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  • There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait!
  • I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy, and hungry, and I am not throwing away my shot!
    • Alexander Hamilton, My Shot
  • Oui, oui, mon ami! Je m'appelle Lafayette! The Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set! I came from afar just to say bonsoir to the King, casse toi. Who's the best? C'est moi!
  • Oceans rise, empires fall. We have seen each other through it all. And when push comes to shove, I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!
  • I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. If I tell her that I love him she'd be silently resigned, he'd be mine. She would say "I'm fine." She'd be lying. But when I fantasize at night, it's Alexander's eyes, as I romanticize what might have been if I hadn't sized him up so quickly.
    • Angelica Schuyler, Satisfied (Act 1, eleventh song)
  • If we assume the debts, the union gets new line of credit, a financial diuretic. How do you not get it? If we're aggressive and competitive the union gets a boost. You'd rather give it a sedative? A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor, your debts are paid 'cause you don't pay for labor.
  • Two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room. Diametric'ly opposed, foes. They emerge with a compromise, having opened doors that were previously closed, bros. The immigrant emerges with unprecedented financial power, a system he can shape however he wants. The Virginians emerge with the nation's capital. And here's the pièce de résistance: No one else was in the room where it happened, the room where it happened, the room where it happened. . . .
  • You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed. In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives. . . . I'm burning the memories, burning the letters that might have redeemed you. . . . You forfeit the place in our bed. You sleep in your office instead, with only the memories of when you were mine. I hope that you burn.
    • Eliza Hamilton, Burn (Act 2, fifteenth song)
  • America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. You let me make a difference. A place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up.
  • The Lord, in His kindness, He gives me what you always wanted. He gives me more - time. . . . I speak out against slavery. You could have done so much more if you only had - time. . . . I establish the first private orphanage in New York City. . . . I help to raise hundreds of children. . . . In their eyes I see you, Alexander. I see you every - time.

Quotes about Hamilton[edit]

  • [I]n the Hamilton that Lin-Manuel and his incredible cast and crew bring to life . . . we recognize the improbable story of America, and the spirit that has sustained our nation for over 240 years. And in this telling, rap is the language of revolution. Hip-hop is the backbeat. In each brilliantly crafted song . . . we hear the debates that are still shaping our nation. . . . [W]ith a cast as diverse as America itself, including the outstandingly talented women, the show reminds us that this nation . . . is an inheritance that belongs to all of us.
  • [On May 12, 2009 Miranda performed Alexander Hamilton - now the first song in the Hamilton musical - at the White House.] That night, Lin reintroduced people to the poor kid from the Caribbean who made the country rich and strong, an immigrant who came here to build a life for himself and ended up helping to build the nation. He is the prototype for millions of men and women who followed him, and continue to arrive today.

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