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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves is a 1997 direct-to-video sequel to Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. It is the last film in the franchise. The directorial debut of Dean Cundey and released through Walt Disney Home Video, it tells the story of the "nutty" inventor Wayne Szalinski as he accidentally shrinks his wife, brother, sister-in-law, and himself with his with his electromagnetic shrink ray.


[the Szalinski's answering machine message]
Wayne: HI, you have reached the Szalinski's. Please leave a message or fax or a binary file after the beep.

Diane: If those kids don't unshrink us, they will be in so much trouble!
Gordon: Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it, Thumbelina?

[climbing up a wicker chair]
Wayne: Honey, at least you're getting some exercise.
Diane: Yeah. Now that I have a wicker chair, I don't need to go to the gym anymore.

Wayne: Diane, are you going to stay mad at me the whole time or are you going to try and make the best of this bad situation?
Diane: I'm going to stay mad at you the whole time.

[on the answering machine]
Wayne: Guess what? Change of plans. Gordon and I got invited to see the shuttle-launch tonight. So if that's okay, we're going to take off.
Diane: [picks up the phone] No, Wayne. It is not okay. I am going on vacation. I must've told you this 15 times. Don't you remember?
Wayne: Sure, I remembered. Then I forgot.
Diane: Well, listen to me now, Wayne, and listen good. I am going on this vacation and nothing and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!
[hangs up]
Wayne: You *do* need a vacation.

[landing in a laundry basket]
Wayne: Honey, I don't think we're using enough fabric softener.

[Diane and Adam in the kitchen]
Adam: Hey Mom. Did Nick ever complain about Camp Isosoles?
Diane: He sure did. He *hated* it. He didn't like the fact that it lasted only six weeks instead of eight.
Adam: [under his breath] What a brain-box. [To Diane] Mom, what if I didn't want to go to a camp named after a triangle?
Diane: Amy didn't go to science camp. [Adam brighten] She went to Shakespeare camp. Would you rather do that? [Adam's smile fades]
Adam: No. [Adam turns away to pack his lunch bag]
Diane: Where did all these bugs come from? [Diane whacks an insect on the stove with the newspaper and looks up at the wall] [giggling] Oh! A Daddy longlegs! [Diane was about to whack it]
Adam: No, Mom, don't kill it! Daddy longlegs are good. They eat other bugs.
[A car honks, it's breaks screech, and a sound of metal crashes]
Diane: [turning around, hearing the car honking] Hey, that would be your aunt Patty. [Adam leaves the kitchen and Diane turns back to the wall] [looking around the wall] Hey, he's gone. You live, for now. [Diane throws the newspaper on the stove] Tell your friends. [Diane leaves the kitchen]

Wayne: [greeting a woman with a dog on her table, wearing a machine] Hey, Marcia. [greeting the dog] Hey, Trowser.
Marcia: Say 'hi', Trowser.
Trowser: [barks and the machine translates the barking] Hello. Hello.
Gordon: "Hello"?
Marcia': Turns out, that's what "woof" means.
Trowser: [barks and the machine translates him again] Feed me. Feed me.

[Adam and Mitch were fooling around with their people, made from hot dogs, 'til Adam's volcano started to sputter' and a balloon flows up]
Adam: Oh, no! The Gods are getting restless and hungry! The village people forgot to make a sacrifice! Now they must become snacks! [holds out a fork] Behold my raft! [hits the balloon with the fork and bake beans with chili flows out of the volcano to the counter] It's working! Alright!
Mitch: Oh, no! We're burning up! Nothing can save us from the vortex of chili! Ha ha!
Adam: I'll save the baby! I'll save the baby!
[Adam eats the baby hot dog]
Mitch: I'm gonna eat the woman's leg. [Mitch eats the woman hot dog] Lava-licious.
Adam: Lava-licious.

[Diane and Patty were on their way to their vacation]
Patty: For the trip, I brought along a special friend to aid in the healing process. [Holds a cassette tape] Dr. brother love himself. Mr. Neil Diamond!
Diane: Get out of here! You brought the "Hot Nights" cassette?
Patty: I did!
Diane: God!

[The parents were got away from a cockroach, from which Wayne saves Diane, shuddering and then laughing]
Wayne: The Szalinskis check in?
Gordon: And they do check out!

[Wayne and Gordon were floating on a bubble when they fell in Onion dip]
Wayne: Gordon, we're alive. We've been saved by...Onion dip.
Gordon: My god. We owe our lives to an appetizer.

[Jill made a mess on the table by spilling Onion dip with Wayne and Gordon]
Jenny: Jill, you're making a mess!
Jill: Well, this stuff is pretty good. What's in it?
Wayne: The Szalinski brothers.

[Ricky King and his friends came in the Szalinski's house for the party]
Gordon: Oh, great. Teenage boys. There are now teenage boys at this party.
Wayne: Hey! My Stereo!
Gordon: Hey, my daughter.

[Loud music just ended at the party and a slow song began]
Gordon: Thank god. A slow song.

[Jenny Szalinski and Ricky King were together in the Szalinski's kitchen when Ricky King gave Jenny a kiss]
Jenny: What are you doing?!
Ricky King: Kissing you.
Jenny: Well, you didn't ever ask.
Ricky King: Ask what?
Jenny: Ask if I want to kiss you!
Ricky King: What are you talking about?
Jenny: You just assumed that i wanted you to kiss me. I don't even know you. And even I did know you, and we talked and you got to know me, and you *asked* me if I wanted to kiss, I might have been into it. But the way you did it was just wrong.
Ricky King: Well, lots of girls like that.
Jenny: Well, I'm not one of them. I don't happen to think think that way. And as far as you and I are concerned, the party is over.

[Diane and Patty were trying to move Mitch's medicine towards their kids when Mitch fainted]
Diane: I haven't worked this hard since I gave birth to Adam!

[Gordon was on the midrange and was speaking to the kids at the party as a microphone"]
Gordon: I want you out. O-U-T! [All the kids who came to the party left the house] Yes. Oh, yes. Run. Quickly run, or I will swoop you down and teach you all a lesson in proper party etiquette! I will bring plaques to your tiny teeth. So brush, I tell you! Brush!

[climbing up a wicker chair]
Wayne: Honey, at least you're getting some exercise.
Diane: Yeah. Now that I have a wicker chair, I don't need to go to the gym anymore.

[Gordon made it to the top of the wicker chair]
Gordon: Hey, Patty! Hang in there! You're doing great!
[Patty almost fell down to the cushion, whimpering]
Patty: No. No, Gordon. *Great* would be if I were in La Costa. I'm doing the opposite of great. I'm doing sucky.


  • The world's wackiest scientist has done it again!


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