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Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (renamed Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko for the Game Boy Color version) is the last in the trilogy of Gex (series) platforming video games released in 1999. Gex discovers that his partner and lover, Agent Xtra, now the head of the "TV Terrorist Defense Unit", has been reported missing, captured by the cybernetic emperor Rez, leading Gex to return to the Media Dimension once again and journey across multiple channels collecting remotes. Below is a list of quotes from the game, many of which are references to a certain aspects of television and film culture.


When hitting enemies, eating flies or getting hit

  • Good, good, good!
  • What's for dinner?
  • A McFly meal for me, please!
  • (singing) Another bug in the gut.
  • I'm a sucker for bugs!
  • Let's get it on.
  • I know what you're thinkin': it's TAIL TIME!
  • Taste my tail!
  • Lock and load, little lizard!
  • SOMEBODY'S gotta do it!
  • That is one powerful piece of machinery!
  • My tail doesn't like you!
  • I am the GREATEST!
  • Now cut that out!
  • Karate chop!
  • Shee-whack!
  • My tail says "hello!"
  • How do ya like me NOW?!
  • Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Mmm- TVs instead of potatoes!
  • Ahh, I'm getting a little turkey-neck.

When entering a level

  • Lock and load.
  • Lock and load, little lizard!
  • It's tail tiiiiime!
  • Let's get it on!

Holiday Broadcasting - Totally Scrooged

  • The ice planet Hoth. The Rebels are there.
  • I'm freezing my tail off here...
  • Cold blood, cold weather. Bad combination!
  • I feel like the freshmaker!
  • And a-one, and a-two, you're a candy cane and dancing!
  • We've knocked down the generator Lord Vader, you may start your landing.
  • I wanna lick it, but my tongue'll get stuck!
  • (imitating an old man) Where's that Wonka man?!?
  • (imitating Jack Skellington) Christmas Town? I'm Jack Gexxington from Halloween Town.
  • Oh, Hermie, I wanna be a dentist.
  • Note to self: don't lick any flagpoles.
  • Dancing candy canes. How fruity.
  • Colder than a witch's thing in a brass whatchamacallit.
  • Colder than a supermodel's stare at an all-you-can-eat buffet!
  • Luckily, I'm wearing my performance fleece.
  • Donner party, for twenty. Donner party, for twenty.
  • My favorite holiday, Halloween.
  • This place is colder than Eva Gabor's wig fridge.
  • (imitating Johnny Carson) It's like the inside of Santa's head - after an eggnog bender!
  • Somebody tell Jackie Brown I found her hat!
  • They're sweet! They're minty! They mambo!
  • (when fighting the evil Santa) If you're Santa, then I'm a 6 foot tall lizard-- wait a minute...
  • Mr. Wonka! Veruca stole a gobstopper!
  • (as Captain Picard) Number One, program the Holodeck for something WARM!
  • (Again, as Picard) My nipples feel like snowpeas! Make it warm, Number One!
  • This outfit is snug in all the wrong places, prrr....
  • I'll show you who's naughty and who's nice!
  • My Name is Daryl, this is my other brother, Daryl
  • (singing) I'm the ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by...

In the snowboard part of this level Gex can say the following:

  • (sarcastic voice) Oh, great, another snowboarding game.
  • Where's the handbrake on this thing?
  • Check me out, I'm EXTREEEME!
  • Hey! I'm snowboarding here!
  • WARNING, yellow patch, WARNING!
  • (Singing) Let's go snowboardin' now, everybody's learning how!
  • (in a Staten Island accent) How can you surf, if you don't like water?
  • Weren't you on ESPN2?

Mystery TV - Clueless in Seattle

  • I feel like Lester the mo-Gexter.
  • I look like Holmes, but I feel like Columbo.
  • All this fancy stuff and no TV?! Savages!
  • Granny? Jethro? Uncle Jed?!
  • Where is Alicia Silverstone when you need a real clue?
  • This is one ritzy joint... for a video game.
  • Ah yes - the mystery of the two-brimmed hat.
  • Come play with us, Danny.
  • The evidence is overwhelming... I'm not wearing pants!
  • (with childish voice) Now I will tell you the origins of the Universe.
  • I've deduced... that my shorts are too tight... and I like it!
  • With this raincoat I make a perfect Sherlock Holmes... or a flasher.
  • With my trusty magnifying glass, I can now spend the entire day burning ants!
  • God bless the British, and their love for itchy wool!
  • (when playing bear head minigame) If these aren't fleas, I'm gonna have to buy more "special" shampoo!
  • (imitating Sean Connery) Goldfinger's Fortress, this is not!

As DracuGex, the following can also be said by Gex:

  • I'm suddenly very thirsty... for blooood...
  • The flying part's cool; the undead part sucks.
  • Very scary, 'eh kids?
  • (imiatating Count von Count) For some reason I feel like... COUNT-ING, ha, ha! One... two... three...
  • Hold the garlic.
  • Keanu Reeves ruined my movie.

Tut TV - Holy Moses!

  • Nothing that attracts the ladies more than a dirty daipy.
  • I always say - the headdress makes the man.
  • (imitating C-3PO) Well, I'm not going that way - it's much too rocky! This way is much easier!
  • (imitating Bugs Bunny) Here we are! Pismo Beach and all the clams I can eat!
  • (imitating C-3PO) A transport? I'm saved. OVER HERE!!!
  • (imitating Luke Skywalker) Uncle Owen, this R2 has a bad motivator.
  • When this level is over, I am selling this hat.
  • A headdress, a diaper, and I'm good to go.
  • (Singing) There's a place in France where the ladies where no pants!
  • (Singing) Midnight at the Oasis...
  • Dog-headed gods and the women who love them, on the next Jerry Springer!
  • This place is drier than Lynda Tripp's sauna pants!
  • I'll kidnap all the oceans of the world, Underdog!
  • Uh, is this one of those "pyramid schemes?"
  • (imitating Liberace) I wish my brother Moses was here!
  • I'm a bad man, i have poopy pants
  • If I get to meet Yul Brynner, I'll flop!

Army Channel - War Is Heck

  • You're the only one, Gex.
  • HOGAN!!! Forty days in the cooler!!
  • The Pentagon spent 25 million dollars for this one level??
  • Note to self - Don't get killed in big, loud war.
  • This was the '60s had runnin' high - of course, I've had sideburns and bellbottoms...
  • Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise.
  • (as R. Lee Ermey) Where are you from, son?...Texas!!?...HO-LY--!
  • (again, as Lee Ermey) The first word out of your filthy sewer will be "GEX"!!
  • Gooood morniiing, Menlo Park!
  • Do these boots come in red?
  • I can accessorize this! A handbag, some buttons, a bauble, a bow!
  • This helmet is gonna muss my hair....
  • Nothing like army clothes for total comfort.
  • He-hey, where's the "Flee to Canada" level?
  • Hey, no kidding, did I miss the "Make love, not War" level?
  • (singing) War is a many-splendored thing.

Western Station - The Organ Trail

  • (as Clint Eastwood): Do you feel lucky, punk?
  • Youuu TRY IT!
  • (again, as Eastwood): Go ahead... make my lunch.
  • (with a mexican accent) I could use a siesta!
  • I can tickle?!
  • Howdy! There's some doodie.
  • There's GOLD in them there teeth!
  • Geckos gotta know his limitations.
  • Rollin' rollin' rollin', rawhide!
  • Boxcar Willie is my favorite hobo.
  • Saddle up, Hombre.
  • Extra, I'm a-fixin to rescue you.
  • I'm going to find Billy Crystal's smile.
  • Well, little's me and a donkey.

Buccaneer Program - Cutcheese Island

  • I wanna be a pirate.
  • We'll follow you, creature.
  • Iceberg, DEAD AHEAD!!
  • Crank up the Gilbert and Sullivan, dude.
  • Issac! The leado deck is filthy!
  • I get sea sick... hold the game still!
  • Extra, I'll be savin' ya any minute. Soon as I poke out me eye and saw off me leg!

Mythology Network - Mythstories

Fairytale TV - Red Riding in the Hood

Anime Channel - When Sushi Goes Bad

  • (Imitating an Alien) Take me to your lizard.
  • (Singing) I am Robot, Hear me roar.
  • What if I have to go potty?
  • Hey! I'm in George Jetson's colon!
  • (Imitating Buzz Lightyear) To infinity and, uh... Screw it.
  • Schoolgirls?! Why did it have to be schoolgirls?!
  • Extra, We're needed!
  • I'm outta here!
  • My job here is done! . . . Engage!

Gangster TV - My Three Goons

  • Time for Gex to clean up the city.
  • (Godfather-esque) I'm making them offer they can't refuse.
  • Do I amuse you? Like a clown?
  • It's like a friggin' fugazi in here!
  • Hey! Yo! My friggin' name is friggin' Donnie Brasco!
  • Play it again, Sam. DO IT!

Superhero Show - Superzeroes

In chicken costume, Gex can say the following, too:

  • Wasn't the SuperGUY costume available?
  • Who are you calling chicken?

Space Station REZ - Rez-raker


  • Don't worry, Gex, you can still save her, but my television teleporter doesn't have enough power to Rez's secret lair. You'll have to travel around the broadcast first.
  • Welcome, sir. Please come on in. Entering the training area should allow you to brush up on your skills.
  • Press the attack button to tail-whack those hideous dummies.
  • Sir, jump forward onto the paw targets.
  • To tail bounce, press jump again once in air to reach higher grounds.
  • Press crouch while running to perform a deadly karate kick.
  • Sir, it seems you can tilt your view using the shoulder buttons.
  • I do believe that it's time to start the game now.
  • Bouncing on presents seems like a good idea to me, sir.
  • Those statues look like switches to me.
  • Pressing duck once in air will cause one to glide.
  • Sir, try standing on a magnified glass icon and looking around you.
  • Fleas, sir! Ugh! Kill 10 of them beggers before time runs out!
  • Bubbles, sir. How pretty. Pop 5 of them before time runs out.
  • Hurry sir! Tail-kick 7 pool balls before time runs out.
  • Mummys and secrets - it appears that they go hand-in-hand.
  • Back in '42, we used machineguns to shoot the searchlights, sir.
  • The donkey's user manual says it can climb steep hills.
  • The donkey's a wild one, sir. It could even head butt!
  • Whoa, sir. Them treasure chests contain treasure!
  • Sir's tail and TNT barrels - always a useful combination.
  • It can be rewarding to ride the Wall of Death, but please be careful.
  • Sir, 100 fly coins in a level earns you an extra remote.
  • 25 paw coins adds an extra hit point to your health, sir.
  • Sir will be able to spend these bonus coins in the bonus games in the Gex cave.
  • If sir must eat flies, I suggest using the tounge button.
  • Dress as Hercules to push and break certain columns.
  • Oh, well done, sir.
  • That was amazing, sir! Well done.
  • Sir, this is impressing me more and more every day.
  • Tea and crumpets all round I think sir

Evil Santa[edit]

  • You're on the list! (after taking damage)