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Elmo Saves Christmas is a 60-minute fantasy comedy television special released on PBS on December 2, 1996. It was released to VHS that same year. In the story, Elmo learns that Christmas can't happen every day. The program was filmed in Sesame Street's usual home, the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City. Footage from the film It's a Wonderful Life also appears in the program.


Santa Claus: You wished for a glass of water?
Elmo: Uh-huh.
Lightning: Why?
Elmo: Because Elmo was thirsty.
Lightning: But you could've had anything!
Elmo: A diet soda?

Elmo: How come Maria and Luis aren't fixing the toasters?
Luis: Oh, we're too busy celebrating Christmas.
Maria: Yeah! Wrapping presents, unwrapping presents.
Luis: Cooking turkeys!
Maria: Eating turkeys! It's a full-time job! Who has time to work?'!

Big Bird: Oh, Snuffy's been spending Christmas Day at Granny's for a whole year. Every night, I hope that Christmas will end and he'll come back, but every morning, I wake up and it's still Christmas.
Maria: I know how you feel, Big Bird.
Big Bird: I'm beginning to believe I'll never see him again! Never! [sobbing]
Elmo: What's wrong with Big Bird?
Big Bird: Oh, it's nothing. I'm just never gonna see my best friend again! [sobbing]
Elmo: What's that? What's Luis doing?
Maria: He's closing up the Fix-it-Shop. For good!
Elmo: No! You aren't gonna close the Fix-it-Shop. Elmo didn't want that.
Maria: [Sobbing] Well, we can't work on Christmas and since it's Christmas every day, we can't work at all!
Lightning: But, what will you do?
Maria: That's a very good question.
Luis: Well, that's that. Goodbye, Fix-it-Shop.
Maria: [sobbing] Come up to our place for a cup of birdseed, Big Bird and we'll talk some more.
Elmo: [to Lighting as Luis takes the crying Big Bird and Maria inside] Elmo thought Christmas everyday would make people happy, Lightning. But it's making them sad. The Fix-it-Shop is closed, Big Bird is crying, nobody is celebrating. And the Count says Christmas isn't special anymore because it's every day. Maybe Santa's right.[Singing] Every day can't be Christmas. That wouldn't be such a treat. You can get tired of chocolate candy when that's all you eat. Every day can't be your birthday. That wouldn't be such fun. Too many birthdays aren't as nice as one.

Easter Bunny: Eggs! Eggs for sale!
Lightning: What's that?
Easter Bunny: Christmas eggs! Get your Christmas eggs right here! Christmas eggs!

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