Jaws: The Revenge

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Jaws: The Revenge is a 1987 film about the widow of Chief Brody who becomes convinced a shark is seeking revenge on her family.

Directed by Joseph Sargent. Written by Michael de Guzman.
This Time It's Personal. (taglines)

Michael Brody[edit]

  • [to torch-wielding welder wife Carla] I've always wanted to make love to an angry welder. I've dreamed of nothing else since I was a small boy.
  • I'm scared shitless. What the hell am I supposed to do if I can't go back out in the water?

Ellen Brody[edit]

  • Come and get me, you son of a bitch.
  • Can't believe I started all this. I feel like such a grandma!

Hoagie Newcombe[edit]

  • Damn passengers! You're all the same! Complain, complain! [shark rises out of water] Ohh shit!


  • Come here you overgrown goldfish, come to Uncle Jake!
  • How come your heart's so much stronger than mine, you got two of them?


Michael Brody: How come it's my responsibility?
Carla Brody: Because.
Michael Brody: Oh. OK, now I understand; all you had to do was explain it. I take out the garbage... because.

Michael Brody: Dad died of a heart attack!
Ellen Brody: No. He died from fear. The fear of it killed him.

Hoagie Newcombe: I have an irresistible urge to kiss you, Ellen Brody.
Ellen Brody: Why?
Hoagie Newcombe: Because... it would not occur to you why.

Polly: There's an old dock pile, it has to be cleared before the fishermen come back.
Sean Brody: Where's Lenny?
Polly: Up to Ben Master's place, cow-tipping.
Sean Brody: Cow-tipping?

Jake: That's fair, man. That's fair.
Michael Brody: I don't know shit about electronics.
Jake: Boy, you don't know shit about anything. It's time you learn! I'll teach you how to wear your hair!

Hoagie Newcombe: Hang on to your socks, lads.
Jake: Hey! Wait a minute, man! You sure you know how to do this?
Hoagie Newcombe: Of course not! What kind of pilot do you think I am?


  • This time, it's personal!
  • Man's deepest fear has risen again.


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