Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

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Into the Wild Green Yonder is a 2009 direct-to-DVD animated film based on the Futurama series.

Directed by Peter Avanzino. Written by Ken Keeler, based on a story by Keeler and David X. Cohen.


  • Bite my shiny metal hat!
  • Six, seven, eight; lock the gate. One, two, three; turn the key. Thirty, fifty, ten; my dirty shifty friend?
  • Where are you? And me?
  • Stop making your point so ineffectively!
  • Leela's not just a chick, she's the chick I love. But don't tell her I called her a 'chick,' or she'll kill me.


  • It's not all about money; although I would like much much more.
  • [when trying to bend a brick wall] Granted, it's not on the list of approved bendables, but I'm... so... great!
  • [when dressed as a hooker as a distraction] Why hello boys [gets shot] Your eyes say no, but your machine gun fire says [gets shot more]
  • [last full line of the four-movie sequence] Into the breach meatbags...or not. Whatever.
  • Say, speaking of whatever the hell you just said, I need to make a cell phone telephone call. Can I borrow your cell phone telephone?
  • Hehehe. Quit touching my junk, pervert!!!!!!
  • Hello Blue Bird, this is Mr. Fabulous, we are go for cheesing it!
  • [playing poker] Read ‘em and weep. And then tell me what they are.
  • you can't open your mouth if your your tongue is out...try it...you can do it but you look like a dog...you laugh at yourself and your smiling because you know that you have been tricked

Zapp Brannigan[edit]

  • Bender here has identified the femdito commander as my ex-lover, Turanga Leela, whom I once made love at.
  • Captaining 101: Go for the nose!
  • Same speed ahead!
  • My bloodhound-like instincts must have hunted them down while my other parts were throbbing to Duran Duran.
  • Ladies, you're under arrest. Prepare to be boarded again and again.
  • [seeing the Professor, Hermes and Fry dancing in the cage] Something is very wrong here. And yet, a bit right.
  • My God, I must be the greatest public speaker ever. They're suckling at the teat of my every syllable-le.
  • All good things must come to an end. Preferably in a humongous explosion.


  • Joey Mousepad: Hey Don, ain't dat your wife, what wit ya had dat weddin' wit?
  • Hermes: OK, everybody take a shovel, and a sixth of the planet. We'll meet back here in 50 years, our bodies broken and our lives wasted.
  • Clamps: The clamps! Or a clamp-like device.
  • Leo Wong: [as Fry massages his feet] Ooh, that nice. Get between the toes, very dirty.
  • Calculon: I'd like to thank the Academy, my agent, and most of all, my operating system, Windows Vista ['Windows' 7 for network release] for everything...[begins malfunctioning] System Error!
  • Mom: Ugh, if only I had all the money in the world...oh wait a second, I do! [cackles madly]
  • Donbot: Now, I am suspicious.
  • Donbot: You see this gun? [crumbles it] That's what I'm going to do to him if he wins.
  • Zoidberg: Say, what's that violet-coloured dwarf-like star-thing we're drifting towards?
  • Zoidberg: Ah, I hate to see it come to an end. [as career chip is taken out] Yee! When will it end!?
  • Scruffy: Life goes on, but I believe we'll forever carry the pain on the inside. [turns the page of his Play-Boy-Ar-Dee magazine] Mm-hmm.
  • Amy: Oh no! A rooster! That indicates it’s the following morning!
  • Leela: Zoidberg, I’m very surprised at you slightly.
  • Snoop Dogg: Naked ladies, Naked ladies, Naked ladies, Naked ladies.
  • Richard Nixon's head: The one thing no-one suspects is that I really did stage the moon landing...on Venus! Aroo! [laughes evilly]


Number 9 Guy: The fate of the universe is in your hands.
Fry: I get that a lot.

Leela: Crudnuggets! We de-spaced right next to the Nimbus!
Zoidberg: Just when you think the chase is over, it gets twice as exciting!

Bender: All in.
Fry: But you didn't even look at your cards!
Bender: Looking at one's cards is a crutch for players who rely on skill.

Number 9 Man: For the sake of those you love, you must keep this secret! Do you footswear?
Fry: Hmm. Okay. I footswear.

Bender: What's the matter with big-butt?
Leo Wong: Ah, don't worry about her, she just hungry.

Leela: Everyone put your hands in the air.
Snoop Dogg: Should we wave them like we just don't care?
Leela: That's optional.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,, so help you God?
Richard Nixon: [nervously] Uhh...Am I under oath when I take the oath?

LaBarbara: Sweet she-cattle of Seattle!
Hermes: Not your strong suit woman!

Fry: That sounds good.
Hutch: It's better than good. It's better.

Professor Farnsworth: Planet Express is done for. What with our delivery crew missing, and the abysmal sales of "Tickle Me Bender"...[holds up said doll, tickles it]
Bender doll: [giggles, then angrily] QUIT TOUCHING MY JUNK, PERVERT!

Leela: I can't believe you ratted me out, Fry.
Fry: I'm not a rat, I swear! If I'm any rodent it's the loyal Capybara, king of the rats. No, wait—

Zapp Brannigan: How many men did we lose, Kif?
Kif Kroker: All of them, sir.
Zapp: Well, at least they won't have to mourn each other.

Bender: My arms! I'll never paint again!
Kif: You can't sue the military.
Bender: Oh, I'm okay then.

Kif: Shall I initiate a pointless and potentially fatal pursuit?
Zapp: Make it so!
Bender: It's gonna be fun on the bun...in space!

Leela: [to Bender] Why are you breaking us out? You're the one who put us in here!
Bender: Ah, but I'm Bender, baby, king of the combination shot. I put you in so that by busting you out, I could commit 50 felonies at once, putting me miles ahead of you for all-time longest wrap sheet.
Leela: You're one devious bastard.
Bender: That's what it says on my vanity plate!
  • Vanity plate reads: 1DVSBSTD

No. 9 Guy: We’re on Mars, in a forgotten cavern abandoned by the native Martians a million years ago.
Fry: Actually, it was five years ago. I remember ‘cause they washed my socks.

No. 9 Guy: You must not let that happen.
Fry: [writing] "Must let happen."
No. 9 Guy: Not happen!
Fry: "Must let occur."

Fry: Well, this is the end. There's so many things I wanted to say to you.
Leela: Like what?
Fry: Like: "This is not the end". But mostly just... I love you, Leela.
Leela: Maybe I waited too long to say this, but... I love you too. WORMHOLE!

Zoidberg: I don’t quite know how to say this. Fry is dead!
[everyone cries]
Fry: [sitting up] Ow...
Zoidberg: Wait, not dead, the other thing.

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