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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is an ongoing manga series created by Araki Hirohiko. It has been adapted into an OVA, five anime parts, and several video games. It has also spawned light novels, most notably including Rohan at the Louvre and Kishibe Rohan Meets Gucci. Running since 1986, it is currently on its 8th part, JoJolion, with a 9th part in development.

The anime currently has five seasons, covering the first six parts of the manga with Stone Ocean released worldwide on Netflix in December 2021 before its scheduled airing on Japanese television in January 2022.

Phantom Blood: Dio the Invader A Letter From the Past Youth With Dio Overdrive The Dark Knights Tomorrow's Courage Successor Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio The Final Hamon!
Battle Tendency: New York's JoJo The Game Master The Pillar Man JoJo vs. the Ultimate Lifeform Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times A Hero's Proof Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach The Deeper Plan Von Stroheim's Revenge A Race Towards the Brink
Young Caesar A Hundred Against Two A True Warrior The Warrior of Wind The Ties That Bind JoJo The Birth of a Superbeing!! The Ascendant One
Stardust Crusaders: A Man Possessed By an Evil Spirit Who Shall Judge!? DIO's Curse Tower of Grey Silver Chariot Dark Blue Moon Strength The Devil Yellow Temperance The Emperor and the Hanged Man
The Empress Wheel of Fortune Justice The Lovers The Sun Death 13 Judgement The High Priestess Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'Doul Khnum's Oingo and Tohth's Boingo
Anubis Bastet's Mariah Set's Alessi D'Arby the Gambler Hol Horse and Boingo The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop D'Arby the Player The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice DIO's World The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends
Diamond is Unbreakable: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo The Nijimura Brothers Koichi Hirose (Echoes) Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface) Yukako Yamagishi Is In Love Let's Go Out for Italian Red Hot Chili Pepper Picked Up Something Bad! Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House
Let's Go 'Hunting'! Rohan Kishibe's Adventure 'Shigechi's' Harvest Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life Yukako Yamagishi's Vision of Cinderella Sheer Heart Attack Atom Heart Father Yoshikage Kira's New Face Janken Boy is Coming! I Am An Alien
Highway Star The Cat That Likes Yoshikage Kira The Man on the Tower Enigma Boy My Dad Is Not My Dad! Cheap Trick Another One Bites the Dust The Invincible Crazy D
Vento Aureo: Gold Experience Buccellati is Coming Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall Joining the Gang Find Polpo's Fortune Moody Jazz's Counterattack Six Bullets Appears The First Mission from the Boss Hitman Team Narancia's Li'l Bomber
The Second Mission from the Boss Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze Express Train to Florence The Grateful Dead Baby Face Head to Venice! White Album The Final Mission from the Boss The Mystery of King Crimson The 'G' in Guts
Clash and Talking Head Notorious B.I.G. Spice Girl A Little Story From The Past ~My Name Is Doppio~" King Crimson vs. Metallica Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling Get to the Roman Colosseum! "Green Day" and "Oasis" His Name is Diavolo The Requiem Quietly Plays
Diavolo Surfaces King of Kings Gold Experience Requiem The Sleeping Slave
Stone Ocean: Stone Ocean Stone Free The Visitor Prisoner of Love Ermes’s Stickers There's Six of Us! Foo Fighters Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson Operation Savage Guardian Torrential Downpour Warning
Kiss of Love & Revenge The Secret of Guard Westwood Burn Dragon's Dream Birth of the "Green" Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! F.F. - The Witness Awaken Whitesnake - The Pursuer Jail House Lock! Bohemian Rhapsody
Sky High! Under World Heavy Weather The New Moon's Gravity C-Moon Made In Heaven
Steel Ball Run: Introduction First Race Interim The Desert Born Outlaws The Devil's Palm Gyro Zeppeli's Mission The Terrorist from a Faraway Country Tusk Scary Monsters A Man's World
The Green Tomb Catch the Rainbow (On a Stormy Night...) Silent Way The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain Tubular Bells Wrecking Ball Civil War Both Sides Now Chocolate Disco D4C
Ticket to Ride Ball Breaker Break My Heart, Break Your Heart High Voltage The World of the Stars and Stripes
JoJolion: Welcome to Morioh Town His Name Is Josuke Higashikata Their Family Tree The Lemon and the Tangerine Morioh Town: 1901 Tsurugi Higashikata's Goal, and the Architect King Nothing Every Day Is a Summer Vacation Eldest Son: Jobin Higashikata Follow the Rokakaka Tree!
The Twins Are Coming to Town Hato's Boyfriend Walking Heart Dawn of the Higashikata Household Dolomite's Blue Lagoon Mother and Child Escape from Mount Hanarero North of the Higashikata Household. The Orchard Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Wu Tomoki Please Come With Me. Doctor Wu
The Wonder of You TG University Hospital Head Doctor: Satoru Akefu Whole Lotta Love Just Don't Move The Ultimate Dilemma Go Beyond When All Curses Are Broken
Rohan at the Louvre All Star Battle Catchphrases
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Part I, Phantom Blood[edit]

Dio the Invader [1.01][edit]

Dario: Listen, Dio. I am not long for this world.
Dio: ...
Dario: When I die (cough cough) you get yourself to the Joestar mansion along with this letter. The fool thinks he owes me. This is your ticket to greatness. It's your only chance, Dio. Go out there and take this useless world for all you can get.
(Later, at Dario's grave)
Dio (monologue): Devil that you were, you drove mother to an early grave. I'm glad you're dead; may you burn for your sins. The riches that eluded your grasp -- I will claim them in excess. You lacked the cunning to take what you wanted, but I'll prevail! (Outloud) Now burn! *spits on his father's grave*

Bullies: Erina's a cry-baby! Erina's a cry-baby! Erina's a cry-baby!
Jonathan: Give her back her doll!
Bully 1: Are you her friend?
Jonathan: I've never met her in my life!
[Jonathan attacks, but is easily knocked down as the bully notices his handkerchief]
Bully 1: Now that I know you're some rich man's kid, I've only just started!
[After Jonathan is beaten up by Erina's bullies, and Erina attempts to help him up.]
Jonathan: Pant pant... Let me be! [Slaps Erina's hand away] Whatever you think, I did not do this for you!
Erina: !
Jonathan: I wish to conduct myself as a gentleman! A true gentleman is brave and comes to the aid of those in need. Even if it's a fight he has no chance of winning, he joins the fray! One day, I will get strong enough to win.
[Jonathan walks off, learning his hankerchef behind for Erina to pick up.]
Erina (reading the name): Jonathan Joestar.

Jonathan: You must be Dio.
Dio: And you must be Jonathan, heir of the Joestars.
Jonathan: That is Danny, my loyal and steadfast friend. Don't worry, Danny knows not to pounce on strangers.
[As Danny approaches, Dio kicks the Great Dane upside his head to Jonathan's horror]
Jonathan: What was that for?! How dare you!
Dio (monologue): So this is the brat I must usurp. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is quick to anger....This pampered fool is nothing for the likes of Dio Brando!

Dio: (While grabbing Jonathan by his ear after knocking him over) Know this. I may be your guest in your home but I'm not one to be trifled with. In all things, I am number one! Look down upon me and you will regret it!
Jonathan: But Dio, I want us to be friends-
Dio: And another thing, I despise all mongrels. They don't scare me, I just can't stand them fawning over the unworthy. So keep your mangy mutt away from me, Joestar!"

Dio (monologue, after beating Jonathan in a boxing match): Loneliness will devour a man from within. I'll reduce JoJo to a an empty husk. Bit by devious bit, I'll steal the life he was meant to have. By the time we're grown, there'll be nothing left of him!

Dio (After forcefully kissing Erina on the lips): Tell me... Have you and JoJo kissed yet? I'll take that as a no. You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio! (Monologue) I've killed their romance before it began. I'll deny JoJo the comfort of friendship AND love!!
[He then sees Erina washing her lips with a muddy puddle, infuriating him.]
Dio: YOU UNGRATEFUL WENCH! HOW DARE YOU THINK MY KISS IS SOMETHING TO BE WASHED! (monologue) Hold yourself, you damnable fool. She's not worth it.

Jonathan (Storming into his home in rage): "DIIIIIOOOOOO!"
Dio: "Hold your tongue, boy! You won't speak my name in vain again!"
Jonathan: "Your fight is with me!"
Dio: Upset about Erina? That she shared her favors with me. And now you intend to give me a proper thrashing for my impudence"
Jonathan: [charging Dio] "This time, Dio, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!"
Dio: You may be right, but you're the one who will PAY! [knocks the wind of out Jonathan] If you wish to repeat out earlier bout, then be my guest! [Overpowers Jonathan before knocking him into the wall.]
Jonathan (monologue): "I..I can't lay a finger on him. If I lose now, I'll spend the rest of my life cowering under Dio's shadow. But more importantly, I have to fight.. I have to defend Erina's honor!"
[Dio throws his shirt as he is about to finish the fight.]
Dio (monologue): "Time to put an end to this pissing contest. I'll defeat this boy in his own home. He'll understand that his place in this world is under my heel."
[Dio suddenly finds himself getting pummeled on by Jonathan]
Jonathan (pummeling Dio): DIOOO! I'm going to beat you until you cry like a baby, Dio!
Dio (monologue): "Impossible! How can this pampered brat beat me at a fight?"
Dio: How dare you…?! Bastard! How dare you strike me?!
Jonathan: Dio’s crying.
Dio: I’ll make you regret that, you filthy cur!

Dio (monologue): "Once I learned to control my temper, I will be invincible to even the likes of him."

A Letter From the Past [1.02][edit]

Dio (monologue): For seven years, I have to make nice with that buffoon. But now that I am of age, it is time for my plan to reach its fruition. At long last, the Joestar fortune will be mine. And Devil take anyone who tries to stop me.

Dio (forced to swear on Dario's name that he was not poisoning George): How can I swear...on the honor of the man who had none...? HE DESERVED TO DIE! HOW'S THAT FOR THE TRUTH, JOJO?!
Jonathan: (blocks Dio's punch) You gave me all the proof I need. I know not what compelled you to murder Dario, but murdered him you did. (blocks an attempted thumb-jab to the eye) You'll hurt father never again! (flings Dio over the stairs)
Dio: Damn your eyes...

Robert E. O. Speedwagon: You do the honors, Tattoo.
Tattoo: Right!
Robert E. O. Speedwagon: Use that shiv of yours to slice him open! I want his guts for garters!
Jonathan: Ogre Street is aptly named.

Tattoo(to Jojo after he grabbed his knife): Check out this idiot! He grabbed by blade! In all my days, I've never seen the like! Stuck, ain't ya? One quick yank and you'll be picking your fingers out of the snow for a fortnight.
Jonathan: Try it, then! The moment you pull, my foot will kick out at your groin with all the force of a sledgehammer! I'm willing to see our transaction through. Are you, sirrah?

Robert E. O. Speedwagon: If you're lookin' to lose body parts, do stick around! Observe! (Reveals the blades on his bowler hat) I'll mince ya right finely, with a tip of the hat. And now we dance!

Robert E. O. Speedwagon: I took the lad for an easy mark. Guess I've been right disabused of that notion!

Robert E. O. Speedwagon: I wanna know the name of him who spared me.
Jonathan: Jonathan Joestar.

Drunkard 2 (takes out a knife after seeing his friend get hurt by Dio): Just for that, I'm gonna cut you!
Dio (to drunkard): Ohh. Your threat has been quaking in my boots, you old guttersnipe. How will I escape this mortal peril? How about I use this? (Takes out the mask.) It's for JoJo. But you'll make a nice guinea pig.
Drunkard 2: Just die already!
[Dio plants the mask on the drunkard, using his knife to slit the first drunkard's throat. The mask activates, but ends anti-climatically.]
Dio: You've disappointed me, mask.
[Dio is about to leave when the a now-vampirized drunkard attacks him, grabbing Dio by the throat while sucking the blood out of him.]
Drunkard 2: It's odd. I've been drinking through the night, but suddenly I've got such a brutal thirst.
Dio (monolongue while screaming in pain): So this is the power of the Stone Mask?...I have such plans. Must the last thing I see on this world be this damnable sunrise!?
[The vampirized drunkard is reduced to dust to Dio's shock.]

Youth With Dio [1.03][edit]

Speedwagon (to Dio): Right about now, you're probably wondering who I am. Allow me to elucidate ya! The name is Robert E. O. Speedwagon! I had a hunch Jonathan's run of trouble might not be done, so I followed him back home. I like you, Jonathan, so I'm gonna offer up this little tidbit pro bono: living in the gutter, you learn to spot lowlifes pretty quick if you want to see tomorrow. I've trained my nose to sort out the bad ones from the good just from a sniff. This fellow reeks of brimstone and blood worse than anyone I've ever laid eyes on!
[Speedwagon kicks a candle which Dio instinctively dodges]
Speedwagon: He is PURE EVIL, right down to his very bones! Is he a victim of circumstance, you're wondering? Not on your life! He's been evil since he drew his first breath!

Dioː JoJo, it was hubris that led me to this ignominious end. This fall from grace has taught me a valuable lesson. However one may scheme or assemble, my downfall this night is part of the human condition... A condition that I now forsake.
Jonathan: Wait, forsake? What do you mean?
Dio: You see, I am about to become so much more! [Brandishes the Stone Mask] Help me shed this mortal skin!
Jonathan: Mother's mask!
Dio: JoJo! Your blood is the key!
[George intercepts the stab wound.]
Speedwagon: Oh my god!
Jonathan: FATHER!
[Dio laughs as he puts on the mask while activating it with George's blood while being gunned down by the constables.]

Jonathan: Father, hang on. The Doctor's on his way.
George Joestar: JoJo...don't hate Dio for what he's done. I am to blame for this. I was hard on you because you're a Joestar. I went too easy on Dio and he might have felt I didn't care. Perhaps he did this for want of a father's love. Please... See that he's to Dario...
Jonathan: Father...
George Joestar: Don't look so sad, JoJo... Where better to die...than in the arms...of my...son...?
Constables: Sir Joestar!
Head Constable: We lost much this night. A noble man's soul...has been taken from the world.
Speedwagon: You're wrong! All that was good in that man, he passed it along to Jonathan, every bit of it! You can be sure JoJo's gonna live an upright life, using what his father gave him. Rich folks are rubbish. Watching 'em flounce around, I wanna throw the whole lot of them into the Thames! But not the Joestars. They're heroic and merciful and, just...the whole damn lot of them are giants among men!

Dio (After getting shot in the head by Speedwagon): JoJo, I should thank you for the source of my newfound power! Your father's blood...and the ancient stone mask! WRRRYY...
Jonathan (watching Dio kill a constable): He takes his very life, but how is that possible! Dio, you villain, what sort of monster have you become?ǃ
[Dio tosses the constable at the others, killing them instantly while knocking Speedwagon down]
Speedwagon: UWHOOAH?ǃ
Jonathan: Even Speedwagon is afraid! [1]

Dio (looking for Jonathan, seeing the blood flowing from a curtain): You were a fool to attack me. I have disowned my weakness in favor of life everlasting! You're behind the curtain like Polonius. And like Polonius, it is there that you shall meet your end! (Pulls the curtain, only to be set on fire.)
Jonathan: No one's immortal! Not even you!

Jonathan: Know this, it ends here! You will not leave this place alive!
Speedwagon: No! That's lunacy- (Gets backed out of the manor by a backdraft.)
Dio Brando (walking up the wall after Jonathan): Luring me away from the gutter rat? How very noble of you. No matter. I'll drain you dry, and your blood will help me amend from this little adventure. You climb the wall in vain, JoJo. In your haste to flee from me, all you had done is guarantee your doom. You will be consumed tonight, by the inferno below or by me.
Jonathan (thought): Father...Rest in peace. Let the smoke guide your soul to heaven. But first, please lend me your strength one final time. Let the fire burn around you.

[During the fight between Dio and Jonathan in the burning mansion, while Jonathan is clinging to Dio.]
Dio: Die for nothing, fool!
[Dio kicks Jonathan away; Jonathan screams as he begins to fall into the flames.]
Dio All I lose is the sacrifice of your blood I would've taken. Blacken and burn among the bones of your damnable father, Jojo! I am a god in all but name! With the powers at my command, I will rule this world! Thank you, brother, for this great boon!

Dio Brando (Thought) I crushed his arm bones to splinters and he's already ablaze, but his grip on me is still that of a vice! (Out loud) So be it JoJo! Consign us onto the flame! But, perish knowing that I will survive this moment! For everything you have done, even this inferno cannot devour me!!
[Through luck, Jonathan managed to propel himself out of his burning home while impaling Dio on the statue of Venus as he is horrifically burned alive.]
Dio: AAAAHHHHHHH!!! (monologue) HOW COULD A WORM LIKE YOU-!? I-I forgot who I was dealing with! Bloody his nose, and he comes back twice as fierce! (out loud) JOJO!! (monologue) I have such plans for this world!! Such...plans!!

Overdrive [1.04][edit]

Speedwagon: Jonathan won his fight against that fiend...But he lost a lot. Poor sod. He's been in hospital for three days now... Losing his father and home, he's completely alone in the world now! I want to give him a reason to live! Don't give up on the world, JoJo!...

Speedwagon: Spirit! That's what he needs, and I am to give it to him!

Speedwagon: It's late at night, but there's a lamp coming from his room. (Looks inside) This is- That woman... I'm surprised a nurse would stay with him so late! Her hands are bruised! She's soothed his burns with ice water hundreds, no, thousands of times!
(Jonathan wakes up.)
Erina: Thank goodness...
Speedwagon: He's conscious!
Erina: The worst is over. You'll be okay now.
Jonathan: Have you... Been taking care of me this whole time? You... I can't believe you're here! I remember... No, you can't be... That's impossible... You look like a girl I used to know...
Nurse: Her name wouldn't be by chance Erina Pendleton, would it? It has been a long time, Jonathan Joestar.... JoJo.
Jonathan: Erina! You've grown!
Erina: Me? Not as much as you. But... (gets teary) It really has been so long...
[Speedwagon takes his leave]
Speedwagon: She makes a better Florence Nightingale than I do, anyhow. You rest up, JoJo. Speedwagon withdraws coolly.

Jack the Ripper (killing a harlot he lured to murder): Shoulda made an early night about it, harlot! Big mistake!
Dio: Most men's hearts are restrained by mortal, recoiling in fear from the fabulous fruits of evil. But some do not constrain themselves to the mortality and its tyranny. They are the Vanguard. Serve me, Jack the Ripper. Submit yourself to me, and I shall give powers beyond your belief. I ask for only one thing in return.

Jonathan: He's been watching us for a while now.
Erina: Is something wrong?
Jonathan: Oh, noth—
Will Zeppeli: Signor Joestar, I presume? And the lass by your side must be Signora Erina Pendleton.
Jonathan: Who are you!?
Will Zeppeli: You survived the Stone Mask! Not many can claim that!
[He hits Jonathan in the stomach, causing him to kneel over.]
Erina: JoJo!
Will Zeppeli: That's it... Breathe out every last ounce of air in your lungs!
Erina: Why? He was wounded already, you cad!
stranger: I knocked the wind out of him, but he'll thank me for it.
Jonathan (while his body full heals): What!? What's happening to my body!? My arm!
Will Zeppeli: Baron Zeppeli, at your service. Courage alone will not defeat the stone mask.
Jonathan: The compound fracture in my arm... it barely hurts anymore! I can even lift this heavy rock!
Erina: I can't believe it!
Jonathan: What did you do!? Who... No, what are you!?
Will Zeppeli: One question at a time, JoJo. It's nothing I did. Your breath quelled your pain on its own. Achoo!
Jonathan: Why did you do this!? How do you even know my- (Zepelli is no where to be seen) He's gone.
Will Zeppeli: What part of "one question at a time" eluded you? Follow me, amigo, and I shall show you. But know this, what you are about to see will change your destiny forever!

Dio (killing a girl for her blood): With each meal, a bit of my strength returns... What a simple thing, the food chain. As pigs feed on grass, so does man feed upon them. And I, at the top of it all, feed upon the humans. They exist to serve me and quell my thirst. (crushes the dead woman's skull) Go, Jack, it’s supper time.
(The zombified Jack eats the girl's corpse)
Dio: Now to swell the ranks of my diabolical army and send it hence. I will stand astride this world! Humanity will kneel at Dio Brando’s feet!

Jonathan: Why did we stop?
Speedwagon: Oi, mate! Hurry it up!
Jonathan: Keep an eye out! Sunlight can't protect us in here!
Speedwagon: Well? What's wrong?
[Speedwagon screams seeing the cabman dead with a severed horse head on his shoulders.]
Jonathan: Is it Dio? It has to be him.
Will Zeppeli: Listen, both of you. Step away from the horses.
[Jack emerges from the body of one of the headless horses]
Speedwagon: What in the blue hell?! That crazy blighter's inside a horse! Good God! This one's mad as a hatter! Dio's evil, yeah, but I ain't seen him jump out of any animal so far!
Jonathan: He must be gathering minions, and who knows how many he might have!
Will Zeppeli: Stand aside, my young friends. I'll do the fighting. He is a zombie. They must feed on living flesh to survive. However, they are in constant thrall to their master, not unlike marionettes.
Jack the Ripper: Oh, you lads is both as white as a sheet. All the blood is drained from your faces. Maybe I should cut off those useless heads of yours, and watch it spray out of you necks? (stabs a knife into his face) Now, you milted corpses-to-be, prepare for the carnage!
Will Zeppeli: Tell me, what's his next move? You must think as he does. JoJo, this strategy will serve you in good stead. Ask yourself, what would be the most advantageous thing for my foe to do next? Him, for example. If he blocks off the tunnel's entrance, we can't retreat into the sunlight!
(Jack grabs the carriage)
Will Zeppeli: Just as I predicted, he's blocked our retreat!
Jonathan: Speedwagon, jump!
[Jack forces knives out from his body.]
Jonathan: Knives are coming out of him!
Speedwagon: Baron Zeppeli, you didn't say nothin' about fighting a pincushion!
Will Zeppeli: Hamon Cutter! I'm afraid your blades are rather dull compared by Hamon Cutter.

Will Zeppeli: JoJo, this creature illustrates a principle. Imagine a miniscule flea, so small that it’s barely visible. Why is it they bite humans who tower over them without a single thought to their own safety? Would you call their behavior “courageous”? Of course not, it’s hunger compelling them.
[Jack charges Zepelli]
Will Zeppeli: I will tell you what courage is, JoJo! Courage is to look your fear in the eye and know that it has no dominion over you! Fear scatters your breathing. When you toss your fear into the dust, breathing is the sword ever at your hip! Breathe with courage and you will never want for Hamon. Bravery is our birthright, lads! And for all the abilities they may bring into a battle, courage is something a zombie relinquished when he took this form! THEY’RE NO BETTER THAN FLEAS! SENDO WAVE KIIIIIIICK!!!
[Damages Jack's face]
Will Zeppeli: A knee to the face seems to made our friend here lose his braggadocio.

Will Zeppeli: JoJo, you can finish him off. Destroy the brain, It's the only way. Anything else and risk him coming back again.
Jack the Ripper: Time for the slaughter, you naughty pigs! (pulls a lever, that opens a secret passage that he escapes into) I'll cut you all one by one!

Will Zeppeli: I leave you this clue, "There were no Vikings in the land of Norway until the North Wind came and created." If you as so much spill a drop of viento....I do not care how well you utterly defeat him, I will abandon you here and now!
Speedwagon: Oi! Have you lost your mind!?
Will Zeppeli: I know what I'm doing!
Jonathan: I understand. I will be like Vikings and brave this hardship.

Will Zeppeli: The harsh wind blowing down over the Arctic Ocean birthed the fearsome Vikings. Only when we are tossed headlong into the crucible of adversity do we rise to the challenge. What will a glass of vino create this night? If he should fail, Dio has already won.

Jonathan: I found you, zombie! Stone wall will not protect you! SENDO HAMON...OVERDRIVE! (channels his Hamon through the wall)
Jack the Ripper: Turn the corner so I can feast on you! (Gets hit by Hamon, knocking him back as his body dissolves)
Zeppeli: It seems you've passed the test with flying colors, JoJo. Boreas has fathered another Viking!

The Dark Knights [1.05][edit]

Jonathan: What happened?!
Zeppeli: Uh, well, Speedwagon has been begging me to share in your power. I meant to help him create just a little bit of Hamon as I did that first day with you. It seems I was too rough. Did my finger slip? Un migliaio di scuse (A thousand excuses), my dear Speedwagon.
Speedwagon (groaning): In English, please

[Chasing after Poco.]
Zeppeli: That sounded wonderful, JoJo. I see you've learned the Overdrive well.
Jonathan: So I should stand here, right?
Zeppeli: No, try two paces to the left. Two pounds say I'm right.
Poco: Huh? What just shocked me!?
[The boy is grabbed by Jonathan]
Zeppeli: Molto benio
Poco: Huh? What? Who are you?
Jonathan: Something's wrong with this boy. Did I overdo it with my Hamon?
Zeppeli: No, It's not just him. Look around us.
Jonathan: This is-
Speedwagon: A graveyard!
[Zombies grab their legs]
Zeppeli: Seems like we're the "nice catch" here. The boy must have been hypnotized.
Speedwagon: Jonathan! It's him!
Dio: The sun has set... You will not live to see another!

Speedwagon: I’ve been trying to steel my spine leading up to this little tete-a-tete, but it’s like the Grim Reaper’s breathing down me neck! I’m all a-sweat! How am I supposed to find my courage when my monster’s staring right at us, huh?! Sir Joestar loved him, and all he got for his troubles was death! Listen, you! You are gonna pay for it!
Zeppeli So this is Dio Brando. He and the zombies can't attack us while we stand in the sunlight...But in a field of darkness and carrion, he sees us as easy pickings. A man of such guile cannot have the stone mask! He must be perished from the world at all costs!

Zeppeli You must be Dio Brando. Jonathan and Speedwagon told me about you. To the mask you have in your possession, I say this...I will break you!
Zeppeli: Hey, bambino! Do you really want to fight on such uneven footing? Get down here!
Dio: Insect, who do you think you are? I am the pinnacle of all creation... To mere men, I am but a god to them... Do you believe I would lower myself to match a mere man? (projects his hatred as a shockwave that nearly knocks Zepelli off his feet)
Zeppeli I was nearly knocked down with a burst of pure hate. Already this Dio has the presence of tyrant!
Dio(showing off the last of his injuries): The injuries from my battle with JoJo are gone, save for this! Come, charlatan, and relinquish your blood to remove this last imperfection.
Zeppeli: Tell me...To undo your injuries, how many innocent lives did you consume?
Dio: I do not know. How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your lifetime?
Zeppeli: !!
Jonathan: DIO!!!

Dio: You should save your breath. You're going to need it for all the screaming I have in store for you! Tarukus! Bruford! Arise and fight at my command! Make their screams resound as testament to my power!
[The two knights arrive]
Speedwagon: Where did are they come from!?
Jonathan: Hide, Poco!

Speedwagon: I can read people like a book, and these two are full of stories Speedwagon don't wanna hear, thank you kindly!

Dio: They are knights, casualties of Queen Elizabeth's machinations against Mary, Queen of Scots, in the 15th Century. I leave them to you. Dispose of these vermin, in whichever way you will!

Tarukus: Elizabeth, you serpent! You took us for fools and murdered Mary anyways!
Bruford: I may die this day, but my hatred for you and your wretched family shall linger forever.
Knights: Curses on you, queen!

Dio: Their story of betrayal touched a nerve. From the earth, I've brought them life anew! I life they are mighty, now they are invincible!
Tarukus: Ureeyyy... We have sworn fealty to Dio...
Bruford: We will laid waste this world! It is beyond redemption!
Speedwagon: The hatred they bore when they died had 300 years to ferment! Dio turned their knighthood into monsters! Have your wits about you, JoJo

Bruford: This whelp is a champion of his time. He will make good practice in the art of war.
Zombie: This is one's flesh is mine! Oh yes! I already taste his cartilage!
Jonathan: Another Zombie?!
Bruford: He is our prey! Be away with you, you glutton! (knocks the zombie away)
Jonathan: (thought) He moves at infernal speed!
Bruford: Milord Dio! This whelp's courage intrigues me! Allow me to face him in solo combat and strike him down!
Dio: Do as you like.

[After Bruford and Jonathan hit the water, with Tarukus keeping Speedwagon and Zeppeli from interfering.]
Dio: (Thought) Jonathan is good as dead. He cannot match Bruford underwater. (Outloud) I shall go. There is no reason for me to remain! I shall turn this sleepy village into a necropolis. The zombies I'll create will devour England like a plague, and then the world!

Tomorrow's Courage [1.06][edit]

[During the fight with the Dark Knight Bruford]
Bruford: This is itǃǃ The coup de gras -- I shall slice off your head and bathe myself in your life-giving blood!
Jonathan: ...
Zeppeli: What?!
[Bruford swings his sword at Jonathan.]
[Jonathan stops Bruford's sword with his foot.]
Jonathan: Water's not the only thing that conducts Hamonǃ METAL SILVER OVERDRIVEǃǃ
[Disarms Bruford]
Zeppeli: Amazing! He channeled Hamon through Bruford's sword and hoist his pinard!
Jonathan: How my heart resonates! I'm pulsing with heat and life! My very blood is a symphony within me! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!"[2]

Speedwagon: He did it! 'Bout time we heard the crackle of Hamon!
Jonathan: (Monolongue) Bruford...For a moment, I felt something a miss. His past only complicates his current state. Take heart, JoJo. That man is no longer here. He's a zombie who intends to spread his evil! You must be the one to stop him!
Bruford: I am the Black Knight Bruford! It will take more than pain to stop me!
Jonathan:: A moment ago, you said this pain was nothing. That means… pain is something you can feel again.
Zeppeli: The flowers, they’re blooming all around him. Even now, the Hamon ravages the evil that animates Bruford’s long dead corpse. You see, the long-forgotten pain came back. Only humans know that sort of ache. Observe, my dear Speedwagon. His zombie body succumbs to the Hamon, but his noble soul is redeemed in the process.
Bruford: I have now reached a bizarre peace. I no longer resent this world... How ironic that I granted life anew, only to be struck down with gratitude to the one who fell me a second time... And now I shall return to my true master...I would like to know the name of he who bested me. Would you do me that honor?
Jonathan: Jonathan Joestar.
Bruford: Sir Jonathan... I leave you this sword, given to me by my precious Queen, and the word engraved upon it: luck. [Bruford uses his blood to add a 'P' to the beginning of the word 'luck' engraved onto his sword.] But first, let me affix my own benediction: pluck.
[Bruford dies.]
Jonathan: Sir Bruford! [3]

Jonathan: Rest in peace, Bruford. You've earned it. Such irony! Such a bizarre fate! Why did I have to kill him to save his soul!? Even sent to his death cursing the world, he had such pride! He had such a noble heart! But he had no say in being dragged back by Dio, and the power of the stone mask! I shall them both to Hell before the dawn breaks!
Speedwagon: JoJo! Behind you!
Jonathan: Tarukus!
[Taruku smashes Burford's armor]
Jonathan: You villain! That was the armor of a steadfast friend and comrade! He died with honor and dignity!
Tarukus: HE DIED LIKE A SPINELESS DOG! He was too clever by half, liked winning his fights by thinking. I just hit ‘em until they fall to pieces! What use have I got for clever? I carry a sword as tall as a man! None of you will get an easy death! UYYYURRY!

Speedwagon: Tarukus rammed straight into the wall!
Zeppeli: Thank your stars he did. Unlike their master, Dio's minions are not able to regenerate! He will not bother us!
[He sees Tarukus still alive and moving]
Zeppeli: He's nothing more than bloodlust given flesh! Even with his bones smashed to smithereens... He keeps climbing! Our goal is to defeat Dio, but we cannot with Tarukus dogging us like this. He must be dealt with, here and now! JoJo, it's perilous! Take the lad there within!

Tarukus: It's been so long... Three centuries since my last deathmatch in the Lair of the Two-Headed Dragon...I've killed 48 men in here! Killing's an art, and I'm a master!

Poco's Sister: Poco. You letting them beat you up again, weren't you? When are you going to stand up for yourself?
Poco: I...bloodied their noses!
Poco's Sister: When? Tomorrow? A year?
Poco: I don't know...
Poco's Sister: Poco, what frightens you more than anything else?
[Poco gets slapped in the face.]
Poco's Sister: I know that hurt, but you’re still in one piece. Pain’s not the worse thing. There’s something far worse. It’s growing up being too afraid to do anything. What kind of a life would that be?
Poco: I... sorry, sis!
Poco's Sister: There, there, Poco. Let's go home and get your clothes cleaned up.

Poco: (Thought while crawling through a window) Those monsters said they'll attack the village. If that JoJo guy dies, no one will be able to stop them! What if they hurt Sis? I have to protect her no matter what! (Outloud as he gets inside) Sis! I'm standing up to them now!
Jonathan: Stay back! He'll kill you!
Tarukus: Uyyyurry! Stay out of this fight you brat!
[Knocks Poco to a wall after Jonathan pulled him back.]
Poco: That hurt a lot... But I'm still in one piece... (pulls the lever, letting Speedwagon and Zeppeli in) I did good, right?
Speedwagon: You did well, Poco. Go get him, Zeppeli! Show the bastard what for!

Successor [1.07][edit]

Zeppeli: JoJo, here I come! To free a lion and release him into the future of his destiny.

(Tarukus seemingly kills Jonathan and Zeppeli with his Heaven-Hell Snake attack.)
Tarukus: Lord Dio, it is done. They are dead.
Speedwagon: This brutal savagery is unbelievable!
Tarukus (Notices Jonathan still alive): With a broken neck, and you have the poor taste to be alive? (He is irate to see Zepelli also alive as he grabs Jonathan's hand.)
Zeppeli: Freely...Freely...Freely I give you this. My ultimate technique. ULTIMATE DEEP PASS OVERDRIVE!

Jonathan (to Tarukus): Twisted by madness. No human feeling. Your soul's redemption has been forfeit when you chose to follow Dio, Tarukus!

Tarukus: Enough of your blather; you talk too much!
Jonathan: You have to do better than that!

Zeppeli: It seems to me that in you, I have found both a best friend and a new family. JoJo... through you... I will live on forever... My son... JoJo...
Jonathan: Farewell, my friend.

Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio [1.08][edit]

Dio: Consider this rose. Like you, it's in full bloom. But then think of what will become of it, mademoiselle. Once a flower has bloomed, it begins wither. Isn't it such a pity?
Zombie Pet: Sixteen-years old. So young, so innocent, so full of life-giving energy. Heh-Heh-Heh-Huh?
Dio: (After killing the pet) Those with bad manners are not fit to exist. Well, mademoiselle? Will you give me your decision? Wouldn't you like to enjoy eternal youth? I do not force your friendship like others. Your life is your own, and your fate of your own making.
Poco's Sister: You fiend...
Dio: Come again? (slapped)
Poco's Sister: You wear the flesh, but you're no man! Devil, go away!
Dio: Ah, such a pity that we part so soon then. Though your meeting will be brief, allow me to introduce you to my companion. I present onto you Doobie. Perhaps he will be more to your liking. Au revoir, mademoiselle!
[Dolby is about to attack when he is hit by an anvil.]
Dolby: OW. Who threw this at me head!? Who's there!?
Jonathan: Doesn't matter, does it? You are a zombie! Your kind have no right to introductions!

Jonathan: Guess you came back from his time in Hell, Dio.
Dio: Oh, JoJo, you're alive? Then am to assume that you defeated my two knights, then.
Zombie bodyguard 1: Dio! Give the word, and he'll be pile of flesh!
Zombie bodyguard 2: Let my fangs make an impression on him!
Jonathan: Dio!
Dio: No. He is mine! Know this JoJo, I find no pleasure in finishing you myself. We grew up together in the same house, so the thought of turning you into a undead thing is unsatisfying. That's why I sent my two knights to kill you. But it seems I've indulged you. As emperor, I must not show weakness of any kind. Therefore, I shall slaughter you without hesitation!
Jonathan: I agree! I will feel no guilt over killing you!
Dio: But one question. Whatever happened to that mustached charlatan who was with you? Where'd he gone off to?
Jonathan: Dio, it shames me as a gentleman to say this, but I cannot hold back these feelings. I, Jonathan Joestar, hate you with every fiber of my being! Vengeance consumes me now! I swear I will kill you!
Dio: Then come, JoJo!
Jonathan: Dire!
Die: JoJo, stand back. I have prior claim to avenge. Zeppeli was a dear friend of mine for over two decades. Dio! For taking his life, I will sent you to the bowels of Hell!
Dio: Fascinating. Within years, humans can train themselves to float in midair...But in one night, I have surpassed even a guru! Wryyyyy! Do you think you can defeat me with such lethargic movements?
Dire: I've caught you, fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack!
(Dire attempts his attack. However...)
Dio: Useless, Useless, useless!
Dire: (his body is frozen from the neck down) I can't move!
Dio: You imbecile! Did you think for a moment that you could stand up to me? Nothing awaits you here but a mongrel's death! So let's give them a show!
[shatters Dire.]
Dio: JoJo, it's your turn to face oblivion!
[Dio gets hit with a rose to the eye]
Dire: Those Hamon-filled rose thorns do sting a bit. Ha, ha.
Dio: Insect! How you dare you! How dare you wound my face!

Dio: Really? The “Let’s do battle” stance? You’re not serious. No matter how you prepare, human ability is extremely limited and finite. Your Hamon training avails you nothing. It's USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, UUUSSSEELLLESSS!! A MERE MONKEY COULD NEVER DEFEAT A LION!!! In comparison to my power, you are but a MERE MONKEY, JOJO!
Jonathan: You’re wrong! With true conviction, the human race can overcome anything! Let me demonstrate to just what heights a human being can rise!
Dio: A zombie's all you'll ever be!
Jonathan: (after setting his fists on fire) Which one of us will fall!? We'll find out soon enough!

Dio: My body is dissolving! It can't be! (screaming) The pain! The burning! I can’t- (screaming) My reign was to have lasted forever! For centuries uncounted by man!
Jonathan:You had to be destroyed, Dio.
Dio: I, WILL NOT DIE!...

Poco: Why is shredding tears for such an evil creature?
Speedwagon: He and Dio spent their youth together. Dio was like a brother to him. But as for me, I'll be singing in praise. Baron Zepelli, do you see? JoJo did it! Dio's dead! It may be an exaggeration, but JoJo saved the world this night!

The Final Hamon! [1.09][edit]

Father Styx: Eh? Well, that's rather strange. The lock's undone. Queer bit of business. I can see a metal catch glinting on the inside there. But that would mean... that this trunk is locked from the inside!

Dio: JoJo... if it wasn't for you, I never would have received the power of the Stone Mask... But at the same time, it was your damnable meddling that cost me world domination! If there truly a god pulling the strings, then it is no coincidence our paths intersect. That our two existences are to be one. Thus I shall take your body, only man I respect, and live out eternity with it! That is my destiny! You will feel no pain. That is my final gift to you!
Jonathan: Argh.. those eyes of his! This isn't good!
Dio: Live on as my body, JoJo!
[Dio fires two beams from his eyes, piercing Jonathan's neck.]
Erina: Jonathan!
Jonathan: Erina... [4]

Wan Chang: He's done for! Lord Dio overestimates his mighty power! Well, Jonathan Joestar, I'll scoop out what little brains you have with my bare fingers!

Jonathan (Last words): Dio, as you observed, it may be true that our fate is to be together. I feel an odd warmth for you, for now our lives are interwoven completely… and will end along with this ship. Farewell to you… my… beloved...
Dio (being held by a dying Jonathan): JoJo! Let me go! Release me! Think of what we two can achieve! You'd like a taste of eternity, would you not? I can heal your wounds. You and Erina can live together forever! JoJo! (he realized Jonathan is no longer alive) No, it's too late. He's dead. (consumed in a explosion that enveloped Jonathan's body and sinks the ship. The following day, Erina and baby Elizabeth were revealed to have survived.)
Erina (voiceover): Jonathan Joestar passed away into undeserved oblivion. His life was an important part of history, but invisible to ordinary people. Most of humanity, for who he sacrificed, will never know of his noble accomplishments. But his descendants will. The life within me, newly created by Jonathan and I, will certainly hear his story.

Part II, Battle Tendency[edit]

New York's JoJo [1.10][edit]

Speedwagon: Why can’t you ever just think things through, JoJo?
Young Joesph: I do, in fact, a great deal. Mostly about how best to keep you and Granny Erina safe. You two are the only family that I’ve got.
Speedwagon: (Narrator) He may have his grandfather’s face, but he’s far from being a gentleman.

Joseph: As I've said, the wallet is a gift. So why don't you let my friend go.
Fat Policeman: (while picking his nose, taking out a large booger) Then what's his name? What's the matter, limey? Do you want to spent a night in an American pokey?
Joseph(after the booger is placed on his cheek): That's curious. Help me understand, why would you do something like that? It seems to such an unsavory thing to do.
Fat Policeman (while picking his nose again): There is no reason! I do what I like, whenever I feel like it, ya fool! But, if when someone wipes a booger on ya face, then it probably means that-
[Joseph punches the fat policeman in the face.]
Fat Policeman (with his finger stuck in his nose): Gyaaaahhh!!! Take it out. Awww! Take it out!!!
Bearded Policeman: What?! You're resisting arrest!
[The bearded policeman points his gun at Joseph.]
Joseph: Heh, go ahead and shoot! But you better be prepared for the consequences. The moment you pull that trigger, I'll break your finger like a rotten matchstick!!
Bearded Policeman: Not from there you won't! I'll shoot your damned brains out!
[Joesph uses his Hamon to shoot his coke's bottlecap at the bearded policeman, damaging the man's trigger finger while drinking his soda before freaking out.]
Joseph: Oh!! I've let my temper get the best of me again! OH CRAP! What will granny Erina think of this!?
Smokey (thought): W-What's with this guy?! He beats up cops and then worries about what his granny will say?!

Smokey: I don't know what's going on, but you said you gave your wallet to me, a thief and a black man- I owe you one. My name is Smokey. I would like to know your name.
Joseph: Joestar. Joseph Joestar. But my friends call me JoJo. I just moved from London with Granny Erina... Nice to meet you.

Taxi Driver: Get you head outta ya butt! Now move the hell out of the way!
Joseph (grabs the taxi driver): Hello there! I'm sorry, I didn't hear all that. You mind repeating what you just said? Depending on what you said, I might have to give you pounding!
Erina: JoJo! What are you doing?
Joseph: Granny Erina!
Erina: What are you doing with that man?
Joseph: Uh... I was just... huh? ...A taxi. So you wouldn't need to walk around so much.
Erina: You are such a thoughtful boy, JoJo.

[at a restaurant, a racist mobster insults Smokey]
Smokey Brown: I better be going... (Joseph keeps Smokey from getting up as he gets ready to fight)
Erina: JoJo!
Joseph: You heard him. Come on. You’re not going to tell me to stop, are you?
Erina No. People are entitled to their opinions. But this misbegotten oaf has given insult to our friend! Be mindful of the other guests, now, but teach him a lesson!
Joseph: I was hoping you'd say that!

Joseph: (to mobster after tricking him into damaging his hand on a coat rack) My brain can predict any move you make! Does your thick skull get that!?

Erina: I don't want evil from half a century to take you.
Joseph: It will be alright. If this is my fate, then I'll accept it.

Straizo: I will kill you before you can become a threat!
Joseph: Or maybe not. (guns down Straizo) Yes, I was awaiting you, Straizo. That was on behalf of Speedwagon. But I don’t think you’ll go down so easily. Our war has begun!

The Game Master [1.11][edit]

[After gunning Straizo down with a tommy gun.]
Joseph: Straizo! You have two choices! Death by sunlight, or by my Hamon! Or maybe I should beat your brains to a pulp?!

Joseph: You think Hamon is the only thing I've got in my repertoire?
[Joesph makes a dash towards the window, yanking a grenade he placed on Straizo's scarf]
Straizo: (knocks the grenade off) Childish!
Joseph: Fooled you didn't I. Look at the wires attached to the grenade you tossed away.
Straizo (finds a multitude of grenades on his cape): You son of a B- (blown to bits)

[While watching Straizo's disembodied parts putting themselves back together.]
Joseph: I have a secret weapon for such a occasion.
Smokey: Secret weapon? What kind is it?
Joseph: Look at his legs! I've blasted them to smithereens and they are still not fully regenerated. And that's our ticket!
Smokey: What does his legs have to do with your secret weapon?
Joseph: My legs are in good condition.
Smokey: So what are they good for?
Joseph: Running away! Make way!
[Joseph begins to flee.]
Smokey (running after Joseph): This guy is insane!

Joseph (mortally wounding Straizo): Give my regards to Speedwagon...IN HELL!

Straizo: Joseph! You will likely meet "him" soon. You will probably understand "his" identity and the meaning of evolution! Like destiny handed down by God...
[Straizo's body begins to crack as the Hamon contained is released]
Straizo: There is nothing I regret, Joseph. All this time I planned on entering Hell while still vibrant and filled with energy, not as some withered desiccated corpse. I cannot tell you the ecstasy I have felt in being young again.
Joseph: Straizo, wait. Not yet! I need to know more!
Straizo: Farewell to you, JoJo!


The Pillar Man [1.12][edit]

Rudol von Stroheim (laughing hysterically from Santana tripping himself): "Ultimate lifeform?" More like "Ultimate idiot."

Santana: Major...Rudol...Rudol von Stroheim.

Joseph (poorly disguised as a woman): "All I got under my skirt is more tequila, big boy."

JoJo vs. the Ultimate Lifeform [1.13][edit]

Joseph: You're it!
Speedwagon: Destroy him.
Joseph: Happy! Joy! Nice to meetcha! How you pose for me? Show me happy. Show me silly. Now how about you show those pearly whites?

Santana: You are playing games with me primitive? I do not want to play.

Joseph: Now I'm in the mood! One Hamon knuckle sandwich coming up!

Rudol von Stroheim: Farewell, you annoying English man!
[Stroheim blows himself up to expose Santana to the sunlight]
Joseph: Damn that crazy German and his honor! (sees Santana) SANTANA!
[Knocks Joseph over the well]
Joseph: Next you will say, "I've seen right through you, Joestar."

Joseph: Santana's a statue again, and we finally got that smile.

Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times [1.14][edit]

Caesar: We Italians value family above all others.

Caesar: (While playing cards) I saw that, JoJo. Deal the cards right. Only cowards cheat.
Joseph: Huh? Whatever do you -- [Caesar grabs his wrist]
Caesar: Deal the cards properly, Joestar, or play elsewhere! [Caesar shakes Joseph's wrist, causing about a dozen cards to start spilling out of his sleeve]
Joseph: Huh... fancy that. Well, that didn't work!
Caesar: Pathetic. You should be ashamed that you have to resort to cheating and gimmicks to beat me!
Joseph: You really are serious about cleanliness... [he pulls Caesar's leg onto the table, where we can see something placed on top of his shoe] This mirror is spotless!

Wamuu: I see much has changed since I've slumbered. But your illuminations will not stop me.
[kills the guards before approaching Kars and Esidisi.]
Wamuu: Now, the time has come! Awaken, my masters!

A Hero's Proof [1.15][edit]

Wamuu: Become stronger before you decide to face the mighty Wamuu again, child. That way, you can be worthy of my time as I destroy you with honor.
[throws Caesar back]
Wamuu: It seems there that was the only one to use Hamon here.
Kars: Let's go.
Joseph: Cough cough cough. Over here, look... right here. I'd appreciate it if you guys would notice that I'm here.
The Pillar Men: .....

Joseph (sing song): I've been working on my Hamon. All the live-long day.
Caesar: He is insane!

Joseph (while beating Wamuu with his clackers): This for killing Caesar's friend! This for not taking me seriously! AND THIS IS ME NOT LIKING YOUR UGLY FACE!

Wamuu: (turning around to see Joseph, crawling away behind the Pillar Man's back, pretending to be dead) I must be imagining things...

Esidisi: Well, that was fun.
Kars: Let us keep moving. Apparently the human race has regressed rather than evolved.
Wamuu: Quite an understatement.
[After the Pillar men take their leave.]
Joseph What the hell! Two poisoned wedding rings. One on my heart and the other on my wind pipe. Do they think I'm some sort of bigamist or- (faints)

Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach [1.16][edit]

Joseph: OH MY GOD! What was I thinking a month. I should have asked for a year.
Caesar: Jojo, a bit of advice: Stop screwing around and grow up!

Lisa Lisa: If you are willing to learn Hamon within a month, you must be willing to die for it!

The Deeper Plan [1.17][edit]

Esidisi: What a piercing gaze you've developed! But when somebody gives me a challenging look, they're asking for death.
Joseph: "Victory is assured before the battle is even fought."

Esidici: You speak of Sun Tzu? I know him personally, having studied him two thousand years ago. "All war is deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

Esidisi: Wamuu's Divine Sandstorm allows him manipulation over the wind, I have power over the inferno.

Esidisi: Joseph, the next line you'll say is, "I'm going to wipe that smirk off your face!" Watch.
Joseph: I'm going to wipe that smirk off your face! Wha? Wait a second, you can't do that! That's my trick!

Esidisi: You said, "Victory is assured before the battle is even fought." Well, it's true..True..TRUE!
[Joseph starts laughing.]
Esidisi: Why are you laughing in the face of excreting death? Has the fear drove you insane?
Joseph: Well, my arms are folded and my eyes are closed, this is a victory laugh, Esidisi. You lost today because for 2000 years, you were sleeping behind the wheel.

Joseph: What you’re going to say next is: “My veins will move faster than your pathetic Hamon can possibly go!” Now!
Esidisi: My veins will move faster than your pathetic Hamon can possibly go!

Esidisi: I can't... I can't... You're only a human. I am the evolved one, the highest life form! I will not be beaten! Now that you've pushed me too far!
[As Esidisi's body explodes.]
Joseph: Die with power of the countless lives you've stolen!

Joseph: My Instructor, I must thank you for torturing me. Grazie, Loggins.

Von Stroheim's Revenge [1.18][edit]

Joseph: Hey, Suzie Q.
[Suzie Q screams.]
Joseph: What the hell!?
Suzie Q: There's a stranger on the island!
Joseph: It's me, Jojo!

Joseph: So, what you think?
Suzie Q: Weird lips.
Joseph: Well, if we fall madly in love with each other, you can kiss these lips as much as you want.
Suzie Q: In your dreams!

Joseph: Well, if I'm gonna be sitting around for 30 minutes, I choose to do it here.
[sits next to Lisa Lisa's door]
Joseph: Would it to be wrong of me should my eyes happen to gaze through the keyhole?
[looks through and sees a naked Lisa Lisa]
Joseph: Hoh hoh hoh hooooooooohhh!! NIIIIIIICE!"

A Race Towards the Brink [1.19][edit]


Kars (to Jojo): I'll kill you in a moment.

Young Caesar [1.20][edit]

Joseph: I've changed my mind. If you're going into that derelict hell, I'm coming too.

Wamuu: You are the bubble user named Caesar Zeppeli. I see from your eyes that you have grown stronger from your ordeals. Very well. I deem you worthy of death, bubble user.
Caesar: We'll see who dies!

Caesar: I see you took off your coat and prepared yourself, Wammu.

Caesar: *While using his Bubble Cutter on Wamuu* Running?
Wamuu: I will not run nor hide from you!

Wamuu: Why did you take my lip ring!?
Caesar: I... I'm not afraid to die here... But I am a proud member of the Zeppeli family, so you see, it's in my blood... Something like this, might mean nothing to a demented inhuman monster like you...! My father didn't recognize me, but he sacrificed his life to save mine anyway. My grandfather gave his Hamon energy to save JoJo's grandfather right before he died. It's tradition. I have to do something. I... I can't let my life's flame, just sputter out to darkness...!
[Caesar wraps his bandana around the ring.]
Caesar: This is the Zeppeli family spirit, handed down from the past to ensure the family's future! It's the human spirit! JOJO, THIS IS THE LAST OF MY HAMON! TAKE IT FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
[Caesar is crushed to death by a cross-shaped stone that fell on him.]

Wamuu: The memory of you and our last moments together will be engraved on me forever, Caesar Zeppelli. A man as splendid and fleeting as the bubbles he made.

Joseph: I swear to avenge your death, Caesar! Your spirit is with me! (seeing blood leaking from the cross-shaped stone that crushed Caesar minutes before they entered the hotel) Blood. His blood. This is...where he fell. Caesar...
Lisa Lisa: *breaks down in tears* Caesar...
Narrator: They were deep in enemy territory. Kars and Wamuu were very nearby, but the two simply couldn't help themselves. JoJo called out Caesar's name. Lisa Lisa's tears flowed freely. But their heartbroken cries of grief were answered only by a cold silence. Caesar...was gone. As they mourned him, they took solace in one simple fact: Though his body had died, his soul would live on through them. Rest in peace... Caesar Zeppeli.

A Hundred Against Two [1.21][edit]

Lisa Lisa (after infecting Wire with Hamon): Jojo, let's go.
Wired Beck: Where are you going? (to Joseph) Don't you think females deserve to be punished?
Joseph: You're the one who's about to be punished. And your time is up. Hamon is coursing through you.
Wired Beck: Don't be ridiculous, I'm not-- (His body starts to dissolve) AAARGH! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Joseph (Getting on the vampire horse-drawn chariot): Let's ride!

A True Warrior [1.22][edit]

Joseph (Over the vampires cheering Wamuu on): Why do the bad guys get all the fans?

Joseph Next, you're going to say, "Don't dishonor our battle, Jojo."
Wamuu Don't dishonor our battle, Jojo! Huh!?

The Warrior of Wind [1.23][edit]

Wamuu (Attacking vampires trying to kill Joseph): You cowardly cannibals!

[Joseph honors Wamuu's last request to take the antidote.]
Wamuu: I have no regrets. I am glad I was able to witness your growth as a warrior. Perhaps the reason I lived these thousands of years was so that I could meet you at the end. Farewell to you, warrior Jojo... (Dissolves to dust)

Kars: I am the only one left, because the world and everything on it belong to me.

Kars (after mortally wounding Lisa Lisa in a sneak attack): I am no warrior like Wammu, nor am I a romantic. I don't care what method I have to use, victory justifies any means!

Kars (to his vampires): Kill Jojo!
Joseph: KARS! KARS! KARS! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS! (starts fighting vampires.)

Kars: *making guitar noises while playing with Lisa Lisa's legs*
Joseph: You utter bastard!

Joseph (After being forced to leave himself open to attack to keep Lisa Lisa alive): KARS! THERE'S A PLACE FOR YOU IN HELL!

The Ties That Bind JoJo [1.24][edit]

Joseph: Kars! You lived too long! Your soul has decayed. It's like a pumpkin left to rot in the field. Even the flies avoid it!

Joseph: You may have lived for thousands of years, Kars. But against the likes of me, you need another decade! YOU'RE THROUGH! HAMON! OOOVEEERDRIIIVEEE!

The Birth of a Superbeing!! [1.25][edit]

Strohiem: He has become the ubermensch!
Kars: Alpha. Omega. I am now both.

Joseph: One all-or-nothing gambit!
Stroheim: All-or-nothing gambit, you say!?
Joseph: Yeah! It's my final move!
Stroheim: What does it involve?
Smokey: JoJo, when you say 'final move', you're not referring to THAT, are you?
Joseph: Listen up! This is something you've got to do for yourselves!
Stroheim: Just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead, JoJo!
Joseph: Hmmmhmmhmmmhmmhmmm... (Grabs the Super Aja while running off) RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIVEEEESSS!!!!
Smokey (running after Joseph): AWWWW MAN, I knew you're gonna do thaaaat!!
Kars (turning his arms into wings): Hamon users are beneath me now. But to avenge Wamuu and Esidisi, I will kill you Joesph Joestar!

Joseph: You're not the only one who can fly! I'm comin' for you!

Joseph: Carpe diem as they say.

Kars (while in the magma): I am still alive!

The Ascendant One [1.26][edit]

Kars: I have conquered the sun. Did you think Hamon was beyond me?

Kars: Did you plan this too, JoJo?! Tell me!
Joseph (Out loud): Why are you even asking!? I set a trap and you walked right into it! All of this went down like clockwork! (Monologue) I just got lucky, but thinking I outsmarted him will drive Kars nuts!

Kars: No! The Earth! No! Don't panic! Just find the Earth. I'll use air to change my trajectory. Once I'm back on solid ground, I will tear that boy apart! (starts to freeze and groan in pain) No! It's not working! I'm freezing! The air is freezing around me! The moment it comes out of the jets, it turns to ice! (Spouts wings, but they freeze while he drifts further as his body freezes over) I can't change my path! I can't move!

Joseph (After crashing his own funeral and learning his wife failed to alert their friends of his survival): Suzie Q, what the hell?! You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!

Old man Joseph (kicked a Japanese man in the stomach after learning his nationality while they bumped into each other): Her son doesn't even see his grandfather. And that's why I'll never forgive the Japanese! (takes out a cassette player) They do make nifty gadgets, though.

Part III, Stardust Crusaders[edit]

A Man Possessed By an Evil Spirit [2.01][edit]

Holly: (running to her son's cell) Jotaro! Jotaro! JOTARO!
Holly: OKAY!

[Jotaro is in prison, refusing to leave his jail cell despite the fact that he's been released.]
Jotaro: What.. Mom, is that you? Tch! Go away.. I'll be staying here for a little while.
Holly: ...?
Jotaro: I am possessed by an 'evil spirit'... I have no idea what 'it' could make me do.

Jotaro: Why are you such an annoying bitch?
Holly: Okay~, I dunno~!
Joseph: HEY! How dare you address your mother that way?! And what kind of language is that?! And stop smiling, Holly! You'll only encourage it!
Holly: OKAY!

Who Shall Judge!? [2.02][edit]


[A long rant given to Noriaki Kakyoin.]

Jotaro: Look, no one ever said Jotaro Kujo was a nice guy. I beat the crap outta people, more than I have to. Some are even still in the hospital. I've had idiot teachers who like to talk big, so I taught them a lesson and they never came back to class. If I go to a restaurant and the food is bad, I make it a policy to stiff 'em with the bill. But, even a bastard like me... can spot true evil when he sees it! True evil...are those who use the weak for their own gain, then crush them underfoot when they're through! Especially an innocent woman! And that is exactly what you've done, isn't it? And your Stand gets to hide from the victim, the law, and the consequences. That's why... I will judge you myself!!
Jotaro: So the loser's evil, huh? In that case...Let me judge you! (Star Platinum beating up Kakyoin) With my Stand!

DIO's Curse [2.03][edit]

Noriaki: JoJo's mother is a woman capable of calming the hearts of others. People feel at ease around her. This may sound awkward... but if I were to fall in love, I'd like it to be with someone like her. I would give my all for her. And I would want to always see her warm, happy smile.

Tower of Grey [2.04][edit]

Enya Geil: The emotion of fear. Fear is a natural reaction within all living creatures. Now, why does fear exist? There is the kind of fear stirred by instinct. And then, there is fear from logic. Namely, when one comes across something stronger than them, and there is absolutely no way to fight back. Or when they encounter something unknown. You may either struggle, resist, run away, or accept. But upon meeting upon meeting Lord DIO, a fifth option is introduced...Joy!

Grey Fly: This world is full of Stands that surpass even your wildest imagination! Those loyal to DIO will follow you at every turn! You bastards won't even see Egypt. Your deaths will be swift and painful!

Silver Chariot [2.05][edit]

Polnareff: Bravo, sir! Bravo!

[Polnareff, having been serious moments ago, taking pictures of two ladies from the plane wanting to see the Joestar Group again.]
Avdol: This is nothing like the Polnareff of a moment ago.
Kakyoin: It's like his emotions change on a dime.
Joseph: More like he's got two brains, and the one downstairs suddenly started calling the shots.
Jotaro (adjusts his cap): ...Oh, give me a break.

Dark Blue Moon [2.06][edit]

Jotaro: You're the only one swallowin' saltwater, pops, choke on it... Tell him, Avdol.
Avdol: Your folly was trying to out-predict me, a fortune teller, tough break.
Polnareff: Well said, Avdol.

Fake Captain: But your power was being drained... You let yourself go limp on purpose didn't you? You concentrated your power in your fingers... That's what you were thinking all along...

Strength [2.07][edit]

The Devil [2.08][edit]

Ebony Devil: You idiot! No assassin worth the damn would ever reveal his Stand's identity. It only happens in the face of death for him or his opponent! You guys are so stupid always showing off your Stands everywhere you go! It's your own fault that we know all your weaknesses! If it weren't for that mirror, I would've killed you! You're just a moron who got lucky!

Yellow Temperance [2.09][edit]

Rubber Soul: Do you understaaaaaaaand?!

Jotaro: But we, us Joestars got this philosophy when it comes to fighting. That' run away!

[Mocking Rubber Soul.]

Jotaro: Your Stand may be invincible, but you sure as hell aren't! If I destroy you, then your Stand dies too. Do you understand? Listen, I've had it up to here with that cocky-ass mouth of yours, alright? I just happen to be the type of guy who takes these things to heart! (punches Rubber Soul in the face.)

[Rubber Soul pleading for his life after a devious attempt on Jotaro's life]

Jotaro: Just shut up already. I have nothing more to say to you. You're way too pathetic... I'm done wasting my breath. (Grabs Rubber Soul in a hold so Star Platinum can beat the villain to retire.)

The Emperor and the Hanged Man [2.10 - 2.11][edit]

Hol Horse (to Polnareff): The gun is mightier than the sword!

Kakyoin (elbowing Polnareff in the face after they escaped Hol Horse and the Hanged Man): Considered this proof that we've made up, Polnareff.
Polnareff: Agh! Merci... Kakyoin...
Kakyoin: Next time they come after us... we'll fight them together!

Polnareff (to Kakoyin): You’ve got to say something more like this before you get revenge. (to J. Geil) My name is Jean-Pierre Polnareff. For the honor of my dear sister's soul and so that my friend Avdol can rest in peace, I shall send you falling into the depths of Hell!

J. Geil: Kukukukuku... You really did waste your youth trying to hunt me down... but it looks like you won't succeed! What a pathetic life you've lived!

J. Geil (While attempting to open a gate to escape): It won't open!
Polnareff: Looks like you're the one who's really good at sobbing, J. Geil. And you're about to plummet into hell, begging and crying the whole way down. But there's one thing I can't rely on the guardians of Hell to do. And that' turn your body into a pincushion!

The Empress [2.12][edit]

Empress: What the hell is this?!
Joseph: Hmm? I might as well... what now? I'm sorry, my hearing isn't exactly what it once was. Run that by me one more time, will ya?
Empress: It's coal tar! That was your plan all along! It wasn't to suffocate me, you were trying to keep me from moving! But how?! How did you know there was coal tar in there?!
Joseph: With my Stand power, Hermit Purple, told me everything!
Empress: You drew a map with Hermit Purple?! That's how you found a tar?! A map out of incense ashes?!
Joseph: Yeah! Now I think even a glorified pimple like you should see the difference in our fighting experience. "When your opponent starts boasting, he's already lost." That, shrew, is a line from my wilder days. Like a fine wine, I guess I just get better with age! And now! A Stand will defeat another Stand! Next you'll say, "Please, stop it! I beg you!"
Joseph: This should hurt me as much as it hurts you, but children can't depend on their parents forever! Once you've grown up... (Leaps to pull at Empress, ripping the Stand to pieces) You've got to learn to live on your own!

Wheel of Fortune [2.13][edit]

Jotaro (upon seeing the girl): Good frick'n grief.

ZZ: Wheel of Fortune is gonna grind you into hamburger and splatter you all over these rocks!

ZZ (As Jotaro appeared to have burned to death): I won!!! Your valiant hero finally bit the dust!
Jotaro: Is that so? (while emerging from underground, leaving his jacket behind) And who exactly is going to replace me, Jotaro Kujo? Let me guess, you thought it'd be you, you roadhog!

Enya (deciding to go after the Joestar group): I, Enya, will be your final opponent! I will destroy you with my Stand of Justice!

Justice [2.14 - 2.15][edit]

Enya (To Hol Horse): How dare you call yourself his friend! You cretin! You Judas!
Enya: Just one little wound is all I need...then "Justice" will do the rest!
Enya: Justice always prevails.

The Lovers [2.16 - 2.17][edit]

Steely Dan (in disguise): BYE-BYE, THANK-YOU NOW!

Enya (final words): He believes in me, so I'll serve him even in death... I won't betray him...
Joseph (after Enya is killed by Lovers): OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Steely Dan: My name is Dan... Steely Dan. My Stand is represented by the card of "The Lovers".

Polnareff: The old bitch's son killed my sister and she gave me Hell, so I should be glad that she's dead... but I'm REALLY having complicated feelings towards her right now!!

Joseph (after Silver Chariot made a harmless microscopic cut in a blood vein): OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I don't feel so good...

Steely Dan: Please! I'm begging you, forgive me!
Jotaro: Ask for forgiveness from Enya, the woman you killed. But as for me, I never had the slightest intention of forgiving you.
Steely Dan (attempting to bribe Jotaro): D-DIO paid me in advance. can have it all.
Jotaro: Good grief. I know this is blatantly obvious, but you really are a piece of work. What you owe me...can never be paid back with money! (Star Platinum proceeds to beat Steely Dan with extreme prejudice before punching him into a tower, Jotaro tallying the tab) Your receipt. Keep the frigging change.

The Sun [2.18][edit]

[After the Sun breaks Joseph's pair of binoculars.]

Joseph: Agh! Son of a...bitch!

[After Arabia Fats was easily defeated]
Joseph: You mean...we already beat the Stand User?
Kakyoin: You hit the nail on the head.
Caption: The Sun—RETIRED.

Death 13 [2.19 - 2.20][edit]

Baby Stand: LALIHOOOO!!

Judgement [2.21 - 2.22][edit]

Cameo: HAIL 2 U!

[While Polnareff is battling the fake versions of his sister and Avdol, the real Avdol appears. Polnareff believes the real Avdol had died.]
Avdol (waggling a finger before striking a pose): Tsk tsk! Yes, you had better believe I am!!

Polnareff: No, stop this charade. You're not the real Sherry. My Sherry is gone, dead! You're nothing but... [kills fake Sherry] A hunk of dirt!!
Polnareff: (After finding Cameo's hiding place) HELL 2 U.

Avdol: Last but not least, my fourth wish is to not grant a single one of your pitiful wishes. My Magician's Red forgives no one, especially not you.

The High Priestess [2.23 - 2.24][edit]

Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'Doul [2.25 - 2.26][edit]

N'Doul: (thought) I can't believe it! He actually threw the dog...

Jotaro: (After seeing N'Doul use his own stand to fatally wound himself.) Why did you-
N'Doul: Jotaro... You... You thought you could... You thought you could manipulate me and force me to tell you information regarding the other eight Stand users, didn't you? Ugh! I'm very well aware... that Joseph Joestar's Hermit Purple can view into the minds of others... Ugh! You'll never get inside my head, and I'll never tell you anything that you could use against my master... Ah ha ha ha...!
Jotaro: DIO... I don't understand why you're so loyal to him. Are you honestly telling me... that you'd die for him?
N'Doul: Jotaro... You're right, you don't understand. Fear of death holds no place in my heart. Hah! Because of the power of my Stand, I've always been able to live a life unencumbered by such inconsequential fears like death. I could always win any fight. I could have and do whatever I wanted... Killing and stealing were absolutely meaningless to me. You should talk to the mutt about it. I'm sure he knows how I feel. DIO was the first person, who was able to look deep within my soul and find something more. He was the one who gave me a desire to live. That glorious force of nature, he was so strong, so wise, so beautiful! He was the one and only person in my life to ever see a purpose for my existence. I waited such a long time, for an opportunity to meet him. I will gladly die for my master's sake. (coughs) But no matter what, I refuse to do anything that would disappoint him... (vomits blood) And after all, evil or not, a scoundrel needs someone to put his faith in... (chuckles) I'll tell you this before I go; You should know what my name is N'Doul, and my Stand hails from Egypt, the birthplace of the Tarot; It's referred to as one of the Nine Gods of Egypt, Geb of the great Ennead. We call it the God of the Earth...
Jotaro: Nine Egyptian Gods? What does that mean?
N'Doul: Ha ha ha! Sorry, but I'll only tell you about my Stand. It's only fair since you're the one who ended up stopping me, but info on my compatriots goes with me to my grave...

Khnum's Oingo and Tohth's Boingo [2.27][edit]

Oingo: Our cards are the God of knowledge Thoth, and the God of creation Khnum! We are the Oingo Boingo brothers!

Anubis [2.28 - 2.29][edit]

[After Anubis successfully stabs Jotaro]

Anubis: I did it! I win! Master DIO, I've exterminated Jotaro. I, Anubis, have finally put him down. Victory is mine!

[Star Platinum tries to pull the sword out]

Anubis: Just forget it. You're not going to be able to pull out that blade. Give up already. I'm not sure you're tiny brain has realized it, but I've surpassed Star Platinum. And now the final thrust...
Jotaro: thrust?
Anubis: Yes, precisely! Once I slice open your bowels, Master DIO will rejoice!
Jotaro: Please, stop this... Don't drive the blade any further.'ll be murder...
Anubis: Nice try, but you won't get any mercy from me! I CAN'T WAIT TO SPILL YOUR GUTS!

Anubis: Hey! Yoohoo! Oh, fishies, look down here! Come on, swim over to me! Hey, wait! Where are you going?! Hey, Mr. Crab! It's a pleasure to meet ya'! Would you mind doing me a favor and taking me ashore? I'll give you something yummy. WAIT, Mr. Crab, you just can't leave me here! I'll be rusted through in a couple of days! Please, help me! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! OOOOH HO HO, I'M SO ALONE!

Maraiah's Bastet [2.30 - 2.31][edit]

Avdol: "Disasters in the bathroom" is Polnareff's department!
Joseph: If that's how you're going to be, then it's your loss, young lady.
Mariah: What?! Sh-Shit...!
Joseph: Weren't you listening to us earlier? You've been caught between us the whole time! Magnets are attracted to each other, you know! It's too late to do anything about it now! By getting between us was your biggest blunder!
Avdol: There's no way she can hear you, Mr. Joestar. She's already lost consciousness. And all the magnetic forces crushed her and it's very likely that she snapped more than a few bones in the process.
Joseph: Alright, where do we get that breakfast are we talking about?
Avdol: Yes, a wonderful idea. All this running around has made me rather honery.
Joseph: Is it really only 9 AM?
Mariah: Damn you...piece of shit...

Set's Alessi [2.32 - 2.33][edit]

  • Alessi: Attaboy!

D'Arby the Gambler [2.34 - 2.35][edit]

Daniel J. D'Arby: Go ahead, mister Joestar!
Daniel J. D'Arby: I thought I laid it out plainly. If you don’t like gambling, then say so.
Joseph (exasperated): For the last time, I have NO idea where you're going with this!
Daniel J. D'Arby: Oh, all right. What I'm asking is if you and your friends would like to play a little game.

Jotaro: Hold it. Why're you jumping the gun when I haven't raised the pot yet?

[Avdol and the Dealer Boy gasp]

Daniel J. D'Arby: R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-Raise the pot?! No! You don't have anything to raise it with!
Jotaro: That’s where you’re wrong. I’ll raise you with my mother’s soul.
Daniel J. D'Arby: WHAT?!?!?!

Jotaro: I came to Egypt to save my mother, so if I wager her soul, she won't mind. But, D'Arby, you'll have to match my mother's soul. For that... I'll have you tell me the secret of DIO's Stand!"
Jotaro: Come on! Are you gonna call my bluff or fold?! Decision time! Spit it out already! D’ARBY!!!!!!!!

Daniel J. D'Arby: Call, call, call, call, call, call, call, call, call, call...

Hol Horse and Boingo [2.36 - 2.37][edit]

Hol Horse: Listen, Boingo... I am not the nicest man in the world. I have girlfriends everywhere. I might lie to a woman, but I'll never hit them! It doesn't matter how ugly they are! Because I respect women!

Polnareff: Shut your mouth!
Joseph: You mean-
Hol Horse: (furious) Damn it, Polnareff! You lowdown, dirty son of a... You were cluing 'em in! You’ve pissed me off for the last time! I've just about had enough of you! Now, die!

[Polnareff sneezes, revealing Hol Horse behind him]

Avdol: What's he doing here?!
Hol Horse: Why? You idiot, you had to sneeze?

[Stand Chariot hits Hot Horse in the neck causing him to fall into the oil]

Polnareff: Everyone, watch out! Hol Horse is back, and he's got a friend hiding under the crate, so be careful!

The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop [2.38 - 2.39][edit]

D'Arby the Player [2.40 - 2.41][edit]

Terrence D'Arby: It-It can't be! I accidentally released his soul from the doll!
Jotaro: You want to know whether I'll forgive you, why don't you just do what you do best and read my mind?
Jotaro's soul: No! No! No! No! No!
Jotaro: Answer this. Will I hit you with my right fist or decide to deck you with my left? I'd love to know.
Terrence D'Arby: Well, since you're asking, you'll use... your right one?
Jotaro's soul: No! No! No! No! No!
Terrence D'Arby: Then... your left?
Jotaro's soul: No! No! No! No! No!
Terrence D'Arby: You're... not gonna use both, are you?
Jotaro's soul: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!
Terrence D'Arby: Are you going to do the "Ora Ora" thing?!
Joseph: *annoyed* YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD!
Narrator: Terrence D'Arby: Out of Commission!

The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice [2.42 - 2.44][edit]

Vanilla Ice: Yes, it'd be an honor. (sets up a pot for Dio) What is mine is yours!

Avdol: (While facing Vanilla Ice's Stand Cream) My god! What IS that abomination?! Impossible! Neither my flames nor Iggy could sense it! Where did it come from?! POLNAREFF, IGGY, YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!


DIO's World [2.45 - 2.47][edit]

DIO: Polnareff, have you ever considered why humans wish to live? Humans live hoping to conquer their anxieties and fear, and attain peace of mind. Seeking fame, controlling others, and acquiring wealth are all done to achieve peace of mind. Marriage and friendship are also pursued as means of attaining peace of mind. When humans say they wish to help others, or that a thing is done for love or's all merely to give themselves peace of mind. To achieve peace of mind is the goal of all mankind. Now, given that, what anxiety could you possibly feel towards serving me? Any other peace of mind would come easily if you do. Doesn't challenging me, even knowing that it may spell your death, bring you anxiety? You are a very capable Stand user. It's a waste to kill you. Why not cut ties with Joestar and the others, and serve me for eternity? I can promise you peace of mind for eternity.

[The World fully materializes behind DIO]

DIO: Time to meet your end, Polnareff!
Polnareff: So that's your stand, The World? Bring it!

Senator Philips: *thought, after DIO ripped his two front teeth and orders him to drive* "W-who the hell are you!? Do you think you're going to get a away with this!? (to himself) No, of course he won't. No one could get away with doing this to me. I graduated high school and college at the top of my class! I was captain of my college wrestling team! Even after I graduated, I was respected and revered! That's how I became a politician! I have a villa on a thousand acres in Hawaii! I married a beautiful model who is 25 years younger than me! I pay 50 times more in taxes than ordinary people! I've defeated every enemy I've faced! I'll eventually become President! I am Senator Philips!

Kakyoin: *monologue* I always thought living in a big city would mean meeting a lot of people. But how many people meet others that they can truly understand, and who truly understand them? I probably won't ever find someone who sees me for who I am. Because I don't have a single friend that can see my Hierophant Green.

The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends [2.48][edit]

DIO: This is the final time I will stop time! THE WORLD!

[Time stops]

DIO: [smirks and jumps away into the air] One second has passed... Two seconds have passed... Three seconds have passed.

Narrator: For some reason, DIO disappeared while time was stopped.

DIO: Four seconds have passed...

Narrator: However, Jotaro has abandoned thought. NO matter what DIO has planned, or what attack he might unleash, in the two seconds that Jotaro can move within stopped time, all he needs to do is drive Star Platinum's fists into him in those two seconds!

DIO: Five seconds have passed...
Jotaro: (The one thing that I know, DIO, is that the next time I see your face, I'm probably going to bust a vein!
DIO: Six seconds have passed...
Jotaro: Bring it on, DIO!
DIO: Seven seconds have passed...

[During DIO's frozen time, he appears in the air with a giant road roller, ready to crush Jotaro.]


[Star Platinum tries to punch the road roller back]

DIO: It's too late! Time to die!

[DIO elbows the road roller at a rapid pace]

Star Platinum: ORA!

[The road roller smashes down, spreading dirt and debris everywhere]

DIO: Nine seconds have passed... I did it. It's over. Star Platinum has finally been defeated by my The World! Immortality! Eternal life! Heheheheh... Hahahahaha... AND STAND POWER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This proves that no one can surpass DIO! Puny humans! I shall rule you all! Bow before my knowledge and might! Ten seconds have passed! Hehehehehe. Now my ability to stop time has reached ten seconds! Now then, I guess I should find Jotaro's lifeless body and drink his blood. If there's any left that is.

[DIO struggles to move]

DIO: This can't be... My body is slowing down... What's happening...? N-No... It's not that I'm slowing down... For some reason I can't move at all! I don't get it! This is impossible! I'm frozen!
Jotaro: DIO! It's been eleven seconds. I guess that's your stand limit, huh?
DIO: What?!
Jotaro: I stopped time at nine seconds. It's a good thing I did. You gave me a chance to escape. Good grief, you idiot. Here's the thing! Since you're frozen like that, destroying you will only take a second!
DIO: Jo... Jotaro! This is madness! You can stop time, too? Curse you! This whole act was a ruse to waste my nine seconds, wasn't it, you bastard?!
Jotaro: How does it feel, DIO? Tell me.
Star Platinum: ORA!

[Star Platinum kicks DIO's left leg and breaks it]

Jotaro: Time is about to start moving again.

Jotaro Kujo: If this were the Wild West, the hero would say "It's High Noon." Now get off the ground and draw your piece, DIO. You're getting one shot.
DIO: (Thinking) This insignificant whelp... How dare he mock me! Though I shouldn't be surprised. Of course you would use this opportunity to make such a human declaration! You think like a true mortal, cursed with a fleeting life destined for obscurity. A bad taste in your mouth, you say? What, are you afraid you'll regret killing me? That reasoning is as pathetic as your species, your foolish honor will be your demise! That is where you and I differ. My vision is clear and my mind is focused on a single goal. I want to dominate. Nothing more, nothing less. That is the only thing that will bring me fulfillment! But how I go about doing that...(speaking) DOESN'T MATTER IN THE SLIGHTEST!

[DIO squirts blood into Jotaro's eyes]

DIO: There! How about a little blood on your eyes?! I win! Die!

[The world spins and kicks at Jotaro]

Jotaro/Star Platinum: ORAAA!

[Jotaro and Star Platinum clench their fists and throw a heavy punch at The World's leg] [Star Platinum's hand is damaged and DIO smirks]

DIO: (as his head is destroyed while his Stand shatters from a clash with Star Platinum) WHAT THE HELL?! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I AM THE IMMORTAL DIO! I...AM...DIO...!!!
[Dio's body explodes]
Jotaro Kujo: When the sun comes up, you'll be nothing but dust. You only made one mistake. One that got you killed. DIO, this whole thing might've ended differently, went and pissed me off. Was it worth it?

[After reviving Joseph by transfusing his blood back from Dio's corpse.]
Jotaro Kujo: Old man?
Joseph Joestar: [evil laugh] You're a damn fool, Jotaro!
Jotaro Kujo: You have got to be kidding!
Joseph Joestar: All you did was resurrect yours truly!
Jotaro Kujo: [actives his Stand] Bastard!
Joseph Joestar: WAIT! Calm down, Jotaro! It was a joke, I was just kidding! There's no need to get violent! I'm sorry. I was just trying to have some fun. You have my word, it's me!
[shows off his Stand]
Joseph Joestar: I'm Joseph Joestar. I was born September 27 in 1920. My wife's name is Suzi Q and I collect comics as a hobby.
Jotaro Kujo: ...I have a question for you. Who's the leading actress in "Tarzan the Ape Man"?
Joseph Joestar: Bo Derek!
Jotaro Kujo: Okay, answer this one. Who sang "Eat It", the spoof of "Beat It"?
Joseph Joestar: "Weird" Al Yankovic!
Jotaro Kujo: Good grief... It has to be you. Who else would know pointless crap like that?

Polnareff: Goodbye, you wrinkled old coot, you live a long life, you hear? And you, his cheapskate grandson; don't you dare forget about me!
Joseph Joestar: Let us meet again! That is if you don't already hate me by then, you stupid jackass!
Jotaro Kujo: I can't ever forget a clown like you even if I tried, you bastard. Take care.

Part IV, Diamond is Unbreakable[edit]

Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata [3.1][edit]

Jotaro Kujo: You can have your stupid talk about hair later.
Josuke Higashikata: What were you saying about my hair, huh!
Jotaro Kujo: Wait, Josuke. I wasn't insulting you.

(Josuke summons Crazy Diamond's arm)

Jotaro Kujo: (Shit! Here it comes!)

(Jotaro uses Star Platinum's arm to punch Josuke in the face) (Josuke spits out blood and kneels down)

Jotaro Kujo: Do you see it, Josuke? This is a stand. It's the physical manifestation of your psychological energy. Joseph Joestar has one too. Stands can only be seen by other stand users.
Josuke Higashikata: It pisses me off so much when someone talks bad about my awesome hair. I can't even help it!

(Josuke fully summons Crazy Diamond)

Jotaro Kujo: So this is Josuke's stand!
Crazy Diamond: DORARAAAAA!

(Star Platinum attempts to block Crazy Diamonds punch barrage)

Crazy Diamond: DORA!

(Crazy Diamond breaks Star Platinum's gaurd with a powerful punch)

Jotaro Kujo: Th-This power!
Josuke Higashikata: Heh. You're wide open from your chin down!

(Crazy Diamond throws a punch)

Jotaro Kujo: Bastard!

(Crazy Diamond follows through but Jotaro is gone)

Josuke Higashikata: What?

(Jotaro appears behind Josuke and his hat warps)

Josuke Higashikata: When did y-

(Jotaro punches Josuke and the group of girls exclaim)

Jotaro Kujo: Shut up! It pisses me off when girls freak out! Get out of here!

Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo [3.2][edit]

Josuke: (after fusing Angelo with a stone) Enjoy your eternal penance, Angelo. Reflect on the life you stole from my grandpa and all the others!

The Nijimura Brothers [3.3-3.5][edit]

(Okuyasu reveals his stand 「ZA HANDO」)

Okuyasu: Josuke Higashikata! I, Okuyasu Nijimura will make you disappear with my The Hand!

Okuyasu: Here we go!

Koichi Hirose (Echoes) [3.6][edit]

Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface) [3.7][edit]

Josuke: Seriously? There are other Stand users besides us at this school?
Tamami: Yeah. He's Toshikazu Hazamada, a student in 3-C. This Hazamada guy apparently got into an argument over something silly with a friend right around the start of spring. One of them had insulted the other's favorite idol or anime or something. That night, surprisingly, the friend he got into an argument with gouged out his own eye with a mechanical pencil. Isn't that insane?
Tamami: Apparently Hazamada's friend said this at the hospital: "Next thing I knew, I was staring with at my left eye, which I'd gouged out, with my right eye.[5]

Koichi: There's something scary going on in my town. If Morioh City is in danger, that means my parents, my sister, and everyone else important to me will have to face that danger. So even if it's scary, I gotta do something![5]

[A high school girl, mistaking Surface's imitation for the real Josuke, hands it a love letter.]
Hazamada: Why the hell did you accept that? Rip this stupid thing up!
[Hazamada rips up the letter.]
Hazamada: Damn it... What the hell is the difference between you and me?
Surface: Why does that even matter?
Hazamada: Wha...
Surface: You don't have time to waste, do you?
Hazamada: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?!
[Hazamada punches Surface in the face, accompanied with a dull thunk. He ends up with a wound on his hand.]
Hazamada: Ow!
Surface: You scraped your hand? That was dumb. I'm made of wood, remember?
[Hazamada attacks his Stand once more, this time with his bag.]
Hazamada: Shut up! Get away from me![5]

[Hazamada, thinking back on other times he used his Stand to replicate other people.]
Hazamada: The other day, I had it copy my crush, Junko, so I could have my way with her, but I got pissed off because it kept doing things to piss me off, so I never even got anywhere. Doesn't anyone in this world have a decent personality? Damn it![5]

Yukako Yamagishi Is In Love [3.8 - 3.9][edit]

Hazamada: Stand users, for some reason, seem to be unknowingly drawn to each other, [5]

Koichi: Wh... What should I do... To make Yukako think that I'm bad for her?
Josuke: Well, guys usually dislike... "momma's boys". Or, you know, guys with bad hygiene.
Koichi: D-definitely not that momma's-boy thing! She might do something to my mom, and put her in danger!
Okuyasu: Then we gotta go for the bad hygiene thing! If you go all out with this, she'll start to hate you for sure!
All right, Koichi! Starting today, don't take baths! And don't brush your teeth, and wear the same underwear every day! And... breed lice and fleas in your hair!
Koichi: D... Don't fool around! I'm serious here!
Okuyasu: I'm completely serious too![6]

Yukako: Koichi, you... don't seem to be very well-liked by your friends. But don't worry... I'm here with you...! From now on, I'll stay by your side and make you into a "real man"! That's why I'm here to take you away![6]

Koichi: B... yeah?
Yukako: AHHH! Correct! I'm glad! See, you do know this! And here it is, your boiled egg! Here, I'll take the shell off for you... Do you want some salt with it?
Koichi: (Phew... she seems to be in a good mood now! Now if only she'll let her guard down so I can leave...)
Yukako: By the way, if you had chosen 'A', I would have made you eat this eraser!
Koichi: HUH?!
Yukako: Box C had a bar of soap.[7]

Let's go out for Italian [3.10][edit]

Josuke: For the love of God, drop the meat!

Red Hot Chili Pepper [3.11 - 3.12][edit]

Akira: I'm ready for round 2 with Crazy Diamond, but I'll only use my little pinky... just like I did with Okuyasu!


Josuke: If you're planning to use only your pinky in this showdown, then I've got a couple of rules of my own.
Akira: You can take your rules and shove 'em, fool! Rules are wasted on a punk kid like you!

(Josuke breaks Akira's pinky with a punch)

Josuke:: Well, you did say that rules are wasted on me. You also said something about bringing me down with your pinky finger. So what's the wannabe rocker Otoishi gonna do now?
Akira: I'll kill you.
Josuke:: YOU ALREADY SAID THAT! Don't you have any new material, fool?!

We Picked Up Something Crazy! [3.13][edit]

Joseph: [feeling the baby] Josuke... this is a girl.
Josuke: Yeah, you can tell if it's a boy or a girl by feeling between the legs.
[Both laugh. Beat, then Josuke chases Joseph with his stick]
[the baby falls into a pond and Josuke can't see her]
Joseph: [cuts his hand] Josuke... if this kills me, please give my regards to your mother. I am quite old, after all.
Josuke: What the hell are you doing?
Joseph: Adding color to the water so that we can trace the baby.
[It works, and the baby is found]
Josuke: Why would he do this for a baby, for someone he doesn't even know?
Joseph: I just wanted to look cool, in front of my boy.
[Josuke smiles at his father, and helps him up]

Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House [3.14-3.15][edit]

Josuke: What the hell... did you say... HUH?!?!?!?!
Okuyasu: Just take it easy, Josuke!
Josuke: I dare you to insult my hair again!
Rohan: Now witness Heaven's Door! I win. (it backfires on him)
Okuyasu: How the...?!
Rohan: How is this happening?! I'm certain his eyes were open and he got a full flash of the manuscript! So why hasn't my Stand ability taken the fact?!
Koichi: We're back to normal!
Okuyasu: You're right!
Rohan: I know I showed him the page... So why?
Josuke: Where the hell did you slither off to?! Get out of here, you punk bitch!!!!! Come on out, you manga-obsessed asshole! I've got a story for ya!

Let's Go 'Hunting'! [3.16][edit]

Rohan Kishibe's Adventure [3.17][edit]

'Shigechi's' Harvest [3.18-3.19][edit]

Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life [3.21-3.22][edit]

Kira: (to Shigechi) My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone..
Okuyasu: Damn, you are so annoying! Fine, search the room! I want you to! Search until you pass out! Go for it!
Josuke: For the last time, why would we steal a stupid sandwich?!

Yukako Yamagishi's Vision of Cinderella [3.20][edit]

Sheer Heart Attack [3.23-3.24][edit]

Koichi: Y-You've been hitting it so hard, you're starting to bleed, but it still doesn't have a single scratch on it!
Jotaro: For the last time, get back Koichi!
Koichi: Now I'm really getting pissed off... Shouldn't this be the other way around? Why was I running around and being all "God help me" just because of some serial killer? I don't get it... Why should I be running in fear like somebody with diarrhea looking for a toilet? When... THAT FUCKING SERIAL KILLER! HE SHOULD BE THE ONE RUNNING FROM ME![8]
Waiter: Evening, sir. I hope everything's all right. Can I help at all?
Kira: No thanks. Bring me the bill. And please allow me to pay for the cup. There's something that needs my attention, so hop to it. [takes out his wallet as he notices the weight on his arm] This indentation. Why's my left hand so heavy!?

[His left hand is forced to fall on the table by vandalizing it as he falls on the ground]

Waiter: Sir, are you okay!?
Kira: What the hell is this!? My left hand weighs a ton! It feels like there's a massive weight pressing against it!
Waiter: Do you need some assistance, sir?
Kira: No, everything's just fine, really let go.
Waiter: Please, take my hand.
Kira: This weight!

[Kira grabs the waiter's shirt by ripping it in half all the way to the ground because of his left hand being way to heavy]

Waiter: Good heavens, sir. Was it something I said?

[During the fight between Kira and Koichi, after Kira proceeds to punch and kick the highschooler in the face, before beating his head against the concrete several times.]

Koichi: Your     name     is     Kira Yoshikage, right?
Kira: !!
Koichi: It's Kira Yoshikage. That's...   your full...   name...
Kira: [Slams Koichi's face into the pavement, once again.] My driver's license. When did you steal my wallet? You fucking brat!
Koichi: You said you had to pay extra at the cafe..... You took out your ID and put it in the wrong pocket.....
Kira: ... So what? What are you doing to do now that you have my name? I'm still going to erase you.
Koichi: Sure, you might get away for the time being, but you know what, Kira? I bet your every thought is mocking you for letting a whiny brat unravel the mystery of your name. And if they aren't, I'll do the honors for them: A mulling little high schooler just found you out! YOU'RE SUCH A COLOSSAL DUMBASS!
Kira: ...
Kira: You damned brat!

[Kira's Stand, Killer Queen, punches a hole directly through Koichi's abdomen, incapacitating him.]

Kira: Why does it feel like I lost to this little shit?[9]

[After Kira is finished with Koichi, he has a brief conversation with a bloodied and beaten Jotaro]

Jotaro: Nice watch you have there. Go ahead and take one last look at it, cause I'm about to bust it up. To be clear, by it, I mean your face. (Manages to hit Kira) Good freaking grief, I take it back. Up close that watch is tacky as hell, although to be fair, that's the least of your worries now. There's something that's gonna look a lot worse than that piece of junk... and that, my friend, is your putrid face. ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA! ORA!!!

Atom Heart Father [3.25][edit]

Yoshikage Kira's New Face [3.25][edit]

Janken Boy is Coming! [3.26][edit]

I Am An Alien [3.27][edit]

[After Okuyasu and Josuke find Mikitaka passed out in the middle of a crop circle, and Mikitaka finally wakes up.]
Mikitaka: So, this is Earth?
Okuyasu & Josuke: .................
Mikitaka: Last night I was taking a walk when suddenly I fell ill...
[Mikitaka checks his watch.]
Mikitaka: It seems I lost consciousness. That would have been... about 13 Earth hours ago.
Okuyasu & Josuke: ..............................
Okuyasu & Josuke: AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!
[The two teenagers begin rolling on the ground in laughter.]
Okuyasu: Hahahahaha! This bastard... He's just pulling our legs... hahaha! And in a crop circle too...
Josuke: Damn, I wish I'd thought of this prank! Hahaha![10]

[After Mikitaka proclaims to Josuke and Okuyasu that he is, in fact, an alien.]
Okuyasu: Ahahahaha...
Josuke: Dude, it's cool. You can drop the act now. Keep going and you'll ruin it. Here, have some tissues.
[Josuke holds out a pack of tissues to Mikitaka. Mikitaka looks at them for a moment, before picking them up and eating them.]
Mikitaka: Thank you. It was quite delicious.
Josuke and Okuyasu: ..................[10]

[Josuke and Okuyasu discover that the ice cream shop they normally go to is closed.]
Mikitaka: Would you like some ice cream?
Okuyasu: It's that guy...
Mikitaka: Well? Would you like some?
Okuyasu: Well, yeah. But they're closed. It can't be helped.
Mikitaka: Oh no! Helped is something it most certainly can be! I happen to have some with me...
[Okuyasu and Josuke stare as Mikitaka retrieves two cold ice cream cones from his bag.]
Mikitaka: This is to thank you for the tissues. A token of gratitude, if you will.
Mikitaka: Earth seems like a very nice place. I like it.[10]

Mikitaka: My name is Nu Mikitakazo N'shi. I have lived 216 of your Earth years. I am employed as an intergalactic pilot. My hobbies include caring for animals.[11]

Highway Star [3.28-3.29][edit]

[When Rohan was subjected to Highway Star's Stand powers.]

Rohan: But I refuse!
Highway Star: What!?
Rohan: One of the things that I, Kishibe Rohan, love to do, is to say "NO!" to people who think they're hot shit!

The Cat That Likes Yoshikage Kira [3.30][edit]

The Man on the Tower [3.31-3.33][edit]

Mikitaka: I'll remain with this pylon. This all started because I found it, and this happened because I turned into a wire and climbed all the way up here.[12]

Mikitaka: I can be useful, too. I wanted you guys to be proud of me, and that's why I did it. Even though Okuyasu told me to stay out of it. I got what I deserved.
Mikitaka: Please don't worry about me. If I think of it as if it were the inside of a spaceship, it seems quite spacious.[12]

Mikitaka: Josuke, I thought you were defeated, but I guess you had already won.[12]

[Referring to Toyohiro.]
Narrator: New Morioh landmark: the guy who lives on a pylon. He lives completely self-sufficiently, but if you bring him salt or snacks, he'll be happy and let you take pictures with him. He's a bit shy, so he wears a mask and won't tell you his real name.
Josuke: (impatiently) Yuya, for the last time, where is the scent coming from!?
Miyamoto: I imagined, regardless of Josuke's tough exterior, plopping his mother before his eyes would certainly stir up pangs of dread.

Enigma Boy [3.31-3.33][edit]

Terunosuke: I'm having such fun with the attention you're giving me. The fact that you're giving me attention out of fear, that is.[12]

My Dad Is Not My Dad! [3.31-3.32][edit]

  • Kira: Now, I believe I asked you to tell me your name.
  • Woman: What did you do to my boyfriend? He was right here before—
  • Woman: Minako! My name is Minako!
  • Kira: [instantly calming down] Minako. Hmm. What a beautiful name your parents bestowed upon you. I approve. [Kills her with Killer Queen]

Cheap Trick [3.31-3.33][edit]

Another One Bites the Dust[edit]

Kira: [to Shigechi] You can call me Yoshikage Kira. Not that you'd care, but I reside in northeast Morioh's villa district. Also, I've yet to marry. In order to make a living, I work for Kame Yu department stores. After a long day's work, I return home no later than 8 PM. I don't like smoking, but do enjoy the occasional drink. I'm always in bed by 11 PM, and I make it a point to get no less than eight hours of sleep each night. Before bed, I drink a warm glass of milk, it's always coupled with twenty minutes of stretching to decompress from the long work day. Sweet dreams are the usual result of this. I then awake as refreshed and recharged as a newborn child, ready to take on the day's challenges, and after my last checkup I was given a clean bill of health. For as long as I can remember I've done everything in my power to live a productive life that allows me to pursue a lasting inner peace. This may be a foreign concept, but I choose not to concern my self with winning or losing, life's troubles, or enemies who bring sleepless nights. That is how I cope with this backwards life we find ourselves living. It's what brings me happiness in a world fraught with hardship and misery. Of course, if I were ever to engage in combat, I would win the battle without question.

Kira: Luck has sided with Yoshikage Kira!

Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable[edit]

Hayato Kawajiri (to Kira): Any fate that would side with you... any opportunity that would come your way... is nothing compared to the heart of justice that's here now!

Kira: When I was a child, you’ve heard of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, right? When I saw that painting in an art book, when I first saw that, I don’t know how to put it. Um this is a bit dirty, but… I got an erection… I just cut out the part with her hands and hung it in my room for a while. I want to cut off yours too! My name is Yoshikage Kira! I’ve killed 48 women with beautiful hands up to now. You’re the only one! You’re the only one who will know my identity!

Kira: (while grabbed by the spectral hands) Killer Queen! Make these things explode! (Killer Queen is destroyed while Kira is dragged away) W... Where are they going to take me?

Part V, Vento Aureo[edit]

Gold Experience[edit]

  • Giorno: Luca... Don't make me say the same thing twice. I've told you that I already paid, so I don't have any. So please don't make me say it a third time.
  • Bucciarati: (Licking Giorno after he lied about having nothing to do with Luca) This taste... Is the taste of someone who's lying! Giorno Giovanna!
  • Bucciarati: Speak! You know who's responsible. Were you told not to tell anyone? Let's have you tell me who did Luca in.
Giorno (to Bucciarati): You wouldn't believe me if I told you it was an accident, would you? So I'm going to be disposed of, right? And you came here fully prepared, right? When you're going to dispose of someone, you always prepared for the possibility that you could end up being the one disposed of, right?

Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall[edit]

Black Sabbath: You're the one who ignited the flame! I offer two paths, but you must pick the one that leads to salvation! Time to choose: Do you live on and become one of the chosen, or do you recede along the path of death?

Joining the Familia[edit]

Giorno (As the lighter goes out) "Are you shitting me?"

Koichi: "What was that Stand?"
Giorno "Didn't you see? The murdering kind."

Giorno (to Black Sabbath): "You told me there were two paths, but sadly, you only have one."

Polpo: If having faith in one's fellow man is paramount, then must be also be true that there's no greater offense to a fellow man then the act of disrespect. Listen carefully. Abusing that trust is unacceptable. Not only does the act dishonor the benefactor of that fragile trust, then it also jeopardizes his very life and livelihood. Money and profit mustn't cloud your judgement. It doesn't matter if you lost a seat at the theatre or even a bus stop. We don't engage in actions that risk one's own life. Conflict's a sport for barbarians. It's a pastime for fools. But, if I or any of my men are disrespected, all bets are off. In the eyes of God, murder is acceptable when one has been disrespected.
Polpo: Did he really kept the flame alight for 24 hours? Or did he relight the lighter and become a Stand User? I don't care either way. Young ones like him can be easily manipulated, we can do whatever we want of him now! (picks up a banana that was a gun that Giorno transformed, resulting in his death.)
Giorno (thought): "In the eyes of God, murder is acceptable when one has been disrespected." I see. What you told me is very important. You disrespected that innocent old man's life. So I changed one of your guns into a banana. You should savor your last meal while you can.

Let's Find Polpo's Fortune![edit]

Panacotta Fugo: (stabs Narancia and smashes his face into the table for getting an answer wrong) MEASLY LITTLE PUNK-SHIT! YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH ME?! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO KEEP TEACHING YOU THIS LESSON?! YOU DENSE CAGACAZZO!!!
Mista: Uh-huh, now he's definitely gone off the deep end. Hey, Abbacchio, you gonna eat the rest of that cake or what?

Express Train to Florence[edit]

Mista: Guess being stuck inside a turtle has its drawbacks. It's kinda muggy. Hey Narancia, you want a drink, too? Hope you're good with it being cold. There's cola and mineral water, sparkling water, and apple, orange, and pineapple juice. [noticing that Narancia's gone deaf] Hey, are you listening to me at all?!
Narancia: Huh? You say something, Mista?
Mista: I asked if you wanted something to drink! Though you might wanna try getting some shut-eye! You've seen better days there, man. I'll keep an eye on the ceiling while you rest.
Narancia: Sounds like a plan! I'm actually starting to feel a little achy, anyway. My back and shoulders are killing me, so I think I'll cop a squat. Something warm would sure hit the spot right now, but nothing too heavy.
Mista: For the last time, all we've got in the fridge are cold ones! Come on! Does your brain shut down when you talk to people!?
Narancia: In that case, banana, it is. Yeah. [reads the magazine] Gardens like these really soothe the soul. Your stress just melts away. So heavenly. Man, oh, man. what I'd give to bask in that Garden of Eden's warm sunshine, just daydreaming about the good old days.
Mista [disgusted]: Gross! Would you cut that shit out!? Nobody wants your nasty-ass spit on the damn pages!
Narancia: Huh? You're saying I did what now!? There's no way! You're crazy!

[Narancia coughs up blood and loses one tooth because of the aging]

Mista: You're, uh, drooling pretty bad there, man. That is so freaking nasty! The heck is that!? Hey!

The Grateful Dead[edit]

Bucciarati: Earlier, I saw nobility and resolve that was hardened like a diamond, shining in your eyes. But you’ve fallen. Now you’re just a piece of shit.
Pesci: Fallen? Fallen, you say?!

(Pesci goes to slam Coco Jumbo on the ground)

Pesci: The only ones who are going to fall and get crushed are these bastards! You won't make it in time! I hope you enjoy hell, Bucciarati!

(Sticky Fingers is summoned and launches his arm at Pesci, hitting him in the face)

Bucciarati: You're going to fail, no matter what, when you're a piece of shit.

(Sticky fingers launches Pesci towards him and retracts his arm)


(Pesci is split into many pieces)

Bucciarati: "Arrivederci."

(Pesci and his many pieces fall into the lake)

White Album[edit]

Ghiaccio: There's only one way to catch these guys. "Leave no stone unturned and think outside the box", they said. I get "leaving no stone unturned". Any idiot would. I mean, who hasn't turned over rocks to find stuff? *begins wrecking his car* BUT WHAT THE HELL IS "THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX" EVEN SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! MAYBE I THINK BETTER IN THERE! DAMN IT! SO MY BRAIN'S IN A BOX NOW?! THAT'S THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD! THINK I'M AN IDIOT, CAZZO?!
Ghiaccio: Everyone knows the capital of France. But English speakers pronounce it "Paris", while most say "Paree", the way it's supposed to be. But somehow, "Venice" has replaced the real "Venezia" as the global standard. Like those stories, The “Merchant of Venice” and “Death in Venice”... WHY?! CALL THE DAMN BOOK “DEATH IN VENEZIA!” IT'S NOT THAT HARD! ARE WE NOT GOOD ENOUGH?! LEARN A LITTLE ITALIAN, PUTTANA, AND CALL THE THING WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! WHAT KIND OF POMPOUS BULLSHIT ARE THEY ON ABOUT?!
Giorno: Mista... Your determination... it shines even brighter than the morning sun. It showed us the way forward. And it's put us on a path toward tomorrow! We've won because of you!
Ghiaccio: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!
Giorno: Oh, and there's one more thing: Since I'm not actually healing your body, you're still going to have a bit of residual pain.
Mista: GAH! WHAT THE HELL! Do you have to be so rough, Giorno? Take it easy on me, I'm injured!
Giorno: I already told you, there's nothing I can do. Settle down and take it like a Mafioso. Besides, there's about 18 more to go, and you'll have to strip it if you want this to work.


Mista: AAH! GIORNO!!
Narancia: Ah, there they are! Mista! Huh?
Mista: (in a very awkward positioning with Giorno) Would you stop doing so hard?! Ah, leave my damn clothes on, it's too intense! Gah! Woah! OOH!
Narancia: (GASP!)
Bucciarati: Narancia? Did you find them?
Narancia: Huh!? Why, u-uh... No? But...Argh! There's something in my eyes! (covering his eyes) It's so hard to see in this early morning light! I'll keep after it, though!
Mista: Ah, Giorno! No! Stop! Agh! I can't take it anymore! NOT SO ROUGH, DAMMIIIIIITTT!!!!

The Final Mission from the Boss[edit]

Bucciarati (furious after realizing his boss's intent to kill Trish): This filth's being peddled in my city!? It was supposed to be prohibited! Now the boss is... our damn boss! His wretchedness makes me want to puke! Abusing the weak and innocent is just a means to an end, profiting from the pain and suffering of countless citizens! Coward! You'd do it to your daughter!! You're a fiendish monster!! You're a disgrace, and you've let me down again, but you've done it for the last time!!! [summons Zipper Man and punches the floor of the elevator]
Bucciarati: There. Trish is still alive. [drops Giorno's Button] Good, it stuck. Cazzo. I didn't see his face. At first, I was content with uncovering your identity, but everything's changed. After what you've done, die! Think fast! The boss still assumes that I'm absolutely loyal to him. He'll die by... assassination! I'll ambush him as he tries to escape and kill the bastard.

[Bucciarati finds Trish's bathroom sink cabinet]

Bucciarati: Wait. This is... [finds the hole] This opening... of course! The demented bastard would hide in a crypt of a church. He thinks he can murder Trish in complete anonymity. His plan must be to pass through the crypt to escape the building on the other side.

[Bucciarati enters the boss' lair]

Bucciarati: But I'm lying in wait. There! In position. Now!
Diavolo: Leave this place, Bruno Bucciarati. If you emerge from that pillar, you will die.

The Mystery of King Crimson[edit]

Diavolo: Your rationale intrigues me. Just what were you thinking? I had a great deal of respect for your excellence and devotion to the mission until now. Was your judgment clouded by your promotion to Capo? Or, did your hubris seduce you into thinking you had the power and ability to overtake me?
Bucciarati: Once Trish regains consciousness, I'll be sure to let her know you never existed!
Diavolo: Trish, you say? Why bring her into this dispute? My daughter is of no concern to you and your ilk.
Bucciarati: Demon! You could never understand what's in my heart!
Diavolo: Think of this as a gift. A farewell gift from the heart. In a moment, you will cease to exist, so I will allow you to know now. What you witnessed and felt, was your future self laid bared! Simply put, your past self saw a future version. Now behold, know the almighty power of King Crimson! I obliterated time then leapt beyond it! It doesn't matter who it is, I shall never allow any cretin to threaten my eternal transcendence. Not. Ever. The time has come for you to fade away! Bucciarati, your mission as protector has been terminated. Now may the fires of hell embrace you!

Leone Abbacchio: Fugo's absolutely right. What you did is basically suicide. No matter where in the world you might run to, you'll never find a safe haven again. Besides, I pledged my loyalty to the organization. It's not like I pledged my loyalty to you. That being said... I never had a home or place I wanted to go. The only time I'm ever at ease... is when I'm with you, Bucciarati.

Clash and Talking Head[edit]

Random rich guy: (after Narancia spilled wine on his suit) What are you gonna do about this, you little shit!? You think you can pay for this!? This suit cost four million lire! Let's take this outside!!
Narancia: (smacks the guy with a wine glass) Then you must be the enemy!
Mista: What!? (He and Narancia proceed to stomp on the guy after he hits the ground, joined by Abbacchio after taking a slip of his wine while watching them.)
Abbacchio: (Stops kicking) Hold on, Narancia, Mista. I don't think this one's an enemy. He's unconscious. He's most definitely not an enemy.
Narancia: Wha!? Seriously!? Crap, what do I do now!?
Mista: Yep, the stain's going to be hard to clean. One single drop of red wine on a white suit really stands out.
Narancia: I can't pay for this shit!
Mista: Well, the location of the stain might make it look like a button. If he puts a button here, he can hide it.
Abbacchio: (feeds the guy their meals) While we're at it, let's get him to make sure there isn't any poison in our food...

Green Day and Oasis[edit]

Giorno: You were close. I drew out my speech in order to buy myself time. The bullet tore a hole to your head still had to mature, before eventually making its way back to the initial wound. The shrapnel that drew it was lodged in your skull and returned to its original form as a beetle, one whose growth I happened to accelerate greatly with Gold Experience when I aimed for the propellers. I wanted to be certain you were completely neutralized meaning I had to finish you off, whether or not I can still hear a heartbeat.
Cioccolata: (his head is still bleeding after a stag beetle tore through it) But.. but you said... that if I just stayed still... that I-I would...still m-make it out of this alive...
Giorno: Oh, give me a break. If you really thought I was being serious, then you're the worthless fool. I don't spare pieces of shit.
Cioccolata: (angered at what Giorno just called him) WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!
Cioccolata: (pain noises)

His Name is Diavolo[edit]

Diavolo: (confronting Polnareff) Fascinating how the past can wriggle its way back, not matter how many pieces I may cut it up into. You amaze me, I'd never thought I would deal with the same vermin more than once.
Polnareff: Walk up those steps and see what happens, asshole! I have the high ground while you're stuck way down there

The Requiem Quietly Plays[edit]

Diavolo: No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them. All that remains is the end, where you all will perish. Eternal greatness exists only within myself. Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished.
Bucciarati: (in Diavolo's body) Narancia, how does our perimeter look? Are you able to detect anyone coming? Narancia?
Mista: (in Trish's body) Please. I'm begging you. Just one more bullet. Please just drop one more! You're driving me nuts!
Trish: (in Mista's body) What the hell? Why couldn't I feel his soul like I usually do? It doesn't make any sense!
Giorno: (in Narancia's body) Out of the way! Move! Let me through! Now!
Polnareff: Damn it, no! That's impossible! How on Earth could he have---?!
Bucciarati: (in Diavolo's body) Mista, scan the area right now! Make sure there's no one around!
Mista: (in Trish's body) Narancia! Bucciarati, hurry up and get him down from there! Don't just leave him like that! Do something, goddammit!
Giorno: (in Narancia's body) You need to settle down! Let me handle this!
Bucciarati: (in Diavolo's body) Please, stay focused and keep your gun at the ready! He'll attack again! We have to find him before he does, quick! Go, Sticky Fingers!
Mista: (in Trish's body) Heal him! Hold those damn bars out of there and get to work now!
Trish: (in Mista's body; monologue) (The people outside the colosseum are waking up, so where is he? I can't sense him at all. It's like he's gone. What else could have happened? There's no way in hell he just went and vanished like that!)
Bucciarati: (in Diavolo's body) King Crimson's range is two or three meters at most. How then did he attack us from way over there?
Mista: (in Trish's body) Well, all right! You did it! Narancia's awake! Welcome back, you little bastard! How are you feeling? Geez, you really scared us.
Giorno's spirit: I'm sorry, Mista. There's no one left in here. It's empty. The physical wounds he suffered have healed, but still, Gold Experience couldn't get to him in time. He was... He was already gone. Narancia's... not here...
Giorno: (in Narancia's body) His form... he's just an empty vessel now. I can't find him. His soul has left. There's nothing here, try as I might, I can't bring him back. I wasn't fast enough. My soul could just slip right back in if it wanted, it could inhabit both bodies without a problem, not even one. He's that empty.

(Giorno's soul transfers back to his own body while Narancia falls unconscious, dying as his soul was already passed on.)

Mista: (in Trish's body) NARANCIA!!!!!!!!!!
Giorno: It was all so sudden... None of us could have guessed...

(Mista lets out a second cry)

King of Kings[edit]

Bucciarati’s spirit: (before departing to the afterlife) When I met you back home in Naples, when I betrayed the organization... My soul had been fated to slowly die, but it was reborn, thanks to you. This is what true happiness is. This is how it should be. Don't worry about it. Please give everyone my regards.
Giorno: (to Diavolo) The only thing that will survive is the truth of this world. Righteous actions born of truth shall never be destroyed. My friends may have perished, but their actions and wills have not been destroyed. They handed this arrow to me. So, are your actions born of truth, or are they merely superficial, born of evil?
Diavolo: (What is this? What the hell is happening to me? Perhaps this is an illusion. That cur somehow pulled one over my head... or did he? The only thing that can move within periods of warped time... should be me!)
Gold Experience Requiem: (after rewinding everything to prevent Diavolo’s victory in frozen time) The answer, is plain... truth. Your eyes are not deceiving you. What you see is very real. Playing out before you are the results of your actions. However, though you might be able to witness the truth. You can never hope to reach it. Your powers are immaterial. It doesn't matter who you are. No one could ever overcome this barrier. Behold, Gold Experience Requiem's true strength! Its nature remains as secret even to my user, Giorno Giovanna.
Diavolo: ...lest he's punished! I'll even strip you of any chance to regret your actions, you brat! (Wait, that--- Right before--- But I--- How dare you?! Only I may bend time! Oh, no, but premonitions always become reality! The future has already been written: King Crimson is bound for victory!)
Diavolo: GUAAAHH!
Gold Experience Requiem: You're gonna stay right where you are. It's the price you must pay... the truth. You'll never come to experience its mercy.
Diavolo/King Crimson: I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!

(GER spins to wind up a punch)

Gold Experience Requiem: MUDA!

(GER punches Diavolo into the air and poses)


Gold Experience Requiem[edit]

Mista: Guys, I’m totally serious! Just hear me out!
Narancia: (impatient) Aww, geez! For the last time Mista, no one gives a shit!
Mista: No, listen! This is a good one. I promise you. Gentlemen, let me ask you all, do you think human flesh would taste like crap or would it actually rock?
Fugo: Could you maybe not ruin our appetites?
Narancia: (furious) What the hell goes on in that messed up head of yours! That’s it!! Go sit at a dipshit table!

Diavolo: Bungling amateurs...In the end, you failed to kill me. Unsurprising. But still...something troubles me: My premonition clearly showed that I would be one to why? What twisted powers did Requiem give him? When I get my hands on you, you'll pay! But first things first, I must break free from this damn current! Heheheheheh. luck is turning...

(Diavolo gets pushed back as blood flows out of his torso)

Drugged killer: Nice try, cazzone! D-Don't you... s-snatch my coat! I'll cut you I swear! Just try me, I'll serve you like a deli slice! Hehehehehe! What's wrong? You curious? I think you think I won't do it? Think again, bitch! Hehe, hahahahahahah! I'll show you, dumbass! Hehehehe! I'll poke ya full of holes, ya weird strawberry with legs!
Diavolo: (sees his hand covered in blood and gets knocked back, lying on the ground in pain) W-what...did you!?
Drugged killer: Come on!!
Diavolo: This can't... (coughs up blood) What is this...?
Drugged killer: It's my coat, ya bitch!
Diavolo: I-I cant...I can't move! (coughs up more blood) Why the hell can't I move...? (coughs up more blood) Please help, somebody!
Drugged killer: It's my coat... You ain't never gonna get it...
Diavolo: (after being fatally stabbed by a drug addict as the start of his endless loop of dying) This can't be how I die...I-I-I-I'm Diavolo! A common hoodlum couldn't possibly be my undoing! That doesn’t make any sense! (Notices the drug addict about to kill him) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Diavolo: (found himself inside the hospital after his first death) Where am I? Hold on... how did I get on this table? Just a moment ago, I barely managed to escape the river...
Doctor: Let's see... procedural date is the 25th. Time 11:20 a.m. File Number 68. Acting Physician, Dr. Monica Ultello here. The deceased looks to be an adult male, 30-40 years old. Identity is unknown. Condition of his skin suggests time of death was 48 to 50 hours ago. Commencing autopsy to find out cause of death.
Diavolo: Enough of this! I won't play your sick game!
Monica: The body was discovered in close proximity to the river... (Diavolo: Are you deaf, woman? I demand you explain yourself now! HEY, LADY!)

(Dr. Monica Ultello grabs a scalpel)

Diavolo: Ugh! Not again... W-Why can't I move?... The hell did you do to me?! I'm talking to you, don't ignore me! Who do you think you are? Put that thing away!

(Dr. Monica Ultello dissects his chest)

Diavolo: GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Dammit... why am I just letting this happen? The pain... IT'S UNBEARABLE! Somebody help!
Monica: Cause of death is a laceration to the liver, likely caused by a knife. The lack of hesitation wounds means this was not suicide. I'll open up his abdomen and check, just to be sure.

(Dr. Monica Ultello pulls out Diavolo's liver)

Monica: His liver is in good health, the color's excellent.

(Dr. Monica Ultello grabs a bone cutter and starts dissecting Diavolo's abs)

Diavolo: (found himself outside the street) Thank God. Was it all just a horrible nightmare? No, this isn't where I was...

(The traffic light goes green as Diavolo watches the cars pass on the street)

Diavolo: Hold on, now. What time is it? Where am I? Last I recall, I'd been thrown into the Tiber... Then there was that terrible pain... I can still feel the cold steel... It was far too real to be a damnable dream! But... how am I still alive?
Old man: Excuse me. You okay there, sir? You really shouldn't sit there. If you need medical attention, I can call an ambulance.

(The old man's pet dog starts barking at Diavolo)

Old man: Back off, girl!

(Diavolo tries to get away from the dog, but trips at the edge of the sidewalk as an oncoming car arrives)

Diavolo: What is this madness? None of this makes sense! How could I meet such an undignified end? Don't tell me... this is...

(Diavolo lands on the tarmac as the car gets closer)


(The car runs Diavolo over)

Little girl: You're sitting funny, mister. Does your tummy hurt?
Diavolo: (found by a curious girl after his most recent death) many deaths must I die!? What'll happen to me next?! How much longer do I have to wait for the end?! (Notices the girl approaching him) Stay back! Leave me be! Don't come closer... STAY AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!

The Sleeping Slave[edit]

Scolippi: Michelangelo, who shines upon the apex of History, once said "When I sculpt marble, I have no idea in my mind. The form of the stone shall be sculpted into has already been set. All my hands do is bring that form out from within the stone." Michelangelo said that he did not think about the ultimate form of the stone as he sculpted. Fate had already embedded it within the stone. He was an artist who could see Fate as he sculpted. That form of Bucciarati was not sculpted by me, and it was not sculpted by your bullets either. That is its fated form... that statue was bleeding from a hole in its chest, wasn't it? I don't know whether it will take a few days or a few months... but that is how Bucciarati will die in the near future. We are all slaves of Fate. That is the meaning of my ability, Rolling Stones.
Scolippi: (about the fate awaiting Bucciarati’s group) Perhaps their perils will serve some great purpose and bring hope to someone. I cannot pray for their safety, but I will pray that they are sleeping slaves...Sleeping slaves who will find meaning once they awaken.

Part VI, Stone Ocean[edit]

Stone Ocean[edit]

Jolyne: (When Romeo asks for her alcohol while driving) ‘No’ means ‘No’, so no.

Ermes: (After hearing Jolyne’s embracing story and seeing her deduction skills) You’re one interesting chica. So, what are you in for?
Jolyne: I’m innocent…

Stone Free[edit]

Gwess: (After getting Jolyne to put on a hollowed-out rat):Even though I said you can't speak, you can still say cute things. Like "I wanna walk", "I'm hungry", and "Good night". Got it?

Jolyne: (After her Stand punches Gwess) Good freaking grief Gwess, shut up and listen. You said everything has a name, didn’t you? Then I’ll give mine a name too. It’ll be Stone Free. cuz somehow, I’m gonna free myself from this sea of stone. Did you hear me? STONE FREE! That what I’ll call it! (Stone Free proceeds to pummel Gwess) ORA-ORA-ORA-ORA-ORA!

The Visitor[edit]

Johngalli: Meteorologists say the wind's movements are unpredictable. They have a point, but it’s not impossible.

Jotaro Kujo: I've always... cherished you.

Ermes’s Stickers[edit]

Thunder McQueen: I feel like dying. (hangs himself)
Ermes: What the Hell!?

Ermes: Whenever someone says "This Monday was a bad day," they'll say to themselves that "Saturday will be better." That's how we continue to live! No one lives a life of only Mondays!
Thunder McQueen: I was arrested on a Saturday.
Ermes: ...

Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson[edit]

[Foo Fighters, Ermes, and Jolyne are playing catch.]
F.F.: I'm gonna throw it!
Jolyne: You've never actually thrown a ball before, have you?
Ermes: HAH! Easy to tell, too! You probably only know what a ball is from that chica’s memories!

Miraschon: My name is Miraschon, prisoner number FE26789. You're at 87 throws, right? Your little game of catch, I'm willing to bet that it won't last 100 throws..

[After Hermes loses the bet against Miraschon.]
Mary Lyn Manson: (after ripping out Ermes concealed dollars and then her liver) If you sell this liver to the black market, it will cover the rest of your debt... 590 dollars! This is what you, Ermes, have just contemplated. I found out where to find the money you owe me from your thought, so that I can obtain it. (Notices Jolyne and F.F about to attack) Ermes here has just broken the rules that you established, and therefore has lost the bet. No one can attack me... Ermes has acknowledged in her heart that she is in debt. I am just here to collect that debt. This is my ability.

Operation Savage Guardian[edit]

Jolyne: (affected by Land Ranger’s Stand) I... I don't know why this happened so suddenly, but, uh, You know it could happen to anyone! Even the pope probably doesn't have control over this!
Weather Report: What are you talking about?
Jolyne:: You know, There's that thing, "number 1" and "number 2", has to do with bowel movements, the one that starts with a p!! I might do it in my pants! I'm really glad it's not "number 2", but it's still a natural urge! It must have something to do with zero-gravity. If we don't solve this, it's gonna be bad, in a different sense!

Lang Ranger : (to Jolyne while destroying her cloud suit) I'm gonna carve an epitaph on the flesh of your corpse, with shards of glass reeking of piss!

Torrential Downpour Warning[edit]

Pucci:: (calming himself down while keeping poison dar frogs fro touching his skin) 23, 28... no, it was 29... 29, 31, 37. Shit! There are frogs on my 800 dollar pants!

Burn, Dragon's Dream[edit]

Jolyne Kujo: (to Kenzo while making gestures at him) American style. French style. Japanese style. Italian. Specifically Naples style. The world's fingers for “screw you”.

Bohemian Rhapsody[edit]

Anasui: Look at this, Weather. What a crappy guidebook! None of the characters are on it! I want to see Disney characters goddammit! Where the f*ck is Mickey?

Heavy Weather[edit]

[While Jolyne and Ermes are attempting to escape the snail-infested hospital.]
Jolyne: An organism that can have sex with anything it encounters... I'm kinda jealous. I mean... No, no! It's just gross![13]

Weather Report: I see... Guess it could be useful for fixing joint and back pains... becoming a snail, that is. But if you don't want it to happen to you, Anasui... You shouldn't touch those snails... or the rainbows, either.
Anasui: Is this your fault, Weather?! What the fuck are you doing?![14]

[Pucci begins to emerge from under a large pile of snails.]
Pucci: I already know all about it. This phenomenon, turning anything, man or beast, into snails... As long as I know the reason for it...
Anasui: Huh?
Pucci: I have nothing to fear!!
[Pucci stands up, his Stand, Whitesnake, emerging with him.]
Pucci: When I took your memory from you, back in 1988... I managed to find out the way I can overcome this phenomenon!
Weather Report: B... Bastard!
Anasui: N...No way...! He was hiding under that mass of snails! You! Pucci!!!
[Anasui moves to attack Pucci, who holds his hand up with the sun shining behind him. The snails begin to move, launching themselves off of the car towards Anasui.]
Anasui: (What?! The snails... From the car window?!)
[Anasui uses his Stand, Diver Down, to try and deflect the onslaught of snails.]
Pucci: So, you touched it. Then, it's all over for you. You should have stayed out of my business... And away from Jolyne Cujoh. You could have peacefully waited for your sentence to end... Well, I suppose I could leave you... All of you will eventually die as snails, anyway. Besides me and Weather, of course...[14]

Pucci: Subliminal effects are all in the mind. But, humans can age faster just by willing themselves to do so... And give themselves ulcers just by being stressed. Once the heart is impacted by this effect, it doesn't matter how hard one struggles to block it out of his mind. You would understand... You're a Stand user, after all. If I were to start filming what's going on right now... The people of this town would only see themselves as snails, rolling in the filth that they created, thinking that that is the truth. This phenomenon will continue as long as Weather is alive... and besides, Weather, you would have eventually noticed that I had taken my own ability to see. That's why I took the time to explain this ability to you.[15]

Anasui: Listen, Jolyne. People have called me a murderer. The papers called me that, and I can't say I disagree with them. When people asked me if I would sacrifice myself for the sake of my family, I answered 'no'. I'd probably answer that way, even now. My heart was never moved by them. But I know that I'd be willing to risk my life for something that was able to revive me. I used to be dead. Weather was that way, too. Weather came back to life when he left that prison. I can tell. So don't think too deeply about what happened to him. These past few days, Weather was happy. Weather was already saved.[16]


Pucci: Our Lord Jesus Christ was fated to be put on the cross. Our holy mother Mary was fated to lose her son. In order for humans to attain 'happiness', they have to overcome 'destiny'... And for Dio and I, the thing we must overcome is the Joestar bloodline![17]

Jotaro: Did he dodge the spear...?! But how..?
Jolyne: He's not just trying to get away... It can't be... Did he find out something that we shouldn't have let him know find out...?! The way to complete his ability...
Pucci: You were the ones who have been pushing me. Ever since you were in prison, you have been aiding me. Our Father, who art in Heaven, guide me... Watch over me. so I may not walk the wrong path... I will give myself to your will. I can feel it!
[A shining light begins to emanate from Pucci and his Stand.]
Pucci: I can sense the position! When Jotaro threw the spear, I felt it... his actions directed me the right way! The ones who were pushing me to 'Heaven' were the Joestars![18]

Made In Heaven[edit]

[While fleeing from Pucci.]
Anasui: Over here, Mr. Jotaro. Get up on the roof... Also... I'm determined to protect your daughter, with my life. We're already involved in something we can't back out of... But I'm going to make sure that we come out of this alive... So please, give me permission to marry your daughter.[19]
[Anasui and Jotaro now perch on the roof of one of the Kennedy Space Center's buildings. Emporio, Hermes, and Jolyne are behind them, facing away from the duo.]
Jotaro: You... what did you just say?
Anasui: What I mean, Mr. Jotaro, is that... I want your permission, here and now. To marry your daughter...
Jotaro: You...
Anasui: I know this isn't the time, but... All you have to do is give me permission. If you say 'yes'... those words could save me. I... You know, I didn't expect to just immediately be able to marry Jolyne... It's true that I'm a murderer, I don't deny it, and I also know.. that Jolyne won't fall in love with me just like that. But... Jolyne's strong will and pure heart, that she inherited from you, her father, is the light that shines on the darkness of my heart, which could collapse at any moment!
[Anasui brings his face close to Jotaro's.]
Anasui: She's what I need, right now...! You don't have to say much... just that you'll let me. I want you to let me reveal my heart! I need you to let me marry her once we get out of here alive!
Jotaro: I don't understand what you're talking about. Are you insane? Babbling, in this situation...
Anasui: ............[20]

Pucci: In the name of God, I will destroy you! Your actions, Emporio... You're just... Making it so your screams become the trumpets of Hell! Even if you insert Weather's Stand disc, Weather's ability is his own talent!
[The clock on the wall begins to speed up, ticking so fast that the arrows begin to blur. The flowers next to it rapidly wilt, the dried and decaying petals falling onto Emporio's mortified face.]
Pucci: And! I've accelerated time again! In front of my honorable ambitions...
[Made In Heaven begins to attack Emporio with a flurry of punches.]
Pucci: Realize your insignificance as you crumble away![21]

[In the remade universe, after a woman and man resembling Jolyne and Anasui come across a stranded Emporio, who remains from the original universe.]
Irene: What's your name? Come on, get in! I'm not going to take your money. You're trembling, are you cold?
[Emporio notices the birthmark on Irene's shoulder, and realizes that she's this universe's version of Jolyne.]
Irene: Here.
[Irene wraps her sweater around Emporio's shoulders. Emporio tears up, and begins to cry.]
Emporio: I'm Emporio...
Irene: Hm?
Emporio: Emporio. My name... my name is Emporio.[21]

Part VII, Steel Ball Run[edit]


Mountain Tim: What's this fury I'm feeling all of a sudden? So such a thing was present during the race... Don't worry, feel at ease... I can't possibly win the race now. In this race, I have many friends who are also participating. But up until now, I've never seen anything like this before... such a killing method! However, I have heard a legend about similar deaths... There's an old Indian legend that tells about a spot where a shooting star fell somewhere in the Arizona desert. There lies tainted soil. It is said that anything that touches the spot, will suddenly be able to pull out a mysterious power from its own. At the same time, though, evil spirits will call out a curse upon them. None of the natives of the land will dare step foot there. One day, a white man looking for emerald ore stepped into the spot and started to walk home. It is said that afterwards, he began to kill others in a similar fashion. And afterwards, as if possibly realizing his own sinfulness, he shot himself.[22]


Gyro: Have you ever seen an opera show? An opera...
Johnny: Opera? Those music plays? Where they start singing out situations when they could just say their lines? ...Nope, never seen one. Why do you ask?
Gyro: Just a simple question.
[Gyro holds up his pair of binoculars.]
Gyro: They call these opera glasses because you use them for watching an opera. But the people singing on stage have huge bodies that weigh like 120 or 150 kilograms or more.
Johnny: Yeah... that's why they can sing like that I guess.
Gyro: But why look at them with opera glasses? You don't need to, cause they're already so big.
[Johnny grins, and soon Gyro follows suit. Gyro holds up the binoculars, looking out over the desert through them.]
Gyro: Maybe you're supposed to zoom into the buttons on their fancy clothes, and watch them as they're about to fly off...?
Johnny: Now that you mention it... but dude! Since they all have the same body type, maybe you can't tell the difference unless you zoom in?!
Gyro: Nyohohahohahaha!! Not bad, Johnny!![23]

Scary Monsters[edit]

Diego: There's a small villiage up ahead... let's stay there. Camping out is a bad idea. There are beasts out in this area. The other day after sundown, I got surrounded by beasts. A few cougars and a few rattlesnakes. The cougars and snakes were on two sides of the road, blocking my way out. I was thinking of how to escape... but then, for some reason, I was able to pass through on one side of the road. I was able to get by one of the two groups easily. Which side do you think it was? The cougars? Or the snakes?
Gyro and Johnny: ........
Diego: The answer is the rattle snakes! Because they were... assssssssssleep... and sssssssssnoring on the road!
Gyro: Huh?
Johnny: ...........................
Diego: Hey, come on, it's a joke! Only a joke! What did you think? Then maybe they woke up and started ssssssssssslapping each other.... in their facessssssss! Get it?
Johnny: .....[24]

[While Johnny and Gyro are first being attacked by Diego in dinosaur form.]
Gyro: He's getting up! My steel balls won't hit him! We gotta run! Hurry and get outside, Johnny!
[Gyro slams the door shut, but Diego's claws fit through the space between the door and the wall. Gyro and Johnny slam it back shut.]
Johnny: What is this!? This Stand ability!! What kind of ability is it?
Gyro: It's a dinosaur, Johnny! It looks like Dio's body has fused with a dinosaur's ability!
Johnny: Dino-sore? What's a dinosore?
Gyro: You don't know?[25]

[After absorbing one of the Corpse's eyes, a half-transformed Diego looks back at Johnny and Gyro. A mechanical-looking figure that slightly resembles one of Gyro's steel balls can be seen in the distance for a few panels.]
Johnny: What's going on!? What does that mean!? Dio's dinosaur transformation hasn't gone away! Dio was under the control of Ferdinand!! We have to chase him or he'll take away that eye!
Gyro: Stop, Johnny... It's over now, calm down. We can't chase him here. Dio got us at the very end... or maybe we should say he got the eye and its power brought back the dinosaur transformation that had disappeared as his talent. Half to my steel ball... half to Dio's Stand ability is what it seems.
Johnny: The ability of the dinosaur... Dio Brando may not have been a terrorist... but if he has one of the eyes, he'll want the other! At this point he's found out about the Corpse...... I can't believe he took half... He doesn't just desire victory! He longs for authority and eliteness![26]

[After a suspenseful battle of Johnny, Gyro, and Diego racing neck to neck, Johnny crosses the goal line first, followed by Diego and then Gyro.]
Announcer: At this point, the 4th stage has already begun! Johnny Joestar is the one who conquered the deadheat battle just now, but an hour ago, Hot Pants had already passed through the finish line to take 1st place!
[The stage's scoreboard is shown, with Hot Pants' name at the time. Hot Pants had indeed finished an hour before the others, placing Hot Pants in first.]
Gyro: What the...?[27]

A Man's World[edit]

Hot Pants: I've lost nearly an hour here. No matter which path I take, I come back to this spot! The plums grown here in this orchard contain a lot of iron... That could be the reason why my compass doesn't seem to be pointing in the right direction.
Johnny: Hot Pants, don't come any closer! We're thinking that you could be tricking us!!
Hot Pants: This is the fourth time I've come back here. Look at my tracks!! They pass through four times, don't they? Why...? I'm the one who wants to know.
Gyro: So what's that to us!? Get lost already!! We're never ever gonna trust you anyways, got that!?
Hot Pants: Then I'll be the one to trust in you. You two aren't bad people. If you were, I'd have already killed you... how's that?[28]

Gyro: Tell him to go eat shit, Johnny.
Johnny: Tell him yourself.
Hot Pants: Aren't we looking for the same path?[28]

"Welcome... to the true man's world."

- Ringo Roadagain, shortly before his death.

Both Sides Now[edit]

Funny Valentine: If the first one takes the napkin to their right, then there's no choice but for the others to also take the right napkin. The same goes for the left. Everyone else will have to take the napkin to their left, because they have no other option. This is society. Who are the ones who determine the price of land first? There must have been someone who determined the value of money, first. The size of the rails on a train track? The magnitude of electricity? Laws and regulations? Who was the first to determine those things? Did we all do it, because this is a republic? Or was it arbitrary? NO! The one who took the napkin first determined all of these things!

Break My Heart, Break Your Heart[edit]

Funny Valentine: My heart and actions are utterly unclouded! They are all those of justice.

Part VIII, JoJolion[edit]

Their Family Tree[edit]

[During the fight between Josuke and Daiya Higashikata. Josuke had hidden Daiya's phone in the refrigerator before telling her about it.]
Daiya: ...That's it. You've really done it now... You got Yasuho involved in this... the one thing you shouldn't have done...
[Daiya raises up two chess pieces containing Josuke's memories, prepared to smash them.]
Josuke: No, wait. You're stepping.
[Daiya pauses.]
Josuke: My shadow... you're stepping on my shadow, aren't you? The refrigerator's been open for a while now...[29]


Rohan at the Louvre[edit]

[At the end of the manga, Rohan is reminiscing about earlier events in the chapter.]

Rohan: Why did she rip up my drawings that day? Who knows what would have happened if, ten years earlier, she hadn't destroyed my drawings. Nizaemon's rancor would have certainly killed me! I'd have ended up cut into pieces in the depths of the Louvre, succumbing to the memory of desire once felt for her. A desire impossible to forget, like every first love.[30]

All Star Battle[edit]

[Note: Most dialogue from All Star Battle is taken from the manga; the dialogue contained in this section is only what's exclusive to the game.]

Story Mode[edit]

[After Josuke defeats Akira Otoishi.]

Josuke: I told you to rethink your stupid ideas, but your ideas aren't really the problem. You're just an idiot.[31]

Okuyasu: Josuke Higashikata, you better get ready to talk to the HAND![31]

Battle Dialogue[edit]

Jolyne: How deep can I hit? Balls deep![31]

Victory Quotes and Taunts[edit]

Ermes: Your foe is right here![31]

Joseph: Damn meased to pleet ya![31]

Okuyasu: I'll take anything you got! Unless it's the clap.[31]

Special Dialogue[edit]

[Caesar Zeppeli vs. William Zeppeli.]

Caesar: To pretend to have the Zeppeli name… I won’t forgive you!
Zeppeli (victory): I feel like I practiced with a son or a close friend...[32]

DIO, vs. Jonathan: A chance meeting that transcends time I suppose…. JOJOOOO…![32]

Dio Brando, vs. Jonathan: The sun has set...and with it, your life![32]

[Dio Brando vs. DIO.]

DIO: I suppose it could be interesting to test my stand on my past self…
Dio Brando: A 'Stand' you say... Interesting... let's test it out!
Dio Brando (victory): Stand, huh… I was a little surprised but after actually fighting it, it’s no problem at all!
DIO (victory): Vampiric Freeze... a nostalgic move...[32]

[Joseph vs. Kars]

Joseph: I've never, Kars! Never have I hated someone from the bottom of my heart!
Kars: You scum... Don't be so enraged...[32]

Joseph, vs. Lisa Lisa (victory): Why did it have to come to this? You're tearing me APART, Lisa Lisa![31]

[Joseph vs. Wamuu]

Joseph: Here, over here! I don't want you to not notice me standing riiight here~
Wamuu: Stop. A human's life is short anyways. Don't rush to your death.[32]

[Kakyoin mirror match.]

Kakyoin (1): My name is Noriaki Kakyoin.
Kakyoin (2): No need to say it twice.[31]

[Various characters' reactions to Josuke Higashikata's hairstyle.]

Jonathan: If only I could hit that strange hair with my Hamon.
Will A. Zeppeli: Such eerie hair. What might be hiding away in it?!
Dio Brando: What vulgar hair.
Joseph: HUH? What's that big thing on your head?
Caesar: Stop walking around with such huge clown hair!
Lisa Lisa: That hairstyle is the worst...
Wamuu: What disgusting hair.
Esidisi: I'll burn that stupid hair up!
Kars: A hairstyle fit for a peasant.
Jotaro: We can talk about your stupid hair later.
Old Joseph: What's up with all that awful-looking hair?! Your parents will be sad!
Kakyoin: My hair is more refined than yours.
Polnareff: I'll cut your hair into something more proper.
Avdol: That stupid hair of yours will surely burn well.
Hol Horse: I can lend you a hat if you wanna cover that disaster up!
DIO: Your hair's like a pile of cow dung by the side of the road.
Josuke: Your hair's not that GREAT.
Okuyasu: Your hairstyle is really lame!
Koichi: I think Josuke's hairstyle is a bit out of fashion...
Giorno: My hair is more elegant than yours.
Bruno: What a dreary hairstyle.
Narancia: That hair’s awful! I can’t go along with it!
Diavolo: What vulgar hair.
Jolyne: I've seen drag queens with better hair!
Ermes: You pompadour-styled pig!
Johnny (sarcastic): That hairstyle's good. Really great. Super cool.
Gyro: What a strange head. Makes me wanna stomp all over it!
Funny Valentine: The first thing I'm going to do in office is outlaw that ridiculous hairstyle![31]

[Various characters' reactions to Joseph Joestar’s counter-taunt.]

Joseph: (to Jonathan) Next you’ll say: “Wh-What was that for?! How dare you!”
Jonathan: Wh-what was that for?! How dare you! (gasps)
Joseph (1): (to himself) Next you’ll say: “I’m going to wipe that smirk right off your face!”
Joseph (2): I’m going to wipe that smirk right off your face! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Jotaro) Next you’ll say: “I will judge you myself!”
Jotaro: I will judge you myself! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Josuke 4) Next you'll say: "If you don't move, I'm going to seriously distort your face..."
Josuke (Part 4): If you don't move, I'm going to seriously distort your face... (gasps)
Joseph: (to Giorno) Next you'll say: "My resolve will open the way!"
Giorno: My resolve will open the way! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Jolyne) Next you'll say: "Good grief..."
Jolyne: Good grief... (gasps)
Joseph: (to Johnny) Next you'll say: "I don't feel like dismounting at all."
Johnny: I don't feel like dismounting at all. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Will Zeppeli) Next you'll say: "Hey, bambino!"
Will Zeppeli: Hey, bambino! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Caesar) Next you'll say: "It's a cold-hearted and merciless Caesar that's going to take you down!"
Joseph: It's a cold-hearted and merciless Caesar that's going to take you down! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Old Joseph) Next you'll say: "I, Joseph Joestar, will you have you know that I have much more fighting experience than you do."
Old Joseph: I, Joseph Joestar, will you have you know that I have much more fighting experience than you do. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Kakyoin) Next you'll say: "Now, it's time for your punishment, baby."
Kakyoin: Now, it's time for your punishment, baby. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Okuyasu) Next you'll say: "I'll put an end to ya!"
Joseph: I'll put an end to ya! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Buccellati) Next you'll say: "Just try it!"
Buccellati: Just try it! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Ermes) Next you'll say: "Your opponent is meeeee!"
Ermes: Your opponent is meeeee! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Gyro) Next you'll say: "Nyoho~"
Gyro: Nyoho~ (gasps)
Joseph: (to Dio) Next you'll say: "I, Dio, will kill you!"
Dio: I, Dio, will kill you! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Wamuu) Next you'll say: "Wamuu!"
Wamuu: Wamuu! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Lisa Lisa) Next you'll say: "I'm in a bad mood right now."
Lisa Lisa: I'm in a bad mood right now. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Polnareff) Next you'll say: "I'll throw you into the depths of despair!"
Polnareff: I'll throw you into the depths of despair! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Mista) Next you'll say: "Uno, due! Die, cazzone! I expect an honest answer!"
Mista: Uno, due! Die, cazzone! I expect an honest answer! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Pucci) Next you'll say: "In the name of God, I will smite you!"
Pucci: In the name of God, I will smite you! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Funny Valentine) Next you'll say: "Dojyaaan~!"
Funny Valentine: Dojyaaan~! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Kars) Next you'll say: "Just wait! I'll kill you right now!"
Kars: Just wait! I'll kill you right now! Huh?
Joseph: (to Avdol) Next you'll say: "Tch, tch! Yes I am!, Tch, tch!"
Avdol: Tch, tch! Yes I am!, Tch, tch! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Koichi) Next you'll say: "You've made me go through such a thing! It's too late. That's why I'm telling you I hate you."
Koichi: You've made me go through such a thing! It's too late. That's why I'm telling you I hate you. Huh?
Joseph: (to Akira) Next you'll say: "I'm warning you in advance that I'll be able to blow off your arm with just one pinky."
Akira: I'm warning you in advance that I'll be able to blow off your arm with just one pinky. Huh?
Joseph: (to Narancia) Next you'll say: "Bastard! You better be ready!"
Narancia: Bastard! You better be ready! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Josuke 8) Next you'll say: "Don't underestimate me."
Josuke (Part 8): Don't underestimate me. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Kira) Next you'll say: "I'm going to eliminate you."
Kira: I'm going to eliminate you. (gasps)
Joseph: (to DIO) Next you'll say: "WRRRYYYYYYYYYY!"
Joseph: (to Hol Horse) Next you'll say: "I couldn't help but laugh, heehee."
Hol Horse: I couldn't help but laugh, heehee. (gasps)
Joseph: (to Rohan) Next you'll say: "How stupid can you be?! Do you think that I, Rohan Kishibe, drop together money and admiration?!"
Rohan: How stupid can you be?! Do you think that I, Rohan Kishibe, drop together money and admiration?! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Kosaku) Next you'll say: "It took a while! Luck is finally on Yoshikage Kira's side!"
Kosaku: It took a while! Luck is finally on Yoshikage Kira's side! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Diavolo) Next you'll say: "Consequences! My time obliterating powers all action futile!"
Diavolo: Consequences! My time obliterating powers all action futile! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Shigekiyo) Next you'll say: "I can go on and on but you will never understand!"
Shigekiyo: I can go on and on but you will never understand! Huh?!
Joseph: (to Esidisi) Next you'll say: "Oh, you went pale. Did I hit the mark? Was I anywhere close to the bullseye?!"
Esidisi: Oh, you went pale. Did I hit the mark? Was I anywhere close to the bullseye?! (gasps)
Joseph: (to Iggy) Next you'll say: "(chewing sounds)"
Iggy: (chewing sounds)
Narrator: Iggy groaned...
Joseph: (to Baoh) Next you'll say: "Barubarubarubarubarubarubarubaru!"
Baoh: Barubarubarubarubarubarubarubaru!
Narrator: Baoh is surprised...


Jonathan Joestar[edit]

How my heart resonates! I'm pulsing with heat and life! My very blood is a symphony within me! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!!

Will A. Zeppeli[edit]

Hey Bambino!!' [Hey Baby!! in the Japanese releases.]
Signor Joestar

Dio Brando/DIO[edit]

Behold, THE WORLD!"
Once more, THE WORLD!"
[A romanization of DIO's Stand name, The World.]

Joseph Joestar[edit]

Next you're gonna say...
[Joseph often predicts what others will say next, particularly during Battle Tendency.]
Show me happy. Show me silly. Now how about you show those pearly whites? (Happy urepii- yoropiku ne!)
Run for your lives!!!!!! (Nigerundayo!!!)
[These are spoken in English, even in the original Japanese releases.]
OH NO! The two phrases I hate the most are "hard work" and "work hard!"

Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎, Kūjō Jōtarō)[edit]

Give me a break.../Good Grief (Yare yare daze...)

Noriaki Kakyoin[edit]

"lick lick lick lick lick lick" / ("Rero rero rero rero rero rero")
"No one can just deflect my Emerald Splash!"

Mohammad Avdol[edit]

You tried to out-predict me, a fortune teller? But it’s 10 years too early for you. (victory quote)
Yes, I am!!

Josuke Higashikata (東方 仗助, Higashikata Jōsuke) (Part IV)[edit]

Let me punch this "spaghetti" and reduce it to its original parts!
[This was during their meal at Tonio's, after Josuke began to suspect that something about the food Okuyasu is eating is off.]
Gureato desu yo, koitsu wa (loosely translates to "Ain't this guy great?")
Since you've gotten a clean bill of health from Crazy Diamond, when I pound your ass into the ground, I can avoid looking like a coward, right?!
[This is popularly known as "You're as good as new, for now. It's a fair fight now, isn't it?" in Japanese.]

Okuyasu Nijimura (虹村 億泰, Nijimura Okuyasu)[edit]

I feel you! I feel you deeply! Your feeling I can feel deeply.[6]

Koichi Hirose (広瀬 康一, Hirose Kōichi)[edit]

You've made me go through such a thing! It's too late. That's why I'm telling you I hate you.
Act Three, Three Freeze!
Ok master, let's kill da hoe, BEEETCH!

Rohan Kishibe (岸辺 露伴, Kishibe Rohan)[edit]

Sorry, but I refuse!

"Oi oi oi oi oi"

Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影, Kira Yoshikage)[edit]

What a Beautiful Duwang! Chew. There must be no other place as pretty as this town. This feels like a picnic.
[When Kira was having a 'picnic' with his 'girlfriend'; A (mis)translation of one of Kira's lines from the infamous "Duwang" fan translation.]

"I, Yoshikage Kira, Want nothing more than to live a peaceful, quiet life."

"My Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness."

Giorno Giovanna[edit]


"I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!" "Wryyyyy"

Bruno Buccellati[edit]


Narancia Ghirga[edit]


“Volare via!”


King Crimson!

Jolyne Cujoh (空条 徐倫, Kūjō Jorīn)[edit]

Good Frick’n Grief (Yare yare dawa...)

Weather Report[edit]

The kind of evil that doesn't realize that it's evil... is the worst kind there is...[33]

Funny Valentine[edit]

'[lit. 'Tada' in Japanese.]


Jonathan Joestar
Dio Brando/DIO
Will A. Zeppeli
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Joseph Joestar
Caesar A. Zeppeli
Lisa Lisa
Rudol von Stroheim
Jotaro Kujo
Noriaki Kakyoin
Mohammed Avdol
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Hol Horse
Vanilla Ice
Josuke Higashikata (東方 仗助, Higashikata Jōsuke) (Part IV)
Koichi Hirose (広瀬 康一, Hirose Kōichi)
Okuyasu Nijimura (虹村 億泰, Nijimura Okuyasu)
Rohan Kishibe (岸辺 露伴, Kishibe Rohan)
Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影, Kira Yoshikage)
Ryohei Higashikata
Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri
Keicho Nijimura
Akira Otoishi
Tamami Kobayashi
  • Satoshi Tsuruoka
Toshikazu Hazamada
Giorno Giovanna
Bruno Buccellati
Guido Mista
Leone Abbacchio
Narancia Ghirga
Pannacotta Fugo
  • Hisafumi Oda (All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven)
  • [[w:Junya Enoki|Junya Enoki] (Anime, All Star Battle R)
  • Ezra Weisz (Anime English Dub)
Trish Una
Vinegar Doppio
Jolyne Cujoh
Emporio Alniño
  • Junko Kitanishi (All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven)
  • Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Casey Mongillo (Anime English Dub)
Ermes Costello
  • Chizu Yonemoto (All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven)
  • Mutsumi Tamura
  • Tiana Camacho (Anime English Dub)
Foo Fighters:
Weather Report
  • Tōru Ōkawa (All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven)
  • Yūichirō Umehara (Anime)
  • Stephen Fu (Anime English Dub)
Narciso Annasui
  • Yuichi Nakamura (All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven)
  • Daisuke Namikawa (Anime)
Enrico Pucci
Johnny Joestar
  • Yūki Kaji
Gyro Zeppeli
Funny Valentine
Diego Brando
Josuke Higashikata (VIII)
Joshuu Higashikata


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