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Hanns Johst in 1933
Johst receives a literary prize from Alfred Rosenberg

Hanns Johst (8 July 1890 – 23 November 1978) was a German playwright and Nazi Poet Laureate.


  • Wenn ich Kultur höre … entsichere ich meinen Browning!
    • Whenever I hear of culture ... I release the safety catch of my Browning!
      • Schlageter

Quotes about Hanns Johst[edit]

  • The disdain for culture expressed by Johst and Fanon is not identical, however. Both despise the deceit of culture, but for opposite reasons. For Johst, culture is in itself a fraud, the cheap talk of weaklings; for Fanon, culture deceives by reneging on its promises. Johst and the Nazis hated culture itself; Fanon hated its hypocrisy, a very different notion.

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