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Eiffel 65 was an Italian electronic/eurodance/italodance three-piece group, formed in the late 1990s and best known for their international hit "Blue (Da Ba Dee)".


  • "I have a girlfriend
and she is so blue"
Too Much Of Heaven
Dub In Life
Living In A Bubble
Move Your Body
My Console

  • "we're gonna play the games
with playstation of Jey
from Metal Gear Solid to Tekken 3
from Megabelts to Resident Evil
just play for the fun
'cause we're gonna goin'on"
  • Your Clown
  • "I don't wanna be your clown again
no, i don't want to live this triangle
i don't wanna be your clown now
'cause it's long to carry on"
  • Another Race
  • The Edge
  • Now Is Forever
"The past is all that's gone,
The future is yet to come
This moment is all our own,
We should live this way,
Just building up our day..."
  • Silicon World
  • Europop
  • Hyperlink (Deep Down)
  • Contact!
Lucky (In My Life)
New Life
One Goal
King Of Lullaby
I DJ With The Fire
"You see the walls around me
Come on, let's raise the roof
And so I'm spinning my best records tonight for you."
  • Crazy
"Everyone's a little crazy"
  • Far Away
I Don't Wanna Lose
"Who knows what we
will find out there
  • Morning Time
Life Like Thunder
"I can't stand to live in a box.
No wind on my face,
No reason to race..."

"I can't stand the social routine.
I wanna go above,
I wanna reach above those clouds."
  • Back In Time
Johnny Grey
(Speaking) "Excuse me...Yeah, my name is Johnny Grey...Yeah of course it's just a name, but for you it's the same...You see the world I live in doesn't really seem to know me...Could you give me a call please? My name is Johnny Grey."
"I can't remember my phone number
All the calls I get are mistakes."
  • Brightly Shines
"You used to hide behind a wall
The part of you nobody knows
No one ever saw it
And your flower deep down in the sea
Full of colors deep indeed
No one ever saw it before,
Your shine is leaving you alone..."

"Just put your trust in who you are,
In who you are..."
  • Losing You
People Of Tomorrow
"Today you're walking off to school
With your Game Boy
But tomorrow you will lead the way..."
  • Journey
World In The World
80s Stars

Eiffel 65 (Special Edition, Disc 1)[edit]

  • Viaggia Insieme A Me
Quelli Che Non Hanno Età
Una Notte E Forse Mai Più
Tu Credi

Voglia Di Dance All Night
"E credo che la strada
sappia esattamente chi sei e chi
nel letto stanotte vorrai
con chi ti strofinerai..."

"Last night a DJ saved my life
singin' 'Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive,'
'Cause you make me feel
That that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it..."
  • La Mia Lente
"È perchè tu sei
la mia lente con cui
guardo nel futuro per capire dove andrei
E perchè tu sei
il soggetto su cui
questo libro scriverei o meglio scriveremo io e te."
  • Non È Per Sempre
Like A Rolling Stone
Figli Di Pitagora
Sopra Un Palco Per Tutto Il Mondo
"E finalmente mangiamo anche noi
Ordino lasagne che non sbaglio mai
E c'è sempre qualcuno che poi
chiederà, 'Perchè Eiffel 65?'"
  • Oggi
Cosa Resterà (In A Song)
Io E La Mia Stanza

Eiffel 65 (Special Edition, Disc 2)[edit]

  • Follow Me
  • Just One Night And Maybe Goodbye
  • Time Is Not Our Cage
  • You Believe
  • Going To Dance All Night
  • The Filter
  • Like A Rolling Stone (English Version)
On A Stage All Across The World
"No matter how we try, in the end we're always late."
"And finally we can sit for a bite
Go for the lasagnes that are always right..."
  • Today
"All I want is breakfast right now..."
  • The World Inside My Bedroom
"Tonight I'll hide in my bed
Out there I can get myself wet
It won't pour like this forever..."

Miscellaneous Quotes[edit]

  • Jeffrey: "The world is one hell of a beautiful place but there's no place like home!"
  • Jeffrey and Maury "You see, we came all the way from Texas, Tennessee right here... in Ligano Sabbiadoro, and we're gonna make it really, really cool tonight, and one helluva place---YOO HOO!" (Festivalbar 2003)
  • Gabry: "It emptied the dance floor! It was as if I had screamed into the Microphone: HEY PEOPLE! GO TO THE BAR! DRINKS ARE FREE!!!"
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