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I think all men are equal, be they Slants, Beaners, or Niggers.

Jesse Alexander Helms (October 18, 1921 – July 4, 2008) was a former five-term Republican U.S. Senator from North Carolina.



  • Compromise, hell! That's what happened to us all down the line -- and that's the very cause of our woes. If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?


  • I've been portrayed as a caveman by some. That's not true. I'm a conservative progressive, and that means I think all men are equal, be they Slants, Beaners, or Niggers.
    • North Carolina Progressive (February 6, 1985), as quoted in the Democratic Alliance.


  • I reject that criticism because this is indeed another kind of holocaust, by another name. At last count, more than 40 million unborn children have been deliberately, intentionally destroyed. What word adequately defines the scope of such slaughter? [After 9/11] the American people responded with shock, sadness and a deep and righteous anger — and rightly so. Yet let us not forget that every passing day in our country, more than three thousand innocent Americans are killed [through abortion].
    • As quoted in Here's Where I Stand (2005).

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