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Epic (stylized as epic) is a 2013 American 3D computer animated fantasy-adventure comedy-drama film based on William Joyce's children's book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. It was produced by Blue Sky Studios, and directed by Chris Wedge, the director of Ice Age (2002) and Robots (2005). The film was released on May 24, 2013.

Mary Katherine (M.K.)[edit]

  • [from trailer; voice-over] My dad always told me stories about a hidden world where brave warriors watch over and protect us.
  • [to Nim] I'm not from this world.
  • [to Bomba] You have bat sounds in your I-pod? Why?
  • [repeated line] Ozzy, no kisses.
  • [to Nod] Hi. M.K. Yeah.

Professor Bomba[edit]

  • [to his daughter] Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it's not there.
  • [from trailer] I have to find my daughter!
  • [in slow motion] OW!!! I hurt my elbow!
  • [to M.K when playing sounds] Isn't that cool?
  • [in slow motion when discovering Moonhaven] It's so beautiful!


  • That's not a house, it's termites holding hands.
  • [When seeing a boggan fall to the taxi's window] Woah, incoming!


  • [to M.K.] C'mon! You're with us now!
  • [to M.K.] Hey, I'm Nod by the way.
  • [to M.K.] Out! Jump OUT!


  • [from trailer] If our world dies, your world will die too.
  • [to M.K.] You're riding with me, [to Nod] you're with the slugs.
  • [to Queen Tara during a Boggan ambush] Your majesty, get to the barge!

Queen Tara[edit]

  • [from trailer] You're here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren't clear, but they're always there.


  • [from trailer] The forest belongs to the darkness.
  • [from trailer] I'm going to destroy the forest. But I'm the only going to do it once, so try to pay attention.
  • [to Dagda] That's the spirit!


  • [to M.K.] What's going on, baby girl?


Bomba: I don't know how much your mother told you about my work.
Mary Katherine: Um, she... Nothing. Just that you have a delusional belief in an advanced society of tiny people living in the woods. And it... Well, it ruined your career. Not to mention your marriage. [Bomba looks at her with a hurt expression] Or something.

Mary Katherine: Talking snails.
Mub: [referring to Grub] Actually, he's a snail. I'm a slug. No shell over here, baby. It just slows me down.

Mary Katherine: Who are you people?
Ronin: We are the Leafmen, protectors of the forest.

[Bufo's goons are beating up Nod after he goes back on a deal.]
Nod: Is that the best you got?
Goon: [punches Nod really hard in the groin] How's that?
Nod: [weakly] Better.
Bufo: Nod, you know I like you.
Nod: Yeah, I like you too, Mr. Bufo.
Bufo: And yet, you don't do what we agreed. We agreed that you would lose, but then you win.
Nod: Now, I can't help it if I'm fast. You want me to lose, you got to give me some better competition.
Bufo: It's called teamwork. Maybe if you understood that, the Leafmen wouldn't have kicked you out.
Nod: They did not kick me out! I quit!
Bufo: [chuckles] I admire your independent spirit, Nod. I miss that. [to his goons] Feed him to something. A snake would be good.
Ronin: [appears] Nah, snakes just swallow you whole. Now if you put him in a hornet's nest, that's a show.
Bufo: Oh, look, it's Ronin, defender of the weak, pooper of parties, here to ruin the fun. [gestures for his goons to let Nod go]
Ronin: I didn't ruin all of it. I let you hit him.
Nod: [annoyed] Twice!
Ronin: [to Bufo] Hop along now, little froggie.
Bufo: Easy, Ronin. It's a big forest out there. Even Leafmen gotta sleep.

Bufo: Hey, if this is a bad time, I can come back when you're done gardening. [Mandrake's guard pokes him] Oh! Hey!
Mandrake: I imagine you're wondering why I invited you here.
Bufo: I was frog-marched here at spear point. [Mandrake's guard pokes him again] Ah! How is that "invited"?
Mandrake: [shrugs] I let you keep your legs.
Bufo: [rolls his eyes] Comedy. Terrific. Funny psychopath.
Mandrake: There are rumors that the Leafman Ronin was at your place of business, and that he may have rescued a royal pod.
Bufo: [chuckles] Real smooth. You got rid of the queen, but let her pod get away. [chuckles] Plus your idiot general gets himself mulched.
Mandrake: [angry] That idiot general... [shouting] WAS MY SON!
[He destroys a tree, frightening Bufo]
Bufo: [stuttering] Uh, of course he was. He had your good looks, and your healthy grey complexion, and forgiving nature.
Mandrake: SHUT UP! What's it gonna be, Bufo? Are you gonna talk, or are you gonna croak? [Bufo whimpers] Where are they taking the pod?

[from trailer]
Nod: What happened? You got shrunk?
Mary Katherine: Yes!
Nod: Seriously?
Ronin: It's been a weird day for everybody.

[from trailer]
Mandrake: You just can't stop the rot.
Mub: Ugly says "What?"
Mandrake: What?
Mub: Nothing. [snickers along with Grub]

[M.K. and Nod have just escaped a Boggan attack]
Mary Katherine: What was that thing?!
Nod: What, you've never seen a Boggan? Someone had a happy childhood.

Mary Katherine: Dad? I had the most messed-up dream. There were talking slugs and tiny little soldiers and-- [gasps]
Grub: Hello!
Mary Katherine: Aw, man!

[At the Boggan headquarters, after Mub, Grub, and the pod have been kidnapped]
Mandrake: My son was born on a night like this. These were his baby fangs. And here's the first skin he ever molted. He was big for a larva. He took after his mother.
Mub: [whines] Oh, your stories are boring and tortureous!
Mandrake: The Leafmen took him from me! So I took something of theirs. It's basic etiquette. An eye [pokes Grub's eye] for an eye. [pokes Mub's eye]
Mub: Jerk!
Mandrake: Your pod will bloom here. And when the pod blooms in darkness, it belongs to the darkness. I'll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save it.
[Mub and Grub laugh]
Grub: I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't say that in the scrolls!
Mandrake: It does in the part I have. [shows the piece of scroll that he took from Nim's tree]
Mub and Grub: D'oh!

[from trailer]
Nod: [referring to Bomba] This guy's been crashing around the forest for years.
Mary Katherine: He's my dad!
Ronin: You're kidding. [Nod laughs; Mary Katherine shoves him in frustration] You're not kidding.

Mary Katherine: [as she is being pulled away from Nod as she starts to grow] What's happening?
Nim Galuu: [points to Tara's successor] A queen brought you here... how about a queen send you back?
Flower Kid: [last lines, as she concentrates on using her new found powers] UMMM... [gasps]... It's Working!


  • Discover a world beyond your imagination
  • Prepare for something epic
  • From the creators of Ice Age and Rio
  • Epic Hero
  • Epic Courage
  • Epic Adventure
  • (Bus stop poster) Bat To the Bone


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