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Ewoks (also known as Star Wars: Ewoks) is a 1985–86 American/Canadian/Taiwanese animated television series featuring the Ewok characters introduced in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and further explored in Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and its sequel Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. The series was produced by Nelvana on behalf of Lucasfilm and broadcast on ABC, originally with its sister series Droids (as part of The Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour), and then by itself, as The All-New Ewoks.

Season 1 Season 2
The Cries of the Trees The Crystal Cloak
The Haunted Village The Wish Plant
Rampage of the Phlogs Home Is Where the Shrieks Are
To Save Deej Princess Latara
The Traveling Jindas The Raich
The Tree of Light The Totem Master
The Curse of the Jindas A Gift for Shodu
The Land of the Gupins Night of the Stranger
Sunstar vs. Shadowstone Gone with the Mimphs
Wicket's Wagon The First Apprentice
The Three Lessons Hard Sell
Blue Harvest A Warrior and a Lurdo
Asha The Season Scepter
Prow Beaten
Baga's Rival
Horville's Hut of Horrors
The Tragic Flute
Just My Luck
Bringing Up Norky
Battle for the Sunstar
Party Ewok
Malani the Warrior External links

Season 1[edit]

The Cries of the Trees[edit]

Morag: There is a great thirst in the forest. Almost as great as Morag's thirst for vengeance. And you, Wistie Queen, are my newest servant in my battle with Logray and his cursed Ewoks!

Paploo: The trees are in pain... and calling to us for help.
Wicket W. Warrick: You dreamed it, too?
Paploo: We all did.

The Haunted Village[edit]

Logray: Careful there... [chuckles] ...the trees are invisible, but just as hard as ever.

Aunt Bozzie: Did you hear? Did you hear? The tree spirits have turned on us. Our village is haunted!
Logray: Oh, Bordok feathers! The trees have always sheltered us. The spirits wouldn't drive us away.

Rampage of the Phlogs[edit]

To Save Deej[edit]

The Traveling Jindas[edit]

The Tree of Light[edit]

The Curse of the Jindas[edit]

The Land of the Gupins[edit]

Sunstar vs. Shadowstone[edit]

Wicket's Wagon[edit]

The Three Lessons[edit]

Blue Harvest[edit]


Season 2[edit]

The Crystal Cloak[edit]

The Wish Plant[edit]

Home Is Where the Shrieks Are[edit]

Princess Latara[edit]

The Raich[edit]

The Totem Master[edit]

A Gift for Shodu[edit]

Night of the Stranger[edit]

Gone with the Mimphs[edit]

The First Apprentice[edit]

Hard Sell[edit]

A Warrior and a Lurdo[edit]

The Season Scepter[edit]

Prow Beaten[edit]

Baga's Rival[edit]

Horville's Hut of Horrors[edit]

The Tragic Flute[edit]

Just My Luck[edit]

Bringing Up Norky[edit]

Battle for the Sunstar[edit]

Dr. Raygar: [evil laughter] At last… the forest moon of Endor. Soon I will have the Sunstar, and all the power that comes with it!
Admiral Kazz: Dr. Raygar. I cannot believe that there is anything on that backwater planet that could be of use for the Galactic Empire!
Raygar: What you believe does not interest me, Admiral Kazz. The Emperor himself has approved my expedition.
Kazz: Yes; to search a primitive world for a magic stone guarded by furry warriors called Ewoks! Hah! No one believes that! It's just one more of your foolish ideas!
Raygar: When I return, Admiral, I will show you proof of my mission… the Sunstar!
Kazz: We'll see, Raygar.
Raygar: [to PD-28, a pilot droid] Hurry up, droid! To the ship! We will leave for Endor at once!

[Dr. Raygar has just returned from Endor with the stolen Sunstar in a small case]
Admiral Kazz: So, Doctor, was your mission successful?
Dr. Raygar: I have recovered the Sunstar as promised, but I will present it only to the Emperor.
Kazz: As you wish; the Emperor is on his way here now. But for your sake, Doctor, that trinket of yours had better be as powerful as you say.
Raygar: Have no fear, Admiral. Soon the entire galaxy will feel the Sunstar's power.

[Dr. Raygar is examining the powers of the Sunstar in his own laboratory and becomes amazed and astonished]
Dr. Raygar: Incredible! The gem's powers are virtually without limit. In fact, why should I hand it over to the Emperor… when I could use it to become Emperor myself? [hears a noise] Who's there?
Teebo: [disguised as a droid along with Latara] Uh, bucket head droids reporting for… for cleanup duty.
Raygar: I no longer have any need for droids. Especially when they're only… [finally sees through Teebo and Latara's deception] …Ewoks in disguise! [paralyzes Teebo and Latara with the Sunstar's powers and brings them closer to him]
Latara: [paralyzed by the Sunstar's powers along with Teebo] I… can't… move!
Raygar: You have come so far for the Sunstar! It's only fitting that you should see what I have planned. [releases Teebo and Latara, who land on the floor] I'll create the mightiest weapon the universe has ever seen! [uses metallic components to create a very powerful laser gun via the powers of the Sunstar] And you will be the first to feel its power!
Teebo and Latara: [realizing with horror what Dr. Raygar is about to do to them] No!!

Dr. Raygar: [preparing to launch Teebo and Latara, who are trapped inside a space capsule, into outer space] First I'll test my weapon on you, and then use it to destroy the Emperor. Once he is gone, I will use the Sunstar to make me Emperor!

Party Ewok[edit]

Malani the Warrior[edit]

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