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Happy Feet Two is a 2011 3D computer animated family film directed by George Miller, who co-directed the original film Happy Feet The film is a sequel to Happy Feet and stars Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Pink, Sofía Vergara, Common, Hugo Weaving, Richard Carter, Magda Szubanski, Anthony LaPaglia and Ava Acres. Dr. D Studios in Sydney, Australia produced the film, which premiered in North America theaters on November 18, 2011 in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. The film was released with a Looney Tunes short called I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat starring Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird.

Every step counts.(taglines)


  • [admiring Sven] A penguin who can fly.
  • Pa, it worked. [Mumble smiles] SvenTHINK. [Mumble looks confused]
  • No, Pa, this is so unfair.


  • That's it! Get stupid!
  • [to the Emperor penguins] Hey! Hey! Hey, listen! There is a way to feed a whole lot of you. I'm going to Adelie Land, bring back some friends. You'll have to be patient, okay?
  • I don't know what kind of penguin Sven is.
  • Come on, son. We're wasting precious time. [walks away] There's nothing for us here.
  • Every step counts.


  • Mumble, relax. [referring to the kids] We will find them. And when we do, you'll find a way to put things right. You're a good dad.
  • Erik, Atticus, take cover!
  • Hey! [slaps a skua] Pick on someone your own size, creep!


  • [repeated line] If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.
  • You hurdled masses, I bring you fish aplenty, courtesy of me!
  • [sees boat and gasps in fear] The bird-eaters! [flashback]


  • Adios, Emperor Land! This is 1 fabulous penguin you will never laugh at again. Never! [walks away]
  • It's okay, ladies! The love god is back! [ignored]
  • [to Sven] But if they love you, who will love Ramon?!
  • [about SvenTHINK] I'll prove it doesn't work.
  • Except for the guy who stayed behind because he had the sniffles. [hears a sneeze] Oh no, he's here.
  • [about Sven, after getting pushed to the ground] Okay, this Mr. Up is going down. [spits]
  • [during a blizzard] Carmen, can't you see? Even nature that we be close together.


  • Some good questions have no good answers.
  • [referring to Erik] Mumble, the boy seeks a higher truth.
  • Svensei, you must on the wings of hope and summon them to the aid of our Emperor brothers!
  • I know exactly how to get the attention of our alien benefactors.
  • Our alien benefactors have abandoned us! They have abandoned us!
  • O mighty Sven, you did everything penguinly possible.
  • [with Jamaican accent] 1 nation, Mumble. 1 nation. Irie, walking out now, Mumble. 1 nation.


  • Noah: By the mother of 'Guin, this cannot be.
  • Seymour: Everybody who said we'd never get out, take a look! That's our ice road to freedom!
  • Yellowleg: Oh I will, princess. I'll peck on you first. While you're still fresh, before you're stiff and stinky!
  • Carmen: I am not your darling.
  • Bryan: Sometimes ya gotta back up to go forward.
  • Will: [Neil Armstrong reference] That's one small step for krill, one giant leap for spineless invertebrates.
  • Bill: Please! Somebody! Anybody! I've lost my Will! I beg you! BRING BACK MY WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Memphis: Every-every nook and cranny, every which way completely blocked.
  • Norma Jean: There's a lot of talk out there, thinking the unthinkable.


Carmen: Ramon, you're beautiful...!
Ramon: Only on the outside.
Carmen: No! Why didn't I see this before? You're really beautiful.
Ramon: You really think so?
Carmen: Absolutely. Ramon, my fallen angel, you chased me until I caught you.

Ramon: Carmen! Where's Carmen? CARMEN!!!
Carmen: It's okay, Ramon! [Ramon turns around] I'm fine! I guess.
Ramon: I hate these long-distance relationships! [steps back] Amigos, you must do me a favor. I count to 3, you push me on 2.
Erik: He's gonna jump!
Ramon: But don't tell me, okay?
Mumble: Hey, hey!
[Erik, Mumble, and the Amigos try to stop Ramon]
Ramon: 1, 2... [he jumps off the cliff] CARMEN, I'M COMIIIIIIING...!

Ramon: You, me, beautiful egg, now.
Carmen: You, me? Fat chance.
Ramon: I have a chance, and it's fat!

Bill: AAAAAAAHH!!! Will, Will, Will, what is this?!
Will: It's the wave of change! The world is changing, Bill! We've got to get on the ride!

Lovelace: [sees Sven fall from the crates] Svensei.
Sven: I-I've seen our future.
Lovelace: What?
Sven: Ja, it's calling to me.
Lovelace: Yeah?
Sven: [gets up] I-It says "Sven! Sven, go that way! Quickly!"!
Lovelace: I'm with you! [he and Sven jump off the boat, sees Sven fly] Oh, my sweet eyes.

Bryan: G'day, gorgeous.
Leopard Seal: I'm sorry. My mistake. [swims away in panic]

Bill: What on earth are you doing?
Will: [whispering] I'm stalking.
Bill: You can't... [Will shushes him] You ca-- [Will shushes him again, then he whispers] You can't stalk. You're a krill.
Will: We've got to evolve, Bill.
Bill: Evolve?! Just like that? It's taken us millions of years just to get this far.
Will: Watch and learn, Billy-boy. I'm about to naturally select. [gets ready to pounce]
Bill: No no no no no no no...! [Will pounces and bites the skin]
Will: [chews] A little chewy. [sniffs] Keenly aromatic.
Bill: You just nibbled on its butt. Don't let it go to your head.
Will: Au contraire, I will go to ITS head!
Bill: Oh my goodness.
Will: Onward and upward, my friend! Fresh delicacies await!

Bryan: What are you lookin' at?
Wayne: What are YOU lookin' at?
Bryan: Dunno, but it sure is ugly. [turns to his sons] Notice, boys, the witty riposte as weapon?
Wayne: Right. Outside. Now!
Bryan: We are outside.
Wayne: C'mon then.
Bryan: No, you c'mon.

Bill: [while following Will] Will? Will, what are we even looking for?
Will: That's the beauty of it, my friend. I don't know. [swims away]
Bill: Will, please, come back! I fear the worst!
Will: I fear the worst too, Bill, because fearing the best is a complete waste of time.

Noah: So, what news have you?
Memphis: Every-every nook and cranny, every which way completely blocked.
Norma Jean: There's a lot of talk out there, thinking the unthinkable.
Memphis: Yeah.
Elder Emperor #1: Noah, they're calling this the Berg of Doom.
Elder Emperor #2: How're you going to answer that?
Noah: We look again.
Elder Emperor #1: But, Noah, we can't just keep...
Noah: We go back and we search 100 times.
Elder Emperor #1: There is no way out!
Seymour: Yeah, that's it, right there.

Will: Where am I? [looks around] Who turned off the lights? [gasps] Is this the end? I should make out my will. I, Willy Williams, leave everything to my imagination... [realizes what he just said] Oh no. Imagination is the 2nd sign of madness. If only I'd listened to Bill. Oh, Bill, I'm so sorry!
Bill: [offscreen] That's okay, Will.
Will: You were right. I should've stayed with the swarm!
Bill: [reappears onscreen] No, you were right.
Will: Oh, great! I'm talking to myself.
Bill: You're not mad, Will.
Will: Now I'm seeing things! What's going on inside my head?!
Bill: Will?
Will: Please, make it stop!
Bill: Will?! [Will screams frantically, he slaps him in the face]
Will: Ow! [looks to find Bill in front of him] Bill? Is that really you?
Bill: Well, there's only 1 of me in all of world. You taught me that.
Will: Oh, Bill, what are the chances?
Bill: About 1 in a krillion, Will.
Krill #1: Quiet, you 2! I'm tryna sleep!
Bill: Hey, everyone! It's Will!
Krill #2: Wow! It's him!
Bill: It's wee Willy Williams!
Krill #3: I thought he'd be taller.
Bill: He's back! WILL'S BACK! [the entire swarm of krill cheers in reunion] Welcome home, Will.
Will: But...how did you find them?
Bill: They found me. I was on my last 9 legs.
Will: I was such a fool, Bill.
Bill: Will, you're a legend.
Will: Those days are gone, my friend. The carnivore is over.
Bill: No. It's because of you, we're all here.
Will: It is?
Bill: I told them how the world really works, how there were predators, how we had to adapt. I led to here under the great ice. No one can find us here.
Will: But, Bill, we're still at the bottom of the food chain with no significant purpose.
Bill: Well, we all have a purpose. Yours is to change to world.
Will: What possible difference could 1 krill make.
Bill: Wait and see, Will. You wait and see.

Gloria: So, boys...
[Mumble looks at Gloria]
Erik: Mommy!
Mumble: Gloria.
Gloria: Where's my hug? [Erik and Mumble hugs Gloria] Oh, my babies.
Bryan: Come on, nippers, Let's get youse home.
Mumble: Hey, Bryan! [Mumble looks at Bryan and the Pups] Cheers.
Bryan: No worries, penguin. No worries.
[Erik watches Bryan and the Pups leave, He smiles]
Mumble: Yeah. No worries.
[Mumble and Gloria hug Erik as the film irises out]

[Sven is now in the Looney Tunes ending logo]
Sven: [last lines; to the home audience] Ja, The Svend.


  • Every step counts.
  • Chick magnet. (Erik tagline)
  • Mayor of cool town. (Lovelace tagline)
  • Loco motion. (Ramón tagline)
  • Crazy cool. (The Mighty Sven tagline)

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