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Gotham is a superhero drama/crime series that premiered in September 2014 on Fox. It revolves around a teenage Bruce Wayne before he became Batman, and how he first met the familiar characters in the Batman universe, such as The Penguin, The Riddler, Selina Kyle and Jim Gordon.

Pax Penguina [4.01][edit]

Oswald Cobblepot: This is Gotham City. There will always be crime. What I am offering is crime in the hands of professionals, and held to agreed upon terms.
Mayor Burke: From which you'll profit.
Oswald Cobblepot: God bless America.

Harvey Bullock: [sees Gordon's bloody nose] Ooh, ouch.
Jim Gordon: I think we can forget about backup.
Harvey Bullock: I see you talked to some of your fellow officers. Probably not a bad thing.
Jim Gordon: How's that?
Harvey Bullock: Guys need to let off steam, resentments don't fester.
Jim Gordon: Next time, you can get punched in the face.
Harvey Bullock: This beautiful mug? No one would dare.

Victor Zsasz: You ladies were not easy to track down. [glances around at shabby apartment] Although I can see why you don't advertise. Didn't you used to be rich?
Tabitha Galavan: That was before your boss stole my club.
Victor Zsasz: Well, you murdered his mom and tried to kill him, so... call it even?

Bruce Wayne: I have my things in the car. We can stop them in the parking garage.
Alfred Pennyworth: Absolutely not, Master Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: Alfred, Penguin is gonna to take those men out and kill them.
Alfred Pennyworth: Undoubtedly so - but as you said before, you can make a difference. There is a time for masks, and there is a time for Bruce Wayne.

Grady Harris: Crane! You gotta make more of that fear gas; we gotta get Merdon outta jail! Crane! [he opens the closet they locked Crane inside and sees him with his back turned] ...Crane?

[Crane turns around, revealing that he is wearing the scarecrow they tormented him with as a costume]

Jonathan Crane: ...Jonathan Crane isn't here anymore. [sprays Grady with fear gas from a wrist launcher, causing him to scream] It's just the Scarecrow.

The Fear Reaper [4.02][edit]

Harvey Bullock: This place smells like death... which reminds me, there's a Thai joint near here if you wanna get something to eat later.

Jonathan Crane: I cured myself, warden. See, I feared the Scarecrow... but now we are one.
Warden: Jonathan, please...
Jonathan Crane: You're not listening to me, warden! Jonathan Crane is no more! Call me by my true name - The Scarecrow!

Selina Kyle: I'm sick and tired of not being taken seriously, of all those selfish guys out there who treat me like I'm stupid. Alone, I can't do much about it. With Barbara, maybe. But with you and Barbara? The three of us could give all those creeps a run for their money.

They Who Hide Behind Masks [4.03][edit]

Alfred Pennyworth: Lucius Fox's armor is bullet-proof; my mask is not.
Bruce Wayne: Don't get shot in the face. Got it.
Alfred Pennyworth: Do I detect a note of sarcasm, Master Bruce?

Myrtle Jenkins: In anticipation of our partnership, I have been working on a few riddles.
Edward Nygma: Yes, riddles! That's exactly what I need. That's gonna make me feel like myself again. Fire away.
Myrtle Jenkins: Okay. What's black and white and read all over?
Edward Nygma: Easy. A zebra with a gaping hole. Next.
Myrtle Jenkins: Um... no, it's actually a newspaper.
Edward Nygma: That's ridiculous. There's nothing red in a newspaper. Next.
Myrtle Jenkins: Well it makes sense if you...
Edward Nygma: Next!
Myrtle Jenkins: I have a face and two arms, but no body. What am I?
Edward Nygma: A deformed baby. Come on! Surely you can do better than this!
Myrtle Jenkins: The answer is a clock. Y'know, hands? [pause] I think there's something wrong with your brain, Ed.
Edward Nygma: There is nothing wrong with my brain! The problem is your riddles. Bring me a riddle that is worthy of my name!

Sofia Falcone: Do you ever think about walking away from it all?
Jim Gordon: Gotham? Sometimes. But I can't.
Sofia Falcone: Why not?
Jim Gordon: It's in my blood. My father spent his entire life fighting for the city. He never took the easy way out. Neither can I.

The Demon's Head [4.04][edit]

Oswald Cobblepot: You know, your father taught me many things. Among them was to nurture a healthy paranoia. For example: when I took over, some of his old capos went underground. Now, perhaps they vanished for good... or perhaps they're waiting for Falcone to return and lead the rebellion. [laughs] Who knows? But I hear your father's voice whispering in my ear: "Be careful". Now, I need to know that you are not on some fool's errand to rebuild your father's empire. Otherwise... [gestures towards Zsasz]
Victor Zsasz: [whispers] I'm gonna stab you.
Sofia Falcone: I was 13 when my father first sent me away. He said that Gotham was too dangerous. This is my home. I wanted to come home. Is that enough?
Oswald Cobblepot: Gotham - mother to us all. [smiles] I think we have nothing to worry about. Give your father my best, will you?

Alex Winthrop: I don't know how you do it. You fought those men, and I... I just froze. Same as when that man killed my grandfather.
Bruce Wayne: Fear is normal. in the alley where my parents were killed, I was terrified. I just stood there. There's nothing wrong with being afraid. Once you understand that it's normal, you can put it in its place, and you can act. Fight back.
Alex Winthrop: I felt bad for you when that happened to your parents. You were all the kids at school talked about.
Bruce Wayne: What did they say?
Alex Winthrop: That you lived alone in a mansion. That you didn't go to school. That you flew around the world in a jet. They made you sound weird.
Bruce Wayne: Maybe I am.
Alex Winthrop: No, you're cool! I'm weird. [pause] You're a little weird too, I guess, but you're... weirdly cool.

Jim Gordon: You say this knife is important to your country. Please explain.
Ra's al-Ghul: There is an ancient story amongst my people of a man who could not die. In his time, he committed terrible acts, raised a great kingdom, and then vanished.
Jim Gordon: What happened to him?
Ra's al-Ghul: If the legend is to be believed, he walked away from his throne, vowing that one day he would return and complete his destiny. But that would require a particular knife.
Jim Gordon: This knife.
Ra's al-Ghul: A story, as I said. But to my people, very meaningful. I hope that satisfies your curiosity.
Jim Gordon: Some. But you see, Minister, my chief concern is that there's a boy, the grandson of the curator. He's being hunted. Now, perhaps that's because of the knife. Or, perhaps, the killer thinks he saw something.
Ra's al-Ghul: Did he?
Jim Gordon: No.
Ra's al-Ghul: Well, then, he's safe.
Jim Gordon: Yes, but, you see, I would have to know that for certain before I would do anything that might effect the case... such as release the knife.
Ra's al-Ghul: [cold] May I see the knife, Detective? It would so put my mind at ease.

Jim Gordon: Harper, if Mr. Pennyworth tries to leave, arrest him.
Alfred Pennyworth: On what charge?
Jim Gordon: She'll think of something.

The Blade's Path [4.05][edit]

Edward Nygma: You people have pills for everything! Insomnia. Anxiety. You have to have something for me!
Pharmacist: I don't know. A pill to reverse the effects of having your brain frozen and unfrozen? That's kind of specific.

Sofia Falcone: Is it so hard to believe that someone would want to do something nice for you?
Oswald Cobblepot: There was only one person who did things for me without wanting something in return, and that was my mother.
Sofia Falcone: Then I envy you. My father never did anything for anyone unless it benefitted him. Eventually, it drove away everyone who loved him.
Oswald Cobblepot: [visibly upset] Go. I'll decide what to do with you later.
Sofia Falcone: Oswald, I only want to help you.
Oswald Cobblepot: Oh, you wanna help? Try leaving!
[He sits and massages his leg]
Sofia Falcone: Your foot...
Oswald Cobblepot: It's just the weather.
[She kneels beside him and reaches for his foot]
Oswald Cobblepot: What are you doing? Don't!
Sofia Falcone: It's okay. I won't judge.
[She tenderly massages his foot]
Sofia Falcone: When I was a child I broke my ankle while playing with my cousins. I was desperate, crying in pain. My father told me to put ice on it, toughen up, stop with the tears. My mother went with me to the hospital, and on the way she told me that cold actually increases the pain. What's needed is warmth.

Ra's al-Ghul: Every moment of my life is agony. End my suffering.
Bruce Wayne: Whatever your curse is, you deserve it for what you've done!
Ra's al-Ghul: You're angry, Bruce. I understand. But unless you strike me down with that blade, you will never be free.
Bruce Wayne: No! I won't!
Ra's al-Ghul: Then allow me to tell you what will happen if you don't kill me. I will disappear, and let you live your life. You will follow the path of light, grow into a fine man. Become a husband. A father. There may be a day where you forget I ever existed. But then I will return, and I will kill everyone you love. Just as you watched your parents die, just as you watched me slice your friend's throat, I will slaughter your wife and children before your very eyes, and there will be nothing you can do about it!
[Bruce stabs him with the dagger]
Bruce Wayne: Die!

Bruce Wayne: Are you going to arrest me?
Jim Gordon: For what?
Bruce Wayne: ...For murder.
Jim Gordon: I don't know what I just saw in there... but as far as I'm concerned, Ra's al Ghul's men broke into Blackgate and he escaped.
Bruce Wayne:... I betrayed myself, and my parents' memory. I took a life. I did exactly what Ra's said I would.
Jim Gordon: Just because you know you're capable of doing something, doesn't mean it has to happen again. Bruce, you and I have known each other a long time... since the night your parents were murdered. Now, you may not feel like you're that kid anymore, but I know that you are. One who believes in doing good, in fighting for what's right... who will do anything, to keep the people he loves safe. [claps Bruce on the shoulder] Nothing that happened today, changes that.

Hog Day Afternoon [4.06][edit]

Edward Nygma: Doctor Leslie Thompkins. Wow.
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: I heard a rumor you were frozen. I should have known it was too good to be true.
Edward Nygma: You're not still mad at me, are you?
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: Mad at you for what? Killing Kristin Kringle? Or framing Jim for murder so he'd be in prison when I lost our child? [deadpan] I'm over all that. Let's be friends.

Oswald Cobblepot: Victor, we will be having a chat with Miss Falcone.
Victor Zsasz: Just so we're clear, is this a "chat" chat, or a "shovel in the trunk" kind of chat?
Oswald Cobblepot: Get the shovel.

Edward Nygma: I know about your clinic. I'm guessing that Cherry lets you have that as long as you work these fights. That's your deal, right?
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: So?
Edward Nygma: So, I'm guessing that that means something to you, which makes you vulnerable to... [suddenly confused] to, um...
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: Blackmail? Threats?
Edward Nygma: Yes! Yes! Both of those!
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: All right, let's hear it. What's your brilliant scheme?
Edward Nygma: What?
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: You said you were going to force me to help you. So, what is your threat? Hit me.
Edward Nygma: If you don't help me, I am going to... do... something to that clinic!
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: [bursts out laughing] Oh my God, you really aren't smart!

Oswald Cobblepot: Your father's blood really does flow through your veins. Luckily, not for long.

Jim Gordon: Hey.
Harvey Bullock: Hey.
Jim Gordon: You gave me quite the scare, back there. How you feeling?
Harvey Bullock: ...I've had better days.
Jim Gordon: The doc says you're gonna be OK.
Harvey Bullock: Well, that shows what he knows. Pyg? [Gordon shakes his head] Son of a bitch. He could've killed me, but he cut me just deep enough to make you choose: go after him, or save my worthless hide.
Jim Gordon: It wasn't a choice.
Harvey Bullock: Either way, I owe you.
Jim Gordon: So pay it back, now. Tell me the truth: how long you been taking money from Penguin? [Harvey looks away] You knew Metzke was the bag-man; you knew Nakajima was dirty. Then Pyg... says all this stuff, about you deserving to be killed. [coldly] I don't know why I didn't see it before; maybe I didn't want to. I just need to know, how long. We talkin' years?
Harvey Bullock: [tearfully] No. Just since this license crap started. The commissioner ordered us to comply. Then, Metzke started showing up with these envelopes, stuffed with cash. I didn't do nothing I wouldn'ta done anyway. [Gordon nods, looks away] You gotta understand, Jim, the bills I got...the debts I got-
Jim Gordon: It stops. It stops, right now. [leaves]

A Day in the Narrows [4.07][edit]

Barbara Kean: So that's it. We're shutting up shop. So long, farewell, toodle-ooo.
Selina Kyle: I can't believe this!
Tabitha Galavan: [sour] I can.
Barbara Kean: All this was so I could be Ra's' eyes and ears in Gotham. He was bankrolling us, but now he's gone, so I'm pulling the plug. Help yourself to whatever.
Tabitha Galavan: So, all of this - being partners, building something together - all lies.
Barbara Kean: A sales pitch. I couldn't do it alone.
Selina Kyle: We can still spy on the jerks who come in here and get intel on jobs. We can make it work.
Barbara Kean: What, and the three of us stay together like a plucky little family? Well, how about a little parting lesson from Big Sis: In this life, you're on your own. Always.

Oswald Cobblepot: So, the insane serial killer who hates cops warned you to save your life... because, why, now?
Jim Gordon: Because I'm against dirty cops!
Oswald Cobblepot: Oh, except all the times you are one.

Harvey Bullock: Congratulations, Jim. You're a hero. And I'm just the cop who shot a cop.

Jim Gordon: I'm gonna find you.
Professor Pyg: Oh, I hope you do. Because I want to thank you in the flesh, flesh, flesh. What you said about the rot in Gotham, high to low - so concisely phrased - well, it gave me an idea. The next step in my plot. It's a saga. It's an epic. It's a spectacle. And you're my muse, Jimmy Gordon. I'll see you soon.

Stop Hitting Yourself [4.08][edit]

Tabitha Galavan: Butch! It's Butch! You know what this means?
Barbara Kean: Yeah. You owe me an apology for electrocuting me.

Bridgit Pike: Boss gave you a deadline. You missed it.
Barbara Kean: So what? We got Ed. We are literally champions here.
Bridgit Pike: [pointing her flamethrower] What you are is four courses of barbecue. Crispy skin.

Jim Gordon: Those cops were waiting for you.
Harvey Bullock: Yeah. To spit in my face.
Jim Gordon: If that's what they wanted to do. You owed it to them to be there. To stand in front of them. Look each one in the eye. If you'd have done that, maybe you could have gotten their respect.
Harvey Bullock: I don't deserve their respect. Jim, I shot Officer Patel. What the hell was I supposed to do? Stand in front of her and hand her the bullet that I shot her with, that came from my gun?
Jim Gordon: That's the job. Take responsibility for what happens to your cops. That's the job.
Harvey Bullock: So now you're telling me what the job is?
Jim Gordon: Yeah.
Harvey Bullock: Well, today, Jim... I just couldn't do the job. So I sent you. Because I knew you could.
Jim Gordon: It's not good enough. Not today. They needed you there.
Harvey Bullock: Well... Ain't nothing I can do about it, now.
Jim Gordon: [stands up, takes the form out of his pocket] You got a pen?
Harvey Bullock: For what?
[Jim takes his pen, signs the form and hands it to Harvey]
Jim Gordon: Harvey Bullock, you are relieved of duty. As of this moment, I'm assuming the captaincy of Gotham Central.
Harvey Bullock: Well, well. Look who finally got what he always wanted. But what I'm wondering is... What did you have to do to get it?
Jim Gordon: All I did was my job. Same as you.
Harvey Bullock: [stands up, throws the form down on the desk and walks out] Nothing in Gotham is free, Captain Gordon. [pauses at the door] You just better hope you can pay up when your bill's due. And it'll come due.

[Lee has just been made the leader of the Narrows; its inhabitants look to her expectantly]
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: [whispering] Where do I start?
Edward Nygma: I don't know. Make them happy. Give them something to cheer for.
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: Drinks on the house!
[they cheer]
Edward Nygma: Good move.

Let Them Eat Pie [4.09][edit]

Harvey Bullock: [to Gordon] You still don't understand Gotham. You want to be the hero. Gotham doesn't need heroes. It needs someone who will do whatever it takes.

Alfred Pennyworth: You killed Ra's al-Ghul. Vengeance for your parents' death has been your driving force for so long, you are completely lost without it.
Bruce Wayne: [ignoring him, dialing his phone] I need to call Tommy...
Alfred Pennyworth: [snatching his phone away] Have you forgotten what day it is today?
Bruce Wayne: Give me my phone!
Alfred Pennyworth: You have, haven't you?
Bruce Wayne: [angry] Today is the day my father took me camping. We put two rocks on top of Mount Bristol. We did it every year. Now give me my phone.
[Alfred puts down two rocks, one marked "TW" and the other "BW"]
Alfred Pennyworth: You are Bruce Wayne, son of Thomas Wayne, and the sooner you start remembering that, the better!

Bruce Wayne: You don't know what I'm going through. You and I are nothing alike.
Alfred Pennyworth: Then talk to me. Let me know how I can help you.
Bruce Wayne: You can't! Like you said, I did what I did. I killed Ra's. I avenged my parents' death, and, guess what? Nothing changed. It made no difference. So what did I do it for? How can you help that?
Alfred Pennyworth: I can help with the way that you're feeling. But you need to talk to me. You have to face up to who you really are.
Bruce Wayne: Stop telling me who I am. I know who I am. And if you really want to help me, you can stop trying to be my father - you can be my butler. Clean this place up.

Things That Go Boom [4.10][edit]

Dr. Leslie Thompkins: Tell you what, I'll be back in a few days to negotiate with whoever takes your place after you drown in your own blood.

The Dentist: You're Don Falcone's daughter. He killed my brother. [revs dentist's drill] I'm going to enjoy this.
Sofia Falcone: It's true, he killed your brother - but not your wife, Elaine, or your son, Joseph. No, they're still alive, and probably having lunch in your two-bedroom on Seventh Ave. Right now. [he stops the drill] See, I made it a point to learn about every detail of Penguin's organization. For instance, I learned that he only trusts one man for this type of job - you. And in the event that I am ever tortured, my people have instructions to kill your family.
The Dentist: Interesting threat, but no one's going to know you were tortured because no one is going to find your body.
Sofia Falcone: [laughs] Oh, because you don't think I have spies in Penguin's organization. He's right about me, though; I have been conspiring against him for months, turning his captains against him one by one, and today is the day that I will finally take him down. So, if my people don't hear from me soon, your family's dead. But if you don't believe me, drill away.
The Dentist: [to Penguin's thug] Excuse me. Her restraints need tightening.
[Penguin's thug goes to tighten her restraints, and the Dentist jams the drill into his neck, killing him]
Sofia Falcone: A wise decision. Now untie me.

Sofia Falcone: We're the same, Jim. I saw it the moment we met. We both want power. You want to deny it, so it's easier to send me away.
[Gordon handcuffs her]
Jim Gordon: Detective Harper, please take Miss Falcone to the train station and escort her back home.
Sofia Falcone: Please don't do this...
Jim Gordon: Better get going. You'll miss your train.

Oswald Cobblepot: [to Sofia] YOU WANTED A WAR? YOU'VE GOT ONE!

Queen Takes Knight [4.11][edit]

Barbara Kean: So. Penguin's out building support amongst the gangs. Pretty soon every criminal in Gotham is going to go after us.
Sofia Falcone: He's building support because we made him look weak. We kill him, and all the gangs will support me. I'm still a Falcone.
Barbara Kean: Yeah, you mentioned that about a billion times.

Jim Gordon: From the first day I put on the badge, I was told things could never change. Gotham was corrupt. GCPD was corrupt. Criminals and low-lives ran things. You just showed me different. Penguin will be coming. It's time we showed Gotham who we are. Suit up!

Sofia Falcone: How many cops died under the Pax Penguina? Not one. It was you who couldn't stomach it. It was you who came to the Falcones for help. There is a direct line from your decision to a dozen police officers who have been brutally murdered.
Jim Gordon: You're insane. Why not just kill me?
Sofia Falcone: Because, Jim, I need you at the head of the GCPD. I need...
Jim Gordon: Someone you can control. You've been planning this since the day we met. This isn't about Gotham. This is revenge for me killing Mario.
Sofia Falcone: You wanna arrest me? Arrest me. But I'll talk. The cops that died, the friend that you betrayed, will all have been for nothing. The GCPD will crumble. Penguin or someone worse will take over, and you will lose Gotham forever. Or, take on this city as your own. Keep the GCPD, let them think you're a hero. But live knowing who you are, knowing what you've done - that is my revenge.

Pieces of a Broken Mirror [4.12][edit]

Ivy Pepper: I know you... all of you. And I'm pretty sure I hate you.

Barbara Kean: You know, I am so proud that I have a great relationship with all my exes.
Jim Gordon: Leave me off that list.

Leslie Thompkins: Are you here to arrest someone? Me?
Jim Gordon: I'm here because someone wants you dead. The assassin's still on the loose, as is the person who hired him. You're not safe.
Leslie Thompkins: It's Gotham. Is anyone ever safe?

Harvey Bullock: I love bartending. It involves two of my favorite things: drinking and ignoring people.

A Beautiful Darkness [4.13][edit]

Jim Gordon: It's like that tweaker we found last week.
Lucius Fox: [nods] The toxin entered the bloodstream through the cuts on the neck. If it is the same as the last victim, the toxin creates vines that feed off the victim's body, while also attacking the hippocampus like some...plant-based psychedelics.
Jim Gordon: So, it kills you and makes you hallucinate. Any witnesses?
Lucius Fox: The family's saying it was two women, redhead and a brunette. The redhead used some kind of hypnosis on them, and the brunette wore a leather whip.
Jim Gordon: [frowns] Selina Kyle? Murder's not really her thing.
Lucius Fox: The family says the redhead killed Rolland; she left with his briefcase.
Jim Gordon: Well, if his briefcase is missing, maybe this is related to his work at Wayne BioTech?
Lucius Fox: Doubtful. He oversaw standard projects; pharmaceuticals, pesticides...
Jim Gordon: ...What?
Lucius Fox:[shakes his head] Nothing.
Jim Gordon: I'll track down Selina.

[He leaves, Lucius makes a call]

Bruce Wayne: [answering machine] This is Bruce, leave a message.
Lucius Fox: Bruce, I know we haven't talked in a while, but someone just killed Rolland Charles. We may have a problem.

Jerome Valeska: I'm gonna cure you of this attitude, Oswald. I'm gonna find the entertaining guy I know is inside of you, and when I do... oooh, we are gonna have so much fun together!

Oswald Cobblepot: Ed. You must be here to gloat.
Edward Nygma: Correct.
Oswald Cobblepot: And why not? I am in an insane asylum, being pummeled by lunatics... but at least I'm not a moron.
Edward Nygma: I may not be the man I once was, but I have many things you don't have. A purpose. Friends. You have neither of those, and I wanted you to see that.
Oswald Cobblepot: No. I know you. There's something else going on. Something else brought you here.
Edward Nygma: There's nothing else. I wanted you to see how well I am doing, and I wanted to see how miserable you are. Mission accomplished.
Oswald Cobblepot: Ed, I'm going to be out of here soon. And when I am, I am gonna wipe that smile off your face... preferably with a chainsaw.

Bruce Wayne: What do you want? Why did you bring me here?! This is where my parents were killed!
Batman: No. This is where I was born.

Bruce Wayne: Who are you?
Batman: I am the one you cannot escape. The one you cannot kill.
Bruce Wayne: You're me... Please...
Batman: You're scared. You should be.

Reunion [4.14][edit]

Ivy Pepper: Plants love us. They give us food, shelter, the very air we breathe. And what do we do in return? We kill them, because that's our nature. We cause pain. Everyone I've known has only hurt or betrayed me. Maybe I've always known in my heart what I needed to do, but I finally have the power to do so. I'm giving your city back to the plants, starting with the people who hurt me. So, if that's you... your time is coming.

Jim Gordon: We should go to the precinct.
Harvey Bullock: Hey, I'm not hiding like some freaking coward, alright? Four people are dead, because she wanted me!
Jim Gordon: Okay, then we'll work on it together. You can wear the badge.
Harvey Bullock: Get this straight, Jim! I ain't working for you now, or ever. I've got more contacts in the Narrows than any of you. I'm gonna find her alone... once I find my pants.

The Riddler: [whistles] You don't look good. Think you might be exceeding your recommended dosage. You experiencing... "Trembling Extremities?" Check. "Cognitive Imparement?" Definite check. Though, to be fair, how would you know? [laughs]
Edward Nygma: SHUT UP!!
The Riddler: Take all the pills you want, Ed. I'm only getting stronger. Soon, I'm gonna be out... and the FUN begins!
Edward Nygma: No! I won't let you. 'Cause I know what you'll do.
The Riddler: Oh, you mean, kill Lee? Yeah, I guess I will do that. And you can't stop me-
Edward Nygma: There are things that I can do!
The Riddler: Like what? You need to face it, pal. The only way to get rid of me, is to kill yourself.
Edward Nygma: ...I guess you are smarter than me.
The Riddler: ...You wouldn't-
Edward Nygma: I would. Oh, yeah.

[Bruce is giving a speech knowing that Alfred is in the audience]
Bruce Wayne: My parents spent their lives helping people. I was so proud of them, and I always wanted them to be proud of me. Then I saw them get murdered. I survived because someone in my life kept me going. He's been everything to me: a teacher, a protecter... he's been a father to me. I hope... I hope he can see that, and give me another chance. Thank you.
[He leaves the stage to meet Alfred]
Alfred Pennyworth: Thank you. That meant a great deal. But I can't help you, not until you accept who you really are.
Bruce Wayne: I know who I am. I've seen what's inside me.
Alfred Pennyworth: Darkness and anger. But beneath that is a heart that feels pain. Your heart, it's what makes you want to help other people. Your heart is your strength. Deny the darkness, and you deny that. But accepting that is something you must do on your own. You understand me?

Ivy Pepper: One scratch is all it takes, Selina; and there's no antidote this time. And there's no more jumping across rooftops for little, dead Selina.
Selina Kyle: [sarcastically] I'll keep that in mind.
[She dodges Ivy's attack, flipping across the room and behind a table]
Ivy Pepper: You're gonna have to fight me, Selina. You can't run forever.
Selina Kyle: I wasn't running. I was getting this. [she holds up the vial of Lazarus Water] This is what you're gonna use, to make all your little plants? So, I guess it's safe to say that I shouldn't drop it-
Ivy Pepper: Stop, Selina. I will let you leave.
Selina Kyle: [scoffs] "Let me?" You're not gonna turn me into some geranium-type thing? That's so generous.
[she drops the vial on the floor and raises her boot over it]
Ivy Pepper: NO!! [pause] ... How can you side with them? All the people who hurt us. You think they're innocent... they're guilty. [she starts advancing on Selina] Every person in this city... they spew out poison! How are you not choking on it?
Selina Kyle: The only thing that I'm choking on, Ivy, is your insanity.
[she stomps on the vial, shattering it. After a pause, Ivy shrieks with rage, lunges forward and pins Selina against the table, grabbing her throat with her toxic nails]
Ivy Pepper: You shouldn't have done that. Now, you're gonna die-
Selina Kyle: Ivy, look down.
[Ivy glances down and sees Selina's switchblade pressing into her stomach]
Ivy Pepper: ...Well.
Selina Kyle: Yeah.
Ivy Pepper: So what happens now? We kill each other?
Selina Kyle: That's an option.
Ivy Pepper: You always did think you were better than me-
Selina Kyle: That's not true. I was your friend. We were friends, Ivy, you said so yourself.
Ivy Pepper: That was a long time ago. I'm a different person now.
Selina Kyle: This isn't what I want.
[She drops her switchblade. Ivy briefly tightens her grip on Selina's neck, then pauses]
Ivy Pepper: Don't get in my way again.
[She releases Selina and leaves]

The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause [4.15][edit]

Harvey Bullock: You two! Don't come any closer!
Victor Zsasz: Bullock? Dude, I thought you stopped being a cop! Guess it didn't take, huh?
Harvey Bullock: Not so much.
Victor Zsasz: You remember Wendell, don't you?
Wendell: [grins] Howdy.
Harvey Bullock: I don't know why you two are here, and I don't care! Walk away!
[Victor and Wendell both draw their guns]
Victor Zsasz: See, I'm afraid we can't do that.
Wendell: We're not leaving here without the Penguin.
Victor Zsasz: Harvey, do yourself a favor: Give us Penguin, and... live to get drunk another day. Hmm?
Harvey Bullock: As tempting as that sounds, no.

Bruce Wayne: What?
Selina Kyle: You're just... different.
Bruce Wayne: Different how?
Selina Kyle: Well, you were a complete douchebag to me at the club, and now you're... not.
Bruce Wayne: Listen, Selina, about that night...
Selina Kyle: Oh, no, you're not gonna try to apologize to me, are you?
Bruce Wayne: No, I just wanted to say...
Selina Kyle: Save it. [smiles, pats his cheek] Because you're probably gonna be a douchebag to me later anyway.
Bruce Wayne: [smiles] Missed you, too.

Bruce Wayne: So now, are you gonna return it? Selina, you said-
Selina Kyle: Can you do it?
Bruce Wayne: That's really why you came to me. It wasn't about the money. [pause] You did not kill Rolland Charles.
Selina Kyle:... I was there, though. And what- what am I supposed to say? "I, I stole your jewelry, sorry."
Bruce Wayne: Sometimes, that's enough.

Harvey Bullock: Hey.
Jim Gordon:... Hey.
Harvey Bullock: Surprised you're alive?
Jim Gordon: Yeah... how?
Harvey Bullock: How do you think? Lee. She kept you alive 'til the medics got there. Even one-handed, she's a damn good doctor.
Jim Gordon: Sofia?
Harvey Bullock: In a coma. Amazing she's not dead.
Jim Gordon:... Harvey, when I get outta here, I'm gonna confess. My connection to Sofia, my role with the Pyg, all of it. I gotta come clean.
Harvey Bullock: No.
Jim Gordon: What do you mean?
Harvey Bullock: Who would benefit from that? You. You get to be the martyr, feel better about yourself. The GCPD loses its hero. No. You wanna pay your debt? You live with it. Just like I do.
Jim Gordon: ...So, Sofia wins, after all.
Harvey Bullock: It's what the city needs.

One of My Three Soups [4.16][edit]

Jerome Valeska: When I say three hairs past a freckle, gentlemen, I do not mean five hairs past. Let's do better next time, hmm?
Jervis Tetch: Mind both P's and Q's, Valeska. We're not your militia, to be becked and called.
Jonathan Crane: I dread to think of where you'd be without us.

[He and Jerome approach each other aggressively]

Jervis Tetch: Boys! Boys, um, let's not squabble too early in our partnership. There'll be plenty of time to stab each other in the backs later, but for now, stick to Jerome's plan and everyone will get what they want.
Jonathan Crane: An earthly kingdom of terror.
Jervis Tetch: A piece of Gotham Pie, both sky and high!
Jerome Valeska: That's the spirit, boys! Think big... and kinky. [glances at Tortuga] And lose the weirdo; she's giving me the heebie-jeebies.
Jervis Tetch: Your work is done, my dear. Your race all run.
Tortuga: Glad to be of help. [she hands Jerome her keys and slits her own throat]
Jerome Valeska: Much better. Now, to free the rest of our cronies and blow this popstand.

Ra's al-Ghul: [flashback] What a vital, poisonous little mind you have. Everybody hates you for it, don't they?
Barbara Kean: Yes. Everybody hates me. I don't know why.
Ra's al-Ghul: I understand that feeling very well, Barbara. You are just the one I've been looking for. I have a present for you. But it's a secret. You shall become the Demon's Head. The League of Shadows shall be yours to command. An army of assassins. The world is weak, Barbara, and you are strong. Use the League to make the world more like you.

Jervis Tetch: Almost magic hour, Gothamites. Time to climb to the tippy-top of every tower, and the clock strikes twelve, throw yourselves pell mell onto your heads!

Selina Kyle: Hands off, big boy. [she aims the gun at the strongman, who releases Bruce; Bruce knocks him out] Still don't need my help, Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Selina.
Jerome Valeska: "Selina", huh? Well, isn't that a nice name.

[Selina cocks the gun and aims it at him]

Bruce Wayne: Selina, don't!
Jerome Valeska: No, no, no, no. [grins] She's not that kinda girl.
Selina Kyle: [smiles coldly] Wrong answer, freak.
Jerome Valeska: Ah, that's funny, 'cause-

[he dives behind a booth, cackling, as Selina fires. Bruce tackles her to the floor and wrestles the gun from her hand]

Jerome Valeska: [peeks out of the booth] Oops, alright! See you crazy kids later! Ciao! [he flees]
Selina Kyle: [angrily] ...You should've let me shoot him. [they both stand] It would've been over by now!
Bruce Wayne: Selina, I told you, I'm responsible for him. I can't just let him be shot, Selina, I can't.
Selina Kyle: I'm not taking responsibility for this mess! So let's get outta here before the cops show up, yeah? [pause] Come on!
Bruce Wayne: ...It's not over yet.
Selina Kyle: [sighs, shakes her head]... Suit yourself. Just, don't take... so much responsibility, that you get yourself killed.

Barbara Kean: You're weak. You're all so damn weak. That's it. That is why Ra's chose me. Because he knew I would see how pitiful you all are. Afraid of change. Afraid to take orders from a woman. Well, listen up: I am the Demon's Head, so you sons-of-bitches better start bowing down right now, or it is gonna get ugly up in here!

Mandatory Brunch Meeting [4.17][edit]

Jerome Valeska: [Nonchalant] Yeah, hi, I'm here to see Xander Wilde. [pulls out a shotgun] And no, I don't have an appointment.
[Terrified, the secretary points toward the boardroom, then runs away]
Jerome Valeska: Don't bother calling security. They're all... [the secretary screams] ...headless.

Jerome Valeska: I've been waiting for this moment for 15 years, ever since you ran away in the middle of the night like a coward.
Jeremiah Valeska: You're insane.
Jerome Valeska: Yeah.
Jeremiah Valeska: And I tried telling mom, but she didn't want to listen to me. You blame me for everything that's gone wrong in your life. But the truth is, Jerome, you were born bad.
Jerome Valeska: "Born bad", huh? So that's why you made her think I tried to kill you.
Jeremiah Valeska: Look, we both...
Jerome Valeska: What was it, again? I put a blade to your throat. No, no, no. I tried to light you on fire.
Jeremiah Valeska: [Out loud] We both know you wanted to.
Jerome Valeska: Yeah, that was a funny story, wasn't it?
Jeremiah Valeska: [Quietly, nervous] Okay, maybe it didn't happen exactly that way. But I didn't have a choice, and I was right. You killed our mother.
Jerome Valeska: She did deserve it, though. After that whore hid you away, she gave up on me, [Getting angrier] poisoned by your stories. You turned everyone I ever loved against me! My own flesh and blood! [Calmly] I guess it's like what they say: We all can go insane with just one bad day. [puts a gun to Jeremiah's head] I guess with you it's just one bad spray. [Laughs] You'll see.

Jervis Tetch: Listen to what I have to say...
Harvey Bullock: Oh, hell no! You are not hypnotizing me again!
[Bullock chases after Tetch and Crane, brandishing a gun and screaming]
Jim Gordon: That's one way to do it...

Jim Gordon: Jerome told his brother his plan was to turn Gotham mad. How the hell's he gonna do that, Harvey?
Harvey Bullock: I dunno. I thought it already was.

That's Entertainment [4.18][edit]

Harvey Bullock: Hey Jim, what gives?
Jim Gordon: The mayor and the police commissioner have been kidnapped by Jerome. We've got every cop in the city searching all the places Jerome's been seen the last week. Got something for me?
Harvey Bullock: Well, I was gonna say I just won 100 bucks in the scratch-off lottery at the liquor store and we can go the track with it, but we can do your thing first.

Jeremiah Valeska: I watch the news. I know why you're here, Mr. Gordon, and you must be out of your mind if you think I'm gonna be led like a lamb to slaughter.
Jim Gordon: I understand your concern, but your brother doesn't bluff. If we ignore his demands, there's no telling what he might do.
Lucius Fox: We can block his remote's signal with this.
Jim Gordon: Thanks. If you and Bruce can get within a few feet of him, it will disable his remote; he'll be a sitting duck. Our snipers can take it from there-
Jeremiah Valeska: For God's sakes, Gordon, you have to know what he wants! To... murder us both on live television!
Bruce Wayne: Mr. Valeska, I'm Bruce Wayne. [offers his hand] It's a pleasure to meet you.
Jeremiah Valeska: [shakes his hand]... Likewise. I... wish the circumstances were better.
Bruce Wayne: May I ask what you're working on?
Jeremiah Valeska: Um, yeah. It's a compact electrical engine; it generates power.
Bruce Wayne: Fascinating. How much power?
Jeremiah Valeska: Just two could light up every building south of Westward Bridge.
Bruce Wayne: You have a brilliant mind. And we all hope we can soon be rid of your brother, so that you can carry on your work free from fear. I understand if you choose not to help us today, but I trust that Captain Gordon and Mr. Fox will see that no harm comes to me. But, even if it does...maybe, by facing Jerome...I can show the people of Gotham that standing up to terror is the only way to take its power away.

Barbara Kean: I have finally found my true purpose. I'm not going to let your jealousy distract me. [to her henchwomen] Ladies, escort Miss Galavan to the street.
Tabitha Galavan: I'll show myself out.
Barbara Kean: Actually, I think it's time my loyal servants taught you some manners.
Tabitha Galavan: Why don't you do it?
Barbara Kean: Because I am the one true heir to an immortal god's ancient dynasty, and I don't dirty my fingers with the likes of you anymore.

[Jerome is hanging off a ledge]
Jerome Valeska: Quite the dilemma, Jim. Are you gonna let me fall and die, or pull me up and arrest me? What's it gonna be? Lawman or murderer?
[after hesitating, Gordon tries to pull Jerome up, but Jerome pulls his hand away]
Jerome Valeska: [laughing] Good old Gordon, always playing by the rules. That's why I'll outlive you. That's why I'm loved: because I don't give a damn about the rules.
Jim Gordon: It's a long way down. You sure you'll outlive me?
Jerome Valeska: Oh, I'm sure. Because I'm more than a man - I'm an idea, a philosophy. And I will live on in the shadows within Gotham's discontent. You'll be seeing me soon. Au revoir!
[He lets go and falls to his death, laughing]

[Returning to his bunker, Jeremiah finds a package labeled "From Wayne Enterprises". He opens it to reveal a jack-in-the box, which sprays his face with some of Jerome's specialized gas]
Jerome Valeska: [recorded, cackling] Hello, brother. Didn't think you could get rid of me so easily, did you? See, my days were numbered, but you... Oh, you can continue on for me, be my ultimate revenge! [Jeremiah begins to stagger around the room, coughing and knocking things over] So... calm yourself. Don't fight it. [Jeremiah clutches his head and screams] Breathe it in. This gas was a special mixture I had made, just for you. Something to finally set you free. It's time to have some fun!
[Jeremiah straightens, clutching his hair and laughing manically; his skin has been bleached white, his lips are blood-red and his eyes have turned green]
Jerome Valeska: [recording] Burn it down, brother. Burn it all down!

To Our Deaths and Beyond [4.19][edit]

Sullim: Master, our lives are yours to take. But this woman does not serve the League. Her goals are limited, selfish.
Tabitha Galavan: That's Barbara, all right.
Sullim: Whatever faith you had in her was misplaced. If she keeps the Demon's Head, the League shall die.
Tabitha Galavan: Wait, what do you mean if she keeps the Demon's Head? I thought you were supposed to get it the second you... came back.
Ra's al-Ghul: No. Barbara must give it to me.
Tabitha Galavan: She'll never do that.
Ra's al-Ghul: Then I'll kill her and rip it from her corpse!

Oswald Cobblepot: What'd you make last night? Three, four million? Let's say we go halfsies.
Leslie Thompkins: I've heard your offer. Now, here's my counter: bite me.

Edward Nygma: You aren't stringing me along, are you Lee?
Leslie Thompkins: Don't you want to find out? The answer to the riddle?

Bruce Wayne: We can find from Barbara where the League hides. Temples, safehouses, he'll be in one of them. Meanwhile, we'll try to fix the knife-
Selina Kyle: Yeah, we'll just take it to the magic knife shop, no problem.
Bruce Wayne: Selina, be serious.
Selina Kyle: I am. If Ra's wanted you dead, you would be. He obviously likes you.
Bruce Wayne: It's not about me.
Selina Kyle: I know it's not about you! [pause] Gotham has managed a long time without you. It can manage a little longer, if you have one night off. [sighs]... You did good today.
Bruce Wayne: ... So did you. [he leans in to kiss her]
Ra's Al Ghul: Ahem. [Selina and Bruce spin around] Poor timing. Apologies. I only want to talk... alone, please.
Selina Kyle: I'm staying.
Ra's Al Ghul: Very well. She's right, you know, Bruce; I do like you. Respect you. Respect you for what you'll become.
Bruce Wayne:... You have no idea what I'll become.
Ra's Al Ghul: Of course I do. At least, who you could become.
Bruce Wayne: Why are you here?
Ra's Al Ghul: I felt I owed you an explanation, as to why I chose to live. When I took back the Demon's Head, I saw... a vision, of a cataclysmic event, soon to befall this city.
Bruce Wayne: What event?
Ra's Al Ghul: A cleansing fire that will destroy, purify, create... create you, Bruce. Because I will use it as a mighty forge, molding you into a Dark Knight of Gotham. [turns toward the fireplace] If it doesn't kill you, that is.

That Old Corpse [4.20][edit]

Oswald Cobblepot: How much longer are these petty aggressions going to continue?
Butch Gilzean: There is nothing petty about my aggression!

Jim Gordon: Here's how it's gonna go: You're gonna start talking, or I'm gonna stop caring if you can talk, you got it?

Jeremiah Valeska: Jerome is dead. Long live me.

Bruce Wayne: Jeremiah, the gas worked! Think about it: you want to carry out Jerome's crazy plans sanely? What could be madder than that?!
Jeremiah Valeska: "Madder?" Let's see. [consults Jerome's diary] Ah, here for example. Jerome wanted to "slather you in honey and have you eaten alive by corpse beetles." Now, that's mad. Me, if I want to kill you, I'll just do it. [aims his pistol at Bruce] I'll shoot you in the head, simply... and sanely.
Bruce Wayne: Jeremiah...
Jeremiah Valeska: But I don't want to kill you. [lowers his pistol, the Cult of Jerome boos]
Cultist of Jerome: Come on!
Jeremiah Valeska: Are you gonna listen, or are you gonna behave like children? See, I don't want to kill you, because I want to show you how much I've changed things. How much we've changed things. 'Cause I could not have done any of this without your help.

[Butch is interrogating Jongleur]
Butch Gilzean: You starin' at me? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes, I accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It scares me, too. And then I get angry. The longer I'm like this, the angrier I get. Right now, the way I see it, you are preventing me from finding the cure, and that makes me very, very angry.
Oswald Cobblepot: Is your plan to gain his sympathy by reciting your tale of woe?
Butch Gilzean: Nah. Just wanted to get him to pee his pants a little in terror. You want me to shove some chicken bones up his nose 'til he squawks?
Oswald Cobblepot: Yes, that will do.

One Bad Day [4.21][edit]

Harvey Bullock: What the Hell?!
Jeremiah Valeska: You might not recognize Jerome's followers, as I've given them something of a makeover. But I assure you, they're as loyal to me as they ever were to him. More so, as I accomplished something my brother never could: killing James Gordon.
Cult of Jerome: Jeremiah! Jeremiah!
[Harvey and the GCPD aim their guns at Jeremiah]
Harvey Bullock: You're a LIAR!
Jeremiah Valeska: fast. [pulls out a detonator] I have bombs planted around this city, just like the one that... killed James Gordon.
Cult of Jerome: Jeremiah! Jeremiah!
Jeremiah Valeska: All you need to know, is if I hit this detonator, Gotham's blown back to the Stone Age.
Harvey Bullock: And if I pull this trigger, your brains are blown through the back of your skull!
Jeremiah Valeska: Dead-man's switch. [walks toward Harvey] You're familiar. Another little something I took from my brother, except mine's a bit more advanced. You shoot me, my thumb loosens, and then...boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. No, you will do what I say.
Harvey Bullock: You're more sick than your brother.
Jeremiah Valeska: [chuckles] Don't compare me to that short-sighted psychopath. He just wanted to destroy things. Me, I'm a builder. I'm gonna create a new Gotham in my image. But... every artist needs a blank canvass, so... all of this has to go. I detonate the explosives in six hours; I want this city empty when I do.
Harvey Bullock: You need us to evacuate Gotham in six hours? That's impossible!
Jeremiah Valeska: Then everyone who dies screaming, who watches their loved ones crushed before them will have you to thank, Detective Bullock. Look, nobody has to die... well, except for these people. [he pulls out another detonator] I know seeing is believing, and I do want you to believe me, so...
[he presses the detonator, and Gotham's clock tower explodes]
Harvey Bullock: Oh, my God! [to his officers] Get officers on the scene, NOW! GO!!
Jeremiah Valeska: [removes his sunglasses] Six hours, Detective. [walks away] The clock is ticking!

Jeremiah Valeska: $50,000,000? That's what you want?
Oswald Cobblepot: ...It's a nice, round number.
Jeremiah Valeska: I don't quite have that on me, right now.
Oswald Cobblepot: You gave the mayor six hours to evacuate Gotham. An impossible task. Let him buy another hour. He will save thousands of lives... $50,000,000 will seem cheap.
Jeremiah Valeska: I see. I play the villain, you get away Scot-free and rich. [Penguin shrugs and nods] I get you the money, you give me back my core relay.
Barbara Kean: That is usually how a handoff works, yeah.
Jeremiah Valeska:... You drive a hard bargain, but I'll see what I can do.
Barbara Kean: Just like that? After knowing your brother, I expected something more...
Jeremiah Valeska: Insane? Oh, I'm nothing if not sane. And reasonable. Two things my brother never valued; that's why I'll be successful where he failed. Well, that and being... vastly more intelligent. Now, to see about your money. [dials his phone] This is Jeremiah Valeska. I'd like to speak to the mayor, I have additional demands. Yes, really. $50,000,000, unmarked bills. I'll tell you the location...
[he walks away]
Tabitha Galavan: We're not just gonna hand this thing over and let him destroy Gotham, are we?
Oswald Cobblepot: Of course not! Once we get the money, we kill Jeremiah and his people, give the core relay to the police, split the $50,000,000 and are hailed as the heroes of Gotham!
Tabitha Galavan:... And we cure Butch.
Oswald Cobblepot: [nodding impatiently] And that! Certainly.
Jeremiah Valeska: Would you believe it? They put me on hold. [sets down his phone] Well, there's always Plan #2.
[He raises an RPG to his shoulder]
Barbara Kean: GET DOWN!
Oswald Cobblepot: WAIT!
[Everyone ducks as Jeremiah fires at Jongleur and the core relay, blowing them both up]
Oswald Cobblepot: Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?!
Jeremiah Valeska: Why do you keep insisting I'm insane?! What's insane about having a backup plan, something Jongleur never knew about? And just so you know, this building is within the blast radius, and because of your interference, I'm gonna detonate the bombs as soon as I'm far enough away to observe the destruction in peace.
Barbara Kean: No, you promised the city six hours!
Jeremiah Valeska: And whose fault is it that I changed my mind? [to one of his followers] Tell our men to re-wire the bombs to work in direct sequence. And, the rest of you... kill these idiots.
[He ducks out as a firefight ensues]

Jeremiah Valeska: [recording] Hello, Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: Jeremiah?!
Jeremiah Valeska: I imagine you're wondering, "Why is Jeremiah doing this?" My brother once said that all it takes is one bad to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. [Bruce sees images of Alfred being tortured] Jerome gave what I thought was the worst day of my life, but it was only after losing everything was I able to face what was inside of me. And I believe I've seen something very special inside of you, as well.
Bruce Wayne: Alfred...
Jeremiah Valeska: But, to free it, you'll have to lose everything and everyone you hold dear. [Bruce sees an image of Scarecrow mixing chemicals] I instructed Scarecrow to mix up something exceptional.
Bruce Wayne: NO!!
Jeremiah Valeska: Your butler is going to show you the path ahead. Now, watch closely.

Jim Gordon: This is a message to the followers of Jeremiah Valeska. Jeremiah claims to have killed me. Well, bad news, I'm alive. So just know you are worshipping a fraud, a pale imitation of Jerome. You did your worst, Jeremiah, and I'm still here.

[Bruce, Selina and Alfred return to Wayne Manor]

Alfred Pennyworth: Right! Well, I'm gonna take a very long, and very hot, shower. And then I'm gonna make us a legendary fry-up. Will you be joining us, Miss Kyle?
Selina Kyle: [smirks] ...I got no plans.
Alfred Pennyworth: Excellent. [to Bruce] You all right, mate? [Bruce nods] Ok, then.

[he leaves]

Bruce Wayne: ...Thank you again. [he sits next to Selina, she props her feet across his lap] I don't know what would've happened, if you weren't there.

[he leans forward and kisses her]

Selina Kyle: ...You're welcome. [pause] Why do you think he's so obsessed with you?
Bruce Wayne: Jeremiah said, all it takes is one bad day to drive a person insane. I wonder if my parents' dying, made me a little insane. Maybe he sensed that. Maybe he wanted to bring it out.
Selina Kyle: [smiles] Well, you proved him wrong.
Jeremiah Valeska: To be fair...[Bruce and Selina jump up as he enters with a gun]... the day's not over yet.

[Jeremiah shoots Selina in the stomach at point-blank range, knocking her backward, then grins and tosses the gun away. Bruce tries desperately to keep Selina alive as Alfred runs in, tackles Jeremiah to the ground and begins pummeling him in the face]

No Man's Land [4.22][edit]

Alfred Pennyworth: You know, I don't know why I brought him here. Shoulda killed him when I had the chance.
Jim Gordon: You did the right thing, Alfred.
Alfred Pennyworth: You say that. You didn't see what he did to Selina. Right, I'd better get to the hospital.
Jim Gordon: I'll stop by when I can. [Alfred leaves as Harvey comes in]
Harvey Bullock: Alfred. [to Jim] Couldn'ta put a cap in that psycho, done the world a favor?
Jim Gordon: Where are we?
Harvey Bullock: Bomb squads hit the last site on the map. After they disarm the bomb, they're gonna put it in the warehouse along with all the others. Also, the mayor called. He wants to lift the evacuation order.
Jim Gordon: No. Tell him we're not doing anything until we have all the bombs locked away. [Harvey nods]
Jeremiah Valeska: Pardon me, Jim?
Jim Gordon: [to his officers] Don't you all have work to do? [they move away from Jeremiah's cell] What is it?
Jeremiah Valeska: I'd like to press charges against Bruce Wayne's butler. I mean, just look at my face.
Jim Gordon: [sarcastically] I think you look great.
Jeremiah Valeska: And, I'd like to speak to Bruce again. We couldn't really talk before, what with his girlfriend bleeding out all over him.
Jim Gordon: ...You tried to prove you're better than your brother. But I'm still here. The city's still here. You're a failure, Jeremiah. Enjoy Arkham. Your brother did. [turns to Harvey] Put him in the box, get him ready for transport.
Jeremiah Valeska: Bring me Bruce Wayne, and I'll tell you where the other bombs are.
Jim Gordon:... We have all your bombs.
Jeremiah Valeska: The maze bombs, yes. I mean... the other ones. [pause] Jim... as an engineer, you expect systems to fail, so you build in redundancies. [stands] And I am a very good engineer.
Jim Gordon: You're bluffing.
Jeremiah Valeska: Am I? How many lives are you willing to bet? [steps closer to the bars] You're right, you know; I did fail. I didn't yet understand the vision I was servicing, but... I do now. My eyes are open, as will yours be. [smiles, turns away] When you realize I'm not bluffing, bring me Bruce Wayne. And I'd like a coffee. Black, two sugars.

Jim Gordon: Back in the GCPD, when I told you there was so much I wish I could change, you asked what I meant.
Leslie Thompkins: Jim...
Jim Gordon: I would change everything that brought us to this point. I would ask you to leave Gotham with me the first moment I saw you, and I would make sure we had a life together. Maybe that'd be a good thing.
Leslie Thompkins: No, it wouldn't. I'm not going back to who I was, but what you said yesterday about part of you always caring for me - I feel the same way. [they kiss] Goodbye. Now, go save Gotham.

Bruce Wayne: It's true. How did you two-
Ra's Al Ghul: Find each other? I like to think it was you, Bruce. You brought us together. I trust everything went smoothly?
Jeremiah Valeska: Like clockwork. Did your men retrieve my bombs?
Ra's Al Ghul: They are en route to their positions as we speak. [leads Bruce forward to the window] From here, we can take in the full majesty of Gotham's destruction.
Bruce Wayne: ...You're both insane.
Ra's AL Ghul: I know it's difficult to fathom, Bruce. But Jeremiah and I are doing this for your benefit.
Bruce Wayne: How is destroying Gotham supposed to help me?
Ra's Al Ghul: Because I had a vision, that out of this crucible of blood and fire, will rise the Dark Knight that your city needs. That I need.
Jeremiah Valeska: To be honest, Bruce: Prophecies, visions? Not really my cup of tea. But our friend revealed something to me: that my twin obsessions, rebuilding Gotham and rebuilding you, are one and the same. You're the brother I never had... the one Jerome never could be. [puts his hand on Bruce's shoulder] We will create a legacy, in this city. Gotham falls... we rise. Together.

Oswald Cobblepot: [to Tabitha, after shooting Butch dead] Did you think I forgot you murdered my mother? That I just... got over it? I have lived with that pain every day. I could have killed you anytime I wanted, but I believe in an eye for an eye. You took away the one person I loved, so I took away the one person you love. And you get to live with that.
[Enraged, Tabitha attacks Cobblepot, but he shoots her in the leg]
Tabitha Galavan: All of this - finding Strange, curing Butch - was all so you could kill him front of me?
Oswald Cobblepot: Exactly. But don't worry: In time, when I feel you have suffered enough, I will kill you, too.
Tabitha Galavan: Not if I kill you first.
Oswald Cobblepot: You're welcome to try.

[After Gotham has been evacuated and the bridges destroyed by Jeremiah, Bruce arrives on the roof of the GCPD to find Jim standing next to a searchlight]

Jim Gordon: Bruce. You're not supposed to be here.
Bruce Wayne: Neither are you, or the dozen cops downstairs. But you stayed to fight for the city.
Jim Gordon: The gangs are carving up territory; we're gonna have to go block by block. I have no idea what we're gonna find. [gestures at the searchlight] A thing like this brings out whatever's lurking in the shadows.
Bruce Wayne: ...The light. You're basically daring whatever's out there to come after you.
Jim Gordon: Let them come. There are still good people out there. They need to know we're here, willing to fight.
Bruce Wayne:... I remember the night we met. You told me "The world may seem dark...
Jim Gordon: "...But there is light."