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Honey was a Christian, ambient rock band that formed in 1995 in Chicago, Illinois.  It was composed of Doug Moss, Paul Lagestee, Billy Wan, and Roger Moss.  The band recorded three albums between 1997 and 2001.

Lovely (1997)



  • Should I still let you?
    Should I still let you?

"Sipping Dust"

I can see it through my window drifting into yours.
  • I can see it through my window
    Drifting into yours
  • I can feel it in my deep soul



"No. Nine"

  • Hot wax dripping down to the wretched poor
    I have seen it a thousand times before



"Same Girl"

Your halo whispers to me and I hear its sweet caress.  Your soul listens through me just like the rest.




  • Is it still the only one?


Look for a kiss today.
  • Look for a kiss today

Lost on You (1998)


"I Am"


"Lost on You"

  • Stay with me here
    Don't leave me tonight
    I finally found you
    It's feeling so real
  • I've given my heart

"The Way You Move Me"


"Movies 1"

Lost in the flame, you surround me.  Lost in the flame.
I cry for the rain to surround me.  I cry for the rain.
  • Lost in the flame, you surround me
    Lost in the flame
    I cry for the rain to surround me
    I cry for the rain

Three (2001)


"Catherine Before"


"Wheel Us Around"

You justified me with eyes only to see that I'm empty and bright as the sun.

"My Cinderella"


"Always Around"

  • This feeling is always around when you are here
  • Smile on the outside
    Still there's no colour streaming
    Alone on the inside
    You can tell everyone who's dreaming


I know you want to fall apart, I know you want to be in love.
  • I kiss you always
  • I know you want to fall apart
    I know you want to be in love

"Missing You"

  • A sparkle reminds me of you
    Shines like you do
  • A moment was all I knew
    Then there was you




  • Gone for awhile with all in my dreams
    Here there is me and no one else
    The canyon is wider than it seems
  • In this slow space
    Together we could stay for so long


  • I'm singing now, I'm holding on
    It's coming in clear from the valley of sounds

"Angel Song"

I still love you, your eyes just shine for someone else.
  • I still see you
    Your eyes shine through the pouring rain
    I still love you
    Your eyes just shine for someone else



Quotes from the band

  • We recorded the first album very quickly, literally living in the studio during the process.  Thanks to Sub*Lime’s support, we were able to spend significantly more time on Lost On You.  I think the patience and care taken with this record shows in the final product.

Quotes about the band

  • The lyrics are not overtly Christian, in fact this is more like honest, personal poetry.  A very personal and emotive album throughout.  The mix is sometimes a bit vocal heavy at the expense of the guitars, giving it a pop sheen.  But well worth checking out.
  • What's most surprising about this album is that the band manages to maintain its artful rock and abstract poetic lyrics while conveying a sense of peaceful worship and love for God.
    • Joe Rockstroh, "Lost On You," The Phantom Tollbooth (14 November 1998).
  • "Lush" is probably the best word to describe this follow up to Lovely.  That predecessor was a big hit with a number of friends of mine and did suggest a higher degree of artistic vision than many of the glut of alternative albums which were being released around that time.  But this album is a significant leap forward.
  • As far as artistic merit and expression are acts of worship, this album certainly succeeds.
    • James Stewart, "Lost On You," The Phantom Tollbooth (14 January 1999).
  • It's well produced, accessible and does grow on you with every listen.
  • I've enjoyed this album immensely.  It's melodic, thoughtful and imaginative.
  • Musically, Honey creates a lush bed of guitars and soft keyboard touches.
  • Of course, with a name like "Honey" and an album called Lovely, you should know what to expect from this album.  That's right, dark, dreary, sharp-edged alternative rock.
  • [T]he band is shrouded in mystery partially because they intended to be.
  • [W]hoever is behind the microphone in this album has a smooth, effervescent voice that somehow combines clarity of tone with such muddled delivery that I defy you to pick out what he's saying at any point.