Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a 1992 film, the sequel to Home Alone, about the continuing adventures of a young kid who is left behind by his family during the holidays.

Directed by Chris Columbus. Written by John Hughes.
He's Up Past His Bedtime in the City That Never Sleeps.  (taglines)
"You can mess with a lot of things. But you can't mess with kids on Christmas."
"Stay in your rooms! This is an emergency! There's an insane guest, with a gun!"
"Here we are, Marv. New York City, the Land of Opportunity. Smell that?"
"Yeah. Fish."
"It's freedom."
"No, it's fish."
"It's freedom, and it's money."
"Okay, okay, it's freedom... And it's fish."
"Merry Christmas, indeed. Oh, Daa-aad..."

Kevin McCallister

  • You can mess with a lot of things. But you can't mess with kids on Christmas.
  • This is it. No turning back. Another Christmas in the trenches.
  • My family’s in Florida and I’m in New York.


[the McCallisters family are hurriedly packing for their trip to Miami]

( indisistinct chatting )

Frank: Where are my golf balls?
Tracy: Anyone seen my sun block?
Sondra: What's the point of going to Florida if you're gonna put on sun block?
Megan: I don't care if I age like an old suitcase, I'm getting toasted.
Buzz: Great, Now, you can be a skag with a slightly darker shade of skin.

( statue clanks )

( doorbell rings )

Both: We did it again!

( both scream )

( people clamoring, angry, mad, grumpy, screaming and yelling talk at once )

[In Miami, Peter picks Kevin's bag off the baggage claim carousel; it is passed from one family member to another]
Peter: This Kevin? Give this to Kevin.
Kate: Give this... [tries to pass it to Frank, who waves her off] Give this to Kevin.
Leslie: Give this to Kevin.
Tracy: Give this to Kevin.
Linnie: Kevin.
Buzz: Give this to Kevin.
Rod: Give this to Kevin.
Sondra: Give this to Kevin.
Megan: Give this to Kevin.
Jeff: Give this to Kevin.
Brooke: Give this to Kevin.
Fuller: Here you go, Kevin. [notices elderly couple standing next to him instead of Kevin; passes bag up the line] Kevin's not here.
Brooke: Kevin's not here.
Jeff: Kevin's not here.
Megan: Kevin's not here.
Sondra: Kevin's not here.
Rod: Kevin's not here.
Linnie: Kevin's not here.
Tracy: Kevin's not here.
Leslie: Kevin's not here.
Kate: [gives bag to Peter] Kevin's not here.
Peter: What?!
Kate: [laughs, but immediately gasps in shock, then screams at the top of her lungs] KEVIN!!!!!!!!! [faints]

[Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison, have arrived in New York in a fish truck]
Harry: Here we are, Marv. New York City, the Land of Opportunity. [takes a deep breath] Smell that?
Marv: [takes a deep breath] Yeah.
Harry: Know what that is?
Marv: Fish.
Harry: It's freedom.
Marv: No, it's fish.
Harry: It's freedom, and it's money.
Marv: Okay, okay, it's freedom.
Harry: Come on, let's get out of here before somebody sees us. [leaves the truck]
Marv: And it's fish. [follows Harry]

Cedric: You know, Herbert Hoover once stayed on this floor.
Kevin: The vacuum guy?
Cedric: No, the, uh, president.

Kevin: I've had enough of this vacation. I'm going home.
[Kevin scrambles back to his room after finding that Peter's credit card has been reported stolen, with Hector and the hotel staff in hot pursuit. He plays back Angels with Even Filthier Souls on the VHS]
Johnny: Hold it right there!
[Hector and the crew stop as Kevin forwards to the right sections and mutes the woman in the dialogue]
Mr. Hector: This is the Concierge, sir.
Johnny: I knew it was you. I could smell you getting off the elevator! You was here last night too, wasn't you?
Mr. Hector: Yes, sir. I was.
Johnny: You was here...and you was smooching with my brother.
[The other hotel staff start giving Hector odd looks]
Mr. Hector: But...I'm afraid you're mistaken, sir.
Johnny: Don't gimme that. You been smooching with everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob, Cliff...
[Cliff the security guard gasps; the rest of the staff stares at him]
Cliff: No. It's a lie!
Johnny: I could go on forever, baby!
Mr. Hector: I'm terribly sorry, sir, but I'm afraid you're mistaken. We're looking for a young man.
Johnny: Alright. I believe you. [reveals his Thompson submachine gun] But my Tommy gun don't! [Mr. Hector gives a confused look] Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
Mr. Hector: On your knees. [the entire staff gets down on their knees] I love you!
[Kevin snickers quietly and unmutes the T.V.]
Johnny: Ya gotta do better than that!
Staff: [in unison] I love you!
Johnny: Maybe I'm off my hinges, but I believe you. That's why I'm gonna let ya go. I'm gonna give ya 'til the count of 3 to get your lousy, lyin', low-down, four-flushing carcass out my door! 1... 2...! [Johnny opens fire wildly, cackling, as the hotel staff dive for cover] 3! [while Kevin mouths him from the emergency exit] Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! [shoots again] And a Happy New Year. [shoots once more]
Mr. Hector: [as the staff crawls out; to the onlooking patrons] Stay in your rooms! This is an emergency! There's an insane guest with a gun!
Harry: [after catching Kevin] Come to Papa!
Marv: Round trip to Miami? What's the matter, kid? Get on the wrong plane, squirt?
Harry: Looks like you won't be needin' this, kid. [tears up Kevin's plane ticket]
Marv: American don't fly to the promised land, little buddy.

[Kate is informed by airport security that Kevin is on the run in New York]
Kate: [to everyone] We're going to New York, move it!
Buzz: Yes!
[The other McCallisters shout approval; everybody scrambles to pack]
Kate: He ran away from the hotel when they questioned him about the card. He must be so scared, Peter.
Peter: I wonder if he'd know enough to go to my brother's place.
Kate: Aren't they in Paris?
Peter: Maybe they have a house sitter.
Kate: I thought you said they were renovating.

[Harry and Marv chase Kevin back to his uncle's townhouse under renovation]
Marv: Where'd he go?!
Kevin: [on the roof] I'm up here! Come and get me! [takes a picture of them]
Marv: Let's kill!
Harry: Hold on, pea-brain. We got busted last time because we underestimated that little bundle of misery.
Marv: This ain't like the last time. This ain't his house. The kid's running scared. He ain't got a plan.
Harry: May I do the thinking, please? [Marv gestures "go ahead"] Thank you. [calls up to Kevin] Sonny!
Kevin: Yes?
Harry: Nothing would thrill me more greatly than to shoot you. Knocking off a youngster ain't gonna mean all that much to me. Understand?
Kevin: Mmm-hmm.
Harry: But since we're in a hurry, I'll make a deal with you. You throw down your camera, and we won't hurt you. You'll never hear from us again. Okay?
Kevin: You promise?
Harry: I cross my heart and hope to die.
Kevin: Okay. [picks up a brick from a pile behind him]
Harry: [he and Marv snicker] Okay, kid. Give it to me!
[Kevin throws the brick, hitting Marv on the forehead]

Harry: You better say every prayer you ever heard before, kid!
Marv: I hope your parents got you a tombstone for Christmas! Where'd he go?!
Kevin: I'm up here, and I'm very scared.

Marv: Over there!
Harry: I don't care if I get the chair. I'm killing that kid!

[Duncan inspects the Wet Bandits' damage to his store]
Cop: Well, Mr. Duncan, it's all over with. We apprehended the thieves and recovered your money.
Duncan: Good. I want to get that money over to the Children's Hospital as soon as possible.
Cop: I'll handle it personally.
Duncan: Ah! Thank you very much!
[an inspector walks up to him with a note]
Inspector: Excuse me, Mr. Duncan?
Duncan: Yes?
Inspector: [hands it to him] I found this note. Looks like a kid broke your window.
[Duncan reads the note]
Kevin's voice: Dear Mr. Duncan, I broke your window to catch the bad guys. I'm sorry. Do you have insurance? If you don't, I'll send you some money, if I ever get back to Chicago. Merry Christmas, Kevin McCallister. P.S.: Thanks for the turtledoves.
Duncan: [smiles broadly] Turtledoves. Ohhh...

[Kate is asking a cop in his patrol car for help in finding Kevin]
Kate: Do you have kids?
Cop: Yes, ma'am.
Kate: And what would you do if one of them was missing?
Cop: I'd probably be doing the same thing you're doing.
Kate: Thank you.
Cop: Look, put yourself in your kid's shoes. Where would you go? What would you do?
Kate: Me? I'd probably be lying dead in a gutter somewhere. Oh, but not Kevin. No. Kevin is so much stronger and braver than I am. And I know Kevin's fine. I'm sure he is. But he's still all by himself in a big city, and he doesn't deserve that. He deserves to be at home, with his own family, around his Christmas tree. [pauses] Oh, dear God. I know where he is! I need to get to Rockefeller Center!
Cop: Hop in.

Officer #1: You guys should have started earlier. The prisoners have already exchanged gifts.
Marv: We missed the presents? He made us hide out in a store so we could steal all of the kid's charity money.
Harry: [angrily kicks Marv] Shut up, Marv!
Marv: [pigeon flies out his jacket] AAAH!!
Harry: Got the right to remain silent, ya know.
Marv: He's a little cranky. We just broke out of prison a few days ago.
Harry: [angrily kicks Marv again] SHUT UP, MARV!!! Geez!

[last lines; Cedric brings Kevin's room service bill to the McCallisters' room]
Cedric: Mr. McCallister's room service bill, sir. [hands it to Buzz] Merry Christmas, sir. [holds out his hand for a tip]
Buzz: Oh, uh, hmm. [hands over the gum he has been chewing]
Cedric: [deadpan, to himself] Nice family, really.
Buzz: [to himself, reading bill] Merry Christmas, indeed. [in sing-song voice] Oh, Dad.
[Outside, Kevin is with the Pigeon Lady in Central Park]
Peter: [off-screen; from the hotel] KEVIN!!! YOU SPENT $967(.43) ON ROOM SERVICE?!?!?!
[Kevin, startled, gasps and runs off, then the credits roll]


  • He's Up Past His Bedtime in the City That Never Sleeps.
  • Yikes! I Did It Again!
  • First, He Was Home Alone, Now, He's Lost in New York.
  • Start Spreading the News... New York is a Real Scream!
  • Guess Who's Alone in New York This Christmas!



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