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He who seeks Beauty
Shall find Vanity
He who seeks Order
Shall find Gratification. ~ Moshe Safdie.

Gratification is the pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness in response to a fulfillment of a desire or goal. Gratification, like all emotions, is a motivator of behavior and thus plays a role in the entire range of human social system.


  • Workers, the most absolutely necessary part of the whole social structure, without whose services none can either eat, or clothe, or shelter himself, are just the ones who get the least to eat, to wear, and to be housed withal — to say nothing of their share of the other social benefits which the rest of us are supposed to furnish, such as education and artistic gratification.
    • Voltairine de Cleyre, "Direct Action" (1912), in Exquisite Rebel: The Essays of Voltairine de Cleyre -- Anarchist, Feminist, Genius, SUNY Press, 10 February 2005, p. 280.
It must be remembered that painting is not the mere gratification of sight. As the natural dignity of the subject (of a portrait) is less, the more the ornamental helps are necessary to its embellishments. - Joshua Reynolds.
The sensualist will find sensuality in Titian; the thinker will find thought; the saint, sanctity; the colourist, colour; the anatomist, form; and yet the picture will never be a popular one in the full sense, for none of these narrower people will find their special taste so alone consulted, as that the qualities which would ensure their gratification shall be sifted or separated from others; they are checked by the presence of the other qualities which ensure the gratification of other men -John Ruskin.
  • It is true that Heaven forbids certain gratifications, but there are means' of compounding with it upon such matters, and of rectifying the evil of the act by the purity of the intention, We shall be able to initiate you into all those secrets...
  • Though they suffer no restriction of choice, in reality even multi-millionaires soon reach the outer limits of purely personal gratification—which should be some satisfaction to the rest of us.
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