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Home Alone 4 (also known in North America and Canada as Home Alone: Taking Back the House, and stylized as HOME ALONe4) is a 2002 American made-for-television Christmas family comedy film directed by Rod Daniel, which first aired on ABC on November 3, 2002.

It is the fourth installment in the Home Alone franchise series. The film brings back several of the main characters from the first two films including Kevin McCallister, but with all the roles played by different actors. It is also the only film in the series to be filmed outside the United States (although set in Chicago, it was actually shot in South Africa). The plot revolves around Kevin trying to defend his future stepmother's house from Marv and his wife Vera.

Directed by Rod Daniel. Written by Debra Frank and Steve L. Hayes.

Kevin McCallister

  • [The house is awash in water] House, clean yourself up. [nothing happens] Well, it was worth a try.
  • [last lines] I knew this was gonna be the best Christmas ever.

Marv Merchants

  • Well, prison isn't so bad. We do get Salisbury steak on Wednesdays.
  • [To Kevin] Shut up, you little moron!
  • [To Vera] Shut up, Vera!


  • Hey, don't touch me, officer!


Peter: Kevin, what happened?
Kevin: It wasn't me. It was the burglars.
Peter: The burglars?
Kevin: Yeah, and I recognized the one guy, Marv. Did I ever tell you about him? Well, that's another story. But the point is, they were gonna rip off your house!
Natalie: So you chose instead to trash it?
Kevin: No, I was trying to protect it!
Natalie: By trashing it?
Prescott: What in the name of...?
Kevin: Hey, why didn't you come when I was calling you?
Natalie: Prescott, were you aware of any burglars here today?
Prescott: Burglars? No, ma'am. All the alarms were on as usual.
Kevin: Well, maybe they turned them off. They had one of these, you know.
Prescott: I saw no intruders, and except for... beg your pardon, ma'am, the briefest of all bathroom breaks, my eyes were on the monitors at all times. How one child could do so much damage in the time it took me to... Well, it's quite beyond me.
Kevin: It wasn't me!
Prescott: Well, there was no one else here!
Kevin: He's lying!?
Prescott: I am not!
Kevin: Are too!
Prescott: Am not!
Kevin: Are too!
Prescott: With all due respect, sir, I did see Master Kevin playing with the devices as if the house were a big toy. The only hooligan here today was your son.

Prescott: Can you read? The door. "No Entry."
Kevin: What, does that mean me?
Prescott: Especially you. This is the control center from which I manage this entire household, as well as my personal quarters. Miss Natalie may have granted you run of her home, but this is my domain and strictly off-limits. Understood? Any more questions? Good.

Kevin: I'm not lying. The bad guys are back.
Natalie: We're not getting anywhere.
Peter: Kevin, I spoke to all the caterers and to Molly. Nobody saw a thing but you. Now, how could that be?
Kevin: I don't know. But I heard they're gonna kidnap the prince.
Peter: You heard them say that?
Kevin: Yeah, with my Super Spy bugging device. And Prescott's involved with the whole thing.
Natalie: This is absurd. I'm going to call and make sure the royal family's flight is okay for tomorrow.
Peter: Kevin, I know what's going on here.
Kevin: You do?
Peter: Yeah. You're out to destroy my relationship with Natalie.
Kevin: What?
Peter: You knew how important tonight was to her, and you went and pulled a crazy stunt like this.
Kevin: That's not the truth.
Peter: I've given you a lot of leeway because I know how tough this divorce has been on you. But tonight you went way too far. I want you to go to your room and think about what you've done. And when you're ready to apologize to Natalie, then we'll talk.

Prescott: What are you doing here? Tell me.
Kevin: I, uh, I... Nothing. I swear. I thought all of this was cool. I wanted to take a look at it.
Prescott: You don't go to other people's homes uninvited, and you don't touch their things. Didn't I warn you what would happen if I ever caught you in here again?
Kevin: Not specifically.
Prescott: Trust me. It won't be pleasant. What do you want?
Molly: I thought I heard the boy. Ah! And indeed I did. I don't want him bothering you anymore, so I'll just get him out of your way. Come along, Kevin. He'll be my responsibility from now on.

Vera: Marv, I gotta pee.
Marv: Vera, you can pee next week.

[Vera and Marv enter Kevin's room, which appears deserted]
Marv: [whispering] I think there's somebody here.
Vera: [yells] Anybody in here?
Marv: Well not now. Shhhh.
Vera: You shhhhhhhh.

[Kevin is trapped in the basement with Mr. Prescott]
Kevin: I don't understand. If they were so mean to you how come you never quit working for them?
Mr. Prescott: I know you are young and that is the most obvious solution, but jobs are not always easy to find.

Dad: Just because you grow up on the outside doesn't mean you want to stop having fun enjoying life.
Kevin: I know all about the inner child dad.
Peter: You do, huh?
Kevin: That's why old guys drive sports cars.
Peter: You're probably right.
Kevin: But the trouble with sports cars, there's no room for anybody else maybe one other person max. But if you want to take a real road trip luggage and all you don’t even have room for a friend I mean there cool and fast and all but who wants to be in a nice car when you're all alone.

Vera: Hi, Molly?
Molly: GET IN THERE!!!
Vera: Marv, are you there?!
Radio: Shut up, Vera.
Vera: Well, okay. I was just trying to--
Radio: Shut up, you moron.
Vera: Hey, I'm no moron, you jerk!?
Radio: Shut up, you bag!
Vera: Door, open!
Marv: What's wrong with YOU?!
Vera: What's wrong with YOU?! I'm no bag! And you know what? You ain't no genius!
Marv: Vera, honey...
Vera: No, don't "Vera, honey" me!
Marv: Honey...
Vera: You're not even as smart as this kid, who, in case you hadn't noticed, is totally kicking our butts! Well, from now on, I am my own boss!
Marv: Vera. Vera, honey...
Vera: Don't "honey" me!
Marv: Pumpkin. Pumpkin.
Molly: Marv! Forget about her! Get the kid! I'll be outta here in a few minutes.

Kevin: Bar, revolve sesame.

Kevin: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
Molly: Good night. (Mr. Prescott hits her with a tray and she falls down) Aaaaaahhh!
Kevin: [gasps] Mr. Prescott!
Prescott: [to Kevin] At your service.
Kevin: Boy, am I glad to see you.
Prescott: Perhaps we should call the police.
Kevin: Good idea, Mr. Prescott.
Prescott: Just "Prescott" to you.
Kevin: "Prescott"!

Marv: Oh, come on. No, prison's not so bad.
Vera: Oh yeah?
Marv: Yeah, on Thursdays, you get Salisbury steak.
Vera: Yeah, I know about prison. That's where I met you.
Marv: Calm down. Calm down.
Vera: You calm down!?
Marv: [to officer] Women, eh?
Officer: Yeah.
Vera: Hey, don't touch me!
Natalie: Peter, what's he done now?!
Peter: Well, he saved the day, that's what. You should be thanking him.
Natalie: Molly?! What in the world is going on?!
Detective: It seems that they were gonna kidnap the prince. Best we can gather, she's the boss.
Natalie: [shocked] She's MY maid! I'm HER boss!
Kevin: Well, looks like you're gonna have to find a new maid.
Prescott: And a new butler, I'm afraid. I resign.
Natalie: Resign?! But why?!
Prescott: Because as a wise young man once said, "Life's too short."



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