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Jaws 2 is a 1978 film horror-thriller film and the second film in the Jaws movie franchise, continuing the story of the 1975 film.

Directed by Jeannot Szwarc. Written by Carl Gottlieb and Howard Sackler, based on characters created by Peter Benchley.

Police Chief Martin Brody[edit]

  • (showing Mayor Vaughn a picture from the recovered camera) You bet your life I made up my mind, but i'm telling you and everybody in this room, that's a shark. I know what a shark looks like because I've seen one up close. And you better do something about this one, because I don't intend to go through that hell again!
  • (after seeing a dead Orca whale bitten) You don't think that a Shark was destroyed, then another shark will come
  • (he tells his son Mike that he got him a job) I talked to the manager at the beach and he got a job that's gonna last until you start school. I want that boat out the water by tomorrow night, and I mean it.
  • (after arriving to the lighthouse seeing no one there) oh, shit...i'm all alone here
  • (he tells his wife) What is about this place? Everybody's a boat freak
  • (he talks to Mayor Vaughn) I think we have another Shark problem

Narrator from movie trailer[edit]

  • When the movie Jaws first opened, it created a sensation. And shark sightings increased by the thousands. In all the vast and unknown depth of the ocean, how could there have only been one.
  • The all new Jaws 2. See it... before you go back in the water.


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