some way you can help us?
Amunet: [chuckles] I suppose we could just rise up against the all powerful Toth-Ra, bringer of the golden sun. [the followers laugh]
Huey: Yes, that! Do that!
Amunet: Why? We've got food, water, fresh bandages in lieu of pay, a kind and merciful god-king. What's the outside got that we don't?
Scrooge: Toth-Ra has got you working night and day, while you barely got enough to scrape by.
Huey: He doesn't bring you the sun, he keeps it from you!
Amunet: Sorry, it's just not our way.
Scrooge: Don't you want to feel the sun on your face?
Amunet: [the followers shrug] Meh.
Scrooge: The wind in your hair?
Amunet: Not really.
Scrooge: Don't you want freedom? Or glory? Or- [Launchpad bites into a burrito] Launchpad!
Launchpad: Oh, sorry. I didn't want my belly to grumble and interrupt your big speech. Like I am right now. [takes another bite]
Scrooge: It's bad enough you goof around during the greatest archeological find of our time, but... [realizes the Followers of Toth-Ra are mesmerized by the burrito]
Amunet: Ohhh, what is that?
Launchpad: Oh, this burrito? Just rice, beans, cheese, your choice of meat, wrapped in a delicious tortilla. [the followers taste the burrito] Mmmm mmmm mmm, delicious!
Amunet: Where do we get this bo-rrito?
Scrooge: Outside where freedom is!
Follower 1: Bo-rritos are outside?
Follower 2: We must have bo-rritos!
Amunet: Rise up against the mighty Toth-Ra!
Scrooge: Seriously? That's what- oh, never mind. Let's break into the temple!

Toth-Ra Guard: [holding Louie and Webby over a pit of spikes] Prepare to scream, eternally! Or until you hit the bottom.

Louie: Wow, that was quick thinking on that phony sacrifice stuff.
Webby: Oh, that was all real.
Louie: Wait, you were trying to help him kill us?!
Webby: If I'm gonna be sacrificed, I'm gonna do it right.

Scrooge: Where are we going?!
Followers of Toth-Ra: The Pharaoh's throne room!
Scrooge: And what are we going to do?!
Followers of Toth-Ra: Anything he asks!

Scrooge: [as Launchpad gives a rousing speech about burritos] This is the dumbest rebellion I have ever been part of.

The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest![edit]

Scrooge: Mt. Neverrest, the highest peak in the world! Most prized of the seven summits, Neverrest has claimed the world's finest explorers. It is said to be completely unclimbable. But now, that smug stack of stalagmites has to deal with Scrooge McDuck!
Louie: Okay, so instead of spending Christmas in a billionaire's mansion, waiting for Santa Claus...
Scrooge: That man is not allowed in my home. He knows what he did.
Louie: ... we're following an old man up Mt. Certain Doom, here?
Huey: Oh, Mt. Neverrest is three times deadlier than Mt. Certain Doom.

Huey: [looking at a tourist's map of Mt. Neverrest] This map isn't accurate at all! Mountain goats aren't native to this region, and why is the sun wearing sunglasses? Is he looking at another brighter sun?
Scrooge: Don't pay any attention to these tourists, my boy. Nothing not tchotchkes, and cheese puffs. We are real explorers!
Huey: Like George Mallardy!
Louie: Who?
Huey: Only the greatest mountaineer of the 20th century! Legend has it that Mallardy made it farther up the mountain than anyone, but was lost, trying to rescue an incompetent fellow climber, famously known as the Neverrest Ninny.
Louie: [reading a plaque] "George Mallardy. He died as he lived. Freezing."
Scrooge: Ah, stop your hatering. That's just a load of nonsense to sell T-shirts to tourists. We're gonna outdo that quitter Mallardy by making it to the top!
Louie: You realize there's a difference between quitting, and dying, right?
Scrooge: Not to me.

Scrooge: Alright, true explorers! Now this mountain is gonna throw everything she's got at us.
Louie: But it'll be worth it when we find the treasure of Mt. Neverrest.
Scrooge: There is no treasure of Mt. Neverrest.
Louie: .... Nope! Louie out! Already gone. Have fun!

Launchpad: First the ice fever takes your vision. Then it makes you feel all warm and toasty, even though you're freezing to death. Then it makes your limbs all heavy.
Scrooge: Ah, it's just a bit nippy. How did you afford all that gear anyway?
Launchpad: Louie put it on his corporate credit card.
Scrooge: Louie doesn't have a corporate credit card.
Launchpad: Oh. Louie gave me your credit card.

Huey: Junior Woodchuck Rule 727. Sometimes the bravest thing an explorer can do is walk away.

The Spear of Selene![edit]

Launchpad: I always say, better safe than... whatever the opposite of safe is. Yeah. I do say that.

Huey: [after Zeus reveals himself] THE KING OF THE GODS?! GET OUT!!! Oh, so many questions! Do you control all storms, or just lightning? Does being immortal also make you impervious to pain? Do you cry?

Zeus: Ithaquack was the secret vacation spot for gods and heroes, and I was the God of Hospitality, the King of the Beach. Everyone loved me. Then Scrooge showed up, defeated the unkillable Gorgon, found the lost treasure of Troy, was really good at building sand castles, bah!
Louie: Seems pretty fun.
Storkules: 'Twas!
Zeus: No, it twasn't! Scrooge showed up like he was so cool and ruined it!
Scrooge: Ugh, jengs. Leave it to an immortal to whine about the good old days.

Zeus: [trapping the Scrooge, and the Ducks in a lightning cage] You're not going anywhere.
Huey & Louie: Whoo!
Scrooge & Donald: Ah, phooey.

[after Huey and Louie beat Storkules at the first trial]
Storkules: Well done, nephews of Donald! What ingenuity! From henceforth, you shall be known as Hubert, Tamer of Winds, and Llewellyn, Fighter of Storms!
Huey: Awesome!
Louie: Please do not say my real name out loud.

Dewey: [as he and Webby battle a sea monster] You hideous monster! I will avenge my mother by killing you with the very spear you're sworn to protect!
Sea Monster: You shall never get the Spear of Poseidon!
Dewey: I'm sorry, the Spear of who, now?
Sea Monster: The Spear of Poseidon!
Dewey: Man, we got the wrong chamber again!
Webby: We're looking for the Spear of Selene.
Sea Monster: Ohhh, huh. [sets them down] You're gonna wanna go back down the hall, past the Harpy Aviary, third door on your left. Garden of Selene. Can't miss it.
Webby: Oh, hey thanks!
Dewey: Sorry about calling you a hideous monster before. I'm sure you're very attractive by sea monster standards.
Sea Monster: Not really. Thanks though.

Dewey: So where's the Spear of Selene, Selene?
Selene: What spear?
Dewey: The one Della took from your garden.
Selene: You mean the Sphere of Selene?
Dewey: Why does no one get what I'm saying? The Spear of Selene!
Selene: I've never had a spear. Do you mean the Sword of Selene? That's down the hall-
Dewey: No! The Spear of Selene! The one my mom took! The one that's our only clue to finding her!
Selene: Ah, you're Della's kid! I shoulda realized, you're just like her. I'm sorry, I haven't seen her in years, and I don't know what the Spear of Selene is.
Dewey: So we're back to "she stole Scrooge's spear and betrayed the family" then. Great.
Selene: What? No way. She loved her family more than anything in the world. Oh, Della wasn't just a good person, she was the greatest, and she made everyone around her better.
Webby: Maybe the spear isn't an artifact. Maybe it's something else.
Selene: Your mom did love a good mystery. [gives Dewey her Sphere] Here. It's not a spear, but it is a treasure even Della never found. Don't give up, young duck. Your mother never did.

Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System![edit]

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the little roller skate at the base of villainy's staircase. I am Darkwing Duck!

Darkwing: Let's get dangerous.

Launchpad: Big day today, Dewey. Mustard stain or ketchup stain?
Dewey: Mustard-- looks less like blood.

Dewey: What's the special occasion, anyway?
Launchpad: I finally got my driver's license!

Scrooge: Gyro the board needs results. Ever since Bulb Tech backfired ya need an invention that, well...
Dewey: Won't turn evil and kill us all?
Gyro: Due respect sir, innovation doesn't work that way. I can't just wake up one morning and say-
Dewey: How about a self-driving robot car?
Launchpad: A what now?
Gyro: Too many variables. A self driving robot car would turn evil like that. Nobody could-
Dewey: Well, Mark Beaks did. He just posted that he's having a demo later today.
Gyro: What?! That hack, couldn't even program a microwave. We'll see about this.
Launchpad: Okay cool. I'll just tell you my big news later.
Scrooge: Launchpad, I almost forgot.
Launchpad: [hopeful] Yeah?
Scrooge: Stop having mail delivered to my office. That's for incoming checks and death threats only.

Launchpad: Can you program a robot to brave the unknown and laugh at danger?
Beaks: Yes.
Launchpad: Can a robot greet you with a kind word at the end of a long day?
Beaks: Yes.
B.U.D.D.Y.: That's a nice. Gray. Cardigan. Mr. Beaks. You are. Killing. It. Today.
Launchpad: Yeah, well, can a robot pull you from the wreckage of a crash with a reassuring smile that tells you everything's gonna be okay?
Beaks: Well, no, because it can't crash.
Launchpad: Wait, what now? I'm sorry, what was that?

Fenton Crackshell: Forgive Dr. Gearloose. He's a little more deranged than usual trying to figure out how Beaks beat him to the self-driving car.
Launchpad: That won't be a problem once I put that tin can in its place; in the recycling, where the garbage goes.
Dewey: Woof. We'll work on smack talk later.

Dewey: Your lab is in the bathroom?
Fenton: Dr. Gearloose says this is the perfect place for my work. I'm just now realizing that remark may not have been entirely complimentary.

Scrooge: Impressive display, Beaks. You have really built something here.
Gyro: Or did he?! I couldn't be sure until I saw how it performed under pressure. The precision, the deadly grace. Oh, yes, I've seen it before. Ha ha! Beaks Tech is actually Bulb Tech! That's how he beat me to the punch line! He stole my technology! [to police officer standee] Officer, arrest this man!
Scrooge: Is this true?
Beaks: Of course not. I didn't steal it from him. I stole it from a public online forum, then "Beaks'd" it up.
Gyro: How would one of my inventions end up online? [spots Fenton and gasps]
Fenton: [examines Lil' Bulb] Oh, wow!
Gyro: [angrily] You!
Fenton: You circumvented the kill switch. Why didn't anyone else on the message board figure that out?
Gyro: [crossly] You posted my top secret plans on the INTERNET?!
Fenton: You we’re having so much trouble keeping your inventions from turning evil, so I, turned to the Net to crowd-source a solution?

Beaks: [as B.U.D.D.Y. goes haywire] Oh, we need a logic puzzle to fry its circuits! Uh, robot! What is love?
Gearloose: That's stupid! Robot, could I invent an element so heavy even I couldn't lift it?
Beaks: Ha. I definitely could.
Gearloose: No, you couldn't!

[as the B.U.D.D.Y. car malfunctions]
Launchpad: I may not be Mr. McDee's driver for much longer, but he can still count on me to get him where he's going. I'll keep him busy. You figure out a way to get them out of that car.
Fenton: I think I got something for that. You try corralling them into a ravine, or-
Launchpad: I'll probably just crash into it.
Fenton: Isn't that really, really unsafe?
Launchpad: Tried playing safe, old friend. Didn't work. [takes out his Darkwing Duck bobblehead figure] Let's get dangerous.

Fenton: Operating passcode, "Blathering blatherskite!"

Scrooge: Who the blazes are you?
Gizmoduck: Call me... [the B.U.D.D.Y. car crashes into him] Gizmoduck!

Launchpad: Have a good day, Mr. McDee.
Scrooge: Nice work today, Launchpad. See you tomorrow.
Launchpad: You're not gonna replace me?
Scrooge: Replace you? Don't be daft. Where would I ever find a driver as crazy and dangerous as I am? Oh! Dewey told me about your driver's license. Congratulations.
Launchpad: [hugs Scrooge] Awww, your approval is all the driver's license I need! [tries to tear the license] Come on!
Scrooge: You should really keep the license.

Beaks: Gizmoduck... I must have him!

The Missing Links of Moorshire![edit]

Huey: [in a calm tone] Precision. Excellence. Men in funny hats. Welcome to the Duckburg Billionaire's Club Golf Invitational. The only golf tournament to take place on the world's most exotic and expensive courses. This year sees Scrooge McDuck facing off against Flintheart Glomgold, here at scenic Moorshire, the birthplace of golf. I'm Huey Duck, attempting to earn my Junior Woodchuck Merit Badge for Sports Commentary. I'll be here all day providing nuanced analysis-
Huey: [sigh] The badge does require a co-commentator.
Launchpad: Two combatants. One hole. No rules.
Huey: That's not actually- WATCH OUT!

Scrooge: Get excited, kids! Golf is in our blood! Your ancestor, "Black Donald" McDuck, actually invented the sport. Of course he lost so badly that the ensuing temper tantrums caused King James to ban golf across all of Scotland.
Louie: And we're... proud of that in some way?

Launchpad: This lake will be used for the swimming portion of the competition.

Glomgold: Practice all you want, McDuck! You won't be winning this year!
Scrooge: You say that every year, Flinty. And every year, you go home crying.
Glomgold: My eyes dry out very easily! But this year, I'll prove that I am the best Scottish billionaire golfer. I've hired the world's best player to be my caddie!
Tiger Golfer: Okay, if you want to be a winner, just follow these three rules-
Glomgold: [gasp] I'm already a winner! Nobody tells Flintheart Glomgold what to do! You're fired!

Glomgold: Alright, boy. How would your uncle play this hole?
Louie: [clearly uninterested] Uh, just- why don't you hit the ball in the hole? I guess.
Glomgold: Hit the ball... in the hole? Of course! I've been overthinking it this entire time! [drives the ball] Holy haggis! It stayed on the course! It went forward! I'm not on fire! That might be the best shot I've ever taken!

Huey: Scrooge, the returning champion, approaching the first hole.
Launchpad: He's probably worried Glomgold will use his one free tackle before the speed round in the third quarter.
Huey: What do you think is happening here?
Launchpad: One heck of a game!

Huey: Welcome back to the Billionaire's Club Classic, where in a bizarre turn of events, the players have become trapped in some sort of mystical faerie realm.
Launchpad: For more, we go to two tiny horses.
Huey: What are you- ah!
[two soaked colorful horses walk up]
Briar: Greetings! We're Briar, and Bramble, the keepers of this realm.
Webby: Talking animals wearing clothes?!
Dewey: Oh no, did we die? Are we in Webby heaven?

Briar: First to complete this course will win the priceless Druid's Cup.
Bramble: Thus proving them to be the finest golfer in every plane of reality.
Glomgold: Ooh!
Louie: Uh-huh. Okay. Well, anyone else think we should ignore the murder ponies and go home?

Huey: There you have it. Another brash young upstart destined to surpass his aging mentor.
Scrooge: Is the commentary still necessary?
Huey: It helps me feel in control during a, frankly, insane situation.
Launchpad: [in a nuanced tone] I like talking this way, 'cause it makes everything sound important. Baloney trampoline.

McMystery at McDuck McManor![edit]

Huey: A party is a celebration of a life, bringing people together to let the guest of honor know how much they're loved. Uncle Scrooge has done so much for us. This is our chance to do something for him.
Louie: By forcing him to have fun at a party that he doesn't want to be at?
Huey: I knew you'd understand.

Dewey (DJ Daft Duck): Say whaaat?

Huey: We gotta solve the mystery and find Scrooge so he can experience the true joy of a flawless birthday party.
Louie: And you know, not possibly die?
Huey: Yes, of course, and that, but if we succeed and have a good time doing it, Scrooge may have experienced the most amazing party of all time!
Louie: Shouldn't we call somebody?
Huey: But who can you call when everyone is a suspect? Come on, boys, the party game is afoot!
Louie: Oh, I hate this already.
Dewey (DJ Daft Duck): Oh yeaaah!
Louie: You can't get that helmet off, can you?
Dewey (DJ Daft Duck): Oh nooo!

Black Arts Beagle: Behold, my abyss box. May it rest in pieces. Someone opened it the moment before Scrooge disappeared!
Huey: Someone who hates Scrooge more than anyone.
Everyone: Flintheart Glomgold!
Beaks: Hey, my rich brother from another mother!
Glomgold: Wait. How did you know it was me?
Louie: It's always you.
Glomgold: And it always will be! [evil laugh]

Huey: So you took Scrooge!
Glomgold: Took Scrooge? No, I was trying to kill Scrooge! That's like, my whole thing.
Beaks: FYI, you're terrible at your thing.
Ma Beagle: If he were ever gonna do it, he'd have to do it while Beakley's gone.
Glomgold: Ugh. I hate that woman!
Ma Beagle: Me too. She's the absolute worst.
Glomgold: You know who I miss?
Glomgold & Ma Beagle: Duckworth!
Ma Beagle: Aw, he threw the best parties.
Glomgold: Ooh, that man was an artist. He never would have let us in here.
Beaks: Nemeses memories! [takes a selfie with Glomgold and Ma Beagle]
Huey: Stop bonding! This is a crime scene!

Huey: Now I'll never be able to throw a party better than Duckworth!
Louie: Also, you'll be dead.

Beaks: Don't kill me! I barely lived! #YOLO #FOMO #Aaaah!

Duckworth's Ghost: Mrs. Beakley. How nice of you to return after abandoning your post. Thankfully, I was here to pick up your slack. Tell me, do you typically keep the house this shabby?
Mrs. Beakley: I preferred it when you were dead.


Scrooge: [holding an armful of treasure] Ha! Remember the old saying, kids. "Beans, beans, the magical fruit, just plant your beans, then grab some loot."
Dewey: Man, I've been saying that rhyme all wrong.

Scrooge: [sulking as he practices for an interview] So, Roxanne. I suppose my greatest weakness is that I care too much.
Beakley: Fascinating. Well, Mr. McDuck, I can assure you that you will not come off "likable" doing any of that. Unfold those arms, drop the frown, "When dealing with the press, S.O.S." Be sincere, open, and smile.
Scrooge: Some find my scowl very appealing.

Louie: [as the three boys overlook Scrooge's money] Up next to the diving board is Dewey Duck, representing the proud country of Dew-donia. When asked if he was concerned about the possibility of injuring himself on the cold hard cash below, he simply replied, "Nurp!"

Magica De Spell: Ha ha! I would never have thought to feed Scrooge's family to the Hunter Stone before it ushers about his destruction. Well done Lena!
Lena: Next time you give me an amulet that turns into a monster, I'd appreciate a little heads up.
Magica: Uh, that monster has a name. Show Tiffany some respect!

Huey: [as the money shark swims around them; reading from his guidebook] Did you know that sharks never run out of teeth? They have the most powerful jaws on the planet. On average, there are about 100 shark attacks a year.
Louie: Dude, now is not the time!
Huey: Facts comfort me when I'm nervous!

Roxanne Featherly: Now don't worry, this interview is just the two of us having a conversation. [Scrooge gives an assuring wink ar Beakley] I'm here with multi-millionaire menace Scrooge McDuck...
Scrooge: Eh?!
Roxanne: ...who values profit over people's lives. I'll take your awkward smile as a confirmation that you enjoy feeling superior to everyone in the now-ravaged town of Duckburg.
Scrooge: No! I-
Roxanne: Now, Mr. McDuck, I can't quite place your accent. Tell me, what part of Ireland are you from?
Scrooge: [growls]

Scrooge: I have done far more good than harm for Duckburg! Ask anyone!
Roxanne: Will do. Joining us for comment via satellite from his office that was recently ravaged by Scrooge's blameworthy beanstalk, Flintheart Glomgold.
Glomgold: [appearing on a screen] CURSE YOU MCDUCK! Roxanne, good to see you.
Roxanne: And you.
Scrooge: You can't believe this team o'shanter-wearing terror!
[Glomgold and Roxanne gasp]
Roxanne: Oh, shameful.
Glomgold: We can't all afford top hats, you rich snob!
Scrooge: You're rich too, you malevolent mountebank!
Glomgold: You'd best believe it, Scroogey! I'm rolling in it!
Scrooge: Then what is your point?! I'm glad that beanstalk crushed your office!

Webby: Lena, I've found something. According to this, to stop an enchanted force, you must remove its power source, or beat it with a stronger magical totem. We can use our friendship bracelets! Friendship is the greatest magic of all!
Lena: That's... not how magic works.

[as the money shark escapes the Money Bin]
Scrooge: Ah! Me money! ... And the safety of the fine citizens of Duckburg.

The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains![edit]

Dewey: [as they attend a Glomgold event at the museum] So what are we doing here anyway?
Scrooge: As upstanding citizens of note, it's our responsibility to support Duckburg's cultural institutions. [approaches the buffet] And these cocktail weenies are on Glomgold's dollar.
Louie: Aren't you rich? Why do you need free food?
Scrooge: I didn't get rich by wasting money. I got rich by besting my enemies. Stock up, lads!

[as Scrooge gasps upon seeing Goldie]
Louie: What is it? A cursed villain?
Dewey: A villainous curse?
Huey: A... um... Man, I hate going third.
Scrooge: Worse. It's my ex!

[as Scrooge and Goldie tango]
Scrooge: You're looking younger than the last time I saw you.
Goldie O'Gilt: Found a fountain of youth in Wronguay. You?
Scrooge: Stuck in a timeless demon dimension.
Goldie: Which one? Pandemonium or Demogorgona?
Scrooge: Demogorgona. Went to stop an uprising.
Goldie: Get out! I caused that uprising! Nabbed the Eye of Demogorgon. Makes you impervious to burns. I must have just missed you.

Scrooge: Back during the Gold Rush, when I was prospecting for my fortune in the Klondike-
Huey: Gold Rush? Wait... [does math on his fingers] How old are you?
Scrooge: ...

Goldie: Fine. We team up. With our two halves of the map, we can finally find the Golden Lagoon.
Scrooge: And why should I trust you?
Goldie: Because it's gold, because it's a treasure you never found, and because you're Scrooge McDuck.
Scrooge & Goldie: You think you know me so well.
Huey, Dewey, & Louie: [entering the room] Date! Date! Date!
Scrooge & Goldie: It's not a date!

[coming upon a mine shaft elevator]
Goldie: Looks like it's only big enough for one. I'll go down first, and send it back up to you.
Scrooge: So you can get the jump on me?
Goldie: Fine, you go down first.
Scrooge: Oh, so you can cut the rope?

Scrooge: You could have freed me, but even after all that you still abandoned me and left me for dead.
Goldie: You were supposed to follow me! That was our whole thing.
Scrooge: I was frozen in a giant glacier!
Goldie: You're Scrooge McDuck!
Scrooge: Wh-wh- That can't be your reason for everything!
Goldie: Scroogey, it's the only reason that matters.
Scrooge: You loved gold more than you loved me.
Goldie: And that's why you loved me.

Scrooge: Aw, Goldie. I was so busy looking for treasure, I ignored the one staring me in the face... and stabbing me in the back.

Day of the Only Child![edit]

Webby: Wait, where are Huey and Louie?
Dewey: Who?
Webby: Um, your brothers?
Dewey: Uh, Webby, I don't have brothers. I'm an only child.
Webby: Don't be ridicu- [gasp] Oh no! We must be in some sort of dystopian alternate dimension!
Dewey: Calm down, everything is fine.
Webby: Exactly what an evil Dewey-doppleganger would say! [tackles Dewey] Give it up, Dew-pelganger! Where is Dewey?!
[Huey and Louie walk rush in]
Huey: Webby, stop! That is Dewy!
Louie: He's just doing a Dewey thing!
Webby: Oh. [lets go of Dewey]
Dewey: [to Huey and Louie] Thank you, good Samaritans. You restored my faith in the kindness of random strangers.
Huey: Not even one hour in, and your stupid "Only Child Day" has already almost gotten one of us killed.
Webby: Only-what-now?
Dewey: It's a beautiful holiday!
Huey: That he made up.
Dewey: Where for a whole day, we get to be sibling-free and do all the amazing things that an only child gets to do! Make our marks on the world!
Louie: Not have to answer to anyone!
Huey: Be horribly alone?
Dewey: For once!

Huey: What do you mean I can't go? If I don't participate, I'll never get my commemorative Cookout Badge. That means a lopsided sash, Launchpad. A lopsided sash!
Launchpad: Sorry, but it's the Three-Man Cookout. I didn't get to be a Troop Leader by bending the rules. I got it by crashing the bus during a camping trip, and the other leaders quitting.

Bouncer Beagle: Uh, Big Huey, sir? We kidnapped someone for you. [points to Big Time Beagle, who is tied in a tree]
Huey: You did what?!
Bouncer Beagle: Well, he was gone kidnap you first.
Huey: N-No!
Bouncer Beagle: A Junior Woodchuck looks out for his fellow Woodchucks, whatever the cost.
Huey: He's gonna get killed! He's your brother!
Bouncer Beagle: We like you better, New Big Time. You'll love it back at the junkyard. You'll never be lonely again.

Louie: Wow, it's like he gets whatever he wants!
Mr. Drake: No one says no to Master Doofus. [leans uncomfortably close to Louie] No one.

Doofus Drake: Geememama!

Louie: So, you're his butler, huh? Uh, my butler's a ghost. Yup. Yeah, he's dead.
Mrs. Drake: We're dead inside.

Dewey: [pretending to host his own talk show] That joke crashed so hard, you'd think it was Launchpad!

Dewey: Comedy, action, and heart? Who wouldn't want to watch this show?

Dewey: [after Webby crawls out of the Security-bot] How did you get in there?
Webby: Oh, I just jammed it open and ripped out a bunch of wires to make room. What were you doing?
Dewey: [nervously] What? Me? Nothing! [closing the closet door, the light fades on the Louie Lamp; impersonating Louie's voice] She knows. [to the lamp] Shut up, Louie!

[when reunited with their individual problems]
Huey: Beagle Boys.
Louie: Psycho rich kid.
Dewey: Haywire robot.
Huey, Dewey, & Louie: [in unison] Brothers again? Brothers again! Triple threat!

From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22![edit]

Louie: [who, as Beakley fights a hooded figure in the kitchen, enters to take soda from the fridge and leaves without noticing anything] Getting low on Cherry Pep, Mrs. B.

[as Webby and Scrooge enter the kitchen in a trashed state]
Scrooge: Great sacks of delirium!
Webby: Maybe Donald tried to make an omelet again?
Scrooge: Impossible. He still hasn't figured out how to get out of the pantry.
[Donald yells in anger and fury, pounding from behind a nearby pantry door]

Scrooge: [to the boys as they watch television] I'm off for a little trip. Uncle Donald's in the pantry if you need anything. If I don't come back, it's been a pleasure knowing you all.
Huey, Dewey, & Louie: [uninterested] Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh. Sure.
Louie: Shhhhhh...

Launchpad: We'll be arriving in a couple hours, Mr. McDee.
Scrooge: Remember, this trip needs to remain a secret, Launchpad. No one should know where we're going.
Launchpad: Way ahead of you. [puts a blindfold on]

Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, let's start our bidding with the last page from the Great Book, a priceless artifact for medeival enthusiasts.
Mrs. Beakley (Agent 22): So, what's on it exactly?
Scrooge: Alchemy. Formulas for potions and elixirs. Legend has it that the high priests of Castle Dunwyn were mentored by mystical creatures from the nearby glen, creatures of untold powers.
Mrs. Beakley (Agent 22): Untold powers?
Scrooge: Yes, if you believe that sort of thing. FOWL seems to.
Mrs. Beakley (Agent 22): How do you know so much about all this?
Scrooge: Untold chaos, dark artifacts, a man has his hobbies.

[after Mrs. Beakley puts a tracking beacon on Black Heron]
Scrooge: And now we can steal it from her for free! I just saved SHUSH a lot of money. You're welcome. [Mrs. Beakley punches Scrooge]

[as Scrooge and Webby face a giant cave, Webby is visably excited]
Scrooge: What is it now?
Webby: Should we have a battle cry to strike fear in our enemies?
Scrooge: What do you have in mind?
Webby: [to the cave] Get ready to lose bad, baddies!
Scrooge: ... Eh, what she said.

Black Heron: Good afternoon, world leaders. This is Black Heron of FOWL. Regrets if you haven't heard of me, but I've gotten very well acquainted with your Agent 22. After meticulous-
Mrs. Beakley (Agent 22): My back molar is rigged with a distress signal. SHUSH will be coming for me, and you, Heron.
Black Heron: Excuse me?! I'm in the middle of filming my declaration of harmful intent. Where was I? [pulls out index cards] Oh yes! After meticulous, frankly ingenious planning, I have obtained history's greatest biological weapon. With the completed formula, I will breed an army of super-soldiers that will bounce to the highest peaks of corruption!
Scrooge: [enters the frame, laughing] Did you just say "bounce"?
Black Heron: Who is this? Is he with you?
Mrs. Beakley (Agent 22): Unfortunately.
Scrooge: You're making a bounce serum? The untold powers of the ancient creatures is bouncing?
Black Heron: Yes! There'll be bouncing here and there and everywhere! Mass destruction that's beyond compare! [Scrooge laughs] Stop laughing! I have wasted an entire reel of film, and you're not even entirely in frame!

Webby: I can't believe I'm now part of an actual McDuck-Agent 22 adventure! Thank you, Mr. McDuck!
Scrooge: Call me Uncle Scrooge.
Webby: [hugs Scrooge] I'm Webby.

Who is Gizmoduck?![edit]

[during a bank robbery]
Bouncer Beagle: Why are we wearing masks over our other masks again?

[as Gizmoduck tests the suit features]
Gyro: You're gonna overload the core processor and kill us all!
Gizmoduck: Oh, I'd say that's overkill.
Bulby Operating System: Initiating overkill.

Gizmoduck: [after saving Mark Beaks from his own missile] Mr. Beaks, I am so sorry-
Beaks: Sorry? You saved me!
Gizmoduck: But the missile actually came from-
Beaks: Pfft. Come on! I have an island where I blow up helicopters for fun. It happens!

Beaks: [answering his phone] Hey, I'm stuck on the roof. Gonna need you to send up another helicopter. [beat] Stairs?!

[answering Huey's call for help]
Waddleduck: You? What do you need?
Huey: [angry] I need you to toss that in the trash! [points to a piece of paper]
Waddleduck: [picks up the paper] "My faith in you". I don't understand.
Huey: Waddleduck?! Really?! You're not a hero, you're a sellout. So go ahead, throw away my faith in you! [Waddleduck sadly drops the paper in the trash] In the recycling! You monster.

Beaks: WD, what's the word, man? I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews on the app. Talk quick, got my daily press conference in a few-
Waddleduck: I need control! A person plummeting to their untimely death doesn't have time to open an app!
Beaks: Oh, it's possible. The WaddlePhone is super-fast.

Fenton: [after Mark Beaks initiates the suit detonation protocol] Cancel the order! It'll explode!
Beaks: Too panicked! Can't process! Save me, amigo!
Fenton: I am not your amigo!

Fenton: I'm not a mascot, or an intern, out a fancy tool! Blathering blatherskite! I! Am! Gizmoduck!

Huey: The suit is not Gizmoduck, you are. That's a Robotics Badge, and a Philosophy Badge right there.

Fenton: [waking up in the hospital] M'ma?
M'ma Cabrera: Pollito!
Fenton: I think I was fired. I was definitely fired.
M'ma: Just rest right now. Someone sprung for the VIP hospital suite.
Scrooge: [offscreen] Need a word with you.
Fenton: Mr. McDuck?
M'ma: Scrooge McDuck?! Ooh! I'll leave you two alone. [quietly to Fenton] See if you can get money out of it. He's loaded.

Scrooge: You know, I spend a lot of time abroad. I won't always be here for Duckburg. I need someone to make sure this place is still standing when I get back.

Scrooge: Looking good, lad. You work for me now. I just need a name to write on the paychecks.
Fenton: Call me... Gizmoduck!

The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck![edit]

Scrooge: [dreaming] Get your filthy chimney hands off my hard-earned milk and cookies, you... [wakes up] Gaaah!

[Webby shines a light on Lena]
Webby: What were you doing in Scrooge's room?
Lena: [shines the light on Webby] What were you doing there?
Webby: Oh, nothing. Definitely not collecting drool samples while he sleeps. [an empty vial rolls across the floor]

Scrooge: I'm telling you, something is off in the mansion.
Mrs. Beakley: Mr. McDuck, I assure you, nothing strange is going on here.
Scrooge: Then how do you explain this? [pulls out his Number One Dime, showing the cord slightly cut] My Number One Dime has been tampered with.
Mrs. Beakley: But the filament is made from un-cuttable enchanted quadriamond. Anything that could cut it would-
Scrooge: Would have to be supernatural. Hmm. There's something afoot in this house, and I'm gonna find out what.

Huey: [on hiding Tenderfeet in their room] We gotta keep him a secret! Uncle Scrooge is on the hunt!
Louie: Which is why we should hand him over. The last thing I need is Scrooge snooping around and finding any number of my devious, yet delightful schemes.
Huey: You mean all those schemes we know about?
Dewey: Sure would be a shame if Uncle Donald found out about that "charity" he's been donating to for the past three years.
Louie: Hey, "Louie's Kids" takes Uncle Donald's donations for children in need. Children like me. Children exactly like me. It's for me.

Scrooge: [finding a sandwich that Tenderfeet prepared] Hmm. Still warm. Dill pickles and salted ham. An excellent pairing of flavors. Clever girl!

Louie: How do you keep losing a giant monster?
Huey: Just because we like him better than you doesn't mean you have to hate him.
Louie: Wait, what? I am your brother! You met this thing like a day ago!
Dewey: Well, he never tricked me into doing his laundry. Yeah. I know about that.

[after Louie finds out that "Tenderfeet"'s secret]
Louie: Can't out-down a con, bro. Oh, Uncle Scrooooge!
Gavin: So, you figured out the Bigfoot in your house is scamming you. Problem is, the Bigfoot in your house is scamming you. [cracks knuckles] And, yeah, bro. He lifts.

Louie: Oh, Bigfoot, you just poked the bear.

Scrooge: Ah-ha! A bigfoot! I knew there was something strange....afoot.

[as the boys say goodbye to "Tenderfeet"]
Huey: [sad] When we first met, there was a thorn in your paw, but now...
Dewey: [places hand over his heart] ... It's in here.
[the boys hug "Tenderfeet"]
Louie: [leans in close; whispers] I win. [dramatically] Now go back from whence you came! This is for your own good. [repeatedly hitting him] Go on! Get out of here! Go! Go! Go! ["Tenderfeet" leaves] Bye, Tenderfeet, I love you, have fun living in the gross woods and not our awesome mansion anymore!

Scrooge: [seeing Lena and Webby in the Other Bin] What the blazes are you two doing in here?!
Webby: [realizing Scrooge kept his Dime in the first vault] Oh, of course! The Number One Dime was in the number one chamber. Duh!
Scrooge: No one thinks to check the first one. But you shouldn't be checking at all! The Other Bin is far too dangerous.
Lena: It's on me. We wanted to see your dime, and we overheard you were keeping it in here, and...
Webby: Sorry, Uncle Scrooge.
Scrooge: You should know by now that if you want to know something, all you have to do is ask. Be straight with me, lassie. What if you were lost, or hurt, or eaten by the dragon?
Webby: [hugs Scrooge] Aw man, there's a dragon in here?

Sky Pirates... in the Sky![edit]

Huey: We are beyond lost, and- Is this compass a sticker?
Launchpad: Ha ha! Stickers are for kids! Grownups call them decals.
Huey: Then how do you navigate?
Launchpad: Instincts. A keen eye. Quick thinking. [panics as he nearly crashes into a mountain, only to dodge at the last moment] ... And a cool head.
Dewey: A cool head needs a cool hat. Not unlike this bold and daring chapeau. And the story behind it is equally bold and daring.
Huey: Do you mind doing whatever it is you're doing later? I'm trying to get us home safe, and... This radar is an ant farm?

Scrooge: Yearly polishing of the money in the Bin is a necessary expenditure. I may be filthy rich, but I'm not unsanitary.

Don Karnage: This is your fearsome Pirate Captain, Don Karnage, welcoming you to our friendly skies. [threateningly] Prepare to be boarded!

Don Karnage: [capturing Dewey] Well, well. What have we here?
Pirate: A stowaway!
Don Karnage: [annoyed] Yes, obviously. I meant as a rhetorical menacing!

Don Karnage: [in disguise] I am Dr. Tom Kar...nage? An attractive and charming plant scientist.
Huey: You mean a botanist?
Don Karnage: You dare correct the fierce Captain... of the Plant Sciencing Committee?

Scrooge: We all know that's Don Karnage, right?
Launchpad: He seems to know a lot about plants.
Huey: You know, he might be able to help us find that pirate ship faster.
Don Karnage: Yes! I will lead you to the ship so I can kill... -ect that flower? Oh look! Leaves! [grabs some leaves on the ground, and the Caterpillar fake moustache crawls onto them]
Scrooge: Just get on the plane, and don't steal anything this time.

Dewey: Listen, this has been great, but I should take my hat and go. Everyone will wanna hear about where I've been.
Ugly Mug: Or you could have this bigger hat... Captain Dewey.
Dewey: Wait, what now?
Ugly Mug: You've taught us to be our own pirates, and stand out. Now it's our turn to stand out, behind you.
Peg Leg Meg: So, Captain. Who will be the first to witness the talents of the Dread Pirate Dewey?

Ugly Mug: It's into Davy Jones' Upper Cabinet with ye!

The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck![edit]

Webby: You still haven't told your brothers what we found out about your mom?
Dewey: Tell them what exactly? She took the Spear of Selene? We have no idea what that means. We don't even know what it looks like. Why get them in a panic when this could all be a dead end?
Webby: Because... honesty?
Dewey: [looks deep in thought] Mmm... mhmm... mhmm... mhmm...
Webby: Why do you always do that?
Dewey: Do what?
Webby: Whenever you want to ignore something, you stare into the distance and pretend you're thinking.
Dewey: I'm trying to protect my brothers from finding out something that could upset them.
Webby: And keeping an earth-shattering secret from them that could destroy your brotherhood wouldn't upset them?
Dewey: [looks deep in thought] Mmm... mhmm... mhmm... mhmm...

Scrooge: Brace yourselves, kids. Primordial menace lurks here. The most treacherous terror I've ever faced.
Fergus McDuck: Oi! Jettison that jalopy from my driveway this instant, you deadbeat!
Scrooge: Daddy. Mummy.

Huey: Your parents are alive?!
Louie: I can't believe you're still alive.
Fergus: He put a curse on us.
Scrooge: That is not fair! I very kindly rebuilt our ancestral castle for them. And I may have used some discount mystical Druid stones that accidentally granted them immortality. I didn't know it would buy me an eternity's worth of criticism!
Fergus: So, he admits he wants to be rid of us!
Scrooge: Uch! Would you rather I'd let you pass, or made you immortal?
Fergus: Neither is satisfactory. A thoughtful son would know that.

Downy McDuck: [showing family portraits] Oh, and look here! Little Scroogey and Whiskers!
Huey: Whiskers?
Downy: Little Scroogey always wanted a dog, but we were too poor, so we all pitched in to buy a clump of hair from the local barber. Oh, how Scroogey loved his Whiskers!
Fergus: Aye. And who ended up having to walk him and feed him?
Scrooge: It was a ball of hair!
Fergus: How dare you talk about Whiskers like that?! He was family!

Dewey: [in a room full of golden keys] Oh man! How are we gonna find one gold key in all this? Well, good try everyone. You should head back. Way to go.
Louie: [popping up from the keys, examining one key] Found it. Real gold weighs more than Fool's gold, so you just search the bottom of the pile. You know, check the luster, and the karat quality, and boom. Pure gold key. [beat] What? You like nerd stuff, I like gold. Come on.

Scrooge: I take great care of my family!
Fergus: You avoid us like the plague!
Scrooge: Oh come now, that's unfair... to the plague!
Fergus: That's it! Go to your room!
Scrooge: I never lived here!
Fergus: Then pick the one furthest away from my line of sight!
Scrooge: Fine by me!

Huey: [as the Demon Dog claws at the door] We need a distraction! [grabs the bag from Dewey]
Dewey: Hey, give it back!
Huey: [emptying the bag's contents on the ground] Louie, hold the door open! I'll set the scarf on fire and throw it out as a decoy!
Dewey: [taking the scarf away] No! You can't!
Huey: What is wrong with you?!
Louie: Why are you being super weird?! This is a bad time to be weird!
Dewey: ... Because it belongs to mom!

Huey: How do you know this is mom's?
Dewey: I've, uh, kinda been researching her on my own. A little. I mean, I just searched a forbidden library, crashed the Sunchaser, talked to the goddess Selene- okay, you know, hearing it out loud, it comes off way worse than it sounded in my brain.
Huey: How could you keep this from us?!
Dewey: I was trying to protect you from a potentially devastating revelation.
Huey: Or you just kept it to yourself so you can feel special! Classic Dewey! She's our mom!
Dewey: Okay, it's just- First, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get hurt. Then I couldn't tell you because I found out all this stuff and I didn't want you to hurt me! I'm sorry, okay?
Huey: You're only sorry, 'cause you got caught!
[they notice Louie holding the uniform, visibly upset]
Dewey: Louie, you okay?
Louie: You kept a secret about mom. That is not okay.
[Dewey shifts his head down sadly]

Scrooge: Just stop! I don't need you! [holding his dime] Everything I earned, I earned through my own hard work. You never gave me anything!
Fergus: I gave you that. [pointing to the dime]
Scrooge: Ugh... my Number One Dime? Burt the ditch digger gave it to me. Back in my shoeshine days, I worked for hours on Burt's boots. He paid me with an American dime.
Fergus: Who do you think gave him the dime?
Scrooge: What?
Fergus: Aye. I muddied his boots, and sent him your way.
Scrooge: Wait, what? But why?
Fergus: We were poor. I couldn't provide for you myself, so I had to give you a different gift, self-reliance. Teaching you to work hard, and fend for yourself, so that you'd become the man you are now. But you learned that lesson so well, we hardly saw you again. If I'm hard on you, lad, it's 'cause I miss you, is all.
Scrooge: Oh, Daddy... I miss you too.

Dewey: I should have told you from the beginning. Good or bad, we're all in this together. [grabs the note] Well, I guess we're all starting from scratch.
Huey: Wait. Did you rub a pencil over this?
Dewey: Buh?
Huey: Have I taught you nothing? Junior Woodchuck Rule 217, rub all documents with a pencil.
[rubs the note with a pencil to reveal a strange design]
Dewey: [gasp] The Spear of Selene! Now we know what it looks like!
Louie: Is that a date circled?
Huey: April 15th, 20- guys, this is the week we were born!
Dewey: What does that mean?
Huey: We'll find out together.

The Last Crash of Sunchaser![edit]

Huey: Come on, Uncle Donald! You can fix the houseboat when we get back.
Donald: Uh-uh. I'm almost done. We'll be on the water again in two days!
[an offscreen crash is heard]
Donald: Seven days...
[an explosion is seen from behind the mansion]
Donald: [sighs] I should get started...
Dewey: No rush!

Launchpad: [setting up a lawn chair] Sorry, Mrs. B. Only chair I could find.
Mrs. Beakley: Seatbelts?
Launchpad: Oh... um... [puts a flotation ring around her] When we crash, it can be used as a flotation device.
Mrs. Beakley: When we crash?
Scrooge: Long time since you've been in the field, eh, Agent 22?
Mrs. Beakley: And this plane would have been dangerously outdated even then. I'm counting one, two, three... 14 safety violations.
Launchpad: Aw, come on. Every time the Sunchaser goes down, she always gets right back up in the air.
Mrs. Beakley: "Every time?" I allow the children to travel with you because I assume you're keeping them safe.
Scrooge: Ah, jengs. Launchpad, give the old bird, a tour of the old bird to show her there's nothing to worry about. I'll take the wheel-stick thingie.
Mrs. Beakley: Sorry, when did you learn to fly a massive cargo plane?
Scrooge: Please, I'm Scrooge McDuck. If Launchpad can do it, how hard can it be?
Launchpad: Not very!

Huey: [looking at a shredded document] Somewhere in these pieces are the answers Scrooge doesn't want us to find. What is the Spear of Selene? Why didn't Scrooge and Donald talk for years?
Dewey: What happened to our mom?

Mrs. Beakley: We have to get out, and figure out how to get down.
Scrooge: And pass up the adventure of a lifetime?
Mrs. Beakley: And risk all our lives?
Scrooge: Ah, you're safe as houses. This is nothing! The plane could be on fire, or we could be on fire, or this could be a volcano! Everything could be on fire!

[as Huey counterbalances the plane as Dewey tries to get the piece of paper they need]
Huey: Junior Woodchuck Rule 18: Every action, has an equal and opposite reaction.
Webby: I thought that was Newton.
Huey: Where do you think he got it from?
Webby: Science?

Scrooge: [as he slowly chases Dewey through the plane] I'm trying to save your life, now come back here, or I will end it, young man!

Mrs. Beakley: [discovering the drawing of the Spear of Selene] Oh, children... what have you been up to?

[as Dewey goes outside the plane to get the piece of paper]
Scrooge: No. Not again.
Webby: [through the radio] Dewey, this is crazy! The mystery's not worth it!
Louie: [through the radio] I get it, but you can't give up the rest of us to find the one person we lost!
Launchpad: [through the radio] Dewey! The Darkwing Duck video is still running! Do you want me to pause it until you get back?
Huey: [through the radio] Give me that. Dewey, our family is amazing! We're enough! Let it go!

[after Scrooge tells them how their mother vanished]
Dewey: [angry] Cool... so you're the reason our mom is gone!
Scrooge: [shocked] What? No! I..I--
Launchpad: [the plane begins to lean forward] Um, guys?
Dewey: You built her a crazy dangerous super rocket!
Scrooge: Which she stole early!
Huey: Then you encouraged her to keep flying through a cosmic storm? You could have called her down, there were too many variables!
Mrs. Beakley: Now boys, you don't know....
Louie: And you're the richest duck in the world! Why didn't you send up more ships to look for her?
Scrooge: [growing frustrated] I spared no expense!
Dewey: [coldly] Yeah, right. Cheap old Scrooge probably bailed as soon as it put a dent in his money bin.
Launchpad: [the plane leans further] Um, guys?
Webby: Take it easy Dewey, he may have a point. Even if gifting an experimental rocket to a mother of three was clearly a terrible idea!
Scrooge: This is a family matter! You are not family!
Mrs. Beakley: See here, McDuck. You will not speak to my granddaughter that way.
Scrooge: You will not speak to me that way! None of you! After everything I do for you, you're all nothing but trouble!

Webby: Isn't he gonna say goodbye?
Mrs. Beakley: We're taking those vacation days if that's alright with you... sir.
Scrooge: [bitterly] Fine.
Mrs. Beakley: [as Webby sadly leaves] Well, you've successfully pushed your family and everyone who cared about you away... again. I hope you're happy.

[as Scrooge remembers his efforts to find Della after her accident, as well as everyone's accusations after he told them]
Louie:'re the richest duck in the world! Why didn't you send up more ships to look for her?
Huey: Then you encouraged her to keep flying through a cosmic storm? ... You'd could have called her down, there were too many variables!
Dewey: you're the reason our mom is gone! ... Cheap old Scrooge probably bailed as soon as it put a dent in his money bin
Mrs. Beakley: Well, you've successfully pushed your family and everyone who cared about you away... again. I hope you're happy.
Scrooge: [tearing up] ...I am.

The Shadow War![edit]

Donald: Wait... where's Dewey?! [about to rush off, only to see Dewey sitting on the stairs]
Dewey: [bitter] Nope. Right here. Not stealing the boat.
Donald: Oh.
Dewey: Yep. Back to the good ol' days. Woo-oo.

Magica: [in Lena's body] Big day, Magica, real big day. The eclipse is at hand, my plan is flawless! [retches and exits Lena's body]
Lena: Let me go!
Magica: Oh, that's right. I forgot you were here.
Lena: I won't let you do this!
Magica: Yeah, uh-huh, oh except at the moment of the eclipse, my powers will finally unleash, and I'll be an invincible juggernaut of DARK MAGIC! So, you know...

Launchpad: [pulls up to McDuck Manor's gates, and rings the gate buzzer] Howdy, Mr. McDee! Don't worry, I'm not here to check on you on account of everyone moving out, because the boys bland you for launching their mom to space and orphaning them. I'm here to take you out for ice cream! Mmmm, sounds good, right? Family crisis- I mean, ice cream!
Scrooge: [through the speaker] Go away.
Magica: [in Lena's body] Out?! Moved?! Ice cream?! Without those kids to let me in, how am I supposed to get my evil, evil vengeance?!

[as Webby and Launchpad discuss their plan to stop Donald and the boys from moving away]
Webby: Step one. We throw the boys a farewell party to convince them they don't want to move.
Launchpad: Step two. Reveal surprise guest, Scrooge, and remind them how much they all miss each other!
Webby: Step three. There is no step three, because we just nailed it in two steps!

[McDuck Manor is absolutely trashed with pizza boxes, empty soda cans, and other trash]
Lena (Magica): Uh, how long has your housekeeping staff been gone?
Scrooge: [in his dirty underwear] Three days. So how are my so-called "kin"? Miserable, no doubt, living on that disgusting boat. I'm obviously doing much better than they are. [spots a possum under a pizza box] Pesky possum! Keeps eating my anchovies! [chases it with a broom]

[Scrooge discovers a hidden stash of treasure in Louie's bedroom, along with a bag of marbles]
Scrooge: Sweet, playful marbles. Three to a bag. Red, green, and that rascal blue marble, always rolling whichever way it wants... and ungrateful the lot of them at every turn! After all I did for them, and they just throw it in my face!
Lena (Magica): Yeah, there's nothing worse than marbles. Tea?
Scrooge: I'm talking about family.
Lena (Magica): Ugh, tell me about it. They disobey you, run you ragged, don't follow through on elaborate revenge plots...
Scrooge: They spend your money, take over your home, cause trouble, worm their way into your head with fond memories that you cannae get out, no matter how hard you try!
Lena (Magica): Cheers to ridding fond memories!
Scrooge: [sits on a throne of pizza boxes] And then they leave without as much as a "thank you"!
Lena (Magica): Forget family. Who needs 'em?
Scrooge: I'll drink to that! [about to drink Magica's potion, only for a box to fall on his head and cause him to spill it]
Lena (Magica): Of all the idiotic- I mean, I'll go make you another.

Launchpad: [bringing in drinks] Mmmm, the Family-tini. Old family recipe. Tastes like the loving embrace of family.
Huey: [looking at the drinks] Are these melted popsicles in cups?
Launchpad: The stirrer has a riddle on it.

Magica: [as she's freed] Feed my power, Dark Eclipse. Free my form from the abyss. Dormant magic now unchain, the Shadow Queen be whole again!

Mrs. Beakley: [presenting the boys with pie] Apple shortbread pie, with a scoop of sea salt ice cream. A common farewell dessert in certain parts.
Dewey: Finally, some real food.
Mrs. Beakley: [takes the pie away] Oh, I'm so sorry. This was Scrooge's favorite dessert. I don't want to remind you of that horrid man who lost your mother all those years ago, even if it was an accident that tore him up for ten years, propelling him into a desperate search attempt that left him broken, and nearly bankrupt.
Louie: Wait, bankrupt? Really?
Mrs. Beakley: But I understand. You're upset because you lost one family member, which was terrible and painful, so you decided you should go ahead and lose another. Brilliant. Makes perfect rational sense.
Dewey: [angry] Yeah. Nailed it, Mrs. B.
Mrs. Beakley: Yes. Distance yourself even further from his life and forsake family altogether. That will definitely fix it.
Launchpad: No! It'll do the opposite of that!
Mrs. Beakley: Perhaps it's worth considering that the reason Scrooge closed himself off was because the loss of Della was the hardest thing he'd ever faced. Harder than any adventure. It's not that he didn't care, it's that he cared about family more than anything in the world. And perhaps he still does. But I'm just the housekeeper. What do I know?

Scrooge: You wee tenebrous traitor. We welcomed you into our home, only to have you unleash this repugnant beast-monger.
Lena: She's my aunt! She made me do it.
Scrooge: Hmmm. Family! Good for nothing! Left me completely vulnerable to this.
Lena: Please. Magica only got in here because you threw your family out. My family's good for nothing. Your family is amazing. You fight, and get into trouble, but it doesn't matter, because you, I don't know, love each other or something. Dude, I wish I had your family.
Scrooge: ... You're right lass. Help me get my family back, and you'll have a place in it. We're all stronger together. Ready?
Lena: I'll see what I can do.

[as Magica De Spell magically takes everyone's shadow]
Glomgold: [fighting to hold onto his shadow] Where are you going?! You're my shadow! [the shadow drops him into the sea] CURSE YOU, ME!

Donald: Everybody listen up! [unintelligible jabbering]
Everyone: [beat] What?
Launchpad: Did anyone get any of that?
Huey: It's mostly just context clues.
Louie: We get like every third word.
Dewey: Nope. Completely unintelligible.

Donald: [after Gyro forcefully gives him the voicebox] Hands off of me [voice is suddenly much clearer] you mad scientist! [beat]
Dewey: Whoa. He sounds so normal.
Donald: Rubber baby buggy bumpers, rubber baby buggy bumpers, rubber baby buggy bumpers! [chuckles] Wow! Never been able to say that before! [clears throat] As I was saying, Uncle Scrooge is in trouble, and it's up to us to help him. And adventure is in our blood! We face down perilous foes and endless danger every day, but we always prevail, because these Ducks don't back down!

Mrs. Beakley: Alright, just like when I led that uprising in Eagleslavia. I'll take the wheel, you-
Donald: Uh-uh! My house, my rules!
Mrs. Beakley: [impressed] Aye-aye... sir. [gives Donald a spear gun] Get ready for the storm.
Donald: I am the storm.
Mrs. Beakley: ... Seriously, have you been saying things like that this whole time?

Launchpad: [starting up the Sunchaser] Pilot to co-pilot, we are ready for launch. Could be dangerous. Suggested flight path?
Darkwing Duck Figure: Let's get dangerous.

Magica: [as the family begins their attempt to rescue Scrooge] Ooh, looks like your family is coming to play. Say goodbye, McDuck. [laughs and begins to attack] Fore! Home run! Tennis thing! Sports!

Donald: Go save your uncle. I'll keep these palookas at bay!

Huey: Hey, couple questions for you. If you were caught in the dime, how come we never saw you in it? Also, Scrooge isn't exactly magical, so how did he manage to trap you in it? Follow up. How does the lunar eclipse factor into all this?
Magica: Well, you see, I channel my powers- [beat] It's just magic, okay?!

[after Magica destroys a mirror in the Bin]
Louie Oh no! You broke the Mirror of Tyche!
Magica: [worried] The what now?
Louie: Ancient artifact? Terrible curse if you break it?
Magica: I've never heard of it, and I am versed in all magics. Gaelic, Demogorgan, Sumerian!
Louie: Sumerian? You were in that dime a long time. Well, good luck with the curse.
Magica: What kind of curse?!
Louie: Grave misfortune, increased gullibility, a swift kick in the ribs.
Magica: A what? [Webby kicks her] My ribs!

[after Scrooge is freed]
Scrooge: Way to dispel your own spell, De Spell!

Scrooge: Huey, Louie, the third one... curse me kilts have I missed you.

Roxanne Featherly: And so Duckburg is saved, thanks to Scrooge McDuck, and his family.
Della Duck: [gasp] Boys?

Season 2[edit]

The Most Dangerous Game... Night![edit]

Louie: I! Need! A! Break!

Louie: I thought life with a treasure hunter would be way more treasure, and way less hunting.
Huey: Isn't it great?! Charting the unknown, following in the family tradition of adventure! [holding a family portrait of Donald, Scrooge, and Della]
Louie: You remember mom got lost in space, right?
Huey: Well, yeah. But she went solo without any help. We're a fine-tuned action machine! I'm the brains, Webby's the fist, Dewey's the devil-may-care guts, you... are there too!

Scrooge: There's no better bonding experience than a high-stakes, death-defying adventure.
Louie: What about a quiet movie night in? Oh, or make-your-own-pizza night? Ooh, how about game night?
Scrooge: [obvious Hidden excitement in his expression] ..... Game night?

Mrs. Beakley: Oh no.
Louie: Ready for a relaxing night in?
Mrs. Beakley: You know how competitive he gets when he's trying to best an enemy? On Game Night, we are the enemies.

Scrooge: [whispering to Donald] If we lose, you're out of the will.
Donald: I was in the will?

[Scrooge keeps guessing Donald's pantomimes correctly]
Dewey: Oh, so that's why he picked Donald.
Webby: He spent 30 years guessing what Donald was saying, he must get good at non-verbal communication.

Huey: [after Gyro and Launchpad have been shrunk] Louie, I know this is our night off, but we gotta do something.
Louie: Why? Gyro's a genius, and Launchpad has crashed so many times, I'm convinced he may be immortal!

Louie: [after Laumchpad calls, after nearly getting crushed by a jenga tower, causing an emotional joyous reaction from Huey and Louie] It's nice to talk to friends on the phone. It's so much more personal than texting!

Scrooge: Behold, the final challenge. Scroogeopoly! The thrilling game of finance and property acquisition.
Dewey: The final challenger feels extremely rigged. Your face is literally on the box.

Louie: I have 13 different apologies depending on how mad you are.
Scrooge: Close the door.
Louie: Oh, you're that mad.

Scrooge: Do you know how I made my fortune?
Louie: Yes. By being tougher than the toughies, and smarter than the smarties.
Scrooge: And sharper than the sharpies. People don't know about that one. The ability to read a situation and see all the shortcuts and the possibilities. Your mother could do it. So can you.
Louie: I can?
Scrooge: I should have seen it, the way you were picking apart those adventures earlier. The "whoa," the "wait, what," the "aah." If you apply that gift, you might be a bigger billionaire than I am one day. [gives Louie the idol] Here. It's not a Number One Dime, but it's a start.

The Depths of Cousin Fethry![edit]

Scrooge: [as his can-phone rings] Do not answer that. [sigh] That can is your Cousin Fethry calling from a top-secret deep-sea laboratory.
Dewey: Top secret?!
Huey: Deep-sea laboratory?!
Scrooge: Don't get too excited. Fethry's a bit... well, he's, uh...
Donald: He's cuckoo bananas.
Scrooge: Best to ignore it. Every time we get a call from Fethry, we rush down there just to go on some fool's errand wrapped up in a needlessly dangerous adventure. With rambling lectures...
Donald: And the explosions...
Scrooge: And avoiding that mega-tsunami...
Donald: And the explosions...
Scrooge: All to see a barnacle formation in the shape of a tractor or some such nonsense.
Donald: Big waste of time.

Oceanika: [seductivly] Launchpad! Oh Launchpad!
Launchpad: Oceanika? Is that you, my love?

Dewey: Wow! This guy kinda sounds like you.
Huey: Genius? Visionary? In charge of a massive research facility?
[they watch Fethry lick a substance on a computer monitor]
Dewey: Weird. You're both really into weird stuff. Aw, you found one of your own.

Fethry Duck: Donalds? I'd like you to meet our distinguished team.
Huey: [excited] Oooooh!
Fethry: [holding a jar of bioluminescent shrimp] Team, meet Lil' Donalds One and Two. Boys, meet Charles, Sylvia, Cameron, Philippe, Fish Breath, Simone, Virgil, Beverly, Nicholas, Alistair, Benji, Dr. Krill, and of course, the ever-feisty Hans.
Huey: Uhhh...
Dewey: That's the team?!
Fethry: Mhmm. Their natural bioluminescence can light our way if need be. It guarantees we always have a light source as we go deeper.
Huey: See? Not weird. Brilliant and resourceful and-
Dewey: He's singing to them.

Huey: Am I right that this is the bathypelagic zone we're approaching?
Fethry: Down here we call it the deep deep total absolute very very bottom zone. It's easier to remember.
Dewey: Whoa. Like a mirror into your future.
Huey: Come on. I mean, sure, we're both clearly brilliant, but we're not that similar.
Dewey: Okay, okay. You both have the "nerd out" gene, you're both obsessed with weird stuff, you both wear red caps that you never take off.
Huey & Fethry: [pull out their Junior Woodchuck Guidebooks; in unison] The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook states that a warm head breeds warm, healthy thoughts. [Huey trails off into an interrogation at the last part]
Fethry: Ah, always good to see a fellow Chucker.
Huey: [nervously] I'm not that into the Junior Woodchucks. More of a part-time hobby.

Dewey: Well, Huey's gone sea-mad. We're dead.

[after Mitzy saves Fethry, Huey, and Dewey]
Huey: She saved him! She saved all of us! She truly is-
Dewey: The Dewnificent Krilldebeest. Write that down in your book. Did you get it? Did you hear what I said?
Huey: Uh, sure.
Dewey: No, come on, write it. It's science now.

[Launchpad is dressed in aquatic armor, and holding a trident]
Launchpad: Farewell, sweet Oceanika. Whenever I put a conch shell to my ear, I won't hear the ocean, I'll hear your-
Dewey: Uh, Launchpad, what happened to you?
Launchpad: Oh. Just ran into an old friend, snorkeled around, saw some... sea stuff.

The Ballad of Duke Baloney![edit]

The Town Where Everyone Was Nice![edit]

Huey: Breathe, just breathe.
Donald: I've done nothing with my life! I'm a failure!
Scrooge: Awww, that never bothered you before.

Donald: Aw, phooey. I'm going out there if you like it or not!

Storkules in Duckburg![edit]

Last Christmas![edit]

Della: Merry Christmas, boys. I'll see you soon.

Whatever Happened to Della Duck?![edit]

Treasure of the Found Lamp![edit]

The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck![edit]

The 87 Cent Solution![edit]

The Golden Spear![edit]

Della: I'm home.

Nothing Can Stop Della Duck![edit]

Dewey: Who's the cyborg?
Huey: Is that...?
Louie: It can't be.
Webby: Guys, I think that's your mom.
[Della sits on her knees with water welling in her eyes]
Scrooge: Huey, Dewey, Della Duck.
Dewey: [chuckles] I'm part robot! I knew it! [runs up to his mother and hugs her]
Della: [her joy turns to confusion] Wait, Huey, Dewey, and Louie?! No, no, no. Their names were supposed to be Jet, Turbo, and Rebel!
Dewey: [shocked] I could’ve been Turbo?!
Della: I told Donald. I wrote it down in case no one could understand him.
Dewey: I could’ve been TURBO?!?!

Raiders of the Doomsday Vaut![edit]

Friendship Hates Magic![edit]

The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee![edit]

Gandra Dee: Did you drink more than one of the serum vials?
Beaks: Yes! I told you, I was bored!

Beaks: Bigger than Gizmoduck, it's Mega-Beaks! Oh, and you're all incredibly dead!

The Duck Knight Returns![edit]

Launchpad: That is not Darkwing Duck. D.W.’d never hurt innocent people or set the city on fire. Not on purpose.
Alistair: But are we all not both the heroes and the villains of our own story?
Launchpad: What? I don’t-- What?!

Drake Mallard: Mr. Starling! We met at the signing. You fell on me, remember? It was a huge honor. Do you have any words of wisdom for the man to stepping into your cape?

Jim Starling: It was all a setup. That hack put my fan in danger to steal the glory and humiliate me! They want grim and gritty, huh? Happy to play the part! [turns and reveals his outfit color changed into Negaduck’s]

Whatever Happened to Donald Duck?![edit]

Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake![edit]

Louie: I don't think you need a Gummeemama.
Mr. & Mrs. Drake: Gummee--
Louie: Knock it off. I think you need someone your own age to get close too. Happy Birthday, Doofus. I got you a new baby brother. [trashes "Beaks" setting on B.O.Y.D. settings app to active "parents" setting] He's only a day old.
B.O.Y.D.: Mommy? Daddy?
Mrs. Drake: Come here, son. [she and Mr. Drake hug B.O.Y.D.]
Doofus: [throwing a tantrum] No! No! You will obey me! I'll cut off your money!
B.O.Y.D.: Don't worry, I'll transfer half of Gummeemama's money out of Doofus' account and into mine. After all, she was my Gummeemama too.
Doofus: What?! No! She was my Gummeemama! Gummeemama. Mine. You sentimental toaster!
Mrs. Drake: Don't you speak to your brother that way. You're grounded, indefinitely!
Doofus: [gasps] He's not even my brother!
Mr. Drake: I'm free.
Doofus: [vowing] I'll get you this, Llewellyn Duck!

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill![edit]

Dewey: Who’s dream is this anyway? It’s just our room. It’s bor- [shockingly witnesses Huey’s tall limbs and screams] Why, Huey?! Why?! Why, Huey?! WHY-Y-Y-Y-Y?!!
Huey: Whatever do you mean? Nothing strange here. Just a tall, distinguished, mature oldest sibling.
Dewey: In what world does that description equal this?!
Huey: [snapping] I’m not good at imagination stuff, OKAY?!

The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot![edit]


Scrooge: I'm sure you learned... something.
Della: No. Not this time.
Louie: What? But I really am sorry! We hugged and everything!
Della: I watched your brothers blink out of existence because you wanted a shortcut to riches!
Louie: I said I was sorry!
Della: You took off in that contraption without thinking about the consequences, or the people you would hurt!
Louie: [annoyed] I wonder who I got that from.
[Everyone gasps]
Launchpad: Oh...
Mrs. Beakley: See here, young man...
Della: [holds up her hand, pausing Beakley] Your little scheme to bypass the present almost cost us our future. This all stops now! You are grounded! No schemes, no treasures, and Louie Incorporated is done! Understand?
Louie: Look, let me clean up, okay? Uncle Scrooge? Mrs. B? Come on!
Della: To your room!
Louie: [marches to his room, kicks the Time Tub; mumbling] Stupid perfect scheme.


Louie: OK, being grounded forever isn't so bad. I've got my phone, my phone is also a TV, which is nice. [turns on his phone only seeing his mother on screen]
Della [onscreen] Hi, Louie! You're super grounded, so I blocked your phone signal and replaced all your videos with this lecture on ethics!
Louie: Way ahead of you!

Louie: You're heading to Big Rock Candy Mountain? Oh, I am going.
Della: No, you are still grounded.
Louie: What? No, WHAT?
Scrooge: Err, come on kids, let's finish packing.
Louie: Big Rock Candy Mountain is the laziest quest of all time! It's my dream.
Della: Your last "dream" made you take treasure from the past, which almost destroyed time, space, and your family! Now, to your room! You can come out when you learned that no good ever came from cockamamie schemes!

The Richest Duck in the World![edit]


Della: Donald?
Donald: Della?
[Donald and Della walk to each face to face and scream angrily]
Donald & Della: [in unison] WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!
Della: If you were home when I got back, you'd know I was stuck on the moon which by the way, is invading us!
Donald: I know! I warned you!
Della: We didn't get a warning!
Dewey: [breaks them up] Stop yelling at each other! [strangles Donald] I could've been named Turbo! You owe me eleven years of Turbo!
Della: [picks Dewey up] Don’t change the subject! Just because I missed you doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you!
Donald: I missed you too, you big dummy!

Bradford: This has gone too far. The ducks almost cost us the world today. And without the world, who would we larceny against? The pieces are finally in place. Time to come out of the shadows, take control and end Clan McDuck. If the McDuck family wants an adventure... we'll give them their last.

Season 3[edit]

Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks![edit]

Gandra Dee: The ducks found the journal.
Black Heron: Access to the most mysterious relics lost to time.
Bradford: Then the on.

Quack Pack![edit]

Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice![edit]

Launchpad: Pad. Launchpad. McQuack. My name is Launchpad McQuack.

The Lost Harp of Mervana![edit]

Louie's Eleven![edit]

Scrooge: Sorry to interrupt. [turns off radio] But, WHY ARE YOU IN MY BATHROOM?!

José: That's the fourth rich guys bathroom we've been kicked out of.
Panchito: What are we doing wrong?
Donald: We just need someone to listen to us.
Louie: Oh. I'm listening. You wanna be famous?
Donald: Uh, sure.
Panchito: Absolutely!
José: More than anything!
Louie: And you're willing to do whatever I say at any cost whatsoever?

José: We must get on this blog!
Donald: But how?!
Panchito: Why will no one tell us?!

Panchito: We perform for Glamour!
José: We get on the IT list before it's posted online!
Donald: We'll be famous around the planet!
Dewey: Internet fame, the most important fame of all.
Donald: I don't know. How do we get in?

Dewey: Why is Falcon Graves working security here? He's gonna recognize me and know we're not invited to the party.
José: Maybe he'll won't remember you.
Dewey: The last time I saw him, I cost a millions of dollars and threw him off a building.
Donald: Ooh.
Panchito: Eee, that does make this harder.

Daisy: [face turning red with anger and fury, attack Graves] Ahh! That's ruining our big chance and an event I have been planning for months! I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING YOUR SERVICES TO OTHERS!

Astro B.O.Y.D.![edit]

Fenton: Dr. Gearloose?
Gyro: Intern.
Fenton: Can we have a word?
Gyro: Oh, here's two: leave now. Nothing can distract me--
B.O.Y.D.: Dr. Gearloose?
Gyro: [gasps and exclaims] Where did you get that thing?!
B.O.Y.D.: I haven't seen you since... I can't remember.

[Gyro, Huey, B.O.Y.D. and Fenton arrive in Tokyolk]
Gyro: Remember, no one can know we're here. We have to remain discreet.
[A car pulls up and a crow named Inspector Tezuka steps out]
Tezuka: Gearloose!
Gyro: Oh, no. Hide 2-B.0. Ah, Inspector Tezuka. Konnichiwa. What are you doing in Tokyolk-- [Tezuka grabs hold of him] Ow!
Tezuka: Keeping it safe from evil robots. You got a lot of nerve showing your mech-loving mug around here.
Gyro: We both know I was cleared of those crimes. Ow!
Huey: Crimes?
Tezuka: But your mentor, Dr. Akita, wasn't. So where are you hiding him?!
Gyro: I haven't seen Akita since he disappeared.

Huey: What is all this?
Gyro: It was Tokyolk's most advance research lab. This is where 2-B.O. was built.
Fenton: And where Dr. Gyro Gearloose was born! Was this your lab coat? Was this your stool? Was this your Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope? [gets dust in his eye] Ah! Dust in my eye! The dust of genius!
Gyro: All right, knock it off, intern.

Gyro: All right, let's finish this and go-- [notices Huey, B.O.Y.D. and Fenton have gone] HEY! [angry] INTERN!!!!!!

Fenton: Huey, step away from B.O.Y.D. You don't know what he's capable of.
Huey: Sure, I do. He just saved me with his rocket feet.
Gyro: And that is the problem. His weapon systems are back online. We wait any longer and the city is doomed.
[Gyro, Fenton and Tezuka all start arguing]
Huey: [breaks up the argument] Stop trying to make B.O.Y.D. something he's not. He didn't glitch once while we were having fun. He was just being a kid.
B.O.Y.D.: Dr. Gearloose, please, I'm a definitely real boy. Why can't you see that?
Gyro: [sighs] Because deep down, you're this. [hands B.O.Y.D. the tablet with a recorded video] This is 2-B.O.'s core memory. Dr. Akita and I invented 2-B.O. to be the city's prime defense robot, but during the test run, 2-B.O. lost control and attacked the city, until Tezuka finally took it down. 2-B.O. was the first invention I worked on that turned evil, and I have spent my whole life trying to live that down. 2-B.O., B.O.Y.D., whatever, is dangerous down to its core.
B.O.Y.D.: But, you said you could fix me, so I'd never malfunction again.
Gyro: Yes. By shutting you down for good.
Huey: [grabs hold of Gyro's arm] B.O.Y.D., run! Get out of here!

Tezuka: No, not again.
Gyro: No. Not again. Save Gizmoduck. I've got to destroy 2-B.O. for good.
Huey: You can't! This is not who B.O.Y.D. is! He's a--a definitely real boy!
Gyro: It's just made to look that way! You saw its first memories! [holds up the tablet] At 2-B.O.'s core, it's a weapon!
Huey: Wait, there's more there. Hidden under all those old memories!
[Gyro speaks gibberish, Huey takes the tablet and plays another old memory]
Young Gyro: All systems online. Welcome to the world, 2-B.O.
B.O.Y.D.: [turns to the reflection] Am I a real boy?
Young Gyro: Hm. Definitely. [hugs B.O.Y.D.]
[Video memory changes to Akita and Young Gyro]
Akita: No, he's not. This is a defense drone.
Young Gyro: Isn't he more than that? Yes, he's dealing with some first-time jitters, but I think--
Akita: No. Now, go prep the monitors for the field test. [turns and walk to B.O.Y.D.] 2-B.O., you are a rare breed. The ultimate weapon. Overwrite all of Gyro's "Real Boy" programming, and execute protocol World Breaker.
Gyro: [shocked gasp] That was his core, until Akita overwrote my work. 2-B.O. never had a choice. You forced him to be a weapon!
Akita: Oh, intern, 2-B.O. is, and will always be, a weapon for destruction. For power. For evil.
Gyro: Not all my inventions are evil! Some are just wildy misunderstood!

The Rumble for Ragnarok![edit]

The Phantom and the Sorceress![edit]

They Put a Moonlander on the Earth![edit]

The Trickening![edit]

The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades![edit]

Dewey: What are you guys staring at?
Louie: Dewey, are you taller?
Dewey: What? [looks down at his legs] I must've... had a growth spurt!
Huey: That's crazy, you hatched after me.

Let's Get Dangerous![edit]

Escape from the ImpossiBin![edit]

The Split Sword of Swanstantine![edit]

New Gods on the Block![edit]

The First Adventure![edit]

The Fight for Castle McDuck![edit]

How Santa stole Christmas![edit]

Beaks in the Shell![edit]

The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker![edit]

The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck![edit]

The Last Adventure![edit]

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