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InuYasha, also known as InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996 and concluded on June 18, 2008. In 2010, a seventh season (titled InuYasha: The Final Act) was produced, finishing the last eight volumes of the manga with 26 episodes.

Season One[edit]

The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Overcome[edit]

(500 years later in modern Tokyo, Japan)
Kagome: Shikon no what?
Grandpa: Shikon no Tama.
Kagome: You don't think people are gonna buy these dumb key chains are you?
Grandpa: That is not just a key-chain. That crystal there is a replica of ancient jewel, which...
(The cat starts playing with the key chain)

Kagome: It came from inside me. Is that the Sacred Jewel?

Seekers of the Sacred Jewel[edit]

Kagome: The Sacred Jewel makes monsters more powerful. Is it cursed?

Kaede: So ye don't remember. I thought as much. I'm younger sister to Kikyo. She who bound ye to the tree, Kaede.
Inuyasha: You're Kaede? So you're the brat, huh.
Kaede: Fifty years have passed, and I have grown old.

Kaede: I wouldn't let ye guard down just yet, Inuyasha. I now know that Kagome is the reincarnation of my sister. And it isn't just because you resemble her. The Jewel of Four Souls was in your body. That alone is proof enough.

Inuyasha: Kikyo was a master archer. Take it in one shot!
Kagome: I told you! My name's Kagome! Still...Kikyo, give me your strength.

Kagome: I hope that's not what I think it-
Inuyasha: And what do you think it is!?
Kagome: I think it's a shard from the...Jewel.
Inuyasha: Wha-What did you say!!!

Down to Rabbit Hole and Back Again[edit]

Inuyasha: What did you do to it!?
Kaede: Stop barking, Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Leave it to her to wind up breaking it!!
Kaede: Technically, it wasn't Kagome who broke it. But the crow's foot she attached to her arrow that actually caused it. Right now, the Jewel has been shattered into many different shards. One hundred, one thousand. Who's knows? All it would take but one, in the wrong hands, to bring disaster.

Kagome: Ah. Shampoo. It's a good thing.

Yura of the Demon-Hair[edit]

Yura: You must be Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: And you must be Yura of the Hair! How'd you know my name!?
Yura: Let's just say, a little birdie told me. Everybody's saying that Inuyasha's playing fetch with some reincarnated shrine maiden.
Inuyasha: Me!!? With that halfwit human down there!? Nuthin' doing!!

Yura: Half demon, half power. I should've known. Disappointed? I bet you were hoping to use this to become all demon.

Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru[edit]

Inuyasha: It is you. Sesshomaru!!
Sesshomaru: Indeed. I've quite missed you as well, little brother.
Kagome: He called you his brother. Does that mean he-
Sesshomaru: A mortal. How interesting.
Kagome: Yeah. What of it?
Sesshomaru: Others would be shamed. But with you, little brother, the girl quite suits you. These human creatures- I should think you had enough of them or is it a taste from Father?

Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword[edit]

Myoga: Kagome, snap out of it! It's me! Myoga the Flea! Who'd have thought Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother, be the one seeking the tomb? And what a foe he is.

(After extracting the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye)
Sesshomaru: No wonder searching for it beneath ground was useless. "Seeing yet never seeing. Protected yet never known to its protector." Our father's tomb hidden inside a black pearl deep within your eye.
Inuyasha: And all for something like that!! You pretended she was my mother!!

Inuyasha: What "entrusted"!? What inheritance!? For all I care, he can keep the rusty piece of junk! What I do mind, though, is all the other stuff!! Good thing you're in a grave 'cause you're gonna die!!
Sesshomaru: Now, was that aimed at me?

Kagome: Inuyasha, get the dumb sword!!
Inuyasha: Kagome?
Kagome: Sesshomaru couldn't pull it out, right? If you can't hit him in the body, hit him in the ego! Hurt his pride!
Inuyasha: I get. I'll do it, if only to see the look on your face!!

Kagome: I thought I was a goner. Hey you!! You tired to kill me didn't you!? Well, don't think you can get away with it, Mister!! Here. I think we underestimated it. Don't let me down.
Inuyasha: Hey, how come you're still alive?
Kagome: I don't know.

Sesshomaru: The sword! That's what protected you.
Myoga: It's true. Those claws of his turned deadly poison. It had to be the sword or she really would have died.

Showdown: Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru[edit]

Sesshomaru: When it comes to humans, I of course, bear no such weakness.
(uses his venomous nails on Kagome)
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: Kagome!!
Sesshomaru: So fragile. Don't you agree, little brother?
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru!!
Sesshomaru: And just humans. Half-breeds, too.

Inuyasha: That was for Mother!! And this is for Kagome!!
(Inuyasha manages to overpower his elder half-brother, breaking his armor)
Jaken: What's going on!? A moment ago, he couldn't hit at all!
Sesshomaru: All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd had known that's what it took to make you fight, I'd have killed her sooner.

Phantom Showdown: Tetsusaiga vs. the Thunder Brothers[edit]

Inuyasha: Oh no! Hieten must have gained Monten's abilities as well as his Jewel shards. Kagome, get out of there!!

The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha[edit]

Kagome: The Sacred Jewel shards! They fused inside the demon's body.
Inuyasha: Is that all we have so far? I thought we had a lot more.
Kagome: It's enough to impress this girl.

Kikyo's Stolen Ashes[edit]

Kagome: What happened here?
Kaede: The specter. She desecrated my sister Kikyo's grave site.
Kagome: This was her tomb?
Kaede: Yes. And I was virtually powerless to stop the assault. My sister had unusually strong spiritual powers, even for a priestess as she was. Her remains have fallen into the hands of evil. Who knows to what end Kikyo's powers will be exploited. Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: You're on your own! Apparently you've forgotten that Kikyo betrayed me! I am not so lucky! I can still remember the pain from the arrow she used to pierce my chest!!
Kaede: Forgive me.

Kagome: It happened fifty years ago. But to Inuyasha, memories still seem fresh. Inuyasha had wanted to take the sacred Shikon Jewel to enable him to become a full-fledged demon. When he came to the village and stole the Jewel, the priestess Kikyo shot a sacred arrow, which held him fast to a tree. In a tragic twist of fate, Kikyo lost her life in the battle.

Kagome: It wasn't me was looking at just now. He was looking right through me- to Kikyo.

Kaede: My sister was born a priestess. She used her powers for the good of the villagers, and battled illness and famine countless times. Ever since her demise, Kikyo's spirit continues to encourage them to overcome their obstacles and have the strength to carry on. But people are weak, and men are forever filled with danger and uncertainty. Her grave a place of reassurance. A haven, to help the villagers embrace themselves toward the storms of life.

Kagome: Inuyasha looks just like he did before. He's thinking of Kikyo. He was in love with her. And yet she shot him with an arrow and pinned him to a tree, where he slept in a spell for fifty years. The poor guy. She didn't return his feelings. She didn't love him in return. She didn't love him.

Kagome: Inuyasha? He fell asleep. He was sleeping the first time I saw him, too. Actually, he was under a spell. But to me, it looked he was merely asleep. I thought he hated Kikyo. But when he held my hand and looked at me, it wasn't a look of hatred in his eyes. Could it be that...Is it possible he's been hiding his true feelings all along? That he actually loved Kikyo?

Urassue: Kikyo, the great priestess. You thwarted many demons' attempts to take possession of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. They that if a demon should possess a single fragment of the broken Jewel, its powers will at least triple in strength. I need them. I need every fragment of the Jewel for myself. I have brought you back and you shall serve my every wish. Now go and retrieve the Jewel shards!

Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo[edit]

Kaede: I fear that time is not on our side. We may shorty find ourselves face-to-face with my sister.
Inuyasha: What? But Kikyo's dead!
Kaede: Urassue has all she needs to revive her. And if she succeeds, we shall face a formidable foe. We must find some way to stop this!

(The soulless resurrected Kikyo walks in)
Urassue: So you're dressed. Being a priestess is most fitting and flatters your good looks. Now that all you require is a human soul.
Kagome: What are you talking about?
Urassue: My magical herbal potion shall soon suck the soul from your very body! Kikyo shall have her soul and you will be among the living dead!
Kagome: Kikyo's soul? Then this girl is Kikyo?

Kaede: You fiend, Urassue! How dare ye desecrate my sister's grave and use her remains!
Urassue: My creation is wondrous, is it not? I used her remains and graveside soil to recreate her as flesh and blood! As such, I am her creator! Nay, her birth mother and has proven her allegiance to me! She shall follow my every command! Now come and use your powers to rid us of-
(Kikyo unexpectedly kills Urasue with her strong bursts of spiritual energy)

Kikyo: Inuyasha, why are you still alive? I bound you to a tree with a sacred arrow.
Inuyasha: Yeah, you sure did! And I stayed there for fifty years! But as you can see, I'm alive and ready to take you on again!
Kikyo: You vile beast! I despise you! You loathsome half man!
(Kikyo's left shoulder and chest is suddenly covered in blood)
Inuyasha: Got a problem, Kikyo?
Kikyo: Why did you betray me, Inuyasha!?
Inuyasha: What's going on? Where's all that blood coming from?
Kaede: Look closer Inuyasha. Is that not the fatal wound ye inflicted on Kikyo?
Inuyasha: I inflicted!? What are you saying!? That I was the one who killed Kikyo!?
Kaede: Yes. It was your wounds that sealed her fate and ensured her demise.
Inuyasha: There must be a mistake of some kind! I didn't kill her! I don't even remember wounding her!!
Kaede: Can ye be certain? These wounds did not come from your hand? Think hard! Try to remember. If not you, then who slew my sister?
Kikyo: You are even more vile than I thought, inventing such feeble excuses! Please! This is most unflattering, Inuyasha! Stop it! Inuyasha, do you not remember when you told me you wished to become human?
Kaede: Impossible! He wishes to become a demon.
Kikyo: You said you would become human. I believed your words. That day, I carried the Shikon Jewel and went to you.

(Flashback to fifty years ago)
Inuyasha: Fool! I had desire whatsoever to become human! But I shall take the Shikon Jewel nonetheless. Thanks! This jewel is about absorb more pain and suffering when I use it to slaughter to villagers!
Kikyo: You traitor!! Traitor!!

Kaede: But, Kikyo, I can't believe that Inuyasha would have committed such a heinous crime!
Inuyasha: Are you suggesting that I was the one who betrayed you!!?
Kikyo: You know it's true. That is why I summoned the last vestiges of my strength and bound you to a tree with my sacred arrow. Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Kikyo.
Kikyo: You and were fated never to meet again.

Kaede: Stop this assault, Kikyo.
Kikyo: Who are you!?
Kaede: I am your younger sister, Kaede. My looks have altered because fifty years have passed since your demise.
Kikyo: Then explain why you would speak on Inuyasha's behalf. Give me this!! Kaede!
Kaede: You must stop this madness. Inuyasha is not your enemy.
Kikyo: Open your eyes! You too have been taken by this deceitful monster!
Kaede: You are mistaken!
Kikyo: Hand me your arrows!!
Kaede: I'll do no such thing!
Kikyo: Kaede, show loyalty to your flesh and blood! Not to some devious, lying half breed! Now heed the demand of your elder sister and give me those arrows!
Kaede: Sister!
Kikyo: Move!! You told me you wished to become human! You told me you wished to be with me!!

Kaede: Inuyasha, you must destroy my sister's body at once. This rebirth is nothing but a deceit of magic. Destroy her body and release the soul from within.
Kikyo: It is futile!! I shall not return to that body until I've carried out my revenge on the traitorous beast!!

Inuyasha: Kikyo had used her spiritual powers to protect the sacred Shikon Jewel from demons. I merely wanted the jewel for myself. I had intention of killing Kikyo. It became clear that Kikyo did not intend to kill me either. I had no seconds thoughts. I knew I could live with Kikyo as a human. I've longed for such a life. But the day she was to bring me the Jewel...She betrayed me! Kikyo betrayed me! As soon as I let my guard down, she tried to slay me! I managed to dodge the arrows and came to the village to steal the Jewel. And that's when she bound me to the tree.

The Cursed Ink Heller[edit]

Miroku: I know because Naraku came close to getting the Jewel fifty years ago. In doing so, he slew the priestess protecting it.
Inuyasha: You say he killed a priestess!?
Miroku: That's right.
Inuyasha: He must be the demon who disguised himself as me and struck down Kikyo! It must be him! Miroku, you say this Naraku takes on all kinds of different forms! What about now!!? What does he look like now!!?
Miroku: Calm down. If I had that information I would have slain him long ago myself.

Inuyasha: Naraku laid a trap for Kikyo and me! He made us believe we deceived each other. The demon who killed Kikyo is still alive, and is after the Sacred Jewel fragments. I shall hunt down Kikyo's killer and avenge her death!!

Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces[edit]

Inuyasha: I'll slit ya in half, you sad excuse for a demon!!
Sesshomaru: You should've surrendered.

Miroku: It must be true. Kagome really is the reincarnation of the priestess.

Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome![edit]

Kagome: Sesshomaru, I've got you now! I'll shoot your left arm off!
Inuyasha: Huh? Why his arm?
Kagome: There it is! Say goodbye to your shard!

Sesshomaru: Inuyasha, make her stop. Half demon though you are, the blood of a demon runs deep inside you. Be proud of that. Do not accept human aid, even in death.
Inuyasha: Don't try anything, Kagome! Sesshomaru is totally ruthless!
Kagome: I can handle it! I'll hit him! What? It melted in his hand.
Sesshomaru: You've had your warning. Now I shall put an end to your interference!!

Inuyasha: Naraku. He's close at hand. Now he's returned and is hiding nearby. It wasn't me. It wasn't me! I didn't betray you, Kikyo! He shows up whenever there's a shard of the Shikon Jewel to be found. He's near.

Inuyasha: Kagome, go back to your own era!!

Despicable Villain: The Mystery of Onigumo[edit]

Kaede: I need to speak to ye. I have given much thought to this ever since my sister was revived by the evil witch Urassue. Kikyo explained that it was ye, Inuyasha, who had taken her sacred Shikon Jewel. Do ye not think it strange? The one who disguised himself as ye could have made off with the jewel yet he did not. He tricked ye into terrorizing the village, then Kikyo bound ye to a tree with her sacred arrow. Was the trickster attempting to pit ye against each other or was it Kikyo who was the true object of his malice? Was he trying to fill her heart with hatred and bitterness?
Inuyasha: What?
Kaede: In Kikyo's possession, the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls remained pure. But when her heart became tainted and hateful, the Jewel also became sullied and it, too, filled with malevolent power. At the time, there was but one man who wished for such a terrible outcome. Shall I take ye to the place where this man once resided?

Kaede: Kikyo had come to her own decision.
Inuyasha: She was harboring a thief?
Kaede: Because she pitied him. He was unable to move. I know not if he fell from a cliff or how he sustained his injuries, but both legs were broken. The man went by the name of Onigumo.

Naraku's True Identity Unveiled[edit]

Inuyasha: Answer me one thing before I avenge Kikyo's death: Naraku, why do you bear such a grudge against me!?
Naraku: Good question.

Naraku: Because the priestess Kikyo was so powerless, the region teamed with demons. Her strength had diminished because she had fallen in love with a certain half-demon. She submitted to her childish desires and had attempted to use the Shikon Jewel for her own purposes. For that, she was punished. And, Inuyasha, you suffered the punishment as well.

Inuyasha: You bastard!! You are to blame for everything that happened!! You deceived Kikyo and I!! You tricked us into trying to kill one another!!
Naraku: Then tell me. How was it that the trust you two held in each other was so easily destroyed?
Inuyasha: What are you saying!?
Naraku: It was anger and bitter anger that set you against one another. Even Kikyo could comprehend it. She should have chosen to live and used the power of the Sacred Jewel to save her. Instead she chose death. Had she pleaded for her life, her pathetic, wretched wish would have been easily granted. Then she would have understood the ultimate truth of darkness. Foolish woman. It is claimed that the sacred Shikon Jewel grows more beautiful when it is tainted with malice.

Inuyasha: Kagome, look inside him!! How many fragments are there!!?
Kagome: I know there are lots. Ten. No, twenty! Wait! There's even more than I can count!
Inuyasha: Hey, Naraku, wanna see something really scary!? I'll slit you from head to toe to show you what malice means!!

A Wicked Smile: Kikyo's Wandering Soul[edit]

Inuyasha: Kikyo didn't use the power of the Sacred Jewel to save herself.
Kagome: Kikyo chose death over life. She chose to follow Inuyasha.

Kikyo: The demon Urassue desired the spiritual power of a priestess. So she took the ashes and soil from my graveside and fried my body in her quill. The soul that has transmigrated into this body suits me well.

Monk: Are you unable to cross over? You are a dead young priestess. You must now pass to the Netherworld.
Kikyo: Will you not overlook my presence here? I merely wish to live in peace in this small village.
Monk: If you wish to live in peace, then why must you gather souls of the dead!?
Kikyo: I have reasons.
Monk: You require those souls in order to sustain that body of yours!
Kikyo: What action will you take? I take it, you won't leave.
Monk: I shall return you to where you belong!! I shall do it for your sake!! You cannot escape this demon-binding spell of mine!! I shall extinguish your light and save your soul from eternal misery!!
Kikyo: "Save me!?" A retch such as you attempts to save my soul!!?

Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss[edit]

Kikyo: Is he not here with you?
Kagome: I came on my own. Inuyasha set off to find you earlier. That's right. He must be trying to come here.
Kikyo: Tell me. What is your relationship?
Kagome: What did she do to me? I can't move!
Kikyo: This will end your interfering.

Inuyasha: Them again. The demons who were making off with the souls. It's a spirit shield. Kikyo must be on the other side. Kikyo, is it really you?

Kikyo: Inuyasha has come. I fear he has not come to save you. His purpose lies in seeing me. You will not interfere.
Kagome: Interfere!? Are you still planning to destroy Inuyasha!? He's not your enemy! Someone pitted you against each other on purpose! Inuyasha would have never taken your life, Kikyo.
Kikyo: From your competence, you expect me to be rejoicing.
Kagome: Huh?
Kikyo:' Someone caused my premature demise. Will my murderer's death bring me back to life?
Kagome: I guess not.
Kikyo: The dead have but one wish: to walk among the living once more. A wish that will never be realized. However, this dead woman can wish for one thing. I wish for a heart, the heart of the man whom I shall never allow to forget me. That is my desire.
Kagome: You'll never allow him to forget about you? You mean Inuyasha?
Kikyo: It is clear Inuyasha wishes for my death. That is a good thing because it means he feels remorse for dispute. Let him feel remorseful. I shall never allow him to forget about me. Time will not advance. Thus allowing me to exist in a dimension where time is frozen. I can live on inside his heart during my frozen recreation.
Kagome: You're always on Inuyasha's mind. Why can't you be satisfied with that? He hasn't forgotten you after all these years! He thinks of you all the time. Isn't that good enough?
Kikyo: When Inuyasha and I parted, we despised one another. The love you speak of is but a shallow emotion. Nothing can fuel the desire for enacting vengeance. Only bitterness can.

Inuyasha: So you were the one doing it. Gathering the souls of the dead women.
Kikyo: This body is molded from the earth and ashes of my grave site. It must be sustained with human souls if I am to remain here. Inuyasha, you must despise me. I have drawn in the souls of the dead, and it is my hatred of you that fuels my actions.
Inuyasha:That's just ludicrous! You many very well despise me but the feeling's not mutual. Kikyo...I never stop thinking of you! Not even for an instant!!

Inuyasha: I could never hate you or think less of you. It's your spirit I care about, not your appearance.
Kikyo: Truly, Inuyasha, you wouldn't? You wouldn't despise me if I used these hands to steal the life from you?
Kagome: She's kissing him!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, after meeting you, I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I've longed to embrace you like this when I was alive.

Inuyasha: Kikyo's sent is so familiar. Her fragrance is just as it used to be. The only difference is that she has no warmth. Her body is cold from death. And she's sad and lonely.
Kikyo: We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please allow me to embrace you a little longer.
Inuyasha: I can't save you. I can't do anything to help you, except stay like this. If only time could stand still.
Kikyo: Would you agree to that? If I did stop time?
Inuyasha: Yes. I don't care as long long as I'm with you.

Kikyo: Does that girl mean more to you than I do?
Inuyasha: Wait, Kikyo! Listen to me!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, never forget the feel of my lips against yours. For it was real. Never forget.

Kaede: Kikyo, is it really you?
Kikyo: What ails you, Kaede? Do you fear your own sister?
Kaede: You misunderstand. I heard ye had fallen from a cliff. I did not imagine ye would survive.
Kikyo: You are correct. I am dead. Yet something left undone in this world keeps me from moving on.
Kaede: Do ye still hunger to take Inuyasha's life?
Kikyo: I have just met with Inuyasha moments ago and almost succeeded in stringing the life from him. Speak to me, Kaede. Tell me all you have to offer about this Naraku person.

Kaede: Everything began with the evil desires of Onigumo. He called forth the demons' and was devoured by them. Thus was born the monster Naraku.
Kikyo: So it all began with Onigumo. That bandit.
Kaede: That's right. He used to say that the Sacred Jewel grows in beauty when it is tainted with malice.
Kikyo (thinking): He fueled the hatred between Inuyasha and myself. And attempted to steal the Jewel that had been tainted in the process.

Enter Sango the Demon-Slayer[edit]

Miroku: Inuyasha, had you heard of the Jewel's origins?
Inuyasha: Not at all. When I learned of the Jewel of Four Souls, Kikyo had it in her protection. I had never given any thought as to where the Jewel came from or how it was created.

Naraku's Insidious Plot[edit]

Kagome: She has a Shikon Jewel shard in her back. I can see it.
Inuyasha: No wonder. I could already tell she was badly inured from the smell of her blood.

Kagome: Sango!
Sango: The Jewel shard was suppressing my pain!! Naraku!!

Inuyasha: You really love to mess around with people's feelings, don't ya!? You creep!!
Naraku: Are you thinking of Kikyo when you say that?

Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls Revealed[edit]

Kagome: Everyone who comes in contact with the Jewel seems to end up unhappy. Just what is it exactly?
Sango: All right. Get your friends. You helped bury the dead. So I will tell how the Sacred Jewel came to be.

Sango: There isn't any incantation.
Myoga: Of course there is! How else would you do it?
Sango: At first, my villagers thought the demons had placed a curse on the entrance. But we eventually realized that she is the one who keeps intruders out.
Miroku: And who is "She"?
Sango: The person whom the Sacred Jewel was born. Her spirit is full of sadness and regret, and it prevents others from entering.
Inuyasha: Uh, are you sure about this?
Sango: Countless people have been killed because of the Sacred Jewel's dark power. And it is the sympathy you show for the victims that leads me to believe she will allow you to enter the cave.

Inuyasha: The demon has her in its jaws.
Sango: There was a time when demons, dragons and other monsters merged together to wage a battle. They fought against one powerful human.
Kagome: There's a person inside the stalagmite.
Miroku: Ancient armor. Is that an ancient warrior?
Sango: It's a woman. A priestess who lived many centuries ago.
Kagome: Huh?
Inuyasha: Look at the number of demons surrounding her. This priestess must've had immense spiritual power.

Sango: The court nobles controlled the country at that time. Wars and famine dragged on and on and countless people perished. Demons devoured the dead and the near dead and they were able to grow in great numbers. Many priests and warriors set out to slay them. But only one priestess, known as Midoriko, was able to purify demon souls and render them harmless. She was considered the most powerful human of her time.
Kagome: She could purify and weaken the demons' souls?
Sango: In her world, animals, trees and even stones, were all created though the foul souls.
Kagome: That's right Shikon means "four souls."

Sango: When someone does a bad deed, the four souls energize evil, and the human loses his way. In other words...
Miroku: In other words, a soul can turn good or bad, and this transformation can happen within either a human soul or a demon soul.
Sango: Now you know why Midoriko was a formidable foe for the demons' because she was able to purify their souls and make them powerless.
Inuyasha: So what!? She fought off an army of demons by turning them into a bunch of weaklings! Well, her power didn't last very long, did it? I'd say she's a pretty useless priestess now!
Sango: She hasn't lost the battle yet.
Kagome: What does she mean "not yet"? What's that?

Sango: After battling for seven days and seven nights, a demon got its fangs into Midoriko. With her last ounce of energy, she reached deep within her own body for strength, and seized the demon's soul. But in doing so, she forced out her own soul.
Miroku: Tell me. Is the hole in her chest the spot where she forced out her own soul!?
Sango: What flew out of her was, in fact, the Shikon Jewel. She wasn't able to purify the demon's soul. All she could do was seize and imprison it along with herself. Although the flesh is gone, inside the Sacred Jewel, a battle still wages between Midoriko and the demons.' That is why the fight isn't over yet.
Kagome: So a war between souls is still raging inside the Sacred Jewel.

Inuyasha: It's not like this story complicates things. We just gotta go after Naraku hunting after the Jewel shards. I'm gonna take possession of the Sacred Jewel and use it to become a full-fledged demon, and then Midoriko can rest in peace! (he is physically blasted out of the cave)
Miroku: Looks like people who talk of the Sacred Jewel for selfish gain get thrown from the cave.
Shippo: That must be Midoriko's version of "Sit!"

Season Two[edit]

Tetsusaiga is Stolen: Showdown at Naraku's Castle[edit]

[Sango and Kirara arrive at Naraku's castle]

Sango: (to herself) This castle... Kohaku? Kohaku!
Naraku: (unseen) First, put down your weapon.
Sango: (enraged) Naraku!

[she hurls Hiraikotsu, smashing a huge hole in the roof of the main residence. Naraku emerges on the steps of the residence, wearing his baboon cloak and mask; Sango jumps down from the wall and lands across the courtyard from him]

Naraku: Well done, Sango- good work. You brought me Inuyasha's sword, the Tetsusaiga, as promised.
Sango: Let me see Kohaku! I will only hand over the sword after I see him! (the residence glows with red light, revealing Kohaku sitting behind one of the screens; Sango points Tetsusaiga at Naraku) Naraku, turn Kohaku back to his former self, immediately!
Naraku: (amused) Killing me won't help. You should know that already. This is the fault of the sacred Shikon Jewel- demons and evil humans desire the Jewel, and out of that desire, demons attacked your village. That's why your father was killed. That's why your brother Kohaku's soul now wanders in darkness. It's all part of the curse of the sacred Jewel.
Sango: Stop lying! You're the one who killed my father and comrades! You coveted the stupid Jewel- you're responsible for everything!
Naraku: People die because of the power of the sacred Shikon Jewel, and people live because of its' power. There's no reason that you should despise the sacred Jewel as much as you do. Remember- Kohaku was revived, because of the Jewel's power. You made a promise to exchange the sword for Kohaku's life. So- what will you do?
Sango: I despise you- I made no promises! (she lunges at him) You want my answer?! Here it is!

[She hurls Tetsusaiga at him, then extends a hidden blade attached to her forearm and slashes at him, but Naraku, leaping backward, catches the sword and uses it to parry her attack. Sango attacks again and slashes through his cloak, but only black tendrils come out. Naraku leaps down to the courtyard and his cloak and mask fall off, revealing his new appearance]

Sango: (shocked) It's you- the young lord of the castle!
Naraku: Kagewaki was a noble lord- he gave all the demon-slayers proper burials. Ah, yes- and I was the one who ordered for your care after the massacre.
Sango: You killed him!
Naraku: Kagewaki is still alive- at least, according to those I've fooled into thinking I'm him.

[Sango, severely weakened by Naraku's toxic miasma and wounded by a possessed Kohaku's sickle, falls to her knees. Naraku moves Hiraikotsu with telekinesis and drops it in front of Sango; she reaches out for it]

Naraku: (inside her head) Yes, Sango- kill him! Kill your brother, with your own hands! Slaughter him! And then- burn with a desire to live. Pray to continue wandering the world, and vow to do whatever you can to survive! When you kill Kohaku- and when you are bathed in his blood- the sacred Jewel will grow brighter with the power of the dark! The more sullied it is... the more beautiful the sacred Jewel becomes.

[Kohaku raises his sickle. Sango stretches her hand towards Hiraikotsu, but stops just as she is about to grasp it]

Sango: (to Kohaku)...Kill you? What makes him think I'm able to kill you? (weakly, she stands and walks towards her brother, reaching out) I can't...

[As she approaches Kohaku, his expression suddenly clears. Weakened by her wounds, Sango collapses]

Kohaku: (quietly)...My sister...

Kagome: Naraku, you are totally despicable! Now die!!
Naraku: She's only a young girl. Why does she have so much power? She's rendered the vapors harmless somehow. This kind of power only belongs to the priestess Kikyo. Can't be.
Kagome: I won't let you go, even if you beg for forgiveness!!
Naraku: This is exactly like Kikyo's enchanted arrow! Don't tell me this girl is...

Inuyasha and Kikyo: Into the Miasma[edit]

Naraku: Tell me your name, now that you have disturbed me.
Kikyo: My name is Kikyo.
Naraku (thinking): Kikyo is alive? The woman I myself had trapped fifty years ago. The one who died, taking the Sacred Jewel with her.

Miroku: Unless the spell cast in here is broken, Inuyasha will...Who's there?
Kikyo: Inuyasha.
Kikyo: The dead souls are...leaving. This explains it. The miasma, where it's from.
Inuyasha: But why!!?

Miroku: Inuyasha, no! Stay calm!
Inuyasha: No!! I will not stay calm!! I am gonna protect Kikyo!!

Kagome: I have to get Kikyo out of there! If don't, Inuyasha will keep protecting her. He would never ever let her be hurt, no matter how it hurts me. You're conscious. Can you stand?
Kikyo: You little fool. By coming here, you risk Inuyasha losing you forever.
Kagome: What are you saying? Inuyasha's trying so hard to save you, but you...Kikyo.

Naraku: So this is the woman who restored me to life. I might not have had this new body at all if not for her.
Kagome:Yeah right, loser! She did it to save Inuyasha, not you, so wipe that stupid smile off your face!!
Naraku: And yet I still know her to the very woman who followed you in death fifty years ago.
Inuyasha: No!! Don't you dare!! Don't you touch her!! Not now or ever!!

Naraku: No. It makes no sense. If her true wish was to save Inuyasha and not break the spell, why do the one thing she ought not to have done? But she did. Kikyo as good as gave me this body herself.

Kikyo, Captured by Naraku[edit]

Naraku: I have erected a barrier. Those servants of yours may not enter. Kikyo, what can you be thinking? Inuyasha arrived on the scene and began to do battle. Then you appeared. Your arrows have the power to break whichever spell you choose.
Kikyo: And there you were. Your disguise is fine, Onigumo.
Naraku: Onigumo. That fool of a bandit. He yearned for the Sacred Jewel, and called forth the demons' to be reborn as me, Naraku.
Kikyo: That's...
Naraku: Yes. The very thing you gave your life to erase from this world. A shard of the Sacred Jewel.
Kikyo: They say that it was your desire to possess it that brought you to kill me.
Naraku: That girl who is like and yet unlike you. A battle between those who can purify evil. If you yearn for this world, I beg you: Go after her.

Naraku: Perhaps it is because of the Jewel shards. That girl alone is unaffected. Only she shall make it here. The stage has been set for you.
Kikyo: Aren't you the clever one?
Naraku: So she's destroyed the golum. How dare she defy me.

Kikyo: Naraku appears frightened of you. He tries to control me with a Sacred Jewel shard, hoping I might be turned against you.
Kagome: The Jewel shard in your chest.
Kikyo: Surely the priestess who once took guard of the Sacred Jewel has not sunk so low as to be controlled by a mere shard.

Inuyasha: Kikyo? Those are Kagome's Jewel shards!! Kagome. You didn't!! Don't tell it was you!!
Kikyo: What's wrong, Inuyasha? Tell me. Why do I get the feeling you're unhappy to know I am well?
Inuyasha: Answer me!! Just what did you do to her!!?
Kikyo: I tried to kill her. What is that you plan to do about it? Will you kill me? Tell me. When Naraku had you under a spell, what was it that you thought about?

(Flashes back to Inuyasha's illusion)

Inuyasha: "I...I swear I'll always protect you."

(End of flashback)

Kikyo: Now, could you have said that if you going to kill me!? Embracing death together! Now that's a day I'll wait for.

Kikyo: You're careless, Naraku.
Naraku: So, Kikyo...
Kikyo: Once your little puppet is broken, you see nothing. Remember that. Your petty feats of minor sorcery cannot affect me. As for the barrier around the castle, the one you erected to keep out Inuyasha, that easy enough for me to break. You wanted it, didn't you? I leave it to you to stand guard over. After all, who needs its power more than you? And you do need it, don't you? Demon Naraku or is it half-demon Naraku?
Naraku: A mere half-demon, I, Naraku?
Kikyo: True, you've disguised yourself well, but you're still that fugitive human. And the blood of who you once were can never be erased.
Naraku: If so, why hand me the shards? Am I not the one you seek to avenge your death fifty year ago?
Kikyo: It was only my body that died. But with this new one, I'm even stronger. I don't ask that you understand. I am going back to the temple. I will neither run nor hide. Send a messenger if you need me.

Kikyo: Go, Naraku. Gather the shards of the Jewel. And when you have found them all, then I will send you to Hell. My soul is much freer than it was then. I am free to hate, free to love.

Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror [Episode 41][edit]

Inuyasha: (concerning Koharu) I hope you understand our position, Miroku- we can't take that girl with us!
Miroku: (sighs) I know.
Sango: Still, we cannot simply abandon the orphan child.
Miroku: True enough. Perhaps she can accompany us until we find a suitable family that can take the girl in.
Sango: (dryly) At the least- seeing it was you that asked her to bear your children.
Miroku: Oh, that. I ask the same question every single time I meet a new girl.
Sango: Every girl except one maybe. (pause, Miroku jumps in front of her and clasps her hand in his)
Miroku: Sango, would you consider bearing my-
Sango: Spare me, would ya?!

Season Three[edit]

Kikyo and the Dark Priestess[edit]

Tsubaki: What is this? This girl, Kagome? She is your reincarnation, is she not, Kikyo?
Kikyo: Tsubaki, I see that you have placed a curse on Kagome. Your powers will useless on the girl.
Tsubaki: Don't underestimate me. Kikyo, I have chanced since you last defeated me.
Kikyo: So I see. One glance tells me the entire account. Tsubaki, I know you sold your soul to a demon in exchange for youth.
Tsubaki: Clever girl. For youth and beauty, though.

(Flashback of fifty years ago)
Young Tsubaki: Ah. This youth and beauty. Some day I shall lose it. Is this the fate of all mortals? No. If I can take possession of the Sacred Jewel that Kikyo guards, then my beauty shall be eternal.
(Confronts Kikyo near the sakura trees)
Young Tusbaki: Go, my shikigami!
(Kikyo redirects the snake right back at her with the defective properties of her longbow)
Young: Damn you, Kikyo!
Kikyo: Now leave and I shall spare your life.

Tsubaki: I wasn't able to take the Sacred Jewel from you. But I collaborated with a demon and hence forth gained eternal youth and beauty. Not to mention my own demon power.
Kikyo: How foolish.
Tsubaki: You're one to talk. Tell me, how is it that you appear before me looking exactly as you did fifty years ago? Kikyo,'re dead. That body that you're inhabiting is neither mortal nor that of a demon. It's a counterfeit. Kikyo, you live on the essence of borrowed spirits' yet you dare lecture me?
Kikyo: I only came to ascertain the cause of the demon aura. I care not what happens to you, Tsubaki.

Three-Sided Battle to the Death[edit]

Naraku: Kikyo has been resurrected. She looks exactly as she did before.
Muso: She's...back?
Naraku: Yes, although she's not exactly the same as before.
Muso: Kikyo is alive?
Naraku: Want her?
Muso: Where is she!? Where is Kikyo!?
Naraku: I'm afraid I cannot grant your wish. Return to me.

Muso: This time I will make Kikyo my woman!
Naraku: I don't think so.

Muso: Stop! Let me see Kikyo!
Inuyasha: Huh?
Muso: I must see Kikyo!! Kikyo! Kikyo!! KIKYO!"
Naraku: Such bitterness, such festering greed. Give it up, Muso, Kikyo is exactly the same as you- Made of nothing but clay and dirt. Her soul is a mere phantom of the past.

Kikyo: I understand now. I am Kikyo and yet not Kikyo. That's why I resisted, yet why? Why does my heart yearn so? Inuyasha. Which does my heart wish for?

Gap Between the Ages[edit]

Kikyo: I understand. Naraku's demonic aura remains as persistent and elusive as before. (thinking) I've had my soul collectors search for Naraku's demonic aura. But there is not even the hint of a barrier. How has he hidden such a strong miasma?

Mrs. Higurashi: (concerning Inuyasha's pained reaction) I gave him some curry, but maybe it was too spicy?
Kagome Higurashi: (dryly) That's surprising, coming from a guy who blows off a gaping hole in his gut.

Season Seven: The Final Act[edit]

Kagura's Wind[edit]

Kagome: This is Midoriko's cave. Midoriko was a priestess who had lived hundreds of years ago, battling demons with her vast spiritual powers. Until the demons' merged into one. Midoriko seized the demons' very spirits, forcing out her own. The crystallization of her spirit is known as the Shikon Jewel.

Inuyasha: Kikyo!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, I take it you followed the soul-collector?
Inuyasha: Kikyo, what do you intend to do with Midoriko's spirit?
Kikyo: This was from Naraku at Mount Hakurei.
Inuyasha: Weren't you healed?
Kikyo: For a short time, yes. But as you can see, the wound has now reopened. That is why I took Midoriko's soul. Using it is the only option I have. Otherwise, this body will be reduced to bone and soil before I can annihilate Naraku. Midoriko was priestess who had died, saying demons. In many ways, you might say, that she and I share the same soul. I am sure she will understand my reasons for doing this.
(Falls down into the water)
Inuyasha: Kikyo!! Her wound is healing.

Inuyasha: Are you okay now? That wound isn't going to reopen again, will it?
Kikyo: I do not know. That is why I must make haste.
Inuyasha: Can't you just wait until I defeat Naraku?
Kikyo: You cannot defeat Naraku with a sword. Listen to me, Inuyasha: Destroying Naraku requires the obliteration of his entire being, including his spirit. It doesn't matter if you destroy his body again and again. Naraku was originally created when demons' were merged into the body of the thief Onigumo. From the beginning he's had no true body. And I fear that the Shikon Jewel is the only power great enough to exterminate his soul. The Shikon Jewel must be restored at once! There will only be one chance! When Naraku obtains the complete Jewel, it will become completely defiled by his hand and merge with him. At that instant, we must purify the Jewel and Naraku with it. And I am the only one capable of this.
Inuyasha: Wait!! Kikyo!!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, now is not the time for hesitation! And it is too late now to turn back!
Inuyasha (thinking): Completing the Sacred Jewel requires taking Kohaku's fragment, which would mean taking Kohaku's life. Kikyo, you're not the woman capable of that, are you?

The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test[edit]

Kikyo: I know why you've come.
Kohaku: I'm here because I want you to use my shard.
Kikyo: Is that so? I'm aware you have been following me for quite some time. Do you understand what it will mean if I use your shard? Do you realize what will happen to you?
Kohaku: I understand. I'm willing to sacrifice my life.
Kikyo: Am I to believe, then, that you do not fear death?
Kohaku: I do not.
Kikyo (thinking): His eyes show no fear. Not even the slightest hesitation. Is life so painful for you that you welcome death? It saddens me greatly to think that if we had met under different circumstances, my own instinct would have been to heal this child's broken spirit and encourage him to live his life. But my duty now forbids me from doing that for him. Forgive me, Kohaku.

The End of Moryomaru[edit]

Koga: There's no mistaking it. That's Moryomaru's sent. Huh?
(Sees Kikyo and Kohaku together on the cliff)
Koga: It's that woman.
Kohaku: What is it, Lady Kikyo?
Kikyo: Kohaku, we are in the presence of another Sacred Jewel fragment.

Kikyo: Your name is Koga, is it not? Have you also come here in pursuit of Moryomaru?
Koga: Yeah, I have. You, too, right?
Kikyo: Listen to me: Cease your pursuit of Moryomaru.
Koga: Lady, I heard you were reckless, not stupid.
Kikyo: I have no intention of taking your life. I need only for you to give me the Sacred Jewel fragments in your legs.
Koga: All right! Now I'm sure you're insane.
Kikyo: You must have noticed by now. Those shards in your legs are being controlled by the will of another. I'm sure you experienced the sensation many times now, where your legs stopped moving in the face of an enemy.
Koga: Kagome told me about it. She said it's happening because of an ancient priestess named Midoriko.
Kikyo: And now I have joined her spirit with mine for the sake of defeating Naraku. In order to destroy him, the Shikon Jewel must be completed and purified as a whole. Every time your legs stop moving, it is because Midoriko is trying to give Naraku your shards. However, if you lose your shards in the midst of battle, you may very well lose your life as well.
Koga: Oh, I see! So you were just hoping I'd hand over my shards and run away, right?
Kikyo: I made a vow to bury Naraku. You have my word.
Koga: Don't give me that!! You listen to me!! You're not the only who's got a score to settle with Naraku!! He murdered dozens- no hundreds- of my fellow wolf-demon tribe members!! And still you expect me to run away just to save myself!!?
(Kikyo shoots a sacred arrow)
Koga: Guess you were aiming for my legs! Big mistake. Well, it's been interesting. But if I waste anytime here, I'll never catch up with Moryomaru. See ya, Kikyo!

Kohaku: Lady Kikyo.
Kikyo: I tried to prevent an unnecessary sacrifice but I failed.
Kohaku: Moryomaru is getting away. We should go quickly!
Kikyo: Yes.

Kohaku: Lady Kikyo, an enormous demonic presence.
Kikyo: Indeed. It would appear that Moryomaru is not alone.
Kohaku: You mean Naraku is there, too?
Kikyo: Hmm.

The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa[edit]

Inuyasha: Hey, scrawny wolf! You're lucky to be alive. If you were smart, you'd give us your shards and go back to your wolf-demon pack!
Koga: Huh! You're starting to sound like Kikyo. I guess it's no surprise, considering you two were an item, right?
Inuyasha: That's none of your damn business!! and I'll kill ya!!
Shippo (thinking) Having Koga around really changes his mood. I don't like it.

Naraku: During the battle, I sensed Kohaku's fragment emitted a frighteningly pure light. It occurred to to that if I were to take it carelessly my Shikon Jewel would be instantly purified and I myself along with it. I believe that is Kikyo's very intention.

Naraku: So she's free. She's escaped my web.
Bakuya: So what will you do, Naraku?
Naraku: Isn't it obvious? I will take Kikyo's life as I had originally planned.

Naraku's Empty Wish[edit]

Naraku: All those years ago, the Sacred Jewel was supposed to have been burned with Kikyo's corpse and be erased from this world. However, the Shikon Jewel used Kikyo's lingering affections for Inuyasha, as well as Kagome's, her own reincarnation, to return to this world. Even so, it continued to spread disaster after being shattered as it slowly but surely reassembled, even transcending time itself. The Shikon Jewel will never go away, even if I am destroyed.

Kagome: Naraku? Naraku what were you trying to accomplish? You've always done the same thing while fighting us. You deceived Kikyo and Inuyasha into killing each other, forced the siblings Sango and Kohaku to fight, and used Miroku and Sango's feelings of love against them. But why? Is that what you truly wanted?
Naraku: Why ask this now?
Kagome: You could never have done these things without understanding the human heart. You always sneer at our ties of friendship and love and you try to tear them apart because of you know how important such bonds are.
Inuyasha (thinking): Kagome, what are you doing?
Kagome: Nothing will ever satisfy you because the Shikon Jewel didn't grant your real wish.
Naraku: This woman...
Kagome: You're hesitating, aren't you? You may have a complete Shikon Jewel but you haven't fully absorbed it yet. You know that when you do, you'll turn into a monster; in body and heart.
Naraku (thinking): My hesitation.

Thoughts Fall Short[edit]

Kagome: Nothing will ever satisfy you because the Shikon Jewel didn't grant your real wish!
Naraku: My real wish, you say? That's right. Now I remember. All I ever wanted was Kikyo's heart. Hmm. It seems I won't be joining this or the next world.

Naraku: At that very moment, I made a final wish upon the Shikon Jewel.
Kagome: "That moment"?
Naraku: The moment Bakuya of the Dreams cut through you with his blade.
Shippo: Hang on! She was cut by Bakuya?
Naraku: That wish shall be granted when I die. However, it was not my wish to begin with. The Shikon Jewel forced me to make its wish. In the end, I was but its instrument.

The Scared Jewel (in a low and soft male voice): The well has been sealed. There is nowhere for you to go.
Kagome: It's the Shikon Jewel!

Kagome: Where am I!? What did you do to me!?
The Sacred Jewel: Kagome, you are where you've been all along.
Kagome: That's impossible! I was at home and going to high school!
The Sacred Jewel: That was an illusion, nothing more. It was glimpse of the future you might have had. Do you wish to return to that world? It's not too late. Wish upon the Shikon Jewel and what you saw shall be yours once more. That or do nothing and you shall spend the rest of eternity here, alone in the darkness.

Toward Tomorrow[edit]

Inuyasha: What? A human?
Demons' Spirits: That is the priestess who created the Shikon Jewel.
Inuyasha: So that's Midoriko?
Demons' Spirits: She has been doing battle with us for hundreds of years ever since the Jewel was born. And Kagome will suffer the same fate.
Inuyasha: There's no way I'm gonna let that happen!! Huh? Naraku!? You're still alive?
Demons' Spirits: He's dead but soon he shall come back to life. When Kagome gives in to her fear of the darkness, and falls prey to the traps set by the Jewel, Naraku will awaken and a new battle of spirits shall begin within the Shikon Jewel. A battle that will continue forever. From the very moment the Jewel was first transported through time to the Feudal era; from the beginning this has been Kagome's fate.
Inuyasha: So that's why the Shikon Jewel brought Kagome and Naraku here!? It wants their spirits to fight each other for all eternity?
Demon Spirits: Kagome was born to become a part of the Jewel and fight within it. That is the point of her existence.

The Sacred Jewel (in a soft and low male voice): Do you wish to see Inuyasha? Answer me, Kagome. Do you wish to see him?
Kagome: Just like Kikyo. She wished to see Inuyasha again. And even Naraku. I'm sure his wish was a modest one, too. What they didn't know was that the Shikon Jewel never grants your real wish.
The Sacred Jewel: Then what will you do?

Demon Spirits: It is as we've told you. There is only one way for the two of you to meet again. And that is for Kagome to wish upon the Jewel and be trapped within it as a fallen priestess. You've made it worse, half demon. For the sound of your voice has only given Kagome false hope.
Inuyasha: What?
Demon Spirits: Now she will undoubtedly make a wish. "Inuyasha, I want to see you again."
Inuyasha: Kagome!!
Demon Spirits: We will never let her hear your voice again!
Inuyasha: Shut up!

The Shikon Jewel: Be true to your heart, Kagome. You want to see Inuyasha. Wish it and it shall be so.
Kagome: Is the one and only correct wish? The one and only correct wish. I just figured it out. I understand now.

Kagome: If Inuyasha hadn't come, I would have given in my fear of the darkness and would never have found the correct answer. But now, with Inuyasha my my side, I am not afraid anymore. Shikon Jewel, disappear! Forever!
(The Jewel breaks, emanating a soft yellow light. The spirits of the demons' vanish as does Naraku, and the spirit of the priestess Midoriko, now free to pass on to the afterlife)
Kagome: It's over.
Inuyasha: Yeah. It's finally over.


Affections Touching Across Time[edit]

Kagome: The Sacred Tree. This is where I first met Inuyasha. And it's where Kikyo and Inuyasha parted. They were so close. They understood each other. And still loves Inuyasha.

Karon: This girl possesses unusually strong spiritual powers. Is she a priestess?
Harai: Impossible. Look at the odd way she's dressed.
Menomaru: Use this.
Karon: A Sacred Jewel shard?
Menomaru: One with power as great as mine has no need for it.

About InuYasha[edit]

  • The biggest issue was whether to have the heroine Kagome remain in the past or the present at the end, and since the anime's completion in 2004, I'd been constantly torn about it. As a result, that was the time I had the feeling I should be storyboarding the final chapter. Regardless of which world she chose, "separation" was unavoidable, so in the end, I decided I wanted to go in a direction where Kagome was happy, and people would still be pleased when they finished reading.
  • I figured that "collecting" of items and companions was the basis of storytelling.
  • Rather than say I want to write a lot of characters, when it's a long-running serialization, the number of characters just multiplies. But, having a lot of characters helps me write a lot of stories without it getting boring.
  • Writing characters to have happy endings is so I can feel good about the story once I've finished it. Even when I'm writing stories with a lot of sadness and hardship, I like stories where it's all redeemed somewhere.
  • Even with villains, I'm unable to write a character that I truly hate. When I'm writing evil characters, I think a lot about why they became evil, and what sort of background and motivation they have. I couldn't write them any other way.
  • Rumiko Takahashi, Shonen Jump January 2009 [1]
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