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InuYasha, also known as InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996 and concluded on June 18, 2008.


  • "I'm not really a demon; not really human. I'm not either. That's all. There was no place for me, so I had find one myself. And then I realized. I had a place, but I was the only one in it. I didn't know any other way to live."
  • "Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near."
  • "When I saw Kikyo's sad and lonely expression, I felt guilty, for the very first time in my life. After that, I couldn't get her out of my mind. She was always by my side and I by hers."
  • "Kagome... before I met you, I never trusted a living soul. But you've cried for my sake. You've always stayed by my side. When I'm with you, I feel so peaceful and happy. But I not supposed to be all ease and cheerful. Kikyo.. Kikyo came after me and lost her life. So its only fair that I repay her with my own life."
  • "I couldn't save Kikyo. That pained me. I couldn't say that I was suffering. I felt like I had to bear this alone. But I was so focused on myself that I never considered your feelings. I never noticed that you were also suffering. Forgive me, Kagome."
  • "You're wrong! That's not why Kagome was born! Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Kagome was the reason I could make friends and rely on those friends! To shed tears for others, to understand true strength and kindness…They’re all things I learned from Kagome! Kagome was born to meet me! And I was born for her!"
  • "I need you with me, Kagome. Haven't you realized that yet?!"
  • "I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified."
  • "Kagome taught me how to smile ... how to trust. It's because of her that I have friends. Relying on my companions -- shedding tears for others -- true strength and kindness . . . Kagome taught them all to me. She was born to meet me. And I, too, for Kagome's sake..."
  • "For fifty years, kikyo's soul has wandered, unable to break free of this haunted world. She wouldn't have met that fate, if i'd simply been able to trust her. How can you expect me to forget that?"
  • "Kagome, I like it when i'm with you. Somwhow... I feel calmer."
  • "I thought it would be better if you were far away. But then, when I saw your face, somehow... I felt inspired. Then I realized... I actually did want you near me"

Kagome Higurashi[edit]

  • Oh! How could I forget!? You have a thing for dead girls!
  • Sit boy!
  • Why did I even meet him? If I knew it was going to hurt this much, I wish I never laid eyes on him. But I want to see him again. I can't deny it. I want to see Inuyasha once more! It's clear now. I must be in love with him. Before I knew it, I've grown to love him so much.
  • But, Inuyasha, I also know that you and I meeting was no coincidence. It's more than that. Deep down you must know that I want you to live.
  • Inuyasha. We've talked about it before haven't we? About me staying with you. I know there's a bond between you and Kikyo and that I can't ever ask you to forget about her. And yet... I chose to stand by you Inuyasha because that's what I know I have to do.
  • What you're saying to me is completely wrong. Inuyasha can never forget Kikyo and even though I can accept this rationallly, I always feel pain and bitterness in my heart.
  • What the hell did you come just now!? You ruined my bike, you idiot!
  • You can't want to die with her.
  • Inuyasha, may I ask you a single question? Inuyasha, will you let me stay?
  • Inuyasha will never forget Kikyo. But I still love him, so there's nothing I could do.
  • I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.


  • Will you bear my child?
  • You have it wrong! I was merely standing guard to protect you from danger, nothing more.
  • Wait Sango! Don't be rash!
  • Resist all temptation....
  • What good is this cursed hand if I can't use it to protect the woman I love?
  • If this is indeed a trap, I will gladly fall into it!
  • Oh, how I longed for this. This pain brings back fond memories. It has been far, far too long Sango.
  • Forgive me, it's hard to control myself around such beauties
  • No matter how Sango hates me, there's nobody can catch her heart easily.
  • No, Sango! Just only must live!
  • I wouldn't let you escape again! I must exterminate you right now...besides, it doesn't for my own sake!
  • But before that, I'm also the one who cannot replace Sango's heart with ease.
  • Before Kikyo's situation is getting worse, I got a chance to eliminate Naraku by using my Wind Tunnel. But I was afraid to die...and I doubted to open my Wind Tunnel. Kikyo sacrificed her life to save me by removing all miasma from my body...but I just...
  • Damn, it was not easy to collect single fragment, yet it was a tainted fragment. I would face problem if I touch it.
  • If the demon is truly big, then we are no match for it. Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.


  • Even though the same thing may be repeated... being together... is it okay?
  • Please, body, hold fast until I can complete my final task.
  • As long as Kohaku is in Naraku's hands... I know I'll end up betraying you again!
  • No way. You're not leaving me again. You're my only little brother.
  • Kill you? What makes him think I can kill you? I... can't.
  • No! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together!
  • Kohaku, I'm so glad.
  • You can't be serious Kagome! ME love that pervert!?
  • Oh, I knew that. You don't have to tell me. Its not as if... as if I hoped you would love me. I never thought that.
  • Bring back my weapon...bring back my Hiraikotsu! I wanna kill that guy...who destroyed my village by myself!
  • Kikyo, at the first time I was having resentment against you for deciding to sacrifice Kohaku's life...and using his shard to destroy Naraku. But then, while I saw you saved Koga's life...I thought if the moment is truly coming...perhaps you will do the same thing as previous for protecting Kohaku, is it...?


  • I'm just a little kid!
  • Can't be forgive...
  • Unforgivable...even you are a young girl, I still...wanna hit you! Including Inuyasha's sake!
  • Perhaps Miroku can't resisit Sango's loneliness, after all.


  • I must show my weaknesses to no one. I must never have doubts or demons would overtake me. I am human yet I cannot be human. We are quite alike you and I. You half-demon..... That is why I could not kill you.
  • It's possible. It's true you are a half-demon but you are also half human. If the Shikon Jewel of the Four Souls fell into the hands of a demon, their powers would undoubtly increase. However, if it is to be used to turn you into a human it would be purified. The Jewel of the Four Souls would probably cease to exist.
  • Liar! I was a fool beyond compare in believing your farfetched tales and wishing to live together with you. I despise you with my last breath. My spirit cannot forget that all consuming hatred. So as long as you live my spirit cannot be freed.
  • You are saying you wish for me to die, is that it? For if my soul were to return to the girl, then I would cease to exist forever. You must know that. Is that what you desire Inuyasha? I refuse to die. My spirit cannot rest in peace until I see you dead!
  • Inuyasha, after meeting you I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I longed to embrace you like this when I was alive. We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please, allow me to embrace you a little longer.
  • Go Naraku.... Gather the shards of the Jewel and once you've found them all, I will send you to Hell. I am free to hate. My soul is so much freerer now than it was then. Free to hate. Free to love.
  • Do as you please with Kagome. I have no intention of interfering. However, if you do any harm to Inuyasha, I will personally see to your demise!
  • The battle continues. The fact that I walk this path once more only serves to confirm my wretched fate. And what awaits me beyond this darkness. Once more, just once more, I must asertain the whereabouts of those ressurrrected from the grave.
  • I choose to stay here. I want to stay close to those children for a while. Besides, even if i wish to, I cannot go. Inuyasha, you saw them. You saw my soul collecters being repelled by the aura of this land. It took everything I had to stand at the base of the mountain.
  • To live is to die. To die is to live. My name is Kikyo. I am a priestess who is unable to leave this world and reach the sacred place. No, that is not entirely the truth. Once I was a priestess. Now I am but a corpse with a cursed, false existence. No matter how much I desire to do good and help others, the truth is I live off the souls of the dead.
  • Souls of miserable women...come to me.
  • I loathe all things, I despise every living creature who’s bound to time.


  • All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd have known that's what it would take for you to fight, I would have killed her sooner.
  • You fool! Don't think you could ever escape my grasp!
  • What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care, I'm just curious.
  • I couldn't save her? Tensaiga. I let you die for this thing. Nothing could be worth the cost of Rin's life!
  • I have never considered that half-demon my brother!
  • Your primitive concoctions are no match for my superior powers.
  • Our father's great power... however, I did not inherit his merciful heart for human kind.
  • Inuyasha.. be like your half-breed self and.. CRAWL ON THE GROUND!
  • You haven't even released the full power of the Tetsusaiga. Watch as I, Sesshoumaru, destroy 100 demons with one blow.
  • I will make you regret bringing up that worthless half-breed in my presence.


  • My real wish, you say? That's right.Now I remember. All I wanted was Kikyo's heart. It looks like I won't be joining Kikyo... in this or the next world.
  • Jealousy? Is this, too, part of Onigumo's grubby heart?
  • Help each other and think of each other... then... because of that... end up dying.
  • How touching... betraying your companions for your little brother's sake.
  • Fools. Do they pity Kanna? But Kanna cannot feel a thing, be it pain, fear or sorrow. She cannot even understand the reason for your pity.
  • I will not kill you...I will break you.
  • Foolish creature... it never realized that it was being consumed from within...
  • Your time has come Kikyo. Now, Naraku returns you to the underworld forevermore.

About InuYasha[edit]

  • The biggest issue was whether to have the heroine Kagome remain in the past or the present at the end, and since the anime's completion in 2004, I'd been constantly torn about it. As a result, that was the time I had the feeling I should be storyboarding the final chapter. Regardless of which world she chose, "separation" was unavoidable, so in the end, I decided I wanted to go in a direction where Kagome was happy, and people would still be pleased when they finished reading.
  • I figured that "collecting" of items and companions was the basis of storytelling.
  • Rather than say I want to write a lot of characters, when it's a long-running serialization, the number of characters just multiplies. But, having a lot of characters helps me write a lot of stories without it getting boring.
  • Writing characters to have happy endings is so I can feel good about the story once I've finished it. Even when I'm writing stories with a lot of sadness and hardship, I like stories where it's all redeemed somewhere.
  • Even with villains, I'm unable to write a character that I truly hate. When I'm writing evil characters, I think a lot about why they became evil, and what sort of background and motivation they have. I couldn't write them any other way.
  • Rumiko Takahashi, Shonen Jump January 2009 [1]
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