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InuYasha, also known as InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996 and concluded on June 18, 2008.


  • Not really a demon; not really human. I'm not either. That's all. There was no place for me, so I had find one myself. And then I realized. I had a place, but I was the only one in it. I didn't know any other way to live.
  • Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near
  • When I saw Kikyo's sad and lonely expression, I felt guilty, for the very first time in my life. After that, I couldn't get her out of my mind. She was always by my side and I by hers.
  • Kagome... before I met you, I never trusted a living soul. But you've cried for my sake. You've always stayed by my side. When I'm with you, I feel so peaceful and happy. But I not supposed to be all ease and cheerful. Kikyo.. Kikyo came after me and lost her life. So its only fair that I repay her with my own life.
  • I couldn't save Kikyo. That pained me. I couldn't say that I was suffering. I felt like I had to bear this alone. But I was so focused on myself that I never considered your feelings. I never noticed that you were also suffering. Forgive me, Kagome.
  • You're wrong! That's not why Kagome was born! Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Kagome was the reason I could make friends and rely on those friends! To shed tears for others, to understand true strength and kindness…They’re all things I learned from Kagome! Kagome was born to meet me! And I was born for her!
  • I need you with me, Kagome. Haven't you realized that yet?!
  • I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.
  • Kagome taught me how to smile ... how to trust. It's because of her that I have friends. Relying on my companions -- shedding tears for others -- true strength and kindness . . . Kagome taught them all to me. She was born to meet me. And I, too, for Kagome's sake...

Kagome Higurashi[edit]

  • Oh! How could I forget!? You have a thing for dead girls!
  • Sit boy!
  • Why did I even meet him? If I knew it was going to hurt this much, I wish I never laid eyes on him. But I want to see him again. I can't deny it. I want to see Inuyasha once more! It's clear now. I must be in love with him. Before I knew it, I've grown to love him so much.
  • But, Inuyasha, I also know that you and I meeting was no coincidence. It's more than that. Deep down you must know that I want you to live.
  • Inuyasha. We've talked about it before haven't we? About me staying with you. I know there's a bond between you and Kikyo and that I can't ever ask you to forget about her. And yet... I chose to stand by you Inuyasha because that's what I know I have to do.
  • What you're saying to me is completely wrong. Inuyasha can never forget Kikyo and even though I can accept this rationallly, I always feel pain and bitterness in my heart.
  • What the hell did you come just now!? You ruined my bike, you idiot!
  • You can't want to die with her.
  • Inuyasha, may I ask you a single question? Inuyasha, will you let me stay?
  • Inuyasha will never forget Kikyo. But I still love him, so there's nothing I could do.
  • I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.


  • Will you bear my child?
  • You have it wrong! I was merely standing guard to protect you from danger, nothing more.
  • Wait Sango! Don't be rash!
  • Resist all temptation....
  • What good is this cursed hand if I can't use it to protect the woman I love?
  • If this is indeed a trap, I will gladly fall into it!
  • Oh, how I longed for this. This pain brings back fond memories. It has been far, far too long Sango.
  • Forgive me, it's hard to control myself around such beauties
  • No matter how Sango hates me, there's nobody can catch her heart easily.
  • No, Sango! Just only must live!
  • I wouldn't let you escape again! I must exterminate you right now...besides, it doesn't for my own sake!
  • But before that, I'm also the one who cannot replace Sango's heart with ease.
  • Before Kikyo's situation is getting worse, I got a chance to eliminate Naraku by using my Wind Tunnel. But I was afraid to die...and I doubted to open my Wind Tunnel. Kikyo sacrificed her life to save me by removing all miasma from my body...but I just...
  • Damn, it was not easy to collect single fragment, yet it was a tainted fragment. I would face problem if I touch it.
  • If the demon is truly big, then we are no match for it. Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.


  • Even though the same thing may be repeated... being together... is it okay?
  • Please, body, hold fast until I can complete my final task.
  • As long as Kohaku is in Naraku's hands... I know I'll end up betraying you again!
  • No way. You're not leaving me again. You're my only little brother.
  • Kill you? What makes him think I can kill you? I... can't.
  • No! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together!
  • Kohaku, I'm so glad.
  • You can't be serious Kagome! ME love that pervert!?
  • Oh, I knew that. You don't have to tell me. Its not as if... as if I hoped you would love me. I never thought that.
  • Bring back my weapon...bring back my Hiraikotsu! I wanna kill that guy...who destroyed my village by myself!
  • Kikyo, at the first time I was having resentment against you for deciding to sacrifice Kohaku's life...and using his shard to destroy Naraku. But then, while I saw you saved Koga's life...I thought if the moment is truly coming...perhaps you will do the same thing as previous for protecting Kohaku, is it...?


  • I'm just a little kid!
  • Can't be forgive...
  • Unforgivable...even you are a young girl, I still...wanna hit you! Including Inuyasha's sake!
  • Perhaps Miroku can't resisit Sango's loneliness, after all.


  • I must show my weaknesses to no one. I must never have doubts or demons would overtake me. I am human yet I cannot be human. We are quite alike you and I. You half-demon..... That is why I could not kill you.
  • It's possible. It's true you are a half-demon but you are also half human. If the Shikon Jewel of the Four Souls fell into the hands of a demon, their powers would undoubtly increase. However, if it is to be used to turn you into a human it would be purified. The Jewel of the Four Souls would probably cease to exist.
  • Liar! I was a fool beyond compare in believing your farfetched tales and wishing to live together with you. I despise you with my last breath. My spirit cannot forget that all consuming hatred. So as long as you live my spirit cannot be freed.
  • You are saying you wish for me to die, is that it? For if my soul were to return to the girl, then I would cease to exist forever. You must know that. Is that what you desire Inuyasha? I refuse to die. My spirit cannot rest in peace until I see you dead!
  • Inuyasha, after meeting you I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I longed to embrace you like this when I was alive. We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please, allow me to embrace you a little longer.
  • Go Naraku.... Gather the shards of the Jewel and once you've found them all, I will send you to Hell. I am free to hate. My soul is so much freerer now than it was then. Free to hate. Free to love.
  • Do as you please with Kagome. I have no intention of interfering. However, if you do any harm to Inuyasha, I will personally see to your demise!
  • The battle continues. The fact that I walk this path once more only serves to confirm my wretched fate. And what awaits me beyond this darkness. Once more, just once more, I must asertain the whereabouts of those ressurrrected from the grave.
  • I choose to stay here. I want to stay close to those children for a while. Besides, even if i wish to, I cannot go. Inuyasha, you saw them. You saw my soul collecters being repelled by the aura of this land. It took everything I had to stand at the base of the mountain.
  • To live is to die. To die is to live. My name is Kikyo. I am a priestess who is unable to leave this world and reach the sacred place. No, that is not entirely the truth. Once I was a priestess. Now I am but a corpse with a cursed, false existence. No matter how much I desire to do good and help others, the truth is I live off the souls of the dead.
  • Souls of miserable women...come to me.
  • I loathe all things, I despise every living creature who’s bound to time.


  • All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd have known that's what it would take for you to fight, I would have killed her sooner.
  • You fool! Don't think you could ever escape my grasp!
  • What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care, I'm just curious.
  • I couldn't save her? Tensaiga. I let you die for this thing. Nothing is worth the cost of Rin's life!
  • I have never considered that half-demon my brother!
  • Your primitive concoctions are no match for my superior powers.
  • Our father's great power... however, I did not inherit his merciful heart for human kind.
  • Inuyasha.. be like your half-breed self and.. CRAWL ON THE GROUND!
  • You haven't even released the full power of the Tessaiga. Watch as I, Sesshoumaru, destroy 100 demons with one blow.
  • I will make you regret bringing up that worthless half-breed in my presence.


  • My actual wish, you say? That's right. All I wanted... was Kikyo's heart. It looks like I won't even be able to... join her in death either.
  • Jealousy? Is this, too, part of Onigumo's grubby heart?
  • Help each other and think of each other... then... because of that... end up dying.
  • How touching... betraying your companions for your little brother's sake.
  • Fools. Do they pity Kanna? But Kanna cannot feel a thing, be it pain, fear or sorrow. She cannot even understand the reason for your pity.
  • I will not kill you...I will break you.
  • Foolish creature... it never realized that it was being consumed from within...
  • Your time has come Kikyo. Now, Naraku returns you to the underworld forevermore.
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